Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth Theory, LeBron James & NBA All-Star Game

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Kyrie talks about his 5th NBA All-Star game, being chosen to be on LeBron's team, playing for the Boston Celtics, his new movie Uncle Drew, his tattoo of the 'Friends' logo and his beliefs about the world being flat.
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Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth Theory, LeBron James & NBA All-Star Game




16-Fev, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 4 857
Elian Gabriel Austria
"Dont reach youngblood"
Jelly 1234
Jelly 1234 5 kun oldin
Friends is my favorite show
John Zogu
John Zogu 8 kun oldin
Mllr hr
Mllr hr 11 kun oldin
Stay in school kids
Deus D king
Deus D king 11 kun oldin
"my teeth cost more than that" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris B
Chris B 12 kun oldin
I want that Jacket
mud cat
mud cat 20 kun oldin
F****** idiot
Tech through Toni
Tech through Toni 20 kun oldin
Im a Friends fan too..
Mckinzie Reed
Mckinzie Reed 22 kun oldin
Their job is to keep us asleep. Our job is to stay awake.
Mckinzie Reed
Mckinzie Reed 22 kun oldin
When you know you know. Once seen you can't unsee it. What a joke.
Aeneus Schlegel
Aeneus Schlegel 22 kun oldin
This was a hint all along...
SWISHY BUCKETS 23 kun oldin
James Edward
James Edward 23 kun oldin
Shut up and dribble
Donksplat123 25 kun oldin
so much time discrediting flat earth , mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, even hands him a globe , the worlds flt, research and prove me wrong...dont bother with personal attacks, insults etc ...just simply buy a nikon p900 or telescope ajd observe lack of curvature....alternatively use nasa cgi as proof ..either way happy researching
i be walking with the cheese that's the queso
why kyrie sound like chadwick boseman
Massamba Simba
He is clutch
Greg russell
Greg russell Oy oldin
At the end you can see that Kyrie is disappointed in himself, you can see it... pretty sad actually... he was just coerced and basically mocked with that ball....
irving rodriguez
The earth is really flat. And the media is bashing kyrie for being outspoken of it.
D Paul
D Paul Oy oldin
Kryie Irving is the greatest NBA player of All time, his card is going to be an 99 in nba 2k25
the earth is flat why change cause guys got tv then changed remember jimmy ... BLUE PRINT FIRST THEN 3D .. senses got 6 lol .. need one lol
Cheetahz Blue
Cheetahz Blue Oy oldin
I wanted hi to spin the ball on his finger
wong Oy oldin
"Flat Earth Theory" What theory?
André Flores
André Flores Oy oldin
I love my boy Kyrie but I'm sorry thinking the earth is flat is a mental illness hahah
ASTELIX Oy oldin
Damn Kyries beard is so slick and perfect damn
sicaxav Oy oldin
apart from being a flat earth dude, kyrie seems like a fun guy to be with
DeathlyMoon Oy oldin
i love this man!
adrian hecita
adrian hecita Oy oldin
ilove kyrie his so humble. 😊
s7553 Oy oldin
I like how jimmy kümmel didn’t know that Kylie was lebrons teammate once
Hess Video
Hess Video Oy oldin
Typical white guy “friends” tattoo😂
Abraham Velasquez
Friends is cool
That's actually a nice gift
Schmarma Oy oldin
worst way to start an interview ever
B Real
B Real Oy oldin
The Government can't hide the truth any longer. Too many people are waking to the lies we we're taught.
Majestic Snow Chimp
Uncle Drew Oi Oi 😭😭. My guy Kyrie.What a player
Maddie Mads
Maddie Mads Oy oldin
He is my favorite ¡Love you, man!
PR3SSIN SZN Oy oldin
The earth is round
Suzette Cervantes
sad for Kyrie who was sorta humiliated by this with the earth being flat. I am a flat earther and they should not make fun of his intellectual findings. some people find the earth being flat funny. they need to wake up and notice reality.
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
I don't find it funny, I find it sad that people actually believe in a flat earth.
Jagroop Dhillon
He going to Lakers.
jiiiigsaw Oy oldin
if you wanna be on jimmy kimmel or any late night shows just be a influecual person just say the earth is flat or any thruth that goes against the satanic evil agenta, and you be on the show to apopegize or must convince people you didnt actually mean it. same thing happent to shaq, saying the world was flat, and steph curry for saying moon landing was fake. they all ment it, and had to "apologize" very fast on shows like this. The earth is flat
Tony Shen Productions
I wish Kyrie is my daddy
Da GOAT Oy oldin
Its flat stay woke funny how he bring a basketball of the earth to keep you thinking it's a globe wake up guys 👀
Rakhin Amin
Rakhin Amin Oy oldin
Does anyone know where to get that earth basketball?
everything will be ok
What an idiot 😂
D channel
D channel Oy oldin
See how he low key tried to play Kyrie like his is dumb but substituted with da ppl so meaning him too. Ppl are so sleep ppl are not hipped Kyrie is woke asf
Reason why he left Bron:He dont believe the earth flat
I love traps, but I'm not gay
Don't worry Kyrie, no matter you say you still have the support of all your fans around the globe
Alexander Quarterback
I’m a big OKC fan but I’ll take Kyrie over Westbrook any day
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 2 oy oldin
Why don’t they just show flat earthers a satellite photo
Yoshinori Todo
Yoshinori Todo 2 oy oldin
I couldn't believe it at first. But it's probably flat, yes. The Earth is flat. Wake up, people! We live in a world made up of lies.
To ry
To ry 2 oy oldin
Where in the hell does this flat earth come from? Wow!
Nicholas Pagano
Nicholas Pagano 2 oy oldin
Niggas such a faux intellectual retard
Mandolino Serbone 333
Kobe and Tony Parker in one
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards 2 oy oldin
There is a reason why you can't observe part of a spinning globe at 35,000 feet. There is a reason why you have never seen a picture or video of part of a spinning globe. There is a reason why the media cares if Kyrie Irving or anyone else that is famous says the earth is flat. There is a reason why we have only observed one up. There is a reason why planes can takeoff or land and with no burden of catching a 1,040 mph earth. There is a reason why you can't see earth rotate.(NOT EVEN FROM A PLANE) There is a reason why you can't feel the earth rotate. There is a reason why there is NO empirical evidence that earth is rotating. There is a reason why there are testable experiments that show earth is stationary. There is a reason why there are no tests that have measured earth alleged movements. There is a reason why THERE IS NO CENTRIFUGAL FORCE.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why THERE IS NO ANGULAR VELOCITY.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why THERE ARE NO 1,040 MPH WINDS.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why THERE ARE NO CONSTANT WAVES EVERYWHERE.(IMPOSSIBLE IF EARTH IS ROTATING) There is a reason why there are NO testable experiments that show gravity can grip the atmosphere and hold oceans around a globe.(fairy tale glue) There is a reason why the Bible NEVER says sphere or globe. There is a reason why the Bible says the world "cannot be moved". There is a reason why you can fly anywhere in the world without flying upside down or landing on the side of a globe. There is a reason why weather balloon footage and footage from airplanes show the horizon to be flat and always at eye level. There is a reason why we are able to see objects such as land, buildings, and boats that are supposed to be behind the "curve". The reason is: The spinning globe doesn't exist. All we can observe(REAL PROOF) is a flat and stationary earth.
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards Oy oldin
+Rakhin Amin The spinning globe is a fairy tale. There's a reason you can't see or feel the earth spin. EARTH IS NOT SPINNING! Water does NOT work on a globe. Try to think a little bit for yourself. The spinning globe is a LIE.
Rakhin Amin
Rakhin Amin Oy oldin
Someone's gone insane
Gibson225 2 oy oldin
Bingo !
dj Curiosity
dj Curiosity 2 oy oldin
His brain & his basketball is flat What school you graduate from Pakistan.....but good publicity stunt Irving....
iTrending Topic
iTrending Topic 2 oy oldin
Jimmy's an idiot. Kyrie WAS playing with LeBron at the time of this talk show.
Matt TheDestroyer 2
Teeth brighter than my future
Jhon Benedict Baltazar
Kyrie seems educated imo
EYES ONLY 2 oy oldin
That movie looks like hot garbage
Nate Jones
Nate Jones 2 oy oldin
You wanna reel that in? 😂😂
Dman 2 oy oldin
Kyle Irving sold out and her knows it!!
akvalues 2 oy oldin
Joshua Pedro
Joshua Pedro 2 oy oldin
This guy is completely racist the black man
vYeltz 2 oy oldin
The only thing that’s flat, is kyries jump shot
TrendingStuff Allday
If earth is round why do my shoes are not shaped like that? They are flat.
Av Av
Av Av 2 oy oldin
My favorite player. 🐐 Kyrie Irving 🏀
Chris Carter
Chris Carter 2 oy oldin
So he believes in God ok
LA Lakers 23
LA Lakers 23 2 oy oldin
kyrie looked at the ball like he was gonna punch the man
Viktor Pineda
Viktor Pineda 2 oy oldin
How many horizon-tal lines are on a ball?
RodeTranx 2 oy oldin
Kyrie Irving is the only person who can argue about how flat the earth is, but still doesn't make me mad.
YoungWolf pack
YoungWolf pack 2 oy oldin
Kyrie Irving looks like he would be in black panther EARTH FLAT GANG!!!
BeautyforAshleyB 2 oy oldin
Eyes don’t lie! Let what you see before you daily shape what is true rather what is being shown to you on movies and tv or told to you in books. The earth was always determined to be one way until Copernicus came along.
amelia 3 oy oldin
proof that the earth is flat is because if it was a sphere, the asteroid that hit earth would’ve fell off
James 2 oy oldin
Stop....get some help
Don’t at Me
Don’t at Me 3 oy oldin
Kyrie was high asf💀💀💀
Tmac Hudmon
Tmac Hudmon 3 oy oldin
Tmac Hudmon
Tmac Hudmon 3 oy oldin
Frederick Brain
Frederick Brain 3 oy oldin
Kyrie looks like he's in a job interview.
King Veteran
King Veteran 3 oy oldin
Even Kyrie Irving knows the Earth is Flat! .... Only a few will understand the Truth!
HAHAHA 3 oy oldin
did Guillermo and Lebron James talked?
Liza Soberano my Love
cory leblanc
cory leblanc 3 oy oldin
once you go flat you never globe back
Jaivir Garcha
Jaivir Garcha 3 oy oldin
My teeth cost more 😂
Seth Black
Seth Black 3 oy oldin
Sad to see Kyrie Irving go back on Flat Earth.
RandomPerson 3 oy oldin
Jimmy- Kyrie, why do believe the Earth is flat? Kyrie- it's a Jersey thing
Samuel Degemu
Samuel Degemu 3 oy oldin
Jimmy- Kyrie, why do believe the Earth is flat? Kyrie- it's a Jersey thing
RedFlamee 3 oy oldin
I know why Kyrie thinks the Earth is flat.... Because if the Earth was round the ball would fall off when he’s tryna drive to the hoop
falcon 3s
falcon 3s 3 oy oldin
The Zionist mafia put a pressure on a guy until he cave in. It doesn't matter as we know that the Earth is FLAT...
JoeMilano9 3 oy oldin
My favorite active player....
Plane Earther
Plane Earther 3 oy oldin
Spinning ball 😂😂😂😂😂
Help me reach 100 subs with no videos
He is white but his skin is black
Just ire nada
Just ire nada 3 oy oldin
I learned in geometry class that a circle is just an infinite amount of straight lines that have angles so imperceptibly small that they appear to go around in a circle. So if you got a circle/sphere large enough, the Earth for instance, you would perceive the land as straight but would never feel yourself transition to the next line because the angle at which the line changes is imperceptible from our perspective. If you were really really close to one area of a circle it would look like a line but zoom out and you get a circle.
Lex 3 oy oldin
I considered Irving to be one of my favorite players because of his uncle drew dribbles and ball handling, but all went away when I heard this. I just can't support such idiocracy
Max Hideki
Max Hideki 3 oy oldin
Larence Boltwart
Larence Boltwart 3 oy oldin
England is a City
Kyle Septiceye
Kyle Septiceye 4 oy oldin
I want that ball
HOT ANAL 4 oy oldin
*this was all staged..........................the earth is flat*
Zack 3 oy oldin
This bait would probably work better if your name wasn't "HOT ANAL" Lmao
Marke1s 1
Marke1s 1 4 oy oldin
What’s new with Boston Irving: Winning
F Mills
F Mills 4 oy oldin
Do flat-earthers believe in global warming?
Elaine Arruda
Elaine Arruda 4 oy oldin
come on Kyrie even your shot has arc
Error:1527382 4 oy oldin
The globe ball not for educational purposes 👌🏼
Sm00th GAMES
Sm00th GAMES 4 oy oldin
i personally think the flat earth theory is beyond stupid but i wouldn't ridicule someone in public for believing in it like the host did, that was uncomfortable to watch.
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