LeBron James EPiC 46 Pts, 11 Reb, 9 Ast 2018 ECF Game 6 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Celtics | FreeDawkins

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LeBron James EPiC 46 Pts, 11 Rebs, 9 Asts in 2018 ECF Game 6 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics - LeGOAT! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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26-May, 2018

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Mathias Mora
Mathias Mora 21 soat oldin
Don't ever forget the fact that LeGoat carried a team of bums to the Finals...
xman23 aj
xman23 aj Kun oldin
Bruh....😍😍@ 6:14 those back to back 3s are beautiful OMG 💦💦
Peter Bryan
Peter Bryan 3 kun oldin
This the PLAYOFF bron LA Lakers is about to experience this season. Watch out.
David Harris
David Harris 5 kun oldin
"That's a baaaaaaaaaad man"
Nikola Nedeljkovic
LeBron can’t shoot?
Nikola Nedeljkovic
King Raizel
King Raizel Oy oldin
and people sayin LeBron ain't clutch lol
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
he's not
Maolen Vin Pelaez
The Cavs are lucky when they wear that black jersey. Every time I see LeBron wear that jersey he either drops a triple double or 40 points or hit a nasty game winner
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
bro wats uor point cause we all know bron not better scorer than kd. n Lebron take the most shots on his team every year all 15 seasons. kd was taking second most shots on team russ took one hundred more shots den kd every season n kd got 4 scoring titles still bron only 1 lmao pathetic
Kiwi machine
Kiwi machine Oy oldin
The guy is so humble he doesn't take anything for granted
Kiwi machine
Kiwi machine Oy oldin
I really wish people would open there eyes and see what james did his 15 year was true goat mode unreal
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
I seen better
Willie Rone
Willie Rone Oy oldin
This nigga going dumb💀🐐😁😁😁
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
yeah only cause Hayward n Kyrie out
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
this not great only cause Boston was without their top 2 players
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar 3 kun oldin
20 year old-37 year old mj will won two dpoy award n 8 rings in today/bron era, mj defense is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy betta than Lebron jus give up its facts n I'm not even a mj fan
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
bro bron not betta scorer than kd or betta kd period, this performance here is ova hype period lmao you mad
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
yeah jus say Boston choke cause this performance here is good but not great
Power House
Power House Oy oldin
Gerald Dunbar And last thing bro about your NBA Final argument we are talking about ECF Boston vs Cavs here hahaha you fucking piece of shit
Power House
Power House Oy oldin
Gerald Dunbar Well you can’t just accept the fact that Boston chokes the last win for the NBA finals, yes maybe it kyrie and hayward are not here but Boston played well offense and defense and yet losses?? Men stop clowning
The End Is Near
LeCarry a trash team to the finals LMAO
DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan Oy oldin
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
bron betta had went off lmao. this how I knew cavs was go get swept by warriors befo finals even started. it shudnt even been a game 6 with Boston without they top 2 players. cavs shud win this series in 5 not 7 lmao smh
arronnov 19 soat oldin
Perhaps Lebron James is that good and the talent around him last year wasn't that good. Its not like he had Thompson and Curry playing with him. The other Cavs get paid well too. They just aren't that good. This years Cavs team should make this clear.
Sport League - NBA
The King.
Yvena Pamphil
Yvena Pamphil 2 oy oldin
I have never seen anything like this, not even from MJ. James sure knows how to carry a team.
Tayina P
Tayina P Oy oldin
+Gerald Dunbar MJ was surrounded by players who were very good in their role.
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
Mj carry his team to a 3peat, not jus gettin to the finals
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
u sound crazzzyy. mj did waaayy betta shit than this in his sleep
Serinox29 2 oy oldin
Brad Stevens. Lebron is not Simmons. Dont push your luck with Horford guarding him.
Jadon Landry
Jadon Landry 2 oy oldin
LeBron is better than curry and kd
Khari Orr Jr
Khari Orr Jr 2 oy oldin
Lebron James is clutch and his supporting cast play well
Andrew K
Andrew K 2 oy oldin
Fuck KD, ruined the NBA and Lebron's legacy.
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
don't get mad cus kd bouta have more rings then Lebron lmao
Andrew K
Andrew K Oy oldin
Jesus learn how to read and write. ... and think.
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
wat u mean ? if bron the king n the best ya say wat kd goin to warriors have to do wit bron getting a ring. or is it cause u know kd better than bron n kd join the best team in league that's y?
DwadeFL4SHMV3 2 oy oldin
In retrospect, I hope no one forgets that before the playoffs started, everyone had Lebron getting eliminated before reaching the finals. Then he went GOAT mode
Pepper Gut
Pepper Gut 2 oy oldin
In the streets we call LeBron a Manster, part man part monster... I don't know what kind of mental causes a person to say that this man isn't clutch ? After this man retires it will be hard for anyone that knows basketball to say that this man was the best that ever lased up a pair of shoes.
Trustyourself 2 oy oldin
Jack Skrant
Jack Skrant 2 oy oldin
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
the wat of all time??? ya praising this? it shudnt even b a game 6 with no Kyrie n Hayward. cavs shuda win series in 5 not 7 lmfaoooo
Enchong yap
Enchong yap 2 oy oldin
there's a regular season mvp and a pre-season mvp..why not have a playoffs mvp?
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
n Lebron not getting none of them MVPs lmfaoooo
SSJ ROSÉ Goku Black
As I warriors fan and curry fan this man is nothing but Great why do people have to hate him
Matt Dopez
Matt Dopez 3 oy oldin
4:22 if that was Kyrie or Dwade that would've been a nasty oop
Josiah Turpo
Josiah Turpo 3 oy oldin
Celtics needed to win this game
Nilson perez
Nilson perez 3 oy oldin
that "bang" just does something to me man 6:23
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 3 oy oldin
Nilson perez me too Mike Breen is the Greatest Commentator
Terrence Penn
Terrence Penn 3 oy oldin
11:18 😭😭
Safsaf A
Safsaf A 3 oy oldin
4:24 - 4:33 Everything was perfect but the announcer just ruined the perfection.
dannyfamouss 2
dannyfamouss 2 3 oy oldin
" momma there goes that man" one of the most iconic lines in hoops history.
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 3 oy oldin
another 45 point game in a game 6 when facing elimination
Team Lackers
Team Lackers 3 oy oldin
His 2nd greatest game ever
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
his second greatest game ever? noooo this not betta den 48 points n 25 straight vs pistons in 07 playoffs n 45 points 15 boards vs Boston down 3-2 in 2012
Team Lackers
Team Lackers 3 oy oldin
Same i love it to
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 3 oy oldin
Team Lackers this is the reason I love when lebron is facing elimination. greatest elimination game player of all time
Team Lackers
Team Lackers 3 oy oldin
Quewon Anderson big facts
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 3 oy oldin
Team Lackers this and the other celtics game 6 are my favorites too
Teokill Teokill
Teokill Teokill 3 oy oldin
Yeah they kd destroy LeBron in the finals again
John Hecler
John Hecler 3 oy oldin
Lebron doesn’t get credit for how good a 3 point shooter he has turned himself into.
Chickenmunt 1997
Chickenmunt 1997 4 oy oldin
bruh lebron on a team full of bum ass negroes
Imee Lagrata
Imee Lagrata 4 oy oldin
lol tatum were frustrated that night, dunking lebron on game 7 but still take an L
JheDino Sumipo
JheDino Sumipo 4 oy oldin
.yeah,he really is the goat!look at the stats and it is against a team who's leading scorer is a rookie and together with a bunch of role players,bravo!!!
Jah Fresco
Jah Fresco 4 oy oldin
Dawg LeBron really a man amongst boys
TheKYRw 4 oy oldin
This is why lebron is the goat. Lebron was working his ass off to get shitty teams like this to the finals. Meanwhile MJ was basically on his generations equivalent to today’s warriors, flying straight to the finals every year with ease and easily dominating in the finals.
king Jean
king Jean 4 oy oldin
Who here just to review this unforgettable shit!
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 4 oy oldin
king Jean this one of his greatest games imo
Bleu Hef
Bleu Hef 4 oy oldin
king Jean Me Bro , GOAT !
Cheering Fueling
Cheering Fueling 4 oy oldin
LeBron is the tutor of my life
Certified Buckets
That’s the same thing that happened against Boston a few years ago 2 dagger threes and a layup to cap it off
rad roast
rad roast 5 oy oldin
Where are the refs in this game offensive foul city
Elarden Prudente
Elarden Prudente 5 oy oldin
Cavs vs Houston to the Final
arn_ junx157
arn_ junx157 5 oy oldin
How can you hate this dude? Everything he does is special. 🙌
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
yeah it's special with no Kyrie n Hayward out there lmao
Lawrence Turner
Lawrence Turner 5 oy oldin
2018 finals 👑 james
Jones Roy Dela Cuesta
Lebron james really hate boston celtics
MisterBinx 5 oy oldin
GOAT gonna GOAT. He is our GOD.
Jeff Ying
Jeff Ying 5 oy oldin
I hope lebron goes in the Finals tonight and beat those motherfucking warriors and become the goat this year. It'll be the toughest ever, no doubt about it. I dont care what people say about MJ 6-6, GOAT isn't about only the finals record and a team accomplishment, it's about the greatness totality of a player. Lebron wants to be the greatest, he has to beat the greatest.
Meow añangá
Meow añangá 5 oy oldin
it's not time to compare it with MJ, it's time to enjoy James for a few more years
Snicky G
Snicky G 5 oy oldin
Isn't does MR. PEDS, Lebron James, always have to act like ab ignorant fool? The only answer I can come up with is because he is such an ignorant fool!
Ouuppp Bop
Ouuppp Bop 3 oy oldin
Bryant 88 W
Bryant 88
Bryant 88 5 oy oldin
Snicky G salty asf
El_duro 2408
El_duro 2408 5 oy oldin
Put lebron 99 overall on 2k
deon brinson
deon brinson 5 oy oldin
This Game Is Going Down Top 10 In His Career...Period
พิพัฒน์ พิมพะ
法比歐 5 oy oldin
Big Enough
Big Enough 5 oy oldin
Yo LeBron fans keep supporting him and do what you should do, at least you guys are not those 'fans' that "I'm on the winning side". With a losing final record, you guys still support him win or lose, respect.
Big Enough
Big Enough 5 oy oldin
LeBron James did it all, earn my respect honestly.
Fausto Garcia
Fausto Garcia 5 oy oldin
Kobe is the goat... lebron he's coming out on the next big Hollywood movie with the Rock... cause he's a good damn actor ...
Fausto Garcia
Fausto Garcia 5 oy oldin
What happen to all them people who burned his jersey when he left Cleveland Hahaha ... Kobe is still better
陈俊峰 5 oy oldin
James need to drop 50+10 to win tomorrow.Since the only helper(which is at least helping most of time even though his inconsitency)Love is gone.
Dante Williams
Dante Williams 5 oy oldin
It's kind of unreal that this team is only one win away from the finals especially with the season we had man I promise Cleveland needs to build this man a statue regardless of the outcome and whatever he decides to do they have to honor it
John doue Quebec
John doue Quebec 5 oy oldin
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
facts facts facts
Power House
Power House Oy oldin
Fuck KD
chris yi
chris yi 3 oy oldin
Jhay 02 don’t forget that mj lost the first round many times while Lebron is undefeated in the first round and don’t forget that mj and his dream team lost to a college team in a 5 on 5 but ESPN was trying to hide the film
Jhay 02
Jhay 02 3 oy oldin
John doue Quebec suh a stupid ! 😂😂 you don't know how to watch basket you have a poor iq of sports 😂😂 its better for u to shut up and also maybe you don't know how to play any sports except to Chinese garter thats y your talkin like that. 😏
Jhay 02
Jhay 02 3 oy oldin
John doue Quebec nope.. jordan fan and actually most of my shoes that i wear is jordan, I just appreaciate the talent of bron cause a true fan of sports know how to respect appreciate !
Federico Bagnolini
the goat
k smith
k smith 5 oy oldin
damn Lebron and this coming from a warriors fan
UtimateAmvs 5 oy oldin
I hate to admit it but curry is the best on the Warriors. Anyone who watches their games will agree with me, KD is a one dimensional player who solely scores, plays average D, plays iso ball at the wrong times and lacks basketball IQ, half of his points are wide open/open lanes due too NBA coaches fear of Currys three point ability.
jonathan lambero
jonathan lambero 5 oy oldin
James performance is nothing if cavs lost in game 7 in celtics home,
Fred Wu
Fred Wu 5 oy oldin
I’ve never seen a player play every role on the team. He can layup, shoot 3’s, defend, rebound, assist, his game knowledge is the best
DRP Blue Skys
DRP Blue Skys 5 oy oldin
Mama there goes that man???
beratalf KK
beratalf KK 5 oy oldin
MoneyMan Ed
MoneyMan Ed 5 oy oldin
He’s unreal
Mohammed Waziri
Mohammed Waziri 5 oy oldin
I came here for the comments
Ragnar Almighty
Ragnar Almighty 5 oy oldin
He's doing this with the 2nd best player on the team being a 37 year old korver lol
J Tate
J Tate 5 oy oldin
Tatum this will be your Paul pierce moment throw back to that game 6 in 2012
kwatts337 5 oy oldin
The gap between Lebron and the next best guy in the NBA is massive. Dude is insane.
Mastacko 25
Mastacko 25 Oy oldin
KD is 2nd Best Player behind Lebron
Jaylen James
Jaylen James Oy oldin
Curry is not next the best player
UtimateAmvs 5 oy oldin
kwatts337 ikr, he's much better than curry atm
TRUNKS 5 oy oldin
Welcome to the NBA Jayson Tatum. That moment will be epic for him for as long as he lives.
EverythingCounts 5 oy oldin
That 3 reminded me of Kobe vs. the Nuggets in the 09 WCF.
NWF NETWORK 5 oy oldin
If the Cavs win game 7 i wanna see osn make a video with his nuts hanging no homo tho...
Mondo Pattillo
Mondo Pattillo 5 oy oldin
His last time playing in a Cavs Jersey 😂
Johnny Kilroy
Johnny Kilroy 5 oy oldin
LeThanos LeDeadpool LeWolverine LeHulk LeUltron LeIronMan LeWarMachine LeThing LeSpiderman LeRhino LeCable LeAvengers LeMarvel
Devonte Powell
Devonte Powell 5 oy oldin
if kyrie and gordon were not injured this series would already be over
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
facts facts, if them 2 was playing boston wuda won series in 5
Lucas Ethan
Lucas Ethan 5 oy oldin
LeBron : next president of the USA
MAGOVA 5 oy oldin
I’m calling that a triple double
Lee Great
Lee Great 5 oy oldin
Wait what happened to the Lebron not clutch debate?? Damn yall lost that 1? Yal running out of shit to debate😂 all yal got is ring count. when he get 2 more rings the debate will be over. if he get 6 its gonna be sad day for yal
Kenyatte Tilghman
roll tide
roll tide 23 kun oldin
+Julius Barber so 47% from the field is bad wth you bout stupid af
Julius Barber
Julius Barber 2 oy oldin
+William Fortson on bad feild goal percentages
William Fortson
William Fortson 2 oy oldin
+David Roman Bean didnt start as soon as he was traded to LA dumbass 🤦🏾‍♂️ Bron started from the jump
David Roman
David Roman 2 oy oldin
+William Fortson kobe wasn't good till his 3rd year. Bron been great since he was a rookie.
William Fortson
William Fortson 2 oy oldin
Bean was averaging 27-6-6 at 34 and was willing LA to the playoffs until he tore his achilles
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin 5 oy oldin
I thought the NBA was against bullying smh
2 PAC 5 oy oldin
2 PAC 5 oy oldin
2 PAC 5 oy oldin
Costco the baller
Like if LeBron is on the juice
I Want Iso
I Want Iso 5 oy oldin
How come skip says that right hand bank shot is luck but I seen him do it multiple times after that???
Exactly, same one he used for the game winner. Skip is always delusional lol
Jason T Reyes
Jason T Reyes 3 oy oldin
Yeah, not sure why that bank shot was criticized so much. Jordan took those ending bank shots to win games, lol. Skip is a hater to add some drama on the show.
LA Lakers
LA Lakers 5 oy oldin
I Want Iso skip is a fcking idiot
Lee Great
Lee Great 5 oy oldin
if he would've had 4 more points and 1 more assist. people would give him wayyy more credit lik that aint what he basically did. Honestly we are numb to these great performances.
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 5 oy oldin
Forget the comparisons and enjoy greatness.
Lee Great
Lee Great 5 oy oldin
a 50 point tripple double damn near!!! 5/7 on 3s. 50% from field. in a elimination game.!! Not Kobe not Jordan. Nobody can do what he does
Gerald Dunbar
Gerald Dunbar Oy oldin
mj n Kobe can do anything betta than Lebron. he struggle wit a Boston team without they top 2 players. cavs shuda win series in 5 not 7 lmao. Kobe n mj way better than Lebron
Andrew Liu
Andrew Liu 3 oy oldin
N8tive Pride21 Than you mean that if LeBron joins the warriors and win seven more rings, he will be the greatest!!!
Kenny Carrasco
Kenny Carrasco 3 oy oldin
N8tive Pride21 L
druso escalante
druso escalante 4 oy oldin
N8tive Pride21 Jordan is 1-9 without Scottie in the playoffs
LeBron James
LeBron James 4 oy oldin
N8tive Pride21 u must forgot Jordan was 1-9 in the playoffs before pippen was drafted LeBron has never lost in the playoffs and probably never will
LeBeautiful 5 oy oldin
All bron...game 7 nobody is safe! King James
Joe Pannu
Joe Pannu Oy oldin
Depends who he is playing... I'll be very surprised if they can beat Houston before thinking about the Dubs.
A. Villares
A. Villares 5 oy oldin
LeBeautiful Nothing is safe when THE GOAT is on the court
Marcus Spiva
Marcus Spiva 5 oy oldin
This was posted too late. I had to cheat on you with House of Highlights 😒😒 sry babe.
deizha100 5 oy oldin
Marcus Spiva I mean their both good but freedawkins is the goat of these player highlights I also really like his editing compared to HOH