Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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For the mogul and new mom, Kylie Jenner, “the more makeup the better.” Kylie details her extensive beauty routine from inside her Calabasas bathroom. Starting with just a base of moisturizer and chapstick, Kylie shows how she does her lip liner (with her eyes closed!) brows and much more in this comprehensive makeup tutorial.
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Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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27-Iyn, 2018

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yusra edrissi
yusra edrissi 26 daqiqa oldin
What is that eyeshadow palette called
Le rageu
Le rageu 40 daqiqa oldin
Your voice is asmr 😍😂
Tommy Futangolango
Tommy Futangolango 3 soat oldin
Idk what da big deal is, she ain’t een that pretty
Alexa Barbu
Alexa Barbu 5 soat oldin
what foundation is she using?
Tina Faizaan
Tina Faizaan 9 soat oldin
She overlined her lips..
kanyanat grierx
kanyanat grierx 11 soat oldin
whats foudantion she used?
Flo Ra
Flo Ra 12 soat oldin
omg her lips are so weird and there is phenoxyethanol in her makeup kylie cosmetics so disapointed but less all of this i like her
Isabella Bettoni
Isabella Bettoni 13 soat oldin
Her bathroom is big as my bedroom😂😂
Isabella Bedard
Isabella Bedard 16 soat oldin
I kinda wanna do a sudden look cuz I have some meetings in the end and we’re all just like ummm suddle? She got a weird definition of suddle lol love u Kylie! ❤️
MrNutsack100 16 soat oldin
She looks like a clown...
Muhammad Binhasan
Muhammad Binhasan 16 soat oldin
Is that a hickey??
Consider Savage
Consider Savage 17 soat oldin
She's Pretty
Asmr Outlet
Asmr Outlet 20 soat oldin
wow now i wish i was pretty
liz 20 soat oldin
what brushes did she use?
Petmalu Lodi
Petmalu Lodi 23 soat oldin
she and her mother have the same lips..
User 6353839
User 6353839 Kun oldin
Asmr voice
Jhonnattan Lipa
Jhonnattan Lipa Kun oldin
Kylie Jenner's Perfect #Makeup
Gabriela Angelova
What is the foundation she uses in the video? xx
Katie Witherkay
Katie Witherkay Kun oldin
Honestly I would listen to this video while I take a shower
Mayuko .T
Mayuko .T Kun oldin
so cute Kylie❤️⚡️
Lucy Avarda
Lucy Avarda Kun oldin
So glad I don't wear makeup. Looks so complicated and time consuming. Also if I didn't know she was 21 I would think she was like 30. She looks so much older
Tits øut før the bøys
7:26 stfu we all know it wasn't makeup 😂 (no hate she seems nice)
hesah ibrahim
hesah ibrahim Kun oldin
cute 💜🌚
Yasemin Lizbeth Rivera Vigo
I love you Kylie, you are the best of all ... I hope to meet you some day ... you are beautiful and your makeup is perfect. Kisses for your baby Stormi adore her.
Amy Arellano
Amy Arellano Kun oldin
omg my legs feel so soft right now I just shaved
Elisa Angela
Elisa Angela Kun oldin
O ruim é que eu nem entendo nada kkkk
princess ok1999
princess ok1999 Kun oldin
When she said "Im kylie for anyone who doesn't know" had a smurf like "girl please everyone knows me "
Never Back down
Never Back down Kun oldin
Imagine if guys wore makeup. Chicks would be treating us like royalty
lily ayers
lily ayers Kun oldin
Also she looks like Venessa Hudgens💕
lily ayers
lily ayers Kun oldin
I think it is so cool how most makeup artists are snobby and full of theirselves but Kylie is so humble and kind. I really don’t understand why people hate her.
Luciana Gonçalves
Ugly lips ....
وتستمر الحياة
John Treiber
John Treiber Kun oldin
her shower is probably the size of my room
isabelle 2 kun oldin
Why is she so quiet
Carla Beechem
Carla Beechem 2 kun oldin
Subscribe to me !! 😘😘
zakia parveen
zakia parveen 2 kun oldin
i luv u kylie..u are soo down to earth and seems a woderful person..i wish i could meet you
Shahma Sheikh
Shahma Sheikh 2 kun oldin
i dont understand why people hate kylie, she's so down to earth
Aisha Yuwono Athifa
Guys is her choose to do plastic surgery or not,please dont jugde she,she happy in her way,she choose that way so.... what,it doesnt destroy your life right,please she have heart to.
Zealline Virginia
Zealline Virginia 2 kun oldin
stop mumbling
Gigantes HND Internacional
mi hijita andrea carrera es muchoo mas guapita que esa cholona, agreguenla xfa muaaa , besos y ella es muy linda pero se caga mucho,tiene 15 años
Suhani Kapur
Suhani Kapur 2 kun oldin
her voice is so soothing
Irlanda Gutiérrez
Irlanda Gutiérrez 2 kun oldin
I don’t speak inglish so good. Can someone tell me whats kaylie’s say about your lashes and mascara?! Please 🙏🏻
95 losa
95 losa 2 kun oldin
THIS is *NOT* confidence. Confidence is loving the skin you're in, women have got it all backwards. Plus those lips look so bad without anything.
Ten_Illustration 101
I'm not a fan of her, but her voice is really relaxing 😁 Only reason I watch this video 😂
btsvelvet tus patrones
Olivia Palomino
Olivia Palomino 3 kun oldin
please blend the bottom half
A 3 kun oldin
and here I am sitting on my bed in a room that's 10x smaller than her shower
juno young
juno young 3 kun oldin
Hana Shalaby
Hana Shalaby 3 kun oldin
for everyone who dOeSn’T kNow
MTB_Kunoichi 3 kun oldin
her lips look disgusting tbh uneven as if a bee stung her on several spots in the lips i cant believe that people aspire to have lips like her so fake and ugly yuck
Tumblr Girl
Tumblr Girl 3 kun oldin
Her voice💗💋
Jayda A
Jayda A 3 kun oldin
Kylie's pallet😍
angelica c
angelica c 3 kun oldin
She has a really nice bathroom I wish I had that lol 😂
Monse Mendiola
Monse Mendiola 3 kun oldin
Her voice is so relaxing 😩
Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II 3 kun oldin
She’s ugly without makeup
Noémie 2 kun oldin
All girls are beautiful and unique
Loser ._.
Loser ._. 3 kun oldin
I know she's "problematic", but I low-key think she's pretty
jxta mae
jxta mae 3 kun oldin
Olive Roon
Olive Roon 3 kun oldin
My whole house could fit in that shower
Tani Robin
Tani Robin 3 kun oldin
I hate how envious I am of her. Plastic surgery or not...she is gorgeous. 😩😩😩
Πολυξένη Βαρυπατη
Why are you whispering? I can't hear anything
Joseph De Asis
Joseph De Asis 3 kun oldin
Joana Áurea
Joana Áurea 3 kun oldin
she looks so much better now
SHEWALLL ! 3 kun oldin
Bu kadın neden fısıldayarak konuşaiii?.
Nevaeh Foisy
Nevaeh Foisy 3 kun oldin
I wish she was more detailed with the brow part
Ariel Randall
Ariel Randall 3 kun oldin
I keep getting an add for the bare skin project hahahaha
Loser ._.
Loser ._. 3 kun oldin
Orchestra mojo
Orchestra mojo 3 kun oldin
I’ve only just started watching Kylie and honestly she is so amazing and so beautiful with and without makeup
liliana segura
liliana segura 3 kun oldin
such a beautiful face
Laurie Latimer
Laurie Latimer 4 kun oldin
Very nice! I enjoyed how candid she is!! 😀💕👏🏻
Richard Maldonado
Richard Maldonado 4 kun oldin
Kendall is so much prettier and natural, it's not an onion, it's the truth.
WhatTheHell 4 kun oldin
Is it just me... Or are her lips looking like they struggled for a few weeks... Well. Not my tea. Hers. Gonna drink mine.
Amy mehri
Amy mehri 4 kun oldin
I don’t like her. She looks fake ,Especially her lip.
I don’t know
I don’t know 4 kun oldin
That sofa in her bathroom probably cost more than everyone’s rent
SweetXtract 4 kun oldin
Even though I like her personality, I think her lips still look unnatural. It could be worse, of course. I enjoyed the video though. 👍
Angeline Draws
Angeline Draws 4 kun oldin
her shower is like the size of my bedroom tf
David Bustam
David Bustam 4 kun oldin
I'm coming here just to turn off my brain
Rita De Cássia C.
Rita De Cássia C. 4 kun oldin
Rose-N 4 kun oldin
she should show how she does her hair like she has here 😍✨
Kylie Cosmetics
Kylie Cosmetics 4 kun oldin
I wash my hair 3 times a week
Cindy Sin
Cindy Sin 4 kun oldin
Can’t stand that brush shaking 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
Miss Vix
Miss Vix 4 kun oldin
(Joke) she took a lot of surgeries for this
Kylie Cosmetics
Kylie Cosmetics 4 kun oldin
Tnx for ur joke
Bridie Perrott
Bridie Perrott 4 kun oldin
Your I browse are sooo bom
princes blue 256
princes blue 256 4 kun oldin
Pretty Fancy
Pretty Fancy 4 kun oldin
I have one "seat" in my bathroom, it is also white..... But mine flushes!! Hope no one gets confused in her bathroom.
Jennifer Dyer
Jennifer Dyer 4 kun oldin
Her makeup palette looks like the McDonald's sign LOL
Suzie 4 kun oldin
New to youtube! you guys should watch and subscribe if you guys want:)
Isabella Henderson
Isabella Henderson 5 kun oldin
Lowkey asmr
Danni reynolds
Danni reynolds 5 kun oldin
It look like she don’t know what she’s doing
Dream catcher
Dream catcher 5 kun oldin
It sounds so arrogant when she says "I'm Kylie for anyone who doesn't know"
Ani Nur Mariam
Ani Nur Mariam 5 kun oldin
I don't hate her .. I'm not fan ... But the title is make me think... Guide to confidence ???? Wait .. I don't mind she give guides to confidence but what she did for her lips and bottoms and body .. If she confidence person why she need to surgery for lips butt and body ??? I saw her old videos before surgery.... She is so beautiful, young and cheerfull. But yeah it's her own choice what to do in her body. Just kinda sad
Ronald James
Ronald James 5 kun oldin
I wish her mom would do one. I’m smitten with her. Corey better watch his back.
davisneves 5 kun oldin
hidden girl sitting by the camera, you can see the top of her head in the mirror & her full face wearing glasses in the highlighter's reflection
Sukhmanpreet Hunjan
I love Kylie ❤️
m ali rahimi
m ali rahimi 5 kun oldin
Isabel Phillips
Isabel Phillips 5 kun oldin
Why did she call her dad he - anyone else does it and you’re crucified
Stefanny Gomez
Stefanny Gomez 5 kun oldin
Beautiful! Blush!💖
katie w
katie w 5 kun oldin
her voice is satisfying af
Bleach Drinker
Bleach Drinker 5 kun oldin
is that icarly
karli 5 kun oldin
thought this was dani cohn.. lol
YoseLin Muñoz
YoseLin Muñoz 5 kun oldin
song ??