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hi guys!
hope you enjoy this in depth review and demo of the full lips lip enhancer which can help you create the perfect kylie jenner look!
full lips website : fullips.com
my snapchat : lizzietildesley

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20-Yan, 2016



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truthtoknow Oy oldin
You look like a brunette Alison, haha :D
Az 2 oy oldin
I was born with Kylie Jenner lips Even tho I’m a boy...
Rajiv Ranjan Giri
please share a video on how to create lips like Angelina Jolie
Rajiv Ranjan Giri
please share a video on how to create lips like Angelina Jolie
Beauty3nd _
Beauty3nd _ 5 oy oldin
How long does it stay on like that?
Püppchen Lou
Püppchen Lou 5 oy oldin
What the f*** is f***g wrong with you!!!! You'r totally big-headed!!!!! Ewww
Queen Precious
Queen Precious 5 oy oldin
Talk n talk... Urgh
ayanda magida
ayanda magida 6 oy oldin
were do u buy it and yu talk too much😵
Curly hair don’t care
Carolle Mosquera
Carolle Mosquera 7 oy oldin
Maria Gonçalves
Maria Gonçalves 7 oy oldin
It's pretty cool
I had no ideas for a username So i did this
Half way through the video and she hasn’t done anything
Bethany Shepherd
Bethany Shepherd 7 oy oldin
“It’s just so hot”... *has long sleeve shirt/sweater on and winter scarf. Lol! U r so cute though! Xo!
gary Affinand
gary Affinand 8 oy oldin
White girls out here getting thicker lips to compete in suck dick better looool
Shirley Sandoval
Shirley Sandoval 8 oy oldin
How long does it last
jaja ordi
jaja ordi 8 oy oldin
Hi i love your lip😍
Cheyenne Palethorpe
She starts lip pumping at 5.35
the three
the three 9 oy oldin
5:52 she was starting it
Yohana Sandoval
Yohana Sandoval 9 oy oldin
Bitch u talk to much
Layyllz Ben
Layyllz Ben 9 oy oldin
Like bitch get to the fucking point -.-'
Erika Garcia
Erika Garcia 9 oy oldin
She actually shuts her mouth and uses the damn thing at 550
J Henson
J Henson 10 oy oldin
Your sooo pretty Elle xx
Ntokozo Zoe
Ntokozo Zoe 10 oy oldin
Why do white people like to do this, it just looks painful
deana samoodi
deana samoodi 10 oy oldin
I am watching n i woke up afte few minute.damn i fall asleep
moon light
moon light 10 oy oldin
how many time is it stay so?
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee 11 oy oldin
useless video...
DannyAlion 11 oy oldin
5:50 lip plumping action starts... Saving time, cuz time is money lol.
Amelia B
Amelia B 11 oy oldin
No thanks
Shifa Jan
Shifa Jan 11 oy oldin
she's too talkative oh gosh
Shama Naseer
Shama Naseer 11 oy oldin
You talk too much girl.
Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson 11 oy oldin
I have one of those and your lips start to get smaller as the day goes on LoL
Rimjob Steve
Rimjob Steve Yil oldin
your lips will get smaller and smaller throughout the day
It's the boss sarah pottaya
Just stop talking u look like a monkey in that lip OK and your lip don't look good. Friend how she look?????????
Elle. Yil oldin
It's the boss sarah pottaya lol Shush
Will that plunping of lips be for longer Time interval Because when I tried it it stayed for around like 2 to 3 days
muzicshuttle Yil oldin
What Mac color lipstick 💄 did you use?
Trine Jensen
Trine Jensen Yil oldin
You’re so beautiful and funny 😁
Astrid Pryce
Astrid Pryce Yil oldin
What makeup products did you use for this? brands and shades.. amazing look and video!
Monysza Beauty
Monysza Beauty Yil oldin
you are so beautiful
Lana Dykes
Lana Dykes Yil oldin
Idk wtf crawled up everyone's ass on your comments. You're not annoying they're annoying for wasting there time watching something they found annoying just to be rude to you.
Elle. Yil oldin
Lana Dykes best comment I’ve ever had ! ❤️
G Lynn
G Lynn Yil oldin
Why don't they show someone with thin lips to start with!!?? Not full lips to start !!!
Margaret delacruz
What are you using around your lip ?
elizabeth njj
elizabeth njj Yil oldin
Your lips might burst
Lexy Sweety
Lexy Sweety Yil oldin
Yep Nothing can be inpossible
MinecraftGala Yil oldin
I don't need it I have a big lip
Liz Yil oldin
This video just made me want to never again see a UZvid video to I don't ever waste my time watching shit.
Elle. Yil oldin
Elizabeth Arguello bye then.
Honey Yil oldin
funny how almost every person who uses these devices on youtube already has very big lips to start with.
David Marcus
David Marcus Yil oldin
does it last the night?
Hoor Sheikh
Hoor Sheikh Yil oldin
its permenant ?
Eu não Sei ;-;
Eu não Sei ;-; Yil oldin
I love you ❤❤❤❤
Elle. Yil oldin
thanks girl! xx
Angeleyes Fam
Angeleyes Fam Yil oldin
how long does that last
easy cooking
easy cooking Yil oldin
so fun >
Trang Nguyễn Thùy
buy link: www.ebay.com/itm/112373824793?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
SB42 00
SB42 00 Yil oldin
lol i skipped to what you look like after and freaked a bit. that shit does not look normal. you look great without those goofy looking fish lips. big lips are amazing if you were born with them but always look terrible if you try and fake them. stay natural people.
Carine Bentolef
Carine Bentolef Yil oldin
ridicule...on dirait un poisson
Celeste Hall
Celeste Hall Yil oldin
How the Jenners& Kardashians get full lips- they all suck on KIm's asshole or each other's assholes.
Monica Ramirez
Monica Ramirez 2 yil oldin
Omg ur so annoying
Elle. Yil oldin
and your quite rude
Jsj Kadba
Jsj Kadba 2 yil oldin
very beautiful
Merve Kayaoğlu
Merve Kayaoğlu 2 yil oldin
What is the number of pen and lipstick
Maysa Hazife
Maysa Hazife 2 yil oldin
The most annoying intro ever close up on lips whatttt
Jamie Barrington
Jamie Barrington 2 yil oldin
OMG, your natural lips are seriously perfect & beautifully shaped already! I wish mine looked like that. A word of caution about those lip suctions...they can eventually lengthen the skin between your nose & lips, making them droop. Not a pretty look. You are already gorgeous & a thousand times more beautiful than Kylie Jenner.
Brunner Böhme
Brunner Böhme 2 yil oldin
Parli troppo....
Gentiana Sahiti
Gentiana Sahiti 2 yil oldin
you talk to much bitch
Elle. Yil oldin
bitch? wow - just do the smart thing and click off the video
Arminda Cunha
Arminda Cunha 2 yil oldin
I had to leave because she talks so much about everything and being hot!..who cares...
Cara Hooke
Cara Hooke 11 oy oldin
Arminda Cunha wow she caught u being a hater
Elle. 2 yil oldin
Arminda Cunha glad to hear :)
Soph T
Soph T 2 yil oldin
What's the lip liner and lipstick called? You had it in your video before, came back to watch just to get the name of it again, and it's not in the video anymore lol what happened?
Elizabeth Goff
Elizabeth Goff 2 yil oldin
this bitch thinks she's such hot shit 😂😂
Elle. Yil oldin
I will always appreciate people like you - I agree - don't worry I don't let silly people like that get to me
Haley Tangney
Haley Tangney 2 yil oldin
Elizabeth Goff do you feel better for being unnecessarily rude?
Enry Landtrom
Enry Landtrom 2 yil oldin
too much talking and fooling around gal.
Cara Hooke
Cara Hooke 11 oy oldin
Enry Landtrom actually I think she was being quite polite in saying what she needed to
Elle. Yil oldin
i mean if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all x
Karine 26
Karine 26 2 yil oldin
I love my lips how they are....i dont know why i'm here but...HI ! ^_^ XD
Marilou k
Marilou k 2 yil oldin
Well who cares about the lips..... You are GORGEOUS girl!!!!!!!!! Your videos are super
Firdauz Kader
Firdauz Kader 2 yil oldin
how long before your lips goes down to its natural size???
Esther E
Esther E 2 yil oldin
Que ce soit avant ou après, c'est trop moche ! :-s
Keni Robles
Keni Robles 2 yil oldin
PLEASE tell me what lip liner is that?😍
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 2 yil oldin
Hi Elizabeth! What mac lipliner and lipstick did you use ? what were the exact colors please =) and it looks great on you ! =)
Bé Em
Bé Em 2 yil oldin
What are the color lipstick and liner?
AUTUMN CAT 2 yil oldin
So just suscribed...your accent is lovely. Ok so I bought Candy Lipz and there is a 9 day "training" period for your lips. There is initially some bruising effects. But after watching a video on the one I bought, it does not at all work like it did in the video. She had already been using it but did it right on camera and her lips kept getting bigger. So is there a training period for this one and did you have any discoloration around your lips at all? Can I say that you look great with the fuller lips but I do have to say you already have beautiful lips, a little jealous. But I would buy this product if it's easier than the one I already have. PLEASE respond.....much appreciate.
Flordella Eafford
Flordella Eafford 2 yil oldin
Black Women Lips have Always been Juicy And Natural.... No Temp fix
-Lost Lonely-
-Lost Lonely- Oy oldin
Not mine.
Ta'Nya Morgan
Ta'Nya Morgan 6 oy oldin
Racheal Brown she was saying mostly other races have naturally small lips
Property's Daughter
Flordella Eafford sorry but I can't change THE RACE
Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes 10 oy oldin
I’m white. I have huge lips. Race isn’t a factor. 😂
Rimjob Steve
Rimjob Steve Yil oldin
congratulations for that - but that is not the point here. when women with brown eyes pop in some blue contacts I don't say "oh well, I naturally have beautiful blue eyes". what would be the point?
ANJA TEN HOEVE 2 yil oldin
its so ugly why you plump your lips with that thing.....do you have not enough money to pay fillers or something? its dangerous to for your bloodcondition...and you dont like kylie jenner sorry dont hate its my opinion...
Elle. Yil oldin
If you were smart and looked at my channel I have had lip fillers so instead of commenting rude and unnecessary comments, use your brain a bit next time
ANJA TEN HOEVE 2 yil oldin
look like*
JessiRae Hernandez
JessiRae Hernandez 2 yil oldin
talk less.
Elle. Yil oldin
i mean you don't have to watch if you don't like the video...
U r so beautiful,and ur lips are dope!BTW why r ur nails like that?!♡○♡
Fay Koss
Fay Koss 2 yil oldin
How long do they stay plumped for? Did you have to re-plump throughout the day?
Pop Panda
Pop Panda 2 yil oldin
U r freak !!!!
Elle. Yil oldin
and your quite rude but I mean each to your own
Carla D B Bee
Carla D B Bee 2 yil oldin
It would be good if you jjust started the Turorial.
Elle. Yil oldin
no need to be rude x
Ephy Minh
Ephy Minh 2 yil oldin
you are more beautiful with your natural lips
Ashley Hoogenboom
Ashley Hoogenboom 2 yil oldin
it looked so much better before
Ashley Hoogenboom
Ashley Hoogenboom 2 yil oldin
your teeth shape is sooo pretty
Dennisas Ranas
Dennisas Ranas 2 yil oldin
Dear Elizabeth, first of all thanks for your video, it was amazing! so I subscribed to your channel. I'd like to ask you that which size Lip Enhancer do you use on this video? (Small, Medium or Large). How can I be sure which one is correct one for me? And last question is to how can I get it ? Thank you :))
Dennisas Ranas
Dennisas Ranas 2 yil oldin
Thank you :))
QUEEN APRIL 2 yil oldin
Dennisas Ranas she's using the medium, I just ordered mine today on amazon😭
Mahesh Ghusama
Mahesh Ghusama 2 yil oldin
nice voice nice eyes nice lips🙋💄💽📱📲🔊🎁🚗🍹🍫🍫🍫
Jutta Bergsma
Jutta Bergsma 2 yil oldin
did it leave cupmarks?
Tanja Vasiliev
Tanja Vasiliev 2 yil oldin
where do u have that red help from? u have nice lips however. how long does it last minimum and how long max.? please answere if u can. 💕💖
Tigger Tiggzy
Tigger Tiggzy 2 yil oldin
I'm waiting on mine to get here all the way to perth western aussie lol can definitely see a huge difference i got all three I just wished they lasted longer starting to think the amount of times we might have to plump up maybe the 1 or 2 sessions of injections might be the way to go the amount of different lip plumpers I'm waiting on though is worth a try but obviously everyone's different with the size they like and or want alot of unnecessary negativity more judgmental people on here than i thought she's clearly showing the size they can get to she doesn't say she's obsessed and is the only way to do it there's no other way.. far out 😂😂😂 reading the comments though is almost as bad as a random preaching telemarketer that won't stop calling haha we get the drift why comment if you dont like it its like buying something on the same day demanding a refund because you dont like the color you picked out hahaha i say if it works and you want to give it a go go for it if you like it well thats a winning bonus if you don't well you're not forced to use it the rest of your life 😂 I love the different sizes shapes and looks the one product can give you gives you options which is great can't wait :3 haha
Jas Jas
Jas Jas 2 yil oldin
you r so cute ...look good with both ways
Princess Raven
Princess Raven 2 yil oldin
Her lips. Are. Big
Aziza Yakine
Aziza Yakine 2 yil oldin
Gooosh yr talkin too much... I couldn't even finish the video 😬😬
Cara Hooke
Cara Hooke 11 oy oldin
Elle. No offense...but that’s kinda rude
Elle. Yil oldin
thats cool, don't watch then :)
Nina Taylor
Nina Taylor 2 yil oldin
Bla Bla bla bla bla
Elle. Yil oldin
bit rude
ClementinePure Makeup
I have a question, what happens if you keep doing and then would your mouth wrinkle after months ? its just a question you are really pretty !!! ....
Heather S.
Heather S. 2 yil oldin
You're eyebrows are so pretty
Sandy Samir
Sandy Samir Yil oldin
Donutask your*
Sonnenschein 2 yil oldin
Heather Scheidt I agree, they are perfection in my opinion too!!
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Martin 2 yil oldin
I did not see a change but OK if it makes you happy and it I kinda funny to see people do stupid things for something my family is born with not saying pain is funny but why do this
Raquel Truax
Raquel Truax 2 yil oldin
lol *finishing
Raquel Truax
Raquel Truax 2 yil oldin
just stop talking... not finit the video. you talk too much about nothing...
J Henson
J Henson 10 oy oldin
Elle. I agree x
Amy Niixon
Amy Niixon Yil oldin
you are stunning an I love your accent very sexy haha x
It's the boss sarah pottaya
Raquel Truax it's turn
Elle. Yil oldin
wow thats quite rude
Sanei Trudell
Sanei Trudell 2 yil oldin
Raquel Truax stfu
Abby Brown
Abby Brown 2 yil oldin
What size full lips did you get? it looks like the small oval.
Jhonataan fernandez
"if you guys can see..." i cant see😂😂 you look amazing all natural but the lip enhancer looks very look on you💖lots of love
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