KOREAN McDonald's VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

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Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald's I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there.
So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald's and Burger King in South Korea.
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Fikrlar 3 789
Paul Enriquez-Goehring
I am a manager at a McDonald’s but I like both McDonald’s and Burger King
fghfg Kun oldin
Gelique Mck
Gelique Mck Kun oldin
The menu said Monster X but my brain said MONSTA X
Quintus Ferguson
Quintus Ferguson 2 kun oldin
Looks better than my local McDonald's thats for sure.
Dirk Digler
Dirk Digler 2 kun oldin
The chicken nuggets in the US are made with real chicken. It's just a myth their made with pink slime.
Jean donaghue21
Jean donaghue21 Kun oldin
There only 50% chicken meat, so what's the other 50% made of
Naomi Long
Naomi Long 2 kun oldin
I live in America and we don't have the food that you have in South Korea
Hollis Jordan
Hollis Jordan 2 kun oldin
Why doesn’t America have these options ??
Mik2e YT
Mik2e YT 2 kun oldin
The 1955 is not only in Korea there is It even in Italy.. Its a limited time only
neNmeu2 3 kun oldin
6:30 Always waiting for the best the last
Baht Yaya
Baht Yaya 3 kun oldin
I guess when you're hungry it'll do, but that food looked like it was made DAYS AGO before you got there. It looks so much like American McDonalds food, made by people who don't give a damn if the cheese slice is actually on the sandwich, or if the bun is hard and stale. I'll pass.
jackie Cebu
jackie Cebu 3 kun oldin
Why is foreign Burger King so much better than domestic Burger King who are just a grade above dog food in the U.S?
Johnny R
Johnny R 4 kun oldin
bacon looks under cooked and burgers look dry at mcdonalds. Bacon undercooked at burger king too.
Addie Marie
Addie Marie 4 kun oldin
I don’t like Korea’s fast food chicken sandwich. They use dark meat which I am not a huge fan of.
moonlim33 4 kun oldin
Oh my... Did u eat all?
Ryan C
Ryan C 4 kun oldin
What about wendys!!!????
Glenda Reyes
Glenda Reyes 5 kun oldin
I wish I could eat that also in one sitting
Jaime Apacible
Jaime Apacible 5 kun oldin
Prabuddha Das
Prabuddha Das 5 kun oldin
Male bomb on a burger
Patricia Holbrook
Patricia Holbrook 6 kun oldin
Monsta X has their own burger at Burger King?
RK Slither
RK Slither 6 kun oldin
oh Korea main ingredient cats n dogs.
LemmeParkJimin 6 kun oldin
“I always tell myself I should be more careful with my burger examination, this is why I could never be a doctor.” 😂
KASAL RIVERA 6 kun oldin
Jacky Chan missing son omg
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 6 kun oldin
I’ve been binging your videos and your immediate reaction always looks like you hate it but then you say something positive every time 😂
Jogl88 7 kun oldin
The best burger at BK is the Xtra Long Chilli-Cheese
Jogl88 7 kun oldin
We also got the 1955 burger in germany! I think its the best burger u can get from mcdonalds :>
FrozenDragon Gaming
The things he ordered until 2:21 were the things I eat in like 7 years and he eats all that in breakfast and still is so fit
Alex Zelenskiy
Alex Zelenskiy 8 kun oldin
I always wanted to ask you....not...too much??????
Joel Zipfel
Joel Zipfel 8 kun oldin
Maikel K
Maikel K 9 kun oldin
That cheeseburger with egg looks great. I'd skip the bacon cause the bacon is just reheated. I understand it had something to do with people who eat halal so they can't use the plate to cook fresh bacon. So i just skip that part. Bacon has to be fresh and crispy and not reheated and soft.
Darrin Miller
Darrin Miller 10 kun oldin
if they started one of these burger kings in my city it would be a total hit. most people in my city are big shrimp and sea food lovers, wish we had one!
Nadie Montes
Nadie Montes 10 kun oldin
Lotteria had one of the best fast food burgers I've ever had
Madlen F.
Madlen F. 10 kun oldin
Does anyone know who is holding the camera for him at some shots ?
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 10 kun oldin
The tomatoes are a bit thick but i am going to a mcdonalds now.. I have lived overseas and never been.
Vince Untereiner
Vince Untereiner 11 kun oldin
As a French... I'm disappointed with what McDonald's has to offer us here... especially given the price !
Nykko V
Nykko V 11 kun oldin
Mcdonalds from the Philippines!!!
bootfan !!
bootfan !! 12 kun oldin
McDonalds: I wish we could still get fried pies in America. I like that every burger had bacon. Burger King: Need to bring Korean menu to America!
njsmecho 12 kun oldin
just how are you able to eat that much???
Chief Sky Goer
Chief Sky Goer 12 kun oldin
Burger king needs to sponsor this vid. You def getting them some customers
Samantha Vilar
Samantha Vilar 12 kun oldin
If you’re talking about Korean fastfood then Lotteria is the place to go!
RUNAI 12 kun oldin
you have to 'moms touch' which is best burger franchise in WORLD
Scott King
Scott King 12 kun oldin
I’m sorry dude, I watch you wolf down all that Asian style food at 711 or the great restaurants you go to and I’m like “man all that stuff looks delicious and I’d like to try all of it, then I see you down 7 burgers at a time and I’m like” dude, I’m so stuffed after a double whopper, how can you eat more than one, even with all those unique flavors” Maybe it’s cause it’s such “American” food, but it’s waaaay different than watching you eat the most amazing ramen or even 3 bowls of instant noodles from 711. I almost feel guilty for you lol. It’s just not as satisfying but still a great video
Christine Poblete
Christine Poblete 12 kun oldin
Monster X burger.....hmmm MONSTA X?? Lol 💙
Rogerquan Hicks
Rogerquan Hicks 12 kun oldin
Watchin at 5:50am ugh need be asleep but dam them truffles
Nita Kerns
Nita Kerns 13 kun oldin
Omg why do i find this pleasurable? I could watch you try foods all day long!
Cossette 13 kun oldin
how is the national obesity avg in asia so low
Robert Owens
Robert Owens 13 kun oldin
great vidoes i love the food
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese 13 kun oldin
Monster X Burger "This thing will fill you up" *Proceeds to eat it and enough food for a fire crew*
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 13 kun oldin
Yeah I used to follow this guy, he can put the food away Haha. Why is mc Donald's good everywherebut here
Roci Stone
Roci Stone 13 kun oldin
You get too "hung up" on Branding. Shanghai is just a word, in this case, it also happens to be a major city known for being a crossroads of culture and food flavors, What they call something to get you to buy it only matters one time. If you find out that it's good, that's what keeps you coming back. They could use words that are complete nonsense to describe something, but once I discover that I enjoy it, I don't care what they call it, as long as they keep making it the way I like it. That, and the consistency of the flavors, whatever they may be. Don't go into any new place with pre-conceptions on your menu. Instead, find new flavors and textures you enjoy. Because enjoying the foods we like is what it's all about.
f ubtch
f ubtch 13 kun oldin
do you actually eat everything if so u got quite an appetite i wish i had the same couldnt eat that much
Benz Fam
Benz Fam 13 kun oldin
“It looks like a male bomb exploded on it”
Eon Lee Music
Eon Lee Music 13 kun oldin
You eat so much delicious food. How are you not overweight?
Wowo0606 14 kun oldin
Mike eats McDonald’s : Omg this is a burger that deserves to be put out in a 5 star restaurant. Let’s get 7 other burgers now.
tiffanymiller01056 14 kun oldin
Bk is always better. And surge😍😍😍 Wenneed menus like this is the u.s.
Jeana Lee
Jeana Lee 14 kun oldin
You should try Lotteria in Korea sometime!
Gerardo Aguilar
Gerardo Aguilar 14 kun oldin
If McDonalds offered some of their international offerings back in the USA that would get me to go back to it. Asian McDonalds food has always looked great compared to USA.
tOnY O
tOnY O 14 kun oldin
Skipped on the 🍄 burger? I died a little bit inside
Testvérek Pécsi
Testvérek Pécsi 14 kun oldin
oh my god, your stomach is a bottomless pit
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 15 kun oldin
Burger King wins that one just from looking at all the fun stuff on their menu.
fuzzyferretlady 15 kun oldin
w-where does all the food go?!
som nath
som nath 15 kun oldin
U r the relative of Jackie chan
Mindy Mak
Mindy Mak 16 kun oldin
i love how he gets the toy too xD mike you are amazing lol!
Bob Vila
Bob Vila 16 kun oldin
Kia, Kia, Kia, Kia. I'm noticing a trend. lol
Le Marquis de Sade
Le Marquis de Sade 16 kun oldin
i feel sick just watching him eating those burgers
MrVeloc1 16 kun oldin
How do you eat that much food !
Athena griego
Athena griego 17 kun oldin
Rhea Gregory
Rhea Gregory 17 kun oldin
He just ate at McDonald's now Burger King dang slow your roll..
Brianne Holds
Brianne Holds 18 kun oldin
Didn't he get the bulgogi burger at McDonald's? I didn't see him comment on it just open it. I wonder if it was good.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 18 kun oldin
Watched this because I live in Korea. It was great to watch and spot on for the most part on your descriptions. Not a fan of any of the bulgogi stuff here and I'm glad you didn't particularly endorse any of them compared to the other more interesting Burgers found in Korea. Easily my favourite part of the video was when you mentioned the 5 Whoppers for 5 bucks back in the day. Totally brought a happy smile. Thanks for sharing. I'll try to watch more.
Alter 18 kun oldin
I don't want to mess with your stomach, haha
Jose Rosales
Jose Rosales 18 kun oldin
This guy should take over man vs food show. Hes got the stomach.
xXxSlowPoke 19 kun oldin
traditional Korean vs McDonald's? Good food vs heart attack in cardboard
siloPIRATE 19 kun oldin
Korean Burger King looks like it puts the UK’s to shame too 😭
siloPIRATE 19 kun oldin
Why does Korean McDonald’s look so much better than the UK (or at least seems that way!? The portion size looks good too. I’d probably go if ours was like that. Normally the only reason I go is their Apple pie (we don’t have corn pie) and chips
amightyatom 19 kun oldin
Are you sponsored by McDonald’s?
Doug 19 kun oldin
This video makes me miss Korea so much. I just looked up how much it would be to fly there. I love Korea!
Danella Johnson
Danella Johnson 19 kun oldin
One thing remains the same globally with all McDonalds...YOU NEVER GET FRESH HOT FOOD.
georgia quigg
georgia quigg 19 kun oldin
australia has hasbrown cheeseburgers at Hungry jacks (which is the aussie branch of bk)
Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee 19 kun oldin
Next time you are in Korea, please try Mom’s Touch. Their chicken sandwiches are amazing and the spicy sauce is very spicy!! Love your videos!
HELLO I PLAY LEAGUE 20 kun oldin
Well mike i see you got some sexual jokes going on, "male bomb exploded on it" lol
Cody Nichols
Cody Nichols 20 kun oldin
Dude I'm so jealous of y'all right now we need something like that Meridian Mississippi for real
irraa mew
irraa mew 20 kun oldin
Instant regret. Now im hungry.
Johnny Wrench
Johnny Wrench 20 kun oldin
I'm to hungry to watch anymore. Maybe when I get back from McDonald's I will watch the rest.
Donna Mcknight
Donna Mcknight 20 kun oldin
Dude your nuts!!!!!Lmao!
HappyKillJoy Productions
As a film major, the mic placement on your shirt bothers me lol
StupidAsianGuy 21 kun oldin
America invents fast food Other Countries looks at fast food *20 Years later* Other Countries: We now dominate fast food! 😂😂😂
Sergej Krynycký
Sergej Krynycký 21 kun oldin
0:30 seconds and I'm thinking ´´Hmmm.. I had no idea, there are muslims in Korea!!´´
Matthew J
Matthew J 22 kun oldin
After watching this I would be team burger king even though while in Korea I went McDonald’s all the time!!!!
Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma 22 kun oldin
Am I the only one here who wanted to know whether veg burgers r available there or not??
Reg3e 23 kun oldin
Why does the McDonald burger from where I currently live looks as if someone sat on it before being serve...
Croaker 21 kun oldin
Part of me was happy that while other countries have what looks better offerings, fast food still looks like its made by people flinging ingredients from across the room.
Yorzen Gaming
Yorzen Gaming 23 kun oldin
god im so hungryy
Coben Phillips
Coben Phillips 24 kun oldin
yummy 8" cheese dick
DreDay4201 4201
DreDay4201 4201 24 kun oldin
That's not bacon... Its Fakeon
Ernest Yeap
Ernest Yeap 24 kun oldin
Wow u can really eat a lot
MizIron Box
MizIron Box 24 kun oldin
That deep fried corn pie looks soooo yummy.
Beyond Lawliet
Beyond Lawliet 24 kun oldin
lol! What by them is 'oriental'?
Kris Burke
Kris Burke 24 kun oldin
That 1955 Burger looks like what we would call a Mcfeast in Australia but without the beetroot.
Justin Lazaro
Justin Lazaro 24 kun oldin
Try jollibee next
Yer Naj
Yer Naj 25 kun oldin
jollibees peach mango pie 🤙🏻
D man
D man 25 kun oldin
Spends 100 at mcdicks
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