Why the Lakers' 'death lineup' would never work | Get Up!

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Jay Williams quickly shuts down Kyle Kuzma's suggestion that the Los Angeles Lakers could have a potential "death lineup" with Rajon Rondo, Lonzo Ball, LeBron James, Brandon Ingram and Kuzma.
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10-Yan, 2019

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beng villanueva
beng villanueva 5 kun oldin
Death line for lakers are LBJ,kuzma,Rondo,McGee,Mike Beasly 2nd BI,Ball,Hart,Subac,KCP
DeadJustice 5 kun oldin
Lol. Isn't dat the song from WWE immortals?
Dennis Gabah
Dennis Gabah 6 kun oldin
Lol if lebron is the goat then he don't need help, play with what u got, make em great too u bum
Robert Jude Gonzales
Lol thats suicide squad
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz 6 kun oldin
Fuck jay
jose cisneros
jose cisneros 6 kun oldin
And Draymond Green?
The Dark Side
The Dark Side 6 kun oldin
Death Lineup? HA-HA
mikael feathers
mikael feathers 6 kun oldin
The girl is a smoke
10 10
10 10 6 kun oldin
Jay would know what doesn’t work. He didn’t work in the NBA
Edrese Nodora
Edrese Nodora 6 kun oldin
Ummm Kuzma and Rondo would start over Donkey.
Cardi B
Cardi B 6 kun oldin
Kuzma come to Toronto
Adventures of Kevo
Adventures of Kevo 6 kun oldin
Lonzo 3 pt shot is pretty good now
Maliek Burston
Maliek Burston 6 kun oldin
Stop it we gone show y’all in the playoffs #LABRON❌🧢
Lagiar hurlorage
Lagiar hurlorage 6 kun oldin
I don't know him but that's strait facts
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart 6 kun oldin
The death lineup will not work in the playoffs
Joe Hiltz
Joe Hiltz 6 kun oldin
Can I ask you Laker fans a question? Do you guys really believe that you can go through the Western Conference during the playoffs now they're going to have to play the Rockets or you going to play Golden State Warriors you're going to play more than one good team you really think you can win the championship with this line up?
Lord Domini
Lord Domini 2 kun oldin
Shut up. Idc if we don't make it to the playoffs. We're 16x NBA champions. And your team has lot of trash
Drippy Poitier
Drippy Poitier 6 kun oldin
Say death lineup 😂😂😂
Don Manong
Don Manong 6 kun oldin
Its like stphen A.smith said durant will score 40 on lakers. Lol. U guys talk shit.
Sage of the East
Sage of the East 6 kun oldin
Jay Williams is better suited to talk about the college game
YES I SAID IT!! 6 kun oldin
jay williams is a bitch, championships he won again?? 🤔Right!! Dumb mf wants to ride motorcycles and fucked his leg and dreams up but he is al of a sudden smart..ok fucking idiot
Will Merc
Will Merc 6 kun oldin
Cant wait for the playoffs. Just watch. Kuuuuuuz and that death lineup gonna ball
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 6 kun oldin
More like the suicide squad, atrocious to watch on defense
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 6 kun oldin
KK Mart here we come ayeee
Rahmel Pervez
Rahmel Pervez 6 kun oldin
It's very obvious he didn't get that job because of his intelligence 😂. Sport castor should just cast the sports stop assuming, what's going to happen. Haters can't stop hating no matter where their at 😂. Lakers nation!!!
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 6 kun oldin
And he’s wrong about the lakers coming off the bench if they were on the warriors. McGee and zubac are way better than Kevin looney and kuzma is WAYYYYYYY better than draymond green. It would be curry, Klay, lebron, kuzma and McGee.and then rondo and hart and KCP and Ingram etc are way better backups then the warriors could ever dream of having
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 6 kun oldin
Lol for the pelicans to make the playoffs they would have to pass the trailblazers or the spurs who are already way ahead. Good luck sonny. And no kuzmas lineup doesn’t work but still the lakers are a way better team than the warriors and you’ll see
Lanzas 6 kun oldin
Lebron, Javale, Kuzma, Hart, Lance or rondo. Rotate rondo tyson beasley and BI. Give zubac kcp and Svi sometime here and there. Good lineup right there
kobe2curry4rose1 6 kun oldin
You can go small like that if you have the defensive personnel AND are able to score prolifically. Which is why the Warriors are able to do it. Lakers cant do that.
EddieO 6 kun oldin
ripdajacker23 6 kun oldin
You can’t have a death lineup without 4-5 long range shooters that can also play above average defense. Rondo and Lonzo (atrocious, streaky shooters) at the 1 & 2? Lol stop it Kuzma, also an old, past his prime Rondo as your best defender of the “death lineup” is laughable. Y’all ain’t ready
Zack Eastman
Zack Eastman 6 kun oldin
I want jay williams fired immediately for the bullshit he just said
Suckmy Croch
Suckmy Croch 6 kun oldin
Lakers out in first round
SeekingAlpha 6 kun oldin
Jay you’re Gay Gay for calling another man “KK”
timelesskoontah 6 kun oldin
Where the fuck is the death line up yall be talking about..? Y'all tripping too much...lebron James alone is not the death line up...bron and who...
Eric Long
Eric Long 6 kun oldin
Get luke out of her and we have a chance.
TheMatrixHasYou 01010
Why are these dickheads acting like its against the law to call players by their initials? LBJ KCP BI KK
Acee ✓
Acee ✓ 6 kun oldin
Bruh kuz would start over Draymond and Iguodola
TheMatrixHasYou 01010
Lakers dont rebound nor shoot well enough to "go small."
Adam Bernardino
Adam Bernardino 6 kun oldin
Jay williams a fruitcake . fake
Mikey Reu
Mikey Reu 6 kun oldin
.....worked on Christmas....
jcanthony16 6 kun oldin
The Warriors new starting 5 will literally be a death lineup without even playing small ball . No one else’s lineups will matter. When Boogie returns, the Warriors have arguably the best starting 5 in NBA history.
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge 4 kun oldin
No one elses lineup mattered BEFORE they got Boogie. Adding a 5th allstar wont change that
DeadJustice 5 kun oldin
jcanthony16 I do agree, their lineup is a death lineup and has been for the last couple of years. But I'm not sure about no one else's lineup will matter
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge 5 kun oldin
Theres no arguing about it, it'll EASILY be the best starting 5 of all time
Dan Han
Dan Han 6 kun oldin
jcanthony16 gsw bandwagons I coming to say their team ain’t that good
Richy Rich
Richy Rich 6 kun oldin
You sound like a parrot repeating dumb shit you hear from Espn and Fs1
randy justsinging
randy justsinging 6 kun oldin
This dumb ass said lonzo can’t play well with lebron omg he has to be joking or getting fired ASAP, What kinda dumbass says that , we clearly saw lebronZo when they were playing together
ssimpson11234 6 kun oldin
lonzo and lebron just had a triple double in the same game but all of a sudden they cant play together
Kinson Cooper
Kinson Cooper 6 kun oldin
They said the same stuff with Harden and Paul... yet Harden is a ball hog and way more ball dominant than LBJ.... yet the problem only lies with LBJ, BI and Zo... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
2KGrind09 6 kun oldin
he forgetting rondo & ingram are head cases
William Baumert
William Baumert 6 kun oldin
Rondo Kuzma Ingram Lebron Zubac
J Wreck
J Wreck 6 kun oldin
ESPN y'all wack for talking about this for two days straight. Skip and Shannon is way better smfh.
Kendall Gilliam
Kendall Gilliam 6 kun oldin
AD has to leave...
Sir Analysts
Sir Analysts 6 kun oldin
Well yeah if Ingram is apart of that lineup it’s gonna be shit 😭
jay k.
jay k. 6 kun oldin
The Bucks are a death squad.
Vijay Koundinya
Vijay Koundinya 6 kun oldin
Don't say kk please
fightnight14 6 kun oldin
I think Zubac in Center position with Lonzo, Ingram, LeBron and Kuzma is more of a death lineup
GG Yunis
GG Yunis 6 kun oldin
I mean ingram should start on the bench. They need to play a bigman
Straight Juiced
Straight Juiced 6 kun oldin
1.Hart 2.Ingram 3.Kuzma 4.LeBron 5.JaVale
keef davis
keef davis 6 kun oldin
You're fired.
jaydexe 6 kun oldin
Lonzo is not a starting caliber player he has to be on the bench for this lineup to work because you can’t put him and Rondo together. Plus there’s no rim protector so their defense isn’t going to be good. That’s a trash lineup.
jaydexe 6 kun oldin
Deuante Kelly he isn’t a starter right now. Only team he starts on is Phoenix and Orlando because they have ZERO quality PGs on their roster. Only starting because he’s the #2 pick
Deuante Kelly
Deuante Kelly 6 kun oldin
You sound ridiculous when you said he can’t be a starter
jaydexe 6 kun oldin
keef davis Lonzo is a better defender but Rondo is soooo much better offensively and has a much better feel for the game.
keef davis
keef davis 6 kun oldin
Lonzo > Rondo. Defense is good when Zo is on the floor.
Ben Harding
Ben Harding 6 kun oldin
man the lakers are so fucking overrated
Ben Harding
Ben Harding 6 kun oldin
lol i didn’t know that lloyd pierce doesn’t exist, y’all dumb asf
keef davis
keef davis 6 kun oldin
They have the worst coach in the NBA.
goat baller
goat baller 6 kun oldin
This death lineup could berly go against the kings
A F 6 kun oldin
lol not in 2-3 year when warriors old ;)
Jimmmy Kyun
Jimmmy Kyun 6 kun oldin
Thats the reason why your hair stop growing, you keep saying blasphemy 💩
Kalihaze76 5th&Lemon
More like “no offense line up”
Benja 6 kun oldin
death lineup 😂. Lakers have nothing without Lebron.... maybe in a couple years... maybe... for now da Nor Cal Dubs are it
Almighty-Keyyy #
Almighty-Keyyy # 6 kun oldin
they have kuz and rondo. other players are improving
Bann Taylor
Bann Taylor 6 kun oldin
Zo, Hart, BI, Kuz, James can play death line-up some minutes against some teams, especially against Golden State, when they play their own death lineups. They would match pretty well agains Steph, Klay, Igi, KD, Green. So I don’t get why people are trying to make fun of what Kuz said, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
Richy Rich
Richy Rich 6 kun oldin
Bann Taylor they would get killed. They’ll shoot 30% from 3 and 60% from the free throw line.
Rushking20 #Cheesehead
Bann Taylor stop theyd get swept lmao half there death lineup cant shoot you not beating GS like that
Bann Taylor it worked this season i just don't know if its gonna work in the playoffs the Warriors are too good especially if Boogie is back
Thebestdadeverr 6 kun oldin
Actually it would work and it’s already proven that it works but they haven’t played enough to prove it..
Chef Kwon
Chef Kwon 6 kun oldin
Kuzma isn’t that nice y’all trippin
Tibby Tv
Tibby Tv 6 kun oldin
Chef Kwon L
sangawashere 6 kun oldin
It's actually pronounced Deaf Line-Up
Phil Fan
Phil Fan 6 kun oldin
sangawashere 6 kun oldin
Aaron Clifford
Aaron Clifford 6 kun oldin
KK? It's like he has never heard of Kuz and made up a nickname on the fly to act like he knows who he is talking about
Aaron Clifford
Aaron Clifford 6 kun oldin
+Noob no it's just you come to watch these analysts to get some insight from someone who should know more than the average fan, and when they come up with some random nickname you start to wonder if they even know who they are talking about or they just got given this script. Kinda discredits what they have to say.
Colby Martinez
Colby Martinez 6 kun oldin
Kyle Kameron Kuzma.
Renzo BSTOPPER 6 kun oldin
+TheMatrixHasYou 01010 😂😂
Noob 6 kun oldin
Aaron Clifford you know kuzma or what? How the fuck you gonna know what nicknames people be calling him by
Ian Marcos
Ian Marcos 6 kun oldin
+Cole Lutz hahaha!
bg megaman2001
bg megaman2001 6 kun oldin
Any lineup with Lebron is a death lineup. Period. And these young dudes are too fast for most to keep up with as it is.
SuperSayianCurry 6 kun oldin
bg megaman2001 you’re a moron😂.. lebron by himself doesn’t make a death lineup retard.. you have zero credibility when talking about basketball 😂😂
humanoffer 6 kun oldin
+Ricky B rricky we were like less than 15 games away from playoffs last year
bg megaman2001
bg megaman2001 6 kun oldin
+Ricky B He took Cleveland to the finals last year did he not? Find someone else to argue with.
Ricky B
Ricky B 6 kun oldin
bg megaman2001 you obviously know zero about basketball. One man don’t mKe up a death lineup 😂 and this lakers team sucks without him.
H. Brown
H. Brown 6 kun oldin
ESPN really making this a story
Event Horizon Productions
Celtics COMIN. And je was definitely saying it casually, no need to read too much in to it at this point.
David Bagga - The MILLENNIAL Sales Recruiter
Hold up- Jay Williams what do you mean if AD keep playing at this level?? He’s been playing at this level almost his whole career and carrying this pelicans squad every night. You take him away they become a g league team. Come on man show him some respect! ✊🏽👀
Cody Sterling
Cody Sterling 6 kun oldin
Lol no Jrue holiday/randle both averaging around 20 Morre double digits Miritoic (or however you spell his name) gives you double digits And they might have gotten the point guard back from injury Anthony Davis just can’t “dominate” a game like a guard who is always in control of the ball or one of the 4 wings in the game Lebron/kd/great freak/Leonard
Mr Bubbles
Mr Bubbles 6 kun oldin
Jason Futrell
Jason Futrell 6 kun oldin
I don't know about that the Pelicans are alot better than there record says
MyAnklesGotTaken 6 kun oldin
My man called him KK you know haha, you Americans and your nicknames lool
Sky Assassin
Sky Assassin 6 kun oldin
lonzo is better with LeBron than rondo is
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma 5 kun oldin
+W Nooristany L
W Nooristany
W Nooristany 6 kun oldin
Sky Assassin rondo is overrated af
ITM ART 6 kun oldin
i stopped the video when this guy declared that Lonzo and LeBron cant play together
Oliver Mariano
Oliver Mariano 5 kun oldin
+Now Im Really Bout' A Give It To You facts bro!!
Now Im Really Bout' A Give It To You
wjung You must have missed lonzo being LeBrons only teammate to have a trip dub with him in a game
Oliver Mariano
Oliver Mariano 6 kun oldin
+Travis Clinkscales man shut the fuck up and watch more games. U just wrote a diary for cryin out loud. I ddnt even finish readin it.
Richy Rich
Richy Rich 6 kun oldin
Oliver Mariano what is lonzo going to do off the ball? He’s a play maker and facilitator. Put the damn ball in his hands. Why hand lonzo spotting up?
wjung 6 kun oldin
+YES I SAID IT!! Oh, I just read this one. Out of curiosity, what is "ching ching bitch" supposed to mean?
Farhan Ali
Farhan Ali 6 kun oldin
More like 'Dead lineup'
randy justsinging
randy justsinging 6 kun oldin
Farhan Ali wack