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LaVar Ball on Lonzo's diss track deterring LeBron to Lakers, His beef with Magic | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Joining Colin Cowherd in studio on The Herd, the controversial patriarch and CEO of the Big Baller Brand LaVar Ball discusses his beef with Luke Walton and Magic Johnson, why Lonzo's diss track and beef with Kyle Kuzma won't affect LeBron James from joining the Los Lakers and why the triumvirate of his 3 sons on the Lakers will change the NBA.
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About The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
LaVar Ball on Lonzo's diss track deterring LeBron to Lakers, His beef with Magic | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd




12-Iyn, 2018

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd
What are your thoughts on Lonzo's diss track?
Agent J
Agent J 7 oy oldin
Stupid and useless interview
Legit Ajit
Legit Ajit 7 oy oldin
wait but didnt LeBron sign with the Lakers??????? u way off with ur lame predictions bruh get outta here with that weak shi
GuyRBrewer109 7 oy oldin
Lavar is making yall look crazy, while you acting smug, like you know something! LOL Lebron is now in LA.
Official Wasabi
Official Wasabi 8 oy oldin
The Herd with Colin Cowherd lavar is pretty accurate and right for once
Roberta Swenson
Roberta Swenson 8 oy oldin
The Herd with Colin Cowherd ball needs to leave there are to many reasons to list its impossible to explain his thoughts because he has clear delusion and other mental problems that need to be evaluated
rob grady
rob grady 5 kun oldin
Can’t stand this mug
Carnign91 7 kun oldin
Funny how things change lol
silly boy goof ball spazzatron
Did cowherd just say he beat his shmeat in the shower at 4:30
Frank Seal
Frank Seal 2 oy oldin
"ya never got there LaVar"
Leon Yu
Leon Yu 2 oy oldin
this guy said he is gonna roast lavar, and ended up being roasted so hard by lavar...
Antrell Jones
Antrell Jones 3 oy oldin
This guys a 🤔____.🤣🤣😅
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 4 oy oldin
Thing about lavar he owns every interview
vinny Hart
vinny Hart 5 oy oldin
If I hear about Lithuania one more time
KW 001
KW 001 6 oy oldin
LaVar exposes himself so badly when he starts rambling about water 😂😂😂
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin 6 oy oldin
Please god don’t let lavar do anymore interviews he’s is clearly unstable mentally.
Mike Cotto
Mike Cotto 6 oy oldin
If either of Lavar’s other sons get drafted by the Mavericks, it would be a match made in heaven. Just think of the entertainment you’d get with Mark Cuban AND Lavar Ball on the sidelines together. That’s a ton of free publicity that you just can’t turn down.
nga dve
nga dve 6 oy oldin
You can cut the tension between the two 😏
D. Henderson
D. Henderson 6 oy oldin
Love the concept. The approach is questionable.
Bradley Parks
Bradley Parks 6 oy oldin
Practice and play I understand why you prop up your brand but bro give others credit damn clown
Is the NBA turning into the WWF?, whatcha gonna do when Lavar Hogan comes to play one on one with youuuu brotherrrrrr!
Greg Mims
Greg Mims 7 oy oldin
I want be playing wit rubber ducky's😂😂😂
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 7 oy oldin
LeBron is going to squash the LaVar Ball circus...lol "Lights Out!"
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 7 oy oldin
I hope LaVar Ball challenges LeBron....
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 7 oy oldin
LeBron vs LaVar Ball... AWESOME!
Daddy Gage
Daddy Gage 7 oy oldin
Lavar is a idiot
Mi_T LITTLE 7 oy oldin
Lonzo is the most bs shooter I ever seen
T.E. V.
T.E. V. 7 oy oldin
Old people making a big deal out of nothing. Colin's an idiot. Zo and Kuz are joking. They're friends.
Patrick b
Patrick b 7 oy oldin
HERE TO STAY 7 oy oldin
Carmelo , Lillard and Kobe at Lakers, no surprise to me
ddelaron 7 oy oldin
waste of time
Cee Burke
Cee Burke 7 oy oldin
i understand lavar ball and you have to respect that, he's not you and he's making moves like it or not..
Agent J
Agent J 7 oy oldin
Stupid track, stupid video, stupid interview...dunno why he was interviewed. The media is trying to turn him into another kardashians which in turn helps his popularity
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 7 oy oldin
LaVar for president of our beloved America🇺🇸
John Moore
John Moore 7 oy oldin
Lavar ball is a joke
Roman Johnson
Roman Johnson 7 oy oldin
At first I didn't like Lavar...but now this fool needs his own talk show. Loud & Lit presented by BBB. I want in Lavar..I want IN!!!
Roman Johnson
Roman Johnson 7 oy oldin
"You never been there Lavar..stop it"
Kendrick Gregory
Kendrick Gregory 7 oy oldin
I don't agree with LeBrons decision but since he is going to the Lakers that means they have a better chance of making to the playoffs or even better winning the NBA finals.
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 7 oy oldin
Lonzo Ball is trash and so was his Dad when he played.
Maria Alvarado
Maria Alvarado 7 oy oldin
Ray Peterson
Ray Peterson 7 oy oldin
LaVar Ball better be some kind of sick genius otherwise he’s got to go
Knott Yourbusines
What happened to the girl who was calling people racist sexist rapists in the middle of interviews? Oh, I guess I know...
Eddie Shane Galyon
Why you media are so hot for this guy and his family big deal take ball out of the Lakers is all drama
Narobi Gaines
Narobi Gaines 7 oy oldin
Gotta love the guy Lol
Jarrid Lucas
Jarrid Lucas 7 oy oldin
I just want to hear Lavar answer one question with “I don’t know”
Terry Stringer
Terry Stringer 7 oy oldin
I want some of that water!
blargin licker
blargin licker 7 oy oldin
tbh I like how Lavar Ball just speaks his mind
buteteng laot
buteteng laot 7 oy oldin
Cowherd is a journalist?
LaVar is a mastermind!
Chucky Brown
Chucky Brown 7 oy oldin
Your son is trash
red aka yellow man
This man gotta chill GO.lakers
Vivian Davis
Vivian Davis 7 oy oldin
he need to continue checking people and speaking his mind.
jefferson fraylon
Laval is beast in one on one interview never lost haha
Thang Ngo
Thang Ngo 7 oy oldin
Lebron is gonna party with kobe like a free man.
Crazy Animal Gaming
He is doing everything he can to be a successful entrepreneur. However, that doesn't mean he's smart. There are millions of people starting business and marketing their brand in every way. Good luck to you all that think at the level you do.
MsLeelee94 7 oy oldin
super talented yea one of your boys got sticky fingers...lol
Liberty 7 oy oldin
Colin was try'n to get LaVar to fear the Lakers trading Zo. But LaVar is looking a the big picture, he's like "Man we got a water company" we making money.
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett 7 oy oldin
Lavar is right, LeBron is here. #Lakernation
Jules C
Jules C 7 oy oldin
Sorry Lavar, your son is not on the Lakers! Ha Ha Ha. Shut up big mouth!
Jules C
Jules C 7 oy oldin
I can’t stand Lavar Ball!!!
Vivian Davis
Vivian Davis 7 oy oldin
why? is it that he speaks his mind. people always dislike someone due to keeping it real.
Sammy Dupree
Sammy Dupree 7 oy oldin
I agree with Ball
Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz 7 oy oldin
LaVar is the anti christ...
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson 7 oy oldin
Lavar made some good points
The Captain
The Captain 7 oy oldin
Damn, this guy has some Big Balls. He really owned Colin on this interview.
Kevin 7 oy oldin
Something about this dude I just don’t trust..
R LEE King kupid
R LEE King kupid 7 oy oldin
We better start listening to lavar
Angelo Reyes
Angelo Reyes 7 oy oldin
waste of time interviewing this lavar bum
Kevin Durant is the best player right now after all they won the title and James got a broken hand he in no better place in LA than Cleveland no title coming his way
Brittany Gibson
Brittany Gibson 7 oy oldin
He irritates me, but for some reason, I still like the guy. Confidence is a muvafuver...
Bairon S. Garcia
Bairon S. Garcia 7 oy oldin
You would think mr. Ball is playing basketball rather than his sons
Bairon S. Garcia
Bairon S. Garcia 7 oy oldin
Mr. Ball you should let your son play ball. Your time has past
Ariel Aviso
Ariel Aviso 7 oy oldin
Lavar 1 on 1 champion on Ball tournament
TheRealKing 23
TheRealKing 23 7 oy oldin
All he do is defend lonzo and talk about his sons. We all know Lonzo is not the "ace" player of L.A. who's gonna lead the team and Kuzma is better than Lonzo. Saying he knew James will land in L.A. Went to the finals never lose. Hahaha 😂 maybe because Magic Johnson and/or Kobe&Shaq fight for their lives to win a championship and you were there sitting on the bench whatching them play cause your just a bench player waiting to call to play the last 3mins of the game. Hahahaha Lonzo, Gelo and James is gonna be winning???? Maybe they'll be the one ruining James goal to win another ring. Come on! Stop defending your sons dude. You looked like a loser saying this and that to Colin.
Jethro Champi
Jethro Champi 7 oy oldin
Colin cowherd backed off. Ball has the gift of gab. And he can intellectually navigate through the tricks of the trade media tactics of mixing professional business with personal issue. Ball knows and shows this by not feeding these questioners the bait answer they expect
Eddie Drake
Eddie Drake 7 oy oldin
Lavar predicted the future.
Hijo El Conquistador
lavar told you lebron will play with lonzo.
Terrence Brown
Terrence Brown 7 oy oldin
9:47 I told them this interview on The Herd would run Paul George away from the lakers sad truth.
Instrumentalists Jade
Uncle Lebron, please join my boston celtics.. 😀. Oh no, Kyrie is there it wont work. Just join the rockets and beat GSW.. oopps it wont work, the Warriors have the referees and even the commissioner.
Dymond Hamilton
Dymond Hamilton 7 oy oldin
You never got there Lavar lol😂😂I won every one on one finals😂😂
DJ Silver
DJ Silver 7 oy oldin
Gianluca Tkach
Gianluca Tkach 7 oy oldin
the way he dismisses him at 7:40 lmfao had me crying!! ".....alright"
Analyze Perspective
lonzo and kuzma seem to be close, and they are always dissing each other for fun don't know what lavar is talking about
Leonard Doeman
Leonard Doeman 7 oy oldin
Why do we have this clown on still?
Keith Green
Keith Green 8 oy oldin
Lavar got water and all . Good interview
Ohioboyy 330
Ohioboyy 330 8 oy oldin
Since Idk how to personally tell you Lavar Ball, I'll tell you on here.. why don't you just let Lonzo be an adult man n let him go to work? Why are you holding his hand all the time and sittin at HIS interviews answering questions makin everything about you?!? No-one else's daddy's hold their grown adult kids hands in the NBA.. he's probably extremely embarrassed of you treating him like he's a child and not an adult in the NBA. He sucks by the way. But let him do his thing n let go of his hand. He's not a 2 year old crossing the street..
Ian M
Ian M 8 oy oldin
I agree with lavar here
Steven Mcdowell
Steven Mcdowell 8 oy oldin
Let every man be persuaded by his own mind
wnicolas98 8 oy oldin
Connor Zito
Connor Zito 8 oy oldin
What even is this video. NBA analysis just took a back seat to info about Lavar's water company.
Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen 8 oy oldin
Colin “that’s not what I play with in the bathroom” cowherd
Just Chillin
Just Chillin 8 oy oldin
Colin you suck, you let L Ball ce on your show and you couldn't even back him up..... Your week!!!!!!
kw mac
kw mac 8 oy oldin
Jack Spratt
Jack Spratt 8 oy oldin
Ball is a complete loud mouth , idiot that somehow believes his boys are NBA quality . WTF is wrong with this guys head . Never lost one on one what a joke . Put his 2 boys on the court with LeBron and it will be an embarrassment to LeBron . You heard it here first people , NO TEAM IN THE NBA WOULD EVEN DRAFT GELLO . NEVER WILL EITHER , LaVar is a joke pure and simple .
Jay Montana22
Jay Montana22 8 oy oldin
You never got there lavar, go home
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 8 oy oldin
This dude is such a liar. NEVER LOST. hahahahaha
Revit UpNow
Revit UpNow 8 oy oldin
Lakers actually played better with Ingram and IT starting while Lonzo was injured or coming off the bench. He’s a joke, you got fooled by a street hustler selling fake Rolex’s in Lavar which is as fake as Lonzo’s talent
Paulo Cuento
Paulo Cuento 8 oy oldin
7:37... thats why i click everytime i read LAVAR
Daniel St. Juste
Daniel St. Juste 8 oy oldin
What's wrong with this guy? Brandon Ingram is the man on that team.
rudybaddog 8 oy oldin
His boys arent as good as he talks...not dominant at all. Step back into reality.
mark brinton
mark brinton 8 oy oldin
Man, LaVar is difficult to listen to, grammatically speaking.
Exiquio Mora
Exiquio Mora 8 oy oldin
If. Warrios. Trade. Green. & tomson. Lakers. Got. Action. Period. Zeek. From. Da. Bay
Alvaro Diaz
Alvaro Diaz 8 oy oldin
Lavar control freak 🤣
Maureen Elam
Maureen Elam 8 oy oldin
Lonzo ball has a baby on the way. he's whole focus change's when hes bringing responsibility to this earth. Time to go to work. Watch the difference in lonzo ball after he has hes daughter.
4th&20 8 oy oldin
He still getting Air Time?
The Hall Report
The Hall Report 8 oy oldin
Lebron hurts EVERY YOUNG PLAYERS Growth.... You can't compare Lebron coming to LA to what they did in Miami... Bosh and Wade were already mature developed players...
Samuel Castellanos
This guy is a walking contradiction
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