LeBron James vs Giannis Antetokounmpo BEASTS Duel 2017.10.20 - LBJ With 24 Pts, Giannis With 34!

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21-Okt, 2017



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徐秋金 2 oy oldin
jhoseph Levy
jhoseph Levy 3 oy oldin
Saden Uttie !
Saden Uttie ! 6 oy oldin
76ers>Milwaukee Giannis>any player on 76ers So what I learned through all this is- Giannis= carry
Learn More
Learn More 6 oy oldin
Old King Vs Prime king
Jeric Dacara
Jeric Dacara 7 oy oldin
It takes away your grip, so your dick slips out of your hand
Khuslen Darkhansolongo
Is lebron stronger than giannis or???
Caleb dejoun
Caleb dejoun 7 oy oldin
The Thumbnail got me laughing Lebron’s Face
Kendall Greer
Kendall Greer 9 oy oldin
Why does LeBron is crying in the thumbnail
Let’s talk LFC
Let’s talk LFC 9 oy oldin
Gee Giannis has to leave the bucks
MONEYPRO MUSIC 11 oy oldin
That giannis dude should just go by his first name on his jersey
264alpha Yil oldin
Giannis might be better than bron rn
allan Andrade
allan Andrade Yil oldin
giannis god blees..
Austin Hill
Austin Hill Yil oldin
Hey DAWKINS can you do ? "Russell Westbrook Highlights, against the Milwaukee Bucks, 12/29/17, and that dunk over Thon Maker....."
Julian Lee
Julian Lee Yil oldin
The thumbnail looks like lebron is crying lol
George Costopoulos
Amarah Corinne Booc
its a genius vs rush and mindless player. im afraid that giannis will injured.
Giannis must respect the legend LeBRON JAMES
Respect the legend
Fanis Katsanevakis
Yiannis is now the NUMBER 1
Friends Of Red Demi
I miss the ballhawk stuff before videos, why did they stop?
Rubzey Studios
Rubzey Studios Yil oldin
Fuck Lebron,Giannis is the beast
Jason Carbon
Jason Carbon Yil oldin
Give Giannis a better vertical and he will be terrifying.
D1abloSenpai Yil oldin
Really glove's? Basketball has fall so much since I was a kid
jai Soyinka
jai Soyinka Yil oldin
Giannis will never be as good as king James he can't be stopped
Odnalro Adgal
Odnalro Adgal Yil oldin
Bucks can beat the cavaliers in fast pace.
Goldfish Crackers
It takes away your grip, so your balls slip out of your hands..
Ulvi Gozelov
Ulvi Gozelov Yil oldin
1:27 Anani :D
Andrei Pucci
Andrei Pucci Yil oldin
Do y’all see how giannis just pushes crowder around and the other players and scored what a beast lol
Ivan Balala
Ivan Balala Yil oldin
Prime Bron = Giannis
Leebron Bruce
Leebron Bruce Yil oldin
Giannis need a 3 point shot and he'll be the next goat.
axstxn Yil oldin
Mark Bernadel
Mark Bernadel Yil oldin
Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu Yil oldin
Man, this is like Jordan vs Kobe all over. James beating Giannis with his experience and know-how. Greek Freak is still scary though, just so long. You can see how James is calculating and thinking the whole time to beat him.
kakarot songoku
kakarot songoku Yil oldin
The king says this is how it's done
414MrMilwaukee Yil oldin
Frogy Us
Frogy Us Yil oldin
fuck ur gloves
russell westbrook
Fuck lebron
Nico Andrei Baula
after mamba there is lion. after lion there is spiderman. great after great after great. one love giannis the next to the throne.
Le Bronze
Le Bronze Yil oldin
7:18 dont mess with the king,
R Yil oldin
3:17 damn, lol that's straight up domination right there
Thomas Vincent
Thomas Vincent Yil oldin
something beyond bully ball...he shouldn't be able to do that at 22 yrs old to a beast like Crowder...wow
Raymond Garcia
Raymond Garcia Yil oldin
@freedawkins I would like to see the final stats at the end of these videos between the opposing players.
Xboxlove1 Yil oldin
the 3 step travel is way too easy
2pacexpert Yil oldin
Lebron schooled this dude, and Still
Demar Derozan Highlights
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bearded sport
bearded sport Yil oldin
William S
William S Yil oldin
If you want to watch Korver's virginity get takes 2:33 - 2:40
TheOnlyLumpyOne Yil oldin
4:22 quadruple pump fake
KingOne Yil oldin
If Lebron was 23, would have killed him very bad.
KingOne Yil oldin
Dillon Hanna What a perfect and truthful observation. They are not on the same level.
Dillon Hanna
Dillon Hanna Yil oldin
KingOne what a stupid observation
Chris Macdonald
Chris Macdonald Yil oldin
Gianni is of NIGERIAN descent (yoruba)
Adrian Garza
Adrian Garza Yil oldin
@ 8:53 LeBron said: ahh somebody got to get fucken open man
Professional Nihilist
Giannis would have won with a slightly better team.
Professional Nihilist
4:23 That QUADRUPLE pump fake tho!
Jun DC
Jun DC Yil oldin
Giannis is better than lbj now. Its just cavs has better players and a system than bucks.
thee_MACHINE Yil oldin
them Nike warm ups is EVERYTHING!
Brian Baty
Brian Baty Yil oldin
Kevin Durant 2.0
It takes away your grip. Man, this stucks in my head already...
artis ambus
artis ambus Yil oldin
@1:03 he travels like Lebron
Anthony Butera
Anthony Butera Yil oldin
Kawhi > Gina
Grant Gubatan
Grant Gubatan Yil oldin
it takes away your grip
Larry Okoye
Larry Okoye Yil oldin
Only his 3rd year this is the year he emerges as a superstar but NOT the Elites yet. I'm talking "Steph,Bron,KD,Kawhi,Beastbrook,Harden" but Giannis DEFINITELY a top 10
Snow 8 oy oldin
+Chris Yes he is idiot lmao.
Chris Yil oldin
Larry Okoye Kawhi not a beast
Romeo Jr. Luchavez
7:32 lebron travels..
MiamiHeat682 Yil oldin
You're not serious are you?
Nicklas y0
Nicklas y0 Yil oldin
Romeo Jr. Luchavez lmao
Swervo24 Yil oldin
@1:15 Lebron looked like a little kid guarding giannis😂
adrian francis
adrian francis Yil oldin
lebron dont want it from giannis
Tristen Baylis
Tristen Baylis Yil oldin
Giannis averaging 38 pts a game rn wtf
TheBestFighter Yil oldin
Every1 overhyping Giannis.
Brandon Dozier
Brandon Dozier Yil oldin
Bron look scared af in the thumbnail 🤣
Trevon Adams
Trevon Adams Yil oldin
Giannis out played lebron....but the cavs out played the bucks
rafael smith
rafael smith Yil oldin
What's a King to a God?
giannos vs Cleveland
lebron with super team
Dedrick Turner
Dedrick Turner Yil oldin
Dickriding the new trend he 3 games thru regular season .. don’t disrespect curry kd harden Westbrook kawahi like that he got a long ways to go 💯
Dedrick Turner
Dedrick Turner Yil oldin
I don’t have to mention the king 🤴🏽 because we know who holds the throne lebron coasted thru this entire game
flameout12345 Yil oldin
Giannis needs to be a little bit more patient and really stop relying on his athletic ability.
H W.
H W. Yil oldin
4:23 was funny XD
Donae Morrow
Donae Morrow Yil oldin
Maybe i just cant tell from the highlights but Bucks look amazing. If Terry or one other player could get a consistent 12 a night on 3s n theyd be taking on GSW!
Ovais A
Ovais A Yil oldin
They need more depth, their second unit is what.evs, the starting 5 is probably 3rd best in the East.
MrSwiftSilence Yil oldin
Bout 3/4 years ago I was told Giannis would be a beast. I said “nah he’s lanky but I doubt he’ll be close to the top of the league in anyway”. Well I was fucking wrong.
katabok Yil oldin
8:37 mate.....
Yannick Kimenyi
Yannick Kimenyi Yil oldin
Giannis gets a solid J the NBA is doomed.
May Brian
May Brian Yil oldin
LBJ has stronger teammates (period)
Natalio Joseph Benson
May Brian Since 2011........
nylien77 Yil oldin
Is it just me or does it look like LeBron is about to cry in the picture for the video
Jose Saavedra
Jose Saavedra Yil oldin
If Giannis can develop a consistent jumpshot, it’s over for the rest of the league
Dillon Hanna
Dillon Hanna Yil oldin
The Admiral lol
The Admiral
The Admiral Yil oldin
ummmm KD aint went nowhere yet....he can hang with Greek's stuff no doubt
Troy Spencer
Troy Spencer Yil oldin
LeBrons athleticism + KD length = Giannis
Ralph Taylor
Ralph Taylor Yil oldin
Troy Spencer hes nice but he's nothing like a 25 yr old Lebron I'm sorry LeBron has a 45 inch vert he's easily 20 pounds heavier but still runs 20 mph bro he's nothing like LeBron wat he is is coordinated and longer not more coordinated but he is LeBron doesn't have to score 34 pts again the Greek freak does
truthseeker89 for life
Giannis is next in line when LeBron leave
rolando frias
rolando frias Yil oldin
Crowder is a great addition to the Cavs. Offensively and defensively dude Is the perfect role player
Go Ku
Go Ku Yil oldin
rolando frias yes
pseuperuser45 Yil oldin
LeBron's face in the thumbnail 😂
Overrated Gianni's No jump shot is shown his place by the king. The Kid has one break through year and he is shit before last season. These bucks fans comparing him to LBJ and MJ. He is not even Top 6. GTFO
IS Music
IS Music Yil oldin
He was always good what are you talking about lol
James Hardhead
James Hardhead Yil oldin
DHEERAJ VARMA lol he was never trash compare his first years to KOBE now image if Kobe was 6 11 and athletic as Hell not to mention this is him at 22 mj join the league at 22 that means he already ahead lol
Christian Mensah
4:24 smh
Victor Yil oldin
they almost scored their numbers, lbj #23 giannis #34
Celtics are better
Top 3 small forwards in the league rn: 1. LeBron 2. Kawhi 3. Giannis
John Atairu
John Atairu Yil oldin
KD IS Better than Kawhi not defensively but offensively and KD IS better than Giannis when was last time Giannis went to the play offs oh ya nm he shit but will improve but not better than kd
Celtics are better
God WestBrick DurChoke still isn't better than any of em
John Atairu
John Atairu Yil oldin
he dumb
God Westbrick
God Westbrick Yil oldin
KD destroyed every single of them lmao
John Atairu
John Atairu Yil oldin
Haha KD doesnt exist anymore you fucking shit face
Brad Koehler
Brad Koehler Yil oldin
Giannis MVP Lebron finalsMVP
Joe 7374
Joe 7374 Yil oldin
hate Westbrook all u want. He set the bar for the MVP and made it relevant again and i think Giannis is the only player worthy of catching that crown.
jon moonie
jon moonie Yil oldin
What I knew was gonna happen...east is gonna be interesting to watch
Ovais A
Ovais A Yil oldin
but it will still be significantly weaker than the west
J C Yil oldin
That sick passing of Giannis
Jason Francois
Jason Francois Yil oldin
LeBron crying in the thumbnail lmfao jk 😂😂
Could you put up lebron and Kyle kover highlights from this game with the cavs commentary?
Tasos M.
Tasos M. Yil oldin
Giannis was the best player on the floor yesterday but Cavs was the best team and thats why they won.
Keem TV
Keem TV Yil oldin
DHEERAJ VARMA you're an idiot and for that I won't even talk about basketball with you
Tray Dizzley
Tray Dizzley Yil oldin
Tasos M. Stop best player was Lebron he was smart enough to make his team better thats why they all so good he not gonna show out if theres no point remember that
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons Yil oldin
antonio rodrigo
antonio rodrigo Yil oldin
Tasos M. + what the fuck bitch..did u watch the game?wtf? lebron abused giannis last night..i am bucks fan and giannis is my number one player but we have to be honest..cavs won because they had lebron.do you even follow bucks on twitter?bucks tweet a post game interview of giannis...............................giannis said: ''lebron is one of the best players ever, i am not on lebrons level yet'' .....go and watch it..where the fuck do you live? also giannis for mvp 2017-2018 easily....if we get 50 wins..and if he won more than 2 rings with the bucks and 3 mvps he will be the best player ever.but for now the best player in the nba is lebron.and the best ever, of course
Lol overrated Gianni's and his deer fans. The Kid has one good season last year and he improved. He is shit before that and people are comparing him with LBJ, KD and Kawhi. He is not even TOp 6 players in NBA right now.
Pierce Quinn
Pierce Quinn Yil oldin
There is no room for error when you dribble this way
Spurs Talk
Spurs Talk Yil oldin
Not one single jump shot was made by Giannis on this day..
Jabarles Parkley
Spurs Talk droppin 30 a game on 60% and is only 23 that jumpers is coming along
GamesOnTV Yil oldin
Spurs Talk I disagree I believe it has improved just not at the 3point line yet
Spurs Talk
Spurs Talk Yil oldin
Thomas Vincent nah bro he can't shoot. He has a great work ethic and his jump shot has not improved at all since he been in the league, that's kind of scary if you're a bucks fan.
Thomas Vincent
Thomas Vincent Yil oldin
he did make a few but main point was that he was choosing to not shoot jumpshots because he didn't have to, he has gotten enough confidence in his muscles & game that he was imposing his game on the Cavs, not doing what Cavs wanted him to do. That shows mental growth as well which nobody talks about.
GamesOnTV Yil oldin
You know what I mean when you give them space to drive your screwed
Rick James
Rick James Yil oldin
Cleveland's gonna have some trouble defending good big men this year
Ovais A
Ovais A Yil oldin
Jonas Valanciunas, belive dat, he torched Tristan Thompson in the ECF in 2015-16
Game Central
Game Central Yil oldin
Toshino2452 good point
Toshino2452 Yil oldin
Rick James what good big men are they going to meet in the playoffs and finals?
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