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Mike Boyd
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In this guest episode of Learn Quick, Owen (NewGreenShoe) learns to slackline. Thanks to Owen for covering for me whilst I'm on my honeymoon! Owen's a fantastic creator, you should definitely check out his work, especially if you like magic. Thanks again, Owen! I have 1 more guest video on the way, so make sure you're subscribed to stay up to date.
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6-Iyl, 2018

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NewGreenShoe 16 kun oldin
Thanks again for the opportunity Mike and for the kind words! Had a blast filming this. Hope you're having a great honeymoon!
Matthew Amador
Matthew Amador 9 kun oldin
Lmao your dope you should make more videos like this on your channel
Javia Vallecillo Acosta
NewGreenShoe música de. Camión sexto
Ninguemtroll 13 kun oldin
NewGreenShoe Sorry man, but i didn't really consider the slackline a success because the day you got to going to the end and back, the slackline was very loose which facilitates the mobility and makes balancing almost unnecessary
R4NDOM D2DES 13 kun oldin
NewGreenShoe 30
Osmosis Kane
Osmosis Kane Kun oldin
Learn to do Spencerian handwriting
Spykidc Gaming
Spykidc Gaming Kun oldin
Also nice job
Spykidc Gaming
Spykidc Gaming Kun oldin
Poor Owen
Leonard Vincent
Leonard Vincent 2 kun oldin
Strong cock
Ngimar Sepa
Ngimar Sepa 3 kun oldin
it should be called dancing while doing slackline, and the first music was great with video.
wodnyrak 4 kun oldin
I envy him, wish I had enough oomph in me to leave the house out of my own volition :0 Gratz on the slacklining!
Noa Silver
Noa Silver 4 kun oldin
I'm no master, but I can walk the slackline and I've been taught that it's better to pick a spot on the horizon instead of looking at your feet, it helps keep your balance. Also its best to keep your foot aligned with the slackline and use the leg that is not touching the slackline as a third limb for balance. Switching left right as you walk obviously. This teaches control rather than the more hasted running type of slacklining and also allows you to stand still, which is much harder than it seems. Just like with a hanstand where walking is easier than keeping control, because standing still requires balance and walking is a constant "falling motion" if you will. Just a few things I noticed, thought I'd share. Heading over to your channel now, great video!
Mario Proz
Mario Proz 5 kun oldin
He should’ve done this inside at a gymnastics place
Reaper Gaming
Reaper Gaming 5 kun oldin
4:16 it’s called a summer salt
undoubtedlywrong 6 kun oldin
Oh men. I had to laugh so hard. Great filming, editing and overall great job! You did very well Owen =) I hope you will try to learn to Slackline too Mike!
Lúcio 6 kun oldin
Mike, can we get more guest videos in the future? They're all amazing, and should be a serie!
PASHA muzgirl
PASHA muzgirl 7 kun oldin
he looks like a guy i know ;-;
jaden jones
jaden jones 7 kun oldin
y my pp hard
LaineStunts 7 kun oldin
I like to think: don't try to balance. Just walk like normally. Physics will bring the slackline back to it's original position after it's moved
guachingman 7 kun oldin
Give the guy some slack
Daniel Harney
Daniel Harney 8 kun oldin
That’s commitment.
elvinfcb9 8 kun oldin
Maybe it will be easier when u put on shoes
Magic tricks with Emese
Hi, Mike I really love your channel. I love learnig new things as you. Learning is wonderful and a lot of fun. So I also have got a channel. I am a magican. I saw that nowdays you made some guest videos. That is so cool. I was wondering if I can also do a video of learning some fun stuff. I am a girl and I am from Hungary so i tought this can be a new thing on your channel. So I will be happy if you let me to to take part in your video. I can learn everything within time so we also can discuss that. Waiting for your anwser Love Emese
ChooChoo Huber
ChooChoo Huber 9 kun oldin
the heck, he didnt even do it
Alex Freeman
Alex Freeman 9 kun oldin
you took a long time to do it.
Papapower12 9 kun oldin
holy shit you got shawn mendes to feature in your video!
De Pixel King
De Pixel King 9 kun oldin
Does hè live in the nederlands??
Morgan Stowell
Morgan Stowell 9 kun oldin
That’s wine country!!
Morgan Stowell
Morgan Stowell 9 kun oldin
I live in Paso Robles in California
Hami 9 kun oldin
he is very good looking
Big Brosch
Big Brosch 9 kun oldin
Big Brosch
Big Brosch 9 kun oldin
It was way too loose
Autistic Elmo
Autistic Elmo 10 kun oldin
that matress looked like a sheet
Make me Somebody
Make me Somebody 10 kun oldin
Why's Sherlock Holmes trying to slackline
Ok 10 kun oldin
How did it take him a week just to learn that
Fun Genius
Fun Genius 10 kun oldin
6:55 that cracked me up so hard. i dont know why
Ella  Eichhorn
Ella Eichhorn 10 kun oldin
That, sir, is not a matress.
MrHustler 10 kun oldin
Looks like fun be safe!
crunchycheeto99 10 kun oldin
He really did this in jeans lol
Ert Ertty
Ert Ertty 10 kun oldin
Learn to handstand
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose 10 kun oldin
he kinda looks like Shawn Mendes
Niels Johannes Møller Kibsgaard 6B Lillebæltskolen
learn to play golf goal to make a hole in one
randomisrandom 10 kun oldin
You've earned yourself another sub :) Great video!
Kolbeinn Björnsson
Kolbeinn Björnsson 10 kun oldin
Hey Mike, I challenge you to do an “around the world” with a football. The challenge is to do 10 keepy ups then around the world then 10 keepy ups again and around the world again. Good luck :)
Storm Horse
Storm Horse 10 kun oldin
Learn to CFOP-Cross, first 2 layers, orientation of last layer, permutation of last layer. (Faster way of solvig the rubik's cube) You are amazing! Love your vids! Best regards from Bulgaria!
Fraxerzz 11 kun oldin
Can u learn how to ride BMX
Viktor Svacina
Viktor Svacina 11 kun oldin
You should learn how to throw and let bounce stones at the water
Red Pirate
Red Pirate 11 kun oldin
Learn how to do a death metal growl. Think it would be a good idea.
Ethan 11 kun oldin
Learn to drink a water bottle in 1 second. #1SecondWaterBottleChallenge
TIMOTHY A KVAMME 11 kun oldin
Tears of laughter and sarrow for the times you failed. XD
Andrei Goleanu
Andrei Goleanu 11 kun oldin
Learn how to jelly with a vape
AIX Music
AIX Music 11 kun oldin
Mike, Learn To Drift A Car! That Should Be Fun!
Javen Desiderio
Javen Desiderio 11 kun oldin
Mike you should to learn how to hold your breathe for about 3-5 minutes or as long as you want
Oliver Andersson
Oliver Andersson 11 kun oldin
could you please try to learn diabolo
Luto Beats
Luto Beats 11 kun oldin
Learn to get a win on fortnite
elasha12 11 kun oldin
I have never laughed, cheered, and be proud at someone all at the same time 😄
Owen Freelend
Owen Freelend 11 kun oldin
You should learn how to play fortnit and get a 5 kill win
James Smith
James Smith 11 kun oldin
I can't believe you've done this.
Seth Puckett
Seth Puckett 11 kun oldin
payton turner
payton turner 11 kun oldin
Learn to ride RipStik
The Multi Tanlented Boy
Nice break dance
Zahier Aiman
Zahier Aiman 11 kun oldin
learn to make smoke out of your mouth
Wyman Manderley
Wyman Manderley 11 kun oldin
Hi Mike, would love to see you take on the 15FT warped wall like the one in ANW!!
khaled the beast
khaled the beast 11 kun oldin
Learn how to do a handstand
Lucas Binnenmars
Lucas Binnenmars 11 kun oldin
Hey mike, you should learn how to play guitar hero
moosagamer549 11 kun oldin
I challenge u to master skateboard-phone 0871394079
Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast 11 kun oldin
Mike can you juggle a knife
Marierpe 11 kun oldin
You should learn Korean writing system (hangeul) and how to read it to the point that you don't have to think every character and it comes kind of naturally (??) :D it's said that “A wise man [could] acquaint himself with them before the morning [was] over; a stupid man [could] learn them in the space of ten days.” It took my few months to learn everything and even now I can't read like a native because I practiced like once a week... If you want a book (that really helped me personally, I hadn't even heard some of these rules/tips) I recommend > Talk to me in Korean> hangeul master
Ram Karlo
Ram Karlo 11 kun oldin
Press f to pay respects!
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira 12 kun oldin
Soo, when will you learn how to do Parkour??
10,000 subscribers no videos
Learn to do poker chip tricks.
Luke Hepler
Luke Hepler 12 kun oldin
Hey Mike, you should learn to kip up.
Josh Pat
Josh Pat 12 kun oldin
Learn how to wistle!!!
EvilTrollerEye 12 kun oldin
I feel bad for the editor with all those clips 😂
Goofberry Gachaz!
Goofberry Gachaz! 12 kun oldin
Omg If I tried that I would be falling each time I put my foot on it
Ricardo Olvera
Ricardo Olvera 12 kun oldin
Someone is going to be talking with this guy and be like "how does he know to do so many things?" 😂
Chad Ricks
Chad Ricks 12 kun oldin
Tylor B.
Tylor B. 12 kun oldin
I just had an amazing idea, learn to FLY (Paramotor) It is like a big fan that goes on your back and blows air into a parachute and lets you fly!!!
Therian Alpha Anekoh
A tip is to crouch
destruidor12 12 kun oldin
backflip haunts this channel
My bunny boy
My bunny boy 12 kun oldin
The background looks fake lmaoo
Gaming Casualties
Gaming Casualties 12 kun oldin
this looks like fun to try
Flippin Jace
Flippin Jace 12 kun oldin
Hey mike you should learn how to ancient hand whistle (i can do it but not very well but you are good at learning stuff)
Cameron C
Cameron C 12 kun oldin
Never get notified for your videos nor do they appear in my subscriptions :(
John Doe
John Doe 12 kun oldin
You have very sexy feets 😍
ManaicMidget 54
ManaicMidget 54 12 kun oldin
Learn to solve a megaminx!
zaid Dababneh
zaid Dababneh 12 kun oldin
Them metal balls tho
Shark Gaming
Shark Gaming 12 kun oldin
Try to do a backflip again but this time, we’ll do it
FrenchToastz 007
FrenchToastz 007 12 kun oldin
David Williams
David Williams 12 kun oldin
Learn to win on fortnite like for him to see this
carrick maley
carrick maley 12 kun oldin
Brennan Loewen
Brennan Loewen 12 kun oldin
It’s much easier when the line is tighter
Gogglez19825 12 kun oldin
Mike you should learn how to flag pole!!!
Camaron 12 kun oldin
British Shawn Mendes?
Create Logic
Create Logic 12 kun oldin
SinZ TheKidd
SinZ TheKidd 12 kun oldin
Learn some magic
applepiealive 12 kun oldin
*what usles th in will we learn next hmmmmm.....joke love you're bids*
Cocohontas 12 kun oldin
Oh my gosh. My school randomly sets this up on campus and it’s so much fun! What helped me was to push up on one leg and stand there for a little. Very similar to stunting (cheer) Getting passed the middle is a bitch tho 😂 I’ve been on this for too long lol
INSID3 12 kun oldin
Hey Mike, i wanna see you try to learn making water droplet sounds with your mouth!
Ryley Huddleston
Ryley Huddleston 12 kun oldin
you should learn to throw a curveball
Jamin 13 kun oldin
Say goodbye to the children.
Shavinder1999 13 kun oldin
just saying, mike wouldnt make the task easier when learning it. thats my one gripe with the video.
Bo Crownhart
Bo Crownhart 13 kun oldin
Mike, you should learn to ride bike no handed