Leaving Things In Mouthwash For A Month

Good Mythical Morning
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What happens when you leave boar's teeth (among other things) in mouthwash for a month? GMM #1415
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5-Noy, 2018



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Fikrlar 4 951
xLethality 12 soat oldin
Now hopefully link likes tomatoes
Joshua Serrano
Joshua Serrano 3 kun oldin
Cassandra Anderson
Cassandra Anderson 3 kun oldin
okay but where did Link get that shirt I NEED.
The Bauer Brothers
The Bauer Brothers 4 kun oldin
2:00 this would sound weird to new comers
coco nut
coco nut 4 kun oldin
I put my molar teeth in mouthwash it been a mount now...
joejoda007 5 kun oldin
any one else hearing the watch your profanity guy 5:22
Crystal Kawasaki
Crystal Kawasaki 5 kun oldin
Link has a weird sense of taste.
Angela Caldwell The Random
This video is a merikle.
Polkadots ;-/
Polkadots ;-/ 5 kun oldin
I literally put my tooth in mouthwash for 5 mins and it was permanently dyed green..
Green Sheep
Green Sheep 6 kun oldin
Pickle Rick is a mirickle
Shark Boy
Shark Boy 6 kun oldin
I thought it was Terrorizer. I watch too much youtube.
KevinLeven7 6 kun oldin
Leave thinks in Link for a month
An Be
An Be 7 kun oldin
Screw St Jude. They only take people with curable diseases
Michelle L
Michelle L 7 kun oldin
What do you guys think of Wall Street Journal Stealing $26,000 From St. Judes and then doing nothing to make up for it , They have 1 billion and can not even give St Jude 50k witch is less then 5$ to them. Nice UZvid did something about it after but they are also to blame with the means of making it happen and WSJ using toes means to make it happen.
ty Williams5678
ty Williams5678 7 kun oldin
Can you do anti freeze and liquid nitrogen
ZedBee 7 kun oldin
9:01 did he say Burgin if so that’s my surname
Mason Peck
Mason Peck 7 kun oldin
they did surgery on a tomato
Ridiculous the Artist
Ever ate a garlic clove before? Omg it's worse than taking a shot of tequila.
Michelle Falgout
Michelle Falgout 8 kun oldin
Leave things in mayo
kiddoodle productions
starys at 1:54
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 8 kun oldin
Link has his glasses 11:36 he does not have his glasses 11:43
Aarham Khan
Aarham Khan 8 kun oldin
skip to 2:00 for main video
jdssurf 8 kun oldin
You know who you are. Lol
Kayla I.
Kayla I. 8 kun oldin
“Did the tomato dissolve into mush, like my wife’s attraction to me after I turned 40, or fill up with liquid like my wife’s attraction to me before I turned 40” o my goodness 😂
Sk Kreates
Sk Kreates 8 kun oldin
Lol this vid. Is 1234
Anna Dowling
Anna Dowling 9 kun oldin
Don't you think Good Mythical Morning is getting less and less appropriate??
Kaliyah Smith
Kaliyah Smith 9 kun oldin
Please leave things in *LIQUID NITROGEN* for a week!!!
Idk _ Anymore
Idk _ Anymore 9 kun oldin
I love how Rett backs away from his own product
Shuttleman27 C
Shuttleman27 C 9 kun oldin
I love the "left his glasses in blank for a month" thing
Jennifer Walton
Jennifer Walton 9 kun oldin
I think it would be pretty cool to see you two leave things in Jack Daniels, or some other whiskey for a month.
A random YouTube channel Loll
KBbandtees 10 kun oldin
“Taste it!” *slow head turn* nO
Amber Danielle
Amber Danielle 10 kun oldin
So as soon as Rhett said the guy is one the elliptical an ad for an elliptical cane up lmao
Jak 10 kun oldin
Jenna Nichol
Jenna Nichol 10 kun oldin
Watching this at 11 at night lol
hi hi ky ky
hi hi ky ky 11 kun oldin
For the tomatoe the reason it filled with liqued because of Osmosis which means the defusion of water acrossed a object
TLS 12 kun oldin
How did i just ripped out my tooth and this video popped up in my recommend
TLS 12 kun oldin
Paighton Gibson
Paighton Gibson 13 kun oldin
This is weird I actually smell mouthwash right now
George Stav
George Stav 13 kun oldin
Things in concentrated H2O2 or in HCl
Underdestroyer35 14 kun oldin
Leave things in jars with no air
Violet Elliott
Violet Elliott 14 kun oldin
Minerva elementary did way more than $1000
Blodershade Donald productions
Isabella Fifer
Isabella Fifer 14 kun oldin
Uhm did anyone notice in the intro they have teeth in mouthwash.... they can tell the future
super adan plush
super adan plush 14 kun oldin
Albino Cadillac
Albino Cadillac 14 kun oldin
...he called him Neal
Asteroid 04
Asteroid 04 15 kun oldin
It will be a mirickle
Your Living Unicorn
Your Living Unicorn 15 kun oldin
You shouldve called it Mythical Memphis
sarkis kinosian
sarkis kinosian 16 kun oldin
Leave things in hydrogen peroxide for a month please
Deven Reynolds
Deven Reynolds 16 kun oldin
Leave things in paint thinner or gasoline
galaxy unicorns
galaxy unicorns 18 kun oldin
I got all of them right and im just 11 yrs old :o IM SMARTER THAN AN ADULT..YAYYYYY
Morgan Chadwick
Morgan Chadwick 19 kun oldin
Omg I am from Tulsa
Xander Gustafson
Xander Gustafson 19 kun oldin
If you live in Tennessee can you have a meet up some time
Angelina Subliminals
We need to like put “merical~ link” on a shirt
Asyc 20 kun oldin
I’ve been thinking about this topic for the longest time now
Live free with Christ
Ayyy Tulsa butthole nowhere Oklahoma
lance wells
lance wells 23 kun oldin
Bra i live like 2 hour east of memphis
Unicornpower9521 22 kun oldin
Bubby Sarah
Bubby Sarah 23 kun oldin
how do they get so much blood
DiAnna Brown
DiAnna Brown 24 kun oldin
Link wore his glasses to the last one and then itr was in the mouthwash lol
Lucy Treado
Lucy Treado 25 kun oldin
Before the video I got an ad for mouthwash
Claire Larson
Claire Larson 25 kun oldin
Who else got a dental ad
God King GG
God King GG 25 kun oldin
I really love this channel. When i wake up every morning this is my morning show
diona hale
diona hale 26 kun oldin
Anybody else realise that the video is 1234
Isaplonto Supreme
Isaplonto Supreme 8 kun oldin
diona hale oh crap
brian hunziker
brian hunziker 26 kun oldin
links turning grey
SaucyAnimeBoy 26 kun oldin
Aye my name Memphis
Angela Eng
Angela Eng 26 kun oldin
Link had his glasses earlier and was gone at the last round so maybe it wasn’t in mouthwash for a month or he was wearing a new one earlier
nicky heim
nicky heim 27 kun oldin
how does st.jude get paid as a hospitle and people get there money if they dont charge at all??????
Haxer Crush
Haxer Crush 27 kun oldin
0:05 well Theres a teeth in mouth wash i think
Xeno Arts
Xeno Arts 27 kun oldin
Leave things in blood for a week *aka not a psycho nor murderer*
Green Sheep
Green Sheep 6 kun oldin
McDoodles and fries
McDoodles and fries 28 kun oldin
I prefer this intro to their new one, idk why
Riley Blazak
Riley Blazak 28 kun oldin
Why does Rhett have a scalple?
Ivanna Lopez
Ivanna Lopez 29 kun oldin
There was a mouthwash ad
enrique flores
Link: Taste it Rhett: No
TheMadGrim 0598
1:50 is when the actual video starts
Alana Chansky
Alana Chansky Oy oldin
I got an add for mouthwash in the middle of the video
Eighthan Osia
Eighthan Osia Oy oldin
*they did surgery on tomato*
Rukaiyah Animations
Leave things in orange juice for a month
Eleven hopper
Eleven hopper Oy oldin
Iloveguineapigs 123
Wow.... I'm seeing people in the comments saying that they got a mouthwash ad on this video and I got a freaking diaper commercial, so what does that say about me. ☹️
Keeley Finnegan
Omg im so sorry 😢😭😭
Rosanna Redman
Lol i got a mouthwash ad before this video 😂😂😂
Rosanna Redman
The Man of Memes
I saw you in a St Jude ad!
pretty good stuff 105 one
It would turn green with a ton of copper like from some epipens if they are used constantly
Fun and entertaining video well done,keep up the great work guys!! At GMM
I commented, liked and subscribed and it's time to spin the weel of methacality!
Bock Thorsen
Bock Thorsen Oy oldin
Just have every one of the 15 million subscribers donate one dollar
Dennis Hillberg
200 000 dollars is a lot of money. it is 1636872.0000 swedish kr
Kobe 288
Kobe 288 Oy oldin
You want your buttery teeth white? Just leave mouth wash in your mouth for a month
lepayen Oy oldin
Was the tomato dope or nope?
soup070 Oy oldin
Leave it in Coke next time - guys clean engine blocks with this stuff in their bathtubs.
cadance carroll
You are weard
John Tomo
John Tomo Oy oldin
The writers basically said that rett’s wife was wet before he turned forty
Extraneouss _
Extraneouss _ Oy oldin
My sister is a st.judes patient and she absolutely loves you guys! I never knew you guys were partnered with them she'll love to hear this. 💕 you guys rock.
im craving these videos help XD
dinosaur tram
dinosaur tram Oy oldin
who else got a mouthwash ad?
Faiza Khalid
Faiza Khalid Oy oldin
Halfdan Andersen
i dont have insta
Lilliana Graves
This tomato is gross, *rub some bacon on it*
Austin Driver
Austin Driver Oy oldin
*lick it* takes a bite out of it. Link you're disgusting lmao
GG Dutton
GG Dutton Oy oldin
The miricle didnt work 😢😢😢
leave things in blood for a month
adaywithbilal jt
Did anyone else get a mouthwash ad
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