Kyle Kuzma CRAZY Full Highlights Lakers vs Pistons 2019.01.09 - 41 Points in 3 Qtrs

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Kyle Kuzma Full Game Highlights | Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers | January 9, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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10-Yan, 2019



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Christoochi 5 kun oldin
Kuzma is a pretty good player. He should probably rrebound at a higher rate, but mostly I'd like to see him in more of a position to be a play maker at some point. He's got size and shooting ability already and with LeBron and Lonzo to give him the ball and supplement what he doesn't do great at the moment all this might not matter. As a Kings fan I hate to say the Lakers drafted well here. Still think Lonzo could go either way but again it doesn't matter because they hit on Kuzma.
Trill Chill
Trill Chill 5 kun oldin
Hella teams slept on him
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
hey everybody how ya doin? I don't wana hear Lebron by himself EXCUSE comes playoff time
Cp0 0
Cp0 0 5 kun oldin
He said he’s going for 42, little does he know... little does he know...
Red Cortez
Red Cortez 6 kun oldin
trade kuzma hahahaha
Sharan Ramesh
Sharan Ramesh 6 kun oldin
He could have gone for 50 if they played him in the 4th
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
facts n I don't wana hear the Lebron by himself excuse comes playoff time
aye its kavencci
aye its kavencci 6 kun oldin
Anthony Z
Anthony Z 6 kun oldin
Ok one exceptional game performance makes him an all star now and the franchise player? His tatoos are gross
DSwazeyTV King Darius
Somebody wants to stay a Laker Lol.
Akash Sathyamoorthy
Lakers would be dumb asf to trade anyone rn, let them build and develop
Dharma Ram
Dharma Ram 6 kun oldin
Kuzma commanding respect! No way now for even Magic, Coach Walton and Lebron to consider Ingram or Lonzo ahead of Kuzma! Kuzma is the truth and the real #2 option!
felix diaz
felix diaz 6 kun oldin
Kuzma Will be a all star.
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
of course they will, Lakers loaded n kuz is averaging 21ppg, Ingram avg 20ppg without bron n 17ppg with bron n McGee lead NBA in blocks, don't forget all star playoff rondo, make em dance Lance is xfactor
felix diaz
felix diaz 5 kun oldin
+Juwan Dunbar lakers Will clinch to the playoffs i am sure.
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
bro he only a sophomore tf lmao, Lebron miss the playoffs twice in his first two Seasons so don't even try to bash a rookie for missing playoffs
felix diaz
felix diaz 5 kun oldin
+Juwan Dunbar Let me ask you something, how many apparency in the playoffs does kuzma have?
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
I don't wana hear Lebron by himself excuse comes playoff time
marquez768 6 kun oldin
Blake missed a lot of 3s lol.
badrobot3 NG
badrobot3 NG 6 kun oldin
So Bron is the problem.
Moses Cuh
Moses Cuh 6 kun oldin
Whats Tatums career high again????
BigBoss Blanco
BigBoss Blanco 6 kun oldin
Kuz from Flint Michigan, he had to get his career high against us.
Mando M
Mando M 6 kun oldin
Kuzma reminds me of Tracy McGrady in his prime
Anthony Z
Anthony Z 6 kun oldin
Mando M: no way. Kid doesn’t have the ball handing skill of Tmac
Ever Quintanilla
Ever Quintanilla 6 kun oldin
Kuzma is the 2nd best player on the Lakers he is a all star right now he will most definitely make multiple all star games in his career and be a superstar one in the NBA.
BPcarlo09 YT
BPcarlo09 YT 6 kun oldin
Where's the guy that said Ingram is better lol
iTrevor 6 kun oldin
4 years of college DOES pay off.
Dominique Robinson
Dominique Robinson 6 kun oldin
Kuzma didn't play in the 4th because it was just enough to showcase to pelicans why they should trade for him lol.
Darnell Hamlet
Darnell Hamlet 6 kun oldin
This is a player you don't wanna trade...
Edler Montes
Edler Montes 6 kun oldin
kuzz all star!👍💪💪💪
Playing games
Playing games 6 kun oldin
What was the last time that one of LeBron's teammates had a 40+ point game?
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
klove. n dwade n Kyrie had 50+ POINT game with Lebron on court
Brian Lane
Brian Lane 6 kun oldin
Did he not play in the 4th or something
Niko A
Niko A 6 kun oldin
They subbed him out early because we were blowing them out and he just came off of an injury and didn't wanna risk anything
ky fife
ky fife 6 kun oldin
Now can we stop with the b.i is the second option thing
Green Runs Deep
Green Runs Deep 6 kun oldin
Kyle Kuzma > Jayson Tabum
Kevin limarr sagbigsal
kobe apostle not LeBron realtalk
Cesar A
Cesar A 6 kun oldin
Kuzma is the real showtime
sterling 24
sterling 24 6 kun oldin
Trade Ingram for some more shooters
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
why everybody so desperate for trades?
FSU CarolinaNova
FSU CarolinaNova 6 kun oldin
Kuzma not better then Tatum stop saying that dumb shit
Robert Santana
Robert Santana 6 kun oldin
Young prodigy
Pan Black Solutions
Guess his lane is taking over games @BryonShaw
x teatime
x teatime 6 kun oldin
griffin was so bricked
Lonzo's Daddy
Lonzo's Daddy 6 kun oldin
Yet lonzodickriders compare zo and kuzma
Wally Pathway
Wally Pathway 7 kun oldin
So you’re telling me there was over 7 mins left in the 3rd and kuzma didn’t play the rest, kid could’ve gotten 50-60 points.
Xavier Tacafred
Xavier Tacafred 7 kun oldin
Lonzo who ?
AMATEUR BY THE SEA 7 kun oldin
kuz and zo went back to the time when they're in Vegas
溫雲強 7 kun oldin
G. O. A. T!!!
Mackleb 7 kun oldin
Kuz is good but you cant tell me that there isnt a better player that could replace zo
LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals
LeBron, never the best player on his own team. Not in Miami, not in Cleveland and not in Los Angeles.
Aamra Kamran
Aamra Kamran 6 kun oldin
Van Iyke
Van Iyke 7 kun oldin
Will history say this is the night Kuzma awakened his MAMBA mentality? Lonzo on an All-star level game tonight.
P.O Com
P.O Com 7 kun oldin
this shows Lebron stunned their growth
litao zeng
litao zeng 7 kun oldin
Miguel Romero
Miguel Romero 7 kun oldin
Future hall of famer... mark my words
longhead6 7 kun oldin
Let’s go Kuz
CHIU 0 7 kun oldin
KuZma is just like a thinner shooter version of Simmons.
lassseerrr yah
lassseerrr yah 6 kun oldin
They play nothing alike though.
Caleb Kabera
Caleb Kabera 7 kun oldin
Should be at least 86 on 2k
Dan Han
Dan Han 7 kun oldin
The King and Kuz Kontrol
M -
M - 7 kun oldin
Kuzmatic 💥💥💥💥🔥
W/L winner Loser
W/L winner Loser 7 kun oldin
Kuzma did this only 3 quarters he’s way better then overrated Tatum
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
so I don't wana hear the Lebron by himself excuse comes playoff time
PG 13PACERNATION 7 kun oldin
Kuz could have dropped 50
Aswad rizwan
Aswad rizwan 7 kun oldin
Not taking away from Kuz's amazing performance but wtf were the pistons doing when Kuz was shooting. No one was guarding him and props to Kuz for making those open looks.
Jay Jus
Jay Jus 7 kun oldin
Kuzma should be untouchable in any trade talks
Jai Thakur
Jai Thakur 7 kun oldin
You forgot to write in 29 minutes
SK 7 kun oldin
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
Huncho Kuz!!!!!!!
BeerSKiN 5 kun oldin
+james patanian well then fuck you my guy
james patanian
james patanian 6 kun oldin
BeerSKiN No dumbass I’m a lakers fan and a kuz fan that’s a just a stupid nickname
BeerSKiN 6 kun oldin
you gotta be a pistons fan LMFAOO hold that L
james patanian
james patanian 6 kun oldin
BeerSKiN dumbass
zeke 7 kun oldin
kuz the real deal
Finesser3k- 7 kun oldin
diamond kuz on 2k?
K1DFR3SH77 7 kun oldin
What is Mark Jackson talking about?! 🤔
Raymond Noriega
Raymond Noriega 7 kun oldin
The real 2017 number 2 pick
Jewlzonthemic 7 kun oldin
7:24 mark‼️ Anthony Davis being a Pisces ♓️ is holding him back from being a Laker‼️#NBA #neworleans #Lakers #LosAngeles #Lebron soundcloud.com/user-519228920/the-lead-podcast-show-with-jewlz-on-the-mic-ep-55
illmatic tony
illmatic tony 7 kun oldin
+BeerSKiN my friend you are hyped enjoy the win bro
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
Childish Hipster
Childish Hipster 7 kun oldin
Why they always take people out..... kobe never came out
Deter Detercube
Deter Detercube 6 kun oldin
Large lead and just coming off of an injury
lassseerrr yah
lassseerrr yah 6 kun oldin
Kobe is kobe. What type of question is that bruh??
Mr Clean
Mr Clean 6 kun oldin
Lol Kobe scored 62 in 3 quarters and came out before the 4th my guy
finessin thekid
finessin thekid 7 kun oldin
Cause Kobe got told to sit down and he refused Kuzma gonna get more respect later in his career to be able to say no to the coach
Rob Diane'
Rob Diane' 7 kun oldin
Is anyone gonna guard him? Wtf, dude shooting shots all by himself
Tony Chin
Tony Chin 7 kun oldin
If kuz playing lakers definitely won't lost against knicks and maybe timberwolve too.
Tony Chin
Tony Chin 7 kun oldin
+W/L winner Loser agreed
W/L winner Loser
W/L winner Loser 7 kun oldin
Tony Chin and thunder
Marcus Mckine
Marcus Mckine 7 kun oldin
Kuzma in his bag today.
Daniele Puca
Daniele Puca 7 kun oldin
This was the night of Kuzma is not acceptable that fucking Luke decided that he didn't entered in 4 quarter to make more points. .. he passed 50 points easy if he entered. ..Luke.....
Moises Sobrepena
Moises Sobrepena 7 kun oldin
Kuz Kontrol
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
We gotta call him Huncho Kuz from now on!
richard lim
richard lim 7 kun oldin
Lakers definitely need to build a team around kuzma when lebron is gone
gibsonn 7
gibsonn 7 7 kun oldin
KingShaun 7 kun oldin
Lebron shows no emotion on the bench 😭😭😭
Joseph S
Joseph S 7 kun oldin
KingShaun seen him standing a lot.
Carl Proctor
Carl Proctor 7 kun oldin
Yall crazy asf
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
Waveface killah
Waveface killah 7 kun oldin
Kuzma the 2nd best laker right now
John 7 kun oldin
Waveface killah FOH bro real lakers fans know isaac bonga is the 2nd best laker
Wobbler Films
Wobbler Films 7 kun oldin
2026 scoring champion
Evomre 7 kun oldin
He and Beasley should be the number 1&2 options while LeBron is out.
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
We gotta call him Huncho Kuz from now on!
Emmanuel H
Emmanuel H 7 kun oldin
Stephenson ?
Deejay JustDontGiveAF
Facts Beasley needs more minutes
K Thomas
K Thomas 7 kun oldin
Ingram as well
Nicholas Little-Brother
I can't tell if Kuzma is this good or if the Pistons are just trash
Justin 7 kun oldin
Nicholas Little-Brother he’s nasty he’ll be a top 10 player in the league within the next 5 years
bull 7 kun oldin
Trade has left the chat
Hamzie plays
Hamzie plays 7 kun oldin
Lakers will be dumb to trade the young core
K Thomas
K Thomas 7 kun oldin
Lakers will not trade nobody
Chubby Don
Chubby Don 7 kun oldin
Kuzma the future of the lakers. Lonzo and Ingram need to fill their shoes. They are much better than what they have shown us.
SeekingAlpha 6 kun oldin
Knee Grow Lonzo = 🗑
Klays' feelings
Klays' feelings 7 kun oldin
Both lonzo and ingram played well if you watch the game stats don't show everything. Kuz was just the go to guy this game he was hot the whole game just like BI the last game.
Knee Grow
Knee Grow 7 kun oldin
TaeHunchos them long ass arms gave him those rebounds
TaeHunchos 7 kun oldin
Knee Grow lol Ingram played great defense too made plays rebounded good all around good team win
Ammon Moshe
Ammon Moshe 7 kun oldin
looking like Glen Rice...They gone have to rename Kuz...ICE..............ICE for Three! or Kuz as ICE,,,,,, You heard here first. Your welcome
Gary Augustus
Gary Augustus 7 kun oldin
Ammon Moishe... You're showing your age. There's only one Ice in NBA legend, #44..'nuff said.
LeBeautiful 7 kun oldin
Mr Clean
Mr Clean 6 kun oldin
+Dallas Knows Jak cause he's a legend
Dallas Knows Jak
Dallas Knows Jak 7 kun oldin
How do you have 3k subs?
KingBron94 #GOAT
KingBron94 #GOAT 7 kun oldin
Jason Tatum overrated, Kuzma’s 2k rating better go up!!!
Boston Sports
Boston Sports 6 kun oldin
KingBron94 #GOAT learn to spell his name first
Green Runs Deep
Green Runs Deep 6 kun oldin
+Micah Johnson Boxing HeS oNlY 20!
DiverseLA 7 kun oldin
Been saying he’s a potential all-star since Summer League 2017 and people laughed at me
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
We gotta call him Huncho from now on!
Micah Johnson Boxing
Probably under rated actually, casuals don't realize how good he is.
Jack Barakitty
Jack Barakitty 7 kun oldin
Kuzma trying not to get traded
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
traded for who?
Niko A
Niko A 6 kun oldin
+Wallo Maie honestly I highly doubt zo will be going anywhere either. No team we would want to trade with really wants him (NOLA has enough guards, they don't need him)
Wallo Maie
Wallo Maie 7 kun oldin
Kuzma and LeBron are pretty much the only ones NOT on the chopping block
Jack Barakitty
Jack Barakitty 7 kun oldin
+Knee Grow I know. Pls dont take it seriously
Panda Productions
Panda Productions 7 kun oldin
Kuz's third quarter was one of the best displays of shooting ive seen in a while...
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
We gotta call him Huncho Kuz from now on!
Jay T
Jay T 7 kun oldin
Bath Salt Zombies true but it aint exciting seeing klay and curry shoot threes anymore
Bath Salt Zombies
Bath Salt Zombies 7 kun oldin
Not a warriors fan, but didn't klay just have an amazing shooting night... You must not have watched
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 7 kun oldin
Walton took a page from Kerr’s book. To prevent historic performances smh
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
We gotta call him Huncho from now on!
Lakers Dynasty
Lakers Dynasty 7 kun oldin
dumbass only here to comment but no idea of what's really happening tl the player retard...shut yo stupid ass mouth Kuz is injured and not 100% and it's a blowout game what do you expect ??? might as well just watch Thibs coaching since you don't care about team winning you only care about individual players stupid numbers dumbass shut up you know nothing just shut up i hate people who just spits stupid statements even though they're not even a fan so retarded like you
Mathew Velasquez
Mathew Velasquez 7 kun oldin
I know, right? Let the man make his mark and show his true value! If he hit 5o points...mabey they can get the Anthony Davis Trade!
HardtoFindNooB NOOB
He could’ve dropped 50 but they benched him cause they only wanna see Lonzo and lebron shine
PurpleRainWesker 6 kun oldin
they benched him to avoid injury, remember he recently missed games cuz he was hurt
Tyron Wells
Tyron Wells 6 kun oldin
+GawdKobe LeBron have dumbass fans and dumbass haters
GawdKobe 7 kun oldin
What are you talking about? 💀
sinnedjay 7 kun oldin
they don't want to get Kuz injured that's why they benched him. Health>points in 1 game then cannot play the rest
Alex Zuniga
Alex Zuniga 7 kun oldin
kuzma>taytum zo dsj fox john collins etc etc mind lakers may have gotten the steal of the decade if this boy kuzma blossoms into a 25 pog scorer which he very well can shits crazy for us laker fans🙏🙏🙏
Kyle "Agent 0" Kuzma 💯
Deter Detercube
Deter Detercube 6 kun oldin
That would be Gilbert Arenas
Surge Vinooo
Surge Vinooo 7 kun oldin
Kuz Control
Alex Zuniga
Alex Zuniga 7 kun oldin
kuzma learned from kobe this comes as no surprise #MAMBAMENTALITY🔥🔥🔥💪
Mount Kaala
Mount Kaala 2 kun oldin
MrInzombia facts
MrInzombia 2 kun oldin
aaaaand he is no where to be found these last two games. Lost to the fken cavs. Dude is streaky and inconsistent as fk. Thats mamba mentality for ya, 1 good play for every 100 bricks
Mount Kaala
Mount Kaala 5 kun oldin
BeerSKiN I watch the best team sports in North America that’s the NFL so that’s why I don’t really care for the 2nd best team sport in North America 👍🏼 my guy
BeerSKiN 5 kun oldin
+Mount Kaala how you dont care about the nba games but you comment on them. Yeah your life gotta suck my guy
BeerSKiN 5 kun oldin
+Mount Kaala sheesh lmao somebody's life sucks... My bad bro Put the gun down. Things will get better.
Transylvania 7 kun oldin
Kuzma earned his spot on the lakers, zo and Ingram are gone
Gamerz Pro
Gamerz Pro 5 kun oldin
+Juwan Dunbar anthony davis
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 5 kun oldin
zo n Ingram for who?
Gamerz Pro
Gamerz Pro 6 kun oldin
+Mr Clean Right, and I havent taken that out of consideration either! Magic and the organization already know this year's goal is to go to the playoffs, but to go past that would obviously be great too. AD ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE WOULD BE A GOD SQUAD
Mr Clean
Mr Clean 6 kun oldin
OR just keep everyone and be the god squad when everyone is in their prime
Gamerz Pro
Gamerz Pro 7 kun oldin
+Mr. Falcon exactly bro. I think we have found Brons NO. 2! (that is until LA aquires AD lol) And Kuz is having a great sophomore year> Ingram has been in the league since 2016 and his career high is 26. Kuz is indisputably the second best scoring option. They aren't gonna give up zo because of what u said. He is a floor general and we saw some flashes of Magic's passing ability!
Hassan Haulcy
Hassan Haulcy 7 kun oldin
I think I'd take him>Tatum. Love both players but I think kuz is better
Paul Decker
Paul Decker 6 kun oldin
Lol what. Kuz is nice but no
Green Runs Deep
Green Runs Deep 6 kun oldin
+Shazayum HeS oNlY 20!
Shazayum 6 kun oldin
I take Tatum any day, he's younger and has a lot more potential
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
Will Jiles
Will Jiles 7 kun oldin
A Red Ocean x
A Red Ocean x 7 kun oldin
Kyle Kuzma > Jayson Tatum
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
We gotta call him Huncho from now on!
A Red Ocean x
A Red Ocean x 7 kun oldin
Emperor Kuz tonight : 41 pts 16/24 FG 67% 5/10 from three in 29 minutes #KuzControl 💯💯💯
BeerSKiN 7 kun oldin
We gotta call him Huncho Kuz from now on!