Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ

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It's the Kylie Quiz, in which Kylie Jenner grills her boyfriend Travis Scott all about herself, their daughter Stormi, and the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Can Travis get all 23 of Kylie's questions right?

Check out Kylie and Travis’ GQ cover story here: gq.com/kylieandtravis
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Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ




17-Iyl, 2018



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Samihah Yasmin
Samihah Yasmin 33 daqiqa oldin
Man this is so boring, but I'm still watching it
Fireamor265 37 daqiqa oldin
Who came here after Pete made the joke about it?
mariz galo
mariz galo 2 soat oldin
Parents at 6:21
evan ahurira
evan ahurira 4 soat oldin
Kylie: what are my products Travis: storm? Kylie: who is the father of my baby Travis:uhmmm..tyga? Kylie:good baby
sunah Kauser
sunah Kauser 7 soat oldin
sunah Kauser
sunah Kauser 7 soat oldin
Stormy is so cute
Freerun BAM
Freerun BAM 7 soat oldin
They are a cuple and he doesnt know like anything about her
Wayne Evans
Wayne Evans 11 soat oldin
Ok, i got to get a life
I just came for Pew News
travis scott has the same birthday as me. i looked it up. taurus buds. april 30th
moreofawave 14 soat oldin
They are absolutely adorable together.
SOUL STONE 15 soat oldin
Tyga be like: i couldve gotten all 23
Rylee Romero
Rylee Romero 16 soat oldin
did homeboy just say cheer ain’t a sport ofnnn tyga come back
Hi 16 soat oldin
5:06 ok ky No
Martini 17 soat oldin
How well do Travis know Kylie Quiz: Kylie: Whats your favorite treat I make for you? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Gisselle Matos
Gisselle Matos 18 soat oldin
There is people who could do better
Gisselle Matos
Gisselle Matos 18 soat oldin
It is not a fact if it was a fact it would be true
Garbage Patrol
Garbage Patrol 18 soat oldin
Travis: She makes the best peanut butter and jelly you know with peanut butter and jelly and the crust cut off Kylie: I really do
Emersyn Handy
Emersyn Handy 19 soat oldin
Did any one see his grill on his teeth
Kelsey_ Wes
Kelsey_ Wes 19 soat oldin
Haha i love when they discussed the makeup products
Kelsey_ Wes
Kelsey_ Wes 19 soat oldin
91 k commentsß
callum aston
callum aston 20 soat oldin
What colour are my eyes 😂
Su Sana
Su Sana 21 soat oldin
Are they couple???????? Wtf he doesnt know her at all. He's not interested in her AT ALL
Tiago Fernandes
Tiago Fernandes 22 soat oldin
9:47 😂😂😂😂
Ece Ucar
Ece Ucar 22 soat oldin
Did they change the question with kendall?
emojination 123
emojination 123 Kun oldin
Cheer Is a real sport for your information
Mutiara Selvia Rambitan
I love how the editor gives some sparkling effect on his teeth lol
Kyle Rajnauth
Kyle Rajnauth Kun oldin
She sound like soldier boy when she said lady
Mariah’s World
He Gotta High 😩
Zara Alvi
Zara Alvi Kun oldin
Ashmaelii I
Ashmaelii I Kun oldin
K: what do I call you T:baby or daddy K:oooh Me:ew
Helena B
Helena B Kun oldin
Travis: *simply knows her eye color* Kylie: *i lOvE yOuUuuUuuuUuuuuUUuu!*
Laura Valencia
Laura Valencia Kun oldin
How did Kanye & Travis become so famous when they’re so stupid?
Life Shortcut 101
He's dumb. That's a fact lmao
The19pumas Kun oldin
Wao wtf was all this i just watched ill never get this time i wasted back faaaaakkkkkk
lulbaby Kun oldin
kylie: what’s one of the nicknames i call you? travis: black? kylie: we’ll give it to him.
The19pumas Kun oldin
Love this comments lmfao
Pslmao Xoxo
Pslmao Xoxo Kun oldin
Kylie is dating a dumb dumb 🤪
Amber Sheilds
Amber Sheilds Kun oldin
Zogamer Kun oldin
I’m also on a flag football team!! I’m a big fan!
tantan abo
tantan abo Kun oldin
Travis is still high
Cassidy Kama
Cassidy Kama Kun oldin
They were talking about PB&J for 7 minutes straight
Sharmel M
Sharmel M Kun oldin
Did they practise flash cards before this???
Marcepan541 Kun oldin
This was so embarrassing to watch.... MY IQ just drooooppppppeeeeeddd
suki nata
suki nata Kun oldin
white bread is white bread ain't nothing different about all the health issues it raises.... happy pb&j lol
Young Kool Aid
Young Kool Aid 2 kun oldin
"it's like the crust is cut off, it's like NO crust - Jacques Berman Webster ll - 2018
Adds Wo
Adds Wo 2 kun oldin
Kylie: what’s my name Travis: uhhhhhhh Kim? Kylie: OMG SO CLOSE BABE. We got to give that to him😍😍😍
Randome Gameplay
Randome Gameplay 2 kun oldin
I used to watch her in gisney chanel on magicians of Waverly place
Marianne Fernendez
Marianne Fernendez 2 kun oldin
7:20 I loved the way she said that lol
soccerguru 4
soccerguru 4 2 kun oldin
He's still a sick editor
respect nip love nip
They are fake
Hdai Hdai
Hdai Hdai 2 kun oldin
Mystical blubber
Mystical blubber 2 kun oldin
Kylie:What is my favorite drink? Travis: Dinosaur Kylie: Oh my god baby, that’s so good!
Ritchel Bernil
Ritchel Bernil 2 kun oldin
Travis pls do some research about kylie. It seems like u still dont know her
bARRY mAnilow
bARRY mAnilow 2 kun oldin
Kylie wear the crow jumper props
Matthew Vanek
Matthew Vanek 2 kun oldin
That’s such a Kardashian/Jenner thing to say. Oh what is your favorite thing I cook for u? He says peanut butter and jelly lol. And she backs it up saying I do make a good pb and j. Lol it takes absolutely no skill to make that and that’s prolly all she does know how to cook.
Jamira Jones
Jamira Jones 2 kun oldin
Are they dating
Jose Denis Molina
Jose Denis Molina 2 kun oldin
No they are related 😂
Kate Soriano
Kate Soriano 2 kun oldin
hahaha I love this couple they act so real in camera and they're like woahh best buddies everrrr hahahah😂😆
Shannel Corbett
Shannel Corbett 2 kun oldin
Nipsey and Lauren did way better...
Justus Keaton
Justus Keaton 2 kun oldin
Not even tryna be mean but this is hella cringy... so dissatisfying to watch after Nipsey and Lauren
Jaime Laffoon
Jaime Laffoon 2 kun oldin
I only came to see this because Pete and MGK toasted them so hard!
Jaime Laffoon
Jaime Laffoon 2 kun oldin
Smoked so much all his brain cells are dead.
Boofy 2 kun oldin
4:27 me during a math test
Big Mo
Big Mo 2 kun oldin
So that’s where Soulja boy got “Draaakkeee drakee?” @0:40
Delyla Luca
Delyla Luca 2 kun oldin
when he said cheerleading isnt a sport i got so triggeredddd
Akademi kebidanan Assyifa tangerang
Ben simmons and kendall jenner please..
Apollo TTVSniper
Apollo TTVSniper 2 kun oldin
3:34 BUTT😂 he sniffing sometings😝
Jason Wilder
Jason Wilder 2 kun oldin
Why the heck am I watching this??
Sijan Grg
Sijan Grg 2 kun oldin
2:30 bro tf you doing trav😂
Knockout The Decepticon
brushing the dust off his pants😂😬😬😬
Adusa Craig
Adusa Craig 2 kun oldin
Did she sound like soulga at 0:35? Or is it just me 😂
Happy Jubilee
Happy Jubilee 2 kun oldin
Those grillz in he’s mouth are exhausting🤪 He can barely talk🤦🏼‍♀️
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith 3 kun oldin
Here for the comments 🤣🤣 ***FACTS***
Ronuto 3 kun oldin
They should do Travis Ask Kylie jenner Questions about him
Vyoma Patel
Vyoma Patel 3 kun oldin
You guys need to get Nick and Priyanka to do this couple's quiz! C'mon GQ he was your most Stylish man of 2018 and u all haven't given him a cover, no interview, nothing. Don't do Nick dirty like that lol. Come through GQ.
Susana Zoque
Susana Zoque 3 kun oldin
Green eyes? LOL They look brown....maybe hazel...and that's pushing it.
Change Color Eye
Change Color Eye 3 kun oldin
Iloveart Iloveart
Iloveart Iloveart 3 kun oldin
Has anyone seen the parody of this Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott question their realationship its hilarious
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 3 kun oldin
I will laugh so hard when they split
Saima Bhuiyan
Saima Bhuiyan 3 kun oldin
Tyga somewhere crying answering the questions faster than Travis
Kacper Sawa
Kacper Sawa 3 kun oldin
10:25 is the funniest
Kacper Sawa
Kacper Sawa 3 kun oldin
No-one: Travis:"Facts"
Kryptic JaoVox
Kryptic JaoVox 3 kun oldin
Kylie : what are my parents birth names Travis : Bruce and Caitlyn Kylie : We'll give it to him
A.T X 3 kun oldin
After watching nipsey and Laura London’s interview this looks pretty terrible in comparison to the bond nipsey and Laura had
Jade McAboy
Jade McAboy 3 kun oldin
Interviewer: why do you want this job Travis Scott: FACTS 😂😂😂
XxnightZaixX F
XxnightZaixX F 3 kun oldin
So Kylie likes pink, I do too. Kim’s dog is sushi
Berget Vistamista
Berget Vistamista 3 kun oldin
Kylie: How many children do we have? Travis: Umm....... 4 Kylie: *oMg sO cLoSe bAbY* Travis: 2! Kylie: We’ll give it to him
Mr Gaby
Mr Gaby Kun oldin
I'm dying bro 🤣🤣
Jonjo Baglad
Jonjo Baglad 3 kun oldin
I think travis has autism.
Justmiss jamey
Justmiss jamey 4 kun oldin
angeli 4 kun oldin
I feel my brain cells dying...with every passing minute... wth is this?
Lexieann 172
Lexieann 172 4 kun oldin
They should’ve had more difficult questions ..
Kreatian1Clan 4 kun oldin
Tyga would rack that city up!! #1clan
Lethukuthula Mlombo
Stormi could be Tygas child ?
Aisha' Washington
Aisha' Washington 4 kun oldin
He doesn’t know her that well 💀
vlad games
vlad games 4 kun oldin
Its love but didnt know about each others..is it for money or just black big d**k
RaZe Cannon
RaZe Cannon 4 kun oldin
whats my name kyle or
Matty Nunkoo
Matty Nunkoo 4 kun oldin
I prefer tyga
tx7750680 4 kun oldin
I have a question for him, How many times have you robbed white people at gun point?
anxiety _
anxiety _ 4 kun oldin
Long long long long long long long long time ago
itzy icis
itzy icis 4 kun oldin
-im sorry,- _i dont ship them._
Kamila Skrodzka
Kamila Skrodzka 4 kun oldin
Ja nic nie rozumiem bo muwie po polsku xd
yofavv promisee
yofavv promisee 4 kun oldin
did he just get a point for answering what his favorite food she makes for him is? i-
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