Korean Women Talk About Growing Up In The US

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Be fearless!
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Terence Yoon
Kirstin Lee
Nicole Yoone
Claire Lee
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15-May, 2018

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Andrea De León
Andrea De León 2 soat oldin
What’s that age thing about. One year older in Korean? How does that work? Or why? 🧐
Obake Tora
Obake Tora 6 soat oldin
Korean women are the best. Especially their accent. Am I the only one who gets turned on by listening to Korean women talk? Evertime Yujin would talk on the phone I had to molest her. On one slow night she asked what could she do to get me going, I handed her the phone and told her to call back that tele--marketer who called every wednesday trying to sell us landscaping services. We lived in an apartment at the time. Korean women, I love you so much.....
Tshering Palden
Tshering Palden 11 soat oldin
aww, they make me miss home...:(
cloudyyo 14 soat oldin
This is why Buzzfeed is losing its credibility with me. They still label people of color based on their ancestry. There’s a difference between Korean Americans and Koreans. Buzzfeed is just stereotyping people, yet trying to virtue signal at the same time.
Danielle Banks
Danielle Banks 17 soat oldin
BuzzFeed I would like to be all of there friends just let them know
Linda Tinah TV
Linda Tinah TV 19 soat oldin
Anyone who lives in a different country from their home country with totally understand this.
les doux
les doux 20 soat oldin
Meg Fluffy
Meg Fluffy Kun oldin
really informative, thanks for making and sharing this
Bang Yongguk's Smile & Laugh
I have never heard of FOB and I'm American lol
Erin H BTS for life
william jackson
william jackson Kun oldin
Did they pick gorgeous Korean on purpose or are 4 out of 4 Korean women just this gorgeous? Someone please let me know cause I may be living in the wrong country
Suman Murali
Suman Murali 2 kun oldin
Can there be like Indian women growing up in United States
Lydia Jade
Lydia Jade 2 kun oldin
Lil Tay vibes
Huanrui Zhang
Huanrui Zhang 3 kun oldin
No matter where you live or born, Korean reality show is always appealing to you 😁
Because of BTS
Because of BTS 3 kun oldin
“you have an accent” *”NO YOU HAVE AN ACCENT”*
The Murasakino
The Murasakino 3 kun oldin
I still get a cultural shock when I go back to Korea 😂
Seok Corentin
Seok Corentin 3 kun oldin
싫어요가 거의 한 끼 햄버거 6개 먹는 격이네요 ㄷㄷ
Lejindary Sugakookie
Can I be friends with the pink jacket girl.
Ninjin Aka Carrot
Ninjin Aka Carrot 3 kun oldin
I like the girl in pink jacket
Taekook Ship
Taekook Ship 3 kun oldin
Omg I love em 😍🤪
david581s04 3 kun oldin
Always curious about the experience of Korean women vs Korean men growing up in the west. I suspect there are some fundamental differences.
Jacob Jacob
Jacob Jacob 4 kun oldin
왼쪽 분 약간 나연이 닮음
Slowgi Pasta
Slowgi Pasta 4 kun oldin
damn sis in the pink jacket I'm flew hey mami
reicirith 4 kun oldin
HA! It's the same thing for all Asians... swearing in Asian is a lot worse than swearing in English.
taelicious 4 kun oldin
pretty girl in the pink jacket kinda looks like mulan
cutie pie
cutie pie 4 kun oldin
At last its confirmed Koreans love Korea more than anything else😊
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim 5 kun oldin
The intro was soooooooo true. And also the teasing part, I was talking to someone and they said to me " Your Chinese right?" I POLITELY responded "No... I'm actually Korean 😃" And what this guy said TRIGGERED ME SO MUCH He said Ugh. Same thing
Owen Yang
Owen Yang 5 kun oldin
Why they are so petty!!!OMG
Yolanda Ni
Yolanda Ni 5 kun oldin
Honestly, I really loved this video! I’d really enjoy it if there was one with Chinese wo/men.
Hwajeong Jeong
Hwajeong Jeong 5 kun oldin
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 싫어요 보소 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Suga's Gummy smile
Suga's Gummy smile 6 kun oldin
the one wearing pink denim jacket was she the one who prank call the scammer?
R C 6 kun oldin
I’m sorry but I wouldn’t categorize Claire as Korean-American. I’m surprised she considers herself to be one esp among the other women. She clearly still has a korean accent. She’s technically just a Korean that moved to the US 8 yrs ago. I’m an American and I’ve been living in Germany for the past 7 years. I don’t go around considering myself to be a German-American, especially not next to actual German-born immigrants.
randomly28 6 kun oldin
Don't become too Americanized.
June Logigian
June Logigian 6 kun oldin
All of a sudden we’re cool but we were always cool! But we were always cool* Never have I related to a statement more Jk everything the girl in the pink said
南. 6 kun oldin
미국인이 한국와서 의료보험 혜택 받고간걸 자랑스럽게 얘기하네 ㅈ같다ㅋㅋㅋ
McKenna Skyla
McKenna Skyla 7 kun oldin
I was born in Louisiana too
Logan Wolverine
Logan Wolverine 8 kun oldin
amazing how southern accent even makes Asian women unattractive, yikes
Chien-ning Huang
Chien-ning Huang 8 kun oldin
Kristin Lee's southern accent... awesome~~
Vkookie 8 kun oldin
Kristin was in the bacon love parody by amber liu
TheBongReyes 8 kun oldin
Luckily, for me, in San Francisco having a lot of Asian friends I never got called a fob. Especially, the fact that my high school was 60% Asian students.
dusiy ivanova
dusiy ivanova 8 kun oldin
Девчонки, какие вы красивые, ухоженные, модные! На вас приятно смотреть!
vincentnnyc 8 kun oldin
these bitches are hot.
xrey2000 8 kun oldin
America in the World Cup!! 😂 😂
Sophia Az
Sophia Az 8 kun oldin
ikr America's soccer team sucks
_alexation _
_alexation _ 8 kun oldin
I thought Koreans and Chinese and ever other Asians where Japanese .... I was a mess
시건방진 쌍년들,,, 어디 시건방지게 꼬부랑말 짖걸이구잇네,, 혓바닥을 잘라벌라....
Aang Yang
Aang Yang 9 kun oldin
xomy. gotjams
xomy. gotjams 9 kun oldin
The should do one for Mexican or a Latina one
iss Amanita
iss Amanita 9 kun oldin
The intro was a mood
ikonic24uFanboy lol
Low key shook I live in harris county oof it really is half black half white. I think I know maybe one asian person
Arman_Tanzarian 9 kun oldin
I'd smash all 4
Alissala Sooksawat hu16 GD
My mom is Thai so I guess I’m Thai to but I have never experienced the Thai culture
Boba TaeTae
Boba TaeTae 9 kun oldin
I'm dying cause of Kiirsten lmao
Sungyong Cho
Sungyong Cho 9 kun oldin
루이지애나 미친...
Pham Cuong
Pham Cuong 9 kun oldin
They had to root for Korea. The US wasn’t even in the 2018 World Cup.
Marko_M 10 kun oldin
Half of the comments are talking about Kristin Lee (the girl in the pink sweatshirt) ahahah
Happy3ver 10 kun oldin
Jisselly Diaz
Jisselly Diaz 10 kun oldin
Can you do African immigrants, European immigrants, other Asian countries, and Latinos. It would be super interesting 🙌🏽
Robert Downs
Robert Downs 10 kun oldin
Kristin Lee (in pink) is getting the compliments. I'm not Korean, but practically albino btw) She's in pink, her nose is smaller. Her profile is like Pocahontis. She looks younger than the rest.
Chunky Kitty
Chunky Kitty 10 kun oldin
Faithyy 10 kun oldin
Korean shows are 10x funnier than American shows because alot of the American shows are the same and make the same jokes
Felicity Bond
Felicity Bond 10 kun oldin
They are so pretty!
rachel shin
rachel shin 10 kun oldin
I was born in America but my parents are Korean. I related so hard to every single thing they said haha
meeuh 10 kun oldin
TaeNy35v 10 kun oldin
Kristin.. 😍😍😍 3 yrs elder than me but age is just a number..😍😍
TheSpeflo 10 kun oldin
아니 뭔 다들 모델이야 미국에서 자란 한국여자들 다 저렇게 에쁨????
Zendaya is my wife
Zendaya is my wife 10 kun oldin
They are so pretty! Kirstin is just stunning and her accent is the cutest
happy20120808 10 kun oldin
Kirstin Lee is so cute!
Youngjin Lee
Youngjin Lee 10 kun oldin
Wow pink jacket looking good
Sally Seashores
Sally Seashores 11 kun oldin
I relate to Kristen so much ‘NO YOU HAVE AN ACCENT’ lol
Mariana Nunes
Mariana Nunes 11 kun oldin
Can someone explain to me the age thing that Nicole said? About being one year younger in the USA, i did not make sense for me.
MilkTea Frappe
MilkTea Frappe 11 kun oldin
Kirsten is sooooo beautiful
uropy 11 kun oldin
No offense but girls raised in current America have horrible accent. Aka they sounds like bitches. Learn to speak and behavior in a classy and feminine way. I live in Japan and it's no wonder that American educated Japanese girls are frown upon and ignored here. They are no match to domestic girls here who speak zero English.
ChimChim Kim
ChimChim Kim 11 kun oldin
I can relate so much- except I moved to the US when I was 7.
bruce Hur
bruce Hur 11 kun oldin
lots of korean women growing up in the US becomes bitches! once they become white washed they are whores! blonde one is white washed for sure....
No Name
No Name 11 kun oldin
I am an Asian Muslim and I am often confused with a Chinese, a Korean, Japanese. It's upsetting to me. 😭😭 They constantly laugh at me at school. They told to me racist jokes. Being Asian is so difficult. Asia is not only China, Korea, Japan...
光光大熊 11 kun oldin
They all look so similar. How they speak, how they move their hands etc.
hihello6 11 kun oldin
Girl In pink jacket annoying asf.
nellu sõpradega
nellu sõpradega 11 kun oldin
Idk why but for some reason i LOOOOVVVEEE koreans. They just seem so awsome and cool. It would be like sooo nice to have a Korean friend who speaks different languages. And can comunikate with me. Id also love to learn korean from her/him. Id like sook awsome. LOVE U ALL
Lei's Lifestyle
Lei's Lifestyle 11 kun oldin
Korean people may get noticed by their pop culture. But we Chinese usually get wondered by whether we eat dog meat or not. peace out I don't eat them.
Cindy L
Cindy L 11 kun oldin
The girl with the blue jean jacket looks like the girl from Kim’s convenience store show.
Nutella is my life
Nutella is my life 11 kun oldin
They are so beautiful 😍
신우재 11 kun oldin
Thet are not Korean just American
Yanniek H
Yanniek H 11 kun oldin
신우재 korean-american
worship the comedy god seo eunkwang or else
and looking korean while having white parents is the most confusing because if your family doesnt relate to the backhanded comments by people about being TOO this or TOO that then you become forced to hate yourself and suppress the obvious truths that you arent just american, you were born in korea and your face is asian. but no. we dont get that representation because we will never count as "real" Koreans. even if we're sick of white folks pulling their eyes back and asking us if we eat dog and touching our hair without permission.
Nayu K
Nayu K 12 kun oldin
I love Kirstin's personality
a simple no one
a simple no one 12 kun oldin
I have friends of all races Indian,Asian,Hispanic it’s cool
Teakook Xoxo
Teakook Xoxo 12 kun oldin
I’m not gonna look down on yo people because everyone a person I’m a person and do people even though they are from a different country deserve to be looked down on??? Johnny: no never Me:DING DING DING we have a winner P.s. can I be one of you??? I really want to you guys real cool as cool as cool can get ya’know?
ricphire 12 kun oldin
YB looks like the kinda girl with a white boyfriend
666666 666666
666666 666666 12 kun oldin
Korean thots
from Korea Spurs
from Korea Spurs 12 kun oldin
I am Korean, and it seems really weird(not a bad meaning) they Korean speak in totally perfect English!
Mochi Jimin & Anime TaeTae
sweetangiegirl1 12 kun oldin
I would have liked for this to be longer. Very interesting and I have so many questions!!
Rupesh Rajbhar
Rupesh Rajbhar 12 kun oldin
How to request Coke or Cola in Korean uzvid.com/video/video-R1CDgyPCeKE.html
수정잉 12 kun oldin
Duog. 05
Duog. 05 13 kun oldin
Do u know their youtube :>
DOSEofHANNA 13 kun oldin
The girl on the left is one: amazing two: looks like Mulan
jinmin jinmin
jinmin jinmin 13 kun oldin
Who else is from Louisiana?😁
nyan lin soe12345
nyan lin soe12345 13 kun oldin
No wonder the black one still sounds like asian
Jimmy Freeman
Jimmy Freeman 13 kun oldin
I swear, Asian women are so damn attractive!!!! They are lady-like and effeminate. They embrace their womaness!
Steven pie Theories
Could u not fetishise them
george mikal
george mikal 14 kun oldin
This vid is great if you have yellow fever
Career Vs. Love
11 oy oldin