LeBron James vs Lonzo Ball FIRST Duel Highlights (2017.12.14) Lakers vs Cavaliers - SICK!

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ZO - 13 Pts 11 ast 8 reb - LBJ 25 Pts 12 reb 12 ast
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15-Dek, 2017



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溫雲強 28 kun oldin
Artemus Sanders
I love LONZO! La keep HIM
Spade YT
Spade YT 2 oy oldin
Lonzo travels
Chuiemls 2 oy oldin
LeBron James in balding btw
Angelli Sol
Angelli Sol 3 oy oldin
Now his teammates 😂😂
alex ramircruz
alex ramircruz 4 oy oldin
Lonzo and lebron are trash kd is the king
Haaaj 20
Haaaj 20 4 oy oldin
The random grunts lol
mabalot5150 7 oy oldin
Jason Barkley
oh yea yea
oh yea yea 7 oy oldin
now they're going start playing with each other, hope lebron pushes tf out of zo to make him better
Duffys 8 oy oldin
lonzo and lebron will be a great match this game shows so much potential for that duo
AA Batteries
AA Batteries 9 oy oldin
Welcome to LA LeBron
GfromAB 9 oy oldin
The game he told lonzo I'm coming to LA
Neutral Boy The Producer
BEATS 4 SALE neutralinc.tunevibe.com
nombla1111 9 oy oldin
Lmao I thought this nigga #99 was wearing Tims. Boy That shit had me weak.
Erickson Dumlao
Erickson Dumlao 9 oy oldin
Welcome LeBron to LA #Lakerforlife #kobefanhere
DJ ShaqTown
DJ ShaqTown 9 oy oldin
So many players on the court are now teammates 😂
cene 9 oy oldin
Now they're teammates 😂
colby milton
colby milton 9 oy oldin
Now they teammates wow
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 9 oy oldin
Togheter now 😍
Jwxo Weeye
Jwxo Weeye 9 oy oldin
The game Lebron knew he wanted to be a Laker
Icycum 9 oy oldin
ford 9 oy oldin
Came back here just to remind myself how they played against each other prior to being teammates. #LAbron #LaBronZo
Allegedly Aware
Allegedly Aware 9 oy oldin
He signed with the lakers
MegaSteven011 9 oy oldin
Teammates now
Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen 9 oy oldin
LAbron #Lakers
F Sneaks
F Sneaks 9 oy oldin
Now they together
Samuel Sun
Samuel Sun 9 oy oldin
Now they're teammates
die with me
die with me 10 oy oldin
die with me
die with me 10 oy oldin
2KRitchie 10 oy oldin
1:50 does a lebron pass 😜
Dab Savage
Dab Savage 10 oy oldin
But seriously, imagine the offense AND the defense if they were on the same team... Lonzo would average 10+ assists and LeBron would shoot like 60% from the field. It would be like LeBron playing with a smaller LeBron that knows exactly how to help him.
Eitan Sasky
Eitan Sasky 10 oy oldin
MickyMicky Mike
MickyMicky Mike 11 oy oldin
2:31 All yours, bro! lol
skyla johnson
skyla johnson 11 oy oldin
I’m the 1000th comment! Ayee
Pat 228
Pat 228 11 oy oldin
Everyone hates Lonzo but the reason they hate him is cuz of his dad that doesn’t seem right
Amirul Ashraf
Amirul Ashraf 11 oy oldin
3:17 how many steps again? ~__~
Nawal Mohamed
Nawal Mohamed 11 oy oldin
lebron should join them for the next season
PufulEte StyLe
PufulEte StyLe 11 oy oldin
Why are you all driving me crazy?i saw curry vs lonzo i saw durant vs lonzo but lebron? Lebron vs lonzo? For real?? Are you comparing the most balanced player ever(will soon be better than jordan if not already 100%) with ....lonzo ball(a kid with a name for those 3 pointers 2/10.....good job man you are pro
youngsavage 11 oy oldin
Omg Le bon Jordan Vs Haranzo Ball???
Og Yil oldin
Lonzo, Kuzma, and Ingram, great players wi great potentials. Im just 14 but they amazin' af
Theory101tv Yil oldin
This game was a classic. Lonzo made everyone play better even lebron. He caught love slippin with a nonchalant assist right infront of his face. Throwing a Aaron Rodgers hail marry down the court. Lebron showed his passing game too. Made the lakers centers look weak. Good game
Zyan Cesar
Zyan Cesar Yil oldin
1:02 travel tho
HiImRawr Yil oldin
How is it a duel when They don't guard each other and Lonzo hardly scores
Ryan Bambino
Ryan Bambino Yil oldin
LeBron with headband >>>>>>> LeBron no headband.
Dyl DiLeo
Dyl DiLeo Yil oldin
I was sitting here watching this for 5 minutes and then realized that it’s 2k i was like no way they’re this good
Magic In The Air
Felix Ampatin
Felix Ampatin Yil oldin
LBJ the king Vs lonzo ball king of lowlights
Kudah Yil oldin
ball and ingram might have saved lakers
Iaintsocial Yil oldin
Lebron be cherry picking
Jonathan Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen Yil oldin
lonzo's career could of ended at 1:30
Mark Synyster
Mark Synyster Yil oldin
its kuszma vs lebron .lonzo who??
Jodenmbrunson Brunson
Y'all some haters
Bat Vigilante
Bat Vigilante Yil oldin
Nope! They grew up watching kobe and kobe is their idol
Domz JB
Domz JB Yil oldin
He doesn't seem to be confident to take the shots.. There's a lot of time he could have taken shots but instead he passed them when he didn't need to
draxis ss
draxis ss Yil oldin
is it illegal for LeBron to grow his head hair
mezzkath Yil oldin
Lonzo is trash tho
Idk Lol
Idk Lol Yil oldin
Comeback 😎
why James always screaming for? 😂😂
Dave Gordhan
Dave Gordhan Yil oldin
Great players on both teams! Matter of fact all players are good! Stay strong, tough, successful, safely, happy, kind, nice, healthy, wealthy, and take good care of yourself and your family.
Ethan Stahlkopf
Ethan Stahlkopf Yil oldin
Wow this lakers team has so much talent just waiting to peak
Carson Daulton
Carson Daulton Yil oldin
Yep I love not seeing the final score
Controller boiii
4:08 Travel?!!!
1:40 C'mon Nance. At least try lol literally the only guy in the league that might have a chance of a chase downblock on LeBron
Ozkar Fonsi
Ozkar Fonsi Yil oldin
Damn no wonder Kobe Bryant retired he didn’t wanna be babysitting them kids😂😂
lil_jøker gaming
1:02 travel?
Kirkland Brown
Kirkland Brown Yil oldin
Basketball is trash now... if you touch someone in paint its a foul
Grayson24242 Amazez
He is tiny
Daryus Dobbins
Daryus Dobbins Yil oldin
Man lonaz ball
Sheri Yil oldin
Lonzo is a lil lazy defensively
Ace Williams
Ace Williams Yil oldin
Ball looks more relaxed and confident now and is playing well. Looks good with a haircut. He was looking like Sideshow Bob there for a minute.
Mario De La Torre
New school vs newer school
Issa Heavenly
Issa Heavenly Yil oldin
Anyone else hear the random scream at 0:51
lance Jones
lance Jones Yil oldin
4:35 Look in the crowd .... yellow hat 😂
IRV G Yil oldin
What's the stat on LeBron eye pokes?
Tum Tum
Tum Tum Yil oldin
Lol where was the comparison?
Peter Hofmann
Peter Hofmann Yil oldin
Dat defense was a whole shit
Lil Honky
Lil Honky Yil oldin
Ball family is so hated.
Hendrin Nedonga
Hendrin Nedonga Yil oldin
nedong hendrin
BUNO BEATZ Yil oldin
Lonzo got bodied by lebron
Ashley Willard
Ashley Willard Yil oldin
Why the hell you want to talk about a arm sleelve
KLWeezy1 Yil oldin
At 3:18 J.R. doing what J.R. does.
francis charles
francis charles Yil oldin
Pause at 3:11 you can see melo and lavar in the background
Mr. M
Mr. M Yil oldin
"Pretending to be like LeBron" Lmao
Lea Wilkes
Lea Wilkes Yil oldin
That hair line is fucked up
Hugo vose
Hugo vose Yil oldin
White man can't jump!
Tomas Payne
Tomas Payne Yil oldin
that boy ball can throw the she shit out of a ball
Dan Liu
Dan Liu Yil oldin
Ball did have one of his better games, but come on this wasn't a "duel" in any sense of the word. Arguably Calderon outplayed Ball.
lonzo getting more comfortable on the field and he will become a super star soon enough
:D Yil oldin
So glad i chose to watch this game instead of star wars
Leon Yil oldin
Am I the only one that thinks Lonzo ball is a weirdo... like seriously he play weird....
FervenC Yil oldin
Lopez a scary bastard!!
Lakers Will Rise
I think Lonzo missing shot has nothing to do with his form but his calf strain injury. Lonzo has been playing hurt since he came to the Lakers. It's the same injury that had him sit out games in summer league and has complained about in the NBA. It's the same injury where in Episode 9 of Ball in the Family, Lonzo's girlfriend, Denise, mentioned he could barely walk and she applied ice to his calf. But Lonzo plays through injuries. I knew something was missing because he has no elevation in his jump shot. But recently against the knicks, I noticed Lonzo wore 2 sleeves on his legs and he shot better the last 2 games. In the last 4 games he has shot 45% and 35% on 3's. The last 2 games over 40% on 3's. His shot looks better. See Lonzo was always a good shooter but just a bad form. But the notion Lonzo can't shoot is a misnomer as he can shoot but he has been missing shots he always made. Go view his video "Lonzo Ball 80, 3 pointers at UCLA" and you will see he shot them very deep, some 1/2 court with a defender in his grill. No other rookie coming out had shots like that. So when they start falling, it will shock those who didn't realize he can shoot. In fact him missing earlier may be a blessing in disguise as some think he can't make it and lag on defense.. They will stop daring him to make the shot when he starts making them consistently. Now I do believe he is a better catch and shoot player than ISO 3 point shooter. He would fit perfectly on the Warriors or the Spurs. The Lakers coaching staff isn't as seasoned yet to know every players best spots on the court to score.
2 legends going at it!
LeBronzo BallJames
We're gonna be the next Jordan and Pippen. Be ready, Golden State.
I am a laker fan but I cant find a Chanel to watch the games plz help
Burley Lien
Burley Lien Yil oldin
ha, ha !
uA Türkiye
uA Türkiye Yil oldin
Lil Gravy
Lil Gravy Yil oldin
I’m tired of seeing London passing every time
goldcoast55 Yil oldin
Anyone notice that J.R. Smith got a Supreme sleeve?
J J Yil oldin
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