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We go inside Kylie Jenner's new home and discuss her recent design admirations with her mom Kris Jenner. We see photos of her new glam room along with the chair she hijacked from Kim and Kanye.
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Kylie Jenner Talks About Her New Home with Kris | Architectural Digest




5-Fev, 2019



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Kat BeWitched
Kat BeWitched 7 soat oldin
Too much chat and not enough of the architecture and decor.
Jazmin Jimenez
Jazmin Jimenez 18 soat oldin
Too much filler on her chin and cheeks
najima El jalti
najima El jalti 19 soat oldin
My dare one day you are going to leave it all behind and go with nothing in you grave.
Jihanna Hainé
Jihanna Hainé 23 soat oldin
pause at 2:52 and look at *Kylie's face* lol I don't understand why people think she's beautiful when her face is so weird because of all those injections and implants she has ON HER FACE like wtf
I don’t think Kylie understood the question; “what would you never buy a house without?” And she talked about how she hates houses with loads of windows....🙄
Vanessa Krugman
Vanessa Krugman Kun oldin
She is so ugly!
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor Kun oldin
does anyone know the song at 1:08?
Yocomment Kun oldin
This sucks if don't show at least a picture of the room as you talking about it.
BRANDON Engler 2 kun oldin
Is that OJ Simpsons daughter? They look alot alike.
Nick Davila
Nick Davila 3 kun oldin
tornado fukka eartg quake
Nick Davila
Nick Davila 3 kun oldin
Rest is fruity game room fire
Mike F
Mike F 4 kun oldin
So wasteful
Raymond Kingi
Raymond Kingi 4 kun oldin
Needs more if the hose showen its like a Kris and Kylie interview i wana see the design of the house to much of them
Jihane Meziane
Jihane Meziane 5 kun oldin
"Most people your age have no idea" nor money nor architects or amazing interior designers
Erin 6 kun oldin
I think ur all taking ur money for granted. If I had ur money I would donate and not talk about how my house looks.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 7 kun oldin
Kylie: “Here’s my mom” Kris: “KrIS JEnnErr!!”
Alistair Wright
Alistair Wright 7 kun oldin
If I had that amount of money I’m sure I’d get someone to do everything for me with only me informing them my ideas and what I’d want done. “Urgh it’s too much effort and I just can’t be arsed”
Magick 7 kun oldin
There's nothing wrong with being born into a rich family. Most of you wished ur was rich too... If you're rich obviously you'll have the advantage... Most of Ur that is hating on her might let the money go far up Ur head if Ur was rich
Faranak Peart
Faranak Peart 8 kun oldin
I love the way this young girl behaves towards her mother. The other sister, the model, is very rude and aggressive towards her mum!!! I don't care who these people are but you've got to be respectful, kind and nice to your mum.
sarah kerr
sarah kerr 8 kun oldin
I want the name of Kris’s plastic Surgeon! She’s 60 something and she looking 30 something
Yichuan Xu
Yichuan Xu 9 kun oldin
The taste is...uhhhhh
Eliza Ngufor
Eliza Ngufor 9 kun oldin
Why do people hate kylie Jenner? I love her so much
Stickapot 10 kun oldin
talk about rooms but dont show picture so dumb
m. mache
m. mache 10 kun oldin
Darling you deserve to be in place you looks Absolutely stunning beautiful gorgeous charming yong Artists love you public sector voted 200k like Congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on UZvid. Mo?
bust down lydiana
bust down lydiana 11 kun oldin
The way kris said “kris Jenner” at 0:04 is hilarious to me
Jonny Richardson
Jonny Richardson 12 kun oldin
I thought it meant they were moving in together from the title 😂
lawmaker22 12 kun oldin
Kris is bussines genius, she created fortune out of nothing, useing her daughters who do nothing... Remmember, they are rich because milions of you buys and watch their stuff
Elyssae 13 kun oldin
all that money and ALL THOSE ROOTS KYLIE GIRL
Torrie 14 kun oldin
IMO it looks fun...colors make people happy
Jade Welch
Jade Welch 14 kun oldin
Did she really have Magnum and Trojan condom art? Lol. Her house looks great. I did like her family room with that swing though. I would have never have thought of that. Her house is both mature, yet fun and young too.
Isabella Rosenzweig
Isabella Rosenzweig 15 kun oldin
ok im just gonna say I love her design style, I know a lot f people don't but I think it's really cool and out of the box
Chip Douglas
Chip Douglas 16 kun oldin
Spoiled brat bragging about her new home 👎🏻
Hannah Helton
Hannah Helton 17 kun oldin
Bottom line, this is what putting all your value in looks and money looks like.
mj g
mj g 19 kun oldin
2:19 she didn’t answer the question but ilu still
Miriam Sosa
Miriam Sosa 19 kun oldin
Kylie, please! Pleaseee! do something for the animals please!!
Mars S
Mars S 20 kun oldin
"I would NEVER buy a house on stilts!" ...Has she never heard of flooding before?? Or title waves? Or hurricanes? THAT'S what stilted houses are for. They're actually quite useful in places like the Florida Keys.
Unaltered Beauty
Unaltered Beauty 23 kun oldin
This looks like an oversized child's room or dorm. If this isn't a clear sign that she is still a child playing an adult, I don't know what is.
niyona howell
niyona howell 25 kun oldin
This definitely turned into a interview thing and flashes of the home LOL ok.....
Clare Doee
Clare Doee 25 kun oldin
KRIS VOICE CRINGING AF 😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Kimberly k
Kimberly k 26 kun oldin
Kimberly k
Kimberly k 26 kun oldin
Kimberly k
Kimberly k 26 kun oldin
Kimberly k
Kimberly k 26 kun oldin
Starflower 27 kun oldin
What is the point of talking about Kyle's home but not showing it? Pointless
jean junior jacques
jean junior jacques 28 kun oldin
get up girl to move on. I need to check different water paints. the most classical one. choising to decorate my appartement. with an artistic look completely antique and modern in the same time.
I_defy_gravity 28 kun oldin
I want to see the whole house lol...but you know how Kylie is. She loves to build suspense, and wants every thing to be exclusive.
playlists Oy oldin
Those stupid pill prints aboce that lame sofa .. why oh why
playlists Oy oldin
Money doesnt buy taste
beautiful heart
Why is kris still calling her self jenner, she got divorce from Bruce
Hey Hi
Hey Hi Oy oldin
Why is everyone such haters
nuru Kanja
nuru Kanja Oy oldin
Is this about discussion, thoughts of her home but we not seeing it...gurlllll...nooooooo
Kim’s Life
Kim’s Life Oy oldin
Never shows house stupid
Knees and Toes
I am digging her mom’s blazer though... the material, the shoulders.. I am living for it.
mecaí Oy oldin
this channel has more subscribers than dani cohn lmfaoaoaoo
AJ Oy oldin
how do you find the sound track on this video?
The Hapa Vegan
So many sad hateful people in the comments 🤦🏿‍♀️🤣😂.
vanilla- champagne
I’m sorry. But kylie has no idea! HORRIFIC INTERIOR!
Mommy o
Mommy o Oy oldin
😮 Dame, how theses RICH people live in glits and glamour and some dont have food to eat. Sometimes i tell myself gods no fair. Seriously, some of us suffer to pay bills and put food on the table while these people make pillows from $$ . Kyle self made billionaire pay off my $20,000 credit card bill so i can sleep in piece. 😂 🙏
alicia ali
alicia ali Oy oldin
Why she forgets her other mother kaitlyn?
jaycitay Oy oldin
LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
AD...like, you gotta cut to everything they talk about otherwise why are we here?
Dolan twin fan
2:52 the face kylie makes lol 😂😂😂
Amelia Oy oldin
I havent seen kylie this pale since a long time ago lol she looks REAL
Joey Midgley
Joey Midgley Oy oldin
Itskevin Martin
Wow homes plural I can’t even barely afford the dollar menue at McDonald’s🙃🤭😭😢#brokelife
Nicoleta Marcu
Meanwhile in 3rd world countries. Smh.
Nikki Reign
Nikki Reign Oy oldin
Everybody stop buying their crap and giving them your hard earned money and making them rich. There are real people and families across the country that can put your money to better use than these women using it to pay for their plastic surgeries, fillers and fat transfers.
Classic Autumn
"You guys should probably get going" says the ungrateful Kylie to her mother who she owes EVERYTHING to.
Classic Autumn
Kylie's still waiting on that personality donor I see.
Roisin O Donnell
Kamilla Iqbal
Kamilla Iqbal Oy oldin
Instead of leaving nasty comments or being rude or jealous, be happy for people who are successful no matter how easily they got their money.
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez Oy oldin
Useless video !!! They didn't even show the house !!!
First Last
First Last Oy oldin
80% of the art was influenced/chosen by Travis Scott. as long as it matches the pink monochromatic colour scheme
Aros San
Aros San Oy oldin
Each of my homes... does anyone else heard that?
Rudy Cantu
Rudy Cantu Oy oldin
Has to agree with Chris.... Neeewver buy a house on stilts
Hildebrunn Oy oldin
Wow, where are they from ? Silicon planet or something like this ?
kyt cam
kyt cam Oy oldin
it's a bit appalling how they judge stilts and its capabilities, saying it's earthquake prone just makes u want to educate them
Cold German Beer
The fact that such brain dead people could end up with so much money is a reflection of just how brain dead our culture is.
nancy oden
nancy oden Oy oldin
I’m in agreement with Kylie..I do not like a bunch of windows..I want privacy...if I want to look outside I’ll open the door and go out there..Of course some windows but a home is a refuge to me. A place to escape the outside world..
Bouchra Jama
Bouchra Jama Oy oldin
I feel stupid But When u divorce dont u go back to your own family name for the wife ???
Mickey #ikky khadashian 4u
Sand Angel
Sand Angel Oy oldin
Is this a Kris Jenner interview? Where’s the tour? The one Kourtney did was really stiff too.
mo brown
mo brown Oy oldin
She is not self made but those Hollywood peeps be hating they are like we had to smash Harvey Weinstein and we still poor lol, Kris be like I made billionaire haha lol
peace pot
peace pot Oy oldin
Kylie is me, except I’m poor 😂
tricksie88 Oy oldin
The video should be titled: Kylie and Kris discuss Klyie's new come. They way it's written makes it sound like they own the home together
Misses Corso
Misses Corso Oy oldin
Omg I love kris Jenner . She’s the most beautiful . I love her hair
Soňaaa is my name
Why would you stop from buying a house? -Too expensive But I guess they can't relate to that😕
Yifan Hu
Yifan Hu Oy oldin
those art works are bad taste
nemmo latty
nemmo latty Oy oldin
3.13 giant condom packets on your bar wall who knew thats art....im obviously out of touch
Irma Quinones
Irma Quinones Oy oldin
The look she gives her mom when she says the one you hijacked from Kim and kanye😭🤣
Tequila Smith
Tequila Smith Oy oldin
Kylie looks just like bride of Chucky.
Dorit Levi
Dorit Levi Oy oldin
I just don't understand on thing - the interview was in her house and she talks about her rooms, why didn't she just showed us the rooms Instead of talking about them?
Dorit Levi
Dorit Levi Oy oldin
Say what you wanna say , But Kris looks much better then Kylie on this interview
MikeyMom _5
MikeyMom _5 Oy oldin
its amazing how pale they are right now but anything other time they look latina
Goethe Faust
Goethe Faust Oy oldin
What do you mean with no idea?? Jup they know about ethics and morals but unfortunately don't have the damn money.
Rudy Cantu
Rudy Cantu Oy oldin
Such mature style: Trojans on the wall pills in frames "art and design" LMFAO
George F
George F Oy oldin
The most plastic family in America.
Vanessa Lee
Vanessa Lee Oy oldin
I love stormi 😂❤️
Cars n cows • r Cool
at 0:13 she sounded scary
Courtney Guillard
Fireplace fireplace fireplace
Cr G
Cr G Oy oldin
The success of Kylie Jenner just shows how gullible teenage girls are. I have never heard any interview in which this young woman says anything beyond "this is the best", "this is my favorite". She looks flawless, but then who wouldn't with a team of glam experts behind your every move. It's sad to see that this is the role model of so many young woman. What a shallow, plastic society.
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