LaVar Ball: Me and LeBron James will get along

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LaVar Ball, the outspoken father of Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, says he isn't worried about whether or not he can coexist with LeBron James in LA.



4-Iyl, 2018

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Maureen Elam
Maureen Elam 4 kun oldin
lavar ball ain't nobody important. "he will get along with Lebron". lol
Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar 5 kun oldin
people underestimate this guy, but he knows shit.
Teeny-tinyTuber Tuber
I predict lanzo ball will get trade!
Edgar Llamas
Edgar Llamas 6 kun oldin
Fucking yellow teeth mouth muthafucker , open his mouth just to talk shit. Idiot I hope you brush your teeth. Big Bozo the Clown mouth
Riazi Ibrahim
Riazi Ibrahim 6 kun oldin
LeGoat and Laondrugs
Chris Buschbacher
Chris Buschbacher 7 kun oldin
CNN sucks
Raj Papineni
Raj Papineni 9 kun oldin
those teeth tho
23dlc 10 kun oldin
lavar look like a crazy person
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 13 kun oldin
This guy Lavar reminds me of Pennywise from IT
John Brownyard
John Brownyard 14 kun oldin
Ha like father Like son trash lol
WakeDaddy1 14 kun oldin
Looking for a role model? don't go any further, Lebron AIN'T IT! He's a moron that hops from team to team that offers him the most CASH! Sounds like he's a "capitalist" to me! SO, LIB'S, FUCK YOU talking shit about Socialism! No socialist countries pay sports figures what they do in the USA!
T. GLIDEWELL 15 kun oldin
Considering that LeBron is an actual player on the team and Lavar is the dad of a first year mediocre player, I doubt whether LeBron gives a poop what Lavar thinks, says or if they get along or not.
prince t
prince t 15 kun oldin
All four year of lebron new lakers contract he gon lose to the warriors in the western confrence finals.
Will Zimmermann
Will Zimmermann 15 kun oldin
We'll see saSsy squash in December lake land weather forecast records........ 0-0 Butler Or Gasol if it don't work out or K-Love or Damian for Lonzo And Ingram or Lonzo and involve future picks to even everything out on the fairness scale👑🏀⚖
TheSpokenWizard 15 kun oldin
People hate Lavar for the same reason they hate Trump, they speak with confidence.
Two Serious Dogs
Two Serious Dogs 16 kun oldin
Why am I the only one who thinks he looks sneaky and evil af?
ubekewl454 vernon
ubekewl454 vernon 18 kun oldin
why do these networks keeping giving this nothing mofo airtime?
Detroit Stretch
Detroit Stretch 19 kun oldin
Lavar Ball is the third coming of Jesus
Javiel Drake
Javiel Drake 21 kun oldin
Lavar gotta problem with every that joins the lakers
Ken Liburd
Ken Liburd 22 kun oldin
He looks great. Mice amd calm
Paul Is
Paul Is 23 kun oldin
"good to talk to you kromo" 😆 fucking buffoon
Rohar Baconmoo
Rohar Baconmoo 24 kun oldin
Why in the literal fuck would LeBron have anything to do with this clown Lavar Ball? Seriously, why aren't more people calling this dude on on his constantly foolery.
keef davis
keef davis 18 kun oldin
Bcuz it isn't foolery. It's "Capitalism." Master-Capitalism.
Vinnie Maher
Vinnie Maher 24 kun oldin
CNN always trying to get those ratings up
Brailen Cradolph
Brailen Cradolph 25 kun oldin
Teeth looking like corn flakes
Brandon 26 kun oldin
This the calmest I've ever seen him, but like the media do, they tried to get him to say something crazy for a headline
AJS,jr AJS,jr
AJS,jr AJS,jr 26 kun oldin
Who gives a fuck who u get along with. A FUCKEN retarded fucken idiot. Mother FUCKER u aren't shit. U the father of a broke punkass kid that plays for the Lakers, soon to be traded away. Man I can't fucken wait see your sorry ass the fuck away from LA. FUCK U LAVARBALL
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 26 kun oldin
Wtf is this Chris Kumo what is he a basketball analyst now
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 26 kun oldin
Lol until the lakers get some real players it dont fukin matter what he says he can say whatever he wants becuz this is the same garbage team as Cleveland
Ruthie Yiu
Ruthie Yiu 26 kun oldin
Congratulations go out to Kezo Brown, Jba and BBB! KEZO got Signed to play pro ball overseas.....Let's go
Donta toucha My SPAGET
If I saw that thumbnail sneaker behind me I’d scream and run...
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez 27 kun oldin
0:45 lmao lavar : everybody mad at me cause im always right Reporter: HA thats not why
Castor Montemayor
Castor Montemayor 27 kun oldin
I love lavar ball.. hes so funny!!
B R 25 kun oldin
Castor Montemayor Same.
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 27 kun oldin
So how much does the BBB water bottle cost?
B R 25 kun oldin
Mohammed Ahmed No clue.
Songo Songiewicz
Songo Songiewicz 28 kun oldin
he is right his boys gonna play on different level than James hehe
G DUB 28 kun oldin
Hes gonna ignore lonzo and lonzo will get traded
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 28 kun oldin
Damn, CNN so desperate for ad money they resort to Lavar 😆
B R 25 kun oldin
Geert Matthys lol.
Joshua Ramirez
Joshua Ramirez 29 kun oldin
kristian fowler
kristian fowler 29 kun oldin
this jerk is allways appearing on my news feed on facebook ugly has shit
Eastside ChuccTaylor
OMG this man has to be blind to not see his teeth are identical to butter wtf man that's sick and he smiles with confidence😂😂😷
B R 25 kun oldin
Eastside ChuccTaylor lol.
Veteran 28 kun oldin
lmao "identical to butter" that is hilarious!!
King Austin
King Austin Oy oldin
LaVar so dedicated to the Lakers that he decided to have his teeth painted yellow
Jorel Montes
Jorel Montes Oy oldin
Global Domination by the Balls,lol.
ivydude13 Oy oldin
This guy studied a lot of Muhammad Ali!
red red
red red Oy oldin
he just stupid
KenGod DaGod
KenGod DaGod Oy oldin
Bro liangelo didn't get drafted so he star and I'll fukin basketball league get over it bro we fukin sucks
Mr hawkins
Mr hawkins Oy oldin
I wonder if he really believes the bs he says
Louie York
Louie York Oy oldin
Gawddamn that’s one ugly monkeys uncle.
IT’S OFFICIAL ... I’m moving to L.A ! TRIPLE B TRIPLE BITCHES ( Women ) TRIPLETS ( Kendall and I future children ) Whewww ! Giving exclusive footage to TMZ ... And hanging out with B I G Brother LAVAR
And TRIPLE Championships ...Whewwww
TRIPLE Millions of dollars 💵 ....Whewww !
ratmfan223344 Oy oldin
Lavar spits facts more than people give him credit for. He's actually pretty sharp. He just needs to tone down his whole act and keep it cool like he did here
Brandon M
Brandon M Oy oldin
Classic khris kkkuomo
Leroy Myrick
Leroy Myrick Oy oldin
One thing this guy has done. By starting the jba league. He had made the NBA changes rule from you have to go to college 1 year before you can join NBA. Plus players leaving High School can join his League and get paid instead of going to college to make them all that money and get paid nothing.
live mix
live mix Oy oldin
Your so negative mr. Lavar, your son is with the lakers think of it. Come on! Your a hater.
Akmalany Prak
Akmalany Prak Oy oldin
With the millions of dollars, he makes off of his son. Can't he get some teeth whiteners to be like most an ordinary black person or Celebrity?
Rory Fulton
Rory Fulton Oy oldin
Lavar is awesome. His big mouth has him lucky at the moment I mean he’s been wrong before but he knows the game. He is a great father, his ego is far beyond his head size but he did good. He has a son in the nba and two sons with high potential. Anyone who disputes this is Jealous or a fool.
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Bobby Amdro
Bobby Amdro Oy oldin
He wasnt right about his poor getting very ill and weak. He took advantage of hisnwife and now we are here..........
Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood Oy oldin
Then yellow teeth are killing me
Todd Sands
Todd Sands Oy oldin
"Me and LeBron will get along." Damn, I didn't know LaVar had deep influence within the Lakers organization. You got to give the man credit. Somehow he has made himself significant.
Austin Wood
Austin Wood Oy oldin
I think magic likes Lebron more than you there lavar
John Boson
John Boson Oy oldin
Big baller lookin like penny wise in the thumbnail
Josh Guevara Cena
Oh jeez Fuck the Lakers Fuck Lebron and mostly Fuck Big Baller brand Warriors for life Steph curry goat
Exploring With Josh
Josh Guevara Cena How is that goat when you have no final mvps?
Daniel Gallagher
It's funny to me how people even question who's going to start. Rondo is teammates with LeBron James now. His mindset and mentality will be back to his Celtic days. There's absolutely no question that he will start over Lonzo.
KOKO LOKO Oy oldin
Can we just please trade Ball and his dad for Kawhi plz!!
Lil Brue
Lil Brue Oy oldin
Hold up he said Lonzo will play with lakers. gelo would not make the nba.He would make his own league.Lebron would go to the lakers. Like he is all ways right.
Cody Sray
Cody Sray Oy oldin
everyone here that's talkin about Lavar's teeth lol how petty are you, wow you must be perfect huh
Saltwaterebel Oy oldin
theyre not yellow, theyre green
Robert Villa
Robert Villa Oy oldin
Whose gana play with lebron, lavar ball or LonZo ball
Vic Matinez
Vic Matinez Oy oldin
Keepin it real.. 😎
F.B. Nunyah
F.B. Nunyah Oy oldin
LeBron doesn't deal well with cons artist, thieves, liars, dreamers with their daddy's suit case of tricks & issues. Will bump heads just give it time.. this will be interesting no matter what.. lol
Quincy Rubin
Quincy Rubin Oy oldin
Who cares
Grind Hard
Grind Hard Oy oldin
All that money cant afford a toothbrush and toothpaste
Olusegun Arigbede
That thumbnail , ha
Derogatory Name
Lavar "NEEDS" to get along with LeBron.
ebk mac
ebk mac Oy oldin
will him and a toothbrush get along?
sURF gOD Oy oldin
Why do we even keep giving this guy a forum to spew his ridiculous rhetoric? He's and idiot and if we forget about him he'll be as irrelevant as a blackberry phone!
Samantha Sucker
LaVar Ball is my idol😍🤪😫💦💦
Aaron Babcock
Aaron Babcock Oy oldin
This dude need to shut his mouth! I hate both his kids because their father just needs to ride coat tails! He a looser with a big mouth and his poor kids gonna take the brunt of their BIG DUMB MOUTH FATHER! Keep this man off TV..... Period!
Aaron Babcock
Aaron Babcock Oy oldin
I have two boys myself, bless the fact I don't have to live through my boys!!! F U Lavar!! For live you looser failure as a father! A father's job is to uplift his children, not himself through them! Dumb ass!!!!
Matt B.
Matt B. Oy oldin
Lavar's throwing the rope back over the wall so other young men can climb over it! Who else doing that?!
E Z Oy oldin
LeBron and LeYelloTeeth will get along.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Oy oldin
This nigga slow
Lets stop hating for a minute..LAVAR IS ON CNN Bringing basket ball info to another sect of persons that wouldnt be necessarily fan of basketball..i dont recall seeing Stephen A or any of them talking ball and he been in it for yeaaarrss,,and keep in mind he did call lebron going to L.A....Bless
kntwing Oy oldin
Hjb Productions
With all that money you think he'd get some shit done to make his teeth white.
Qua Lue_18
Qua Lue_18 Oy oldin
I’m trying to join his team
Tomas Valadez
Tomas Valadez Oy oldin
Lavar is so delusional. His sons are a joke and so is he. Labron is in. The Ball's are out, but not soon enough.
James W
James W Oy oldin
autumn bunyard
They hate lavar because he’s always right it gets under they skin
Larry Emert
Larry Emert Oy oldin
Lebron got rid of a coach in Cleveland. No way this dude and his kid will be around long.
Rakunasha Oy oldin
That thumnail of him makes him look like a serious. Creeper
Isaac Mun
Isaac Mun Oy oldin
People forget the reason they are famous . They ball
Jacob Crabtree
Cnn always hate on trump
Jacob Crabtree
Lavar is a more off a moron than Trump
Chris Munoz
Chris Munoz Oy oldin
La is NOT gonna win shit
mrrickstur Oy oldin
LeBron: Welcome to the team, Lavar!
F L Oy oldin
Liangelo Ball has a better chance at becoming an Undrafted Superstar before Lavar uses a small amount of all these millions of Dollars he has to whiten his Teeth
dee kay
dee kay Oy oldin
toolbag reporter, 'ha, that's not why.' shut up, know your role/place.. Lavar Ball is the best thing to happen to the NBA in the last decade.. NBA has become/ruled by conservatives that it has become so monotoneous, and boring.. Should BE THANKING THIS MAN.. #shutupudumbreporter
Jeramiah S
Jeramiah S Oy oldin
Makes all this money and his teeth are yellow
Ychm.Chris Oy oldin
He ain’t lying , the ball boys together are a all star team and play very fast pace
User_ 55
User_ 55 Oy oldin
This the same Cracker who was dick riding Trump about the Thanks
User_ 55
User_ 55 Oy oldin
LaVar is a legend
Nnamdi Ubbaonu
Dude really made it to cnn for predicting something literally 50% of people already predicted