KOREAN STREET FOOD at Mangwon Market in Seoul

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Today we give you a Korean street food tour of Mangwon Market in Seoul, South Korea. This market is super close to Hongdae and Yeonnamdong (the neighborhood filled with hidden restaurants and cafes in a residential maze). It's our first time visiting, so we're excited to see what yummy dishes are in store! Watch the video to explore with us :)
Featured food:
+ Meju (메주) - Dried & Fermented Soybean
+ Gogi Wang Mandu (고기왕만두) - King Meat Dumpling
+ Kimchi Wang Mandu (김치왕만두) - King Kimchi Dumpling
+ Jjin Bbang (찐빵) - Steamed Bun
+ Yakgwa (약과) - Chewy Korean Honey Cookies
+ Kalguksu (칼국수) - Knife-Cut Noodles
+ Hongeo Muchim (홍어무침) - Raw skate fish wrapped in leaves
+ Nokcha Hotteok (녹차호뗙) - Korean Green Tea Pancake
+ Bori Sool Tteok (보리술떡) - Alcoholic Barley Rice Cake
+ Hobak Tteok (호박떡) - Squash Rice Cake
+ Dakgangjeong (닭강정) - Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken
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15-Mar, 2018



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sweetandtastyTV Yil oldin
Which food made you drool an ocean? I'm craving for 11:29! It was mild in flavor compared to the dakgangjeong, but there were so many beautiful ingredients embedded into the rice cake :D
evajialing 2 oy oldin
Yea Boi
Shor Wei
Shor Wei 3 oy oldin
ahhh i love hotteok!!!!!
HaZE 3 oy oldin
@sweetandtastyTV you said that you've never seen Kalguksu being made, but my favorite Kalguksu restaurant in Gangnam called "Halmoni's geumshik" (Grandma's food) there was always this kind old man who made Kalguksu noodles infront of the customers. GG Mina 😎
Raksa Sambath
Raksa Sambath 3 oy oldin
Ok great!! I click on the minute you put and it jumps to ad😑
Wolfiegirlcutie123 Korean girl
Jolie Daharsh
Jolie Daharsh 16 soat oldin
My mom made shingpun for winter and glazed it with honey and put sesame seeds on it and was so good,best thing for winter(sorry if I spelled that wrong I'm sort of dumb when it comes to spelling)
Ashley Page Ramallosa
Ashley Page Ramallosa 17 soat oldin
She's Korean right?
Karen Benavente
Karen Benavente 20 soat oldin
Oh wow all those foods Looks so delicious! They're Making me hungry 😘💕💗❤️
Raquel Plumpp
Raquel Plumpp 23 soat oldin
The dudes that was in the back lol before 9:00
Raquel Plumpp
Raquel Plumpp 23 soat oldin
I want to learn every language ever
hsailer Kun oldin
And the entrance to the Mangwon Market is at: www.google.com/maps/place/Mangwon+Market/@37.5565449,126.9060576,8a,35.1y/data=!3m11!1e2!3m9!1sAF1QipN9M2TZ5PJLYgQG-Ar4s83X-boSRjtcdNgJ88Al!2e10!3e12!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipN9M2TZ5PJLYgQG-Ar4s83X-boSRjtcdNgJ88Al%3Dw203-h270-k-no!7i3024!8i4032!9m2!1b1!2i49!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x357c9928af31a803:0xf6cfdd1b789bf926!2sMangwon+Market!8m2!3d37.5565449!4d126.9060576!3m4!1s0x357c9928af31a803:0xf6cfdd1b789bf926!8m2!3d37.5565449!4d126.9060576?hl=en&authuser=0
hsailer Kun oldin
Looks like the steamed bun shop is at the following address: www.google.com/maps/place/Mangwon+Market/@37.5555054,126.9084059,3a,82.8y,179.78h,71.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQBKslk4TGAcXQj3ad7FlQw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x357c9928af31a803:0xf6cfdd1b789bf926!2sMangwon+Market!8m2!3d37.5565449!4d126.9060576!3m4!1s0x357c9928af31a803:0xf6cfdd1b789bf926!8m2!3d37.5565449!4d126.9060576?hl=en&authuser=0
Ann Elizabeth Clima
Hi do you have instagram?
Tina K
Tina K 2 kun oldin
I wanna go to a country and go around tasting different street food all day.
Dale McGill
Dale McGill 2 kun oldin
A lot of processed food!
Wynlyn Inojales
Wynlyn Inojales 4 kun oldin
New subscribers here🙋🏻‍♀️. I really want to go to SK😍..Ur mom so is so cute
97gk —
97gk — 5 kun oldin
7:13 ain't no fish in it
Nay win
Nay win 6 kun oldin
that oof tho lol
Calikorean 6 kun oldin
Wow! My family traveled Korea last year and visited Nam Dae Moon Korean traditional market in Seoul. I miss so much their foods and all goodies. Must go again!. Thank you for the video! Love it!
JiminHasGotJams •-•
Oh,your name is mina? Mine's too Kinda cool🤷😂
SARA HAULE 6 kun oldin
This is paradise😍😍
Kimlianvung Guite
Kimlianvung Guite 6 kun oldin
I'm droolin
2Love Souls
2Love Souls 6 kun oldin
I just love the relationship you have with your mom. It's so sweet
Seino 7 kun oldin
Aww God bless your mum, so cute!
SANGITA BAIKAR 7 kun oldin
In this video I got see a different side of korea
Normalyn Fernandez
Normalyn Fernandez 10 kun oldin
video quality is superb watched at 4k
Timothy Brozell
Timothy Brozell 10 kun oldin
Haha, how fun is that to do this with your Mom?! Looks like you both had a lot of fun! 대박!
Cindy PARKS 11 kun oldin
Mina is almond awesome 🤣
Rk Bananas
Rk Bananas 13 kun oldin
Wahhh me jellyehh
Lol Troll
Lol Troll 16 kun oldin
Lol Troll
Lol Troll 16 kun oldin
I have depression from good Asian food not in my reach ;-;
Lol Troll
Lol Troll 16 kun oldin
Man you look 100% Korean but your accent my gosh.
Bts_Army 10
Bts_Army 10 17 kun oldin
The street food in Britain is wayyyy to expensive 😂
ginsterbeary 17 kun oldin
Omg Korean food
The Mewtwober
The Mewtwober 18 kun oldin
what type of country are you from?
J Vega
J Vega 19 kun oldin
It's so nice that you are close to your mom
Tony Davies
Tony Davies 21 kun oldin
i dont like Parllia leafs .. i had some while having a Korean BBQ in Gangnam and its texture and look really reminded me of Stingy nettles we have here in the UK it wasnt plesant haha
emerald nguyen
emerald nguyen 22 kun oldin
I hope to have a wonderful relationship with my daughter like you and your mother.
Basfordiron 26 kun oldin
Shame about the dumb ass American dialogue
Priscilla K
Priscilla K 26 kun oldin
Omg the noodles look so good! I could go for a huge bowl!!!
Rose V
Rose V 27 kun oldin
you both are beautiful! i love watching your videos!❤️
imazooo 28 kun oldin
Jana Noble
Jana Noble 29 kun oldin
I’m hungry now🤤
Ly Nguyen
Ly Nguyen Oy oldin
Her nails are so pretty! Like auburn cat's eye.
ScarletMoon Gacha
I'm only 13 but im already packing for my trip to Seoul!!!
Matthew Arroyo
Are you Korean and Chinese just asking
this channel is no longer in use
mommy oh is so precious 😭
Kesh_Playzzz Oy oldin
My mom made tone dumplings and it is so good😋😍
Miss TanTan
Miss TanTan Oy oldin
Omg I love you you seems like such a fun person to be around ... really enjoy your vlogs and vids and your mom is super cute 🥰 Love u and will visit these places you mentioned once I go to Korea 👌👌
lori williams
lori williams Oy oldin
Does anyone notice that when she eats the spicy steamed bun her face turns red little by little
Kriszelle Macariola
I just really love how you take your mom on a mukbang date. . . It just made me smile and emotional while watching this vlog.
Amira Oy oldin
Your mum is so cute 🤗
Josephine Valdez
You just made me subscribed to your channel. I like your style of vlogging, very informative and fun 👍
Laury C
Laury C Oy oldin
5:07 “The vendor brushes off sauce .... ummm edible paint” lol
Vince Berardini
"Gardening With Vincenzo" here...Loved seeing the various food vendors , hearing the sounds in the background, and seeing how happy you made your Mother and share some of Her fond food choices/selections...Would love to walk that road and sample EVERYTHING ! Thanks for sharing !
crissel1224 Oy oldin
Tihema Stewart
Lol I should go eat food with my Mum 😂 u make me appreciate my mum
Suhana Khatun
Suhana Khatun Oy oldin
1:26 did anyone else here koko bop by exo
Elizabeth Guenkine
I love that you look like a female version of Charles Melton (Reggie) from Riverdale
Queen Mina
Queen Mina Oy oldin
Omg I love your mom she's so jolly and so adorable and cute!
euniksha mohapatra
Like you have dumplings made out of flour, and call it mandu... we the people of Odisha ( a state of rich cultural heritage in India) have the same kind of dimsums made out of rawa and we call it mandaa .
배진우 Oy oldin
TheLibraQueen Oy oldin
Lol the commentary during pauses is hilarious. Love this so much
Haider memon
Haider memon Oy oldin
Do come to Pakistan 🇵🇰 and I'll show u what food we have to serve. A true Pakistani cuisine.
Tam The person xD ;-;
What she said ; poke e Mon goo what I heard; pokemon-go Don't @ me if that's not what you heard 😘
Mariah Brown
Mariah Brown Oy oldin
Your mom is sooo funny
Køriatt Oy oldin
the cracks, they remind me of my plumber's ass.
odetta olson
odetta olson Oy oldin
My dad makes hoddeok like that :)
Lucy Grayson
Lucy Grayson Oy oldin
We have 튀김 부스러기 in the Uk that you get at fish and chip shops, we call it scraps!!!
jaypee 1987
jaypee 1987 Oy oldin
please don't stop uploading videos! you and your mom are always radiating good vibes! sending you kisses from the Philippines! xoxo
Jenny`Janett `
It’s like I could smell what you were eating 🤤
Shaylee K
Shaylee K Oy oldin
loving that deep asmr voice lmao
Suturei Kiju
Suturei Kiju Oy oldin
At 7:47 I thought it was a BANGCHAN Shop but it was Banchan shop lmao btw Minaaaa Eonnie I love your videoss ╥﹏╥ so much 💜
Belia Luedke
Belia Luedke Oy oldin
Truly liked this. :D
tierra Oy oldin
I really want dried fig right now.... Ok that was random srry
Patrick3183 Oy oldin
Looks like you’re puking in thumbnail
Elizabeth Garcia
Your grandma looks sooo young
박지은 Oy oldin
When the guy peeked “hello”😂😂😂
Emily Hardy
Emily Hardy Oy oldin
I love your mom! She is adorable!
Empathetic Wanderers
I love how much you enjoy spending time with your Mom. It makes me miss my own Mom and want to plan a trip with her!
Marie Lisa
Marie Lisa Oy oldin
This is the first video of yours I watched, Subscribed and liked! Your Mom is so cute! Thank you for sharing!
Victoria Strauss
Too much food! I’d be sad I can’t get it all
Victoria Strauss
Lol when it’s so spicy you can’t hear 😂
Kristina Anne
Kristina Anne 2 oy oldin
i miss my mom 😞 seeing you and your mom makes me long for my mom who's far away from me.. We have the same favorite foods, too, just like the both of you. But I have to travel 13 hrs. just to be with her 😞
apis gaming
apis gaming 2 oy oldin
your head and face is big just like a lego
Ehwa Jensen
Ehwa Jensen 2 oy oldin
와.. 스트릿 뮤직도 중국리듬 같은게 흘러 나오네..어디서나 짱개 자욱.
Liza Til
Liza Til 2 oy oldin
I like you and your mom
Nam_ Jin
Nam_ Jin 2 oy oldin
They only thing I know is the Makgeolli and that’s only from BTS😂😂😂
Alisa Aquino
Alisa Aquino 2 oy oldin
Mommy oh is so cool 😂😂
Nana Iman
Nana Iman 2 oy oldin
Mina u have to diet bc u will get fat if u eat much food!!!🤗🤗🤗
L. Crayton
L. Crayton 2 oy oldin
Such pretty thin women how do u eat so much?
Sophie Damdinsuren
I was drooling like crazy 😜 ugh it looks soo good
J N 2 oy oldin
i just found my new favourite youtube channel aye🙌🏻 AND YOUR MUM IS SO CUTE🥰 p.s. just a suggestion but you can have a video where u talk about how you grown fluent in english all while maintaining the west & east culture? and also a tour on make up/skin care shops in korea!!
Vhedoria U.
Vhedoria U. 2 oy oldin
You really love food! Aren't you? Everyone love food anyway
Sooner Betancourt
Love your videos and I get so hungry every time I watch them lol. What do you recommend there for people that can't eat seeds? I noticed alot of the foods have sesame seeds.
EXO LEGENDS 2 oy oldin
Whoa. I really want to go to Korea at least once and eat all the delicacies
Chasing Sheena
Chasing Sheena 2 oy oldin
Looks so good! Pretty Please let me go with you on one of your adventures in Korea one day!
Stray Kids Stan
Stray Kids Stan 2 oy oldin
Your intro is so iconic
Caprisun 2 oy oldin
did anyone else see the girl walking all weird at 0:36
jayson aresta
jayson aresta 2 oy oldin
oppa and his Bicycle :D 14:15
Chimmy. Baby yo Christ jimin
I hear exo In the background lol
Plush crown39
Plush crown39 2 oy oldin
I would try the green tea hotteok it looks delicious it actually makes me think of pancakes in america
felix ochoa
felix ochoa 2 oy oldin
Damm girl you making me hungry with that super delicious streetfood, and by the way I like the facial steam moment!
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