Korean Street Food - SEA CUCUMBER Seafood Korea

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9-Noy, 2017



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MAX 42 daqiqa oldin
Que nojo . That's nasty
lloyd nieto
lloyd nieto 8 soat oldin
why I felt so sad after watching this video?
Robo Kit
Robo Kit 12 soat oldin
That egg in the cup looks delicious!
jaseh onfroy
jaseh onfroy 20 soat oldin
Sad to see a small defenseless creature get slaughtered like that but that's the way life goes or whatever 😒
Swapnil Gupta
Swapnil Gupta Kun oldin
Mary Jane Shepard
꧂⊹⊱❀ْ العُـنقود ْ❀⊰⊹꧁
People will eat anything that flies or lives on the land or in the sea ☺️
Somea Aheibum
Somea Aheibum Kun oldin
April Garcia
April Garcia 2 kun oldin
Way too much advertisment
maricel velasquez
maricel velasquez 2 kun oldin
leo alwi
leo alwi 2 kun oldin
OMG 😱😱😱🤮🤮🤮🤮
Kekistan Shitlord
Kekistan Shitlord 3 kun oldin
These are a endangered species now because these eat em so much
ASHISH MISHRA 3 kun oldin
It looks like dog shit.
BroHends 3 kun oldin
2:04 wwwow.. Look that hand.. its that clean?
꧂⊹⊱❀ْ العُـنقود ْ❀⊰⊹꧁
It's a medical condition called vitiligo that causes whitish patches on the skin. It's not contagious and it does not affect hygiene.
jam Kigly
jam Kigly 4 kun oldin
Fun facts: the wierder or peculiar it is the more expensive it is.
Zero Chan
Zero Chan 13 soat oldin
Yea i heared they were expensive
얼어붙은거미 4 kun oldin
Hey guys the sea cucumber is fxxcking delicious raw food
Kekistan Shitlord
Kekistan Shitlord 3 kun oldin
얼어붙은거미 Also endangered you fuck
Md Ahanaf
Md Ahanaf 4 kun oldin
Oh Allah! it's really horrible. sea cucumber???yaak!!!
That Sushicat
That Sushicat 4 kun oldin
How can people know what things they can and cant eat? It always amazes me how weird looking fish gets served as dinner lmao
Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim Vaughan
*wonder if it’s an acquired taste or if it actually tastes pretty good...*
S 57
S 57 6 kun oldin
It's disgusting man....yuk
zakiyyah & family
zakiyyah & family 6 kun oldin
Aku tuh aneh , ini kan judulnya pake bahasa indonesia , nah tp yg komen org luar semua
Liger IK
Liger IK 6 kun oldin
park sung hye
park sung hye 6 kun oldin
The fish cutter uncle said the cucumbers are handsome I’m dead 😂
Urworst NIGHTMARE 6 kun oldin
Esther Ngemu
Esther Ngemu 8 kun oldin
I would prefer veg cucumber
Johnny Lim
Johnny Lim 8 kun oldin
They taste great if you know how to cook them. Yummy!
Copas Channel Indonesia Indonesia
masakan lo ribet cuk, mending kfc udh tinggal pesen.
Tan'im Tajuddin
Tan'im Tajuddin 8 kun oldin
Im hungry haha
당신나는 싫어
It actually looks good when cut into small pieces
Sir Spoof
Sir Spoof 8 kun oldin
You know, at first i was like, "This is pretty cool to watch" But after watching the second sea-cucumbers fluids drain out, I lost my appetite very quickly. (not to say the first wasn't gross)
Jady Vang
Jady Vang 6 kun oldin
Same xD i was like "WTF?!?"
ELSI DE GONZALEZ 9 kun oldin
Estas personas se la pasan comiendo animales marinos Y algunos crudos 🤔🤔🤔🤔
saba rahman
saba rahman 9 kun oldin
Going to extinct
Tutorial Tak berguna
1:50,jd orang korea juga bisa panuan
Tasnim Belayet
Tasnim Belayet 9 kun oldin
they r look like poops
exol once buddy blink Im a
sara paul
sara paul 9 kun oldin
Y r they straining the eggs lol
Lakevia Alexins
Lakevia Alexins 10 kun oldin
14:54 looks so good!🤤 I love anything with eggs
TwineX PUBG 10 kun oldin
Yakkss !! Ewwwwww
Anga Anang
Anga Anang 10 kun oldin
I. Am feeling sick
fresh an free
fresh an free 10 kun oldin
How could you eat that stuff.. it's looking yaaak yaak.
J Pen
J Pen 11 kun oldin
Watching the SC getting sliced up is satisfying.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling 11 kun oldin
Basically a waterslug.
Lutfiah Nurul
Lutfiah Nurul 11 kun oldin
What a fun part 7:30 ✨
MINA WORLD 12 kun oldin
ماشاء الله رائع مرحبا
Ze N
Ze N 12 kun oldin
Looks interesting 🍣
AYLEX 99 12 kun oldin
Ya ni saben que comer los chinos😑
Indria Happy
Indria Happy 13 kun oldin
This is for heal arthritis osteo
hila rst
hila rst 13 kun oldin
So sea cucumber was real?!
Michael T Cimafranca
We have lots if sea cucumbers here in Siquijor Island
Victoria Downer
Victoria Downer 13 kun oldin
Do they sell this in America
Monica Ooh
Monica Ooh 14 kun oldin
Sooo Goood!😧😧 I'm Hungry
michelle williston
michelle williston 15 kun oldin
Eating that shit right there is why they live longer then people in the US cause we ain't eating dat shit LMAO
Siska Melani
Siska Melani 15 kun oldin
It looks so tasty. Yummy
Jada Meade
Jada Meade 15 kun oldin
Sea Cucumber Sashimi
Sabrina Ibtisam 3001
I really want to taste it 😭
Shibby Marley
Shibby Marley 17 kun oldin
These orientals eat anything. ....they're fuking crazy
Shibby Marley
Shibby Marley 17 kun oldin
Ew imagine eating one of those things
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 17 kun oldin
How to cook eggs
시아루 17 kun oldin
초장 꼭 찍어서....
Kourt Nee
Kourt Nee 17 kun oldin
Only thing that looks good is the Scrambled eggs 😍😍😍
J.c D E N T O N
J.c D E N T O N 15 kun oldin
Kourt Nee lol
Noveliya GT
Noveliya GT 17 kun oldin
Kevin is that you?
Etri Eni
Etri Eni 17 kun oldin
Dwi Putri
Dwi Putri 18 kun oldin
A lot of people try to justify they rather eat their junk foods than this cause just cause it's looks disgusting 🙄
BLUE ORANGE 18 kun oldin
But rubbery to eat hehe chewy
Gacha Universe
Gacha Universe 19 kun oldin
Who thought "Oh I'm gonna cut this thing open cook it and eat it"Like wtf dood
Diamondare 19 kun oldin
Frisk, Just Frisk
Frisk, Just Frisk 19 kun oldin
Poor cucumber. ;-;
Kyobito 20 kun oldin
So are they vegetarian or not?
Mayra Barrios
Mayra Barrios 20 kun oldin
That look yumi!
Z Z 20 kun oldin
Sea cucumber is high protein because is clean all the shit that we dump to the ocean when we eat them is like we eat each other shit 🤪🤪 enjoy my shit and the world shit anyone 🐒 poop 💩
Xenronnify 20 kun oldin
Don't be afraid to turn around and fart your lungs all over that bastard
Fernanda Kirishima
Fernanda Kirishima 20 kun oldin
Como tbm
MAX 38 daqiqa oldin
Eu como você se deixar é claro
Jonalyn Guerrero
Jonalyn Guerrero 21 kun oldin
It’s looks like slug
Namita Roy
Namita Roy 21 kun oldin
How does it tastes ??
Cláudia Soares
Cláudia Soares 22 kun oldin
Amei o vídeo!❤
harvey ang
harvey ang 23 kun oldin
Sea cucumber in the Philippines is so common. I’ve tasted it once and it’s bit crunchy but the texture is that of nata de coco, no they’re exactly the same. It’s like it shriveled after you bite onto it. It taste bland though but it’s yummy.
NoNameBlahBlahBlah 23 kun oldin
Needs viagra
Taramia accochi
Taramia accochi 24 kun oldin
Who saw a sea cucumber and thought: yummy I wanna eat it since it looks so delicious😂
badem gozlum
badem gozlum 24 kun oldin
mas pluto
mas pluto 24 kun oldin
Full parasid 😕
Kholifah aquarius
Kholifah aquarius 24 kun oldin
Iyuw jijik
gigiis lushious
gigiis lushious 24 kun oldin
Climax Bonfire
Climax Bonfire 24 kun oldin
I wonder who was the first sick psycho to eat some mess like that!
Jean Kenneth Loquias
When I was a child. We used to catch this kind of seafood and we even prepare it just as raw only put a vinegar, onions and some seasoning😇😇😇😊😊
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 25 kun oldin
Murió de la mejor macho posible
Rodjard Paro
Rodjard Paro 25 kun oldin
If you need sea cucumber. Just contact me and we can talk.
Rylvox 25 kun oldin
I thought they were cucumbers that grew underwater
Gricuz YT
Gricuz YT 25 kun oldin
Looks healthy to eat but doesn't look tasty mmmmmmhhhh
Reza Setiawan Grafika
Řăšăňýă ğîĺmâňâ
Deia Regina
Deia Regina 27 kun oldin
Só de olhar me dá ânsia de vômito....mano tem que ter coragem.
Dont Watch My Vids
Dont Watch My Vids 27 kun oldin
This sea cucumber looks like a cucumber instead put in pickled juice, gets in cancer juice
Luvito Shohe
Luvito Shohe 28 kun oldin
Woooooow I like to taste yaaaa
Fayu Street Food
Fayu Street Food 28 kun oldin
Ah.. ok. How about the taste and texture?
MatteomaxM 24 kun oldin
Sea Cucumbers are said to have very little taste, but they have a very slimy texture.
Fayu Street Food
Fayu Street Food 28 kun oldin
Is it like shells???
Jvgh Hjhg
Jvgh Hjhg 28 kun oldin
Thay ge
Nicholas Hulse
Nicholas Hulse 29 kun oldin
There giant slugs
Anton Gunawan
Anton Gunawan 29 kun oldin
Hi kevin.....
EL OG - GOLDSTAR 29 kun oldin
que puto asco como pueden comer esa mierda 😂😂😂
Notts boy24
Notts boy24 Oy oldin
Yum yum ☺ looks so tasty 👍:)
Juaren Frausto
I find it hard to believe that sea cucumbers are a Korean street food.
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