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Highlights from Lonzo Ball's rookie season with the LA Lakers.
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13-Apr, 2018

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Francis Andrian Magno
10 seconds in, he already travelled
ruben g
ruben g 16 kun oldin
Who else was confused when the Spurs fans were cheering for Zo?
i.e.m. 18 kun oldin
Lonzo Baller
John Lewis
John Lewis Oy oldin
He had a nice rookie season. He just needs to work on his finishing and shooting. That's it. He is atheltic, but has a tendency to miss easy layups a lot. What I love about his game though is he has excellent size, is a good rebounder, great passer, and an underrated defender. Best shot blocking guard. I've also seen his new shot and it looks good. Plus I heard he added 20 lbs. Not sure if that is true.
Anto Oy oldin
Good boy
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia Oy oldin
He’s great but he really needs to fix his jump shot to become a threat cause if he can score more easily the more his assists will come and stack up
Delena Chihuahua
glad to see lonzo back in action
I swear watching them play is like watching a bunch of homos or momma's boys playing ball... The NBA needs to pump all these vaginas with some testosterone and some hgh for real. Watching pro ball is like watching some weak ass college ball...seriously.
JoeYourBro O-O
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Paolo Liwag
Paolo Liwag Oy oldin
Lavar ball is a curse and a gift to Lonzo ball... Because of lavar’s mouth, people are so much interested with his son. But at the same time, he is putting to much expectations and hate towards his son... Lonzo is a good basketball player... Without his dad, people will probably appreciate his talents
Andy's Turtles
I tried throwing like lonzo, but I losing my balance!?
HQM Oy oldin
Y'all be sleeping on lonzo. He waking y'all up.
Christopher Tisdel
Lonzo 2K rating should be higher
TJ Duff
TJ Duff Oy oldin
Lonzo will be one of the best players in the league! 🙌🏾
Reggie Saintil
Zo is gonna be a great player !
Johnathan Theodule
Morty Oy oldin
63 people are mad he is not playing in there team..
Next Level
Next Level Oy oldin
Look at the young lakers in 2018. They bulked up. Lakeshow here we come.
High-saiah Thomas
Whoever says he’s trash is either a hater or don’t know basketball. Period.
Edwin Arambula
Lonzo’s passing is so crispy 🏀
makaveli the don
Great I.q and probably can do all. What more can you ask for
Tim Coons
Tim Coons Oy oldin
Lebron coming to this team? Lonzos getting his first ring. I say LeBron gets a couple with this crew. The east aint even in the race no more. West conference finals is this years finals
Q Crew
Q Crew Oy oldin
Lonzo needs to grow his hair out again... he looked a lot more badass with the fro
Ever Quintanilla
Ever Quintanilla 2 oy oldin
Lonzo is going to be special best point guard in his draft class
OgnDaGod 2 oy oldin
Real recognize real he is gonna be mvp and a top5 pg of all time one day
Biggg Foottt
Biggg Foottt 2 oy oldin
Zack Peery
Zack Peery 2 oy oldin
10ppg 7rpg 7ast..hell of a rookie season.. haters gonna hate
Buom tut
Buom tut 2 oy oldin
Better hop on the lonzo ball train now then later
Buom tut
Buom tut 2 oy oldin
Lonzo ball is one of my favorite basketball players
S L Y 3 oy oldin
KingBrie 3 oy oldin
😂😂 Sooooo we just gonna ignore the hellacious travel within the first 10sec of the highlights. Ok cool
Synai Mccrae
Synai Mccrae 3 oy oldin
Lonzo a beast
BIG NATE 88 3 oy oldin
I'm not much of a laker fan but I do recognize greatness in this kid. 2k had the nerve to still give this guy a 78 rating to start for 19!
victorlopez007 3 oy oldin
That Milwaukee Bucks game camera was ass
Mike Strong
Mike Strong 3 oy oldin
I hope lonzo will stay in la
Cvrti 3 oy oldin
Favorite rookie ,he in My top 5 PGs forsure
Its JoeMama
Its JoeMama 3 oy oldin
It's pretty sad that people call him a bust just because of his dad. He had a great season for a rookie. He's gonna have a better season next year with Bron and co.
GodDaiko 3 oy oldin
Let's just hope he shoots better this season.
Jeff T
Jeff T 3 oy oldin
After seeing this vid I’m surprised the Spurs didn’t try to trade Kawhi for Lonzo considering Pop had a front row seat watching Lonzo beat the Spurs.
Johnrap11 3 oy oldin
Lonzo looked great in the McDonalds All American game when he was in high school. But can he play at the NBA level? These clips say not.
Johnrap11 3 oy oldin
These highlights are trash. I like LaVar Ball as a businessman. I like Lonzo Ball as a person. But, these look like intramural highlights, not NBA caliber.
Gucci Lee
Gucci Lee 3 oy oldin
72118 everyone try and act like Zo can't hoop. Nights when he on we slide him 2 and get the real killer squad Rond,Zo,Ingram,Kuz,Bron this lineup will be a problem for teams.
Goonie 3 oy oldin
i feel like nobody talks about how fast he is
Suped Sauce
Suped Sauce 4 oy oldin
I see why lebron wants to go To la. Lonzo Ball has great vision , his passing is stellar and his playmaking decision seems pretty high for a 1 year player . You throw som.e expirence players on his team he just gets better .
mthuli pedzisai
mthuli pedzisai 4 oy oldin
He got better when he cut his hair
Jon J
Jon J 4 oy oldin
He's a good player, i think he'll have a 15/20yr NBA career at a high level. But he wont be a superstar... He got game, but its ugly.
Director Seh
Director Seh 4 oy oldin
1:29 If I did this sht i would be on the bench 🤦🏾‍♂️😑
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace 4 oy oldin
Basic,very effective player
Linkz GP
Linkz GP 4 oy oldin
What broken jump shot?
Gee Dumars
Gee Dumars 4 oy oldin
This year gonna be crazy with Lebron playing off the ball..fast paced
eren yeager
eren yeager 4 oy oldin
this guy's gonna be great. Donovan, Ben, and Jason were better statistically because they had playoffs exposure.
Matt Los
Matt Los 4 oy oldin
he will be the next kap... out of the league cause no one wants to put up with him and his father.
Matthias Horne
Matthias Horne 4 oy oldin
BigMy28 4 oy oldin
Lonzo backed by Rondo is going to give point guards nightmares, the fastbreaks are going to be a frequent occurrence and i can see everyone except Lebron posting career highs. Hope no one gets get traded.
Dionis 4 oy oldin
Kyrie never wanted to listen to Lebron which was never spoken about. Lonzo will be all ears with Lebron because he looks up to Lebron and Lebron is his favorite player. They will win multiple rings together. LeBronzo.
Alexkamaal 4 oy oldin
Man lonzo got some heavy ass potential. I honestly think he's gonna turn out to be the best rookie in his class. Ben Simmons a bit more a athletic but lonzo is so much faster, is a better passer, and also shooter. Lonzo is gonna be a huge problem for these other point guards once he reaches elite status. 👌🏾
ray rudis
ray rudis 4 oy oldin
And stupid ass fake laker fans don'teven see this kid potential sad.
Nehemiah Hicks
Nehemiah Hicks 4 oy oldin
Tbh if u have a dad like lavar ur not gonna do well in the nba bcuz of the pressure
Jeremie Chisom
Jeremie Chisom 4 oy oldin
Brent Moss
Brent Moss 4 oy oldin
Lonzo is such a good passer
Even Flow
Even Flow 4 oy oldin
Lavar Ball just needs to shut the fuck up and not put any pressure on his kids. Lonzo Ball will be a great player he has all the tools!!!
Erkan Atalay
Erkan Atalay 4 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-BrrOhx76IPc.html Frank Ntilikina Defense Highlights
Gary Burns
Gary Burns 4 oy oldin
Bron gonna make Zo better
Stan Kormy
Stan Kormy 4 oy oldin
🅱️🅱️🅱️ 👏👏👏
SLIP NORRIS 4 oy oldin
Lonzo is dope
Brian Qiu
Brian Qiu 4 oy oldin
Who’s watching this because Lebron’s a laker
Dangitdanger I
Dangitdanger I 4 oy oldin
Brian Qiu 😂😂 Me lmao
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 4 oy oldin
Not sure how I feel about making 3s being a highlight lol
Michael Rice
Michael Rice 4 oy oldin
Wow now that he has lebron there passing is about to be on ultra instinct
Derek Caldwell
Derek Caldwell 4 oy oldin
Give it 2-3 years and let that shot develop and this man will be a triple double machine!
YMD gleexich
YMD gleexich 4 oy oldin
Him being on the floor is exciting to watch...his passing abilities and defense and rebounding...he pushes the pace which is essential on today's nba...he didn't shoot particularly well last season but he had stretches of games where he played very good...thats what the media dosem t want you to see...this kid is great and worth the hype...hes gonna be special. LeBron didn't come to LA for no reason...he sees potential
droptopOX 4 oy oldin
He will be way better than Ingram. Kuzma as well
Dangitdanger I
Dangitdanger I 4 oy oldin
droptopOX You have to love the young core we got. Don’t hate on Ingram. He’s going to be a special player with a lot of potential in him.
droptopOX 4 oy oldin
Silver Wind Ingram is butt, I live in LA moron, and I watch all the games. That man is gonna be role player in this league. Tired of people saying he will be a Superstar. He will not. Sorry 🤷🏾‍♂️. Now Kuzma is gifted. And has a lot more to work with. Can pretty much do everything Ingram and also has a post game and has this no hesitation mindset unlike that slow looking head hanging retard Ingram. He ain’t shit
Kenyatte Tilghman
Marlowe Vergara
Marlowe Vergara 4 oy oldin
LeBron Fans watching this Video Right Now! GO LAKERS! :D
mbp85 4 oy oldin
He’s got broke ass jump shot mechanics. Ugliest shot from a small guy in the league.
T U 4 oy oldin
mbp85 he like 6’7
Kyle Thach Lam
Kyle Thach Lam 4 oy oldin
if y’all say lindo trash you ain’t know basketball
angelofdeathjk 4 oy oldin
LeBron sharing his basketball knowledge with a natural talent like Lonzo is gonna be DEADLY
Nick Ptak
Nick Ptak 4 oy oldin
Suns fan here but Lonzo is a superstar in the making. Give me Lonzo all day in that 3 way trade with Lakers and Spurs we'll take Deng's contract back, we'll give Spurs Warren and Chriss. Lonzo and Booker is a lethal backcourt.
J-Strokes 4 oy oldin
Yeah I am convinced. They arent playing him right. Lonzo is so good and you see it. He can play with the ball and without it but he is better shooting without (off ball). He needs another passer on the team that can throw him those lob cuts he makes. Being the only real playmaker (no I don't consider Ingram that yet) is a problem. If you look at the highlights lonzo offense came from his step back and him either being set or cutting somewhere. I expect to see a lot more dribble hand off into pistol actions next season. He needs to work on a post game, midrang, and finishing at the rim. If he gets those 3 he is giving you at minimum 22 12 and 8. Also he is a defensive genius. I stand by my statement he may be Gary Payton/Stockton combo. He has the defense to guard 3 positions (and some 4's) and he has the passing gift that very fee ever actually get. I hope the Lakers see this and get this man the help he needs.
李Roy 4 oy oldin
this is Highlights? are u kidding me ? Lonzo Ball = Loser Believe me 2years he will go to D-league
Nocturnal Game Reviews
李Roy D-league ...really? I dont see those kinds of passes in the G-league very often
Tom 4 oy oldin
He got better after recovering from injury and haircuts.
Edi Butkovic
Edi Butkovic 4 oy oldin
I see a possible triple duoble avreger
unbreakbledreams 4 oy oldin
Obviously the kid has a special talent, received a lot of hate because of his dad, solid rookie season, great potential tho. I'm a Celtics' fan but as basketball fan I'm expecting him to become a superstar.
Chris Haworth
Chris Haworth 4 oy oldin
Lonzo can ball
Tahir Baksh
Tahir Baksh 4 oy oldin
Second clip was a travel.
jaruseerf_5891 4 oy oldin
LeBron plus this young core could be competitive in the West. Especially if Randle continues his stellar performance of the second half of last season and Brandon Ingram continues to improve to become a potential star. I am inclined to keep Randle rather than bring PG13. Ingram could become next PG13 in a year or two.
Devin X
Devin X 4 oy oldin
Y’all can say DLo is the better player... hell I even agree. But he wasn’t the better player for this laker team. Lonzo proved that this season. Lakers were next to last in defense in the season before lonzo came. They finished this year in top 10-15 spots. Brandon Ingram’s scoring went up almost 10 ppg and randle had a breakout year. Lonzo makes everybody else better on both ends of the floor. Sure his numbers weren’t great but when you took him off the Lakers, they played terrible. Probably worse than Phoenix.
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson 4 oy oldin
He’ll never be a star, but that’s ok. He’s gonna be a solid nba pg
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 5 oy oldin
Maybe ball will be a sun soon. Him Booker Josh Jackson Ayton. Hmmmmm
richard Huff
richard Huff 5 oy oldin
Just think about it... LeBron and Lonzo would a scar duo
Brendan Jenner
Brendan Jenner 4 oy oldin
Thought it into reality... lebronzo 2018
Huey HendrixX
Huey HendrixX 4 oy oldin
Boi fvck no😂😂
Godsgeneral21 5 oy oldin
He’s a superstar! Top 10 player one day
Dyllan John
Dyllan John 5 oy oldin
He would be perfect in the suns system with our new coach and the #1pick (Ayton)..... plus him and booker and would be nasty together make it happen Phoenix trade our #16 pick for him
wroney16 5 oy oldin
Better 3pt shooter than Jason Kidd as a rookie
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 5 oy oldin
really promising future for the lakers
Striving Bro
Striving Bro 5 oy oldin
He can hoop
Michael Calmese
Michael Calmese 5 oy oldin
The kids a Competitor 💯💯💯💯💯
Kiwi Gooner
Kiwi Gooner 5 oy oldin
Pretty much all these highlights were from a lost game.
rajon rondo
rajon rondo 5 oy oldin
Run them bandz up
Lonzo Carter-Williams
Tony Kim
Tony Kim 5 oy oldin
Lonzos IQ is off the charts...
Tai Babasolaf
Tai Babasolaf 5 oy oldin
He's just not meant to be a scorer and that's fine. If he goes for 9 ppg 14 apg he's doing his job as a point guard. Kidd, and Rondo weren't a big time scorers either. That being said, we won't be speaking about Lonzo in the same breath as Kidd. He's qgoing to need an elite scorer, spot shooters, and a good fast break team to win anything.