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Kodak Black - Testimony [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black
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Kodak Black - Testimony [Official Music Video]
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Dying To Live Out Now!
Stream/Download - Kodak.lnk.to/DyingToLiveID
Director: JD Films & Kodak Black
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson

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10-Dek, 2018

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JAQUEL SMITH 5 daqiqa oldin
every on is changing since x died respect
Yo Nomas Digo
Yo Nomas Digo 28 daqiqa oldin
Imagine how stupid you guys look thinking getting baptized in blood is "satanic"
yousef bella
yousef bella 2 soat oldin
yes he is brother yes he is
Dee Parker
Dee Parker 3 soat oldin
2:20 where all the pain start coming out 💯
MercifulRaheem TheGod
Like Kendrick said on high power who said a black man in the Illuminati last time I checked that was the biggest racist party
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 7 soat oldin
We think we no everything, the spirit man do realize we in a war...........not flesh an blood to no a demon is to see a demon an if U ain’t U don’t no! An U don’t wanna no....
wilson will
wilson will 8 soat oldin
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ILLiteSociety 8 soat oldin
Idc how old you are. Idc what era of hip hop you're from....you can NOT hate this man. Kodak is dope af!
Tsunami_s3an Gaming
Tsunami_s3an Gaming 9 soat oldin
I'm God-sent, I know I’m God-sent I swear 'fore God You know what I'm talkin’ 'bout? Now, I done overcame so much obstacles Came up from up under so much rocks and shit Even though I be out here schemin' like a demon semen I know I'm God-sent This gotta be God I'm God-sent, like He sent me up so I can relay these messages Like He use me as his vessel, like He use me as an instrument They locked me in a box, they hate how God just keep on blessin' me They locked me in a box, I pray to God this ain't my destiny I don't drink no lean, I’m sippin’ on holy water like it's my medicine I'm a livin’ testimony, every album like a testament Everything I went through made me who I am 'cause he be testin' me So I'm breakin’ bread with all my fam 'cause I don't take no ecstasy I done sacrificed my niggas 'cause none of my niggas see the best in me They want me slingin' metal like the Devil, but I'm Heaven-sent My brother, my mother, and Alex fuck my daddy 'cause he neglected me I'm 20 years old, but I act like I been here before, like I'm a veteran He speak this shit through me like I'm a prophet, but I'm a reverend Put my blood, sweat and tears in all these lyrics 'cause this my Exodus I'm dyin' so I can live, so I can live, I resurrected it I'm dyin' so I can live, so I can live, I resurrected it Ayy, blood in my eyes, I'm goin' blind, oh Stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze I've been runnin' these streets, got me dehydrated I've been livin' so crazy, feel like I'm dyin', baby Blood in my eyes, I'm goin' blind, oh I'm stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze I've been runnin' these streets, got me dehydrated I've been livin' so crazy, feel like I'm dyin', baby I just shot a nigga, now I can't sleep My brother, he just washed me down with bleach, oh Project baby, snotty nose, head peezy Now everybody 'round the world tryna be me Miss my niggas, hope they see me on the TV I'm on Instagram showin' off my VV's You won't understand that this wasn't easy I been walkin' 'round with my head peezy Shot a nigga, took a shower with the bleach, Yahweh Mama, I fell victim to the streets, I'm sorry I'm in middle school; sellin' weed in the hallway I was skippin' school, got in beef, started robbin' Jackboy, that's my G, we like Batman and Robin God, I know you lookin' out for me through the darkness Blood in my eyes, I'm goin' blind, oh Stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze I've been runnin' these streets, got me dehydrated I've been livin' so crazy, feel like I'm dyin', baby Blood in my eyes, I'm goin' blind, oh I'm stuck in these streets, feel like my life froze I've been runnin' these streets, got me dehydrated I've been livin' so crazy, feel like I'm dyin', baby
TRIPLEX_T2URAW 9 soat oldin
illuminati Confirmed?
Daniel Javins
Daniel Javins 10 soat oldin
They want me slingin metal like the devil, but I’m heavens sent
Daniel Javins
Daniel Javins 10 soat oldin
How is this satanic
Tony MOB
Tony MOB 10 soat oldin
Momma I fell victim to the streets I’m sorry 😔
Jd Jones
Jd Jones 10 soat oldin
This so hard
Randy Lemon
Randy Lemon 11 soat oldin
🌎 ☄️ ???
Kim Kardashin
Kim Kardashin 11 soat oldin
Monsterous 23
Monsterous 23 11 soat oldin
this song gave me the chills i felt dis 1
Lil Hunnit
Lil Hunnit 14 soat oldin
Damn yak you sacrificed yo nigga? Smh dawg
Tia Broughton
Tia Broughton 15 soat oldin
1:57-2:08 favorite part
Alexander Joseph
Alexander Joseph 4 soat oldin
Tia Broughton
Kvng Marco
Kvng Marco 15 soat oldin
Richard Maxey
Richard Maxey 15 soat oldin
Real street preacher 💯
BRITTA ABMG 16 soat oldin
This shit hit my heart man real shit
Zachary Munza
Zachary Munza 16 soat oldin
That moment when people think a rap video is gonna tell them about the illuminati controlling the masses
De ad
De ad 17 soat oldin
Prison broke him down
Gianluca Colatei
Gianluca Colatei 18 soat oldin
Been waiting on this
Beendead Conaway
Beendead Conaway 18 soat oldin
Kodak. I know you probably don't read these but look. I been there too . I love you and all the people who can relate. Sometimes don't know if I'm coming or going. But god got me. That I know forsure!
Beendead Conaway
Beendead Conaway 18 soat oldin
That message
ADUB SHORDY 20 soat oldin
Chance Coby
Chance Coby 21 soat oldin
U gotta feel him to understand it
Ngura Hnamte
Ngura Hnamte 21 soat oldin
Not only Kodak,i'm also dying to live
Jay anonymous
Jay anonymous 22 soat oldin
I love and respect kodak
Mikhail Dixon
Mikhail Dixon 23 soat oldin
replay to 1:06 he clearly said he sacrifices his homie
enrique martin
enrique martin 23 soat oldin
Some of yall are really uneducated and its really sad to see our generation fall ao low in education "The difference is when you get baptized in water, it is a symbol of being purified by God," says Caleb, 8. "When you get baptized by the Holy Spirit, God has brought you into his kingdom."
Marquel Fletcher
You gotta understand dis shit wasn't easy
paul fox
paul fox Kun oldin
How come ppl judge Kodak cause he finally talking about something more important nd showing he grown up let him live cause he snapping back then nd now......
Haitian King
Haitian King Kun oldin
Zoe 4 life 💯
Kyree Kun oldin
Yee Yee
Mista Schlick
Mista Schlick Kun oldin
You guys are blind to why happened to Kodak. He obviously sold his soul or was forced to give in to the true satanic ways of this industry. His music ain't even the same anymore you can tell he ain't all the same kodak.
wilson will
wilson will Kun oldin
how bout that stupid questions joint..they clearing shit up I see? it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M?*
Cash AlMighty
Cash AlMighty Kun oldin
young stony pk gk
A bath in gods blood to wash all the sins away is what that means
Quii Kun oldin
I’m gonna be big one day soundcloud.com/only-quii/fuck-12
Smell TheRoses
Smell TheRoses Kun oldin
This gave me the chills bruh
ernest munoz
ernest munoz Kun oldin
Michael & Lucifer Are Working Together Now God Is Making Us Make Our Choices Now So Eaither We Repent Now Or The Road To Hell Yall Choice.
New Gliches
New Gliches Kun oldin
Shervin Joseph
Shervin Joseph Kun oldin
I give this to Kodak one of the best songs i ever heard
Alexander Joseph
Alexander Joseph 13 soat oldin
Shervin Joseph truth
Tapia Philly
Tapia Philly Kun oldin
Blasphemy foh
Michael Williams
Who here after watching OBJ insta story
Emily Berry
Emily Berry Kun oldin
This deserve more views share share share
Thegaby78gab Kun oldin
Bring back the No flockin Kodak
Frozen-1990 Kun oldin
why would he sell his soul?
Frozen-1990 Kun oldin
Marko Williams to me it’s not worth imo.
Marko Williams
Marko Williams Kun oldin
why not bitch nigga
Slim Lazlo
Slim Lazlo Kun oldin
Up & Coming Artist from Jacksonville, FL check em out: uzvid.com/video/video-pyoBvgW7vmQ.html
Isaiah Dodley
Isaiah Dodley Kun oldin
this song is dope asf
Marko Williams
Marko Williams Kun oldin
cuz u gay nigga
350 luiZ
350 luiZ Kun oldin
Guys dont be negative , that's just koolaid 😄
Black Simpson
Black Simpson Kun oldin
I read some of these comments & some of you are right.....I had a feeling this was going to happen to him......he made a song with the Late XXXTentacion called "Roll in Peace"....it stands for "RIP" they said one of them would be in jail & the other will be dead .....X was killed & Kodak went to jail....im convinced that Kodak was possibly cloned cuz for one why wud Kodak sell out & he said he wouldn't....in one of his songs back in 2017 he said "i coulda sold my soul & signed with Atlantic Records" if you look in the description at the bottom it says Atlantic Records.......notice everyone in the video when he first comes in he greets the creepy hooded man symbolizing "death"....he puts on his glasses....Errybody knows you take your hat &/or glasses when entering a building...when any artist wears glasses that mean they are hiding something... Why is it so dark in the church if its not satanic worship ? Everything is basically red....at the end after he gets baptized everybody is praising him like he is Jesus & at 3:53 he throws up the Illuminati hand symbol....that was the deal breaker for me...I don't have to do research anymore I can spot satanic music videos & symbolism on sight.....go listen to Kodak's new song "Close to the Grave" he clearly says in the song "Sorry Lord the devil got a hold of me baby"..... So Idk maybe Kodak has gotten a taste of fame & now he sees wht is takes to stay famous & he is trying to turn it around before its to late or Kodak sold his soul & he sees that he made a bad decision & its too late to try to save his soul so he is speaking truth in his music to try to warn us ?......in the song he did say he was "God sent"
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Kun oldin
Good Song Kodak
Jason vro
Jason vro 2 kun oldin
time is 4:44 on the clock (3:11).. upside down cross in vid too RIP KODAK
Everything White
Everything White 2 kun oldin
People will listen to anyone as long as their mouth is moving.
Fred Fran
Fred Fran 2 kun oldin
1:08 y is the cross upside down tho
Ty Orvis
Ty Orvis 2 kun oldin
Upside down crucifix 1:13.damn Kodak I really wanted this video to be normal
Yunq Estés
Yunq Estés 2 kun oldin
Lil Tooley
Lil Tooley 2 kun oldin
Check out some of tracks look up tooley bossedup
makale bain
makale bain 2 kun oldin
Kodak the best rapper
YoungKvng 2000
YoungKvng 2000 2 kun oldin
Mello Maverick
Mello Maverick 2 kun oldin
Bitch who cares if he worships the devil, y’all worship a god that look like Kenny G stfu
Lashauna Major
Lashauna Major 2 kun oldin
Vulay Man
Vulay Man 2 kun oldin
FE me on snap if you fuck wit kodak hard @vulayman7619
James Gaynor
James Gaynor 2 kun oldin
Singing not your thing
Money Speng
Money Speng 2 kun oldin
Best song
mj gaming
mj gaming 2 kun oldin
I feel like he finna die now I hope dat don't happen just like xxx sad video dis is kinda simular he died in da vid and he died in real life
Times Real
Times Real 2 kun oldin
This is filth from the devil!!!! God does not approve, do not be deceived by this disgusting tune, Repent from your sins so you will be saved and be written in the book of life
Eli Davis
Eli Davis 2 kun oldin
Ep. 9 Temperature Check 🔥🥶🔥🥶🔥🥶🔥🥶 KODAK BLACK, 21, LIL WAYNE👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 open.spotify.com/episode/08sgkIiYRg3qMhl0pCvqot?si=Wy3Eir2LTnC3z5DlHudfZg
Carrie Brocks
Carrie Brocks 2 kun oldin
kodak kinda Look like tyreek hill
Natalia Valdez
Natalia Valdez 2 kun oldin
He’s getting baptized in kool aid wym 🤣
none none
none none 2 kun oldin
Keep my numbers out yo mouth an ya fans mouth pussy boyy better hear bout it yeah.... Snitch ass lol
Aqh2007 2 kun oldin
Lol y’all so blind it’s crazy and that’s the entire point of the song
SuperVxllain 2 kun oldin
What is the sound/instrumental from 3:32-4:11, the rift.
RayFlow 2 kun oldin
He resurrected 🔥🔥
Quianna Cox
Quianna Cox 2 kun oldin
I know I’m God sent
Jermane Johnson
Jermane Johnson 3 kun oldin
Showed this to my Apple... Now it's an orange
Slvmmi Boi Gang
Slvmmi Boi Gang 3 kun oldin
he's grown up a lot that's crazy to see his transition.
Bam- Lttg-
Bam- Lttg- 3 kun oldin
I was first to Remix it ✋🏿👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿uzvid.com/video/video-SrMC9mXUm3o.html👈🏿👈🏿👈🏿👈🏿
hassan altaf
hassan altaf 3 kun oldin
how bout that stupid questions joint..they clearing shit up I see? it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M?*
your next magic man
i felt this considering i came from a christian background i can relate to what he is saying
Smelly Belly
Smelly Belly 3 kun oldin
Did made this without cussing?
Alexander Lamoreaux
You slide on blessing the Lord K
Klampp 3 kun oldin
God Sent🔥🙏💯
King Trizzo
King Trizzo 3 kun oldin
This definitely needs more views
Tony Mullet
Tony Mullet 3 kun oldin
The boy the truth real talk fla all day keep giving it them bro..palm beach
Jason Lovegrove
Jason Lovegrove 3 kun oldin
Love Kodak fo sho but it's sad to see that he's just a puppet for the kingdom of darkness. The God that he talks about is satan. Wake up people.
Wazzuuup GD
Wazzuuup GD 3 kun oldin
Dying to Live is a pretty good album
Yae Lurry
Yae Lurry 3 kun oldin
♥️❤️speaking facts
Tramya Burden
Tramya Burden 3 kun oldin
Color coded he snapped. He smacks like this I think he's snapped on me song
Belloo Spinner
Belloo Spinner 3 kun oldin
1:09 Cross is upside down, yu just never really known if an artist is genuine anymore
SGEDEEZY 3 kun oldin
Damn Kodak.. you let me down Kodak, we Haitian, we don’t do that Kodak
BLAKE 1K 3 kun oldin
I like it when I first listen to the song I new it all ready