Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ

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It's the Kylie Quiz, in which Kylie Jenner grills her boyfriend Travis Scott all about herself, their daughter Stormi, and the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Can Travis get all 23 of Kylie's questions right?

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Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ




17-Iyl, 2018

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Uncle Phil
Uncle Phil 5 daqiqa oldin
my man so special he request his peanut butter and jelly "personally"
6ix DhMixGhod
6ix DhMixGhod Soat oldin
Kylie & Travis are perfect
6ix DhMixGhod
6ix DhMixGhod Soat oldin
Travis Scott weird Asf!!! 😂😂🤦
6ix DhMixGhod
6ix DhMixGhod Soat oldin
I don't just understand Travis scott's voice
6ix DhMixGhod
6ix DhMixGhod Soat oldin
I don't just understand Travis scott's voice
TreX Bainy
TreX Bainy 2 soat oldin
Name five Kylie products Travis: storm 😂🤣🤣🤣
TreX Bainy
TreX Bainy 3 soat oldin
Kylie: where are my tattoos Travis: lip? Me: wtf u looking straight at her lip
Benjamin Tornberg
Benjamin Tornberg 3 soat oldin
Caden Clark
Caden Clark 4 soat oldin
Muchdank anyone
Felipe Dias
Felipe Dias 4 soat oldin
Kylie: Whats my favorite color? Travis: Black 8========D
Davis Family
Davis Family 4 soat oldin
50% of this is questions the other 50% is about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
lil frank
lil frank 5 soat oldin
tyga watching this screaming all the answers 😂😂
Who Cares
Who Cares 5 soat oldin
Sumit Singh
Sumit Singh 5 soat oldin
Kya bakchodi hai maa ki chut is Kylie ki kutte k naam pooch ri hai kaise question hai yeh question aisa ho Travis tere ko chodkr kisne mere gand mari hai Travis tyga Ka 10 inch k liya tune aur 3 bando ne isliye moti gaand ho gyi hai
Oliver Blom-Stokstad
He is so high😂
Rosy Tlem
Rosy Tlem 6 soat oldin
Rosy? My name is Rosy
Frej Harboe
Frej Harboe 6 soat oldin
not an angel
not an angel 6 soat oldin
Her upper lip is so weird ew
no drama lama
no drama lama 6 soat oldin
Its little bit strange that he said kylie has tattoo on her lips, which actually kendall has
loud rise
loud rise 7 soat oldin
Lip? Ha!, I bet he was thinking 'bout Kendall!!!
Tibias Kennedy
Tibias Kennedy 7 soat oldin
5:49 I'm a Scorpio
Just your every day random guy
Oh yeah yeah
Bryson Kid_
Bryson Kid_ 9 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Keyanha Crawford-Nguyen
Im. An aqarius
Hiago 9 soat oldin
Diesel Burner
Diesel Burner 9 soat oldin
He clearly doesn’t know her at all lol. He’s just wit her for the fame and to smash lol
FOOTBALL GOD 10 soat oldin
2:28 he on crack
Jeremy Morel
Jeremy Morel 11 soat oldin
She dont even look human her face so fat
Anthony Lagrotteria
Anthony Lagrotteria 11 soat oldin
whats up with her lips
Lydi a
Lydi a 11 soat oldin
*your mans cares more about pbjs than you*
殺しますR3m0ved 12 soat oldin
“Bruce and Kris” LMAO
Summayah Omar
Summayah Omar 12 soat oldin
Kylie: what’s your favourite food that I cook. Travis: peanut butter and jelly sandwich 😂😂😂😂
Lili Bakonyi
Lili Bakonyi 13 soat oldin
Huh huh.. okay -Travis Scott 2018
Marios Karajohn
Marios Karajohn 15 soat oldin
Oh god he is so stupid... and I was listening to sicko mode the other day...
SIKE 15 soat oldin
Wowowowowowo did she serious just says stormporn at 5:25
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Lost so many brain cells watching this
Saniya Amanda
Saniya Amanda 17 soat oldin
Ryan Prasad
Ryan Prasad 19 soat oldin
i love travis wtf
Raisby Rais
Raisby Rais 20 soat oldin
can you please change the title into "plastic surgery ask autotuned 23 question"
Caroline F
Caroline F 21 soat oldin
she looks 36 lowkey
Diana Logan
Diana Logan 21 soat oldin
Whos here after the egg thing on instagram...add me for a follow back @diana_jimenez05
Lucas Carvalho Heredia
Can someone explain me how are those people a couple with a kid? She is a bilionaire.
Veer Sultan Singh
Veer Sultan Singh 23 soat oldin
he's so dumb
Wild Satori Forest
Wild Satori Forest 23 soat oldin
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Shanzay Imtiaz
Shanzay Imtiaz 23 soat oldin
Kylie:DESCRIBE ME USING A WORD. Travis:PLASTIC (Awkward silence) Kylie:AWWW! BABY I LOVE YOU😍😍😂 Travis:FEXS
Ash Clerc
Ash Clerc Kun oldin
I might be the only one thinking they are cute lol
john malave
john malave Kun oldin
Eggcellent video
The USSR Kun oldin
She’s his wife why is she doing this
refine Kun oldin
They’re such a miss match
Jake4ll Kun oldin
kylie pulled a soulja boy when travis said lady
Cardinal Ant888
Cardinal Ant888 Kun oldin
Facts is yur fucken high
JTMonEy Kun oldin
S P Kun oldin
Madelynn Unigarro
My dogs name is Harley
Jessica Wahl
Jessica Wahl Kun oldin
Jesus Christ. It’s like watching paint dry.
Hideri Is Cool
Hideri Is Cool Kun oldin
Ben Phillipp
Ben Phillipp Kun oldin
"Lady" Deaddd😂😂😂😂
leilan.y Kun oldin
is travis scott educated or does he only know “haha...uhhh hah”
Person People
Person People Kun oldin
He was mumbling he whole time
Niall Kun oldin
Two talentless retards.
Galylea Chavez
Galylea Chavez Kun oldin
I didn’t know Kylie’s eyes were green/yellow. I thought they were brown 🤔
Mowz Kun oldin
Is this the sicko mode guy?
Shonnin Kun oldin
Cute couple
GianCarlo Martinez
It’s that sticky icky!!! Grills?
RyanGames BE
RyanGames BE Kun oldin
Kylie : who your gonna call? Travis : Ghostbusters! Me : 911
Haggen daus vinilla is were its at
Daniela Patrocinio
I was laughing at the way he was describing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Elira’s Videos
“Thaths noth a sporth”
H0LY HELL Kun oldin
0:04 AWEEE 😩
Sumit Singh
Sumit Singh Kun oldin
Bhosdika kya maal lekr nikl gaya sala roz 9 inch k deta hai isko tyga bhi deta hai ab johnny bhaiya ko Kylie k saath collab krna chahiye sali ko hilne take ni dega itna chodega
roisin murphy
roisin murphy Kun oldin
Kylies an egg
Leon PlaysGames
Leon PlaysGames Kun oldin
Im Leo
AFC Music
AFC Music Kun oldin
uzvid.com/show-UCQdfh1QjeKxAWN3Pt6c4QSA young cute girl vlogging about healthy lifestyle :D Check it out!!
Patootie -
Patootie - Kun oldin
so unattractive both of them
Mochi Tube
Mochi Tube Kun oldin
The3TSisters Kun oldin
This video inspired us to make a tag video would loved if y’all checked it out
ItzDom Kun oldin
The egg
Jack T0B3
Jack T0B3 Kun oldin
The uh lip *stick*
V3Nomic Kun oldin
Tanvi Kapoor
Tanvi Kapoor Kun oldin
Both of u amazing
harry puttar
harry puttar Kun oldin
How boring are these two. Talk bout being celebrities
code unknown
code unknown Kun oldin
travis scott is high lol
Lia J
Lia J Kun oldin
This is hilarious
Rumo Llc
Rumo Llc Kun oldin
Travis Scott came up! Lol
prerna Kun oldin
Theres a lot of facts in this
Andy Wong
Andy Wong Kun oldin
Ok cool
UglySenpai_ 328
UglySenpai_ 328 Kun oldin
all I could see is her double chin.
Zayden Dickhaut
Zayden Dickhaut Kun oldin
Mizhan Adhikary
Mizhan Adhikary Kun oldin
kylie : what's my gender? travis: Uh......Girl?? Kylie : aww I love you travis : facts
Jianeigh Alexander
Boyfriend of the year☠️😂
Mandarina Kun oldin
My guy smoked before this
Ann Breen
Ann Breen Kun oldin
No matter what your opinion on their relationship is, what's the point in hating on them? If they wanna be fake, let them. If they're real, then good! Let them be in love. But spreading hate and getting into unnecessary drama is not doing anybody any good.
Derek Church
Derek Church Kun oldin
She seems so like 1/2 emotional about Instagram. if i was him i would have said i like being with the person version of you , not the phone version. But i do think he should know more about makeup cause she's the #1 makeup seller
USA Illusionz
USA Illusionz Kun oldin
Travis Scott is legit your average 5 year old
Dwanerz .G. Defoe
Why was the "Pink" colored in Blue?
Fuk Yoself
Fuk Yoself Kun oldin
Poor tyga, I bet he loved her...
Tashan Thomas
Tashan Thomas Kun oldin
He knows Kylie’s favourite ice cream but he doesn’t know her parents name.
Lexi Green
Lexi Green Kun oldin
She says I hope you look at my instagram like they don’t live together
R Sebben
R Sebben Kun oldin
2:02 Travis sounds like Scooby doo
rezteY Kun oldin
¡hE's HIgH!