Kylie Jenner ultimate lip plumping tutorial using Candylipz and Fullips

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Hey guys this is Pt.2 of my Kylie Jenner pink inspired tutorial which is all about the LIPS!
Ultimate lip plumping tutorial which is my most requested !
I'm new to UZvid so please do like and subscribe - and comment below on what else you would like to see or questions and ill answer them all ? :-)
Here's Pt.1 on the face make up look I have created here - uzvid.com/video/video-qDNlcL4wlS8.html
Products Used:
EOS Lip balm
Lip Plumpers:
CandyLipz Licorice double lobed lip plumper available to buy at CCCLARKE.COM - many more shapes and sizes available visit website for details.
Fullips Lip plumpers - again available to purchase at CCCLARKE.COM
Makeup Forever aqua lipliner in 5c
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in 'Dusty Rose' and 'Blush'.
Song - Ciara 'I bet'
Email - ccclarkeofficial@gmail.com
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My Vlogging camera - rstyle.me/n/c993frbsb8f
Soft focus Vlogging camera - rstyle.me/n/c993fzbsb8f
Photography camera - rstyle.me/n/c993gkbsb8f
Filming camera DSLR - rstyle.me/n/c993gubsb8f
Mic - rstyle.me/n/c993r7bsb8f
Ring Light - rstyle.me/n/c993g2bsb8f
Soft box lights - rstyle.me/n/c993hdbsb8f
Go pro - rstyle.me/n/c993hkbsb8f
Tripod - rstyle.me/n/c993hsbsb8f
Curtain fairy lights (I use warm white and cold white) - rstyle.me/n/c992u7bsb8f
Hook for fairy lights - rstyle.me/n/c992v8bsb8f
Sheer Curtains - rstyle.me/n/c992w2bsb8f
Curtain Poles - rstyle.me/n/c9924ubsb8f
Love CC x x x



20-Avg, 2015

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 224
WILSON 2 oy oldin
Fish lips, trout pout, laughing and smiling at nothing. The sooner this stupid, self absorbed crap is finished, the better. BTW, seriously girls looking to the kardashians as roles models is extremely disturbing....and ugly.
Naiya Devine Cominos
You already HAVE beautiful, plump lips. Pretty sure this is busting up the capillaries and wrecking the lips long-term. Anything like this is like getting slapped over and over. It causes swelling: ultimately, the lips and skin will revert and contract back to their normal size, but doing this over time damages the cell structure, skin elasticity, and blood vessels. It's going to f' your lips up. Seriously. Kylie Jenner is a privileged young lady, born into millions of dollars; she can afford lip injections and permanent lip augmentations.
Ace Perrie
Ace Perrie 2 oy oldin
Wait so you do this everyday to get your lips bigger for a video. No hate x
بنوته حومصيه
لعمى شو هلبياخه
Divya Gilbert
Divya Gilbert 3 oy oldin
Love your pink hair
Sabrina Saima
Sabrina Saima 3 oy oldin
I love your make up video
Fareeda Kissoon
Fareeda Kissoon 6 oy oldin
Your lips are better than kilye jenner like if you agree
Alyssa Garza
Alyssa Garza 6 oy oldin
These lip plump fade after 30 mins and leave mu lips bleeding like dots i do not recommend and yes i follow instructions
Ester Vattimo
Ester Vattimo 6 oy oldin
Che bella!
dana Abouharab
dana Abouharab 7 oy oldin
Svyaznoy Svyaznovskii
У вас и так ваши губы прикрасны)
Heena Shaikh
Heena Shaikh 7 oy oldin
u r so beautiful I like u.
Shailja Tomar
Shailja Tomar 7 oy oldin
I like your lips
Arfa ikram shah
Arfa ikram shah 8 oy oldin
You are so lovely
Nivine Mohsen
Nivine Mohsen 8 oy oldin
Your teeth😍amazing
yu on
yu on 8 oy oldin
Don Nando
Don Nando 9 oy oldin
ur very pretty
Don Nando
Don Nando 9 oy oldin
does anybody know if they sell blow up dolls that look like her
PIH 9 oy oldin
Fuck yeah. I find those lips incredibly sexy.
Ellie Pachuau
Ellie Pachuau 9 oy oldin
Serena Holland
Serena Holland 10 oy oldin
I love the lips and the lip color what brands and colors did you use?
juba de menina
juba de menina 10 oy oldin
Quem do brasil está vendo esse video ???
The AvaloniaN
The AvaloniaN 11 oy oldin
Please piss off back to Instagram.
shalan Nandkumar
shalan Nandkumar 11 oy oldin
It's so tweet my sister will adore it
RegrettablyRobin 11 oy oldin
I wonder if she knows she's been dubbed the 'butthole lip girl' on facebook because of those jacked up lip injections lmao
Tori smith
Tori smith 11 oy oldin
wow ur amazing
Holly Shah
Holly Shah Yil oldin
Are the products really better than just using a round object (shot glass/bottle)? Seems like the result is the same. It's kind of a weird thing to do, but it is fun to see such a change on your face sometimes.
Amna Baig
Amna Baig Yil oldin
Her eye colour was gorgeous
Starship 218
Starship 218 Yil oldin
addicted to you and your videossssssssssss........................xoxo
mehreen malik
mehreen malik Yil oldin
Can you be my friend plz 😢😢
Sherri Baker
Sherri Baker Yil oldin
You are beautiful! I will be your friend :)
Fatima Almooil
Fatima Almooil Yil oldin
i love it so beautiful and so gorgeous & cute
Diamond princess Queen
I'm do my lips like this just ordered some
Melissa Lopes
Melissa Lopes Yil oldin
Perfect!!!! Music?
roblox trends
roblox trends Yil oldin
Omg I wold be to scared to try this lol
maigokonekochan Yil oldin
How to get lips like Kylie Jenner: 1. GET LIP INJECTIONS 2. That's it
Julietta Soldano
Hola una pregunta... que marca usas?? de pintalabios??
Maribel López
Maribel López Yil oldin
Where I can buy the chocker I love it 😍
Massiel Ahyaneida Garcia Lopez
donde los compran, por Dios quiero uno!!
Joanna Bartlett
Joanna Bartlett 2 yil oldin
love it girl thaaaannnkkksss
coline the one who motivates
Rachel Goodman
Rachel Goodman 2 yil oldin
love it!
Betty B
Betty B 2 yil oldin
what a beautiful mouth!
Reeba amir
Reeba amir 2 yil oldin
Shannon Brascia
Shannon Brascia 2 yil oldin
I loveeeeee this
Hayzel 123x
Hayzel 123x 2 yil oldin
What if u want the upper lip to be bigger how would you do that?
Ivonne Domínguez
Ivonne Domínguez 2 yil oldin
Hermionyy Hayyzeleaa you can plump just one lip with any of the candylipz. Those have a plastic aid which covers one side
mikaela gilstrap
mikaela gilstrap 2 yil oldin
Are you still plumping your lips like this?
Sanja Joksimovic
Sanja Joksimovic 2 yil oldin
Ariana Tairakena
Ariana Tairakena 2 yil oldin
whats your website could??
Ani M
Ani M 2 yil oldin
can you use this products every day ?
Manic witchy Woman
Manic witchy Woman 2 yil oldin
Neither of these plumbers last more than 30 minutes tops. Don't let sellers and sponsors fool. I've used them all. They are more hassle than plump. I've already got full lips so they should work easier on me. Very short term affects Just beware . Btw I've tried and own both of these plumpers, so ...
Nagy Nesika Nicole
Nagy Nesika Nicole 2 yil oldin
You are the best 😍😍😍❤️❤️👌🏼 omg your lips and your hair ❤️ you are so perfect 😱❤️❤️❤️
Kayla Grossman
Kayla Grossman 2 yil oldin
Is this safe?? I'm thinking about buying one but I'm scared that in a few years the doctors will say this causes a lot of health problems , kind of like how everyone smoked cigs because they thought it was fine but nope 😂
Aurny Amin
Aurny Amin 2 yil oldin
you are to good
hyper galaxy
hyper galaxy 2 yil oldin
please please please someone tell me why the area 'around' my lips gets red....i see all these videos and it doesn't happen to anyone but me :(....any tips?
Naomi Rangel
Naomi Rangel 2 yil oldin
Obssessed with your smile 😍😍❤️
Mikaela Vistan
Mikaela Vistan 2 yil oldin
Please make more videos, Ive been following you in IG for awhile I would love to watch ur tutorials
العين al3in
العين al3in 8 oy oldin
Mikaela Vistan 💋💋💋💋💋💘❤
Mikaela Vistan
Mikaela Vistan 2 yil oldin
I ❤️ u CC
Lydia Amber
Lydia Amber 2 yil oldin
you are gorgeous! ! Im interested in getting a candylip pump lol but how long do your lips stay that plump???? I mean I have school so Im worried it will ware off in school BC I smile or talk is much aha plus gym so how long does it last?????
ONEPUMPGOD 3 2 yil oldin
That's cool
Noah Joe
Noah Joe 2 yil oldin
you are beautiful and amazing
Shasta Holly
Shasta Holly 2 yil oldin
I seriously can't wait for this big lip trend to fade.
Bee Bright
Bee Bright 29 kun oldin
Lmao yall just mad cause your lips aren't even there 😂
zach shamma
zach shamma 6 oy oldin
Shasta Holly ayyyyee it's over! kylie dissolved them
Theis Palm
Theis Palm Yil oldin
Nice lips shasta <3
Noelle Isn't here
Noelle Isn't here 2 yil oldin
+Shasta Holly I agree. I think natural lips are so pretty. Naturally big lips are beautiful but so are the thinner ones. At the end of the day the lip plumper is gonna wear off so I don't see the point in making them huge for a few hours
Kesha Shipman
Kesha Shipman 2 yil oldin
Beautiful 😻
Roxana 2 yil oldin
your wig is so nice. I like the color
RamimMir Larimma
RamimMir Larimma 2 yil oldin
i love that lip gloss colour♥♥♥
RamimMir Larimma
RamimMir Larimma 2 yil oldin
Sky 2 yil oldin
You're the only one i know that are beautifull with fullips (sorry 'bout my English if it's wrong, i'm brazillian)
RylieCollins 2 yil oldin
little heads up those eos lip balms actually cause lips to become dependent on them and make the lips super chap if you don't use it for a day or so, might want to switch over to something else
kimberly jones
kimberly jones 2 yil oldin
give video about sexy
Hellish Foxx
Hellish Foxx 2 yil oldin
Do you have this wig available???
A_K N-R 2 yil oldin
KES I 2 yil oldin
you have so beautifull face...this products looks interesting...which of these two products has a bigger vacuum,please ?thank you very much...sorry i dont understand english very well
Amy Gill
Amy Gill 2 yil oldin
That colour lipstick is so pretty on you
Becky Yates
Becky Yates 2 yil oldin
Where did you get that choker from I love it?? 😍
Angelica Vargas
Angelica Vargas 2 yil oldin
where did you get ur choker!? It's so cute :-)
Ismini S.
Ismini S. 2 yil oldin
wtf, just get yourself some injections
Jazzybe slayin869
Fabriny Souza it is dangerous because you're lips can suction so bad that they can split.
Fabriny Souza
Fabriny Souza 2 yil oldin
Some people don't want injections?? Like their expensive and this looks way better to me and it's natural and not dangerous in any possible way. It's easier to control and does put anything a inside you that you may end up disliking.
Raijean Ford
Raijean Ford 2 yil oldin
omg cute
Megan Scott
Megan Scott 2 yil oldin
why are you sooo pretty 😩😍
Kelsey Zinkel
Kelsey Zinkel 2 yil oldin
Okay so I always see all these people talking about how lip plumping products can lead to wrinkly deflated looking lips. The reality of it is that products like these increase blood flow to the lips which leads to firmer and more toned lips, not deflated looking ones. Over time your lips will get used to the treatment and will start to stay looking more plump.
Kyle Flynn
Kyle Flynn 2 yil oldin
Wow, that looks great!
dan ryan
dan ryan 2 yil oldin
I bought the Full Lips set about half a year ago and I was trying to get my whole lip in omg! Now i finally know how to use them thank god! Also, your wigs are gorgeous! I'll be ordering one very soon!x
hidden valley ranch
I saw this on insta forever ago and I'm so glad I finally found the video 😍😍
Priscilla Fumero
Priscilla Fumero 2 yil oldin
U also look like Jessica Rabbit
Priscilla Fumero
Priscilla Fumero 2 yil oldin
What's the name of that song. I love Ciara
Priscilla Fumero
Priscilla Fumero 2 yil oldin
U look like Megan fox
Ipek Dundar
Ipek Dundar 2 yil oldin
Your lips on your instagram page is literally my lip goal 💋💁
Heather Naeder
Heather Naeder 2 yil oldin
Step 1: have big lips
Jolene Lee
Jolene Lee 2 yil oldin
you already have amazing lips (not to be weird) but I really love that color on you
Amaria Calloway
Amaria Calloway 2 yil oldin
her lips wax really chapped,I'm black,and I got big lips,but people always talk about them In bad ways.
Priscilla Fumero
Priscilla Fumero 2 yil oldin
I love your lip color
Jlt Trev
Jlt Trev 3 yil oldin
Lip plumpers like these will ruin your lips. Seriously, don’t use them. Your lips are like a balloon: Before blowing them up, they’re smooth and okay. Then you blow them up. But eventually, they will shrink. Your lips will be left wrinkled and disfigured at the least. Kylie Jenner doesn’t use these lip plumpers because she can afford LIP INJECTIONS. Temporary plumping is not worth long-term scarring!
Myra Harrell
Myra Harrell 7 oy oldin
It was one of my fears and did research and its true, using these have shown to actually make your lips bigger a small amount over time.
Cindy White
Cindy White Yil oldin
Jlt Trev nope, bringing circulation to the lips helps create natural collagen 👍🏼
Frank Gjoni
Frank Gjoni 2 yil oldin
So true my sister is 27 and she did this and it happened and then because she was so scared with her lips she went to the hospital and now hee lips are ok
Joe Yabuki
Joe Yabuki 3 yil oldin
SayThatAgain Skeen
SayThatAgain Skeen 3 yil oldin
You shouldn't use these lip plumpers, they damage your lips after a while
Iodine Kaida
Iodine Kaida 3 yil oldin
Getting punched in the mouth, or falling down the stairs could get you the same look[:
Giulia Roba
Giulia Roba 3 yil oldin
dove hai comprato il cosetto a forma di mela prima di utilizzare il fullips
Maria Nasiou
Maria Nasiou 3 yil oldin
you look like a duck !
bae xD
bae xD 3 yil oldin
heyyy alisha😁 wondering what hacks does ballpen can do? can you do a vid of it?
Forbiddenangel989 3 yil oldin
Great tutorial and your lips looked amazing. I also love your hair colour but I was just wondering, do you have to dye your hair platinum 1st to be able to go that pink or would I be able to just dye my hair pink??? Also what shade is it??? X
Savage Baby
Savage Baby 3 yil oldin
only if you have a dark hair color like black or brown.
Javeria Ali
Javeria Ali 3 yil oldin
best video
KellEastCoast 3 yil oldin
FOUND IT!! Great vid girl!
bee2002 3 yil oldin
But your lips looks really nice without... All that...
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