Kyle Kuzma Career-HiGH 41 Pts! 2019.01.09 Lakers vs Pistons - 41 Pts, 16-24 FGM! | FreeDawkins

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January 9, 2019 | Kyle Career-HiGH 41 Pts 2019.01.09 Lakers vs Pistons - 41 Pts, 16-24 FGM! | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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10-Yan, 2019

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Bulbulito Bayagbag
Bulbulito Bayagbag 3 kun oldin
“Mamba on me” -Kkuzma
Milt 3 kun oldin
And who are these iditos that say he's overatted? Ingramts better? etc? Please, please, please... stop it.
Omari T.
Omari T. 4 kun oldin
the kuz kuz
Jason Baldwin
Jason Baldwin 4 kun oldin
Kuz over Tatum Shit Ain't Even Close!!! Man dropping 40+ N Missing qtrs✌
Randy Odish
Randy Odish 5 kun oldin
Are we gonna Ignore the Fact he Missed the Free Throw at the End ;c @@
Professional Idiot
Professional Idiot 5 kun oldin
Now they need to trade Ingram 😂
Rodrigo Correa
Rodrigo Correa 5 kun oldin
stephen kuzma
King J
King J 5 kun oldin
16-24 fg 0 assist mamba mentality!
Allexander Gibbs
Allexander Gibbs 6 kun oldin
Money says LeBron hurt ass got in the gym and put up a 1000 jumpers after watch Kuz dominate.
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom 6 kun oldin
It's insane how many in the press still talk about Lonzo Bust becoming a superstar in the future while the best sophomore in the Lakers roster is putting up insane numbers and no one is giving him that type of talk. Lavar Ball is a marketing genius when it comes to overhyping a scrub.
Tony Trenkle Jr
Tony Trenkle Jr 6 kun oldin
I think KUZMA is the untradeable piece, not Ingram.
Leon Havoc
Leon Havoc 6 kun oldin
They play better without Bron. Bron fan here no hating.
Isolina Panici
Isolina Panici 6 kun oldin
Water Bottle
Water Bottle 6 kun oldin
Hans 6 kun oldin
Lakers have the best sophomore squad (Kuzma, Ball, Hart).
Hans 6 kun oldin
Please vote for him for all star
Shakiem Jean-Joseph
Everybody for those who don’t know- Kyle Kuzma was a little boy who meet Kobe Bryant in 1999 at a grocery store and said no matter what, to never pass in Life 💯💯💯💯💯🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🙌🙌🙌🙌
360mamun 6 kun oldin
Ya Hating on tatum because he dunked on ya pops LeBron 😂😂
N B 6 kun oldin
Real simple you want AD you will have to trade Kuzma. Otherwise wait 2 years and old man Lebron becomes older man Lebron.
Nono brobro
Nono brobro 6 kun oldin
We know who the real untouchable one is 🤣
TaylorMade 3
TaylorMade 3 6 kun oldin
And they say Ingram is better than Kuzma... Yea right.
PG 13PACERNATION 6 kun oldin
Kuzma definitely has a long term place on this team!!
Alex Liu
Alex Liu 6 kun oldin
so kuz or Ingram?
Nguyen Thai Binh
Nguyen Thai Binh 6 kun oldin
Diamond kyle coming
pro serdar
pro serdar 6 kun oldin
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 6 kun oldin
Zylo1009 6 kun oldin
Man I hope the Celtics and lakers regain the finals rivalry
Andrew Bondoc
Andrew Bondoc 6 kun oldin
he's a walking bucket fr. But my guy had 0 assists,,,
David Robertson
David Robertson 6 kun oldin
Listen lakers Kyle and Zo are your franchises future take care of them Kyle kuzma was probably the biggest steal and even though lonzo might not score how we want him to he’s still 6ft6 and a great passer defender and rebounder cultivate these two and let Ingram go and pick up someone else he obviously doesn’t fit or want too for that matter so trade why he’s still relevant
Triiippyfelix 303
Triiippyfelix 303 6 kun oldin
My nigga getting buckets but that taper fade trash 🤣🤣
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 6 kun oldin
The only way to aquire AD is to give up Kuzma....and I don't want that to happen. If the Pelicans management has half a brain, they won't even look at offers that include Lonzo, Ingram or Hart.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 6 kun oldin
He had a full body sweat before the game. Knew he was going to go off. All real ballers love to have a full workout and sweat before the game.
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 6 kun oldin
Well now we know which one isn't going to be traded. lol
BigMy28 6 kun oldin
Loved how the young guys played together tonight. Ingram could have decided to be aggressive and kill the offensive flow to thr game but instead 5 of his 6 ast went to Kuz, that's putting self aside to feed the hot hand. Great game by Kuz! And i loved the way Ball controlled the pace.
Paulie Geovac
Paulie Geovac 6 kun oldin
Since kuzma started playing basketball he takes up 20 plus shots per game and screws it all up most of the time. Almost all the time!!! Totally inconsistent!!!!!! Bout time he had 1 good game since entering the league. That guy owes Lakers a hell of a lot more than this.
Juan Mallon
Juan Mallon 6 kun oldin
he is averaging 20 on 47% fg in his second year in the league wtf are you talking about , he is clearly the 2nd best player in the team
Juan Cruz Rodriguez
insider h
insider h 6 kun oldin
coaches always inserting themselves and power tripping by sitting players if they have a hot night. why not let players see if they can get a better career high..
ChisG 6 kun oldin
Better than Ingram, Tatum and Brown btw Paul Pierce summed up the Pistons this year in 1 quote after the Bucks-Rockets game Billups asked him if he thinks the Pistons are gonna win since Lebron is out and he replied with I just don't trust the Pistons which is 100% correct one night Blake might drop 30 and 10 Drummond 20 and 20 and they win and other games they just get blown the fuck out like this game with Lakers or with the Bucks a few games back
Relja -
Relja - 6 kun oldin
6 points off of goaltends
LMPlayZ _Isthename
LMPlayZ _Isthename 6 kun oldin
Why did Kuzma leave early ?
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 6 kun oldin
Not a bad game but it was more about Detroit being terrible
Rjja Life
Rjja Life 6 kun oldin
What a nice. Greetings from the Philippines.
Ice in my Veins
Ice in my Veins 6 kun oldin
jordan Cole
jordan Cole 6 kun oldin
Let's not forget this is just a reg season game, and kuzma doesn't have to share attempts with anyone but ingram And..... We saw what Tatum did in the playoffs, we dont know how kuzma will respond to the intensity of playoff pressure and playoff defense.
B Robinson
B Robinson 6 kun oldin
Kuzma > Tatum this is facts B
Bruce David
Bruce David 6 kun oldin
"Wait until the sun go down, we gon' make this shit light up!" That boy Jay Critch.... I mean Kyle Kuzma was lighting it up.
Jordan McBride
Jordan McBride 6 kun oldin
Damn these Laker fans are toxic. Hate on Tatum is real . Who really gives a shit who's fucking better lol
Malcolm 6 kun oldin
lmao i love Kuzma but yall are insane trying to suggest he's better than Tatum just cause he averages 2 more points on 2 more shots with a worse team hahaha
Setto 6 kun oldin
Kuzmania At It’s Best ‼️👏🏾
dt 6 kun oldin
Cuz from Michigan so i know it felt good to go off at home
JayVee Ehm
JayVee Ehm 6 kun oldin
Kyle Kuzma shooting like Klay Thompson out there.
Hamza El Housseiny
Hamza El Housseiny 6 kun oldin
This is how ur supposed to score 40! Not James hardens 35% 13-30 Ass
KC Boyer
KC Boyer 6 kun oldin
41 points in 3 quarters! Yes - the steal of the draft and better than Tatum. Tatum gotten the benefit of starting in 2017/2018 while Kuzma fought for time off the bench in a forward-ladened team. 2019 is his coming out party.
The Grind
The Grind 6 kun oldin
Super efficient🔥🔥🔥
ZimboEXTREME 6 kun oldin
What is it about Kuzma that makes people like Lonzo more? Kuzma balls waaay better all the time🤷🏿‍♂️
Kilduce 6 kun oldin
Why didn’t Kuz throw up the lob at 1:35?
theonenonlycloud 6 kun oldin
Hella goaltending calls.
Alb Bauti
Alb Bauti 6 kun oldin
And highest score of lonzo?
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 7 kun oldin
I am a Laker fan, but those guys play with former NBA Champion, Kyrie Irving who got away from LeBron James so he can be the FLOOR GENERAL for his own team = disadvantage Jayson Tatum.
Ichimar486 7 kun oldin
Trading Kuzma and the farm for one player is suicide without legitimate depth, you won't beat GSW with 3 players and no backups especially without point guard depth.
Ichimar486 7 kun oldin
Lakers would be trash without Kuzma Lebron can only do so much if Kuzma isn't on point scoring.
john ford
john ford 7 kun oldin
Kuzma>Tatum/Brown *case closed*
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 7 kun oldin
Best defense against Brandon Ingram = teammate, LeBron James. 😎😎😎
Branden Patton
Branden Patton 7 kun oldin
2k diamond card coming soon lol
Brock Krushlucki
Brock Krushlucki 7 kun oldin
Better than Mitchell, Simmons, Tatum..... Will have a better career. This dude is a bucket.
Lê Tuấn
Lê Tuấn 7 kun oldin
Kuzma > Tatum
HlddenTalent 7 kun oldin
Notorious BountyxHunter
Notorious BountyxHunter
Kuzma establishes himself as the most underrated rookie has year midway through the season, Death Lineup Incoming
Kleshayjay 7 kun oldin
Niggas be like “kuzma be jacking” but he shooting 46% from the field though 👀🤫🤫
IceMint 7 kun oldin
Zo>Rozier Ingram>Brown Kuzma>Tatum
LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals
LeBron, never the best player on his own team. Not in Miami, not in Cleveland and not in Los Angeles.
Xera Lam
Xera Lam 7 kun oldin
Brick Griffin
Artur TMT
Artur TMT 7 kun oldin
Tyji Brown
Tyji Brown 7 kun oldin
Kuzma > Ingram
Da One
Da One 7 kun oldin
Should've went for 50.
Mjyyeah Datway
Mjyyeah Datway 7 kun oldin
Stil cnt make free throws.
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 7 kun oldin
Kuzma > Simmons
achwurd 7 kun oldin
every NBA analyst "the lakers can't seem to find an established second scorer" ... yeah okay buddy
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 7 kun oldin
I am saving this video. 😁😁😁
Nee Doc
Nee Doc 7 kun oldin
I like Kuzma. That kid is a baller and he wants to get better and better everyday. His ceiling is very high. Lakers need to figure out a way to get Bradely Beal, or Damien Lillard, or Kemba Walker. Throw in Ingram, Ball, and Pope.
veyy Dayy
veyy Dayy 7 kun oldin
Luke Walton Hayden he should have let him get 50 and they took him out 3rd quarter
TheSaltMaker 7 kun oldin
Please don't compare him with GAYson TaBUM, Kuzma is completely on another level.
Big Homie KABAR
Big Homie KABAR 7 kun oldin
All these mfs up in here got Tatum's name in there mouth. Why yall on his nuts. But what about Lonzo!?! Lmao wtf!! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Kushy 6 kun oldin
Just like how you Celshit fans have Kuzma, Ingram and Ball in yo mouths. Why ya'll on they nuts?? xD
Zed Lopez
Zed Lopez 7 kun oldin
Immagine if this dude gets the same treatment as harden does he’ll be averaging 30+ a game + 20 free throws damn thats mvp caliber,
Rockstar Lance
Rockstar Lance 7 kun oldin
Tatum still hasnt even hit 30 😂 and dont give me that celtics are too deep bullshit. Haywards already hit 30 multiples time coming off a snapped foot
HlddenTalent 7 kun oldin
Celtics fans excuse for Tatum. He's only 20 years old!
cm_punk434 7 kun oldin
watch lebron get back and reduce all they roles. and most likely even a trade for 1 or 2 of there younger players 🤦🏾‍♂️
maggotslicer 7 kun oldin
Imagine if kuzma and Dlo played together 🔥
zantos o2t3a
zantos o2t3a 7 kun oldin
Man im a lakers fan and im a say it , lonzos a bumn , maybe a good back up but he rarley plays well , we should give someone else a chance
Christian Joel Cabrera
this kid was what, a 27th pick or something like that? Daaaaamn
motherpaka 666
motherpaka 666 7 kun oldin
Kyle Kuzma future superstar of the lakers
Raider Editor
Raider Editor 7 kun oldin
At 1:53 josh hart and the ref are in sync
Tom Lindsey
Tom Lindsey 7 kun oldin
Thanks Kuz for a great game! Beasley wasn't to shabby himself! Dang good one two punch!!!
Alphonso Booker
Alphonso Booker 7 kun oldin
All Star!!
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 7 kun oldin
Kuzma same level liked Klay Thompson. Way better than Bum Tatum. 😂😂😂
mi gos
mi gos 7 kun oldin
yo byron aka tank scott you stay on yo lane bitch neva coach again asshole
Kace Heart
Kace Heart 7 kun oldin
Again with channeling inner Kobe comments and laker fans are buying it .....trust you don't want another Kobe .....you need a team ......
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 7 kun oldin
Kuzma is the next second coming of a Laker great like Kobe or magic the elite lbj falls in the Lakers great like Kareem Shaq great players brought in kuzma is drafted like Kobe and magic watch in lbj final year lakers will be in the finals and kuzma will be mvp of the finals and the league Shaq and Kobe 2.0 history repeats witness kuzma will be the first nba player to score 101 pt
dek10157 7 kun oldin
2:54 Look at the lack of Chemistry 👀