Kylie Jenner Reacts To Stormi Kidnapping Threat | Hollywoodlife

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A new report explains why Kylie Jenner deleted all of her photos of baby Stormi. Plus, we have exclusive details on why Kendall Jenner has been dating both Ben Simmons and Anwar Hadid.
Kylie Jenner, 20, had made daughter Stormi Webster the star of her Instagram account since as soon as her infant was born. She loved showing off her “angel baby” in so many photos, and fans were completely heartbroken when on June 11 she completely erased all pics of her adorable child from her IG. It turns out she’s horrified by some people’s comments calling out her daughter’s looks and others who have threatened to kidnap her baby! “There have been an increasing number of trolls on social media throwing out really horrible insults. It’s been really upsetting for Kylie, because also some of the comments are direct threats to kidnap Stormi,” a source told UK’s The Sun. “Kylie is terrified - she’s stepping up security. She hardly takes Stormi out in public but is now making sure that she’s got protection at all times,” the insider adds.
Read More: hollywoodlife.com/2018/06/11/kylie-jenner-removes-stormi-instagram-pics-kidnap-threats/
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Why Kylie Jenner Is Hiding Baby Stormi | Hollywoodlife




12-Iyn, 2018



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Ava Kate
Ava Kate 29 kun oldin
Someone figure out why Kylie Jenner whistles when she talks! ANNOYING AF
Ruby Barboza
Ruby Barboza Oy oldin
People are ediots for talking smack
Mimi 83
Mimi 83 Oy oldin
Why are you so LOUD?!?
Noor Ria Emilya
Noor Ria Emilya 2 oy oldin
U should not talking about kylie's baby . She have her own reason . But u talking about this shit stuff , wtf man
Rockghostgames 2 oy oldin
I got nothing to say but Egg > kylie jenner Stormi > kylie jenner Egg ? Stormi
Kushal Agrawal
Kushal Agrawal 3 oy oldin
That baby looks like shit just like
Melinda Feliciano
Well stop posting baby pics on social media she knows very well we live in a dangerous world yet she chose to do so anyways thats her dealing she has to deal with. If she does it again she's not so bright.
MelissaStarfall 4 oy oldin
Reasom why she was dating two guys at once..... Well anyone who dates two at once... she a hoe lol
Watermelon Girl
Watermelon Girl 5 oy oldin
Stormi is so cute but you should be showing her without permission kylie deleted the pictures for a reason
KAMILA RBLX 5 oy oldin
Are we done about the kardashians? Everywhere on the news "kardashians this kardashians that" Why? Just take care of yourself and make YOURSELF successful. Your making them rich. And ya'll wonder why your poor 💁😒
vu.bitches liyah
vu.bitches liyah 5 oy oldin
This channel is so fake even barbie be jealous
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott 5 oy oldin
Kylie and KHOLE are the ugly duck
Angela Wynter Palermo
How why would someone want to hurt take a baby?
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg 5 oy oldin
Who would do such a thing That must be so frighting for Kylie Love her so much
ellie_andrews 24
ellie_andrews 24 5 oy oldin
Stormi is so beautiful!👼🏻Xx
Laaiqah Cader
Laaiqah Cader 5 oy oldin
they all are hoes literally sis showing of their body and jumping men are disgusting ....
d and v Tv
d and v Tv 5 oy oldin
why would some one say that stormi and kylie didnt do anything to them
Morgan Britton
Morgan Britton 5 oy oldin
stop showing her face
Rachel Castellano
Don’t show stormi
inaayah Jannah
inaayah Jannah 6 oy oldin
Stormi is the cutest baby period.
Jessie Tyner
Jessie Tyner 6 oy oldin
This is also wrong if someone kidnapps stormi they need to go to jail . Don't kidnapp a child .
Jessie Tyner
Jessie Tyner 6 oy oldin
Dream is the next one to get kidnapped .
MindoriLemojs 6 oy oldin
This shouldn't be called "HollywoodLife." This should be called "The Tea Spilt. "
Shay Shay
Shay Shay 6 oy oldin
Stormi is beautiful so all those hater need to be quiet 🤐
Weave SNATCHED 6 oy oldin
Ali you stupid she deleted her baby pictures and YET you STILL showing every one smhh. and Kylie you are a dumbass you see Cardi protecting her baby by not posting pictures but look at your dumbass smh
ella bleasdale
ella bleasdale 6 oy oldin
Your literally talking about how Kylie doesn't want her beautiful baby girl seen or displayed on the internet,so ummm WHY ARE YOU LITERALLY SHOWING HER BABY?? you need to delete this video right now this is disgraceful !!!!
y_026 6 oy oldin
1:46 heard that autotune???? ROBOTS ARE TAKING OVER
Big Bird
Big Bird 6 oy oldin
Family full of pure idiots.... Dumbest people on the planet, how did you get on TV with zero Talent? Why would you date two guys at once? Oh yeah you're a garbage ass Kardashian....
endorphin chen
endorphin chen 6 oy oldin
Kendall is such a bitch
XxItzJuanxX 7 oy oldin
storm storm be and be burrito
madelinvalerio 7 oy oldin
I would beat the shit out of the person who threatened stormi
Savage Gacha Potato
stop showing Little Stormi! If they wanna kidnap her then stop showing her face
Sis Chanel
Sis Chanel 7 oy oldin
Mind you’re own Business
thay sana
thay sana 7 oy oldin
stormi i such a cute baby why would people threaten to kidnap her wow such idiots
CHICKEN SALTZ 7 oy oldin
Yo this video went for 3:10 and only like 1 minute was about stormi and Kylie and why y’all showing stormi
fbi open up
fbi open up 7 oy oldin
Haven't watched nba in a while have the warriors split? Please tell me they did.
A͓̽. L͓̽. I͓̽. C͓̽. E͓̽
Why do u think she deleted her photos of stormi? So people like u can just repost it?
RoseJedi 7 oy oldin
Why the hell do we care what’s up with some bratty ass snobs who are famous for no reason and are the worst fucking role models for the younger generation, EVER!?!?!!???! The only thing I like is Stormi, but she has a horrible role model as a mom. She’s cute tho
georgia.madison_ KLUE
Why are you guys showing Stormi's face? No hate tho. Thnx for the vid.
Nis S
Nis S 7 oy oldin
One-lips vs Tulips
When you eat Mexican and people think you pregnant : /
Ava Marie
Ava Marie 7 oy oldin
Tbh I think stormi is really cute
Frida Mota
Frida Mota 7 oy oldin
Most of their chisme or gossip is FAKE
Uh oh black msp Usa server MSP
Your trying to make more threats DELETE STORMI's photos on your video you didnt ask her
louupa exe
louupa exe 7 oy oldin
Not big fan of kylie but stormi is so cute
Hmm 7 oy oldin
oooooooommmmmmmmmmllllllllll i hatte this voice
llGoll llAshll
llGoll llAshll 7 oy oldin
Video starts 1:52
Miraculous Cat Noir FanGirl
Stormi is adorable!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
Whakatau Whata
Whakatau Whata 7 oy oldin
Stop showing stormis face if she doesn't want her face to be shown far out😒
Moonlight Games
Moonlight Games 7 oy oldin
Kendall is a thot that’s what ur sayin?
Elle Official
Elle Official 7 oy oldin
Omg your *really* running out of ideas for videos this shit is getting worse and worse.. I bet yall made it all up.
F. J. Blakemore
F. J. Blakemore 7 oy oldin
No offence Kylie, but I can see why they would kidnap Stormi, she's a beautiful girl like her mum.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 7 oy oldin
Stormi cute
sprouse Mami
sprouse Mami 7 oy oldin
Kylie so shook her lip deflated!
Aydeliz Ramirez
Aydeliz Ramirez 7 oy oldin
Stormy is soooooooooooooo CUTE!
KC Marie
KC Marie 7 oy oldin
Bruhhh why was she wearing that to a *KINDERGARDEN* graduation?
Kaisa Hälli
Kaisa Hälli 7 oy oldin
Even if u don’t like Kylie Jenner no one deserves that kind of threat
Golden Kitty
Golden Kitty 7 oy oldin
Kendell jenner is delusional
unicorn power
unicorn power 7 oy oldin
It said million not billion dumbass
Beyza Aleyna
Beyza Aleyna 7 oy oldin
The Voice of this reporter girl is so fucking annoying
Alicia Pinto
Alicia Pinto 7 oy oldin
Stop showing the babies face! Kylie deleted them for a reason you unpleasant rats. (It's a joke stop) But seriously stop showing the photos you idiots. She deleted them so she she has privacy.
Just Me Some Random Girl
Baby stormi is so freaking cute
aceofhearts97 7
aceofhearts97 7 7 oy oldin
I love Kylie with no makeup❤️ She’s gorgeous, and she passed that down😘
Adanna Nwagbara
Adanna Nwagbara 7 oy oldin
It is weird because Kylie and cardi both had there daughters
Nina Nguyen Productions
2:35 look at her waist on the bottom right corner
ready like pastorTroy_- Pettice
I'm sorry but me and my daughter wants stormi here... She's such an cuddle moster.....
William Short
William Short 7 oy oldin
I like how they say that she took her photos of of everything and then go and put pics in the video🙈
rania momari
rania momari 7 oy oldin
Stormy is so cute
rania momari
rania momari 7 oy oldin
No one can kidnap stormy
Cookies n Tea
Cookies n Tea 8 oy oldin
**Kylie reacts to...** = 85% of the video about Kendall and China... WTF
Iris For Life
Iris For Life 8 oy oldin
Anwar is Gigis little brother. (Gigi is Kendalls Bff 😕)
Iris For Life
Iris For Life 8 oy oldin
Bruh try to steal Stormiii stab u with my hot cheetos. Oh and Im not even a big fan of Kylie. I just love her baby. (^-^)
Azraa Dhanshe
Azraa Dhanshe 8 oy oldin
2:42 I'm dyinggg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
cutie pie xx
cutie pie xx 8 oy oldin
the reporter looks like that women from the smurfs
wise 8 oy oldin
Stormi is the most adorable baby ever!
Elizabeth Juma
Elizabeth Juma 8 oy oldin
Kendall is stupid
Kait got it
Kait got it 8 oy oldin
Poor stormy😕
Tri Davis
Tri Davis 8 oy oldin
Kendlle is a thot thats bab cause just move. On
josie lopez
josie lopez 8 oy oldin
She always post her daughter's video in stories.
Jilian Foster
Jilian Foster 8 oy oldin
I feel bad for ky she did nothing wrong but posted a picture it’s sad how people take it so serious and what were they mad about Kylie did nothing to make them mad??
milan jain
milan jain 8 oy oldin
Eratating voice of reporter . Please change the reporter.....
AlsaffarKM _
AlsaffarKM _ 8 oy oldin
Atleast Kylie is a good human being I can totally like and respect her and she bad too so points on that.
Grace Kowalski
Grace Kowalski 8 oy oldin
Guys conspiracy but has anyone noticed that her body guard kinda looks like stormy
Zahra Sarwar
Zahra Sarwar 8 oy oldin
I feel really bad for Kylie coz ik how terrifying it is to be threatened about your kids
Mya Brown
Mya Brown 8 oy oldin
Boring. ........
Belin Romero
Belin Romero 8 oy oldin
Kartrashians are hoes
AddIcted To YouTube
Stormi is sooooo cuteeeeee she was smiling an all that
Isabel Jenkins
Isabel Jenkins 8 oy oldin
109 Billion? I'm pretty sure on the picture it was 109 *Million*
Sxpreme Brooke
Sxpreme Brooke 8 oy oldin
I feel so bad for Kylie she must be stuck in a really hard position right now and why threaten to kidknap her kid that is cruel
yuri yanez
yuri yanez 8 oy oldin
Her baby is sooooo adorable😍 why would you go ahead and try to ruin that😕
ella c
ella c 8 oy oldin
am i the only one who thinks she look like barb from ST
Jackie Harman
Jackie Harman 8 oy oldin
I'm not troll I just am tired off them always on TV mag they irrelevant. too me an anyone else.they have no talent.
Mary Martin
Mary Martin 8 oy oldin
Why is almost everyone on the internet rude man can’t they just let poor Kylie live her life with her baby
Isabella Seynhaeve
Stormi is sooo cute
G I S E L L E ' S J O U R N E Y
2:17 my heart❤❤😭
Gloria Borger
Gloria Borger 9 oy oldin
King kylie
Snatchin ankles
Snatchin ankles 9 oy oldin
Ben is trash
mini pokimane
mini pokimane 9 oy oldin
why the people kidnaping the kids :C
fabulous queen
fabulous queen 9 oy oldin
Stormi is so cute!!!! Every good mom loves their child and protects them. Id do the same thing if i was Kylie. #teamkylie
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