Kyler Murray is 'too small' to be No. 1 pick in NFL draft - Stephen A. Smith | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith of First Take says the Arizona Cardinals should not take Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft because the 5-10 QB is "so short." Max Kellerman says Murray is more athletic than other draft prospects including Ohio State Buckeyes QB Dwayne Haskins, but remains unconvinced that he will be a better NFL quarterback.
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10-Yan, 2019

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Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown 53 daqiqa oldin
This the year you draft a defense player first or lineman.
scott horton
scott horton 2 soat oldin
Punisher - DONKS
Punisher - DONKS 4 soat oldin
Lol thats what they said about russell wilson
OhHhKiE 5 soat oldin
Funny, it's almost like they said the exact same things this time last year. Stephen A talking about needing to see over opposing DL like OU's OL doesn't average 6'6". LOL
denverthugget1 6 soat oldin
I hope everyone sleeps on him so Denver can grab him and get more chips.
j c
j c 6 soat oldin
He reminds me of a right handed Steve Young ...A little smaller...He is exciting...If he can take a beating..Why not ?
janis317 7 soat oldin
Will your dead wrong, 1st round QB's depreciate 50% the day after the draft is over...You better get it right the first time.
mrchicago87 7 soat oldin
Cain corny
G Speezy
G Speezy 7 soat oldin
Clearly only in it for the money. The next jamarcus Russell
anthony patterson
anthony patterson 7 soat oldin
He could be stuck in AA or AAA ball making $40,000 a year too.
Beast of the East
Beast of the East 8 soat oldin
the cardinals need a play maker, a play maker can be any size
MrBaddog7676 9 soat oldin
Good. I'm glad he's too small to be a #1 pick because he's PERFECT size for the #6 pick!!!!! Give me Murray on my Giants any day!!!
Anwarren Brown
Anwarren Brown 9 soat oldin
Busted Condom
Busted Condom 9 soat oldin
Thumbs down move on..when will Caine is mentioned
thomyi 10 soat oldin
They said the same about Baker Mayfield.
a channel
a channel 11 soat oldin
I hate politics
JoshuaM 11 soat oldin
They just say that so it makes the story bigger than it already is
COA 1980
COA 1980 12 soat oldin
Will Cain spitting knowledge?!
Zach Carlisle
Zach Carlisle 12 soat oldin
Per usual you’re incorrect, he’s got a better arm and more talent to be a qb then any other qb in this draft.
Eduardothegreat 27
Eduardothegreat 27 13 soat oldin
It’s true too small
RonMexxxico 13 soat oldin
I love how people bring up Wilson and Brees as evidence that Murray will have guaranteed success. You do realize your using 2 success stories out of the countless number of failed undersized/talented QB’s trying to make the NFL. It’s also worth noting that Brees/Wilson are small Quarterbacks in the NFL, Kyler Murray is in a tier of his own when talking about undersized NFL QB’s.
Dylan Oudeans
Dylan Oudeans 13 soat oldin
Well it’s official him saying this gave him a chip on his shoulder don’t @ me when he’s is good
Twan Jackson
Twan Jackson 13 soat oldin
I feel he will be great and has something to prove no matter how small he will accomplish. 💪💪💪p.s ijs my opinion
King James
King James 14 soat oldin
Cardinals won’t take another qb this year. This is why ESPN is shit. They post the worst articles and have the worst takes.
Dwight Jomar Santiago Caquías
What is Stephen Smith talking !? Rusell Wilson is undersize and look at him!!! One of the NFL elites QB and a past champion
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett 15 soat oldin
People say he's not tall enough, completely neglecting the success of Baker Mayfield, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. They also say he's not big enough, neglecting the fact that you pretty much can't hit quarterbacks anymore. Kyler has all the talent necessary to succeed in the NFL.
Ja'quavious Moor
Ja'quavious Moor 15 soat oldin
Im shocked Stephen a hating on a brother
Johnatan Sanchez
Johnatan Sanchez 16 soat oldin
Russell Wilson & drew brees
Carl Coleman
Carl Coleman 16 soat oldin
All i got to say is let the man play, cause Dynamite comes in small packages!
Isiah Barfield
Isiah Barfield 16 soat oldin
What people don’t understand is he has muscle on him more than people give him credit, so when they see him they think he’s short because his size but if you look at an actual picture, of him in practice or something you can clearly see he’s 5’10-5’11 he’s def not 6’ or 6’1 but people don’t give him credit
Tony Sandes
Tony Sandes 16 soat oldin
Fuck the risk the Jaguars better take him
Tanner Townsend
Tanner Townsend 16 soat oldin
Bout to be the Steph Curry of the NFL.
The Modern Day Gamer
The Modern Day Gamer 17 soat oldin
Cardinals need to trade down and take some offensive line talent this draft. The team who I think needs a kyler Murray is the dolphins. I think as a whole they are a good team and need a great QB. Also when are these media people going to learn that size does not matter for the QB position anymore
punizzzle 17 soat oldin
Everything Stephan A says is wrong LOL
Tavion Avery
Tavion Avery 17 soat oldin
Crazy to think someone feels size is the factor that defines how your career will be.
Vondad2004 17 soat oldin
I’m mad Will said Johnny Manziel and NFL QB in the same sentence lol.
Austin Stone
Austin Stone 17 soat oldin
Do I think he’ll be drafted number 1 overall? No. But I do believe he has the talent to be drafted in the first round.
Travis byington
Travis byington 18 soat oldin
they said the same thing about drees...
Tyler Holbrook
Tyler Holbrook 19 soat oldin
People said the same thing about Baker last year. That didn't turn out too well...
Pete Martinez
Pete Martinez 19 soat oldin
Kyler Murray to Miami Dolphins 🐬 he already knows I spoke to him lol jk in my dreams
Shawn MIller
Shawn MIller 19 soat oldin
The NFL is literally designed to allow guys this size to play quarterback... they can’t hit Qb’s hard without getting a fine or suspension. Size is almost irrelevant at the QB position now.
5howtime Sports
5howtime Sports 20 soat oldin
Too small lmao ok doesn’t know that measures greatness
lol free estate
lol free estate 20 soat oldin
Stephen A Smith has no idea what he's talking about size doesn't matter as a qb that much. Look at Drew Brees and Russel Wilson. Redskins are probably going to trade up and draft Murray or Haskins. Idc what Stephen says, he is just an idiot that just thinks that he knows what he is talking about.
Aaron Proctor
Aaron Proctor 20 soat oldin
Stephen A. has never heard of Drew or Russell. Steven is the stupidest person on ESPN or sports personality.
Doomlerious 2019
Doomlerious 2019 21 soat oldin
Could you please stop talking about the guys "Too small" to be a draft pick!!?? Seriously, if he wants to play football, let him play. You guys complained about Baker being too small to even be drafted at all. And not only did he get the #1 pick overall, he led an 0-16 browns team to 7-8-1. And he didn't even start against Pittsburgh, or the Saints.
MyTopSpinner 21 soat oldin
Are nfl head coaches dumb or what it's not like they haven't seen a 1 year wonder so dont hop on bakers wagon so fast. Cards go ahead draft the Heisman winner see how Heisman winning qb does in the nfl
Dhanuja Boyagoda
Dhanuja Boyagoda 22 soat oldin
Fuck u Stephen .A. Just because ur ‘smaller’ in stature doesn’t mean u have no talent and can’t go up against the ‘bigger men’. This is equivalent to sexism. Do u agree?
Ben Mercer
Ben Mercer 22 soat oldin
Stephen A is the worse sports analyst on TV. It's hard to understand how someone could be this bad after so many years doing the job, but he sucks.
Dashawn Fdog
Dashawn Fdog 23 soat oldin
Why tf would u pick up another QB a #1
B T3
B T3 Kun oldin
Will is full of hot air
Dragunity182 Kun oldin
He's 5 11
Anthony Vang
Anthony Vang Kun oldin
this kid is a bust
Ernest Kills
Ernest Kills Kun oldin
Murray is too damn short. Yea brees and Wilson are short but they have long arms and big hands and Murray is at least 20 pounds lighter than both. He got a strong arm but he gotta bulk up to at least 210. Funny thing is I think he better at football than baseball 😂😂😂
Epic Runner
Epic Runner Kun oldin
Cardinals already have Rosen
Mike Worrilow
Mike Worrilow Kun oldin
Murray is a beast!
Patrick Rooney
Patrick Rooney Kun oldin
Giants better get this man
yung slurp
yung slurp Kun oldin
When will they learn they said the same thing about baker mayfield smh
Victor Torres
Victor Torres Kun oldin
Kyler murray saquon beckham shephard engram...
Ethan Gaylor
Ethan Gaylor Kun oldin
Brees is small tho
LucidX Kun oldin
Height don't mean shit it's all about finding throwing lanes you really think 4-5 inches is going to make that much of a difference?
Montgomery Green
You would think these dumb-ass analyst like Steven would learn from the baker Mayfield experience I apparently not
Timothy Wilbourn
Hes short but so was russal and he won a super bowl so idk how his height has anything to do with his talent
Chris William
Chris William Kun oldin
I say he has to get drafted to a team that can protect lil brother and he has to have receivers I say giants get him and have you qb rb wrs and te for future and all 21-28 he learn under Eli for season or if Eli really slacks up he still will learn from a manning an 2 time super bowl champion
Geno Bourn
Geno Bourn Kun oldin
Which ever he choose he is going to have commit because he will have to up his game.
Manuel Ludizaca
Manuel Ludizaca Kun oldin
Stephen A just doesn't know it's heart over height.....
trippie darkkiddummo
He go to giants thats all
Gghh Johns
Gghh Johns Kun oldin
Davis Kun oldin
They said the same thing about mayfield. I think he could go #1, just not to the cardinals
BubbaJo Kun oldin
Yeah no he’s number 1 overall talent might not be chosen number 1 overall but he has the talent
John Braley
John Braley Kun oldin
Shut the fluff up he aint to small he better that all of y’all combined
Scrub Kun oldin
Your dick is too small for you to be considered a man
Raymond Liu
Raymond Liu Kun oldin
Too small to be #1? Look at Mayfield 😐
Matthew Chris
Matthew Chris Kun oldin
Has Will ever heard of marketing? That’s what the guy just did, he just rose kylers market by saying those comments
All about Boston
Have that same energy!!!
Scott B
Scott B Kun oldin
There’s more potential money in baseball, but more guaranteed money in football.
De'Andre Kun oldin
Russell Wilson is 5’11, Drew Brees 6’0, Johnny Manziel 5’11, Doug Flutie 5’10, Sonny Jorgensen 5’11 & Fran Tarkenton 6’0..... He isn’t too short at all
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper Kun oldin
Steven A.... shut up.
Bandwagon for Pelicans.
Kyler Murray was going to be a forgotten dude who won the Heisman twice that’s it but he choosing wisely now. The fame, the endorsements, and popularity will be insane!
Silent_100 Assassin_100
They said the same thing about russ and brees?
Richard Grace
Richard Grace Kun oldin
Kyler should stick too baseball #1 he will be a third rounder at best #2 he will be a career backup #3 he will get killed in the NFL of he tries to run around like he did on the defenseless BIG12 #4 he cant play against defenses that was proven when he originally tries to play in the SEC and looked like complete garbage and proven again when he wasn't able too do shit against Alabama until they went into prevent defense and just focused on running out the clock
J B Kun oldin
The only QB I'd draft with 1 year of starting experience is Cam he dominated college football and checked all the boxes I don't see that with Murray
Shesaid Kingkongbih
Talent is talent regardless of size, he should be number 1
Naje Kun oldin
Will is absolutely right man trade Rosen
Naje Kun oldin
Idc what Stephen a says anymore..
David Carter
David Carter Kun oldin
I hope this dude is available when redskins pick...
jmozeyMB Kun oldin
Just go play baseball he is not going to be special as an nfl Qb he’s gonna be crushed by D-linemen.
pyramid architect
With cleats he's around 5'10 or barefoot? And baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are barely 6 feet with cleats and they are doing great so if you have no QB draft this kid no question.
Ty Cardwell
Ty Cardwell Kun oldin
Stephen A Smith is such a moron. I don’t even have to explain why. Fucking dipshit
pit man
pit man Kun oldin
Arizona doesn't need a qb less somebody trade there picks up he want go t Arizona no qb going 1st if arizona has 1st pick
Ryan Schreder
Ryan Schreder Kun oldin
ESPN, Kyler Murray is NOT 5'10, in fact he may be closer to 5'8. People over exaggerate pro-players heights all of the time. It is too risky to invest a first overall pick into a quarterback who will end up being one of the smallest players in the league. If given the choice, the first quarterback off the board should be Dwayne Haskins.
Johnny Mason
Johnny Mason Kun oldin
Are you kidding? I'm not listening to Will Cain for any reason! Give me Steven A. Smith any day! I wouldn't draft Kyler Murray if I am running the Cardinals right now! I already have a quarterback!
William Olive 2
William Olive 2 Kun oldin
Here is how it is going to go: The Arizona Cardinals have traded 1st overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft to the Miami Dolphins. With the 1st overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select, Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma.
Hakeem Smith
Hakeem Smith Kun oldin
Will is a better version of Skip Bayless. He knows his stuff and always has convincing arguments.
Kleshayjay 2 kun oldin
On god you cant trust the measurements that schools and leagues provide deadass I used to play high school and college sports and they aren’t above adding an inch - 3 inches my one boy plays cb at his college and he’s 5,11 with shoes and they have this nigga listed at like 6’1 or 6’2 and let’s never forget the NBA having Kevin Durant listed at 6’9 when that nigga is like 7 ft tall it’s either they exaggerate the heights or they don’t update the records when the athletes grow it’s untrustworthy
iyon oravitz
iyon oravitz 2 kun oldin
How many times are we gonna see this narrative
SD Master Trainer
SD Master Trainer 2 kun oldin
Because of Me
Because of Me 2 kun oldin
That's so disrespectful
William David Craig Jr
Don't forget Troy Aikman going #1. He started at OU before going to UCLA
Timothy Harris
Timothy Harris 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thinks Dwayne Haskins didn’t do anything surprising this year for them to think he’s worth a number overall pick
laxmannate07 2 kun oldin
ESPN is a joke