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Lauren Jauregui - Expectations (Official Video)

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"Expectations" is out now!

Download and stream the song here: smarturl.it/LaurenExpectations

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24-Okt, 2018



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Lauren Jauregui
Lauren Jauregui 4 oy oldin
Alright everybodyyyyy!!! thank you so much for tuning in and watching this video it means the ABSOLUTE WORLD to me that you don't hate it lol I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!! smarturl.it/LaurenExpectations
Gouding Guite
Gouding Guite 29 kun oldin
I live you queeen
Shayla Dohle
Shayla Dohle Oy oldin
Did you make this video for Camila
Sénéra Ka
Sénéra Ka Oy oldin
I love you ❤
alexthymia heart
alexthymia heart 2 oy oldin
J. Steel-Cumberbatch
jade wellington
jade wellington 4 soat oldin
Aless Bianco
Aless Bianco 6 soat oldin
Can at least Camren interact? I can’t anymore 😭
Julia Lopez
Julia Lopez 6 soat oldin
Carlos Mario Diaz Diaz
So she is not part of fifth harmony enymore?
Ramsés González
Ramsés González 10 soat oldin
Saleh Kerimov
Saleh Kerimov 10 soat oldin
Gueeeeeeen ❤
Lbs Jauregui
Lbs Jauregui 13 soat oldin
Te amo ❤ Reina 👑😍
Y V 16 soat oldin
mirsini trigoni
mirsini trigoni 18 soat oldin
such an underated song
N O Kun oldin
This needs to be a single
Carito VG
Carito VG Kun oldin
Samantha Lowe
Samantha Lowe Kun oldin
This song literally sends chills through my entire body every time
Cintia Rojas
Cintia Rojas Kun oldin
I'm super gay
Li West
Li West Kun oldin
well i'm gay.
IlianaBlue Kun oldin
I listened to her singing in her genius interview first and fell so in love with this without listening to the studio version..such a good song ❤️✨
lookie YT
lookie YT Kun oldin
Hmmmm....... who can this be about?
Anita Maggese
Anita Maggese Kun oldin
I die every time I see this. I think it's illegal.
Lucas8809 Kun oldin
This entire video screams Lauren. You can tell she was director, editor and all that jazz :) I also like to think that when she was in fifth harmony she tried to make a music video in this style.
Nabeelah Fredericks
Never knew she sang Expectations till now👀👏👏
blackpink queen
blackpink queen Kun oldin
blackpink queen
blackpink queen Kun oldin
Hermoso 💛
Carlos Fregoso
Carlos Fregoso Kun oldin
España Aquí 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Carlos Fregoso
Carlos Fregoso Kun oldin
Lauren Jauregui eres la mejor Cantante 💜 te Amo ♥️ Por siempre 💛 Quiero siempre tú bien 💗
Ana Jauregui
Ana Jauregui Kun oldin
I am killed
camila jaurengue
Dichhya May Gavina
This video deserves more likes and views. It's just sooo good.
Emma M
Emma M Kun oldin
Finally I find an artist that sing from beginning to end absolutely perfect. My preferred voice.
Lanie Frazer
Lanie Frazer Kun oldin
Yes Queen
M A R Y 2 kun oldin
ME ENCANTÓ TE AMO ... hija jajajaj
Jusciane Silva
Jusciane Silva 2 kun oldin
Lauren arrasando pós fifth harmonny muito bom 👏👏🌸😍
Valéria de Castro Vaz
Congratulations! I't was very good.
MeliBam 2 kun oldin
underrated af!!
Cristal Grande
Cristal Grande 2 kun oldin
Reyna 👑💙💙💙
Cristal Grande
Cristal Grande 2 kun oldin
Te Amo ♥️
Cristal Grande
Cristal Grande 2 kun oldin
Like⭐ Like⭐Like ⭐Like ⭐
Cristal Grande
Cristal Grande 2 kun oldin
México te Ama 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Monserrat Villanueva
I love You Lauren Jauregui ♥️
9ine6ix Harmonizer
9ine6ix Harmonizer 13 soat oldin
D.D.R -_-
D.D.R -_- 2 kun oldin
Mierda amo la parte de la guitarraaaaa
hairy stackles
hairy stackles 2 kun oldin
How am I just now seeing this!!?? Holy shit this is bomb.
Daniella C. M.
Daniella C. M. 2 kun oldin
Twitch Kompocik
Twitch Kompocik 2 kun oldin
fuck with camila :) CAMREN...
Frann Pereira
Frann Pereira 2 kun oldin
hino injustiçado, era pra ter mais de 100K afffe, nunca vou superar
Yacine Styles
Yacine Styles 2 kun oldin
Полина Орленко
Shawn Mendes: I`m straight Beyonce: I`m bi Lauren Jauregui: mum i`m gay
Полина Орленко
+Yacine Styles I meant myself
Yacine Styles
Yacine Styles 2 kun oldin
is Beyonce bi?
victoria 77 ort
victoria 77 ort 2 kun oldin
Carmen is realy
Briana Turcotte
Briana Turcotte 2 kun oldin
How tf have I not heard this before this is fire um hello 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio 3 kun oldin
Voice so sexy 💓
Juliana Jaguars
Juliana Jaguars 3 kun oldin
Lauren vem pro Brasil 💎💎💎💎
Juliana Jaguars
Juliana Jaguars 3 kun oldin
Todos os dias aqui 👑😍💎
Evelly thaís
Evelly thaís 3 kun oldin
Lolo Camren
Lolo Camren 3 kun oldin
Lauren te amo
Saleh Kerimov
Saleh Kerimov 3 kun oldin
Oscar Loseco
Oscar Loseco 3 kun oldin
I ' love
Viih Games
Viih Games 3 kun oldin
Y love camren ,y love Lauren ,y love Brasil
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 3 kun oldin
Like si ella será una gran cantante!
Luis Perez
Luis Perez Kun oldin
+Cristal Grande es verdad 💕
Cristal Grande
Cristal Grande 2 kun oldin
Ella ya es una gran Cantante 💕
Goré GroChi
Goré GroChi 3 kun oldin
Hope Lolo and Camz have problem by 3AM
Not Ailimber B
Not Ailimber B 3 kun oldin
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 4 kun oldin
Vero VR
Vero VR 4 kun oldin
>< lo digo de nuevo... THIS IS ART! :V
Полина Орленко
0:00 I found my celebrity crush!!!
Draeleen Mondelus
Draeleen Mondelus 4 kun oldin
She reminds me of a young Amy Whinehouse
Izel g
Izel g 4 kun oldin
o k
o k 4 kun oldin
What are y'all doing let's get to this more than 20M views!!!
9ine6ix Harmonizer
9ine6ix Harmonizer 13 soat oldin
Let's go 🤘🏽
Victoria Rivera
Victoria Rivera 4 kun oldin
Lbs Jauregui
Lbs Jauregui 4 kun oldin
Esto es Arte ❤ merece mas vistas 😭😭
k oij
k oij 4 kun oldin
Getting Mary J Blige vibes. But, Lauren is creative and her own individual I respect her. x
wesley Araújo
wesley Araújo 5 kun oldin
Dede Fridayantara Wayan
I love this.
fariya khan
fariya khan 5 kun oldin
*she's here to slay . She's gonna slay the fucking music industry*
Rafa Tomazeti
Rafa Tomazeti 5 kun oldin
Yeah, Lauren, I feel the same. :(
Sian Murray
Sian Murray 5 kun oldin
Heard this on the radio and now I have it on my iPod, i can't get enough of it, it's my favourite song ever, thank you
luh Souza
luh Souza 5 kun oldin
ALICE'S GAMES 5 kun oldin
¿What the fuck Was heterosexuality again?
Ramsés González
Ramsés González 6 kun oldin
Drieli Vieira
Drieli Vieira 6 kun oldin
Lupita Saguilán
Lupita Saguilán 6 kun oldin
DKRVMOON 6 kun oldin
Emilia Kolanowska
Emilia Kolanowska 6 kun oldin
Love it, amazing voice, amazing music
Ari alvrodri
Ari alvrodri 6 kun oldin
Alejandra Gomez
Alejandra Gomez 6 kun oldin
Lucas Martins Dos Santos Corrêa Da Costa
So Laurel has the vocals Normani has the moves Camila has the nice songs any questions?
Adry Santana
Adry Santana 6 kun oldin
A música é ótima mas o clipe poderia ter sido melhor
Paola villada
Paola villada 6 kun oldin
No se porque no entienden que esas muchachas solo fueron solo las mejores amigas siempre queriendolas intimar. Y Nose por ellas no cierran ese tema dejando claro que solo fueron muy buenas amigas eso de Camren fue algo de chiquillas que se querian como hermanas superenlo. Si fue algo de Amor no creo que hubiera algun problema en ellas publicarlos
Meg Donnn
Meg Donnn 6 kun oldin
Sexiest woman alive
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 6 kun oldin
Que esperan para los 13 Millones mierda que este fandon no sirve
Jee M
Jee M 7 kun oldin
haruka dom
haruka dom 7 kun oldin
woo..i am like me
Amanda Fenty
Amanda Fenty 7 kun oldin
Victoria Hidalgo Torres
La mejor canción del mundo. Saludos desde Ecuador.
Zzz10 Zzz10
Zzz10 Zzz10 7 kun oldin
Que buen tema.
Lbs Jauregui
Lbs Jauregui 7 kun oldin
Te amo tanto❤ Queen 👑
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 7 kun oldin
Mí ídola la amo tanto
Mille Liza
Mille Liza 7 kun oldin
2:16 white dress lauren is me
Sedanur Benli
Sedanur Benli 7 kun oldin
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 4 kun oldin
+Sedanur Benli You're in love with both Lorde and Lauren. You don't know, you're caught up in the middle! You cry just little when you think of letting go! Oh no, you gave up on the riddle! You cry just a little when you think of letting go!
Sedanur Benli
Sedanur Benli 4 kun oldin
+Gaston Gourmand i love lorde but this girl is bad so now you can cryyyy
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 4 kun oldin
No, it was amazing and you loved it. You'll never be a royal! It don't run in your blood! That kind of lux just ain't for you! You crave a different kind of buzz! You want her to be your ruler!
Benicia Gimenez
Benicia Gimenez 7 kun oldin
renata vieira
renata vieira 8 kun oldin
Girl, you're amazing, I always love you.😍😘
Jeanne Dupuy
Jeanne Dupuy 8 kun oldin
This is brilliant
Monserrat Villanueva
Queen 👑♥️♥️♥️