LeBron James IMPRESSED By His New Lakers Teammates While Watching! 2018 NBA Summer League

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LeBron James Gets IMPRESSED By His New Lakers Teammates While Watching At 2018 NBA Summer League! Los Angeles Lakers vs Detroit Pistons July 15, 2018
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15-Iyl, 2018



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ian cadz
ian cadz 8 oy oldin
I'm LeBron's fan since 2006 🏀🏀
internet immortal
Lonzo pass to Lebron Wow #lakers💪
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 9 oy oldin
Sad, Caruso has no place on varsity Lakers.
subject95 9 oy oldin
lebron's james beard looking like a wu-tang logo😂
Aris Frivaldo
Aris Frivaldo 9 oy oldin
Jack of all Trades G.O.A.T. on Team hopping.
raphael ban
raphael ban 9 oy oldin
His teamates looks old
Mon cul sur la commode
LeBron James is my prefere african player
Eeee Jj
Eeee Jj 9 oy oldin
Man NBA sure changed. Dreads in the NBA(Detroit) .....?!
Turing Mendoza
Turing Mendoza 9 oy oldin
Yoyo ni James
Rafael Duran
Rafael Duran 9 oy oldin
Ayres and the rookie SF better get signed, played good
Arwene Abril
Arwene Abril 9 oy oldin
Why does the other commentator sounds like a black Filthy Frank no offense?.?.
Raven 9 oy oldin
What's with this fucking ugly beards in the NBA, like most of them wants to be Harden now
Lass 9 oy oldin
I could feel something changed on Laker's play
William Marc Boquiren
He just lose in the finals,and he act like he gonna win a ring in lakers..this dude is dumb as hell.
Ayee Tee
Ayee Tee 9 oy oldin
I love LeBron he is a Great guy On & Off the Court.
monster john streetball legend.
Friends friends it's the goat come look at my shit
Shavar Melendez
Shavar Melendez 9 oy oldin
Jay Lyndon Tuyay
Jay Lyndon Tuyay 9 oy oldin
Lebron wearing that dollar necklace fan of him
Shilpan Patel
Shilpan Patel 9 oy oldin
lol "impressed", idk about that
GWAPO 9 oy oldin
KonStant 9 oy oldin
Lakers young core had their best games against GOOD TEAMS last year I would watch and look at kuzma, Ingram, and even Lonzo ball play incredible Im talking Spurs, Rockets, and Golden State! Watch out West Lebron is not gonna make those guys worser! #LaBron
Rj the great
Rj the great 9 oy oldin
Who is this Lebron I keep hearing about?
Yung keystone
Yung keystone 9 oy oldin
Kobe's not even top five
Savage NBA Live Gamer
Been a lakers fan simce July 1st
gary oak
gary oak 9 oy oldin
Whose the bald white guy
Cal Tube
Cal Tube 9 oy oldin
Hart gonna be a starter .. He quick and explosive !
Chibuikem Onyeneho
Why he call himself an old head? This man's actions and his words be cringy af
RetroB 9 oy oldin
LeBron is gonna have a tough time beating warriors and rockets this year
Simon Gebhard
Simon Gebhard 9 oy oldin
I aint even mad at you for showing that one 4-point play twice because of lebrons reaction😂😂
viz Rez
viz Rez 9 oy oldin
Lol Lebron the coach of the lakers 😭😂
suck u mudda
suck u mudda 9 oy oldin
Tyrone lue is like anywhere bron goes i follow 🤔😆😂🤣
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 9 oy oldin
Guys I repeat it can be done
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 9 oy oldin
We could beat the GSW
Alton Kay Jumaquio
lebron will blame them soon
Nba basketball fan
His in the west so in all star game guess what? Curry is in their. That’s all they need a 3 point shooter and a dunker.
david sanders
david sanders 9 oy oldin
Why is Jesse Ventura's little brother calling the game?
Finessin Hearts
Finessin Hearts 9 oy oldin
Anderson JET
Anderson JET 9 oy oldin
where is kawhi?
B Louis
B Louis 9 oy oldin
Who cares hes not gonna practice with them anyway so its the purple cavaliers all over again lol
Todd Schneck
Todd Schneck 9 oy oldin
Only one king!
Leonard Yves Aliphatic Acnaban
Lets go LAKERS
maximus 9 oy oldin
Lebron ,MJ is still better than you
maximus 9 oy oldin
Lol Funny video hahahah nice joke👍
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
maximus nah prime melo and prime kobe are better
Let’s Go Gaming/Drawing!
Yknow what good for labron even though I’m a cavs fan sadly the Cavs are still the 2-5 team the east suck
J Havok
J Havok 9 oy oldin
(1.)Celtics, (2.)Raptors, (3.)76ers, 4.)Pacers, (5.)Bucks, (6.)Wizards, (7.) Cav/Heat, (8.) Cav/Heat/Pistons
J Havok
J Havok 9 oy oldin
NBS you crazy 6-7
Betterlife 9 oy oldin
Remember he said "La y'all, Cleveland" instead of "Love y'all, Cleveland"?
SportzNow1 9 oy oldin
Most of them won’t play 1 second with Lebron next season lol
Stone cold Rillahhh
LA lookin good SL. cAnt wait to see wat the LeBron n them Lakers gon do this upcoming season. Its gonna be gd. Alot of lebron hatahz gon look silly asf whn the lakers dominate in the west, especially if these young boyz Josh hart n company play at there best level n show up. Smh watch how things turn out
Ray Gamble
Ray Gamble 9 oy oldin
LeGm getting a closer look at his assets for potential trades.
ANTETOKOUNMPO 34 9 oy oldin
The 2019 Champion 🔥
William Marc Boquiren
ANTETOKOUNMPO 34 lol dream on cause it ain't gonna happen..
Jan Erik Araño
Jan Erik Araño 9 oy oldin
Hell yeah, J. Hart is special.
DAVID MONTEE 9 oy oldin
Lebron James before the All-Star break will be frustrated with all the scrubs on the team Magic Johnson will fire Coach Luke Walton get a few new pieces but we seen this story before Lebron James is past his prime as we see already now Star player's won't to play with a ball hog should have stayed his old ass in Cleveland.
Sem Kn
Sem Kn 9 oy oldin
lmao hater, he still in his prime, did you even watch last play offs, all the buzzer beaters, game winning shots and his % from the field was high with a lot of points. sit your hater ass down please
Sem Kn
Sem Kn 9 oy oldin
lmao hater, he still in his prime, did you even watch last play offs, all the buzzer beaters, game winning shots and his % from the field was high with a lot of points. sit your hater ass down please
Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen 9 oy oldin
Walks in the arena like a king.
ItsMarco 210
ItsMarco 210 9 oy oldin
Everything Apex
Everything Apex 9 oy oldin
Warriors in 5
pimmel 030
pimmel 030 9 oy oldin
Where was wagner?
Goddess Hylia
Goddess Hylia 9 oy oldin
Steph Curry will still beat them
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 9 oy oldin
Bron, you need to come to realization that the hair is gone. You’re killing me with these young ass hats.
KV Vlogs
KV Vlogs 9 oy oldin
There only playing good because LeBron there
Imthatdude 9 oy oldin
man fuck lebron
lebron james
lebron james 9 oy oldin
My ball.king
Dieter Bohlen
Dieter Bohlen 9 oy oldin
Damn the Steelers and Lebron gonna win the Championship
JØSEPHSproperty F.N.R.A
Lebron your a snake but i respect your decision cause im a laker and gs fan so thanks for going in la lakers
Romel Roque
Romel Roque 9 oy oldin
It's hurting me seeing at lakers jersey. 😞
Lucas Manglona
Lucas Manglona 9 oy oldin
Kobe should help LeBron get a ring
Anthony 9 oy oldin
Lebron is 6'8 and BI is 6'9 but it looks like lebron is taller than BI
cclownart 9 oy oldin
Impressed how bad they are?
San Goku
San Goku 9 oy oldin
Oh it was Ty Lue haha
Mark Sayson
Mark Sayson 9 oy oldin
Damn. Moustache looks neat bron! I wish i will grow that moustache too 😉
Nick Mac
Nick Mac 9 oy oldin
They look ok cuz it’s summer league and bron ain’t out there. Once they implement the Lebron James system they will look wack. They will all stand around and take all the blame when the supposed goat fails yet again
Darren Isles
Darren Isles 9 oy oldin
All I can hear is the Ghoul voice on the background.
Run Forre3t
Run Forre3t 9 oy oldin
after last year in CLE, pretty much anybody in the league can impress him
robsquad33 9 oy oldin
Literally replayed the same parts if the game... smh
C. Cho
C. Cho 9 oy oldin
Those shorts smh. So tacky. Welcome to LA tho Bron
ITALIAN BROS 9 oy oldin
kimalltheway1 9 oy oldin
Hell yeah everyone's gonna play hard. Lebron is watching so they're going to audition. "Hey bron look I can score, you can pass me the ball for sure assist stat."
Ebk Blizzy
Ebk Blizzy 9 oy oldin
How can you hate Lebron??
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Realeyes Realisereallies i see people hate kobe to
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Realeyes Realisereallies Lebron 5 mvp 3 finals mvp 3 Rings 5 all star mvp and 13 1 time all nba and 20 all star kd 5 Rings 5 finals mvp 1 mvp 1 all star mvp 3 all time nba I can see some people say Lebron is better and some people say kd is better
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Realeyes Realisereallies and if boogie is 70 percent the same then he might leave next year
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Realeyes Realisereallies boogie is injuried
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Ebk Blizzy imo
Nuzo Kezo
Nuzo Kezo 9 oy oldin
am I the only Warriors fan following James every moves?? he s still one of the best😅
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Nuzo Kezo nope because even the Lebron haters follow him
pandas TV
pandas TV 9 oy oldin
Where can I get those shorts??😫
unstopology 9 oy oldin
Hart looking like DRose.
TSDScooter 9 oy oldin
unstopology d rose with a jumper
COD Drastic
COD Drastic 9 oy oldin
Bron so quick to be like that with lakers. What a LOYAL player 😂😂😂
Brian O'Connor
Brian O'Connor 9 oy oldin
All that money & that goofy ass hat...
Elmer Duran
Elmer Duran 9 oy oldin
Lakers summer league team can beat up Cleveland's new roster
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 9 oy oldin
Get ready to be swept team LAKERS HAHAHA
Xxwurem23 Xodo
Xxwurem23 Xodo 9 oy oldin
LA LeBron James 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏀
Aljon Celeste
Aljon Celeste 9 oy oldin
2 time sweep is remarkable
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Aljon Celeste well the warriors will sweep the whole west like 2017
Rudy Chavez
Rudy Chavez 9 oy oldin
Although these last years haven't been great, I can say as a Lakers fan is that we are spoiled 😂
TitanSurge 9 oy oldin
Small ass phone of lebron
Itachi Senpai-chan
I see that cap lebron
Marco Delgado
Marco Delgado 9 oy oldin
He's happy no players played like jr smith.
George Lazar
George Lazar 9 oy oldin
Not a big Lebron fan, but I’m excited for the upcoming season.
ya boi Sosa
ya boi Sosa 9 oy oldin
Hes impressed by dudes who aint gonna see floor time.. but he threw cleveland teammates under the bus.. 😂😂😂😂 lebron a baby back bitch
Doug Northern
Doug Northern 9 oy oldin
Just out this video uzvid.com/video/video-_qo4bz70L_k.html
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 9 oy oldin
Bronsexual where y’all come up with this shit wtf😭😭😭
Edward Perante
Edward Perante 9 oy oldin
Lebron james
JordanEo 9 oy oldin
i can tell the if its a clive video not even by the username just by the quality
Leon Edbert
Leon Edbert 9 oy oldin
Is that tyrone lue?
dru jackson
dru jackson 9 oy oldin
he’s scouting tha niggas he’s gunn trade 🤷🏾‍♂️
Rayyan Yousaf
Rayyan Yousaf 9 oy oldin
Melo is better then Lebron in the rookie of the year and that faxts
LeThanos James
LeThanos James 9 oy oldin
LeGM accessing his players.
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