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Today we're checking out a Korean Night Market in Busan! Located next to Gukje Market, Bupyeong Kangtong Market features street food from not only Korea but also Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and more. We try Shrimp Wrapped in Potato Strings, Scotch Egg BBQ, Ice Cream Burrito, and Hotteok. Watch to see the food adventure unfold :)
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Note: This video was filmed in June 2017.



13-Iyn, 2018

korean night marketstreet foodkorean street food



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Fikrlar 431
Eleonora 7 oy oldin
im bingewatching all your videos about korea and korean food hehe. im going to korea again for a month in july and im trying to get some ideas of what to do, where to go and what to eat.... im getting more excited to plan a trip to busan as well during that month. gotta explore more out of seoul this time. i always love your videos mina, love from the netherlands :)
Luna Bussing
Luna Bussing Oy oldin
Eleonora from the netherland tho toevallig
Anime Forever
Anime Forever 2 kun oldin
Her: let’s stab it Me: 😱 poor food why would u stab it
ŤöMöė 4 kun oldin
I really love your videos. 💕💕
Queens_efe 5 kun oldin
It says merry Christmas lmao
faith fumane
faith fumane 6 kun oldin
Please get Ensodyne for your teeth. Should help.
Milly Moon
Milly Moon 7 kun oldin
I miss all the Korean street food! I need to travel with my friends and take them everywhere. I remember my brother trying the huge meatballs made by a korean guy and he got so mad I took a picture :/
Hebah Awwad
Hebah Awwad 8 kun oldin
This is way better than a mukbang!!!
Lara Güneri
Lara Güneri 8 kun oldin
Whoaaaa it's so impressive how much you can eat👍🏻
Stormy Hallahan
Stormy Hallahan 10 kun oldin
Lol at listening to Eminem.
sip the tea !
sip the tea ! 12 kun oldin
my mouth is watering
kkxoxokeily Alfaro
kkxoxokeily Alfaro 13 kun oldin
I like how she narrat's the video its so funny.
cookie shi
cookie shi 13 kun oldin
Jungkook copied jimin
cookie shi
cookie shi 13 kun oldin
What was the name of the food which was covered in ice cream at 4:30
Joe Serata
Joe Serata 14 kun oldin
Sub to sub guys?❤
Cahaya Azzalia Moors
Hi Miss Mina you have to go to the Netherlands im living in the Netherlands and The good here is so good
Jimin's SugaKookie
Jimin's SugaKookie 18 kun oldin
Busan first 💜 (any army's here) lol
Hannah Love
Hannah Love 19 kun oldin
Yeezy for President 😂😂😂😂
Friends Gulf
Friends Gulf 21 kun oldin
Miss Mina ..... u need to go to INDIA 🇮🇳
Terry Windham
Terry Windham 21 kun oldin
Watch your videos and others like them will be the only way I can see asia. Keep the great videos coming
Rubina Deepash
Rubina Deepash 24 kun oldin
5:19 it sound like he said F**ck the rice ice cream 😂
Fritzie Yu
Fritzie Yu 25 kun oldin
I love your vids! Visiting korea soon and l'm gonna have to check out this streetfoods💕
ツjisungie 26 kun oldin
Twisted Moonlight
Twisted Moonlight 26 kun oldin
Turkey food! I’m Turkish
Tuongvi Erika
Tuongvi Erika 26 kun oldin
I am in May back to Korea again. After checking out almost all of the restaurants in Seoul you went to. I am tackling Busan. Just one question. Is this market open during the week too or only weekends? I am in Busan Tuesday and Wednesday only.
Bloody hell Kyle
Bloody hell Kyle 28 kun oldin
what is the song @ 2:45 :,,)
Danny Thiessen 2.0
I love the eminem blaring in the background
Ryan Vlogs
Ryan Vlogs Oy oldin
I’ve been to Korea... Only in Seoul
An gy
An gy Oy oldin
I love Korean foods.I have tried only Gimbap, Shin ramyeon, Bimbap n Barbeque.
JungShooketh Oy oldin
You are my fav 😍😍
Elize Butler
Elize Butler Oy oldin
tbh i never even knew about most of these foods. Can someone tell me the names of them, they look so cool. And the plating looks : :))))) (goodddd)
bts black pink
Busan omg where jimin was born first then jungkook😂😂
Alanna Ledesma
6:45-6:48 that reminds me of my little cousin when she thinks she is fully African American I am African American
Dung Phan
Dung Phan 2 oy oldin
I'm from Vietnam
Mehak Virk
Mehak Virk 2 oy oldin
Mina I love your videos. You are amazing😁😁😁😁
Ducky6161 2 oy oldin
It is so sweet that you are doing this with your mom. I just found your channel and love it.
Gouri Das
Gouri Das 2 oy oldin
Miss Mina I am your India fan
HoneyBunny0 91
HoneyBunny0 91 2 oy oldin
there’s a restaurant that sells raw beef? wouldn’t you get salmonella?
Ya Chicken:D
Ya Chicken:D 2 oy oldin
It’s u Mina o
Lizzie J
Lizzie J 2 oy oldin
Hungryyyy GG~ U make jokes in the most serious way LOL~
Bitchy fish
Bitchy fish 2 oy oldin
Wtf why are your views going down!!?? Btw I love ur content ❤️❤️
jayden constant
jayden constant 2 oy oldin
I'ma change my pic
Park Seok Jin
Park Seok Jin 2 oy oldin
Está bien....😄😄
irem 3 oy oldin
Oh my god did i just see döner in korea wow. Btw it's not kebab it's döner hi form Turkey.
Kpop Trash Mrs. Expensive Girl
This channel is making me hungry😇💖 *Hey, can you send some left overs to Virginia? ;D*
ARMY Purple
ARMY Purple 3 oy oldin
Luv ur blogs!!😍
love love
love love 3 oy oldin
ATAKOOKIE 3 oy oldin
busan jimin was born in busan first then jungkookie copied him
Le Blank -
Le Blank - Oy oldin
ATAKOOKIE 3 oy oldin
o try to stay away from armys but no army comments just haunt me *everywhere*
Kpop Trash Mrs. Expensive Girl
ARMY Purple
ARMY Purple 3 oy oldin
Dheen S Dheen S
Dheen S Dheen S 3 oy oldin
I want eat like this,i love Korea
Alyssa Iriady
Alyssa Iriady 3 oy oldin
does anyone know the title of the song playing at the background at 2:48 ? thanks!
sreaa poddar
sreaa poddar 3 oy oldin
U are my favourite...love from India...💓💓💓💓
24/7 JungShOoK
24/7 JungShOoK 3 oy oldin
Hey Mina! I was thinking of going to Korea but I’m allergic to all nuts! How would you say “ with no nuts please” or “with no seeds please” thank you so much for your help. You may have just saved my life with your response 😆😂
Jungkook Oppa
Jungkook Oppa 3 oy oldin
Most Korean couples: Which outfit should we match today Most American couples: Let’s just stand five feet apart Jk😂😂😂
Wilfred Velasquez
Omg your voice is so soft and sweet
Xiaomin Chen
Xiaomin Chen 3 oy oldin
I'm really sorry but da hao in taiwan is also a way to say poop
Edmund Bermas Jr.
I think i’m in love with you 😅
Lemonte 4 oy oldin
I eat same foods week after week. I feel like I'm missing out after watching your videos.
Blender Km
Blender Km 4 oy oldin
You are living the single life dream.
mvhmz 4 oy oldin
How easy is it if you don’t read Korean and you don5 eat beef or pork
lyka in momolad
lyka in momolad 4 oy oldin
Hello ang ganda mo
kniklichtkind 4 oy oldin
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly 5 oy oldin
song around 2:48 ?
The otaku & kpop fangirl
Oh my God how are you not nervous around Asians I get extremely nervous when I'm around them I don't know why
The otaku & kpop fangirl
my hyunjin
my hyunjin 5 oy oldin
This all looks so good!! I’m hungry :((
Kyra mccoy
Kyra mccoy 5 oy oldin
I luv your vids!!!
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon 5 oy oldin
I just there!!
d sol
d sol 5 oy oldin
What is gopchang?
SugaKookies A.R.M.Y
How does one not get lost? 😂
Aryely,Lia y Yediel Valoy
I want to go to China so bad or wherever you are
Kim Uni
Kim Uni 6 oy oldin
Yeeeeeeee there Vietnam food
Citlaly Alvarez
Citlaly Alvarez 6 oy oldin
You actually walking into a dark alleyway was actually really funny😅
SukSuk TV by Crosscultural Coach
Are you still in Korea? Would you like to do Food Tour in Jeonju and Walking Around Jeonju to Jaman Mural Village and Serhak Art Village? I can show you around..
Emilyyyy 6 oy oldin
Awwww the couple 😍☺️
Kymmie V
Kymmie V 6 oy oldin
Wait wait wait hold on did she say Busan 😏 then she said Fire 😏
Christa Sian
Christa Sian 6 oy oldin
appreciated how honest the review was (well, except for the dandruff scratching part)
Railey Vang
Railey Vang 6 oy oldin
I love pho
Myla Kaune
Myla Kaune 6 oy oldin
Why does the ice cream burrito look like it’s boobs
Pierce Castleberry
U are soooo beautiful!
Selma Sanlısoy
Selma Sanlısoy 6 oy oldin
yee me proudo to be turkish
Ana Mira
Ana Mira 6 oy oldin
Oh no, the vegan in me is not liking this. Bye.
jpatrick1967 6 oy oldin
My family and I moved to Korea last January. Been here a year and I have still not experienced authentic street food. What are the chances you could be a guide for us? We’re in the Camp Humphreys/Pyeongtaek area.
crazy Pikachu crcr
Miss Mina, is pretty and cool do your dance at the end of every post.!$$$$$$
Choa South God Queen
Oh my that is NOT a scotch egg lmao what did they do to it...
Changy 6 oy oldin
Live octopus?
HL Claverie
HL Claverie 6 oy oldin
at 3:55 did u notice they were playing "slim shady"
Numnum’s Fanfics
Wow every time i watch your videos i always learned something thank you😍💕
LuckOf Thebeans
LuckOf Thebeans 6 oy oldin
My stomach is growling
Maynssi 6 oy oldin
I’m planning to go in So. Kor., any recommendation on where is the best place I can eat cheap and a lot of street food? Thank you!
devin augo
devin augo 6 oy oldin
Marry meee please🙊😍🙊🙊🙊
Baby Kas
Baby Kas 6 oy oldin
Luv uh meena nd urs videos too
Eve 6 oy oldin
Hey! :) I just discovered your youtube channel yesterday. I actually watched your videos yesterday night until the wee hours and feeling hungry becos of it HAHAHA! You're really funny and i love your korea vlogs! It really makes me feel like going there and i wish i could someday! Just someday!! AND i also hope to meet you too!!! Thank you for your awesome videos. Sending love from Singapore. Xoxo
Bann'ed Outdoor Adventures
Love it.
Capuletta 6 oy oldin
god i want the scottish egg so bad. it looks amazing.
Micaela Nienaber
Micaela Nienaber 6 oy oldin
Is it me or do I hear Eminem in the background at time 3:54 in the video?
Yohana Kinaryosih
Try Indonesian street food please..
It’s Mimi
It’s Mimi 6 oy oldin
It’s seems soooooooo delicious 🤤
Brenda Alejandro
Brenda Alejandro 6 oy oldin
why an i so late watching this 😫 I wish I could travel to Korea one day
gigharbourite 6 oy oldin
do you have Minas mandalay of munchies in a tank top?
Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward 6 oy oldin
Your videos really helped me when I was sick
gary Aa
gary Aa 6 oy oldin
Miss Mina, that food looks amazing and you are our cute guide!