Korean Women Talk About Growing Up In The US

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Be fearless!
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Terence Yoon
Kirstin Lee
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Claire Lee
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15-May, 2018

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AGraceT Soat oldin
Why, I thought Samoans goes through the whole "FOB" thing. Can so relate to that. Kinda glad Samoans and Koreans are similar. Really cool
xEmpty.Abyssx 2 soat oldin
Pink Jacket, left Did she grow up in the south? I LOVE IT Edit: Louisiana- Grew up in Georgia ok, got it xD
Shade On A Cool Day
Shade On A Cool Day 2 soat oldin
Damn I need a Korean woman. Holla at your boy ladies.
HansumRob100 4 soat oldin
Southern accent is strong in that one...but cheese... they are gorgeous...
pretendtobe british
pretendtobe british 10 soat oldin
The girl with long straight hair...she's really attractive
Qi Zhang
Qi Zhang 11 soat oldin
many asians dye their hair blonde to fit into white community. thats not confident.
Qi Zhang
Qi Zhang 11 soat oldin
south Asians all looks same, most Americans cant tell them from chinese and japanese,
Eric 14 soat oldin
How much surgery did these girls do? 100% as make over. 50% as fixing their imperfection. 25% as changing their eyelid,.. GIve me a break about not all korean doesnt do PS. I know it. Even korean admit that eyelid is not consider surgery lmao bc its so common. with part time job, women can easily for PS. a korean quoran share.
Eric 14 soat oldin
I dont care if you do plastic surgery. its your business. However, dont lie to people that you are all natural similar to steroid drug athlete lie to people to benefit from it. Also, dont lie to me if you are dating me. I dont want my chilren have to go through the same thing. Also who know what consequences these surgery have in the long term? tell me or ur partner if you r doing these surgery
Noah Kürstein
Noah Kürstein 17 soat oldin
Omg, the girl in the pink jacket is fine af😍
잔나잔나 18 soat oldin
Pq Pq
Pq Pq Kun oldin
It's ridiculous how beautiful they are. Each one of them has a different aura
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Kun oldin
Korean American women are hot! The Koreans in Canada are mostly immigrants. That is why there is no true Korean Canadian women who are not hot. You must go to America to find it. This is why America must takeoverCanada. We are the 51st state!!!!!!!!!!! That is the truth. I like the girl from Baton Rouge she is cute and I love heraccent.
ZPCreator Kun oldin
All of girls in this youtube video are beautiful... Is a Korean beautiful like them? Especially, black clothese woman...! She looks after Jisu of BlackPink .
Nat Julia
Nat Julia 2 kun oldin
I love the girl in the pinks southern accent and personality. And she’s gorgeous!
Joshryne Rose
Joshryne Rose 2 kun oldin
The term FOB in my school usually refers to people to just came but mostly Filipinos. When me and other people call Filipinos FOBs we aren’t looking down on them. Me also being Filipino but raised in Canada use the term FOB freely because it really isn’t an insult in my school.
michael cancino
michael cancino 2 kun oldin
I love the accent in the beginning
Thirst ae
Thirst ae 2 kun oldin
I freaked out when the 1st girl said she was raised in Shreveport LA because I am from Shreveport! 😂 (It's a pretty small town.)
Manisa Shuangshoti
Manisa Shuangshoti 3 kun oldin
this is actually relatable even though I’m not korean nor I live in America.
Crystal Wasewe
Crystal Wasewe 3 kun oldin
They all look 18.
Bangtan Video
Bangtan Video 3 kun oldin
it's just me, who thought the black dress looks like shin ryujin of itzy?
Astro, the multi-talented gAyS
2:22 *same gurl same*
Eralc K
Eralc K 3 kun oldin
Shoutout to Kiirsten!!
Van Hollingsworth
Van Hollingsworth 3 kun oldin
Where are they living in America that people in their 20s are shaving a year or two off their age? wtf
Eden ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Eden ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 kun oldin
Honestly, I had a really bad childhood because of people tease me everyday for being Asian, like pulling at their eyes to look Asian.(even though I have very rounded eyes) and making racist jokes, I laugh the jokes off but it really hurts inside.
//SuperAsh4U// 3 kun oldin
People need to stop saying they wish they were Korean. It's fetishising. And it's like why.... Seriously. Let Korean people be Korean don't try to be Korean it's so annoying.
ndwolfwood09 3 kun oldin
@1:47 WOW...
Jessica 009
Jessica 009 4 kun oldin
The girl in the pink sounds like a full on white girl trying to be black lmfao
Aiya Zaya
Aiya Zaya 4 kun oldin
Korean female friends one of the fakest friends I’ve ever had.
Kaylah Rae
Kaylah Rae 4 kun oldin
ummm..idk why I didn’t notice her hair was blonde until she mentioned it. My eyes became so WIDE
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez 4 kun oldin
Is it just me or does Claire Lee look like Shin Ryujin from the girlgroup ITZY (Ryujin is also korean btw) or would it be the other way around since Ryujin is younger 🤔
Agent Carter
Agent Carter 4 kun oldin
that girl from georgia is so adorable
SimplyLogical 5 kun oldin
so relatable XD
Ney Neys
Ney Neys 5 kun oldin
I'm really distracted with all those hand gestures. Lady in pink is super pretty!
Mottahead 6 kun oldin
And by the way, the four of them are so hot.
Mottahead 6 kun oldin
So, you don't watch Kim's Convenience? Good to know (I love that show).
HKim0072 6 kun oldin
Obviously, the avoided the biggest topic: dating.
Ben 5 kun oldin
No need to speak about it! Everybody knows Korean girls! Racists and superficial as hell 😂 They will date a Korean and marry a White husband. This is Korean-American mindset.
Ben 6 kun oldin
This video only confirms that most Korean American women are uninteresting 😯 Shallow-minded and superficial. I'm even pretty sure at least 2 o them did plastic surgery. It's so visible!
Vanessa G.
Vanessa G. Kun oldin
Ben real question and quite on the neutral side, what’s wrong with getting plastic surgery done? Like, in your mere opinion, what do you think is wrong with it?
Dovahkin Dothraki
Dovahkin Dothraki 3 kun oldin
+Hải Yến dont fall for the troll lol
Jin Chang
Jin Chang 3 kun oldin
+Ben Korean Government exported K-pop and K-drama? Where did you get the information? Can you give me the evidence so that I can spread the interesting news?
Madison B.
Madison B. 6 kun oldin
the girl in the pastel pink jacket is so pretty
yea ok
yea ok 6 kun oldin
the girl in the blue jacket is so stuck up and annoying. she looks like she thinks she’s better than everyone and knows more than them
Hải Yến
Hải Yến 6 kun oldin
OMG I can't believe it!!! Kirstin looks like a high school girl
Elysia Shamoun
Elysia Shamoun 6 kun oldin
*Lets all have black hair and not tell YB*
King Krystal
King Krystal 6 kun oldin
No offense but when she said she laughs at Korean humor more then American and then said Korean humor is more like people suffering and like living in small houses and going through harder things i was just like 🙄uh okay I would be kind of hurt by that because my house isn’t the biggest but it’s still a house lol I’m not Korean so maybe I don’t understand but I watch Kdramas, variety shows and etc and I laugh sometimes. It’s just something about Korean content that just makes me happy so I kind of understand where’s she’s coming from then again I’m American and I say American humor makes me laugh more so maybe it’s just a thing where you’re from
Very true. Americans are nice (most are, yet like anyother country, there are still many a**holes that exist) and can be welcoming yet I think ppl forget there are places like new York where the welcome-ness only goes so far. Like new Yorkers can be nice, laugh and joke around but many live quick/active lives and most likely feel a certain way if u get too close or hold them back for too long.
Gigi 7 kun oldin
I want the girl in the pink jacket to calm down
Gigi 7 kun oldin
Asian people Americans aren’t just white
Joshua Chew
Joshua Chew 7 kun oldin
Idk why, but to me Claire's accent sounds really Japanese somehow....XD
mArco pOlo
mArco pOlo 7 kun oldin
k entertainment made asians more popular cuz y’all koreaboos try to become friends with them
kevin jang
kevin jang 7 kun oldin
I’m Korean and moved to Korea and was afraid to speck Korean since my pronunciation was bad and scared of being judged any advice to break this habit
Бессонница Обыкновенная
WHY ALL OF THEM ARE SO GORGEOUS I'M DYING they've stolen my heart
WAN RUSYAIDI 8 kun oldin
ryunjin in 10 years
Candice dearm
Candice dearm 8 kun oldin
pink girl is soooooo cool
BryanYJ Actub
BryanYJ Actub 9 kun oldin
Wait is that the girl who scammed the scammer ?.
한가한 초원 chowon
무슨내용인지 너무궁금한데..한마디도 알아들을수가없어ㅠㅠ
Anja 9 kun oldin
Why is that lady in pink offended they called her American? If someone in America called her Korean she would react the same way and call them racist?. Why do people feel the need to be offended by everything.
grace faith
grace faith 9 kun oldin
I would love to know all them personally! They are SUPER Cool!
Caca Son
Caca Son 9 kun oldin
Sorry to the ladies but I just wonder which one looks pretties as per your nationality. I'm a typical Korean man and to my eyes, the lady in black is my favorite and I guess most of Korean guys would have same idea.
Nay Min Khant
Nay Min Khant 9 kun oldin
The US doesnt even qualify for the world cup 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
Amy Tan
Amy Tan 9 kun oldin
the blonde girl said some really insightful things
Lady Anna
Lady Anna 10 kun oldin
"I love (speaks a foreign language)" I feel sorry for laughing
Niesa Trienca
Niesa Trienca 10 kun oldin
Idk but I really like that blonde girl. the way she talk is so honest!
XxxX XxxX
XxxX XxxX 10 kun oldin
Bmo Bro
Bmo Bro 10 kun oldin
Girl on the left is so cute
huyked 10 kun oldin
I like her accent coming out. I never knew that. :D
Charlie C
Charlie C 10 kun oldin
0:10 lol this me as a Korean girl too. Awwww helll nawwwwwww
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 10 kun oldin
Korean women are awesome
Kookie Dough
Kookie Dough 11 kun oldin
I wish I was Korean 😐😒😞
//SuperAsh4U// 3 kun oldin
:/ really. Please just be yourself. Don't wish you're another erhnicity that's so wrong and sad. Love yourself.
Maria Muhebzada
Maria Muhebzada 10 kun oldin
Kookie Dough recently as a south asian, i found out i was 0. something korean SHOCKEr but thats nothing 😑
Maria Muhebzada
Maria Muhebzada 10 kun oldin
Kookie Dough recently as a south asian, i found out i was 0. something korean SHOCKEr but thats nothing 😑
Bella Kim
Bella Kim 11 kun oldin
OMG can't relate more when they said "we were always cool" before Kpop or Kdrama got famous. I appreciate so many people are into Kpop and Kdrama as Korean, but it just sucks when people stereotype koreans based on what they see from Kpop/Kdrama, and view us solely based on the culture most Koreans share with. I'm personally not that into Kpop or Kdrama yet a lot of people ask about it and try to bond with me through Kpop/Kdrama and I'm like dude idk what you're talking about.
nyan cat
nyan cat 11 kun oldin
Whp else is here just for Kirstin?
Täylor Lindman
Täylor Lindman 11 kun oldin
Asian Bitches tweak
Wombat Happiness Girl
The girl in the Pink jacket has more of an American accent than the others. They all sound lovely. Great video.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
I Want Eat.
I Want Eat. 11 kun oldin
YB Chang is so relatable
Jokes&Wisdom 12 kun oldin
the girl in the pink is like the girl version of me. You can tell how much fun she is having, how quirky she is, and how she embraces every aspect of her identity.
Much Love
Much Love 12 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the Kirstin(one in pink) look really similar to Jennie from blackpink?
potato Girl
potato Girl 13 kun oldin
Its so nice to see some videos with american born asians!
Emma O'Hara
Emma O'Hara 13 kun oldin
Kirstin and YB are so beautiful
A 13 kun oldin
why is the us called america lmao, america is the whole continent not just one country
Idk. Dude.
Idk. Dude. 14 kun oldin
They’re all body goals 😭
Jordan china
Jordan china 15 kun oldin
My friend is from Mexico and she speak more English and whatever when I got her mad She would cuss me out in Spanish and I would know because her voice would change and her face looks mean then me and my other friend Would say are you cussing us out 🤔
Youngoong Shin
Youngoong Shin 15 kun oldin
Korean human is like 1920s Vaudeville humor, it's super obvious no subtlety to, just dude dressing in up in skirts (or blackface, at least in the recent past) and slapping each other or fat people eating a lot. They don't ever pick up on sarcasm. I guess it's cool that everyone in the fam can sit down at laugh the same stuff, but it's not exactly clever, subtle comedy.
푿푿톺톺 15 kun oldin
한국어 자막 달고 싶은데 어떻게 할수있을까요? 영상 너무 재미있게 봤습니다!
You May not Know Who
Wow, this is first BuzzFeed video I have seen with way more likes than dislike!
uddhdhx xixixk
uddhdhx xixixk 15 kun oldin
they all had black boyfriend
Ben 5 kun oldin
Never! They hate Black 😉
Shaina Denise
Shaina Denise 16 kun oldin
The girl with the pink jacket looks a little like Nayeonnn
Corpse 17 kun oldin
But the question is why are they so pretty
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Kun oldin
+Sung Shin says nerd.
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 7 kun oldin
Sung Shin Nah, they’re pretty naturally
Sung Shin
Sung Shin 8 kun oldin
Because of make up. But their faces aren’t that pretty
Corpse 17 kun oldin
And the makeup
Corpse 17 kun oldin
And fashionable
전민경Jasmine Jhun •
I’ve noticed a lot of people in the comment section talk about how pretty Koreans are. I’m Korean. But I ain’t pretty, trust me.
Dane Lee
Dane Lee 17 kun oldin
I really wonder how did u develop your English skill?
you got no jams
you got no jams 17 kun oldin
Can the girl in the pink be my friend
A genuine rowdy girl
I’ve never heard of F.O.B and whitewashed
uwubun 17 kun oldin
i want to befriend the girl in the pink jacket!!
뚜루뚯 17 kun oldin
한국에 이쁜애들만보면 다 성형이라고 하노 ㅉ 열등감 오진다
Gloria 17 kun oldin
They are all so pretty omdz💕
Lord Brain
Lord Brain 17 kun oldin
the Georgia girl is the most prettiest that's why the other girls are being mean
bread 17 kun oldin
the girl in jean jacket looks like hobis sister
Un known
Un known 17 kun oldin
I longed living in USA just to be able to blurt out flawless English like them. I hate English but whenever I hear English like their accent I fall in love. It's so classy. Interestingly, I understand their English more than Americans. Their diction and pronunciation is very clear.
Nahlahlie K
Nahlahlie K 17 kun oldin
Wow, I always love seeing videos featuring Asian American/Pacific Islanders especially with APAHM. Have you guys ever thought about looking into Southern East Asian heritage a little more too? A big community that goes hugely unknown is the Hmong community and it would be so cool to see something fresh and relatable to us (I'm Hmong too!).
michael bern
michael bern 18 kun oldin
The girl on the far left tries too hard to stand out.
michael bern
michael bern 18 kun oldin
Nothing more disappointing than to see a blonde haired woman, and she turns out to be asian
Raihana Abdirahman
Raihana Abdirahman 18 kun oldin
Blackpink & BTS
Blackpink & BTS 18 kun oldin
Kiirstin is sooooo funny and sooo pretty and look so young but she have a child already and I really like her sense of humor
Alexa10110 18 kun oldin
Personally, the asian girls in my school just seem unapproachable.
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