Lance Stephenson on Why he Decided to Join Lakers & Play with LeBron James

Lone Baller
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11-Iyl, 2018



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Lone Baller
Lone Baller 4 oy oldin
Can we get 1,000 likes before the season starts?
Marks man
Marks man Oy oldin
Not even a hundred
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 4 oy oldin
Lone Baller what the fuck u gonna use lakers to get ur likes fag?!
847 Savage
847 Savage 4 oy oldin
Crest Fallen Lmao
Sham Rock
Sham Rock 4 oy oldin
Jay P
Jay P Oy oldin
Lakers need Lance ... nice Lance !
Cecil Raynor
Cecil Raynor Oy oldin
bro you got some white shit on your face
Lavon Randolph
Can t beat'em, join'em
High carbon Hoosier
Wait till he sees the Pacers in the finals and we burn his ass. 💯
Adrian Sarda
Adrian Sarda Oy oldin
stephenson needs to pissed off D. Green during playoffs
pckuniversal 2 oy oldin
"Fun" is the definition of his game.
Eric Dotson
Eric Dotson 2 oy oldin
bo hamburgers
bo hamburgers 2 oy oldin
I always loved lance Stephenson, his will to win, great glue guy, great spark plug.
Toriko L
Toriko L 2 oy oldin
He's our new Ron Artest/Metta World War.
Glo Mixes
Glo Mixes 2 oy oldin
I hate how Lakers players always have to be asked about lebron
Shalamar Man
Shalamar Man 2 oy oldin
The Lakers are going to surprise people THIS year . With Magic pulling strings for the greatest franchise in basketball and 98 million in cap space . Don't be surprised to see them win multiple titles SOON .
elmer fulgar
elmer fulgar 2 oy oldin
He is better than JR smith.. And had an excellent defense and get to his opponents mind.. I like his style play of basketball and intimidate the players..hahaha
J S 2 oy oldin
Lance will give us that soul that LeBron SERIOUSLY needed at the Cavs.
Jordan Himself
Jordan Himself 3 oy oldin
Lebron know that if that stupid Indiana Pacers coach left stephonson in the game cavs lose that series
Lone Baller
Lone Baller 2 oy oldin
hahaha SQUAD! <3hahaha SQUAD! <3
VeGETA 3 oy oldin
Can we see Lance doing Fancy Passes to lebron
Gikash Motion
Gikash Motion 3 oy oldin
Lance is the G.O.A.T
Duh itsAbner
Duh itsAbner 3 oy oldin
😕. I guess......
AOC 3 oy oldin
glad to see his head is on straight
Conscious 3 oy oldin
Every team needs a Lance.
Monkey Man
Monkey Man 3 oy oldin
DONKEY! wait and see!!! KONG is coming..😂 #Noracism i'm just judging by his strength and playing tactics #KingLeBron w/ #KongStephenson THE KINGKONG 😂😂😂
Ryker Garcia
Ryker Garcia 3 oy oldin
Simply because he wants to marry LBJ ..
Lihj Ada
Lihj Ada 3 oy oldin
Good luck man!
Maurice R
Maurice R 3 oy oldin
Because he got tired of being a bench bum. No offense this boy should be a clown not a hooper
Rick Dawkins
Rick Dawkins 3 oy oldin
I like this guy,he's good. He needed more playing time.
no way
no way 3 oy oldin
So is he gonna blow in draymond's ear?
Dashaun Crawford
Dashaun Crawford 3 oy oldin
They let LeBron go to the Lakers but denied Chris Paul going to the Lakers with kobe
World Boss
World Boss 2 oy oldin
Commissioner can only block trades. Cant block free agent signings. Thats how pussy Durant and Cousins joined the best regular season team of all time.
John Trappin
John Trappin 3 oy oldin
Lol lebron joined a team full of rookies it's different plus he ain't need to Join a 73-9 team he'll just beat them in the west fuck gsw
lol omg
lol omg 3 oy oldin
Let's interview him and ask him about Lebron ...smh
王喆宇 3 oy oldin
now we got two LBJ in one team LOL😂
wsanders7915 3 oy oldin
Pacer nation gonna miss that dude. Go get that ring lance.
Jeffery Johnson
Jeffery Johnson 3 oy oldin
Magic Johnson know what he doing 💪👏💯
OutAtSea 3 oy oldin
Hopefully his mentality helps lebron stop being a crybaby bitch.
LukeJizzum 3 oy oldin
we don't need your 10 second annoying intro man
ComaAlpha 3 oy oldin
LeBron wanted Lance so Lance can be the dirty player James can't be due to his public image.
ILLmfnMILL 3 oy oldin
This nigga funny man... lol
Chris G
Chris G 3 oy oldin
Reporter: "Lance why you decided to play with lebron James"... Lance replies: " Shiitt cause im a crazy ass nigga look at my eyes"
Jernario gill
Jernario gill 4 oy oldin
So ready for NBA season
The Hack Hut
The Hack Hut 4 oy oldin
he sounds excited
Noe Dela Fuente Jr.
Lance is clearer on 1.25x or even 1.5x speed
Nico Ramon
Nico Ramon 4 oy oldin
To me lance is a smaller... better shooting.... and more athletic Draymond Green 🤣🤣😂
shatoshi331 4 oy oldin
K deez nuts
Matthew Vereen
Matthew Vereen 4 oy oldin
Play on the “FLO” with him lol lance got a big ass mouth but that’s my guy on 2K
Kev_91 100
Kev_91 100 4 oy oldin
Lance is going to be our Draymond Green!!
Amari Brown
Amari Brown 4 oy oldin
Lakers Vs GSW in the playoffs gone be crazy
Xython 4 oy oldin
lance is now my favorite nba badketball player
Shivam Patel
Shivam Patel 4 oy oldin
Mcgee or Lopez
nono no
nono no 4 oy oldin
imagine all the nut kicking flopping and ear blowing were going to see when its warriors versus lakers
RageMonkey32 4 oy oldin
Lance : I wanted to join Lakers to blow LeBron’s ear
Edgar Mojeda
Edgar Mojeda 4 oy oldin
Did anybody else notice his sick jacket❄❄❄
Kareem Majeens
Kareem Majeens 4 oy oldin
His overbite is serious though. I mean look at his top teeth and how much they protrude over his bottom teeth. Once I saw it...I couldn't stop looking at it.
Kareem Majeens
Kareem Majeens 4 oy oldin
At first I thought he had a mouth guard in.
Kareem Majeens
Kareem Majeens 4 oy oldin
I started rapping Joyner's Bank Account remix when the video started. *I'm willing to die for this shit*
RonnieBoy 707
RonnieBoy 707 4 oy oldin
I want him to fuck with Draymond Green all season long
Kasper Jensen
Kasper Jensen 4 oy oldin
Is he related to Goofy? :D
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 4 oy oldin
Lance go hard every play he is a winner LeBron know that but the media made it seems LeBron don't like him he is also underated
IamLuciano 4 oy oldin
I hope he mess like he did pg13 and I like lance but he dnot deserves to be there! But KD and Stephen and Klay are about to torture these boy
StayDownVin 4 oy oldin
bruh look like kd right here
Q u a v o
Q u a v o 4 oy oldin
To blow in lebron ear 🗣
Rainiel Soriano
Rainiel Soriano 4 oy oldin
he has more times to blow lebron's ear,.hehehe
supbape 4 oy oldin
lakers is stacked wussup with yall haters nowwwwwww yall aint talking ..
Conrey Everett
Conrey Everett 4 oy oldin
I'm from Naptown hate to see Lance leave the Pacers but LA.. Lance a STRAIGHT up SAVAGE!!! Y'ALL GOT A KILLER ON Y'ALL SQUAD!!!💯💯💯💯
Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey 4 oy oldin
I predict LeBron will receive 3 rings say4 5 in l.a. then 2 back in Cleveland . seems far fetched??¿????¿???¿?¿???¿??????????¿???¿? brace yourself . this dynasty being formed in the making for years now. by no other than Ervin magic Johnson. yup Mark my words. but the legacy of LeBron James goes much deeper. than mere basketball as the world shall soon come to see. `£% .
Daniel Goodwin
Daniel Goodwin 4 oy oldin
LeBron's Ron artest 😮
BlackOutBeatz 4 oy oldin
Poor gsw this man is about to get under they're skin like a tic
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez 4 oy oldin
That's good
7641955 4 oy oldin
Bs he wanted to troll Lebron hahaha
JS00023 4 oy oldin
I can’t wait to see him blow in donkey greens ears lol
Nicholas Wellons
Nicholas Wellons 4 oy oldin
Lmao I been waiting to hear from him
M K 4 oy oldin
Im happy for Lance, he works hard.
This is what Kobe did signing Matt Barnes
kanye west
kanye west 2 oy oldin
Ron Artest
This man starts 15-20 games. Ditto for Rondo and Beasley
J C 4 oy oldin
this team is gonna be extremely exciting and fun to watch
Maurice Malone
Maurice Malone 4 oy oldin
if you can’t beat the 👑, join him in LA I understand Lance 🤦‍♂️
david sanders
david sanders 4 oy oldin
Gonna miss the grudge!
Split Rock Coffee
Lance is one of the player that Lebron needs to his team.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 4 oy oldin
Stay bra I believe y'all can beat the warriors gooooooo Lakers
Renee George
Renee George 4 oy oldin
Robert Davis ú . . . . . .
Pablo Acas
Pablo Acas 4 oy oldin
Lebronxjordan + lancexrodman
Salt Lick
Salt Lick 4 oy oldin
find you somebody to play with
Justin Day
Justin Day 4 oy oldin
Everytime he says "having fun" he's talking about getting under everybody's skin on the opposing team with his antics lmao
Lou Che
Lou Che 3 oy oldin
Justin Day yup 😂 I wonder who’s ear he gonna blow in this year? Maybe Draymond 🤔😂😂😂
Christian Will
Christian Will 4 oy oldin
Their going to trade him by the deadline
JayDeeBee Productions
Us Hoosiers are gonna miss him. Best of luck, Lance!
Pablo Ramierez
Pablo Ramierez 4 oy oldin
Where can I get that jacket it go hard
Bobby Trump
Bobby Trump 4 oy oldin
gonna be a good hype man...get the crowd and team going
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts 4 oy oldin
Lance Stephenson was my favorite player on the Pacers. Im gonna miss him. Every Eastern Conference Finals against LeBron was WILDLY entertaining. I think you wouldn't be on the Lakers if LeBron didn't see you as a valuable and hard working competitor. Wish you the best.
Ahmad Shakur
Ahmad Shakur 4 oy oldin
As a Pacers fan I'm definitely going to miss Lance Stephenson but....Just as Pritchard said "some nights Lance can be the best player on our team (Pacers) or some nights he could be the best player for the opposing team") because he's VERY reckless@ times) was dead on💯 I'mma miss his energy though 💯 #MakeEmDance
Big Brother Thunder
Zachary Roberts i was at game 5 or 6 in Indiana of the Eastern Conference Finals when Lebron ran down the court after being fouled. The loudest stadium I’ve ever been in. Lance is a clown
KEEZE 4 oy oldin
North 2345
North 2345 4 oy oldin
He seems very nice but must be different on court
Unknown User
Unknown User 4 oy oldin
He just tryna squash the beef wit lebron
Tojnam Complex
Tojnam Complex 4 oy oldin
I can already see Lance blowing in Draymond "Donkey" Green's ear and getting under his skin....
NASH 4 oy oldin
I've noticed all of the stars that came in all pointed out kuz as most potential and getting along with so that says a lot about kuzma
eren yeager
eren yeager 4 oy oldin
gotta balance the voice volume from interviewer and lance...
Bleach Is the only option
The goat himself💯🐐🐐
Blooge 4 oy oldin
Why does he have a spurs jacket on? 😂
Isaac Levy
Isaac Levy 4 oy oldin
*GSW For life*
Connor Allen
Connor Allen 4 oy oldin
keep grinding
Lone Baller
Lone Baller 4 oy oldin
haha SQUAD! <3
Luca Prod.
Luca Prod. 4 oy oldin
Lance & LeBron hahaha
JPLMONEY23 4 oy oldin
I hope he blows on that big eared DONKEY green......and have fun doing it.
DREADHEAD LA 5 oy oldin
This year is finna be so crazy and lit 💯
Drake's Wheelchair
Staples gon be FUCKING LIT 😂😂
Crouching Tiger Hidden Luck Dragon
LA Bronkers!!!
Madera Cesar
Madera Cesar 5 oy oldin
How can I get that sweater 🔥🔥
Armaan Malik
Armaan Malik 5 oy oldin
Laker had done a far good job. They sign rondo and Stephenson who are fast and aggressive... They want player like that who work on both side offensive and defensive. Lakers are making a big plan for upcoming season. To much excited to see this team.
john ayacko
john ayacko 5 oy oldin
Stephenson is underrated
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts 4 oy oldin
He played so well with the Pacers because the home crowd fucking LOVED Lance. Not saying he's bad, I'm demanding Lakers fans give him a shot and don't be dicks.
Big Brother Thunder
john ayacko he can be. Makes a lot of dumb mistakes and makes the same couple moves when he isolates