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Kodak Black - If I'm Lyin, I'm Flyin [Official Video]

Kodak Black
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Kodak Black - If I'm Lyin, I'm Flyin
Dying To Live Out Now!
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28-Sen, 2018

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Dick Tator
Dick Tator 5 soat oldin
Cut from a different cloth
speed demon
speed demon 11 soat oldin
If i dont make it in da booth ima make it in da kitchen.Cook dinner obviously. Culinary
Malcolm Michaels
Malcolm Michaels 15 soat oldin
Cant Thank You Enough For This One
Jayo Sosa
Jayo Sosa Kun oldin
1:12 lol she puttin aloe innat bih
Lightning Style Kirin
Who made this beat bruh
Atlas Mak
Atlas Mak 2 kun oldin
Neal French
Neal French 2 kun oldin
lil boosie
jDiSD3Ad 3 kun oldin
clayman gd lo u
clayman gd lo u 3 kun oldin
bro I seen xxxtention in the video
Jah Crystal
Jah Crystal 3 kun oldin
The dislikes comes from people who let they children get the phone and it’s not Ryan’s world toy review😂😂😂💯💯🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♂️
GamerD Durham
GamerD Durham 4 kun oldin
Atheist: God sat me down I listened
Man Dero
Man Dero 5 kun oldin
Kodak inspires me no 🧢 From California
Team NBS
Team NBS 5 kun oldin
Gaming For clash smith
He's cause at the end he's flying
Vigena Dameus
Vigena Dameus 5 kun oldin
Yes Kodak Black do this how you do it. Do this how you do it yeah that's how you do it cuz you killing it and I can't stop doing this cuz you are awesome. You are all I need you are everything you're awesome you're famous I'm your first fan of this whole tire world and plus don't let people talk about you that you're ugly but you're not ugly you're good you're famous you're awesome you're great you're everything I need you're my best best best friend and I always wear your side and I'll give you the side but if you really want to go to heaven you have to be into the side cuz Devil he's going to use you so don't let that will get you be in Jesus side please be in Jesus side after when it's 10 days Jesus he don't do nothing to you only devil he kill you with fire after 10 days so Jesus is nice and he never kills you because his dad in heaven for every day so just take out that tattoo please they have that tattoo and you'll be a great Jesus person you're going to heaven be so good Jesus we love you take the tattoo off
Vigena Dameus
Vigena Dameus 5 kun oldin
Sneaker Bay
Sneaker Bay 6 kun oldin
Here’s to my trip to Cali in 5 days ... yes I’m flying there lol
weepy willow
weepy willow 6 kun oldin
You want it step by step????
king khi
king khi 7 kun oldin
when im 35 if this plays on the radio id be so hype any kodak his music will live on
Fraser Humphrey
Fraser Humphrey 7 kun oldin
ID of the multicoloured tiger shirt?
FAKE GLOBE 8 kun oldin
Ugly rapper wake ass jams
Jerome Jackson
Jerome Jackson 8 kun oldin
Rip x 1:50
Hailey Griffin
Hailey Griffin 8 kun oldin
Tyler Hoerndlein
Tyler Hoerndlein 8 kun oldin
Fuck Kodak black cock sucking motherfucker
alxandra martinez
alxandra martinez 9 kun oldin
fresh be@t smoke one for the homies
Kaydence Davis
Kaydence Davis 9 kun oldin
Lit Bra
Rexx Roberts
Rexx Roberts 10 kun oldin
alt-woke=racist,republican,hate,black,asshole,channel.go there,give him some shit
Taylor Amos
Taylor Amos 10 kun oldin
Dude theree is a a pic of tentacion around 1:50 find it then show every one else!
Katherine  Brito
Katherine Brito 11 kun oldin
t these niggas knock me off my pivot God sat me down and talked to me, I listened I was in that cell, he told me that I’m gifted I don't make it in the booth, then I'ma make it in the kitchen I’m special with the mic, special with the whippin' I ran out of money, had to pay attention All the people that was 'round me, they ain't have my best interest You ain't have my best interest You lazy with yo' loyalty and yo' position And now I gotta execute 'cause you don’t listen That throwaway on me, dumpin’ with precision I know shawty only on my trail 'cause she see a ticket I read between the lines and people, they intentions Can’t have you niggas around me shit gon' go to missing I had to press that bump, I had to feel it You know if it ever come down to it, a nigga with it All these drugs got the whole world jiggy Hoes comin' out they clothes and niggas trippin' Why hit the top to go back to the bottom? All these bitches fallin’ for me like it's autumn I'm tryna tell you, homie, you don't want none They freed me so I'm right back to that money hunt Somebody tell these niggas they don't want none Kodak Black but I'm spreadin' blue hundons They said my nigga Cool on the fuckin' run When they let him out of prison, I'll be 31 I knew I was a star when I was sellin' hard Everybody told me I would make it when I was on the block See, before the rap shit, I was jackin' cars I couldn't get all my time 'cause I was doin' fraud Me and my nigga Lil' Marcus tearin' up the Y It hurt me to my heart, I heard they gave him 25 I'm from the Nolia, all I know is slang that iron Just like I told you, if I'm lyin' then I'm flyin' Just like I told you, if I'm lyin' then I'm flyin' Just like I told you, if I'm lyin' then I'm flyin'
Travie Knight
Travie Knight 11 kun oldin
Brazzy 💯💥
BAMA 256
BAMA 256 11 kun oldin
This the real First Day Out
Kenny Cole
Kenny Cole 11 kun oldin
2:21 2:27 is the best part of the video plz like my comment
Олег Григорук
Kodak good Father
Dek-Sa 2
Dek-Sa 2 12 kun oldin
Look like fortnite song
Darrel West
Darrel West 12 kun oldin
love your music I listen to this every day # kodack is the greatist
Eddie Banks sr
Eddie Banks sr 12 kun oldin
You know I thought I was the only one who sing X in this video xxxtentacion
Porsha folks
Porsha folks 12 kun oldin
This my shit though Kodak look better with white teeth lol 💯
Raven Koenig
Raven Koenig 12 kun oldin
I love his music but he be so irritating sumtimes
MKT MAFia 12 kun oldin
Dope Game T-shirt Below bitches
Jim Brown
Jim Brown 13 kun oldin
Mezme4u 13 kun oldin
Mezme4u 13 kun oldin
I’m gay
Chace Watson Ethan
Chace Watson Ethan 13 kun oldin
This video of dah top 🔥💯🔥💯
ElRugged1 14 kun oldin
We don't want none kodak
Jordan Lee Productions
I hate doing shit like this but can you guys check out my beats? They're melodic trap type and free to use. I upload a new beat every few days.
thebronze adhanas
thebronze adhanas 15 kun oldin
I saw your mamma therr dude bet!
Gypsyblood777 15 kun oldin
Yo this same beat w the distorted guitar loop is in a curren$y song can anyone tell me what it is? It's killing me I can't find it.
Young Bull
Young Bull 15 kun oldin
Isaac Ewoldt
Isaac Ewoldt 16 kun oldin
This type beat is so good
Jahreece Murphy
Jahreece Murphy 16 kun oldin
Kodak sold his soul for us he die for us 😈🔯🔯🔯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson 17 kun oldin
21 JACOB JONES 17 kun oldin
in loving memory thats g
Evan Ramirez
Evan Ramirez 17 kun oldin
Xxx 1:50
Laïd ADLN 17 kun oldin
Ronald Rayford
Ronald Rayford 18 kun oldin
This is the song that put Kodak black in zone for the real and the struggle
Sanchez_ Blogging
Sanchez_ Blogging 18 kun oldin
Love that he put xxx in here
Chloe Snow
Chloe Snow 18 kun oldin
Promise Suddeth
Promise Suddeth 18 kun oldin
At 1:51 before those girls hugged between their face xxxtentacion is there between their faces don’t believe me look
Promise Suddeth
Promise Suddeth 10 kun oldin
+moises sanchez but you can still see them
moises sanchez
moises sanchez 15 kun oldin
Thats kodaks mom and xxxtentacions mom.
Jonno Plays
Jonno Plays 19 kun oldin
1:51 like if you saw XXXtentacion
HD C 20 kun oldin
Pause at 1:51 theres xxxtentacion between the girls
tawanda chakawa
tawanda chakawa 20 kun oldin
1:51 xxxtentacion in the middle of the girls
Glam Glam
Glam Glam 21 kun oldin
I’m special with the whippin 💪🏾
Niko Arcano
Niko Arcano 21 kun oldin
Wtf pause video at 1:51 and tell me what you see above those two girls....
Fernando Robles Robles
Jamal Jones
Jamal Jones 21 kun oldin
bruno de andrade
bruno de andrade 21 kun oldin
Foda !!!
Walter Hutchins
Walter Hutchins 22 kun oldin
Burning them clothes mean he burining away tht jailhouse hex bih
Rage Playz
Rage Playz 22 kun oldin
so glad he moving on from that gang shit and having a family now.
Absolute Shit
Absolute Shit 23 kun oldin
DJ BOOMIN 23 kun oldin
He burned his clothes after he was released, he cleansed himself in the ocean, he washed his hair with herbs. It's a lot of spiritual meaning in this video if you dnt know about Caribbean beliefs you wouldn't know.
josh hams
josh hams 23 kun oldin
What brand is the green flower shirt?
Sondra Harris
Sondra Harris 23 kun oldin
Mc001Rem002 23 kun oldin
Drugs got the world juggin... man i love life, rap, us
TheOmar0304 23 kun oldin
V1ksata 23 kun oldin
1:50 between them girlz
Carlos Quihuis
Carlos Quihuis 24 kun oldin
congratulations! kodak !!
HUSSEL 24 kun oldin
Respect mi nigga
Wavy__Te 25 kun oldin
who peeped x
Idk Idk again
Idk Idk again 25 kun oldin
If you miss Xxxtentacion Don’t like this comment pray and say I miss you so much X 🥰😘😭
3iii's 26 kun oldin
3 eyes
Michael Stacey
Michael Stacey 26 kun oldin
I saw xxx what omg. RiP
mizz Jackson
mizz Jackson 27 kun oldin
U lazy wit ya loyalty and ya position and Na I gotta execute cuz u don't listen.
?????? 27 kun oldin
1:51 xxxtentacion
schmetty mcshmettington
Nigga its a song LMAO 😂 ppl getting in there feeling s in shit
xxxtentacion's ski mask
Am I the only one that sees x ?
Chase Baggs
Chase Baggs 29 kun oldin
I knew I was a star ⭐ when I was selling hard 🔥🔥🔥💪🏿
brittney brooks
brittney brooks 29 kun oldin
Like if kodak the real GOAT
Emmitt Baez
Emmitt Baez 29 kun oldin
I listened to this song over 100 times during my final week of college. Kodak Black got me through it, I can never thank him enough. I see your growth bro, thank you for enabling mine. "I had to press that bump, I HAD to feel it!"
Guest List
Guest List 29 kun oldin
This shit stay on repeat, ...If im lyin then I’m flyin
FFM 29 kun oldin
X reference at 1:50 if you look closely. Man I miss him so much.
Bookie 26
Bookie 26 29 kun oldin
All the Uk & US bangers on one playlist: open.spotify.com/user/cpb7qlaqii4sxobxpycg7tm3u/playlist/3qd8dKroI7ZuCTnjP1TUV8?si=Awvqc4qQRKGOVU8p3xByUA
Juice J
Juice J Oy oldin
First Day Out 7
DemonFragger913 PVP
This song legit a whole story about his life... being in the streets, being hungry and coming up to having more money than anyone could ask for
Dominic Oropeza
hes amazing
Jerry Banks
Jerry Banks Oy oldin
xxxtentacion @ 1:51‼️
Lord Escanor
Lord Escanor Oy oldin
I'm really liking this new shit from Kodak. I'll be tuning in a lot more
Jose Sotelo
Jose Sotelo Oy oldin
Sights I just wish you were my dad but I still love my dad
NOIZZ YT Oy oldin
Who saw xxx tentacion at 1:51
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