LEARNING HOW TO DANCE ft. Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler

Dolan Twins
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Watch us come OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES and learn how to dance from dancing professionals Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler. We must learn and master a choreographed dance routine in only 48 hours before performing it in front of qualified dance judges. INTENSITY WARNING!
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16-Okt, 2018

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analyse molina
analyse molina 2 soat oldin
actually tho... wtf happened to this series ???
kari mk
kari mk 2 soat oldin
I cant dance too. Dont worry
Black Angel
Black Angel 5 soat oldin
18:54 “pROTIP” me: **gets war flashbacks**
Eleanor Philbin
Eleanor Philbin 8 soat oldin
“My body doesn’t squiggle like that” 😂
Nazzy Kuhl
Nazzy Kuhl 9 soat oldin
Who is watching this in 2019
Tata Tado
Tata Tado 11 soat oldin
Madie and Kenz have grown up so much!
gang gang
gang gang 12 soat oldin
I love dancing like I do dancing in school and stuff but like u gotta he real careful cause u can seriously mess up ur knees arms legs hands fingers toes so yeee.
Jenny Santamaria
Jenny Santamaria 16 soat oldin
Omg Grayson looks so hot in that outfit he was gonna wear.
Åėśtėthìćs X.X
Åėśtėthìćs X.X 16 soat oldin
**Abby Lee Miller has entered the chat**
Tara Benny
Tara Benny 21 soat oldin
Am I the only person that thinks Grayson and Maddie would make a great couple? 😅
Natasha Greene
Natasha Greene 21 soat oldin
How come Ethan is the one who always drives?
Angie L
Angie L 22 soat oldin
g: dude i'm so nervous back here Me: why are you back there g: also why am i back here Me: EXACTLY LMAO
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 22 soat oldin
11:51 to 11:54 tho I’m deceased
Ali Perault
Ali Perault 23 soat oldin
did kenzie or ethan swear at 9:20
TOP_Fresh Kun oldin
Every time I watch a video I get the voice charger ad
Jahdiva Rocha
Jahdiva Rocha Kun oldin
I mean I wish I was maddie or kenzie😒😬🙄😂❤️
j e n n a m a r k u s
lol this never became a series
Janae Hall
Janae Hall Kun oldin
It's so cool to see you guys progress so quickly, and to see your confidence in your abilities grow so much. I honestly found this inspirational and entertaining to watch.
Lore Sabbe
Lore Sabbe Kun oldin
22:32 22:32 22:32 22:32
Spread Love
Spread Love Kun oldin
I‘m a little bit jealous but they are cute an damnn maddies ass looks nice. How can they be 14 and 16??? They look soo Adorable. (I‘m sorry for this bad english hahahahs)
a youtube account
Kenzie is body goalss
Easy Beats Media
"Okay my body doesn't squiggle like that"
Aiely Murray
Aiely Murray Kun oldin
Can sofie dossi teach you how to be a contortionist p?
Angela Lakic
Angela Lakic Kun oldin
Maddie and Kenzie can dance SO well! When I dance I look like a potato! 🥴🤢🤮 But their dance is just 🤯🤯🤯 AMAZING AND WOW!!!
Jesslyn Chan
Jesslyn Chan Kun oldin
4:02 grayson looks so hot in that button up and pants
lili dallman
lili dallman Kun oldin
0:11 the end of the titanic starring the dolan twins
Ariana Gomez
Ariana Gomez Kun oldin
They can do the splits better than I can
annmarie connors
You guys kinda like Mackenzie and Maddie
Yay my 4 most favourite people in the world of UZvid are colabing
Samanta Bravo
Samanta Bravo 2 kun oldin
Wtf with mckenzie's nose??
Abby Velazquez
Abby Velazquez 2 kun oldin
Wtf was anyone else surprised to see bethany mota
Piper Katherine
Piper Katherine 2 kun oldin
Emma Falvey
Emma Falvey 2 kun oldin
My bestie said that her good friend from America is your cousin her name is Laura. McCarty
Jake Oconnor
Jake Oconnor 2 kun oldin
"It's SOOOOO easy!!!!"
lyfwithangel 2019
lyfwithangel 2019 2 kun oldin
well. atl our dolans can include kenz.
Amie Vernyik
Amie Vernyik 2 kun oldin
Kathleen Dugan
Kathleen Dugan 2 kun oldin
their faces when they first watched the routine😭😭😭
Inspiring Ave
Inspiring Ave 2 kun oldin
23:26 impressive 😏
Hawaii Girl
Hawaii Girl 2 kun oldin
Maddie and Kenzie are probably the sweetest people I ever seen
Jade Exposito
Jade Exposito 2 kun oldin
Grayson is so 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Tea.Edits.Goals 2 kun oldin
i think abby would be really proud of maddie and mack z
Turtle Momma
Turtle Momma 3 kun oldin
19:25 Goes for a high five but gets regected
Addie Covey
Addie Covey 3 kun oldin
Isabella Wood
Isabella Wood 3 kun oldin
the endin tho
Emmi _YT
Emmi _YT 3 kun oldin
Who’s who????
Meron Frew
Meron Frew 3 kun oldin
Ethan: “holder upper”
casualamalie 3 kun oldin
i need them to try figure skating
Paige McDermott
Paige McDermott 3 kun oldin
11:51 lmao 😂
RBLX RBES 3 kun oldin
I've been in 2 dancing shows xD It's called a dancing exam if you dance in front of a professional. I've did it before.
Jake Oconnor
Jake Oconnor 2 kun oldin
I've DONE* it before....
Aanya Bhargava
Aanya Bhargava 3 kun oldin
U should try sketching or painting for the next episode(?)
Grace Van Alstyne
Grace Van Alstyne 3 kun oldin
“but also kinda zesty” -ethan
Matrena Melgalis
Matrena Melgalis 3 kun oldin
11:52 I'm dead
Unicorn Potato
Unicorn Potato 3 kun oldin
"I'm dying but I'm having fun." -- Ethan 2018
Jessica Eberbach
Jessica Eberbach 3 kun oldin
*emma chamberlain has entered the chat*
Genesis  Cardosa
Genesis Cardosa 3 kun oldin
Didn’t this video bring back the memories of dance moms, the dance,Brooke and Paige, the number of like is who you are,and Abby yelling at the girls
Gaming with Jacquelyn
Ethan: I feel pretty loosy goosy
Goat Master
Goat Master 3 kun oldin
U guys make me laugh soo hard
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund 3 kun oldin
y'all so funny
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund 3 kun oldin
we already know you can't dance. I like that you're trying with these professionals. but I don't think it will do much it won't do much for me either though. cuz I already know how to dance. but love y'all and not trying to make you feel uncomfortable that you can't dance or something like that. I just wanted to quickly let you hear my feedback.
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund 3 kun oldin
stop that very very bad language
Summer Will
Summer Will 3 kun oldin
O MG 4 kun oldin
Can someone explain to me why some people have a green flag with “DT” in their names
O MG 2 kun oldin
sabrina jones do you know how can I do this?
sabrina jones
sabrina jones 2 kun oldin
O MG i’m pretty sure they’re channel members
TheLuckyTiger 4 kun oldin
When Maddie and Kenzie were dancing all I could hear was Abby lee Millers voice critiquing then
TheLuckyTiger 4 kun oldin
It’s so weird how popular Maddie and Kenzie are because I’ve watched dance moms with my gramma since season 1
Lianna Elisabeth Vlogs
I feel like when they were showing maddy and Mackenzie their moves that Ethan was joking and it was funny😂
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund 3 kun oldin
Smiley XOXO love your smiley XOXO name
Brooklyn Skye
Brooklyn Skye 4 kun oldin
Why didn't you show us the dance and what the judges thought of it!🤔love you guys
Lorelei Jones
Lorelei Jones 4 kun oldin
Maddie and Grayyyyyy ooooou
Ella The unicorn
Ella The unicorn 4 kun oldin
Omg such a huge fan of the Dolan tweens like this comment if they did better than yourself. 😂. And yes they did better than me so I am going to like my own comment😂❤️
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund 3 kun oldin
it's okay girlfriend
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund 3 kun oldin
I love you in accordance to and I do spell twins wrong a lot as well. bt-dubs love your hat
Ella The unicorn
Ella The unicorn 4 kun oldin
Oops I spelled twins wrong!😝
Mack Cerritos
Mack Cerritos 4 kun oldin
I’m dead
BadGalGabriella Laban
Emma can teach u cheerleading 😅👌that would be a cool vid plz do it😅👍❤❤
brooklyn1110 4 kun oldin
Can Emma teach u cheerleading pleaseeeee!!!! 😂😂😂 it would hilarious 🤣
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 4 kun oldin
“I think we’re out of shape for this” EXCUSE ME?!?!
Creative Girl
Creative Girl 4 kun oldin
Their faces at 14:17 😂😂
Catryn Anaiya
Catryn Anaiya 4 kun oldin
4:40 patrick swayze headass
Lixy Segura
Lixy Segura 4 kun oldin
Love the outro music
Jayda Stewart
Jayda Stewart 4 kun oldin
Honest question witch twin is cuter?
kaitlyn mireiter
kaitlyn mireiter 5 kun oldin
I wish they would start up this series again :(
blue editsss___
blue editsss___ 5 kun oldin
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle SIKE YOU THOUGHT BITCH!!! 2019 ANYONE😊
Koby Gilchrist
Koby Gilchrist 5 kun oldin
Was anyone else absolutely wetting themselves
Shatari Mungo
Shatari Mungo 5 kun oldin
Am I like the only one who finds the beat for the animation kind of FIRE!!!
Chicle 5 kun oldin
What happened to this series? Lol
uff, sarah
uff, sarah 5 kun oldin
this is how mafia works
Pauline Rosse31
Pauline Rosse31 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or they are not trying to curse in front of Maddie and Mackenzie but they have 😂
Tea Lover
Tea Lover 5 kun oldin
Ethan: I’m gonna look sooo stupid That part makes laugh hard 😂😂😂😂
heyitshaley 88
heyitshaley 88 5 kun oldin
11:50 did Ethan have a seizure
heyitshaley 88
heyitshaley 88 5 kun oldin
Galaxy girl Xoxo
Galaxy girl Xoxo 5 kun oldin
Who are your girlfriend's
Amelie S.
Amelie S. 5 kun oldin
This choreography is sooo easy omg?!!!!
bronte barnes
bronte barnes 5 kun oldin
Anyone else see Graysons boner
Beth Parnell
Beth Parnell 5 kun oldin
still waiting for this to happen
Non-Gamer XP
Non-Gamer XP 5 kun oldin
11:50 When you gotta blast
Gemma Baker-Hawkins
Grays wearing that shirt that he said he wore once
Elizabeth Ponce
Elizabeth Ponce 5 kun oldin
Did I just hear a fart just noticed this 😂 3:58😂
K Syntax
K Syntax 5 kun oldin
When they both put their elbows out I laughed so hard loool 15:51
Jessica N
Jessica N 5 kun oldin
19:04 He says Whoop Sling Ga Ding who else hears that
Shandii Pandii
Shandii Pandii 5 kun oldin
I remember how weird I felt watching Grayson Dance in that "Type of friends" video 🤦🏽‍♀️. Lmao he was blowing kisses too! And he looks mad young🤣😂😭. You both did really well in this video
Ava Fox
Ava Fox 5 kun oldin
Ethan says the hard stuff looks easy and the easy stuff looks hard
Rihanna Reyes
Rihanna Reyes 5 kun oldin
8:50 they looked cute when they were a baby
alexa de paz
alexa de paz 5 kun oldin
ok the stunts were actually dope af