Kylie Jenner vs. Rihanna - Who Does Better Makeup?

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Abigail Ramjag
Abigail Ramjag 31 daqiqa oldin
I like Kylie one more😁
Ella HATZIHALKIAS 46 daqiqa oldin
I think Rihanna but there both good. :)
Niyah Bingi
Niyah Bingi 49 daqiqa oldin
rhianna always but that other girl was ok
Sashana Bartley
Sashana Bartley Soat oldin
Rihanna is so beautiful
Black Chato
Black Chato 2 soat oldin
I loved Rihanna's dramatic entrance And she was fun to watch
lizz rose
lizz rose 2 soat oldin
Rihanna so natural
brother gamer
brother gamer 2 soat oldin
Like the how Kylie speak although she was whispering throughout
Jeff S.
Jeff S. 3 soat oldin
Rihanna's face looks yellow.
Cams Cabeyo
Cams Cabeyo 3 soat oldin
eddy inuma
eddy inuma 4 soat oldin
Rihanna ✌️❤️
Nica Asha
Nica Asha 4 soat oldin
Kylie Jenner ne fait pas le point face à la diva RIHANNA est ses Fenty Beauty. Force à la DIVA!!!!!!!
Pia Steffens
Pia Steffens 4 soat oldin
Kylie is so sweat
Shyane Morris -Hill
Shyane Morris -Hill 5 soat oldin
Ririiiiiii.... All the way
I’m literally a potato
I aspire to have as much energy as Rihanna does
Sajjad Usmani
Sajjad Usmani 5 soat oldin
I looooooove both and they both hooooot I am a girl
Genesis Ruiz
Genesis Ruiz 5 soat oldin
Kylie is better...*My opinion!* honestly Rihanna didn't do some of the makeup right...... for example: she either put too much or she put it in the wrong spot. But Rihanna still looks good!!💕💕💕💕
india morrow
india morrow 5 soat oldin
I like the butternut color from kylie cosmetics
tamir battuvshin
tamir battuvshin 7 soat oldin
rihanna best queen
Carl Shinkhant
Carl Shinkhant 8 soat oldin
Why cant ppl jux forgive kylie for what she done
Janell Sutton
Janell Sutton 8 soat oldin
Janell Sutton
Janell Sutton 8 soat oldin
it says summer, sunset, love drama, *BITCHES* 3:40
Fenty 8 soat oldin
Does somebody know Riri‘s lipgloss?? I need to buy it right now😳😫😫
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover 9 soat oldin
Never heard of kylie jenwer
Diana Pîntea
Diana Pîntea 9 soat oldin
riri because I hate Kardashians
QLEENQ 54 9 soat oldin
Rihanna don't need makeup she's pretty without makeup but kaylies makeup is better
FBI PINK BUBBLE 10 soat oldin
I can’t bare looking at Kylie’s mouth, she’s distorting her features and it looks nasty. It looks like the guy who wanted to be a cat or a lion and had multiple surgeries. Rihanna looks so cute and I like her makeup better minus the highlight lol. For Kylie I like her matt look.
DaringDiamonds 13 soat oldin
Rianna is better then kyle
my world is a happy world plus im a amry
Rihanna does luv sparkles
Lucy DIKA 14 soat oldin
Lawrencia Konadu
Lawrencia Konadu 14 soat oldin
Riri for sure
Apritello 15 soat oldin
I liked the kylies result but at the tutorial was rihanna better and funnier thats why Rihanna won
SSO Sofi
SSO Sofi 15 soat oldin
Lol rihanna doesnt even have a plan Lol luv her 😘😘😘😂😂😂
Martin Peel
Martin Peel 15 soat oldin
I think that both of them are just perfect
squish bee
squish bee 17 soat oldin
Riri for life
Elena Errazuriz Assadi
NIGHT STAR 18 soat oldin
I say riri because my sister's name is rihanna
Marisela Soto
Marisela Soto 18 soat oldin
osato.axoxo Sarah
osato.axoxo Sarah 19 soat oldin
Who did it better? That shit is too oObvious, it was definitely Rihanna who did it better I Rihanna‘s music was better, she was more human, she did not act like she was perfect it was just Rihanna had the hyper and Kylie did not
Lyla Murphy
Lyla Murphy 20 soat oldin
Sry Kylie but Rihanna did bettrr
Moe Heseni
Moe Heseni 20 soat oldin
Bad girl riri🤩
Gianelly Gargurevich
Gianelly Gargurevich 20 soat oldin
When Kylie said 4 squirts she did 8 😂😂
Livi's Piggies
Livi's Piggies 21 soat oldin
Rihanna did it way better sorry Kylie
THE LARA Family 21 soat oldin
Team KK
AngeUZIVERT 21 soat oldin
kylie obvious!
LILI Na 22 soat oldin
Kylie lips looks very fake and ij my opinion she's ugly
Piper Ford
Piper Ford 22 soat oldin
Are you joking riri!
Kya 22 soat oldin
Oook so they both do there make up pretty good but it’s just how they do it (does that make sense? Ima say it does.) Like my girl riri got me thinking this my sister doing her makeup with me like she so chill with it but Kylie acting like this is a class and it’s kinda boring me out just saying both looks are cute but I just like the way riri explains everything
mamma Bear2
mamma Bear2 23 soat oldin
Kylie's mouth looks awful! Poor girl, lay off the fillers
calinia love
calinia love Kun oldin
I love rihanna💖
Ella Iplier
Ella Iplier Kun oldin
riri is such a fucking queen
Emma C
Emma C Kun oldin
Rihanna et tellement belle ❤️
Sofia Tudor
Sofia Tudor Kun oldin
RiHaNnA iS a MoOd
•TrapMoney Cream•
Riri because if she ain’t foreign she boring ❣️❣️❣️
Magical Star
Magical Star Kun oldin
I actually enjoyed Rihanna’s makeup tutorial omg
Keji Jimoh
Keji Jimoh Kun oldin
It is Rihanna
Zooecia Phoebus
Zooecia Phoebus Kun oldin
ernest swintong
ernest swintong Kun oldin
Rihanna , she's so funny , and i think riri does better makeup than Kylie Jenner
Tania's Makeup
Tania's Makeup Kun oldin
Everyone be commenting on Rihanna foundation shade but her makeup still slays
Faten Bassam Malhis
I'm looking at kylie's lips and actually feel bad for her. they look weird and uneven without lipstick
Queen Me
Queen Me Kun oldin
Kylie did it way better😍
Katie Clagg
Katie Clagg Kun oldin
I honestly prefer Kylie, seems like she is trying to give you a tutorial while Rhianna seems like she's trying to give ya some grwm hangover cure 🤷‍♀️ BTW I prefer Rhianna over Kylie but I felt like Kylie did the makeup waaaay better
Kiko Parra
Kiko Parra Kun oldin
Rihanna is a natural pretty Kylie is a fake.
Amena Siddiqui
Amena Siddiqui Kun oldin
Riri forever!!
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams Kun oldin
Rihanna hands down
angela soto
angela soto Kun oldin
Neža Grobin
Neža Grobin Kun oldin
kylie jenner is the best❤️💄😀😍
Lara Jelenkovic
Lara Jelenkovic Kun oldin
Sally Boss Madam
Rihanna is just having so much fun.. and not trying to hard🤣 ..but the other lady did good also..
Queen Fi
Queen Fi Kun oldin
siemaneczko Kun oldin
Rihanna is more iconic
Mango Legend
Mango Legend Kun oldin
Is it just me but when Rihanna put her concealer on I thought of vanilla ice cream😅
Lesly Vargaz
Lesly Vargaz Kun oldin
Rihanna doesn’t need makeup!
Alpaca Elena
Alpaca Elena Kun oldin
I like Kylie Jenner without makeup
Gangmei Daongam
Gangmei Daongam Kun oldin
I love rihana
Izzy S
Izzy S Kun oldin
❤️🔥Kylie 🔥❤️ All the way
Oana Maria
Oana Maria Kun oldin
Jhon Morales
Jhon Morales Kun oldin
No mames tantas manadas para ponerse Bellas.. Lo bueno que nosotros los hombres somos los que escogemos.. A las que nos complacen bien..😂
Afrin khan
Afrin khan Kun oldin
I love Rihanna she rocks
I_ am_ Stylish_Girl_
Summer Sunset Love Drama Bitches
I_ am_ Stylish_Girl_
kylie jenner is looking hot!!and she is also best
Mathilda-Sophie Reyzl
Rianna does bester make up
Auti Eagleheart
Auti Eagleheart Kun oldin
Rihanna a queen👑
Auti Eagleheart
Auti Eagleheart Kun oldin
Rihanna bc she naturally pretty and doesn't(at least I don't think)have surgery on her face also she at least adds humor to her video unless like Kylie she talks to damn much
marswater Kun oldin
Rihanna is really fun to watch
Bemita Irungbam
Bemita Irungbam Kun oldin
Riri looking gorgeous
Cleo Patleham
Cleo Patleham Kun oldin
Summer Sunset Love Drama . BITCHE'S it is really fun watching rihanna
Taehyung's Smile
Rihanna is funnier and thats all that matters
QuirkyDraw** Kun oldin
Sparkle Dowery
Sparkle Dowery Kun oldin
Sparkle Dowery
Sparkle Dowery Kun oldin
Rihanna because Kylie use to many branda
Vlogger Famous
Vlogger Famous Kun oldin
Love them both!!❤😘😊🤣
Keisha Morgan
Keisha Morgan Kun oldin
Rihanna! By far,Kylie was boring
nadine gonzales
nadine gonzales Kun oldin
Doreeshia Birungi
I love Riri so much.
Asia Ebeku
Asia Ebeku Kun oldin
Dontae Tapsell
Dontae Tapsell Kun oldin
both cute x
I just Cryy
I just Cryy Kun oldin
Rihanna e das minha
Anime Queen
Anime Queen Kun oldin
Rihanna was more fun but they were both good
JustFor Fun
JustFor Fun Kun oldin
Rihanna for the win😇😇😇😇💓💚❤💚💛❤💚💛
kylie jenner needs a makeunder