LaVar Ball And Stephen A. Have Intense Shouting Match | First Take | March 23, 2017

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LaVar Ball joins First Take and goes back and forth with Stephen A. Smith in a heated debate regarding his views on beating Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1, comparing Lonzo Ball to Steph Curry, and saying Lonzo would have a bigger impact on the Los Angeles Lakers than Magic Johnson.
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23-Mar, 2017



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Fikrlar 8 860
Dre_Azoian 10 soat oldin
Neva Lost!
Amadou Seck
Amadou Seck 11 soat oldin
Lavar is crazy
Joshua Bartholomew
Joshua Bartholomew 12 soat oldin
Oh my goodness this is hilarious
Jorge Romero
Jorge Romero 19 soat oldin
Look at lonzo ball rn 😂!!!
Bob McDonald1622
Haha watching this in 2019... Lonzo isn’t looking so good
Dean Scott
Dean Scott Kun oldin
Lavar crazy a.f.
Kinkoms Kun oldin
2:06 what we all came for
Phillip Reyna
Phillip Reyna 2 kun oldin
I can beat LaVar one on one with one arm tied behind my back
Jose Garcia Lopez
Jose Garcia Lopez 2 kun oldin
4:17 😂😂 Stephen A Smith should've been a comedian fuck analyzing sports lmao
Jose Garcia Lopez
Jose Garcia Lopez 2 kun oldin
1:07 has me dead as fuck 😂😂
bbodinefan11 2 kun oldin
Im a 5 foot eight white guy and lavar couldn't beat me on 1 on 1.
Victor Jason
Victor Jason 2 kun oldin
😂your son is a fucken flop
Double D
Double D 2 kun oldin
1:04 “Ain’t Nobody Thinking About No Damn Lavar” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan never wanted that 1-on-1 smoke 💨 with big Lavar 😂😂😂
Mark Perry
Mark Perry 2 kun oldin
This nigga be fuckin wit Stephen A. Smith head so hard!!!!
Legendary Tony
Legendary Tony 2 kun oldin
this clip will forever be a classic
paco flores
paco flores 3 kun oldin
This shit is funny as fuck
Legendary Handles
Legendary Handles 3 kun oldin
This is fucking rude my is easily the beast lava avrged 3pts on high school miachel averaged 28 points in the nba as a 18 year old FUCKING NBA PLAYER
wyzguy231 3 kun oldin
2:58 coldest line all video
Clayton Latone
Clayton Latone 3 kun oldin
The ONE time I agree with Smith
J. Palafox
J. Palafox 3 kun oldin
This is just entertainment. love it lol.
William Andrews
William Andrews 4 kun oldin
Gianni Mejia
Gianni Mejia 4 kun oldin
Lavar ball is the biggest troll LMFAO
John Lewis
John Lewis 4 kun oldin
The sound like two loud black women
LightninLarry 5 kun oldin
5:43 is the best Stephen A clip of all time
Tony Lando
Tony Lando 5 kun oldin
LaVar ball is a true father, what father you know puts his kids 1st, boast his sons up, gets on their ass when they're fucking up and want to see all of them successful n go to the NBA, LaVar Ball should get the father of all time award because he a true MAN
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith 6 kun oldin
Almost 2 years ago❤️
Marlo Bauco
Marlo Bauco 7 kun oldin
Lavar ball is a Fucking idiot
Pablito Campos
Pablito Campos 8 kun oldin
I am so touched and proud of Shawn Holiday the father of the three Holidays in the NBA - Justin, Jrue and Aaron should be proud of their father too being so humble watching them play . UNLIKE, the father of the three STOOGES of CHINO HILLS that he jeopardized his kids basketball careers, he is controlling them and always opening his fucking BIG BALLER MOUTH criticizing the Laker coaching staff - you watch.... Lonzo is not going anywhere, he is always hurt - it is KARMA La Var !
Lachlan Casey
Lachlan Casey 8 kun oldin
2:02 Something is wrong with you 4:39 Don’t change the narrative
Obama Best Prez Ever
Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores are selling Big Baller Brand crap for 95% off.
Vexxed AF
Vexxed AF 9 kun oldin
2:03 Stephen A’s reaction is priceless 😂😂
Carnell Williams
Carnell Williams 9 kun oldin
seng0ku 9 kun oldin
Lavar is the Endeavor of the NBA
Caden Taylor
Caden Taylor 9 kun oldin
Lavar can’t even speak when Michael Jordan’s name is mentioned. Who can agree??
EPIC 22 THE KING 9 kun oldin
Lavar ball is getting so mad he is losing his hair
Spencer Hughes
Spencer Hughes 9 kun oldin
Neisha Starr
Neisha Starr 9 kun oldin
SAS and Lavar are too funny! I could not stop laughing! Lavar needs to go into comedy!
YAKULT HD 10 kun oldin
Lavar The Real GOAT
I HATE what I HATE 10 kun oldin
3:57 it's all over 😂😂
Michael J.F.
Michael J.F. 10 kun oldin
If Tekashi 6ix9ine, Lavar Ball and CopperCab all fused together.... the ultimate troll being would spawn and wreak havoc on the world ❌🧢
mukhtaar landrum
mukhtaar landrum 10 kun oldin
LaVar ball and Stephen A Smith are soo entertaining. I want to see more of them 👍🏿👍🏿😂
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 10 kun oldin
Lavar is funny
Zyair Hall
Zyair Hall 10 kun oldin
March 2019?
RoSmash 10 kun oldin
Son-Jay Harrison
Son-Jay Harrison 10 kun oldin
Stephen A met his match 😂
The Donald Funk
The Donald Funk 11 kun oldin
How time flies
I HATE what I HATE 11 kun oldin
Dayga 11 kun oldin
LaVar is an ignorant ghetto rat. Period. The end. Next.
Ernest Quaye
Ernest Quaye 11 kun oldin
2 years later
J R 12 kun oldin
I used to think bill Russel was the best ever but now I'm totally convinced that lavar ball is the best solo player ever.
Makoii Balmores
Makoii Balmores 12 kun oldin
Stephen A. Smith’s reaction is so fuckin HILARIOUS!😂🤣
Ronald Doctor
Ronald Doctor 12 kun oldin
Ball ain got shit on kingkong
Kevian Price
Kevian Price 13 kun oldin
Thats not the point max dont change the Narrative this man just opened his mouth 😂😂😂SAS FUNNY AF
Rinor Lushi
Rinor Lushi 13 kun oldin
Mannnnnnn lonzo gon have that same impact that lonzo had
FrEaMcIiNsItSM is
FrEaMcIiNsItSM is 15 kun oldin
I score this vid... 100 G’s
Manny Jay
Manny Jay 15 kun oldin
That guy's the most ignorant person I ever seen in my life very very very insecure about his self living off his kids leave the kids out of it Do Your Own Thing very ignorant person it is so sad that a black man got to be so delusional he make black people look more ignorant than anything I hope people don't think all black people act like that
Prem Chopra
Prem Chopra 15 kun oldin
Lavar= Narcissisism on steroids!
Andrea Lugo
Andrea Lugo 15 kun oldin
After all these years I’m still having a hard time understanding how/why lonzo did not file for emancipation from this man.
MboySwag04 15 kun oldin
Lavar Ball the Goat 🐐😂
j black
j black 16 kun oldin
Biggest troll ever. Looks like a discount shriek.
I HATE what I HATE 16 kun oldin
Why am i laughing so hard! HAHAHA that face of lavar tho while talking
Rob Escondo
Rob Escondo 17 kun oldin
2 crazy folks arguing..lol geez hey espn give stephen a and lavar their own show.
Sam Un
Sam Un 18 kun oldin
and now lakers gonna miss the playoffs...
Only Tyy
Only Tyy 13 kun oldin
Sam Un was we really signed lebron
Jakdup Jackson
Jakdup Jackson 18 kun oldin
I admire his confidence..., but MJ is the GOAT OG show some respect.
Kelvin Pires
Kelvin Pires 19 kun oldin
This man just opened his mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Am dead
pi hermoso
pi hermoso 19 kun oldin
Somewhere out there, Kwame Brown lets out a huge sigh of relief.......
FJUWANA 19 kun oldin
5:37 Stephan A face when someone says... Pancake... =)
Five Fingered Gaming
DHARMYOG_COM 19 kun oldin
Lavar is a genius. He has marketed himself so high. Just by running his mouth. Shows the weakness of people.
Nate Burnett
Nate Burnett 19 kun oldin
Lavar saying MJ is too small. He the same height as you Lavar😂😂
Jake Sorbel
Jake Sorbel 19 kun oldin
JC. Time For a CHANGE.
😂😂😂😂 What??? 😂 He is so crazy 🤭🤭👎👎
Martik Panosian
Martik Panosian 20 kun oldin
Much love to Steven A Smith he knows how to talk shit and put you back on ya sit!!!
Martik Panosian
Martik Panosian 20 kun oldin
1:09 Steven A smith hits the roof and says “ain’t nobody thinink about dam lavarrrr , lavar lavarrrrrr😂
Ty G
Ty G 20 kun oldin
De'Sean Walker
De'Sean Walker 20 kun oldin
Shyt I hope one of his sons goes pro and is actually nice bcuz dis nigga did way too much talking
Howard Lounsberry
Howard Lounsberry 20 kun oldin
Wow this guy balls really on drugs if he really thinks he's better than Michael Jordan Larry on all that none of this kids are good in the NBA none of them none of this disease
Daunte Dottery
Daunte Dottery 21 kun oldin
AINT NOBODY THINKING BOUT NO DAMN LAVAR 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
michael james
michael james 21 kun oldin
haha this was funny
Get Over It
Get Over It 21 kun oldin
I love this video, it never gets old
shibushi nakanarobitsuOne
beeala boobie
beeala boobie 22 kun oldin
Dustin Soderberg
Dustin Soderberg 22 kun oldin
Man, I wish my dad had even 1% of Lavar's father skills.
tai1boy 22 kun oldin
Stephen "Eh." Smith is spitting so much I can feel it through the screen.
Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen 22 kun oldin
6:23 “I’m concerned that your mouth might get in their way tho, I’M CONCERARGHHHD”
Mayin J
Mayin J 22 kun oldin
Pause at 4:20
Cdot Rey
Cdot Rey 24 kun oldin
5:41 Pancakes had me dead😂😂
theshadowtalks 24 kun oldin
That was painful as a case of hemorrhoids to watch!
killer shark32
killer shark32 25 kun oldin
I can beat lavar ball 1on1 🤷🏿‍♂️
Already Dead
Already Dead 25 kun oldin
stephen a be my lawyer plz
XxJakeWD 25 kun oldin
Lavar or Matt from wii sports
Rema Tlau
Rema Tlau 25 kun oldin
Still watching in 2019 ..This shit is too good 🤣🤣
Dan Isaac
Dan Isaac 26 kun oldin
"I'm the one who made Lonzo" 😂😂😂
Freezy DMX
Freezy DMX 26 kun oldin
Lavar Ball is the greatest
Yelmurat Ospanov
Yelmurat Ospanov 26 kun oldin
Мдааа, вот это пи...Ball.
Mikey Merritt
Mikey Merritt 26 kun oldin
Lavar is the biggest troll bro even though he’s just a proud dad 😂
Lamar Constantine
Lamar Constantine 26 kun oldin
rob grady
rob grady 27 kun oldin
This man is an idiot
Arel Zmpa
Arel Zmpa 28 kun oldin
''I think you've met your match Stephen A'' 😂😂😂😂 dayum right. I was waiting for these two big mouths to meet 😂
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