LeBron James would not be this great if he played against Michael Jordan - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James would not be on the "Mount Rushmore of basketball" or become a superstar if he was in the NBA during the same era as Michael Jordan because MJ would "annihilate" LeBron's teams. Max Kellerman says no one would stop LeBron from achieving his level of greatness, but Jordan would have won the head-to-head matchups.
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29-Okt, 2018

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Adrian Tabliso
Adrian Tabliso 7 soat oldin
Let's just say they are the greatest player at their own era?
Bradley Parks
Bradley Parks 10 soat oldin
Jordan's time was different LeBron couldn't play against the Pistons ever
d p
d p 11 soat oldin
The fact Lebron plays number 23 says it all... case closed
Maurice Martin
Maurice Martin 15 soat oldin
There's no prizes for second place. Oh my baby needs a participation prize for showing up. Let give him mvp for loosing
Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant 15 soat oldin
Lebron would be injury plagued if he played in the 80’s and 90’s. He couldn’t keep up with Bird or Bernard King’s scoring, every time with brutal power forwards and 7 foot centers, not to mentioned, hand checks were allowed then. On top of that, seeing how Lebron cries so much, try reasoning with Charles Oakley, Charles Barkley, Xavier McDaniel, Bill Laimbeer, and others about fouls!!! Real fouls!!! Then to add insult to injury, a young Air Jordan in the midst. Lebron would’ve been an average player. Things happen for a reason. Lebron was geared for a weaker league. Boys are never greater or stronger than their fathers. Dominique Wilkins would give Lebron a fit!!! Facts!!!
Maurice Martin
Maurice Martin 15 soat oldin
Over Kareem gtfoh lbj haaaaaaaahaaaahhaaaaa
Maurice Martin
Maurice Martin 15 soat oldin
Just like he did malone
Shank Bond
Shank Bond 16 soat oldin
What about Lebron and Kobe in years 2003 to 2010, why was he not able to get any title
The Mass Experience
We already know Jordan the goat but you don't have to downgrade lebron to rise him more
Edward obong
Edward obong Kun oldin
This is all coming from a guy who never played in the NBA. lol fuuuck outta here. kyrie put yo ass in checked and u trynna redeem yourself. lol
Joseph Cora
Joseph Cora Kun oldin
I dont give Lebron tbe 2nd greatest sorry
Lictor Protectus
James is a physically gifted individual, MJ is as well but we both know who is physically stronger. With that said MJ’s will to win was second to none and his mental strength is what separates him from the others. Larry Johnson was physically blessed and I would even argue pre-back injury he was as blessed as James but he lacked the basketball IQ and mental fortitude of James. All in all MJ still stands alone as GOAT.
King Green
King Green 2 kun oldin
Man stfu you have no clue what would happen unless they actually played each other you make predictions all the time and you are wrong stfu nigga
Raza Mohammad
Raza Mohammad 2 kun oldin
Big James would beat Little MJ
Eric Tolbert
Eric Tolbert 2 kun oldin
So disrespectful, the fans and media towards one man, fear a mofo
chris meaders
chris meaders 2 kun oldin
It depends on the team that lebron has vs micheal team. Because neither one guard each other
Chris Favieri
Chris Favieri 2 kun oldin
My way better get your head out of your ass
Yomali Martinez
Yomali Martinez 2 kun oldin
This is a Clear case of the Myth being bigger than the Man
Yomali Martinez
Yomali Martinez 2 kun oldin
LeBron would loose to MJ if MJ still had Pippen. But if there is no Pippen, LBJ beating him too.
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
Despite LeBron being taller and bigger, Jordan would pump fake the shit out of LeBron and get him fouled out the game many times. And he would annihilate LeBron with his footwork. The farthest he would make it would be the Eastern Conference Finals. And LeBron’s prime would be over by the team Jordan is done winning rings.
Nathan Pierce
Nathan Pierce 2 kun oldin
The only thing that can be said about LeBron is that he outweigh Jordan Michael Jordan is better than LeBron in every category
awake and alive
awake and alive 2 kun oldin
This is bull shit Jordan was humiliated his first 5 years in the NBA by the Detroit pistons and the Boston celtics and he had a good supporting cast with him he had to wait for Isaiah Thomas, Larry bird and magic Johnson to get old so he would take over I give the bulls organization for going out of their way to build the right team around Jordan players that were humble enough to let Jordan take all the credit we'll never see another team like the bulls because players today have big egos just take a look at the Lakers with Kobe and Shaq Kobe the crybaby was jealous of Shaq same thing with kyrie Irving jealous of Lebron and what makes this idiots look ridiculous is the fact that they have said in the past that players right now are way better than players of the 90s idiots don't realize that what they're saying is that Jordan's competition was weaker than Lebron James competition same is said in other sports like football soccer and baseball players today more stronger quicker athletic than players of 90s or 80s that makes Michael Jordan competition way weaker than Lebron James.
Ricky Ayala
Ricky Ayala 2 kun oldin
The real interesting possibility would've been a Kobe vs MJ showdown during their primes because of their competitive nature and Kobe's obsession. MJ would've still separated himself but Kobe would've given MJ competition. It would've been interesting even if MJ didn't retire after the last championship, allowing some 2-3 years of great matchups !
Al Filmore
Al Filmore 2 kun oldin
There are ball players...and there are assassins. I wouldn’t want to lose to either Lebron or Michael if I was playing in the NBA. But, I would know that if I lost to Michael it would have felt as if I suffered a career ending injury. I mean...I hate to have been the New York Nicks or the Utah Jazz.
Buff Production
Buff Production 2 kun oldin
hell we seen what kobe did to that bum what is the debate
Thomas Malloy
Thomas Malloy 2 kun oldin
Who cares who is better get off there jock strap.
soid drone slayer
soid drone slayer 2 kun oldin
@ NBA seasons:15 NBA Rookie of the Year (1985) NBA championship:6 NBA Finals MVPs:6 NBA MVPS:5 NBA Defensive Player of the year:1 NBA Scoring champion:10 NBA steals leader:3 NBA Allstar:14 NBA All-Star Game MVP: 3 NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion: 2 "Regular season" PPG:30. RPG:6.2 APG:5.3 SPG:2.3 BPG:0.8 Total career games:1072 Total career points:32,292 Total career rebounds:6672 Total career assists:5633 Total career steals:2514 total career blocks:893 FG%:49.70 3pt%:32.70 Free throw%:83.50 "Playoffs" PPG:33.4 RPG:6.4 APG:5.7 SPG:2.1 BPG:0.9 Total career games:179 Total career points:5987 Total career rebounds:1152 Total career assists:1022 Total career steals:376 total career blocks:158 FG%:48.70 3pt%:33.20 Free throw%:82.80 VS @ NBA seasons:15 NBA Rookie of the Year (2004) NBA championship:3 NBA Finals MVPs:3 NBA MVPS:4 NBA Defensive Player of the year:0 NBA Scoring champion:1 NBA steals leader:0 NBA Allstar:14 NBA All-Star Game MVP: 3 NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion: 0 "Regular season" PPG:27. RPG:37.4 APG:7.2 SPG:1.6 BPG:0.8 Total career games:1136 Total career points:30,855 Total career rebounds:8352 Total career assists:8141 Total career steals:1860 Total career blocks:887 FG%:50.40 3pt%:34.30 Free throw%:73.90 "Playoffs" PPG: 28.4 RPG:8.9 APG:6.9 SPG:1.8 BPG:1 Total career games:217 Total career points:6163 Total career rebounds:1922 Total career assists:1489 Total career steals:389 total career blocks:209 FG%:48.50 3pt%:33.00 Free throw%:74.30
J Bo
J Bo 2 kun oldin
Them niggas would’ve been too slow and weak for Bron if he would’ve played in that era like frfr his mentality would’ve been different g shit!
Loki RIP
Loki RIP 3 kun oldin
Most things Steven Smith says are just obnoxious, but he's spot on here.
lipscovc 3 kun oldin
Sure Lebron would. Jordan would have done what everyone else did that could. Go get help to beat Lebron. LeBron beats teams...Jordan beat individuals. LeBron would have beaten jordans best team. You are simply talking.
Khalid Thomas
Khalid Thomas 3 kun oldin
I remember that time when Jordan's other 10 teammates were hurt. It was him all by himself in the finals against the Jazz and he scored 56 points, had 15 rebounds and 5 blocks. He was incredible!! And had the flu also!!
Stop playing mj wouldn’t even beat Kobe
George L
George L 3 kun oldin
During the Jordan era, Duncan led Spurrs did little to win a championship, and look at what Duncan led Spurrs did to Lebron led Heat? MOTHER FUCKING SPORTSCASTERS, DO NOT DISRESPECT JORDAN BY EVEN COMPARING A LESSER CALIBER LEBRON TO HIM. IT'S A NO BRAINER THAT JORDAN WILL TOWER HIM. LEBRON WILL NOT HAVE A CHANCE!
Michael Gerharz
Michael Gerharz 3 kun oldin
Lebron would have to step up his game if he played in the same era. He would have been called for several travels, that are not called today anymore. Back then the game was much more defense oriented. What makes Mike the greatest ever is his mindset. He never blamed his teammates or gave up in the middle of a game. He took responsibility in every game, in every loss and praised his team if they won. This is what true greatness comes from. It´s not about numbers.
Rey Nunez
Rey Nunez 3 kun oldin
The GOAT was, is and will always be a BULL named Air Jordan.
L. Bailey
L. Bailey 3 kun oldin
Agreed. Jordan "killed" a lot of careers.
Chad Collins
Chad Collins 3 kun oldin
For years I would say Lebron is top 3 but I'm done bullshitting. I'm done saying shit that never felt right. Lebron might make my top 10 if I REALLY thought about it.
Cynical Chimp
Cynical Chimp 3 kun oldin
Lebron is top 10 easy. 1 of 5 players with 4x MVP's, one of 5 players with 3 FMVP's, all time record for most All NBA First Teams with 12, 8 consecutive Finals appearances, All Time Leading Playoff Scorer.
ChaseME 1980
ChaseME 1980 3 kun oldin
Lol head to head Pippen is guarding Lebron.
Rene Ayala
Rene Ayala 3 kun oldin
LeBron couldn't Beat Kobe Bryant either, same scenario as the MJ and no he doesn't beat Kobe. Shoot there's footage where Kobe smokes LeBron!
Lebron is top 100-1m
PAY KOOL 3 kun oldin
MJ would of murdered LJ head to head no questions asked if they played each other during their primes. LJ would of been destroyed completly by the Pistons bad boys but MJ survived and beat them in the finals over so you tell me who's the GOAT! MJ made all other so called all stars look like amateurs LOL
PAY KOOL 3 kun oldin
i stopped watching nbas after MJ retired coz no1 can give me the thrills and goosebumps that MJ used to give me
A A 3 kun oldin
I swear some jordan fans are idiots. In my opinion lebron is the goat because even though he choked in 2011 yall act like that mavs team wasnt stacked. If they werent stacked how did they make the finals than. U can compare that mavs team to that detroit pistons team that dogged michael Jordan. Lets get this straight if ur a superstar u need at least 2 all stars to win a championship. Would u rather play with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman or Kyrie Irving or d wade and Chris bosh as ur all stars (kevin love wasnt even that good as people say he is). Yall act like lebron isnt 6'8 260lb of pure muscle would not dominate the 90s. He's strong af he'll just adapt his game to what everyone else was doing at that time and dominate. This is just my opinion on it so if u want to prove me wrong do it in a mature way and lets have a real argument
A A 3 kun oldin
Michael jordan with no help barely makes the playoffs and if he does make the playoffs he doesnt even make the ECF. Lebron with no help makes the finals or the ECF. Lebron leaves the cavs the cavs are the worst team in the east. Lebron leaves Miami. Miami heat barely make the playoffs with d wade and bosh. Lebron joins back the cavs with kyrie they make the finals every year. Lebron gets the cavs a championship. Lebron loses to 4 allstars even though dropping 51 with 1 eye. Lebron leaves the cavs with basically the same team cavs are the worst in the league. U cant bring up the argument that when u build a team around 1 player and he leaves the team will do bad but that's just the coachings fault. Michael jordan left and the bulls almost made the finals
SuShiHerShi 3 kun oldin
Leborn can do more with less. Just forget Dwade, Bosh, Kyrie, Kevin Love, Ray Allen, and Kyle Korver
dawgie3000 3 kun oldin
i use to respect you, i think you just hit goof status
Jaypee Salazar
Jaypee Salazar 3 kun oldin
don't debate who is the greatest player, for me there's a greatest team which is 1996 chicago bulls!
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 3 kun oldin
You are talking shitt remember MJ retirement was because he could not even play CB all your talking is shitt!😄😄😄
Phillip Moore
Phillip Moore 3 kun oldin
So has anyone asked the question would lebron have the mental toughness to win in Jordan's era basketball was way more mental then then it is now
tow mater
tow mater 3 kun oldin
tow mater
tow mater 3 kun oldin
Physical is something basketball is not anymore . No way labron would not have broke noses and shit if he played in jordans time . Not saying he cant handle it but Jordan aint got not busted noses lol
Bob Sacamento
Bob Sacamento 3 kun oldin
lebron great? hah. He is good but not great. Have people lost their minds?? Lebron is not even in the same league as Kobe.