Korean Women Talk About Growing Up In The US

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Be fearless!
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Terence Yoon
Kirstin Lee
Nicole Yoone
Claire Lee
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15-May, 2018

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Myron Smith
Myron Smith 17 soat oldin
90 percent of the comments are about a pink jacket .Humans are so trivial
ClaireBear479 18 soat oldin
Am I actually the only one ashamed to be white…
Chun Wei Tan
Chun Wei Tan 21 soat oldin
Anyone know Kristen youtube channel , Instagram or Facebook? Please...I need it badly
I still loved the korean culture and the place before everyone went crazy over bts and stuff. I am a kpop fan but I’m not addicted to korea bc of it :/
Veggie Stock
Veggie Stock Kun oldin
Why are Americans so racist first it what the African Americans than the Koreans i dont live in America so i dont know any other races they are racist to
Charm Del Carmen
Love you Kirstin!!
SS Studios
SS Studios Kun oldin
i love the girl in the pink jacket “WE WERE ALWAYS COOL”😂💕who else is korean american💁🏻‍♀️
army bts
army bts 2 kun oldin
lol im Chinese and i move to America since i was 12
Luis Sang
Luis Sang 2 kun oldin
Pink jacket great personality
Luis Sang
Luis Sang 2 kun oldin
They are all hot
Maja Cvijanovic
Maja Cvijanovic 2 kun oldin
I love kiirstin
Noe Gongora
Noe Gongora 2 kun oldin
kirstin omg!!! luv u
Nesah Vine
Nesah Vine 2 kun oldin
Omg they exposed me when i talk to asian abt kpop fk😩😂 but i love yous ❤️
Abby Ho
Abby Ho 3 kun oldin
TormentorChick17 4 kun oldin
I would go to this one college in high school, to visit, and I would see, in the cafeteria, that all the asians sat at one table, blacks at another, white at another, Indian's at another, etc. I would be so annoyed because I was wondering why they would go to a very diverse school if they aren't going to socialize with other races. I like how one of the women in the video touched on that and said something like "I didn't want to lose my culture or having Korean friends." So I guess that it wasn't because they didn't like other races, they just didn't want to lose a part of themselves? That cleared the air for me.
Zoey Kaileigh Geerman
*why am I not born in Korea?*
Zoey Kaileigh Geerman
Pain Foolery
Pain Foolery 5 kun oldin
Kirstin lee is friends with amber liu and been in her videos
Honolulu101 5 kun oldin
can I join for Korean Women born in US and goes to Korea for the first time :D I qualify
Izzyzle 6 kun oldin
"they all look so young and beautiful" the most popular stereotypes about koreans, turns out it's the truth
labatni 6 kun oldin
wow when she said "I was born in Louisiana" i was long omg i live in Louisiana but i wasnt born here lol but we reside in different parishes
《Ardina Velasco 》
me and my friend always talk about how koreans are very beautiful and stuff.. same with the culture. I find the culture beautiful but also sad sometimes lol
Angela Hsu
Angela Hsu 8 kun oldin
*off topic* I LOVE that pink denim jacket
438811 .H
438811 .H 8 kun oldin
A bunch of beautiful woc, YAS BITCHES COME THROUGH 😭😍
Minx Manila
Minx Manila 8 kun oldin
Why r they all attractive? Lol
Genka Mended
Genka Mended 9 kun oldin
You all Beutiful love you all 😍😍
Imma Yuna
Imma Yuna 9 kun oldin
I was I. Korean on April 1, 2018
lang zhong
lang zhong 9 kun oldin
why all four girls so pretty?
Once you Jimin you never Jimout 1995
Yay my fellow korean sisters. I still live in Korea but I visit the US a lot.
the sand of time
the sand of time 9 kun oldin
Most of east Asians is American slaves and they are really proud on being American citizens wtf wrong with them ? If you ask them are you Asian ? Then they are really tell you I'm American not Asian wtf wrong with.east Asian 😂😂😂😂
Kitt Pham
Kitt Pham 9 kun oldin
I respect everyone. I used to live in America. Now, I reside in Australia. My parents is from Vietnam. There're several time in the past, Korean people told me that they are better then me. They told me, Vietnamese people have to leave their native land because we were poor. Korean leave their country because can. They are rich. Therefore, Korean looks down on the Vietnamese people. Can we all get along?
Yoongi Being Tired at Puma Photoshoots
I live in Florida....im 15 and I have to say...I DEEPLY apologize for some of our people. People here are rude....BUT not everyone...(no mean to offend) im going to Korea...im 6.5 out of 10 percent fluent...learning Korean is actually easy tbh and I rlly think that Korea is a rlly respectful place. But yh there are nice people out there. Oh and one question ANY ARMYS?????😂😂
Cassandra Carmona
Cassandra Carmona 10 kun oldin
They should do more of these ! I like how all of their accents pop up from time to time lovely personalities all different 😉
Yas Hamdi
Yas Hamdi 10 kun oldin
East asia chop stick users.
Debora Chung
Debora Chung 10 kun oldin
I can relate with YB Chang about having an elementary level korean and not being able to speak the language with my age-mates
user pop
user pop 10 kun oldin
Kookiez and Tae
Kookiez and Tae 10 kun oldin
being called a fob hm, never been called one? but i'm asian, and have a lot of asian friends so uh, idk.
hey it’s kiora
hey it’s kiora 10 kun oldin
Nicole looks like j-hopes sister
Danielle Apple
Danielle Apple 10 kun oldin
I freaking LOVE Korean Dramas. I've been watching them for about 10 years now. I agree that they are SO FUNNY. This is a great Video. Korea is country I've wanted to visit for so long.
게비스콘 11 kun oldin
one of them doesn't even grow up in US lol
xARMYxJx 11 kun oldin
fressfisch 11 kun oldin
yes, yes, yes, aaaaand... yes
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua 11 kun oldin
I came to American after high school as well, it is hard to social whitely for me.... hope I came here earlier.
Ivana Yang
Ivana Yang 11 kun oldin
The most relatable video for me! Basically said everything I felt
winter 23
winter 23 12 kun oldin
There all so beautiful🤩.
Two Ladies
Two Ladies 12 kun oldin
wats ther ig
Пүрэвсэнгэ Сүрэнжав
YB has a great personality for sure 💕💕❤️
nshaboo101 12 kun oldin
I am stationed in Korea now and I understand what they mean when it comes to the summer heat here lol.
Kayelyn Shi
Kayelyn Shi 13 kun oldin
Omg u lived in Portland or. U should come to Portland and visit
Lizzie Kim
Lizzie Kim 13 kun oldin
When I was trying to learn korean for the first time my brother called me a fob... like wtf I’m legit a korean American wanting to learn more about her background and how to read and write and he called me a fob for that 🙃 and then my friend called me “banana” (white washed) just because I couldn’t speak korean with proper grammer -_- ...
weave whisperer Williams
I want the girl with pink jacket to be my friend.
Taqifsha Nanen
Taqifsha Nanen 13 kun oldin
tamam kahbas really charmutas yeahh
Stan Yiu
Stan Yiu 13 kun oldin
Kirstin Lee looks alot like Jennie from BLACKPINK.
Kathy Lee
Kathy Lee 13 kun oldin
Claire and Kirsten are so gorgeous!!
Let's get it
Let's get it 14 kun oldin
I am 22years old Korean and had been living in Korea for 19 years and currently living in the uk for 3 years. I dont know why but I can perfectly understand English spoken by asians whereas it is really hard to catch what britishes are saying. Is it because of slangs or something? I perfectly understand these koreans's Enlgish in this video but strangely I find it hard to understand when English people'sEnlgish. Anyone knows why??????
Hobi Hope
Hobi Hope 14 kun oldin
THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! I'm not Korean I'm English from England now in America. But Korean tv is way better!!
H!Q 14 kun oldin
I love how everyone was shookt once they find out Kirsten is married with child 😂😂 all y'all was finna throw hands to wife her hehe It still honestly gives me depression.
Belle Lauricella
Belle Lauricella 14 kun oldin
Kristin lee me too lol louisiana girls
LittleLulubee 15 kun oldin
The girl on the left is so cute 😊
A O 15 kun oldin
Are all these girls natural since Korean women are highly known for plastic surgery
A Google User
A Google User 16 kun oldin
I like the girl in black with the short hair.
Catalina Serrano
Catalina Serrano 16 kun oldin
I didn’t get the age thing. Do Koreans count their age since womb? Could someone explain it to me, please?
Heather Mayhew
Heather Mayhew 16 kun oldin
These women are gorgeous
Joseph Tom
Joseph Tom 16 kun oldin
I'm crying about the cursing so me
Kookies Alien Mochi
Kookies Alien Mochi 16 kun oldin
Omg they are all beautiful but girl the one in the pink jacket reminds me of Jennie from blackpink like wow❤❤❤😍😍😍
alex y
alex y 17 kun oldin
not trying to be rude but buzzfeed, why does every asian related video you do have to be korean related? what about vietnamese people? japanese? filipinos? like damn i know y’all want the koreaboos views but there are other asians that exist smh.
Kim Suzy 김수지
Kim Suzy 김수지 17 kun oldin
I was born and raised in New Jersey, but I recently moved to Korea with my family. When I was going to school in New Jersey other students used to make racist Chinese jokes about me😩😩I was mad and offended at the fact that they thought I was Chinese~~LIKE NOOO I'M HALF KOREAN AND AFRICAN FOR FREAK SAKE(not that I don't like Chinese people)! I was just mad at the fact that they think only Chinese are Asians! Also I was mad because they were being racist
Holly Lee
Holly Lee 17 kun oldin
Like Claire said, when I hung out with people of different races they would be like asking me if I knew bts or they would tell me I looked like a member from bts. I like how people from other places other then where I come appreciate my culture, but even my best friend asked me if Jungkook was my brother. It hurts when you know someone is only talking to you because they want to know if you are a kpop star.
äesthetic chim
äesthetic chim 17 kun oldin
Omg I lived in Busan till I was 7, and moved to San Francisco and go back every once in a while to visit family+friends 😂
Zed Xahu
Zed Xahu 17 kun oldin
the pink jacket girl is so fonny 😂🧡
G_CHIM_CHIM - 17 kun oldin
My classmates started making fun of me because I talked about how my grandmother was from Japan. And they say stuff like ‘Watch out Gracie May eat your dog!’ Or ‘your dogs missing go ask Gracie’ or ‘Gracie how can you see when you smile or laugh’ or they say my eyes are too small or that I have Chinese eyes. Like I know in some Asian cultures they do eat dog and that’s okay because that’s their culture, but just because someone is Asian doesn’t mean that they eat dog. And that Asia is more than just China there are many countries over in East Asia. And I don’t get them making fun of me when I look more white than Asian??
Jamecia  Chandler
Jamecia Chandler 17 kun oldin
My favorite kdrama is age of youth
Mister Doom's
Mister Doom's 17 kun oldin
Girl in pink jacket is so American!
swag yourself
swag yourself 18 kun oldin
im not korean and english is not my first language but talking about how the american tv shows weren't funny to them lol saaame sometimes i dont get so many jokes and don't find it funny haha i guess its just different because of the culture like in my culture the way we joke is by mocking but we still laugh about it lol no one gets offended lol
I AM AWESOME 18 kun oldin
Im CHINESEEEEEEEEEE soooo yea Ok now this is awkward
Golden Surfer
Golden Surfer 18 kun oldin
I like Korean American girls and I'm Korean American.
Chrissy Villafuerte
Chrissy Villafuerte 18 kun oldin
I wanna hear the pink jacket talk more. She sounds like Dixie
Kailis Weekly
Kailis Weekly 19 kun oldin
Fox 19 kun oldin
Oh my god is Kristin! I recognize her from Amber Liu's videos!
joe robinson
joe robinson 19 kun oldin
Jensoo 20 kun oldin
Omg kirstin
Jeddie Cabasag
Jeddie Cabasag 20 kun oldin
Is kirstin that lady that was trolling that scammer
No Name
No Name 20 kun oldin
Koreans, Japanese, and Hmong need to stick together. Don't think it can't happen. Someone reading this will get the idea.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 20 kun oldin
I’m korean And In summer it’s Hot As hell and in the winter it’s cold af 😂
Sophia Melendez
Sophia Melendez 20 kun oldin
I love this
Kamp Gumeson
Kamp Gumeson 20 kun oldin
"your accent's coming out" one of the best start I'd seen
Yσσɳɾαҽ 21 kun oldin
Kristin is meeeee
Jennie Jimin
Jennie Jimin 21 kun oldin
I can’t believe Kristen lived in ewa beach I live there
stodanko 21 kun oldin
All four of these women are beautiful
Jue Min
Jue Min 21 kun oldin
I love that jazz BGM!!!
BROOKIEY B 22 kun oldin
Pink jacket is low key wild af
stan NCity
stan NCity 22 kun oldin
the girl in pink is literally the female version of Day6 Jae, i think i'm gay for her
Starlise Jun.from.17
Omg this is funny 😂
SI TI 22 kun oldin
I knew the pink jacket girl . She the one tricked scammer . Is she youtuber ? Shes so funny ,😂🤣
Rodney James
Rodney James 23 kun oldin
I usually don't have contact with Koreans much dispite working in Koreatown, they usually view me as an African American but I'm Latin American and dress neatly. I noticed the older Koreans are nice to me and I greet them formerly and in Korean. The Koreans in Irvine are much friendlier, one even propositioned me, but I turned her down.
Daemin Bolton
Daemin Bolton 23 kun oldin
I'm a fake Korean teehee just saying 😂
alicia 24 kun oldin
must feel good being interviewed only because you are korean and you grew up in the us
Nurah Abrahams
Nurah Abrahams 24 kun oldin
The women with the pink is just everything😂❤️
Diesel Boats
Diesel Boats 24 kun oldin
Sad to hear about 'White-washed' vs. 'FOB'. Two extremes and attempting to live in the middle... of haters. Well, you all roll great. Appreciate you sharing.
Annie Akther
Annie Akther 25 kun oldin
You guys should do a full of different Asian women one not just Korean but I like the video