LaVar Ball And Stephen A. Have Intense Shouting Match | First Take | March 23, 2017

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LaVar Ball joins First Take and goes back and forth with Stephen A. Smith in a heated debate regarding his views on beating Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1, comparing Lonzo Ball to Steph Curry, and saying Lonzo would have a bigger impact on the Los Angeles Lakers than Magic Johnson.
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23-Mar, 2017

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pornhubhatesme 5 soat oldin
I feel lowkey bad for lonzo, i mean maybe he has an ego but as far as i know he chill. His father keeps putting him in the spotlight and i mean cmon i don't think lonzo wants to be in a comparison with steph. My dude just wants to make a legacy in the nba and not be a hothead and his dad keeps putting him right up there making him seem like the next mj....poor kid lol
100% Michoacano
100% Michoacano 6 soat oldin
Attention whore
Chris Myers
Chris Myers 10 soat oldin
Never lost?? Shit never played!!
Danny D Legend
Danny D Legend 10 soat oldin
This is hilarious even in 2019
Joseph Kalou
Joseph Kalou Kun oldin
just saw this surprisingly but this is the best video of the decade so far😂😂😂
StarKid 351
StarKid 351 Kun oldin
Lavar is a fucking idiot
Savage Papi
Savage Papi Kun oldin
Lavar didn't forsee lonzos inability to shoot a fucking free throw
Taneshae Davis
Taneshae Davis 2 kun oldin
This is too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
gegi jankho
gegi jankho 2 kun oldin
Of course lavar beats jordan even i can beat jordan he is like 60 years old or something
Martin S
Martin S Kun oldin
No Michael is not 60 and he can still beat you and Lavar at once look at some videos of Jordan working out.
Ant PoP
Ant PoP 2 kun oldin
He says it because you’ll put him on tv to argue it.....lol you are played out.
António Sá Gomes
António Sá Gomes 2 kun oldin
Is this LaVar guy a comedian?
The Need 80g
The Need 80g 3 kun oldin
THat DOnt MAke ANYsense
He is better than MJ and LJ Lonzo is better than Curry He think He and him sons are better than every player in The NBA First He is trash and He is just a old retard guy who never play in The NBA and He's sons are trash and can't shoot He have some mental problem or he just say all that stuffs just for fame??? I think the both
Random Guy
Random Guy 3 kun oldin
Curry carried davidson and he wouldn't light it up against this 3pt era?
Video-Gamer-9000 3 kun oldin
Too small? MJ is taller then him by 1 inch😂😂
Brayden Rodriguez
Brayden Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
Are you sure lavar wasn't talking about DeAndre Jordan
Big Country
Big Country 3 kun oldin
This nxgga be making me lmao
a1mogu mogu
a1mogu mogu 3 kun oldin
ball family ugly asl
IonAids 3 kun oldin
I think I just heard something.... hopefully not....
1925RTJJDER 4 kun oldin
Could he beat Jordan? Of course not. He probably couldn't beat my diabetic cat! He was a terrible player. But, is his mouth paying off? It sure is. Bad press is better than no press, and because he can't get any good press he's going to run his mouth until it falls off and be the richer for it, even if everyone thinks of him as a joke. Heck, a completely unqualified idiot ascended to the highest position in the land doing the same thing.
Todd Fawver
Todd Fawver 4 kun oldin
Lavar is strangely endearing
Martin S
Martin S 4 kun oldin
Apologize on TV!🤣
Allen Discaya
Allen Discaya 4 kun oldin
kuppzzz saladdd
kuppzzz saladdd 4 kun oldin
lemme tell you this guys... just think of it if Skip Bayless is still on this show it would be 💣💣💣💣💣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
HeihachiChaolan 5 kun oldin
Stephen A's first day on the internet
Kerry 5 kun oldin
Lavar ball is the greatest troll and marketer ever lmao
Salimooo 6475
Salimooo 6475 5 kun oldin
K M 5 kun oldin
Lavar ball is dad goals
B R 5 kun oldin
K M 5 kun oldin
I love laVar Ball 🤣
ASiAN TRUMPUTiN 5 kun oldin
Triple Bs
Bro Vlogs
Bro Vlogs 5 kun oldin
215Cormega 6 kun oldin
That drunk uncle talking nonsense.
Samuel Elma
Samuel Elma 6 kun oldin
2019 still very funny 😄
Martin S
Martin S 6 kun oldin
And y'all? And y'all? 😁
Jay minnei Lamanilao
Lavar ball vs stephen a smith the two biggest mouth in sport history🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Jay minnei Lamanilao
I hate lavar ball he has a big mouth fuck you lavar🖕🖕🖕
MrBank325 7 kun oldin
I used to think Jordan was the GOAT, but now I'm convinced it's Lavar Ball.
Randy Muse
Randy Muse 7 kun oldin
He said oh God...Steven you the best
Admin Administration
A year later an we find out dad was ridiculously wrong. The ball brothers have done what most athletes do and that’s overly impress while in college but soon as they get to the nba they are a disappointment. SMH
Surbhi Bhatt
Surbhi Bhatt 8 kun oldin
I love how steven a smith is not intimated by lavar
NF 8 kun oldin
Ik lavar is trolling but this dude is the definition of a narcissist
Shreyas S.ranga
Shreyas S.ranga 8 kun oldin
Ask me two questions lollll
Javus Bonmon
Javus Bonmon 8 kun oldin
👎👎👎 Lol 🌚
Blublu Unicorn
Blublu Unicorn 8 kun oldin
P V 8 kun oldin
Lavar out here livin his best life while stephen a is tryna argue lol
Why Paradox
Why Paradox 9 kun oldin
NEVERLOST. ave 2pts a game!! 😂😂😂😂
Milli Macro
Milli Macro 9 kun oldin
Lavar the type to go up to 4 big ass guys and say, my son can whoop all y’all at the same time and look for another fight.
Milli Macro
Milli Macro 9 kun oldin
Lol he remind me of freight train from Cleveland show
Kevian Price
Kevian Price 9 kun oldin
Meanwhile Lonzo HighKey Trash
Donte Jones
Donte Jones 9 kun oldin
You guys have to realize that you can’t take anything that comes out of his mouth seriously. What I see here is comedy. Levar knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s keeping his family in front of the camera and his name in the media spotlight. To be the fly on the wall in his house when he comes up with all this nonsense just to piss people off is hilarious. He said it himself. Everyone wants to know what the big baller gonna say next. It’s true, at least for me it is because I want to laugh. He’s the type to have a conversation with himself at 2 in the morning rehearsing to see how much ridiculousness comes out his own mouth. With all that, behind closed doors, he’s laughing at everyone that gets upset for nothing about him running his mouth about nothing and he gets enjoyment out of it. This video proves that point. The more pissed off Steven A gets, the more bs he comes up with. Look at him feeding off Steven A lol. He wants to laugh so bad, but he can’t break character lol. Levar and Kevin Hart need to get together and talk about sports. Oh the hilarity lmao
Donte Jones
Donte Jones 2 kun oldin
And you replied to this for nothing...troll lol
Our Song
Our Song 3 kun oldin
Donte Jones pretty sure everyone knows he’s just trolling.. you wrote this for nothing lol
lilia sarte
lilia sarte 9 kun oldin
Lavar is like short kid in your school so F*king liar hes like Hav this knowledge but e didnt have the knowledge hes just talking trash i just saying what i see he is just dont wanna win every argiu he dont wanna lose im just saying he son is the best but it doesnt i wanna say this becouse im guilty if i didnt
Why am I writing this And why are you reading this
Lavar using his sons for clout
Rage 10 kun oldin
Everyone knows LaVar would dunk on MJ Kareem Shaq and Wilt combined 😂😂😂
Ugo Darrel
Ugo Darrel 10 kun oldin
05:01 SAS: Let me ask you a question Lavar... Lavar: Ask me two questions 😂😂😂🤣
bruce lau
bruce lau 10 kun oldin
We haven’t heard from Lavar Ball in months tho
M C 10 kun oldin
Two dudes who never should have made $1 on tv or be on it but espn always be shoving them down our throats. Remember when it was a channel to watch sports and highlights?
Daniel Chung
Daniel Chung 11 kun oldin
Ya guys know that MJ and Lavar are the SAME HEIGHT!?!?!!
Lester John Talde
Lester John Talde 11 kun oldin
2019 and now it's still funniest debate ever havaha
Marc Cabo
Marc Cabo 11 kun oldin
Fuck you lavar ball and the ball family your son is bullshit lebron will just curry a pussy like lonzo ball wowo you say you can beat jordan oh come on you don't even have 6 rings in your finger your son cant beat curry read this because ball family is bullshit fuck you
Jordan Ndlela
Jordan Ndlela 11 kun oldin
Lavar: "my boys ain't gotta touch them cheques, I'll write em myself." Stephen A: "HOW!!"😂😂😂😂
8KOBE BRYANT24 11 kun oldin
It’s funny watching this again now Lonzo BaLL
djw80158 11 kun oldin
I can't get enuff of this shit
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 12 kun oldin
This is like when my dad and my grandad got into it
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 12 kun oldin
Undefeated NEVER LOSSS
John Arias
John Arias 12 kun oldin
Protect Lavar at all times
Paul Kim
Paul Kim 12 kun oldin
fucking don king over here
Jaron Hamblen
Jaron Hamblen 12 kun oldin
3:59 😂😂😂
Sarah The Slurpee
Sarah The Slurpee 12 kun oldin
Victor K
Victor K 12 kun oldin
Lavar even knows he is not serious. He laughs at his own statements.
rahmat wardak
rahmat wardak 12 kun oldin
5 on 5 he great lol
J M 12 kun oldin
james john
james john 13 kun oldin
4mill views..... lavar a genius
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 13 kun oldin
"I invented basketball"- Lavar ball
Jake Durbin
Jake Durbin 13 kun oldin
LaVar is cracking himself up just saying this crap😂
A cheeto's bag
A cheeto's bag 13 kun oldin
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson 13 kun oldin
He's coming to the Lakers WHY because
Edward T.
Edward T. 13 kun oldin
How'd this Nigga have kids again????
Mitchell Carter
Mitchell Carter 13 kun oldin
Stephen A: "Thats, not, the, point, max, dont, change, the, narrative" GOLD, so dismissive of max lolz
LvL69Gengar 13 kun oldin
When the master troll gets trolled by someone better at it
young savage
young savage 13 kun oldin
2019 where you at lmaoooo
Jessica Benton
Jessica Benton 13 kun oldin
Lavar confidence is so funny but real
Garrett M
Garrett M 14 kun oldin
Immovable object vs unstoppable force
Young God
Young God 14 kun oldin
I miss this Molly. Quiet.
Max Adams
Max Adams 14 kun oldin
This show is so much better and looser than undisputed
Serdominater 03
Serdominater 03 14 kun oldin
Lavar so dumb lmao
Israymer Valentin-Arias
Lonzo is trash in the NBA.
Tom 22
Tom 22 15 kun oldin
I literally cannot watch this, it is too cringe
AMATEUR BY THE SEA 15 kun oldin
ryan Hollins should join this
Glenn O'Connor
Glenn O'Connor 15 kun oldin
This would never happen in Europe with football or ‘soccer’. Embarrassing. American’s.
oskrrr92 16 kun oldin
Lavar ball need to see a doctor
Logan Clarke
Logan Clarke 16 kun oldin
Like if Stephen A and Lavar should have a 1 on 1
sOcs Razor
sOcs Razor 16 kun oldin
Coury Peterkin
Coury Peterkin 16 kun oldin
Yo Lavar the younger Michael Jordan can kill you in basketball son because for the record Michael Jordan can school a lot of NBA players in his day in the league
Tavion Johnson
Tavion Johnson 17 kun oldin
How many of them end the show with a headache
LaVar Ball
LaVar Ball 17 kun oldin
Silly Me 🤓
Incredible gamer Benson
LaVar ball is trash
IronFistSpyro HD
IronFistSpyro HD 17 kun oldin
That pancake part had me 😂😂😂😂😂
IronFistSpyro HD
IronFistSpyro HD 17 kun oldin
I'll give lavar credit. As I say: I'd rather be conceited than defeated.
IronFistSpyro HD
IronFistSpyro HD 17 kun oldin
20 years from now this will still be funny
IronFistSpyro HD
IronFistSpyro HD 17 kun oldin
20 years from now this will still be funny