Kyrie Irving vs Lonzo Ball INSANE PG Duel Highlights (2017.11.08) Celtics vs Lakers - MUST SEE!

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ZO - 9 pts 6 ast 4 blocks, Irving - 19 pts 6 reb
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9-Noy, 2017



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Pengi Penguin
Pengi Penguin 4 oy oldin
I'm gonna be honest in my opinion no offense to u Lonzo fans but compared to Kyrie lonzo is shit
mohd azroy bin ahmad Orange
Honestly, i sure hate to admit this but lonzo isnt really that *"bad"* as a player. But well, kyrie is just being irving. He's just on his own league. If it wasnt for this *"lavar desease"* i could've seen more *"light"* from lonzo. I just damn hate that smugface lavar. I mean who doesnt?? Hahahaha..
Terrance Davis
Terrance Davis 5 oy oldin
Kyrie won
Carmine Crisconi jr
Despite it all, like the point difference in pg’s ball had a good game
Martinez Taylor
Martinez Taylor 6 oy oldin
Ball is going to be good
Quentin Seicappie
That 6.5 length & that D' tho. Smacked kyrie shit 2x in a single game. And didn't get beaten one on one..
LiangHuBBB 7 oy oldin
kyrie so dem fast
Stephen Curry30
Stephen Curry30 7 oy oldin
The ankle break men 😂
Jamari Dumas
Jamari Dumas 8 oy oldin
# uncle drew👌👌
Stephen Fields
Stephen Fields 8 oy oldin
Lonzo has great potential. LeBron, Lonzo, Lance is gonna be fun to watch this next season
yerlee4 8 oy oldin
Wasn't much of a duel
vbps3 8 oy oldin
I only know rules from like 20 years ago. Does the NBA not have moving screens anymore, or are they just super lenient? There were a ton here. Maybe I need to go look over the current rules?
Kira Song
Kira Song 8 oy oldin
Lonzo sucks
Leonardo Conceicao
Jesus loves you
red86prelude 9 oy oldin
Bitches must of forgot about that baller lonzo. Hating ass punks.
Efe Bircan
Efe Bircan 9 oy oldin
Kyrie is better than lonzo
Doctor MindBenDa
Doctor MindBenDa 9 oy oldin
kyrie , Boston would have won a championship !
leo72993 9 oy oldin
And this just shows of how much in a different level Kyrie is from lonzo.....
Dean City
Dean City 10 oy oldin
sure lonzo can play Defense
SSG  Jusblow
SSG Jusblow 10 oy oldin
Lonzo wasn’t that bad he was solid on defense he can rebound block shots and he can pass well he just need to work on his iso game Bc he can dribble well he just doesn’t use good enough moves to beat defenders
The Chef YT Gaming
The Chef YT Gaming 10 oy oldin
johnnycage 10 oy oldin
Ball stolen by Ball
hacked account
hacked account 10 oy oldin
only idiot like lavar and u the fcking uploader would call this insane duel,
EPBloxs Gaming101
EPBloxs Gaming101 10 oy oldin
Yomoma 10 oy oldin
If LA had lebron this would be a w
Choker TV
Choker TV 11 oy oldin
Good defense by zo and great play by irving 😊
Blank 11 oy oldin
My nigga kyrie b carrying so hard 😂
GhostlySurprise 1
GhostlySurprise 1 11 oy oldin
3:53 -3:54 If your happy and you know it clap your hands
Kyrie is number 2 because God is number 1
Jayden Campbell
Jayden Campbell 11 oy oldin
Josh and Sav were at this game. Sav suprised Josh.
Lmao lonzo ball keeps defending kyrie but not others like wtf he feels like he can defend kyrie rofl..
john barillo
john barillo Yil oldin
Nice irving uncle drew haahah
Legalize Nepal
Legalize Nepal Yil oldin
If lonzo is the next kobe then i'm happy for him.Atleast he's not a ballhog
Ben Lamers
Ben Lamers Yil oldin
BALLroom dancing 🕺
kobe1408 Yil oldin
I am curious about some great players. What if Prime Iverson , kobe tmac , jordan , payton , baron davis , wade etc , playing against irving. Kyrie is just too good . His handle is beyond measures and he can dominate the right as well as the left. This guy has natural feel on the game of basketball/
kobe1408 Yil oldin
I am curious about some great players. What if Prime Iverson , kobe tmac , jordan , payton , baron davis , wade etc , playing against irving. Kyrie is just too good . His handle is beyond measures and he can dominate the right as well as the left. This guy has natural feel on the game of basketball/
Felix Ampatin
Felix Ampatin Yil oldin
Lonzo is the king of lowlights no one can break his record
Jayden Campbell
Jayden Campbell Yil oldin
Josh and Sav were there at the game.
Don Yil oldin
when did kyrie move to BOS
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Yil oldin
That pass at 2:58 was fucking phenomenal.
Mark tribble
Mark tribble Yil oldin
LOL Ball is trash, and hes already working on his flopping
Tomiwa Oke
Tomiwa Oke Yil oldin
3:46 another travel
Tomiwa Oke
Tomiwa Oke Yil oldin
3:00 another travel
ghost Yil oldin
is that not a travel? 4:11
bogdan mihaiescu
Y all gonna regret when zo is gonna be a star, he is just a rookie
J. A.
J. A. Yil oldin
Ball ain't right.
L.J Soniedos
L.J Soniedos Yil oldin
lonzo still needs to improve his game. his amazing college record wont guarantee to help him dealing in any tough league like NBA..
Gison Sevidal
Gison Sevidal Yil oldin
I don't care about Lonzo Ball I care about the ball. LOL
Williegoat Yil oldin
lonzo is trash
ART VS MALI AM Yil oldin
Iove irving💚
L amba
L amba Yil oldin
kyrie is just toying with the lakers😂
xart23x Yil oldin
2:49 to 3:02...Why Lonzo is special w/out shooting.
The E- Beast
The E- Beast Yil oldin
This will shut Lavar up about talking about kyrie's dead Mom
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson Yil oldin
Kyrie Irving travel 4:13
Crash832 Yil oldin
Lonzo looks like a makeup brush with his hair
Fly Kid11
Fly Kid11 Yil oldin
Lonzo ball has retarted legs look how he shoots oh man he needs a protein shake
Nana A.
Nana A. Yil oldin
Kyrie vs Messi who has more skills?
Guiye Gui
Guiye Gui Yil oldin
lonzo is going to be the next
Anita Stephens
Anita Stephens Yil oldin
Axnti Sxcial
Axnti Sxcial Yil oldin
Whata ending
Landon Larkins
Landon Larkins Yil oldin
For all you saying kyrie a trash ass bum, he’s the #1 point guard in the league.
Landon Larkins
Landon Larkins Yil oldin
I can’t lie, ZO got vision 👀
Tijhaye Johnson
Tijhaye Johnson Yil oldin
3:04 😂 oh shit where he going
liu kangs shoe laces
Hate how there so many crazy lonzo beef videos when his game aint even worth watching 💯 he gets more spotlight then dearron fox or ben simmons its such a shame
D3ADBITZ Yil oldin
3 steps for days
Professional Big Nibba
Shake em and bake em I Got kyrie for MVP
king levi king levi
kyire is really good 😎
Nolan Hedges
Nolan Hedges Yil oldin
Lonzo sucks ass bro and a terrible teammate
djr camel
djr camel Yil oldin
when you see this vid you already know the comments gonna be full of lonzo sucking hypebeasts
Trent Mason
Trent Mason Yil oldin
How is watching a great guard vs a shit guard an "insane" duel? I'll say this though for ball, he's a quality passer and on occasion, a fair defender. But none of that does an insane duel make.
Ellis X
Ellis X Yil oldin
Lunzo Is Tight uniform wearing GOOfy looking two left feet mix breed CLOWN...it's so sad looking at him
Cg FILM Yil oldin
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee Yil oldin
who won?
mjpink23 Yil oldin
if you are playing LOL/DOTA all lakers player are Assassins and what happen to all assassins when no tank or support end game? exactly DEFEAT!
joseph miles
joseph miles Yil oldin
Kyrie please, don't break it to 'em that way man. They know they're bad man.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Yil oldin
Ball fucking sucks
Jose Velazquez
Jose Velazquez Yil oldin
kyrie is to nice man but lets give it to lonzo thats probaly the most defense anyone has played on kyrie this season
Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly Yil oldin
How is a god vs a circus act a duel
SSFS Tv Yil oldin
Thanks 🙏🏽
GeebZ TV
GeebZ TV Yil oldin
Sorry but Lonzo will never be on Kyries level...just to aggressive..and pure athltism from kyrie...
Arron Williams
Arron Williams Yil oldin
Rod Strickland ReBorn
jahmoy nembhard
jahmoy nembhard Yil oldin
if zo dad wasnt lavar.ppl wud be less worried. defensr hard to teach
Reason2k Yil oldin
A *19yr old **#VS**. 30yr* old?? Leave Lonzo Alone. Find another Guard.
DeMoNFLiP84 Yil oldin
Watching this feels like I'm playing NBA 2k18 and I'm controlling Lonzo Ball like a noob while yelling at the game saying "Get him Teammates! You guys suck!" lol
Sean S
Sean S Yil oldin
3:08 Baynes first (and only) two points of the season so far
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Yil oldin
Oh my gawd I'm clearly better
Jeremy Garritson
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That back fade was beautiful by kyrie
Donkey Yil oldin
i see so many Cavs "Solid Fans" switch up when Kyrie got in with the Boson, whatt a bunch of losers. (I don't idolize any of them, DROSE!)
Alb Bauti
Alb Bauti Yil oldin
Lavar Ball make a wonder for his son, good marketing strategy, now his son being compared with superstar even he just an average rookie player, simmons is way better than his son, Kuzma too, what a strategy
sistagoodie Yil oldin
Kyrie way too nice 🤦‍♂️ 🔥
MultiJames213 Yil oldin
Lonzo soft
Vivian Bradford
Vivian Bradford Yil oldin
still like Kyle
Frankenstein Jr
Frankenstein Jr Yil oldin
4:27 kyrie's face was like bruh this is nothing i do i everytaim
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Yil oldin
Lonzo got that release 70 from 2k
The Pigeon Master
Lonzo does not look like he should be in the NBA
Micah Person
Micah Person Yil oldin
duel? more like a lonzo whipping by kyrie
Herbert Tanner
Herbert Tanner Yil oldin
who remembers when the lakers were good? Cause I don't
Got Game
Got Game Yil oldin
when a player blows by you like that @3:10 then you better have a seat on the bench
pewdiepie felix kjerberg
I hate lonzo ball
I might need to take a break
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