LeBron James EPiC 46 Pts, 11 Reb, 9 Ast 2018 ECF Game 6 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Celtics | FreeDawkins

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LeBron James EPiC 46 Pts, 11 Rebs, 9 Asts in 2018 ECF Game 6 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics - LeGOAT! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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26-May, 2018



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Charles Jayson
Charles Jayson 20 soat oldin
Im here coz this years playoffs is boring ..
Major Mincey
Major Mincey Kun oldin
Lebron dont move like this no more
Nash666 3 kun oldin
I already miss LeBron
Bill Davis
Bill Davis 9 kun oldin
Lakers out of playoffs and still talking about lebron
OPE Gaming
OPE Gaming 10 kun oldin
Back when this dude was the GOAT
jakeman025 11 kun oldin
Oh how quickly they forget
VideoWizard17 17 kun oldin
YALL, Im a Lebron james fan,, For me I think hes the best player ever not becoz im his fan but becoz I watch his game ,,man look at 3:18 he made horford dance again ,cmon end Debate of whos better between kd and bron,,also watch the next play at 3:29 cmon He even made a rookie dance
Rashad Al Kholiq
Rashad Al Kholiq 19 kun oldin
for me, this 2018 playoff season performance was the best form of lebron in his entire career
Mike Bell
Mike Bell Oy oldin
ThreeCreators Oy oldin
No matter who lebron has ever been up against east or west coast, he’s put up the same numbers. With just the exception of one nba finals. Maybe the most consistent nba player ever. Not mad at no one that calls him the goat. Not sure if anyone in history can contribute to a team winning more than this guy. He literally can do it all at a high level! A passive mentality they call him that rebounds, blocks, steals, and literally finds ways to Score more than alltime scorers do even in single playoffs and finals games!
21savage21 Lbj
Man there wasn’t a person not chanting mvp in the building😂 at this point wish he would of stayed in Cleveland😂
Chris A
Chris A Oy oldin
why the fuck didnt he win mvp last year straight bullshit
chitownkidd33 Oy oldin
Lebron’s competition is terrible.
SeekNDestroy _
Last years playoffs immortalised lebron fr
Friday Night Lights
How quick the haters forget.
RyanTheGod Oy oldin
Should've stayed with cavs
Nick Warren
Nick Warren Kun oldin
Would have took them to the finals again I believe
Mohammad Bitar
This the LeBron Lakers need rn
Savage Sagwa
Savage Sagwa Oy oldin
His heart is in Cleveland i think that's the case. Bron gave 200% because it was his last year in Cleveland forever
Joseph Cozzolino
Russ fans are like thats nice but it wasnt a triple double tho
The fact that he missed the free throw lmao he had to stop the bleeding
Stabilizin Oy oldin
this was such a beautiful playoff series if only rockets couldve beat the warriors there wouldve been a more epic finals to make these playoffs even more memorable i truly believe lebron couldve went neck and neck with the rockets
Erik Lopez
Erik Lopez 29 kun oldin
Stabilizin lebron woulda had a 4th ring
T_Breezy YouTube
Lebron is the goate
84music1 Oy oldin
I dont care who you are. Who your favorite player is. KD is not better than this man. His effort when it matters is damn near unmatched by anyone.
Michael Cyphers II
Leron James Is super king
Leanne Fresquez
Leanne Fresquez 2 oy oldin
This team should not even be in the playoffs let alone the finals. James completely carried this team all the way just to have dumbass Jr Smith blow game 1... I was so pissed when that happened.
Caleb Wilson
Caleb Wilson 2 oy oldin
9months2live 2 oy oldin
hilarious to me that people think MJ is better. MJ just did his fade away that no one could guard because they were all mid-skilled bums who drank and smoked before and after games. Lebron would fucking murk MJ if he was in the league today.
J Dilla
J Dilla Oy oldin
9months2live 🤣🤣🤣
Raju Ivaturi
Raju Ivaturi 2 oy oldin
he has the most complete skillset in history of the game
Jamie Owens
Jamie Owens 2 oy oldin
Hands down the Greatest playoff run by a single man in the last 20 years!
Ryan Sansaricq
Ryan Sansaricq 28 kun oldin
Yo Hakeem 95, Dirk 11, West 69, Bron 18 are the greatest individual playoff runs ever imo. West and Bron dragged their teams for as long as they could but not enough against two historically amazing opponents.
Logan Owens
Logan Owens 2 oy oldin
Lebron is the best point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center, bench warmer, 6th man, Cavs announcer, water boy, mop boy, hotdog seller, janitor, and body guard the Cavs has ever seen!
Myles Hearne
Myles Hearne 14 kun oldin
Logan Owens gm?
Dtf 2 oy oldin
I swear Lebron is underated as a scorer everyone just thinks he a playmaker
Dtf 28 kun oldin
Ryan Sansaricq fax
Ryan Sansaricq
Ryan Sansaricq 28 kun oldin
People act like that's a bad thing too. He does the job of a guard better than any guard in the league. Credit to Westbrook and CP. He's a 30k point scorer and people act like Steph and KD are better at that. He might be the best playmaker of all time and if not he second to Magic. Consistently plays 3 roles if not 4 all at once and it's not enough for anyone.
Victor Diwisch
Victor Diwisch 2 oy oldin
How good and important Jeff Green was..
dionysis e
dionysis e 3 oy oldin
King baby KING
Bryan Sutherland
Bryan Sutherland 3 oy oldin
no player on the planet is as good as lbj in playoffs
livio 3 oy oldin
this lebron james > any basketball player in history
Ty Dixon
Ty Dixon 3 oy oldin
Am I the only one who used to get bron and Jeff green mixed up
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 2 oy oldin
Close in size: Jeff 6 9 230, Lebron 6 8 250 Both athletic with good hops and good shots. One will be in the HOF.
jamaicangirl dessii
mama there goes that man 💪🏾👑🐐
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo 3 oy oldin
What is it about LBJ playing the game of his life in game 6 in the ECF??
home9dog2blue 3 oy oldin
Why dont i rememberthem being down?? The playoffs are forgettable damn near every year. Im GLAD L3-6ron took his talents out West
jinsong lei
jinsong lei 3 oy oldin
Haters be like "He is a choker" when he lost and "The east is weak as fck" when he won.
Shaquill Branch
Shaquill Branch 3 oy oldin
Nigga Bron was tripping 😂
InvictuZ 3 oy oldin
Lol still can't shoot free throws in 2018.
Jake Lawless
Jake Lawless 3 oy oldin
And you’re telling me Harden won mvp in 2018???? Embarrassing for Bron not to win it. Look at the Cavs this season, horrible.
Kevin Toto
Kevin Toto 3 oy oldin
This game and ecr1 game 3 2017 vs pacers are some of lebron best games
Prince Solo
Prince Solo 3 oy oldin
I feel like a fool hating on this man
Fariborz Tah
Fariborz Tah 4 oy oldin
Imagine still thinking jordan is better than this guy
Joshua Colemam
Joshua Colemam 4 oy oldin
Arnel Villanueva
Arnel Villanueva 4 oy oldin
king of all monster
Bipolar Bear
Bipolar Bear 4 oy oldin
If only Simmons could shoot.
Fariborz Tah
Fariborz Tah 4 oy oldin
Wait what you mean ?
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 4 oy oldin
Dude ass hooping 🤣🤣
Eric Dupree
Eric Dupree 5 oy oldin
Closest thing to God I’ve ever seen. And yes I’ve seen Jordan in my day and not just highlight clips
Mathias Mora
Mathias Mora 5 oy oldin
Don't ever forget the fact that LeGoat carried a team of bums to the Finals...
LeBron the goat legoat!!
Bruh....😍😍@ 6:14 those back to back 3s are beautiful OMG 💦💦
Jaylen White
Jaylen White 2 oy oldin
xman23 aj gay
Peter Bryan
Peter Bryan 5 oy oldin
This the PLAYOFF bron LA Lakers is about to experience this season. Watch out.
David Harris
David Harris 5 oy oldin
"That's a baaaaaaaaaad man"
Nikola Nedeljkovic
LeBron can’t shoot?
Nikola Nedeljkovic
King Raizel
King Raizel 6 oy oldin
and people sayin LeBron ain't clutch lol
Maolen Vin Pelaez
The Cavs are lucky when they wear that black jersey. Every time I see LeBron wear that jersey he either drops a triple double or 40 points or hit a nasty game winner
Kiowa F
Kiowa F 6 oy oldin
The guy is so humble he doesn't take anything for granted
Kiowa F
Kiowa F 6 oy oldin
I really wish people would open there eyes and see what james did his 15 year was true goat mode unreal
Willie Rone
Willie Rone 6 oy oldin
This nigga going dumb💀🐐😁😁😁
The End Is Near
The End Is Near 7 oy oldin
LeCarry a trash team to the finals LMAO
1 2
1 2 7 oy oldin
Sport League - NBA
The King.
Yvena Pamphil
Yvena Pamphil 7 oy oldin
I have never seen anything like this, not even from MJ. James sure knows how to carry a team.
Tayina P
Tayina P 6 oy oldin
+Gerald Dunbar MJ was surrounded by players who were very good in their role.
Serinox29 7 oy oldin
Brad Stevens. Lebron is not Simmons. Dont push your luck with Horford guarding him.
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 2 oy oldin
Brad tried Smart, Horford, Brown, Rozier, and Tatum just in this clip. No one's going to stop him one on one. GSW sends Iggy and then double and triple teams in the paint. That only works if they intercept a pass and if he's not hitting his jumper. Great offense beats great defense.
Jadon Landry
Jadon Landry 7 oy oldin
LeBron is better than curry and kd
StatKing LBJ
StatKing LBJ 7 oy oldin
Lebron James is clutch and his supporting cast play well
Andrew K
Andrew K 7 oy oldin
Fuck KD, ruined the NBA and Lebron's legacy.
Andrew K
Andrew K 7 oy oldin
Jesus learn how to read and write. ... and think.
DwadeFL4SHMV3 7 oy oldin
In retrospect, I hope no one forgets that before the playoffs started, everyone had Lebron getting eliminated before reaching the finals. Then he went GOAT mode
Pepper Gut
Pepper Gut 7 oy oldin
In the streets we call LeBron a Manster, part man part monster... I don't know what kind of mental causes a person to say that this man isn't clutch ? After this man retires it will be hard for anyone that knows basketball to say that this man was the best that ever lased up a pair of shoes.
Trustyourself 7 oy oldin
Jack Skrant
Jack Skrant 7 oy oldin
Enchong yap
Enchong yap 8 oy oldin
there's a regular season mvp and a pre-season mvp..why not have a playoffs mvp?
The3pt Sniper30
The3pt Sniper30 8 oy oldin
As I warriors fan and curry fan this man is nothing but Great why do people have to hate him
SSJ Matt
SSJ Matt 8 oy oldin
4:22 if that was Kyrie or Dwade that would've been a nasty oop
Josiah Turpo
Josiah Turpo 8 oy oldin
Celtics needed to win this game
Nilson perez
Nilson perez 8 oy oldin
that "bang" just does something to me man 6:23
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 8 oy oldin
Nilson perez me too Mike Breen is the Greatest Commentator
Terrence Penn
Terrence Penn 8 oy oldin
11:18 😭😭
Safsaf A
Safsaf A 8 oy oldin
DexterAU 8 oy oldin
4:24 - 4:33 Everything was perfect but the announcer just ruined the perfection.
dannyfamouss 2
dannyfamouss 2 8 oy oldin
" momma there goes that man" one of the most iconic lines in hoops history.
friedchickken 8 oy oldin
another 45 point game in a game 6 when facing elimination
Grim Reaper JV
Grim Reaper JV 8 oy oldin
His 2nd greatest game ever
Grim Reaper JV
Grim Reaper JV 8 oy oldin
Same i love it to
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 8 oy oldin
Team Lackers this is the reason I love when lebron is facing elimination. greatest elimination game player of all time
Grim Reaper JV
Grim Reaper JV 8 oy oldin
Quewon Anderson big facts
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 8 oy oldin
Team Lackers this and the other celtics game 6 are my favorites too
Teokill Teokill
Teokill Teokill 9 oy oldin
Yeah they kd destroy LeBron in the finals again
John Hecler
John Hecler 9 oy oldin
Lebron doesn’t get credit for how good a 3 point shooter he has turned himself into.
Imee Lagrata
Imee Lagrata 9 oy oldin
lol tatum were frustrated that night, dunking lebron on game 7 but still take an L
JheDino Sumipo
JheDino Sumipo 9 oy oldin
.yeah,he really is the goat!look at the stats and it is against a team who's leading scorer is a rookie and together with a bunch of role players,bravo!!!
Jah Fresco
Jah Fresco 9 oy oldin
Dawg LeBron really a man amongst boys
TheKYRw 9 oy oldin
This is why lebron is the goat. Lebron was working his ass off to get shitty teams like this to the finals. Meanwhile MJ was basically on his generations equivalent to today’s warriors, flying straight to the finals every year with ease and easily dominating in the finals.
king Jean
king Jean 9 oy oldin
Who here just to review this unforgettable shit!
Quewon Anderson
Quewon Anderson 9 oy oldin
king Jean this one of his greatest games imo
Bleu Hef
Bleu Hef 9 oy oldin
king Jean Me Bro , GOAT !
Certified Buckets
Certified Buckets 10 oy oldin
That’s the same thing that happened against Boston a few years ago 2 dagger threes and a layup to cap it off
rad roast
rad roast 10 oy oldin
Where are the refs in this game offensive foul city
Elarden Prudente
Elarden Prudente 10 oy oldin
Cavs vs Houston to the Final
arn_ junx157
arn_ junx157 10 oy oldin
How can you hate this dude? Everything he does is special. 🙌
L Boogie
L Boogie 10 oy oldin
2018 finals 👑 james
Jones Roy Dela Cuesta
Lebron james really hate boston celtics
MisterBinx 10 oy oldin
GOAT gonna GOAT. He is our GOD.
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