Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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For the mogul and new mom, Kylie Jenner, “the more makeup the better.” Kylie details her extensive beauty routine from inside her Calabasas bathroom. Starting with just a base of moisturizer and chapstick, Kylie shows how she does her lip liner (with her eyes closed!) brows and much more in this comprehensive makeup tutorial.
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Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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27-Iyn, 2018



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asfa kamal
asfa kamal Soat oldin
She look like jacqueline
Sihle Dibakwane
Sihle Dibakwane 3 soat oldin
She's so fun😂😂
Lily Kyra
Lily Kyra 4 soat oldin
Could she be wearing any more make up?? She has about 100 steps to her make up routine and it's so obvious she is incredibly insecure about how she looks
Jade Wells
Jade Wells 9 soat oldin
Who doesn’t know who Kylie isss???? First 5 seconds in the video lmao 😂
celeste Arroyo
celeste Arroyo 11 soat oldin
Malak Elwishy
Malak Elwishy 11 soat oldin
was i the only one to notice she was holding her sleeve the whole vid
Domenica Zumba
Domenica Zumba 13 soat oldin
Kylie is very beautiful 😍😘😗
Marina M.a
Marina M.a 14 soat oldin
Love her voice.so sweet.😴😴she can make asmr videos.
Maria Eduarda Campos
Maria Eduarda Campos 14 soat oldin
Socorro! Gente como a gente real! Pegou o pote de pó caro pra poder fazer mistura hahaha ameii
Bruna Miséria
Bruna Miséria 17 soat oldin
esses gringos nem precisam tampar manchas pq eles n tem
Amanda Leite
Amanda Leite 19 soat oldin
Eu só não consigo entender como ela é ícone de beleza
indie 22 soat oldin
She is kinda cute. She loves her daughter, that's so sweet.
Quetta Power
Quetta Power 22 soat oldin
Funny, I all thought she'd be a tomboy. Purtty.
Virginia Jimenez Caliani
Todo mentira
Arianator Forever`
sherrysynthesis Kun oldin
What foundation??
yyxy \
yyxy \ Kun oldin
Sofia Jan
Sofia Jan Kun oldin
Kylie u have a mirror next to u are you wearing pants
Disappointment :/
why is she so quiet? she mumbles a lot. shows the lack of effort she puts in and how lazy she is
Maciele Monteiro
Sou a única brasileira?! Socorroooooo kkkkkkk
Jessica Santos
Jessica Santos 19 soat oldin
Eu tbm kkk
Olivia Forbes
Olivia Forbes Kun oldin
how much do yall bet jordyn isn’t helping with the swatches and brows anymore?😂
Cammy K
Cammy K Kun oldin
Does anyone know what foundation she uses here???
Lucinda Luella
Lucinda Luella 2 kun oldin
Everyone does eyeshadow first on the vids yet I always do foundation first
Lucinda Luella
Lucinda Luella 2 kun oldin
I always use my fingers too #eyeshadowhacks
Tiffany Mathis
Tiffany Mathis 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks she looks better with bigger lips?
Tayssa Cristine
Tayssa Cristine 2 kun oldin
Não entendi quase nada do que ela disse porém assisti tudo
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Harshashri Ramesh
Harshashri Ramesh 3 kun oldin
did anyone see stromi just chilling in the background?
Broken Heart
Broken Heart 3 kun oldin
*Jordyn wHOE?!!😂*
Australia First Home
She doesn't know how to apply make up
Taehyung Asmina
Taehyung Asmina 3 kun oldin
No offense her natural lips looks so good... maybe cuz of watching too many CDramas but her whole lips shape and color is so pretty!
Natalie Ann Rivera Parrish
What happend with your lips???? 🙄
Thales Henrique
Thales Henrique 3 kun oldin
instagram: Spacekylie
Emery Brigham
Emery Brigham 3 kun oldin
Kylie’s Guide to Lips: PUMP EM FULL OF SH- Use 6 different colors.
Zümre Seyhan Kızılay
This is my wedding make up 😁
Gabriela De Muylder Lanza
Eva Maria
Eva Maria 3 kun oldin
Jordan now I don’t need you
Creation 927
Creation 927 4 kun oldin
She looks HORRIBLE without makeup.. all pumped up in her face
Nike Girl
Nike Girl 4 kun oldin
She seems so cute haha lol😂❤️
Your Bitch
Your Bitch 4 kun oldin
My face be like 😬
Lin Palacio
Lin Palacio 4 kun oldin
Her lips are horrible.
EVE LA 4 kun oldin
her nails are so iconic💖😍
UnikittyT101 4 kun oldin
It honestly looks like you had for to much plastic surgery done on your face and you say you want to look natural but your makeup makes you look extremely caky
Paola Castiliere Paola
I love vogue 😍😘
Yulissa Cifuentes
Yulissa Cifuentes 4 kun oldin
She has such a sweet, smoothing voice!!
Danny aesthetic
Danny aesthetic 4 kun oldin
you can't have confidence if your FAKE 😑
Sarah Leyva
Sarah Leyva 4 kun oldin
Kylie is so pretty!! 😍😍💜
Vanitha Mathivanan
Vanitha Mathivanan 5 kun oldin
Girl, where are the freckles you were talking about?
ray washington
ray washington 5 kun oldin
Great tips. The Washington's
J Berns
J Berns 5 kun oldin
Does anyone know what foundation she uses?
Andrea Jandova
Andrea Jandova 5 kun oldin
The lips are horible..... She is not pretty
Zen Chen
Zen Chen 5 kun oldin
Why does she remind me of michael jackson?
16k subscribers 1,000,000 views
say what you want about kylie but she is gorgeous😍😍😍
Saima Bhuiyan
Saima Bhuiyan 5 kun oldin
Are you wearing wig?
Sara xox
Sara xox 3 kun oldin
She's wearing extensions
Ella _Chan
Ella _Chan 6 kun oldin
four squirts of that * literally squirts our the whole bottle of foundation*
Khadi Haramain
Khadi Haramain 6 kun oldin
Kylie's skin looks pretty red, not exactly flawless. So she is just like any one of us. Make up does wonders, really.
Moonmaiden 6 kun oldin
Is it just me or does it actually look like she had acne on her chest?
Selina B
Selina B 6 kun oldin
9:03 wtf... isn’t she supposed to be alone
ربانزل A
ربانزل A 6 kun oldin
شكد احبهه😭😭😍😍
Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly
Is that a robe....... or???
Linh Dinh
Linh Dinh 7 kun oldin
you can see someone in the highlighter mirror 9:05
patty cakes
patty cakes Kun oldin
It's herself!
souls 4 kun oldin
but she’s in front of a window?????? that’s hella creepy
Linh Dinh
Linh Dinh 7 kun oldin
someone is in the bath tub
Organic Corn
Organic Corn 7 kun oldin
You can literally see it
Dilshad Ahmad
Dilshad Ahmad 7 kun oldin
Sandy Young
Sandy Young 7 kun oldin
I don't know how old she is but she looks older than all her sisters.
Emma F
Emma F 7 kun oldin
I bet Kylie watches this now and is like not no more sis 👸🏽💪🏻❤️🏡
Dunia García
Dunia García 7 kun oldin
OMG!!! To much make up for me!! Her face is perfect, why she use a lot of make up???!!!😞
Sara xox
Sara xox 3 kun oldin
A lot of people don't wear makeup because they feel unattractive, they wear it because they like to do it and it's their hobby
Dunia García
Dunia García 3 kun oldin
+Giovanna Lopes obviously! and because she wants all of us to buy her, that amount of makeup that she sells.sorry my english is not good. 😊
Giovanna Lopes
Giovanna Lopes 3 kun oldin
And because she likes to use
Giovanna Lopes
Giovanna Lopes 3 kun oldin
Dunia García because she wants
Alexa Saucedo
Alexa Saucedo 7 kun oldin
I fell asleep not because it was boring
Priscilla CSilva
Priscilla CSilva 7 kun oldin
she's so ugly!!!! Omg!! shocked!
potato chips
potato chips 7 kun oldin
what foundation was that
heather holyland
heather holyland 7 kun oldin
Worse lip job I’ve ever seen ! Sooo uneven 😬 .. sweet voice though ☺️
Kathryn Tutorials
Kathryn Tutorials 7 kun oldin
And 10:37
Kathryn Tutorials
Kathryn Tutorials 7 kun oldin
Pause at 8:00
Crystal Henry
Crystal Henry 7 kun oldin
Why is her lips looking funny??? They not even...hmmm
Kacchan Sama
Kacchan Sama 7 kun oldin
She's so pretty without makeup, Really
Anna Rodrigo
Anna Rodrigo 8 kun oldin
Anyone knows what lip products they use? Those that look nude?
Evangel Anyanwu
Evangel Anyanwu 8 kun oldin
Kylie lovely tips as well as products. But I believe the camera does the most job in these videos. Can’t wait to get a drsl
Παναγιωτα Μαζιανιτη
Kylie is beautiful without makeup too
amelia R
amelia R 8 kun oldin
Where’s her freckles gone
Anonymous ___
Anonymous ___ 8 kun oldin
have you guys noticed that she flicks her hand a lot while she has a brush ??
Hechizo de Luna Vega
Se ve hermoso el maquillaje pero en definitiva no me gusta pambasearme de maquillaje
Jess Harvey
Jess Harvey 8 kun oldin
she actually does look llike a bratz doll
Jess Harvey
Jess Harvey 8 kun oldin
i'd be so funny if stormi was a tomboy and hated makeup
Manjusri Manjusri
Manjusri Manjusri 8 kun oldin
Deadshot Vince
Deadshot Vince 8 kun oldin
Still love you though
Deadshot Vince
Deadshot Vince 8 kun oldin
Nganu Hiwe mana imo lips
Deadshot Vince
Deadshot Vince 8 kun oldin
What happens to your lips
T W 8 kun oldin
All the comments are about Jordyn 💀💀💀💀
Rick _ Of _ Wason
Rick _ Of _ Wason 8 kun oldin
It's So Beatiful
Jäger From GSG9
Jäger From GSG9 8 kun oldin
Dawg she said “ I blend it really good”
ReannaAsh 8 kun oldin
What foundation is that
I will have Grayson After I will get Ethan
She’s just so.... boring
Savanha Cassidy
Savanha Cassidy 8 kun oldin
Love uuuuuuu
Jessica Quinones
Jessica Quinones 8 kun oldin
I'm now convinced that someone in her bath tub 9:04 is there helping her out lol
Maria Od
Maria Od 5 kun oldin
Jessica Quinones lmao
Taleigha J
Taleigha J 8 kun oldin
I feel like kylie is insperational and people always try to putt her on the spot but at the end of the day she is a celeb and this is honestly the realist it can get for our vew and people are always like oh ya she fake her but FAKE like okay maybe it is but that doesnt define the kind of person she is
Rere Narine
Rere Narine 9 kun oldin
Love your makeup
Aaliyah Mangueira
Aaliyah Mangueira 9 kun oldin
Kylie who doesn't know you?😹
Klaas H
Klaas H 9 kun oldin
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