Lauren London gives emotional tribute to Nipsey Hussle

CBS News
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Actress Lauren London spoke at the memorial service for her longtime boyfriend, rapper Nipsey Hussle. The service took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.



11-Apr, 2019



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Floyd Kromkaf
Floyd Kromkaf 18 soat oldin
Blahaaaaa!!! Wow. What a joke. Please, please, how fake can these people be? She can't even fake cry. Not one tear. wow. "The marathon continues'. You ain't kiddin
mulligan's mayhem
So f@@ked up so sad. God bless
seeji sings
seeji sings Kun oldin
was he her sacrifice??? its always family or a lover...if she wasn't big known she Big known Now. wouldn't be surprised if her career goes thru the roof now...js.
Sharna Shields
Sharna Shields 6 soat oldin
Everyone knew who she was before this
AestheticsisLife 2 kun oldin
The marathon continues of black on black crime and black people continuing with the beta victim mentality to attempt to gain special privileges and live up as the most disgraceful, least resourceful, most selfish minority race in America. A race where fathers abandon their own sons and their continent sports 9.3 million modern day slaves, how can we expect them to contribute value to society? Hopeless.
WorldWide EntertainmentCrib
I don't know if I should say she's acting or nahh, but where I come from woman normally go crazy when they lose a husband something's not right with all this energy.
Corrine Martinez
Corrine Martinez 3 kun oldin
Christina Arua
Christina Arua 3 kun oldin
thatdancer tashiya
thatdancer tashiya 3 kun oldin
R.i.p nip u mean tha wrld to Lauren And you’r kids ok and manny others
Amanda Loyd
Amanda Loyd 3 kun oldin
Tatinjaezmom 4 kun oldin
😮😮😮 starting @1:49 look closely between Lauren n Nipsey sister do u see that behind the sec mic😶😶😶
Rakena Patterson
Rakena Patterson 3 kun oldin
I think the guy in the blue and black shirt seen something watch his face!
Rakena Patterson
Rakena Patterson 3 kun oldin
I saw it to!!!!
Ess Rae
Ess Rae 4 kun oldin
Keyira Francis
Keyira Francis 5 kun oldin
Still gives me chills watching this... Praying for Strength... 🙌 Lauren ❤😍
Marcus Mcdougald
Marcus Mcdougald 5 kun oldin
If your reading this i love u....peace nd love
Erik Anderson
Erik Anderson 5 kun oldin
Showing Love from Mississippi #ripnipseygeeyouknowhatsgoingon‼️
Ms McCormick
Ms McCormick 5 kun oldin
May he rip but if u live by the stupidity of gangs, u will die cuz of that stupidity. Sure, he was great yada yada but the takeaway should be that gangs are for idiots.
Chris V.
Chris V. 5 kun oldin
“It’s not on you, it’s in you” damn
bella esposa
bella esposa 5 kun oldin
Lauren is the definition of a real faithful woman . You can tell by the way she expresses her feelings for him like she’s definitely in love with this man. Life goes on Rest In Peace nipsey
ZOE SMITH 5 kun oldin
Nipsey is there standing next to her 💯
Sharon Hammond
Sharon Hammond 5 kun oldin
What the world needs now is love sweet love no not just for some but for everyone 😧😧rip nip 🙏 condolences to his family 🙏🙏🙏💔💔💔 together again 🌟🌟 shine on 🌟 them ⭐🌟🌠🌠shine🌠
Smile Z Londoner Love mee
🙂 Lauren London absolutely deserves to have the Eritrean nationality 🇪🇷 this situation is something unique to us, as Eritrea do NOT recognise any one even by marriage unless you’re part of the Nation’s history or one of the parent MUST be fully Eritrean.
Karms Lloyd
Karms Lloyd 5 kun oldin
At the end of the day this represents the breakdown of the black family.
Salma Omar
Salma Omar 5 kun oldin
RIP nipsey hussle you was my favorite rapper ALWAYS #1
The Dentist
The Dentist 5 kun oldin
I stay on my hustle just like I’m Nipsy
Sam Ola
Sam Ola 6 kun oldin
* The Illuminati. ✍🏻 * The Kennedy Assassination. ✍🏻 * MJ 12 and the UFO Cover-UP.✍🏻 * Area 51.✍🏻 * The Anti Christ.✍🏻 * The World Trade Center Disaster.✍🏻 * Gun Control. * The Constitution. * Skull and Bones Society. Is this really an agenda? Protect yourselves mentally,devil is on a mission ✌🏾 #Unplug
Christine Castrillon
This is a good woman my respect to her she's NOT SENDING RITUALS OF DEMONS and all the💀EVIL💀 💀SPIRITS💀 like his "family" shame on his 👉mother&father👈 and the rest Full of darkness DEMONS EVIL SPIRITS EWWWW this young woman IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CALLED UPON ✡️GOD✡️🕎🛡️⚔️♥️ the ONLY saviour of every soul dead or alive WAY TO GO YOUNG LADY .... the rest is full of darkness EVIL 🎭demons🎭 EWWW believing in dead people poor man's soul 🤦 🎭ancestors🎭
D channel
D channel 6 kun oldin
Who be disliking all of these videos like for wat? Smh
HeemDa Yungin
HeemDa Yungin 6 kun oldin
Guess im the only one in the comment section reading her body language and can tell shes not sincere i couldn't even here it in her voice she wanted his riches i give it 1 and a half maybe 2 years before she be with her next superstar boyfriend
James Paige
James Paige 6 kun oldin
I used to be a hater before I actually learned something about him and I’m truly sorry about that. This was the kind of man who would want to talk it out with a hater like me and figure out how to make things better.
flyonalbatross13 6 kun oldin
Trump curse is real...Bye Felicia!
snake zardog
snake zardog 6 kun oldin
MAGA 2020
snake zardog
snake zardog 6 kun oldin
Such a good man, a saint, he was on his way to church to spread the word of God, he was getting tutoring, and was going to be a rocket surgeon.
Cecilia Carmen Arauz
Beautiful touching heart ❤️🙏🏻
Devon Lambert
Devon Lambert 6 kun oldin
What is in u don't let them take from u -Hustle R.I.P
Tanya 6 kun oldin
This breaks my heart. God bless her, their kids and entire family. 🥺💔❤️
Jady Lux
Jady Lux 6 kun oldin
“girlfriend” THATS HIS WIFE !!
TCB * 7 kun oldin
This is like an episode of Saints & Sinners
OutSourceQueens 7 kun oldin
You have encouraged me and inspired me to reach higher I’ve learned so much about my self with you I wouldn’t want to go threw this journey with anyone but you, I look up to you in a lot of ways and I strive to educate myself more like you have and when we are at odds i feel defeat and sad knowing that we are so much better then that I just want you to know you’ve been the greatest bf to me you aren’t perfect but i would never ask you to be you and I work we fit and your the coolest guy in the world to me I love you so much unconditionally my truth is this I will never give up on you my love and devotion is too you. My heart 😓😭💙
Daphnee Desrosins
Daphnee Desrosins 7 kun oldin
This made me cry 💔😭
Alea Onfroy
Alea Onfroy 7 kun oldin
My heart breaks for her. Still heartbroken.🌎❤️
Ely Aly
Ely Aly 7 kun oldin
... his "girlfriend", his "baby momma...." 💔 never a title bigger than "his wife"... 🙁... Regardless, I hope she is given comfort and peace.
Bettina McClendon
Bettina McClendon 7 kun oldin
Debra Elkins
Debra Elkins 7 kun oldin
FOX NEWS LADY LISTEN TO THIS ... I agree 100 fire them both .
Rose GT
Rose GT 7 kun oldin
this is staged! Your boyfriend was killed! Wrongfully killed for no reason and none of you are addressing that! The marathon doesn’t continue! Gun violence needs to stop!
tra 7 kun oldin
My heart hurts for her 💛👍🏻
Jai Taylor
Jai Taylor 7 kun oldin
She's a Killer, don't sleep on Lauryn!
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent 7 kun oldin
Your emotions don't mean a damn thing is what you learn from the situation. If you were so cool you're going to have a spiritual connection and you would have saved him. Get off the stage hey let's keep it real.
Erika Cordell
Erika Cordell 7 kun oldin
Hang in there Lauren he will be miss he's a good guy n he loves u
NAOMA RILEY- HALL 7 kun oldin
My heart ❤️ breaks... Rip Nipsey Hussle.. and for Lauren ..always keep him in your heart ❤️
Upside down
Upside down 8 kun oldin
I can’t for the life of me understand why a man capable of building a computer himself would join a gang. There’s literally two ways out of that life.
Aniboah TV
Aniboah TV 8 kun oldin
The marathon continues, i love you London
Summer Lyric
Summer Lyric 8 kun oldin
I am just realizing how strong Lauren is. My prayers and love are with Mr. Nipsey's entire family.
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 8 kun oldin
She’ll just hook up with a another rapper
yogi B
yogi B 8 kun oldin
what a touching moment & the words Lauren London spoke. I pray for her strength in the days to come..Be Well, my condolences to you and your entire family!
Shakir Bayanzai
Shakir Bayanzai 8 kun oldin
There was no emotions in it, she's Piru. She came from the bloods to the crips. Fake!!!! If the clothes fits the next man, well then He will be wearing it.
Thoth Moses
Thoth Moses 8 kun oldin
why didnt his melanin deflect the bullets
Manny Thedude
Manny Thedude 8 kun oldin
Idk if its because im from LA but Nipseys death hits different
Bri Roberts
Bri Roberts 6 kun oldin
same here...it just randomly pops in my mind tragically
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo 8 kun oldin
they always want to see the best artist go away or die but for not artists they all stay alive but nipsey is my guy
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo 8 kun oldin
January 21, 2019 is my birthday
Mesheka Brown
Mesheka Brown 8 kun oldin
Kimberly Blunt
Kimberly Blunt 8 kun oldin
Watch this and then go watch "Everyone is Guilty"
Mrs. 8 kun oldin
Its a funeral not a block party SMFH
Moto Moto
Moto Moto 8 kun oldin
Uhhhh don't he got an older child..
Hannah Tetteh Brown
I felt for lauran London rip nipsey
asmayt Milash
asmayt Milash 8 kun oldin
RIP 😭😭😭🇪🇷👈
Stevenlegend Brown
Stevenlegend Brown 8 kun oldin
Yea sister that's true love respect and a strong wahine right there sad and inspiring at the same time rest easy brother
Alicia Walker
Alicia Walker 8 kun oldin
Lauren London’s a strong girl 😥
humpty dumpty
humpty dumpty 8 kun oldin
Baby, no one can be your church...I wish people will stop saying that corny sh!t. But I concur her speech was beautiful.
Joan Aggas
Joan Aggas 8 kun oldin
When is California going to fall into the ocean? Why is it taking so long?
RAP LIFE RADIO 8 kun oldin
The thousand dislikes on here is crazy r.i.p nip
Merlyannrose 8 kun oldin
She is the strongest woman that I know of, mentally. I never had a mixed grief and hyped emotion over someone's farewell or funeral before. She made a negative legacy positive.
Alasana Sanneh
Alasana Sanneh 8 kun oldin
Alasana Sanneh
Alasana Sanneh 8 kun oldin
theDevilsGreed 8 kun oldin
Why is this guy so big? Just asking don’t scream at me
Jodye De La Cruz
Jodye De La Cruz 8 kun oldin
Max McCormick
Max McCormick 9 kun oldin
What about Kodak!
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 9 kun oldin
Still no idea who this guy is
Lt. Fireguy
Lt. Fireguy 9 kun oldin
Trump 2020!
Pgh Pick
Pgh Pick 9 kun oldin
Never met nip really just started listening to the music and his message!! This speech got me tearing up
Precision Tactics
Precision Tactics 9 kun oldin
Such a beautiful speech...
Kawy Thowy
Kawy Thowy 9 kun oldin
This speech makes the world a better place its coded with so much inspiration for scientific-minds
Jee and Jayee
Jee and Jayee 9 kun oldin
I’m crying listening to her talk 😭
Quashona Hardesty
Quashona Hardesty 9 kun oldin
That was one of the best descriptional eulogies I have ever heard! You can tell she was really proud of Nipsey and loved him "beyond this earth" ...I admire Laurens strength, shes truly an inspiration in her own right because shes hardworking, intelligent and drivin and I can tell shes very family oriented. May God give you peace and understanding to uphold and get through what I know is a very difficult ordeal...and may he heal your heart Lauren. I pray for strength and healing for you your baby boy and you and Nipseys entire family...in Jesus name I pray AMEN! #RestEasyNip #Gone2SoonButRembered4Ever
PandyTheKido 9 kun oldin
Me: Why do good people always die? Mother: If you go to a garden what flowers do you pick first. Me: The Good ones. Mother: That is why.
Devon Crowder
Devon Crowder 8 kun oldin
Damn bruh ...
Illuminate Sacrifice! The killings in the name of Satan needs to end! Hollywood nothing but EVIL
Khanyi Twala
Khanyi Twala 7 kun oldin
stfu hoe
RJSP Brown
RJSP Brown 9 kun oldin
Is that his other baby mother standing on the right?
Dave Dave
Dave Dave 9 kun oldin
So, now his face is going to appear on a lot of T-shirts? Is that the legacy? Oh, besides the fact another unnamed person got murdered at his funeral? Is that going to be the Nipster's contribution to society? You people need skull enemas.
Tango Uptop
Tango Uptop 9 kun oldin
Watch closely people someome is moving up
Tango Uptop
Tango Uptop 9 kun oldin
Lauren sacrifice NIPSEY😭😭😔😔🤐🤐🤐👻
karleen lena jones
karleen lena jones 2 kun oldin
U damb right girlfriend or boyfriend either way me feelyou.com xx woke
Been their Done that
No big loss. Sniff sniff. Smell that smells. Like somethings dead. 😝
Medrano Medrano
Medrano Medrano 9 kun oldin
The Son of God
The Son of God 9 kun oldin
Anyone who doesn't know God can die for all I care,
Sir Nice
Sir Nice 9 kun oldin
I really hope this is not fake. Sounds fabricated and emotionless. His mom and brother had that “no weapon formed” vibe.
Neveah Pettius
Neveah Pettius 9 kun oldin
Rip nipsey we love you baby u are loved
Yarad Yisrayl
Yarad Yisrayl 9 kun oldin
John Chapter 11:25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: 26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? Mark Chapter 12: 26 And as touching the dead, that they rise: have ye not read in the book of Moses, how in the bush God spake unto him, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? 27 He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living: 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words.
bansheebot2 9 kun oldin
100 women are crying because they couldn't hem him up with child support......
LeopardLover LeopardLover
I’m so confused I thought she was his wife
Rachelle StClair
Rachelle StClair 9 kun oldin
Never heard of him. I don’t care!! Lmao!
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali 9 kun oldin
Lauren baby come see me I need you?😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗😍😍😍😍😍🤗😍😍😍😍😍
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