Koreans Get Double Eyelids For A Week

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"No one should go to work late because they were putting on an extra set of eyelids."
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Double Eyelied Maker by Shemoa - amzn.to/2xJQPvW
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1-Okt, 2017

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Soha Shaik
Soha Shaik 4 kun oldin
I want monolids
Pukes 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one with triple eye lids???...
ItsCrazyLaffle 10 kun oldin
Wait does this mean I have small double eyelids???????? 😳 Watch them disappear too thin air one day lol
Kevin Cordoviz
Kevin Cordoviz 16 kun oldin
Your eyes already look fine. I'll never understand why many Asians would want to have a crease.
KateDraws 19 kun oldin
i am born with double eyelids! but i dont think it’s all that... my only problem with it, is to apply gel eyeliner.
Kim ShooKinju
Kim ShooKinju 22 kun oldin
I'm a half Chinese but even though you may think that I'm happy with my double lid I'm actually not cause I'm always jealous of other half Chinese snakes being lucky and having those monolids skdkfmfmmvmv
Lusei Mizo
Lusei Mizo 24 kun oldin
Even though i am a Mongoloid race, i have a double eyelid and i feel lucky. 😍😍
Timothy F
Timothy F Oy oldin
So hot
Blackpink & BTS
0:29 we have the same name!!!!
Blackpink & BTS
0:29 we have the same name!!!!
Fluffyheartue Multi
My eyes are awkwardly different my another one is like monolid but my another one is double eyelid like WHAT WHY
Alejandro Lopez
❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘Meeeee looking at Annie 3:34❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin Oy oldin
Monolids are absolutely beautiful. I have do have double eyelids, however mine are inner. So when I get tired and sick they pop up, but usually you can only see my right one
changkyunie waifu
bruh im here wanting monolids😔🤠🤠
Rain drops
Rain drops Oy oldin
What, I thought mono lids were beautiful because I have double eyelids, nvm.
xuminghao_o Oy oldin
I had a monolid and a double eyelid, now I have both double eyelids
CrystalxMoon Oy oldin
I have double eyelids and thought that asian prefer mono Kids until I found ulzzang girls
Millie Yang
Millie Yang Oy oldin
Am I the weird one here because I have 1 double eyelid on the right side of my eye, and my left eye doesn't have no double eyelid
xxx Taehyungie
I have 3 eyelids -u-
Jung - sHoOk
Jung - sHoOk Oy oldin
1:06 when she poked her eye I got anxiety
johnson Andy
johnson Andy Oy oldin
Im half Chinese but I have double eyelid And I've always wanted a monolid and get jealous of half Chinese kids in my Area having monolid .
Pinky Wang Yiren
Goid thing I was born with double eyelids LOL
Alexander Johnathan Smith
Loving my double eyelids.
Toot Kie
Toot Kie 2 oy oldin
Imma keep my double eyelids now c:
Pazxnorous 2 oy oldin
I was born with double eyelids. Thank you my Buddha!
萧奈亚 2 oy oldin
Monolid or double lid? Please just proud that we have eyes that can see well 😅
xXxChubbyPandaz 2 oy oldin
I'm Vietnamese and I got de double eyelid, anyone else? (That have double eyelids?)
Elizabeth D
Elizabeth D 2 oy oldin
I'm Asian and I had no idea mono lids existed
Bubbly Starters
Bubbly Starters 2 oy oldin
Double eye lids are normal in my country. My whole family (and we are huge) have it. We don't really get what's good about it. We just look tired. You guys try to make your eyes look big while we try to make it smaller. Beauty standards are funny. But I guess if it makes you happy.
Jennifers life
Jennifers life 2 oy oldin
I have 1 monolid and 1 double eyelid😫
Jane Sparks
Jane Sparks 2 oy oldin
If Asians notice such small details, I would be the ugliest person to them.
P1nk_ Love
P1nk_ Love 2 oy oldin
I just realized that I have a double eyelid
시간군대 2 oy oldin
I use lid tape always
Strawberry milkshakes for  jaebum
honestly, I like they're normal eyes better. Yall shouldn't change it
Susanja BTS
Susanja BTS 3 oy oldin
Uh i have the same think like tae one double and monolid😭
Melayne C
Melayne C 3 oy oldin
I was born with double eyelids and literally nobody cares so its not a big deal
maps ́n ́ more
maps ́n ́ more 3 oy oldin
I wanna f*cking have asian eyes but i'll never get and that makes me kinda feel unconfrotable
kim bok jew
kim bok jew 3 oy oldin
didn't know "double eyelids" is a thing. and i'm an asian
Harold Hicks
Harold Hicks 3 oy oldin
Dude I could not tell at all
Sri Devu
Sri Devu 3 oy oldin
I feel small eyes are beautiful. first of all love yourself because person who there self will love others.
vataen 95
vataen 95 4 oy oldin
I have double eyelids but I like mono lids..
Rachel Millard
Rachel Millard 4 oy oldin
I have them I thought because I have lack of sleep they came
Roblox gurll Deiparene
I have a double eyelid!!!!
jeoX 4 oy oldin
I'm Korean and I was born with double eye lids lol
Gamer Lycan
Gamer Lycan 4 oy oldin
I am full Asian and I still have a double eyelid from birth.
lene 4 oy oldin
everyone's like "monolids are actually cool! " well yeah but for me...some days i would have a monolid on one eye and double on the other. then i could wake up with both monolids. then i can also have both double eyelids. i really just want permanent double eyelids and im really insecure about my uneven eyelids. someone pls help :"(
Jazmyne Sapp
Jazmyne Sapp 5 oy oldin
Yo. Half Asian here. I too experience double eyelid troubles. Sometimes I wake up and my eyelids don't know if they're mono or double, so I'll feel the fold happen..
Anna Sofea
Anna Sofea 5 oy oldin
its beautiful
LPSWeirdCow13 5 oy oldin
One of my eyes have a double eyelid and the other one doesn't. It's really annoying.
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim 5 oy oldin
I have mono lids
Angie Wang
Angie Wang 5 oy oldin
Elizabeth_ GamesYT
I just realized I have double eye lids lol I’m part Filipino,African American,Irish,etc.
Nate River
Nate River 5 oy oldin
If you don't have double eyelids then your eyelid is like a canvas you can do all kinds of stuff with makeup.
Weng7788 5 oy oldin
I have single eyelids, so I went online searching "Can you form double eyelids later in life". Most people did say you can and most people said that if you lose some weight the double eyelids will form, but the weird thing is that my whole family has double eyelids but I'm the only one who doesn't. So it makes me look nothing alike my parents and my siblings. I have tried folding my eyelid to form a double eyelid or a inner eyelid but it doesn't look good.
Moa Son
Moa Son 5 oy oldin
I'm Korean, I have doubled eyelid and I'm 11, and I once put makeup on my eyes...and ITS SO HARD TO SEE IT
greenpanda 5 oy oldin
Whats weird is that my left eye has a double eyelid and my right doesnt.My mom has double eyelids and my dad doesnt but my sister had them because of my mom.
Sherry Zhuo
Sherry Zhuo 5 oy oldin
does anyone else have one double eyelid and one monolid? That's what i have, and it's so weird when i take pictures of myself it looks different than when i look in the mirror
re hash
re hash 6 oy oldin
Koreans, never change your eyes!
Alexa 6 oy oldin
I must be lucky...in Korean and I have double eyelids😂
Harley And Rufus the best doggy
I wish I had mono lids i hate my creases
Harley And Rufus the best doggy
No they look fresher before
Tacos -
Tacos - 6 oy oldin
I’m East Asian and I have double eyelids for some reason
Jessica Xu
Jessica Xu 6 oy oldin
When I was a baby, I had monolids until I was 8 and then both of my eyes developed double eyelids, but they're really unnoticeable so nobody in my family comments about them lol
Hana&Kate 6 oy oldin
I was born with thick double eyelids
Cheesekake 6 oy oldin
I think monolids are beautiful
Cheesekake 6 oy oldin
I don't understand why you would care so much about double eyelids to get surgery..
Tugaw Tugaw3
Tugaw Tugaw3 6 oy oldin
lol i have both
Ellie Huo
Ellie Huo 6 oy oldin
I covered my eye when she said she cut her the corner of her eye ouch
yvonne newman
yvonne newman 6 oy oldin
Ladies your eyes look perfect without double eyelids. Embrace your beauty.
Kyra 6 oy oldin
Does it really matter though?
Everything Trash
Everything Trash 6 oy oldin
Cool (I'm not Asian) I have a double eyelid!
Thái Hòa Hoàng
I think mono lids are beutiful and unique. I'm from Vietnam and just a few of Vietnamese people have mono lids. I do not understand why many people find double lids are more atractive than mono lids. Sorry for bad Englissh
Kasey Dutton
Kasey Dutton 6 oy oldin
Double eyelids ftw
5 seconds of bangtan's direction
I would've been frustrated if I had to do that for a week😖
Heather Animates
Heather Animates 6 oy oldin
Your natural look is the most important thing (inner beauty) 🙃👍👍
Jillian Maeve Butner
Can all Asian people have mono/double lids? Asking since they specified them being Korean
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer 6 oy oldin
How to get more views: put jen in the thumbnail 👍🏻
Merry Paoline Salvo
Kim Taehyung a monolid and double lid guy.
andyy TM
andyy TM 6 oy oldin
*Whats so good with double eyelids. I have double eyelids but I just don’t see what’s so good about it..*
Aida Luce
Aida Luce 6 oy oldin
I like asian eyes and also brows. The way they look is too cute. 😊
im a korean and I've tried the tape one,it really does look different and it really helps
Sacc 6 oy oldin
Asians culture is really trying to be western.
Elit Gunz
Elit Gunz 6 oy oldin
I didn´t even know this was something. So everyone but asians have double lids?
mar 7 oy oldin
0:28 is she the girl from the cake decorator vs. artist thing?
Potatoes Soon Become Fries
I was born with double eyelids 😂😂
okxy gem
okxy gem 7 oy oldin
anyone else born with double eyelids?
Charlotte Mae
Charlotte Mae 7 oy oldin
I have triple eyelids.... And i don't like it...... I want double not triple. My triple eyelids aren't exactly the same they are different and I hate my triple eyelids I want double eyelids but oh well
Allison Yu
Allison Yu 7 oy oldin
my right eye has a double eyelid but my left eye doesnt....
Regina George
Regina George 7 oy oldin
I'm born with two monolids and i've always been called lazy or mad. My eyelids make me look mad all the time. I have large frame glasses so it makes my eyes appear rounder and less fierce. When I take off my glasses my eyes instantly shrink in size and I'm back to looking mad. My family sometimes suggest that I go under the knife to get the double eyelids but I always refused because I didnt want to take a risk. I tried the double eylid tape and instead of putting them on at work or at school, I think its better to have them on at night or when youre staying home. Usually after you take the tape off, the eyelids remain as they are. Double sided eyelid tape is more recommended for people with lots of fats on their eyes and its more effective for those types of eyelids. My eyelids have more fats than usual monolids and I found that double sided tape is easier and more effective for me.
Kirsten and Caitlyn
I was born with double eye lids
Cool Girl 3000
Cool Girl 3000 7 oy oldin
I’m American I have double eyelids I would love yall eyelids
Jeralyn Osterloh
Jeralyn Osterloh 7 oy oldin
“Put that away we’re eating lunch” 😂😂😂
Marina Cookie
Marina Cookie 7 oy oldin
lol I actually want to have a monolid
Samaira Shah
Samaira Shah 7 oy oldin
but it’s so easy for ppl without double eyelids to do eye makeup
BlackPink Revolution
One side of my is double eyelid and one is not 😪
Armyful Day
Armyful Day 7 oy oldin
I love their eyes honestly the way it is it’s beautiful to me
baepsae .w.
baepsae .w. 7 oy oldin
i luv mai eiyz -Jimin
njpgf 7 oy oldin
Double eyelids are basically foreskin for the eyes. Sorry I'm gross
Kylia Mariana Tainatongo
When you can't relate cuz you have really noticeable double lids
emily. s
emily. s 8 oy oldin
I was born with double eyelids
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