Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth Theory, LeBron James & NBA All-Star Game

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Kyrie talks about his 5th NBA All-Star game, being chosen to be on LeBron's team, playing for the Boston Celtics, his new movie Uncle Drew, his tattoo of the 'Friends' logo and his beliefs about the world being flat.
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Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth Theory, LeBron James & NBA All-Star Game




16-Fev, 2018

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Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards Kun oldin
There is a reason why you can't observe part of a spinning globe at 35,000 feet. There is a reason why you have never seen a picture or video of part of a spinning globe. There is a reason why the media cares if Kyrie Irving or anyone else that is famous says the earth is flat. There is a reason why we have only observed one up. There is a reason why planes can takeoff or land and with no burden of catching a 1,040 mph earth. There is a reason why you can't see earth rotate.(NOT EVEN FROM A PLANE) There is a reason why you can't feel the earth rotate. There is a reason why there is NO empirical evidence that earth is rotating. There is a reason why there are testable experiments that show earth is stationary. There is a reason why there are no tests that have measured earth alleged movements. There is a reason why THERE IS NO CENTRIFUGAL FORCE.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why THERE IS NO ANGULAR VELOCITY.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why THERE ARE NO 1,040 MPH WINDS.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why THERE ARE NO CONSTANT WAVES EVERYWHERE.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why there are NO testable experiments that show gravity can grip the atmosphere and hold oceans around a globe.(fairy tale glue) There is a reason why the Bible NEVER says sphere or globe. There is a reason why the Bible says the world "cannot be moved". There is a reason why you can fly anywhere in the world without flying upside down or landing on the side of a globe. There is a reason why weather balloon footage and footage from airplanes show the horizon to be flat and always at eye level. There is a reason why we are able to see objects such as land, buildings, and boats that are supposed to be behind the "curve". The reason is: The spinning globe doesn't exist. All we can observe(REAL PROOF) is a flat and stationary earth.
dj comup
dj comup 2 kun oldin
His brain & his basketball is flat What school you graduate from Pakistan.....but good publicity stunt Irving....
iTrending Topic
iTrending Topic 2 kun oldin
Jimmy's an idiot. Kyrie WAS playing with LeBron at the time of this talk show.
Matt TheDestroyer 2
Teeth brighter than my future
Jhon Benedict Baltazar
Kyrie seems educated imo
EYES ONLY 3 kun oldin
That movie looks like hot garbage
Nate Jones
Nate Jones 4 kun oldin
You wanna reel that in? 😂😂
Dman 6 kun oldin
Kyle Irving sold out and her knows it!!
akvalues 11 kun oldin
Joshua Pedro
Joshua Pedro 12 kun oldin
This guy is completely racist the black man
vYeltz 13 kun oldin
The only thing that’s flat, is kyries jump shot
TrendingStuff Allday
If earth is round why do my shoes are not shaped like that? They are flat.
Av Av
Av Av 15 kun oldin
My favorite player. 🐐 Kyrie Irving 🏀
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 15 kun oldin
So he believes in God ok
LA Lakers 23
LA Lakers 23 16 kun oldin
kyrie looked at the ball like he was gonna punch the man
Viktor Pineda
Viktor Pineda 17 kun oldin
How many horizon-tal lines are on a ball?
RodeTranx 18 kun oldin
Kyrie Irving is the only person who can argue about how flat the earth is, but still doesn't make me mad.
YoungWolf pack
YoungWolf pack 18 kun oldin
Kyrie Irving looks like he would be in black panther EARTH FLAT GANG!!!
BeautyforAshleyB 20 kun oldin
Eyes don’t lie! Let what you see before you daily shape what is true rather what is being shown to you on movies and tv or told to you in books. The earth was always determined to be one way until Copernicus came along.
amelia 21 kun oldin
proof that the earth is flat is because if it was a sphere, the asteroid that hit earth would’ve fell off
James 3 kun oldin
Stop....get some help
Don’t at Me
Don’t at Me 21 kun oldin
Kyrie was high asf💀💀💀
Tmac Hudmon
Tmac Hudmon 24 kun oldin
Tmac Hudmon
Tmac Hudmon 24 kun oldin
Frederick Brain
Frederick Brain 26 kun oldin
Kyrie looks like he's in a job interview.
King Veteran
King Veteran 26 kun oldin
Even Kyrie Irving knows the Earth is Flat! .... Only a few will understand the Truth!
HAHAHA 27 kun oldin
did Guillermo and Lebron James talked?
Liza Soberano my Love
cory leblanc
cory leblanc Oy oldin
once you go flat you never globe back
Jaivir Garcha
Jaivir Garcha Oy oldin
My teeth cost more 😂
Seth Black
Seth Black Oy oldin
Sad to see Kyrie Irving go back on Flat Earth.
RandomPerson Oy oldin
Jimmy- Kyrie, why do believe the Earth is flat? Kyrie- it's a Jersey thing
Samuel Degemu
Samuel Degemu Oy oldin
Jimmy- Kyrie, why do believe the Earth is flat? Kyrie- it's a Jersey thing
RedFlamee Oy oldin
I know why Kyrie thinks the Earth is flat.... Because if the Earth was round the ball would fall off when he’s tryna drive to the hoop
falcon 3s
falcon 3s Oy oldin
The Zionist mafia put a pressure on a guy until he cave in. It doesn't matter as we know that the Earth is FLAT...
JoeMilano9 Oy oldin
My favorite active player....
Flat Earth
Flat Earth Oy oldin
Spinning ball 😂😂😂😂😂
Watching videos with kipras Ksanas
He is white but his skin is black
Just ire nada
Just ire nada Oy oldin
I learned in geometry class that a circle is just an infinite amount of straight lines that have angles so imperceptibly small that they appear to go around in a circle. So if you got a circle/sphere large enough, the Earth for instance, you would perceive the land as straight but would never feel yourself transition to the next line because the angle at which the line changes is imperceptible from our perspective. If you were really really close to one area of a circle it would look like a line but zoom out and you get a circle.
Lex Oy oldin
I considered Irving to be one of my favorite players because of his uncle drew dribbles and ball handling, but all went away when I heard this. I just can't support such idiocracy
Max Hideki
Max Hideki Oy oldin
Larence Boltwart
England is a City
Kyle Septiceye
I want that ball
HOT ANAL Oy oldin
*this was all staged..........................the earth is flat*
Zack Oy oldin
This bait would probably work better if your name wasn't "HOT ANAL" Lmao
Marke1s 1
Marke1s 1 Oy oldin
What’s new with Boston Irving: Winning
F Mills
F Mills Oy oldin
Do flat-earthers believe in global warming?
Elaine Arruda
Elaine Arruda 2 oy oldin
come on Kyrie even your shot has arc
Irene 2 oy oldin
The globe ball not for educational purposes 👌🏼
Sm00th GAMES
Sm00th GAMES 2 oy oldin
i personally think the flat earth theory is beyond stupid but i wouldn't ridicule someone in public for believing in it like the host did, that was uncomfortable to watch.
Andres ñ
Andres ñ 2 oy oldin
its flat ofc
D Pinoy
D Pinoy 2 oy oldin
I hope people who are saying the earth is flat in the comments are joking.
monkeyzeetube 2 oy oldin
Well he was born here in Australia..
DJRckwl 2 oy oldin
Is it Kyrie or Kyrie? Jimmy said it the same way both times. Face palm. 0:03
Dans in body experience
Yeah!! we live on a spinning ball doing 1000 miles an hour yeah that really sounds realistic don’t it !!!
Dream Net
Dream Net 2 oy oldin
I think the earth is flat tooñ. In the biblie says inmobile earth and flath. saludos Amigos Nur para todos
Eddy Que
Eddy Que 2 oy oldin
20 hours is tough for sure... but i reckon he gets good comfort environment
okc thunder89
okc thunder89 2 oy oldin
I was in the us navy as navigator and the earth is definitely not flat, but i have messed with my friends saying its flat. I freak them out and later they say fu no its not, lol
Anthony LaPiana
Anthony LaPiana 2 oy oldin
It's not a theory it's a mental disorder
Daniyal Qayoom
Daniyal Qayoom 2 oy oldin
Earth is Geospherical in shape like egg of an Ostrich says holy Quran 1400 years ago Science came to know recently 20 years back kyrie is right earth was flat acoording to science few years back but according to Bible Earth is Flat
Average Palermitano Guy
I didn't know Autistic Flattard can play Basketball.
Hidden Scriptures
Jimmy Kimmel is very corny, with a ton of shady comments.
flat earth Norway
Earth is indeed flat
Sachin Ki
Sachin Ki 2 oy oldin
Flat Earth conversation starts at 6:35
Sachin Ki
Sachin Ki 2 oy oldin
Earth does appear flat & i don't feel any rotation or revolution
Sachin Ki
Sachin Ki 2 oy oldin
Kyrie is one of the very few good looking blacks. His teeth r so white
Mini kyrie Irving
Kyrie come to lakers broder
Karlos Jeter
Karlos Jeter 2 oy oldin
The best point guard in the league Yeaaahhh💪
Aurélien Idez
Aurélien Idez 3 oy oldin
That s not very nice to invite a vip flat earther's to talk as it's an unvalid theory. Guy appear only as a stupid one.
Aurélien Idez
Aurélien Idez 3 oy oldin
Hi, there is nice apps for showing earth image such as ISS HD Live and also NASA one's. About something flat, please refer to tiny planet called Howmeha (hawaian god name) found in the region of pluto, you will have explanation of physicall effects about planet which make a complete turn around within 4 hours (faster of 6 times of earth it s 24h). Hope it helps.
Nop da Call
Nop da Call 3 oy oldin
Does Jimmy know him and lebron used to be on the same team?
Spiros Aris
Spiros Aris 3 oy oldin
The Earth is flat though. I wonder how much they paid him or with what they threatened him to keep quiet
Zack Oy oldin
Kevin Edwards
Kevin Edwards 3 oy oldin
Bryson Kelly
Bryson Kelly 3 oy oldin
snacks1973 pepeco
Why i hate this kimbrel guy so much
D Lo
D Lo 3 oy oldin
argentina april
argentina april 3 oy oldin
He’s an idiot flat out why can’t people get it the earth isn’t flat not possible
Tyrell Thompson
Tyrell Thompson 3 oy oldin
Y'all must want every ball player to sound like cj from San Andreas or marshawn lynch huh?
Spirit in the Sky
This interview is setting kyrie up right off jump
Atiti Bruno
Atiti Bruno 3 oy oldin
Kylie is the best basketball dribbler
BIack On Black on CharcoaI
Jimmy Kimmel resorts to his kindergarten "education" when discussing the Globe Earth deception. Typical, fagg0ty freema$0n
Biology Boy
Biology Boy 3 oy oldin
Mufasa Mcleggan
Mufasa Mcleggan 3 oy oldin
They are just trying to hide the fact that the world is flat, trying to say he crazy to think it, because that make people question everything, behold everyone realize we live in lies
Shadow Kid
Shadow Kid Oy oldin
You need help, how about you call a therapist. But since you dummies believe that the earth is flat and that satellites are lies, how come there are plenty of satellites pictures that the earth is flat. Use those IQ points
Zack Oy oldin
Mufasa Mcleggan
Mufasa Mcleggan 2 oy oldin
Only person I need help from is Jesus, you need his help too
Virtusetviti 2 oy oldin
Get some help, son
Robert Green
Robert Green 4 oy oldin
Oh I love it!! "Its Spinning. Its Spinning." Awesome. And nooo... The Earth is NOT Sphere. Impossible. Physics doesn't allow it. But I love how deeply people believe in the Matrix.
Pleiadian 4 oy oldin
It is funny as nobody ever saw the real earth from space besides pictures and videos (fake or not) and everybody judges other people's views on the subject. Because it was written in a book used during elementary school so one must blindly agree that the earth is a spinning ball or else will be always made fun of?? When humans will elevate themselves to look past the idiotic books that are been written just to brainwash them? When will they start to listen and trust to their perception and on what they can see with their own eyes?
Shadow Kid
Shadow Kid Oy oldin
It is funny how 8 people agreed with a dummy. I think you need to listen than talking about us being brainwashed. If you honestly believe this, than consult a doctor.
Pleiadian 3 oy oldin
I was in the navy as a navigational officer and we used lasers with missiles trajectory exercises. Well after a ship was under way below the orizon (curvature of the earth) we could perfectly find it with razor straight lasers. The ship did not discent the curvature, the human eyes just could not see it anylonger and so our binoculars but the lasers perfectly fund them. We looked at each other in disbelief in the bridge but nobody had the courage to say anything to the captain or senior officers as not to go against the establishment. I have also worked in the Air Force for sometime... More proofs there about something being fishy and hidden. People just don't talk about it. Someone up there is lying big times to people and just wants to keep things quite and as they are.
BigGus87 3 oy oldin
Something to prove round earth. In southern hemisphere countries the moon is upside down. You can go on youtube and type in moon zoom in australia, then south africa, then buenos aires argentina. Refer to the flat earth map (thats actually a polar coordinate system of a round earth) and you will see the moon shouldnt be turned the same direction. But if you look at zoom ins of moon from northern hemisphere countries you will see a right side up moon. This should be direct proof that earth isnt flat. Also the flat earth experiments are really bad. They are inconclusive. For example seeing across an 8 miles water way and being able to see the other shore. pointing a 3 foot telescope downward the length of the width of .5 lead from a .5 lead mechanical pencil will have you look downward 40 feet. Go antoerh lead and youwill be looking down 80 feet. There is no way to have a perfectly level telescope.
Jan Kaufmann
Jan Kaufmann 4 oy oldin
And he still thinks he is smart maan nothing to say there
Jayhefe 4 oy oldin
If the earth is flat can someone explain the moon rotation and the rising and setting of the sun?
Tavie Johnson
Tavie Johnson 4 oy oldin
'I'm intellectually stable' lmao okay...
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards 4 oy oldin
If the earth were really a spinning globe, nobody would care if Kyrie thought the earth is flat. You could tell it hit a nerve.
Sonja H
Sonja H 4 oy oldin
What an idiot lol
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards 4 oy oldin
Yeah, Jimmy Kimmel should be able to figure out that the spinning globe is a satanic fairy tale. You can't see earth rotate(because it isn't), and water lays flat. There is NO spinning globe Jimmy Kimmel. Write that down!
Zephan Joseph
Zephan Joseph 4 oy oldin
Steph The Best
Steph The Best 4 oy oldin
I want to lick his super white teeth.
Ancy Sabu
Ancy Sabu 4 oy oldin
Earth was a ball of lava before it cooled down and due to the surface tension of liquids it took a spherical shape just like a rain drop takes a spherical shape.
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards 4 oy oldin
Can anyone show me an example of a curved surface of a swimming pool, lake, ocean...? Can anyone show me how to see part of a spinning globe at 35,000 feet? If you can't, you have NO PROOF OF A SPINNING GLOBE.
Bonz Blessit
Bonz Blessit 4 oy oldin
The earth is flat. And jimmy kimmel is a puppet.
Zack Oy oldin
Ten tak
Ten tak 4 oy oldin
He was high on the podcast nothing else.😂
the eye
the eye 4 oy oldin
get behind this man folks, this legal truth is as important as the flat earth truth to reveal to mankind in this wonderful awakening. uzvid.com/video/video-6wGR-WSNZxk.html
Stazz4rr 4 oy oldin
Every of you flattards who really believe should Jump off flat Earth like really really fast , thank me Later
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards 4 oy oldin
Anybody that says earth is a spinning globe is a LIAR! STOP LYING!
Stazz4rr 4 oy oldin
Glenn Robards the tsar bomb shockwave go tHREE times around THIS GLOBE now get off this world flattard
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards 4 oy oldin
We were all brainwashed that we live on a spinning globe. Some of us, who look into it, realized we have been lied to. The spinning globe is a satanic fairy tale. The spinning globe doesn't exist. All we can observe(REAL PROOF) is a flat and stationary earth. BTW: If a nuclear explosion can't get past the dome (operation fishbowl), do you think you could jump through it?
Soyberg 9002
Soyberg 9002 4 oy oldin
Hello Youngblood
Jonathan™ 4 oy oldin
The Earth Isn't Flat? 🌏
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards 4 oy oldin
Earth is mostly flat, and motionless(OBSERVABLE). The spinning globe is a satanic fairy tale.
Jeffrey Craven
Jeffrey Craven 4 oy oldin
I feel like on the Flat Earth thing that he was probably pretty high or under the influence of something and just said something stupid. Him being the guy that he is he couldn’t just go out and say that was the reason which is why je says he was just have an “intellectual moment”
Nop da Call
Nop da Call 4 oy oldin
The vast majority of people are not highly intelligent, some with an IQ of 85 are considered the low end of average, thats people who can spell their own name correctly. Only about 15% of the species are considered highly intelligent. So we have established that the vast majority of people are mediocre dunces, and we also know that the vast majority of people think the earth is a spinning ball. Make of that what you will.
Paladinß Paula Deen
Highly intelligent to what standards? Your bullshit to fit your incredibly stupid speculation?
Andrew Admire
Andrew Admire 4 oy oldin
Most nba players are not this cool. I was surprisingly shocked.
BIG SUS DADDY 4 oy oldin
Video starts at 0:00