Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month

Good Mythical Morning
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We left several things in champagne for a month to ring in the new year! What happens to a strawberry when it soaks in bubbly for that long? It's time to find out! GMM #1456
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8-Yan, 2019

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Nathanael Swenson
Nathanael Swenson 2 soat oldin
Are you using an embalming instruments set? Btw that 'Mickey Mouse' tool is called a Grooved Director. I'm an embalmer and noticed the set was similar to mine. I guess it could be any surgical instruments set but Rhett and Link having a Grooved Director intrigued me.
Karynna Hill
Karynna Hill 3 soat oldin
Oh my gosh, I thought the dude in the fan clip was Chase
old phone
old phone 3 soat oldin
Their completely straight homoerotic bromance is hilarious
狼弁呂仁花 5 soat oldin
They touch all the nasty stuff with the gloves and feed eachother strawberries. Wouldnt be surprised if they got food poisoning 😂
RockismyAir 11 soat oldin
I love the long videos.
Vampress 15 soat oldin
That strawberry feeding bit is the funniest thing I have ever seen on this show and that's saying something.
Aaron Moss
Aaron Moss 16 soat oldin
Anyone else felt uncomfortable with Link feeding Rhett strawberries?
Kimberly Ayala
Kimberly Ayala Kun oldin
Champagne, cocaine, gasoline...
1 of 8 billion
1 of 8 billion Kun oldin
13:36 intense Hannibal flash backs
Kendal Thorbs
Kendal Thorbs Kun oldin
Who else’s looked back when Rhett said we left links glasses in champagne I did
Rose Tale
Rose Tale Kun oldin
best joke ive heard "i guess they're champagne glasses now" and Link's expression! i love it
W Fraser
W Fraser Kun oldin
Liver in alcohol
CH B 2 kun oldin
I literally panicked a little there because I thought Link really was going to put that goo into his mouth 😅
Rose Lora
Rose Lora 2 kun oldin
Omg this introoo
Kristine Garrett
Kristine Garrett 2 kun oldin
The psych major in me when he said his brain was floating in champagne was like "Yeah, cerebrospinal fluid is actually champagne" XD
Blah Blahsen
Blah Blahsen 2 kun oldin
grampa McGlue-ghlin, boirlin horses since 1922.
blazing dragon
blazing dragon 2 kun oldin
*how Bout leaving things in milk for a month :D*
Taylor Gibson
Taylor Gibson 2 kun oldin
Who else shouted NOOOO!!!! at 3:10?
ann Jewell Azevedo
ann Jewell Azevedo 2 kun oldin
say goodbye to rhett and link 10:39
ann Jewell Azevedo
ann Jewell Azevedo 2 kun oldin
link you're so nerdy 8:56😂😂😂😂
Alurker02 2 kun oldin
Who’s voice is that? That women’s voice is amazing
Lily Riffle
Lily Riffle 2 kun oldin
Leave things in syrup
Lily Riffle
Lily Riffle 2 kun oldin
Ned would love to be here #tryguys
OrAnGe _RoSeS
OrAnGe _RoSeS 2 kun oldin
Ayee reppin the 612!!
Dakota Craven
Dakota Craven 2 kun oldin
S̢̔w̘͢o̻ͫl̶̥̉l҉e͈̋ṉ̉̕ ͈͊ D͖ͣot̘ ̹͗Ba̢͈t͈͑
15 mins after the champagne glasses joke I didn't really notice why it was funny until I realized it champagne glasses are a thing I feel slow
Rachel S
Rachel S 2 kun oldin
Should've left a fruit or veggie in vodka for 30 days... Hmm
Smilingkiki `
Smilingkiki ` 3 kun oldin
Get paid, get laid *_COCAINE_*
jacob blake
jacob blake 3 kun oldin
Whenever I think about brains(them being a food item) I always think about Far cry Primal Not sure why
Av3nged 3 kun oldin
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
j c
j c 3 kun oldin
Everything has prop 65 on it
Bob The Commander
Bob The Commander 3 kun oldin
Don't talk to me like that. Just feed me strawberries.
Hefurtyb 3 kun oldin
lauren grosjean
lauren grosjean 3 kun oldin
Leave things in toilet bowl cleaner lmao
Trimko 3 kun oldin
The new opening is a lot better💖
Luka YT
Luka YT 3 kun oldin
Intro is cool
Thomas .koehler
Thomas .koehler 3 kun oldin
are we gonna ignore how well Link sang that part of strawberry wine?
marco magana
marco magana 3 kun oldin
Leaving things in blood....
TheEpicGene15 3 kun oldin
champagne, cocaine, gasoline~ and most things in between~
James's Videos
James's Videos 3 kun oldin
If you take away Rhets beard and put his hair up it Lachy
Ames E C
Ames E C 3 kun oldin
I like to think Rhett and Link will only consume strawberries when gently fed to each other.
Madeline Drummond
Madeline Drummond 3 kun oldin
You should do a will it gum!!!
Ezra Pataky
Ezra Pataky 4 kun oldin
They start every experiment episode by saying "we've done coke..." and it still makes me giggle every time.
Berk Dikbaş
Berk Dikbaş 4 kun oldin
Stevie should try ASMR.
Mazzy Mendez
Mazzy Mendez 4 kun oldin
That intro hurts my soul!!! 😭😭😭😭💔
K Tots
K Tots 4 kun oldin
Obstruction of justice or something 😂
claire jablonski
claire jablonski 4 kun oldin
i like the new intro
youtubers5sos 4 kun oldin
whitify.... link the word whiten exists
Benton Miller
Benton Miller 4 kun oldin
You should leave things in Mountain Dew! I wonder if it would do more damage than Coke??
Jared Harris
Jared Harris 4 kun oldin
I love how they kept the strawberry feeding going.
Super Duperest
Super Duperest 4 kun oldin
Y'all have officially run out of shit to do. Give it up and retire with the meager dignity you have left.
rome l
rome l 4 kun oldin
I read waiting the whole episode for champagne glasses 😆😆😆
Zachary Pritchard
Zachary Pritchard 4 kun oldin
bleach made the strawberries white also
Spritzoll 4 kun oldin
"It thickened up, man." Wow Rhett I wonder what happens when you soak stuff in liquids it couldn't possibly like expand?? Lmao
Jaxtyn Jacobson
Jaxtyn Jacobson 4 kun oldin
Stevie’s voice is so soothing
Janee' Harris
Janee' Harris 4 kun oldin
Link's hair looks great
Ms.Pineapple 5 kun oldin
for the brain one, I voted keep its shape because you know the Albert Einstein story, the doctor or whatever kept his brain stored in jars for years. And it kept its shape. That’s my explanation to why I chose that answer.
Ponyjoe 5 kun oldin
you guys should leave stuff in urine for a month
icysimon draws
icysimon draws 5 kun oldin
I saw Link hand-feed Rhett the strawberry and yelled I SHIP RHINK
RockismyAir 11 soat oldin
CiNEMA GB 5 kun oldin
You should do an uncut episode
Anthony 5 kun oldin
Nice hiss
Junji Tai
Junji Tai 5 kun oldin
love the new intro! keep up the awesome content
Porcelain Tea
Porcelain Tea 5 kun oldin
"i love michael jackson... in all his forms" - Link, 2019
Phillip Jenkins
Phillip Jenkins 5 kun oldin
I can't state this enough, I used to live to wake up and listen to the intro, and now its painful and I have to skip it. CHANGE IT BACK.
TooManyTaco 2000
TooManyTaco 2000 5 kun oldin
Leave something in honey for a month, though I doubt that’d do much to anything
Charlie B
Charlie B 5 kun oldin
I think we just discovered what happens in their loft space - Link feeds strawberries to Rhett! 😱
Austin Talks
Austin Talks 5 kun oldin
11:18 no shoutout to Bruno?
Ksq 5 kun oldin
Channel that waste food
tmw003 5 kun oldin
Should Link have a scalpel?
Crazy Llama Lady
Crazy Llama Lady 5 kun oldin
I died of laughter every time Link fed Rhett a strawberry
Kaley Paige
Kaley Paige 5 kun oldin
I thought the rawhide was a tortilla for a minute.
Katleenym Wu
Katleenym Wu 5 kun oldin
🎶 Strawberry champagne all night🎶
Loyal Tormey
Loyal Tormey 5 kun oldin
One day I awoke to my self feeling like I can do anything I walked down the stairs and smelled the wonderful smell of pancakes so.......... what was it I could do again ah what ever there's pancakes!!! What's better
Ross and Bek
Ross and Bek 5 kun oldin
Yum. Funky steak juice! I'd drink it. Would you?
Sam Borda
Sam Borda 5 kun oldin
champagne glasses HAHAHAHA
King Kwaan
King Kwaan 5 kun oldin
When ever there’s a couple doing that it’s time shit almost always one of the two loves it the other one just wants to die you can see it in their eyes if you look closely
KeesaRenee 5 kun oldin
"You never know if he's joking or not." 😂
Pirate_ Princess9
Pirate_ Princess9 6 kun oldin
My dog actually cant eat raw hide or actual bones. She can eat thoes milk bone biscuits but her favorite are thoes greenies
Thedigger 28
Thedigger 28 6 kun oldin
This took a month to make but it takes a second to like of subscribe I was just making a random comment
Min Show
Min Show 6 kun oldin
go back to the original theme song !!!!!! PLZZZ
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 6 kun oldin
14:36 what if they were relatives
DreaxDK 6 kun oldin
Strawberry champagne on ice! That's what I like, that's what I like
Joan Brand
Joan Brand 6 kun oldin
Love the show! Link is so funny 😆 “It’s just another strawberry” 🤣 You 2 have the BEST chemistry 🧪 Never leave each other!
Zach K.
Zach K. 6 kun oldin
I like having the intro music start during the intro but the beat sounds like it should start right when someone says "let's talk about that" not before
Jennifer Vanover
Jennifer Vanover 6 kun oldin
The strawberries made strawberry champagne and it made me think about a bruno mars song
Brad Wilcox
Brad Wilcox 6 kun oldin
My wife puts strawberries in her champagne so This wasn’t too abnormal
Ben Emerson
Ben Emerson 6 kun oldin
Who misses that old bird intro?
12khowland 6 kun oldin
I'd love to see the mythical Moms give dating advice for Valentine's day!
Killin' Krillin
Killin' Krillin 6 kun oldin
13:56 Is just another example why Link shouldn't be near knives
10Nookolette01 6 kun oldin
I want the mugs available on the Amazon store!
JayJayPrince 6 kun oldin
20 years ago on the day this video was posted, Link got a concussion from snowboarding.
Savannah Greene-Smith
Link really reminds me of Dana Carvey lol
Riley Palmer
Riley Palmer 6 kun oldin
You know your an Aussie when at 8:33 you feared a needle being in there
Hellomylovelies 6 kun oldin
Woop queen sweep for me too!! 👑 👸🏼
Hellomylovelies 6 kun oldin
I was thinking surely those strawberries are off after a month but then I was like eh they’ve eaten worse 😂
Allysa Snow
Allysa Snow 6 kun oldin
It would be cool to see things after a month is car oil, and drain cleaner
random guy
random guy 6 kun oldin
0:01 me when I have a question
random guy
random guy 6 kun oldin
00:1 me when I have a question is
Tatyanna YEETY
Tatyanna YEETY 6 kun oldin
I JUST got used to the last intro
Jeweby Chewy
Jeweby Chewy 6 kun oldin