Korean Street Food - SEA CUCUMBER Seafood Korea

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The Turks Boys
The Turks Boys 5 soat oldin
I'd eat it
Amber Christine
Amber Christine 12 soat oldin
You don’t need to eat absolutely everything, you do know that right ??
Sumin Yoon
Sumin Yoon 14 soat oldin
zeto hojoin
zeto hojoin 16 soat oldin
Looks tasty
LEESONG YI 17 soat oldin
Im korean, in video, they say it looks good ㅋㅋ come korea and eat diverse sea food. You may think Sea cucumber looks weird, but the most disgusting thing is 개불, just searching, find the new world ha ha
Carle Gorck
Carle Gorck 23 soat oldin
Trust me,that food in my country are great soup
Skinnymarks Kun oldin
So turns out sea cucumbers look like a cucumber on the inside as well.
nikeweda yanti
nikeweda yanti Kun oldin
Ini nama nya tripang klu di indo,harga nya mahal
karen liz
karen liz Kun oldin
😢😬 🥒 🔪
Tactical Red
Tactical Red Kun oldin
Kevin si timun laut ! (Spongebob squarepants)
VerdeAmaryllis Visuals
Is that how you make custard?
Eh coreanos adoram pepinos
Hendri Surya Widcaksana
RIP Kevin the Cucumber
WitherAbz Kun oldin
Rip C.Q Cumber
Kyan Williams
Kyan Williams 2 kun oldin
Bust down thotiana bust down thotiana I just wanted to say that 😅
K33RY //
K33RY // 2 kun oldin
But just one very important question to finish the icing on the cake... Does it taste like a cucumber?
Melda Ayyıldız
Melda Ayyıldız 2 kun oldin
Valla hiçte sokak yemeği değil deniz hıyarı gayet pahalı birşey bildiğin elit yemeği
Animated Tigress
Animated Tigress 2 kun oldin
Yay the decimation of all the sea cucumber populations for sake of fucking food. No thanks. Leave them alone. Don't support this. They literally cannot be farmed yet so wild populations are becoming endangered.
Tri Rosanti
Tri Rosanti 2 kun oldin
Quiet 2 kun oldin
Dildos super mario edition
thebadness 2 kun oldin
I'm not a fan of fish roe, but i'd be willing to try that egg dish. That looked good. You can keep the wart covered sea penis though.
thebadness 2 kun oldin
NOPE. No thanks. I'll stick with some salmon and mahi mahi.
shedrack kombe
shedrack kombe 2 kun oldin
I thought chopsticks are for just eating
the once-ler
the once-ler 3 kun oldin
That looks bomb
Markmellows 34
Markmellows 34 3 kun oldin
They look like something from when a slug raped a pickle
Hakim 334
Hakim 334 3 kun oldin
Hell no. Thanks 😕
Ayse T
Ayse T 3 kun oldin
Ölsem bunu yemem kusacagım 🤮
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Stupid american and some western, or arabic influenced with western people says = *i prefer eat disgusting, bad cooked 2$ burgers that can kill me with heart attack, stroke and make me fat* rather than this alien creatures That's how idiot people thinks and works
+1 Για τα γυαλοψωλα
Михаил Кравченко
Теперь я знаю откуда взялся СПИД.
Togo Burrows
Togo Burrows 3 kun oldin
Consuela: No...No...No...
Cheese Crumbs
Cheese Crumbs 3 kun oldin
That sea cucumbers are really expensive
Annie Leonhart
Annie Leonhart 3 kun oldin
STDs Are everywhere
I would love to try it but I can’t get past the point that they’re going extinct and they have declined at alarming rates. Sorry that’s just me.
hipupipi sakula
hipupipi sakula 4 kun oldin
Is it a fish or is it a insect or is it a vegetable no one knows.....
fiendfyre 4 kun oldin
Asians will eat literally anything
Paul R
Paul R 4 kun oldin
That's horrible, they destroyed those innocent dildos a bunch of poor lonely women could have used those SMH
it's gameing bro music and vlogsss
I'm allergic to every fish except lobster and crab
it's gameing bro music and vlogsss
I would have it as a pet
コーギーDAWN 5 kun oldin
I ate Sea Cucumbers before but watching this made me feel sad ;-;
Tika Nguyen
Tika Nguyen 5 kun oldin
Street food my ass. Who are you kidding? It's A God damn restaurant.
Yeong Hyoung
Yeong Hyoung 5 kun oldin
I’m a Korean living in America, and I don’t really think I’ll pay 100$ (I heard that sea cucumbers are pretty expensive...) to eat that. Even if people say that they taste wonderful, something about them just gives me the willies..I’m not really judging others that do though. It’s our own opinion and taste.
john paul
john paul 5 kun oldin
And also you can eat this kinda cucumber
Sabe como é né cris
Que fome da moléstia!.. 😎 não passa nada..
Trixanity 5 kun oldin
Looks weird but ok.
thomyi 5 kun oldin
It’s so good with gochujang!
Ernest Molner
Ernest Molner 5 kun oldin
Where is this place ?
salad `
salad ` 6 kun oldin
Wtf man I almost threw up when the deflated one leaked that liquid
fuzzycat 555
fuzzycat 555 6 kun oldin
Watching them cut those onions made my eyes sting
IzsyDr Nicky
IzsyDr Nicky 6 kun oldin
I remember a time I used to think sea cucumbers was a type of vegetable XD
خالد بن ظفر
IzsyDr Nicky yes
IzsyDr Nicky
IzsyDr Nicky 9 soat oldin
خالد بن ظفر ?Do you sell sea cucumbers
خالد بن ظفر
خالد بن ظفر 22 soat oldin
IzsyDr Nicky if you want I have big business
Jhumar Cuzon
Jhumar Cuzon 6 kun oldin
Do you cringe when they start to cut it? Yeah I felt that too. Your not alone my friend.
GO D Kun oldin
Nicole zzz I’ve heard that it taste great and it’s a super food too. Many vitamins and other stuff that is very good for you.
Nicole zzz
Nicole zzz Kun oldin
I don't get why people eat this out of all food choices. It just doesn't look appetizing at all. I get cultural differences but 😶
Goggles Guy
Goggles Guy 6 kun oldin
This sold for 60 dollars 와우
krz sam
krz sam 6 kun oldin
Whats aquaman doing not saving them
Gustavo Goikoetxea
Gustavo Goikoetxea 7 kun oldin
Oh wow that was an easy clean!
DankPlayz 7 kun oldin
they look like ugly slimey strawberry slices
Mohammad Ali Khan
Mohammad Ali Khan 7 kun oldin
SAiKA 7 kun oldin
Asian people are so freaking brave. Eating disgusting things like sea cucumbers (Korea) sea PENIS FISH (Korea), live octopus (Japan), duck fetus (Philippines?), dog (China), and even horse (China)!!
zzzKyliezzz 7 kun oldin
Oh god. I just realised it was alive when they chopped them.... 🤤
zzzKyliezzz 7 kun oldin
I wonder who was the first person that spotted it and thought "ooooh that looks disgusting but let's kill it and eat it! 😃"
Dharmendra Chawda
Dharmendra Chawda 7 kun oldin
Ur protein and vitamin can be risky for you😆
ISpongeGodI 8 kun oldin
That is just disgusting.
Justin Fehr
Justin Fehr 8 kun oldin
Light green one actually reminds me of pickles. Nice
Zeck Zeroed
Zeck Zeroed 8 kun oldin
"It's fucking raw"
Gadu Barbosa
Gadu Barbosa 8 kun oldin
Que nojo
Sada Lopo
Sada Lopo 8 kun oldin
JA MEDIC R.Rufus 9 kun oldin
Sounds like rubber when it is being cut up. I wonder if it tastes like rubber?
GuuTV 9 kun oldin
But can you pickled ?
Vanilda de Oliveira Alcântara
Parece uma delícia!
Pεαcн Lεмσиαdε
sea pickle
Tahn 9 kun oldin
If I was blindfolded and was made to eat this I would think it were mushrooms haha
Ade Widya
Ade Widya 9 kun oldin
di sungai juga banyak kaya gini kok :D
tool toki
tool toki 9 kun oldin
Eating at a stall in Korea made food poisoning Absolutely not to eat
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus
One of the world best superfood for cellular regeneration in human body.
Руслан Исрапилов
Baobai Lee
Baobai Lee 9 kun oldin
I honestly wanna try it lololol
sndd l
sndd l 9 kun oldin
I hate dat kevin
MH Ace
MH Ace 10 kun oldin
Wonder what it taste like
Ness HS
Ness HS 10 kun oldin
So vegans are welcomed ?
Leonardo Macedo
Leonardo Macedo 10 kun oldin
Maybe If I hadn't seen this video before and how It was made I would try!
Love Me Please!!!
Love Me Please!!! 11 kun oldin
Why would anyone want to eat something that looks like a prolapsed anus
Antonieta De la Torre
Are they alive while They slice them?
Dallas Wynn
Dallas Wynn 11 kun oldin
Bet it tastes like it looks. 🤢🤮🤮
Badong ski
Badong ski 11 kun oldin
Can a Vegan eat a sea cucumber?
Роман Енин
Роман Енин 11 kun oldin
в нее перец можно засунуть
Ryz Febriani
Ryz Febriani 11 kun oldin
9:30 for me its look like a slices of mushroom with vegetables
Akhmad Assiddiqqy
Akhmad Assiddiqqy 12 kun oldin
Evan the Great
Evan the Great 12 kun oldin
How could be people want to eat such amazing creatures..
KenC 12 kun oldin
The second cucumber was hollow like my life
Rey B
Rey B 12 kun oldin
Im so impressed by that egg soup stuff. Wow.
diego basto
diego basto 12 kun oldin
I prefer eat tacos 🇲🇽
Shirleny Telica
Shirleny Telica 13 kun oldin
Que increible como una hamburguesa de Mcdonald me sigue pareciendo peor haha. Mcdonalds food looks worse for me.
Фон Гадке
Фон Гадке 13 kun oldin
Надо было морской помидор добавить, и морской сметанкой заправить.
Valdirene costa Costa
Eu teria coragem de comer cobra frita e gafanhoto assado..
EniWiciWokke 14 kun oldin
deniz yarağı
Ayan Kaspi
Ayan Kaspi 14 kun oldin
Qızartsanız onnan daddı olardı .yemək olardı yenə
Trie Yunita
Trie Yunita 14 kun oldin
kayak ulat bulu
Lovely Animals
Lovely Animals 14 kun oldin
เหมือนหนอนอ่ะ อร่อยขนาดไหนก็ไม่กิน
Kyrinky 15 kun oldin
So this is what fleshlights are made of.
oRampaGe1 _
oRampaGe1 _ 15 kun oldin
Can anyone who’s tried sea cucumber tell me what it tastes like? I’d expect it to taste like raw squid but idk cause ive never tried it.
Skidaadle Skidoodle
Skidaadle Skidoodle 15 kun oldin
Thats nasty