Late Night in the Age of Trump, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Trevor Noah

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Late Night in the Age of Trump, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Trevor Noah
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1-Yan, 2019

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West Bram
West Bram 16 kun oldin
#CNNnews #Breakingnews #CNNBreakingnews Late Night in the Age of Trump, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Trevor Noah
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan 6 kun oldin
West Bram - Impeach that mutha friend now for TRE45ON. The terrorists killed 3,000 Americans in 9/11. Trump is torturing and inflicting pain to 1,000,000 Americans (800k feds + families) by keeping them hostages. Trump is officially a terrorist.
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired 7 kun oldin
Good job on the video.
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired 7 kun oldin
When I heard the news, I could hear my neighbors screaming and crying so I thought they had heard the news and were upset. It was a full 5 mins before I realized it was me.
DoctorHver 3 kun oldin
I hate to say it it would be a disaster for a late night if Trump leaves office before completing his term. My prediction still stands Trump will be 1 term president.
Sandra Diaz
Sandra Diaz 5 kun oldin
Yeah it´s addictive. I start with Noah, then Colbert, Seth Myers, John Oliver and then go on and on...What are we going to do when a sane president comes along
Andy P!
Andy P! 5 kun oldin
so many frikken commercials
Anne K
Anne K 5 kun oldin
As long as that Moron is in our White House, late night shows can’t go far enough! Don’t like it Donnie? Leave!
Chris Rock
Chris Rock 5 kun oldin
This is exactly why I don't watch late night talk shows. Boy do I miss David Letterman. Then again I could never stand a sore loser. And all you that predicted Killary would win. Sorry bout your luck.
REB Bal 5 kun oldin
A bully, disrespectful president deserve to be made fun of. How did he con the American people to elect him? Americans and the world are wondering why. The sad thing is he might get elected again! Heaven forbid.
zamev 5 kun oldin
I love Noah, Seth, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel and I LOVE Stephen Colbert
TheUsername217 5 kun oldin
I love that this chapter ( including the late hosts) is going to be in U.S history. Trump Era fueled journalism and activism for the left side. and no Conan? ok :L
R Zambory
R Zambory 5 kun oldin
no one has disrespected office of the presidency more than trump and the trumptards !
Noah Ahmed
Noah Ahmed 5 kun oldin
0:40 can someone tell me name of this artist ? I am dying 😂😂
Jorge Murillo
Jorge Murillo 2 kun oldin
Anthony Atamanuik
Maria Fadli
Maria Fadli 5 kun oldin
I like Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon in that order. Also Saturday Night Live and Ari Melber, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemmon to deliver the political humor news. Then again Rachel, Joy and Natasha are my favorite ladies. And these are all the news every day and night I love to watch.
C Ger
C Ger 5 kun oldin
trump is the one who is disrespectful.. of the American people
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 5 kun oldin
Trump has disrespected the Office of the President. His moral character demeans it. he's a gutter rat.
Argha Deb
Argha Deb 5 kun oldin
colbert rullzzz
cp1925 5 kun oldin
Kevin Rehar
Kevin Rehar 5 kun oldin
What a terribly muddled study. Unusual for CNN. Huh. The late night commentators are simply responding to what is going on in Washington...and dong a better job of it than anyone else. This is not a chicken-and-egg situation. And since when is exercising your first amendment rights being part of a "resistance"? I thought that was part of what made America "great."
Raoul Sombrero
Raoul Sombrero 5 kun oldin
Saw this 6 months ago. It's an old re-run. Show me current late night stuff.
Kebell Kebell
Kebell Kebell 5 kun oldin
Ya all can hate on trump but he provides jobs for late night
Margaret G
Margaret G 5 kun oldin
The talk shows are more "vicious now" because we have a better understanding of the consequences of the decisions made by government and leaders. We know when leaders are acting on behalf of the people and when they are being paid off to make decisions on behalf of lobbyist or rich benefactors. We should be more vicious because leaders can make your life difficult, cause harm to your family, hurts your children's health, the money your earn. Before we had to trust in the great white father because we had no access to information. We had to trust like children. Now we know that the ones making decisions are no better than us and in some cases worse than us. We must make informed choices and hold leaders accountable. Being a leader should be about being a servant of the people, not a master or leech to siphon off the wealth of the people. Be 'vicious' is about being sharp and knowing about cutting the bullshit when you encounter it!
Mar S.
Mar S. 5 kun oldin
Colbert is the most Brutal and I love it!
WhyEm YM
WhyEm YM 5 kun oldin
This came out more than a year ago
Kaikaier Meta
Kaikaier Meta 5 kun oldin
Great video! only one theme, Trump is being fucked by different ways, haha :)
Puppy Pet
Puppy Pet 5 kun oldin
there is something happening here, people take a look evolution of the human race. This video makes it so clear if you have your eyes wide open. Respect it's being traded for disrespect and ugliness against all men. What is wrong is becoming right and what is right is becoming wrong right before your very eyes. Check out the comments as well, the hatred these days people have no restraint anymore. So as I started there's something happening here people. Are you aware what this is doing to all of us. Think about it...it's going to get worse PS and that even if I realize that Donald Trump is the worst personality for president in history. It doesn't take away how far people are moving away from their own ethics and standards. Thanks for reading this
Kaikaier Meta
Kaikaier Meta 5 kun oldin
Stephen Colbert is a great surgeon who is fighting with a shit Preidiotedent tumour
Lemonie Lala
Lemonie Lala 5 kun oldin
Kewl. But where is Sam Bee? She is also a Daily Show veteran and is ripping Trump a new one every week..... what could be different with HER compared to all these other hosts..... hmmmmm... What could it be? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒😒😒
Jose Tovar
Jose Tovar 5 kun oldin
In others words trumps has made -comedy great again-
Stacie M
Stacie M 5 kun oldin
Of course late night personalities didn't focus on presidents or express their views overtly in the same way in the past - this is the first INSANE president of the United States that we've ever had. Donald Trump has changed all of our lives - we HAVE to talk about him in ways we never discussed Bush, Clinton, Dubya, or Obama (the presidents since I could vote) because, unfortunately, he's driving this train that we're all on.
SNP Images
SNP Images 5 kun oldin
Overall decent video, but why put Trevor Noah in the title if you hardly show any clips from his segments? You only played a voiceover interview with shots of his team talking. You guys left out some pure comedy gold. A lot of SNL replays for no reason.
FSM follower
FSM follower 5 kun oldin
Johnny Carson - I get it. Nearly everyone loved the guy. He bored me. I guess I was not his target audience, being a child. It's easy to be king of late night when one has no competition, and that's never said aloud.
FSM follower
FSM follower 5 kun oldin
I support these comedians in destroying Trump for laughs.
Prayukth K V
Prayukth K V 5 kun oldin
The guy who mocks Trump the most is Trump himself
Reto Torriani
Reto Torriani 5 kun oldin
When we get rid of the Orang Utang late night hosts will have to find a new subject, he he, but it will never be as entertaining as our Coriander in Chief
Anjishnu 5 kun oldin
I watch Trump and then Jubilee's middle-ground. Makes up for the IQ points.
ar cab
ar cab 5 kun oldin
No Trump, no problems
ardine zen
ardine zen 5 kun oldin
why isnt full frontal with samantha bee included ? so much well researched programming !
Josue2018 6 kun oldin
these guys have destroyed my desire to watch late night TV. Colbert and Seth are so full of themselves and completely deranged. I'm so sad that they converted the two Jimmy's to the dark side.
Wu Aaron
Wu Aaron 6 kun oldin
Investigative comedy? Wow! CNN you think these comedy are investigative? Or that is the motto of your own network?
Wu Aaron
Wu Aaron 6 kun oldin
Trump saved the economy had also saved these clowns' career.
dooivid 5 kun oldin
of course he did *pats head*
Wu Aaron
Wu Aaron 6 kun oldin
these clowns. They cannot tell a joke without mentioning Trump.this is why Conan who has a Harvard degree is on a totally different level. Get some education clowns!
Russell Westhaver
Russell Westhaver 6 kun oldin
You know whats not funny? Is this guy has the power to push one button.
Eileen Dover
Eileen Dover 6 kun oldin
Many of us rely on Colbert and Seth Meyer's A Closer Look to help us deal with the last 2 years. Trump has lowered the bar so low for the office of Presidency and just a a normal human being. We expect the voice coming from the White House to be one of calm and reason and he is the exact opposite.
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler 6 kun oldin
I absolutely love this picture of the three dorks.... Every single one of them... For you liberals that means 3... Standing on the wrong side of History.
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler 5 kun oldin
+JF Remillard . ..LOL... Here you go again... Liberals love to make panicky type news about things that haven't even happened... Isn't it awesome to speculate .... In 10 years nobody will remember how wrong you were today....
JF Remillard
JF Remillard 5 kun oldin
...says the Trump lover fool... In just 10 years, History will show that this presidency was a joke.
1961crosley 6 kun oldin
I enjoy the humor but I'm getting tired of the embarrassment of Trump's presidency.
Christy Birling
Christy Birling 6 kun oldin
As soon as he EARNS respect, maybe he will GET some respect. If it walks like a dillhole, talks like a dillhole, and acts like a dillhole - it's still a dillhole. Whether he has the title of POTUS or not.
ROCK AUSTIN 6 kun oldin
They all Suck.
Lisa Jacobs
Lisa Jacobs 6 kun oldin
Where's Samantha Bee???
Elizabeth Coats
Elizabeth Coats 6 kun oldin
Love Colbert!! 🤗
zamev 5 kun oldin
<3 <3 <3
Sean 762
Sean 762 6 kun oldin
Remember when dave chappelle said bush is a great thing for comedy I think trump took that title
Ashourina Mirzayof
Ashourina Mirzayof 6 kun oldin
In this most depressing era in our democracy, these comedians save the day!
Jeff Heelan
Jeff Heelan 6 kun oldin
Hey look ! More Larry and curly.
T 6 kun oldin
Never go full libatard.
dooivid 5 kun oldin
name calling is pretty much all the trump supporters have now. sad.
T 6 kun oldin
Prapaganda at its best....You all be libatarded haters cause your spirit cooker didnt win..Thank God.
Krishna Widardjo
Krishna Widardjo 6 kun oldin
I like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, because their comedy suits me. But i do respect all of the Late Night hosts. They are all incredible
JF Remillard
JF Remillard 6 kun oldin
"He is the most mocked man in America" is an understatement... "He is the most mocked man in the world" is more like it... As a result, the U.S. is losing credibility big time. Thanks to Meyers, Colbert and others like them , the rest of the world gets to see that most Americans are way brighter than the clown who acts as their leader...
Jorge Murillo
Jorge Murillo 5 kun oldin
He is the most mocked man in human history
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam 5 kun oldin
JF Remillard its ironic how the tolerant leftists are so good at slinging insults. Am I right??
paul Smeyers
paul Smeyers 6 kun oldin
If the top , the president, is not respectfull of the people, why should the people be respectfull of the Trump? The same is true for every one or everything that is touched by the Trump.
Lana Hudson
Lana Hudson 6 kun oldin
He shouldn't make so easy to be made fun of.
justme2me 6 kun oldin
without these comedy shows trump would drive us insane....thanks to all these talents we can laugh at the absurdity of the trump presidency
Loki 6 kun oldin
Do his supporters even realize he is talking about 2,000 miles of wall, and how that will stop the next Caravan Wave that's a-comin? How will it stop the people who are already here? Must be some--a lotta--fast workers....lots of prefab parts?
Buffy Scarlette
Buffy Scarlette 6 kun oldin
What about Samantha Bee?
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan 6 kun oldin
How on Earth the smartest nation in the world end up with an IDIOT President? Can anybody explain that?
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan 5 kun oldin
Belinda Pace - Better yet, just type _”idiot”_ in Google, select images and see for yourself. 100% Donald Trump, 0% Obama.
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan 5 kun oldin
Billy Heaning - You got it wrong my friend. I Google _”Idiot President”_ in images and I got 99.9% pictures of Donald J. Trump and 0.0001% of Obama.
Capitao Nascimento
Capitao Nascimento 5 kun oldin
Who said the US was the smartest nation?
Belinda Pace
Belinda Pace 5 kun oldin
I know, those of us with a brain ask ourselves that all the time! How in hell did Barry Sotero Obama get elected not once but twice? We now know how and you nitwits will soon find out!
Billy Heaning
Billy Heaning 6 kun oldin
One side was rabidly tenacious and psychotically angry, and the other side didn't give a shit and never voted.
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan 6 kun oldin
Impeach that mutha friend now for TRE45ON. The terrorists killed 3,000 Americans in 9/11. Trump is torturing and inflicting pain to 1,000,000 Americans (800k feds + families) by keeping them hostages. Trump is officially a terrorist.
Mike Wells
Mike Wells 6 kun oldin
" OH -- Really " Being Dis-Respectful ........... Of President ......... { Grab em by the Pussy }
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin 7 kun oldin
nice boy comedian show when they snub Sam Bee.I guess only guys are funny
Ima Farmer
Ima Farmer 7 kun oldin
You cannot charge media as disrespectful of office of President ,when the president is disrespectful of the office.
Gregi Mora
Gregi Mora 6 kun oldin
So true!!
Rose Smith
Rose Smith 7 kun oldin
I watch All of these guys, they all have their own unique spin and personality to get the point across. If it weren't from them I truly Couldn't Stomach the State of this Country anymore
Gregi Mora
Gregi Mora 6 kun oldin
I second that motion!!
3 13
3 13 7 kun oldin
Trump is a joke ... So. I don't see how there disrespecting him
Lanwarder 7 kun oldin
These late night shows have every reason to mock Trump as much as they do. George W. Bush's ridiculous incoherent speeches or Obama's mom jeans were mocked. The problem is that Trump offers more opportunities to mock him in a month than these two last presidents did in 16 years. Donald Trump is a whiny spoiled little brat with mental capacities that seem to be constantly deteriorating and he's a bigot. That alone justifies mocking any public figure but especially if that public is supposed to be a public servant but instead divides the nation, promotes racism, attacks the free press, attacks the constitution and looks more and more likely to have got the job by breaking the law and spitting on democracy itself, the most important concept, what the country was built on. Saying that comedians lack respect for the presidency is true in this case, the president doesn't respect the presidency either and what he's doing is far more dangerous and needs to be called out in any legal way, shape or form. That includes late night shows hosts.
Self Evident Truths
Late night comedy is an excellent and effective way for people who have half a brain to gain an understanding of what the fuck is going on and how profoundly important it is to get out and VOTE ! ! ! !
Spectral 7 kun oldin
When the one you hate the most is the reason you have a well-paying job.
jssangel416 7 kun oldin
Trump is a joke, his administration is a joke and they are turning our country and government into even bigger jokes. We are literally the laughing stock of the world.
WE R,A, different animal
jssangel416 well, we get what we deserve ,it's mochry by the owners
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy 7 kun oldin
This was amazing
Ericka Jones
Ericka Jones 7 kun oldin
Trump is a disgrace. If he wants to make a joke of the office of presidency, then they shoul mak a joke of him.
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam 5 kun oldin
Ericka Jones so far the only thing hes done is make obama look bad.
George weezy
George weezy 7 kun oldin
You three guys are the best in showing the real Trump keep it up.
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson 7 kun oldin
Stacie Upchurch
Stacie Upchurch 7 kun oldin
trump makes a mockery of the presidency, not the comedians!
steve clapper
steve clapper 6 kun oldin
dan mac
dan mac 6 kun oldin
+Yola Montalvan whats this smartest nation in the world crap? you dont even come close
Stacie Upchurch
Stacie Upchurch 6 kun oldin
+Yola Montalvan He didn't win by popular vote but why the heck we haven't gotten rid of him yet is beyond my comprehension.
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan 6 kun oldin
Stacie Upchurch - How on Earth the smartest nation in the world end up with an IDIOT President? Can anybody explain that?
Robert Sylvester
Robert Sylvester 7 kun oldin
Did you know that the combined ratings for Fallon, Kimmel and Colbert average 8 million a night? Jay Leno used to average 6 million a night all by himself when he was hosting the Tonight Show. These people are playing to a smaller and smaller audience. Most of America has stopped watching or caring what they say. The worst thing is they’re not funny. The easiest form of “comedy” is the insult. It takes virtually no creativity, which fits right in with those three. “You’re fat” “you’re stupid” “your ugly” (insert laughs) is too offensive to their audience of uber libs. But distorting facts and out right lies about our country, our President or Republicans keeps the indoctrinated and uninformed happy. It’s like a safe space on TV. I’m sure a lot of the people who watch these and comment also watch the shows. You’re virtually talking to yourself now. 8 million people is around 2% of the US population.
sportagus3 6 kun oldin
+Robert Sylvester This isn't a late night shows channel, dummy.
+Robert Sylvester What nonsense. I paid you a compliment by saying that you can not possibly be that stupid in real life. Your argument to sportagus3 is based on the 8k views of this channel, whilst sportagus was making a point about tv viewership in general. See?
Eva Aloezos
Eva Aloezos 7 kun oldin
Honestly, I definitely agree with this. All politicians are corrupt. These videos are very humorous; however, they are an indoctrination tool also. The republican party is in many ways a joke, but let us not fail to realize the dems are extremely two faced as well. Stop making fun of Trump and use mental energy to have a rational intelligent discussion on what is next. Trump is a joke, but the joke has gone sour.
Robert Sylvester
Robert Sylvester 7 kun oldin
RationalThinker1859 Wow. I didn’t even respond to your opinion above because you’re entitled to it even if I disagree. Now you’ve resorted to nothing but insults. And we know that people who do nothing but hurl personal insults are always the loser of the argumument.
+Robert Sylvester You can not be that stupid in real life, surely....
tahitoa 9 kun oldin
worst U:S president ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!
tahitoa 3 kun oldin
Chris Rock
Chris Rock 5 kun oldin
Can I get you a tissue?? Lmao.
44 Pachino
44 Pachino 6 kun oldin
dd ee
dd ee 9 kun oldin
The idea that late night talk show hosts are 'disrespecting' the office of the presidency is beyond a joke. Trump has proved himself to be a past master at 'disrespecting' the office of the presidency! If his disregard for the laws of this land, his lying, his blustering imbecility weren't so obviously in evidence, talk show hosts would go back to talking about the Kardashians.
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam 5 kun oldin
dd ee I wish one of you trump haters actually had some proof. I cant wait to see how mad you idiots get when pence is sworn in... It'll be glorious!!!!!
Searth Ngeam
Searth Ngeam 9 kun oldin
We all know Trump gets you ratings. Putting in Trump in your thumbnails gets you clicks and views whether you want to report good things or bad things.
MLP88 9 kun oldin
Seth Myers ~ Highest quality in this art form.
Chris Rock
Chris Rock 5 kun oldin
Can't stand him. I don't even like the name Seth.
Eschatonx 7 kun oldin
Yeah, Seth is definitely on a different level
Lanwarder 7 kun oldin
MLP88 He, Colbert, John Oliver Trevor Noah and even Bill Maher If You like his rougher style.
Michiro 10 kun oldin
(Love Colbert), poor production quality
nabizmarco1 9 kun oldin
Michiro 他
Les Elhbr
Les Elhbr 11 kun oldin
Here comes 4 eyes Stephen Colbert and his 2 dumd as dumber Snow White Trevor Noah they think it still new year eve they still on the bottle of tequila they are still boring as last year 🤡🤡🤡🤡👿👿👿👺👺👺👽👽
Ed O
Ed O 11 kun oldin
Are you getting the big picture? Let’s see if I’ve got this straight.....If we get nuked, it’ll most likely be by missiles built with technology given to China by Bill Clinton, funded by Iran with money Obama gave them, with warheads developed from Uranium sold to Russia by Hillary and refined by Iran into weapons-grade plutonium in Russian centrifuges bought with money Obama gave them. And Trump’s trying to undo this shit storm, but he’s the traitor.........Got it.
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff 5 kun oldin
Can't forget the weapons oliver north got caught in the Reagan years, dear old ronnie miss that man and his wife. Stupid people don't know our government does that all the time because our government dosen't want you to know. but some people can't keep their mouths shut and even Trump has dished out weapons of mass destruction to other governments!
Thandi M
Thandi M 6 kun oldin
+Michael James everything
Michael James
Michael James 7 kun oldin
Completely idiotic. What is wrong with the American educational system???
Ed O Hilarious. Good one!
Kari F
Kari F 9 kun oldin
Let's rehash: Dozens and dozens of Republican lawmakers with law degrees and decades of experience as prosecutors scrutinized and investigated everything Clinton and Obama did for eight years, and found nothing they could use to impeach or indict them on. Sessions hate the two of them with a passion, and found no evidence that they had done anything illegal at all. Any evidence of wrongdoing exists exclusively in the fiction works of right wing conspiracy theorists. They claim to have irrefutable evidence of crimes committed, but they refused to hand it over to their long time loyal and trusted AG Sessions. Did they not want him to charge Obama and Clinton with all the crimes they have committed? Or do they not have any actual evidence whatsoever? All of those far right lawmakers with law degrees went after Obama and Clinton, their loathed and sworn political enemies non stop for eight years. That leaves two equally nonsensical options, and I'll let you decide which one you pick: A) All of them were, without exception, hopelessly incompetent and way too "low IQ" to grasp what they were doing. B) They secretly wanted to protect the enemies they fought so tirelessly for eight years to have removed from the political landscape. Good luck trying to explain to yourself why there is no evidence whatsoever to what you "feel" they have done, after all of these issues have been thoroughly investigated multiple times.