Leaving Things In Mouthwash For A Month

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What happens when you leave boar's teeth (among other things) in mouthwash for a month? GMM #1415
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5-Noy, 2018

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Brosir Broziryzir
Brosir Broziryzir 6 soat oldin
I got a mouthwash ad 😱😱😱
Ryan Rivera
Ryan Rivera 6 soat oldin
Free Bevin from GMM jail. #freeBevin
Grace Sh
Grace Sh Kun oldin
It’s biological material - link 😂😂 I think you mean biodegradable 😂❤️
Travis Brook
Travis Brook Kun oldin
Is it funny that I got a mouthwash ad lol
Kristopher Cochran
Your really just the only real human and everything and everyone is just an alien experiment to see how a human could survive in a controlled environment
Vicki Pokay
Vicki Pokay Kun oldin
they should leave teeth in things like red wine, coffee, coke, or any other staining/ damaging liquids.
Artimus Protensor
I would NOT have placed Rhett as anywhere near 40.
Jordan Kriss
Jordan Kriss Kun oldin
Ha the ad was a commercial for a dry mouth product 😂
Aurelia Nia
Aurelia Nia 2 kun oldin
Leaving things in petrol for a month
Damian Durrant
Damian Durrant 2 kun oldin
The tomato one was cool for be because I thought it would turn to mush but then I turned into a scientist for a minute.... I thought about osmosis and realized that alcohol is a preservative, meaning the tomato would absorb the water but stay preserved enough to keep its shape. I still said turn to mush tho because what do I really know..... .-.
Natalie Alfaro
Natalie Alfaro 2 kun oldin
I got everything right /(
Natalie Alfaro
Natalie Alfaro 2 kun oldin
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Samantha Stonick
Samantha Stonick 3 kun oldin
The video actually starts on 1:49
All things Ocean
All things Ocean 3 kun oldin
Leave things in soap
Rosie TV
Rosie TV 3 kun oldin
Rhett can't be 40, and neither can link... ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE.
Anybody else get a mouthwash add in the middle of the video?😂
Maebae Michaels
Maebae Michaels 3 kun oldin
Seriously there was a mouthwash ad in the middle of the video 😂
joely 4 kun oldin
Rhett link i just want to say thanks for the charity work you guys legit made me smile
Leyna Nguyen (2027)
U guys r so lucky to be going to st Jude
Lucas Badukes
Lucas Badukes 4 kun oldin
Rhett thought it was gross when he ate the tomato even though these guys I have eatin animal balls
Annika Carlson
Annika Carlson 4 kun oldin
The reason the tomato swelled is because the mouthwash is a hypotonic solution, meaning the mouthwash can literally pass through the membrane of the tomato and cause it to get bigger. (AKA: it is absorbing the mouthwash)
Not ThatOne
Not ThatOne 5 kun oldin
Dry mouth???
The wwe Man
The wwe Man 5 kun oldin
I got a mouth wash commercial
arxsyn 5 kun oldin
here's a dirty secret: almost all conventional mouthwash is terrible for your teeth. They tend to be acidic and can erode your enamel. I'm not joking. It happened to me. Unless it says ph balanced, you should stay clear away! I learned a very hard lesson. Plus alcohol dries out your mouth! Just no. Look for a product with glycerin instead.
DuwapVALENTINO 6 kun oldin
We Done Coke, Bleach, Salts, Crack , Weed, Meth
Nate Ellefsen
Nate Ellefsen 7 kun oldin
I love GMM
Minimg 7 kun oldin
A literal mouthwash
Arthrun 7 kun oldin
Treatment, travelling, housing and food is free. So like in the rest of the civilized world you mean then?
Corinne Hyman
Corinne Hyman 7 kun oldin
Did you guys forget about osmosis
econaut 7 kun oldin
i dont like the dumb jokes at the beginning of each question lol
Jason Sulham
Jason Sulham 7 kun oldin
Leave things in salt water or lemon juice for a month
Jason Sulham
Jason Sulham 7 kun oldin
Leave things in beer or vodka/whiskey for a month
pittkendoka 8 kun oldin
"we've done coke" Rhett 2018
Koks Kris
Koks Kris 8 kun oldin
Leaving behind the scream of that girl. How about that?
Billy De Bruyn
Billy De Bruyn 8 kun oldin
This made me anxiety
Random Super Fan
Random Super Fan 8 kun oldin
The age old question..... Who is hotter? Rhett or Link? *Let’s take about that*
hussien alawai
hussien alawai 8 kun oldin
When did they do coke
Matthew Ziemba
Matthew Ziemba 8 kun oldin
Did anyone else get a mouthwash and before this video? Lol!
OCTO8 8 kun oldin
Taste it ... no
Douglas Freer
Douglas Freer 9 kun oldin
Leave things in lemon juice for a month
AlutaShade 10 kun oldin
Either my video was being weird or it looked like they were in front of a green screen the last half of the video? Their outlines looked weird against the background...
Luukas Haikonen
Luukas Haikonen 10 kun oldin
Hey link wave u playd zelda its game where u have to save link and u are zelda and you play as him 1 edit: i dont know 0 likes felz bad man
SamAndFr13nd5YT 10 kun oldin
I got a mouth wash ad before this video 🤣🤣
Lil J69
Lil J69 11 kun oldin
You guys should get a perm 😂
Moustache Girl
Moustache Girl 11 kun oldin
The definition of mi rickle =miracle pickle
Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth 11 kun oldin
Leave it in red wine!
Foxxets Cousin
Foxxets Cousin 11 kun oldin
Mouthwash was originally house cleaner
Kendall Marquess
Kendall Marquess 11 kun oldin
Morgan Young
Morgan Young 11 kun oldin
You had the glasses on in the beginning
Bailey Crane
Bailey Crane 12 kun oldin
I was at st.jude’s while they were and didn’t even know. Mad.
BiRDiE 12 kun oldin
Leave stuff in Red Bull for a month!!!!!!!!
Xpertghost 009
Xpertghost 009 12 kun oldin
Who else got mouthwash comercials
Snicker Licker
Snicker Licker 12 kun oldin
Me: opens video with mouthwash in it Also me: gets ad on mouthwash before video even starts
Brookstar91 13 kun oldin
Woah I haven’t watched gmm in like 2 years. The intro has changed so much!
Chocolate Addict
Chocolate Addict 5 kun oldin
What made you stop watching?
DANK_BREAD 13 kun oldin
At 5:28 am eguption that offensive
Perry Perry
Perry Perry 13 kun oldin
You should try Russian pickled tomatoes , they are really good!
Zrock 316/Zach
Zrock 316/Zach 13 kun oldin
You should leave stuff in citric acid for a month
Dakota 13 kun oldin
lmao I got a mouthwash ad
john laurens
john laurens 13 kun oldin
Rhett is soft and Link is squish
Daniel Keith C
Daniel Keith C 13 kun oldin
nickeno Gaming
nickeno Gaming 14 kun oldin
These guys and their team deserves more views and like than what they have
Taymour Awji
Taymour Awji 14 kun oldin
Leave things in lemon juice
Irko Saro
Irko Saro 14 kun oldin
His glasses were on his face before they put it in mouthwash
Wolf Fang
Wolf Fang 14 kun oldin
The video of them washing their mouths out with soap was not on Instagram as promised Disappointed
Wolf Fang
Wolf Fang 14 kun oldin
7:25 GAG
Its funny cause he had his glasses on the entire video and put them in a jar at the end...and put them back on...how are people so gullible😁😂😂well played link
Kathleen Arthur
Kathleen Arthur 14 kun oldin
its funny because i put my teeth in mouthwash way before our time
Mr12Relic 14 kun oldin
Link: "Now this is a knife" Rhett: *concern* Link: "I'll let you use it."
Justus Good
Justus Good 14 kun oldin
"taste it" *five second pause* "noooo"
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 14 kun oldin
I was in Memphis……………………November 29th 😭
Finnister 1517
Finnister 1517 14 kun oldin
You should bring your wife’s and kids on the show please 😯😽
SoulsOnFortnite 15 kun oldin
I got three of them right
pickle juicee
pickle juicee 15 kun oldin
Kinda ironic cause I got a mouthwash ad before the video
HyruleWarrior 15 kun oldin
How ironic that I got a mouthwash ad before this
Lilly Dobrozsi
Lilly Dobrozsi 15 kun oldin
Do one with windex
kiara turnerVLOGS
kiara turnerVLOGS 15 kun oldin
12:01 four states squad where you at (that includes missouri oklahoma arkansas and kansas)
Ceperley family
Ceperley family 15 kun oldin
You mean you left his glasses there for a second
Makala Flower
Makala Flower 15 kun oldin
*clicks video* *then a mouthwash ad comes on*
Bella Boo
Bella Boo 16 kun oldin
7:07 your welcome
EPR /Edison Plays Roblox
11:26 rhett shivers
SamuelSimi _
SamuelSimi _ 16 kun oldin
They did surgery on a tomato. Im sorry
Kayli Felton
Kayli Felton 16 kun oldin
Who else tries to guess whether it is A or B?
Fugin famoose
Fugin famoose 16 kun oldin
They did surgery on a tomato
Braylin Bilodeau
Braylin Bilodeau 16 kun oldin
We all know that Link didn't swallow the mouthwash tomato.
Callie Cat
Callie Cat 16 kun oldin
Leave something in a container filled with soda
You need Some milk
You need Some milk 16 kun oldin
Sticking stuff in jack daniels
Ew 16 kun oldin
I got all of them right, how?? I don’t use mouthwash
Koala Bear
Koala Bear 17 kun oldin
what about vaseline
DrSpaghetto Fps
DrSpaghetto Fps 17 kun oldin
11:47 I bet you paused it here and went back making sure that he wasn't wearing his glasses in the video
Brandi Earp
Brandi Earp 17 kun oldin
Your almost to 15 million subs. You can absalutaly do it so soon
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez 17 kun oldin
Funny thing is I saw a mouthwash ad before the video started
Maky Pr0
Maky Pr0 17 kun oldin
Leave stuff in liquid ni
MemeLordCrispy 17 kun oldin
530,000$ raised noice
Robbie Pearrow
Robbie Pearrow 17 kun oldin
That is not far to us subscribes to have to go to Instagram when most of use do not have Instagram
ωнιяl 17 kun oldin
I got a mouthwash commercial 😂
WebbedIsland 17 kun oldin
Can you leave stuff in liquid cocaine for a month?
Alexis le chat YT
Alexis le chat YT 18 kun oldin
“Oh Nelly“??? 5:45
Spooky and Cream cheese the cats Catytude
Y’all leave things in pee for a year
emma3400 emma3400
emma3400 emma3400 18 kun oldin
woof woof
woof woof 19 kun oldin
leave stuff in pee for a month hahah
Will It Shoe?
3 yil oldin