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HEY EVERYONE! I just got back from New York where I visited the Lancôme headquarters and got to test out their new machine, the 'Le Teint Particulier' - When I first heard about this, I almost didn't believe it! This machine basically can match ANY skin tone and get you your PERFECT match to a foundation! This is such a revolutionary thing, I know so many people who have a hard time finding a REAL match... Or they have to buy 2 different shades to mix... That problem has all been solved! Watch me work with Jasmine, who is the Head of Education for Lancôme Artistry where she demonstrates the entire process on me! HOPE YOU ALL CAN TRY THIS!!!!
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17-Mar, 2017

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nada ayyah
nada ayyah 7 soat oldin
Sister James needs to try this
Zara Amir
Zara Amir 3 kun oldin
I did actually learn my undertones in school when I had to paint a self portrait.
Ann Chankotadze
Ann Chankotadze 3 kun oldin
James Need this 😂😂😂
Michelle Be
Michelle Be 4 kun oldin
Lancôme acting like the first company to do this, while Prescriptives did it over TEN years ago 🤣
BrittanyAnnTodd 4 kun oldin
God...I want to stuff cotton balls in her mouth but I have a feeling she’d still try to freaken talk 😳🙉 Lancôme chose the wrong salesperson for this.
Kate Riley
Kate Riley 4 kun oldin
He looks like Bella Thorne in the thumbnail
alisha aiello
alisha aiello 5 kun oldin
James Charles needs this
Carlee Edwards
Carlee Edwards 5 kun oldin
DΞΔN 6 kun oldin
She’s so lucky. I wanna touch his face. I’d bleach my hands first if he wanted
Jessica Villacorta
Jessica Villacorta 7 kun oldin
Rose Quill
Rose Quill 7 kun oldin
Gotta send James there
Kassii Michelle
Kassii Michelle 7 kun oldin
Dont know if id call that full coverage but the shade match is perfect.
lauz sharp
lauz sharp 8 kun oldin
so 80 with consultation how much when you buy a new one with your id? it looks beautiful though I wanna try this! I'm so pale and I cant finnd a foundation match
jay den
jay den 8 kun oldin
Amazing fail of coverage 😂😂💯👌
ausam de romero
ausam de romero 9 kun oldin
Hey jefree recommend this to James Charles...
Ally Ash
Ally Ash 9 kun oldin
I just wanted to say that you are such an amazing person! You are so kind and out going and you know who you are, you’re beautiful, bold, ambitious, talented, basically perfect! I love how you love you and do you no matter what and you just put yourself out there! We love you!
Abigail walsh
Abigail walsh 10 kun oldin
Dying my hair this colour
Vianey Bocardo
Vianey Bocardo 10 kun oldin
$80 I thought it would be more, I want one just to have it 🤣
Afiqah Adam
Afiqah Adam 11 kun oldin
She used her hand to blend!!!!
Lauren Appleby
Lauren Appleby 15 kun oldin
Holly Pole
Holly Pole 15 kun oldin
Complaining about 90 degrees in USA. Honey, it's 105 in Vic rn
Jacky Martinez
Jacky Martinez 17 kun oldin
Rewatching this in 2019 just makes me quake 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
MerraTheGamer 10
MerraTheGamer 10 18 kun oldin
I’m just dying of laughter when they both try to talk at the same time and their talking about two different things 😂
COOKIE MONSTER 19 kun oldin
James Charles will finally have the right foundation shade
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 19 kun oldin
Guys she might be technically be talking to him but she knows this is a video. She’s not educating him about make up or the Lancôme brand, she’s educating you.
Abbi_timberwolf 20 kun oldin
Sister James needs this
Sarah Moyer
Sarah Moyer 21 kun oldin
@jamescharels at 6:37
Alexandra Henderson
Alexandra Henderson 21 kun oldin
It’s like getting a dna test for your skin 😂
slim1one 22 kun oldin
I thought he was dignified and did not see annoyance on his part at all. I think they both had something to say that's why they were talking over each other. Jeffrey knows he was there as a teaching experience to the public and she was just doing her job.
Sofía Liliette Huarte Aguilar
Someone show this to James Charles
Trishy 24 kun oldin
Their interaction was very awkward lol the make up girl just rambled on and on
lawson remmett
lawson remmett 25 kun oldin
james charles needs this
Edy Hamzah
Edy Hamzah 27 kun oldin
One thing u missed... Is Jefree star approve or not? 🤣😅
SirParcifal Oy oldin
Do you know why I can't stand high end cosmetics sales people? Because more than half of them have horrible skin with them wearing the best makeup... LMFAO
madison Brown
madison Brown Oy oldin
ok Cool Thats amazing Ok Ahum Yeah Sure Great
Kyu Oy oldin
Send the machine to James Charles lmao
Paree kava
Paree kava Oy oldin
I'm sure Jeffree never eva eva used it again..or maybe he can make a really thoughts on this product again..
Lazy Lavender
Lazy Lavender Oy oldin
She’s annoying af
Chase Sangine Games
We have found the biggest foundation range ladies and gentleman.
Cyra Strong
Cyra Strong Oy oldin
Sister James needs to do this 😂
The problem is your shade can change during the year with the seasons!
Campbell King
Campbell King Oy oldin
Song at the beginning?
sip the tea sis
Jeffree on outside: *Oh* Jeffree on inside: *Does this bishh think im stupid*
sip the tea sis
Flashback mary is *qUaKiNg*
Amarys YT
Amarys YT Oy oldin
Perfect for james charles (NO HATE! I LOVE JAMES CHARLES)
Harrods Blake
Harrods Blake Oy oldin
I wanna give that bitch a fkin brush... omg. Lancome raped Jeffreestar. Im so sorry girl. ❤️ I feel you.
Tina Lee
Tina Lee Oy oldin
Nice, I must try! I have such a hard time finding a match for foundation
GeorgieB Oy oldin
She’s like an annoying robot lol 😂
Omar Javier Guevara Ardon
When the shaker is started working/moving and she tried to hold it down to look more professional 😂😂😂💁🏻‍♂️
Rebecca Fox
Rebecca Fox Oy oldin
Boots in Ireland already had that for ages except it doesn't make your own foundation it just chooses a good one from their store that suits and matches your skin.
Tater Tot
Tater Tot Oy oldin
Full Coverage HONEY WHERE
experiments ect.
experiments ect. 2 oy oldin
Omg james charals neeeeedsss this!!!! Bahahahaha!!!😆😆😆
Sicri De La O
Sicri De La O 2 oy oldin
It matched his skin perfectly. Ppl inching here it's bc they can't afford it lol.
Riyana Jarin
Riyana Jarin 2 oy oldin
love u Jeffree Star😍😍😍
the_doll_whisperer 333
You guys have to remember jeffre e likes a heavy full coverage, he sure is a bit over the top with his makeup as is James Charles, they are men trying to create soft lines, this Lancom e foundation is perfect for the every day girl, not a man who wears extremely dramatic makeup!!!!! Love jeffree💄
Fishman Family
Fishman Family 2 oy oldin
Try match co
Alicia L
Alicia L 2 oy oldin
Ugh, too much...
Not just another guy
Krysta Modinne Buenafe
Still waiting for a Jeffree Star foundation
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
I thought it was just my high ass feeling awkward watching this but looking at the comments I’m screaminggg lmfaoo she just.. was not the one for this video.
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne 2 oy oldin
Is it just me or jeffree kinda looks like bella thorne on the thumbnail? Hahahaha
Born This Way MUA
Jeffree Star is so gracious and polite 😍 this is such a wholesome video!
Chun Levi
Chun Levi 2 oy oldin
That “light makeup” would have cost the same amount of money as my rent
Elisabeth Polycarpe
The foundation cost is $ 80 now where do you get rent from for that kind of money.
Zakariya Violet
Zakariya Violet 2 oy oldin
*jeffrees look in the thumbnail brought me here 😂🤣*
Olokunful 2 oy oldin
Sephora used that scanner on me today. It said, "no match". So I guess it was like, "Girl I don't know what color you are!!" Lol x 100!
Anna Felka
Anna Felka 2 oy oldin
Call James Charles
Autumn Michalski
Autumn Michalski 2 oy oldin
James Charles needs this lol
Rumbleroooaaar 2 oy oldin
ashuma tak
ashuma tak 2 oy oldin
I personally felt.... this was the most boring video of Jeffree star....even it gave the feeling that Jeffree was sounding fake.... disappointed. I Love your video jeffree but this video was not as per the Jeffree star standards.
Alicia Harkness
Alicia Harkness 2 oy oldin
You can clearly tell he wasnt a fan but was being classy about it. She was absolutely annoying af tho and the foundation looks like crap. I wont be checking this out anytime soon.
Fellow Ugly Sewer Rat
Multicultural Momoffour
Omg I'm so getting this for my daughter
Vincent Lamoste
Vincent Lamoste 2 oy oldin
James charles sister look
AndyDome 2 oy oldin
I don't wear foundation or makeup or anything and I want this !! Itd be such an awesome experience and to see what my personal color would be would be amazing to see !! 😄
Jason 3 oy oldin
This is so awesome! Thank you for making this video!! What an awesome technology. Way less expensive than I predicted, considering how amazing it is.
Anna Witt
Anna Witt 3 oy oldin
Companies rip people off
Nikol Rakusan
Nikol Rakusan 3 oy oldin
How does this work if you have freckles?
Jen ;-;
Jen ;-; 3 oy oldin
She misspelled the name of this 😂
Gray Anderson
Gray Anderson 3 oy oldin
Yea, Okay...Repeat!
heathernicblu 3 oy oldin
of course he still looks flawless and perfectly contoured when his foundation is wiped off
Makaela Wheeler
Makaela Wheeler 3 oy oldin
This is groundbreaking!
Tammy James
Tammy James 3 oy oldin
As soon as I save up the $88 I am going into Houston to try this! Yes I am.
Dakshajaa Soondur
The bottle was half filled!!! And 80 dollars!!! You are joking😂
Dakshajaa Soondur
She talked too much. She forgot that Jeffree was more interested in how the machine works. He already knows about make up.
Exci Gold
Exci Gold 3 oy oldin
i wonder where i can buy it....
Elisabeth Polycarpe
Ok maybe one day you'll get to visit the big Apple and visit the fancy stores. It's really nice and interesting just in one Place you are able to hear so many other languages there are a lot of tourists.
Exci Gold
Exci Gold Oy oldin
+Elisabeth Polycarpe I'm in Cambodia working, but I am not Cambodian... I am Filipino from the Philippines. English was endorsed here in 2005, younger people can speak English but the old ones are not,,,, rich people here can speak English too.
Elisabeth Polycarpe
I am sorry about that. I didn't know they speak English there you write it pretty well for an outsider. You're very welcome.
Exci Gold
Exci Gold Oy oldin
Elisabeth Polycarpe oh, thank u so much but i am in Cambodia 😁
Elisabeth Polycarpe
Bloomingdale's on 59 street and Lexington avenue. You go to Lancome stand inside the store but you must call to Place an appointment first.
Vlasta Barac
Vlasta Barac 3 oy oldin
He is so polite here...my love 😂😂😂
David Fenton
David Fenton 3 oy oldin
This is not something new guys! If you want to find the perfect color for your home, they are shaking the same way the paint! It was also funny to see Jeffree's face when the bitch told her the price! She was like its 80$! Jeffree was like: TRASH! Jeffree doesnt buy anything under 15k... Lancome?? TRASH! I'm sure he put it in the first trash on the way out 😂
Nicki Haws
Nicki Haws 3 oy oldin
Someone tell Safiya
Jaine 3 oy oldin
Scared with that intro song. I thought my playlist turned on.
Amazonian Bomb
Amazonian Bomb 3 oy oldin
How does it read for people with a lot of freckles?
Anjelo Carey
Anjelo Carey 3 oy oldin
Jeffree saying "okay, cool" means "enough with the story time, bish"
Cynthia Valles
Cynthia Valles 3 oy oldin
This made me think of James Charles, he always talks about how it's hard for him to get a perfect match. 💜
shveta sharma
shveta sharma 3 oy oldin
Can the average girl afford it though ? 🙁
Sarah Ranin
Sarah Ranin 3 oy oldin
I think her voice and the echo is like a nail on a chalkboard like giiiirl stfu lol
Secret Guy
Secret Guy 3 oy oldin
This bitch annoying af
Mina Gligorić
Mina Gligorić 3 oy oldin
I want it!!! Whyyyy do I have to go all the way to America? Can I find this in Paris???? Lancome is French. Tell me I can find this in EU. I am a custom lux whore like Jeffree. Help.
Elisabeth Polycarpe
59 street and Lexington Avenue at bloomingdales but you have to call them first to Place an appointment
Stevie Diamond
Stevie Diamond 3 oy oldin
This shit needs more views
midclub3 3 oy oldin
She is annoying
You don’t even get a full bottle 😂😂😂
If I’m spending $88, I want a fucking glass bottle lol