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Lady Gaga - Look What I Found (A Star Is Born)

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8-Okt, 2018




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Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 7 soat oldin
Damn! What a powerful voice!!
Covers by Demi _
Covers by Demi _ 15 soat oldin
Ur nose is beautiful, by the way
Gyarmati Tamás Márk
Gyarmati Tamás Márk 16 soat oldin
I really love this movie ❤️😇 1 fan from Hungary 😇
vu dat
vu dat 17 soat oldin
Now i love her more than before change my mind
Jihad Nhari
Jihad Nhari 18 soat oldin
the best choise Bradley did in his entire life, choosing gaga is a genius idea
Abhay Chauhan
Abhay Chauhan 23 soat oldin
Deserves more appreciation!
i love her. very beautiful
Lora Lada
Lora Lada Kun oldin
0:08 - 0:20 My life =☑
Karen Hoffman
Karen Hoffman Kun oldin
She's awesome in this movie! I would go see it again!
Davide Tagliabue
wonderfull voice and woman..
Евгений Kun oldin
Красивое все
Ana Sanz
Ana Sanz Kun oldin
Que genial la entrada de la canción y la batería tiene un ritmo espectacular y la voz de Gaga eso de lo dejo a los oyentes de esta genial canción.
Dalia Del Valle
Dalia Del Valle Kun oldin
she is a god!!
alan 888
alan 888 Kun oldin
This song deserves a Grammy!
Rocel Ann Rosaceña
Lady Gaga will always be my Ladyyy😭
Yvonne Panatos
Yvonne Panatos 2 kun oldin
NZ Shares
NZ Shares 2 kun oldin
Thats how i feel 98% of the time people dropping the piece of my heart they had after i have let them down so many times. But Fuck em all i'll prove you all wrong and look at your selves you aint perfect
林文杰 2 kun oldin
Daria Plepkowska
Daria Plepkowska 2 kun oldin
love you!!!
net60man 2 kun oldin
Love just make babies and se them grow
Ruth Htur
Ruth Htur 2 kun oldin
I am not crying
James Kid
James Kid 2 kun oldin
this has got house remix written all over it!!! Step up SIr fatboyslim
janita kolijn
janita kolijn 3 kun oldin
romaya safitri
romaya safitri 3 kun oldin
She's so different in this movie. I still don't think if it's Gaga. She's more beautiful without makeup.
Alan Rogelio
Alan Rogelio 3 kun oldin
A Star Is Born is nominated for 5 Golden Globes. Congratulations.!!!
Andi S
Andi S 3 kun oldin
Bratlay Cooper
edwige 3 kun oldin
Je ne connaissais pas vraiment Lady Gaga mais j ai découvert dans A Star is Born une chanteuse et une actrice formidable
Marcos Santos
Marcos Santos 3 kun oldin
jean luc santiago
jean luc santiago 3 kun oldin
Ly Mam
Ly Mam 3 kun oldin
I enjoyed the movie very much, thank you.
anna Gillespie
anna Gillespie 3 kun oldin
I thinks Lady Gaga and Bradley Copper should go on tour
Judith Soik
Judith Soik 3 kun oldin
Lady Gaga you are amazing in this movie. I am a true fan of yours now. Thank you
HUSSEIN JAPAN حسين ياباني
Oscar deserves best actress, best actor and best film
Angelina Гладун
Rachael Salvador
Rachael Salvador 4 kun oldin
Amalia Viña
Amalia Viña 4 kun oldin
you’re amazing, love this song
Anonymous Singer
Anonymous Singer 4 kun oldin
LP LeAl 4 kun oldin
Lady Gaga é Illuminati com seus pactos Deus é mais
Johny Marinelli
Johny Marinelli 4 soat oldin
LP LeAl para de bostejar doente mental
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 4 kun oldin
3:09 -- oh god, she is so cute!
Kimberly I. Cortes Ruiz de Aguirre
Tiene 1 semana que la escuche por primera vez por equivocación en un app de musica..... y desde que la escuche no dejo de cantar esta canción, la repito y la repito y no se, me pone tan contenta, no me canso jajaja... Tiene tan buen ritmo, tan buena instrumentación, tan buena voz, tiene todo! Me encanta, que buena rola Stefani! Te ganaste una nueva fan
Char Bunny
Char Bunny 4 kun oldin
I like this song. It is a fun break from all the album's sadness.
LaVioletaAmatista 5 kun oldin
50M views 500K likes!!
ضحكة tv
ضحكة tv 5 kun oldin
Always Gaga does a great art
bakeneko 5 kun oldin
This movie is really one of the best I've ever seen
Jennifer Cristina Fogaça
Você é demais, maravilhosa e suas músicas entram na minha alma ^_^
TWD PantherNinja Amy Grimes
I wasn’t really a Gaga fan (I do love her song Poker Face) saw this movie, ripped up inside but I Looooved it... This is has been my #1 favorite ever since then. Lady Gaga if you ever read this. NEVER. Stop Singing 🎤🎧🎼🥇
Qawiem Hl
Qawiem Hl 6 kun oldin
Why does the vocal panned to left so hard
Catur Handayani
Catur Handayani 6 kun oldin
When piano was played i cant stop shaking my head.so cool
Анатолий В
Без макияжа много лучше ей. На лице читаются все эмоции. Приятно смотреть.
Анатолий В
Не ожидал такого услышать от Леди Гага. Здорово! Браво! Одел студийные наушники и переслушиваю вещи из этого фильма.
Cele Blue
Cele Blue 7 kun oldin
Jacqualyn Waheed
Jacqualyn Waheed 7 kun oldin
I bet leonardo dicaprio wont be making any faces when she accepts her next acting award!!! Now will he!!!
Luci luci
Luci luci 7 kun oldin
film stupendo emozionante da vedere
Elizabeth Navarro
Elizabeth Navarro 8 kun oldin
Perfect 👌.
H Schroder
H Schroder 8 kun oldin
I've never usually liked Ms. Gaga's style of music but this is actually pretty decent. This, Shallow and Million Reasons are slowly becoming my favorites 😍
patry velasquez
patry velasquez 8 kun oldin
r0my2106 8 kun oldin
Autumn Lawson
Autumn Lawson 8 kun oldin
This song is amazing very catchy!!!
Bo e
Bo e 8 kun oldin
*no👏one👏needs👏to👏Know 👏the 👏lyrics👏to👏the 👏song👏 BECAUSE ITS AMAZING*
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler 8 kun oldin
This ,"Last Gaga/a Star is Born" stuff proves that Lady Gaga is the greatest rock and roll artist ever. I'm 55 years old, and I'm pretty sure I have a good idea of what great rock and roll requires. She nail nails is with these performances.
richard meyer
richard meyer 9 kun oldin
They really tried. But this sing is too pop.
Benjamin Spreen
Benjamin Spreen 9 kun oldin
LeShaun Jenkins
LeShaun Jenkins 9 kun oldin
Lady Gaga such underrated artist...She need to be more Promoted More.. Love Her
Ally Maine
Ally Maine 9 kun oldin
Yea, compared to those rap/hip-hop celebraties now... She's really underrated!
Un peu d' Enia and Co
Coyote girl / Titanic / bodygard the same for me
Danilo Guto
Danilo Guto 9 kun oldin
_Marina_ 06
_Marina_ 06 9 kun oldin
like si viniste de la pelicula
janine brau
janine brau 9 kun oldin
Bradley and Gaga are amazing. Such wonderful chemistry... I. Love them both!!!
janine brau
janine brau 9 kun oldin
Lady Gaga is beautiful. She needs no makeup or blond hair.
Luisa Izzyque
Luisa Izzyque 9 kun oldin
I love you!
Nedelyn Rivera
Nedelyn Rivera 9 kun oldin
Your so simply there 😍
ioana toma
ioana toma 9 kun oldin
this is crazy it's been a month I cannot get this songs out of my head literally I miss my sleep but then again these are my lullaby's xxxxxxxxxxxxinfinite love Lady
Tee Murrs
Tee Murrs 10 kun oldin
They need to release a directors cut. So many scenes missing
Shan Sparkles
Shan Sparkles 10 kun oldin
Lady Gaga you and Bradley Cooper blew me away I've not enjoyed a movie this much since the notebook
Ronnel Galiste
Ronnel Galiste 10 kun oldin
My Lady gaga
Atara W.
Atara W. 10 kun oldin
Magical pairing of Cooper and Gaga. He sings and she acts. Who knew.
miguel moreno
miguel moreno 10 kun oldin
It's my favorite song to ASIB
Marie Dyer
Marie Dyer 10 kun oldin
Wow beautifully created!!
enrico cifiello
enrico cifiello 10 kun oldin
Just the most amazing singer of all time!! Talent, class, great voice, groove!!This is real art and real music!! N1
Michael Conti
Michael Conti 10 kun oldin
So that is the real Lady Gaga. I like this version of her best so far.
Ally Maine
Ally Maine 9 kun oldin
Maybe you can check out her last album "Joanne", very perdonal.
hasby baihaqi
hasby baihaqi 10 kun oldin
I think she deserves Grammy album of the year
Lotus Law
Lotus Law 11 kun oldin
People know her from her exaggerative appearance, but we all touched by her extraordinary talent .
Julia Aguirre
Julia Aguirre 11 kun oldin
Es increíble ver las facetas de Lady Gaga, como cantante y como actriz, además tiene una voz increible. Un abrazo desde Ecuador.
Matheus Bleep
Matheus Bleep 11 kun oldin
I love it ❤️❤️❤️
Pony Of Shadow
Pony Of Shadow 11 kun oldin
This is AWESOME❤️❤️❤️❤️⚡
David Mann
David Mann 11 kun oldin
I never have been a Lady Gaga fan until I saw this movie. I was so impressed with her acting ability and I love the no makeup look I think she's beautiful.
Abhishesh Sharma
Abhishesh Sharma 11 kun oldin
Playing non stop for past 3 days ! whoa !
Doon Stone-Wigg
Doon Stone-Wigg 12 kun oldin
Watch Movie A Star Is Born 2018 Stream Now : t.co/XgLarVxO47
SuperCoolMilana *
SuperCoolMilana * 12 kun oldin
And the oscar goes to...
Kletus Halbergstein
Kletus Halbergstein 12 kun oldin
This movie was better the any other incarnation of the film this movie was something so special it made Kristoffersons version seem boring in comparison.
John mark Rigonan
John mark Rigonan 12 kun oldin
The best ka talaga lady gaga, im on of your baby monster
Jarek Dwojak
Jarek Dwojak 12 kun oldin
Szok co Ty robisz !!
João Vicente
João Vicente 12 kun oldin
Vem 20MI
Oscars Toys
Oscars Toys 12 kun oldin
Monster Nation, PAWS UP
This movie is great because it’s real, honest, sometimes funny, lovely, heartbreaking and it has all the emotions of the human race.
Carla Luigs
Carla Luigs 12 kun oldin
I love these songs 😍
ly na
ly na 12 kun oldin
Lady is really different and so lovely.
Krisma Osorio
Krisma Osorio 12 kun oldin
I love all of her song here in the album.
Trixia Gaviola
Trixia Gaviola 12 kun oldin
Oh my.... She really is the whole package
BENYCTA The Travel Brand
Goosbumpingly freaking awesome! Movie and songs, amazing -- and Lady Gaga, energetic, full of healthy confidence, woman power... I'd love to meet her!