LeBron James would not be this great if he played against Michael Jordan - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James would not be on the "Mount Rushmore of basketball" or become a superstar if he was in the NBA during the same era as Michael Jordan because MJ would "annihilate" LeBron's teams. Max Kellerman says no one would stop LeBron from achieving his level of greatness, but Jordan would have won the head-to-head matchups.
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29-Okt, 2018



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Gil Eagan
Gil Eagan 4 soat oldin
What'sGoingOn 52
What'sGoingOn 52 6 soat oldin
James soft demeanor wouldn't made in Jordan's physical trash talking era when a foul was damm near murder There was no on the court love between players! LeBron lacks that Pitbull terrier killer attitude that assassin instinct the hood mentally to have played Jordan's era The bad boys would've took his heart and made him just another player if not quit Back then off court we cool but on court it's kill or be killed The money has taken the bite out of the beast the compettiness outta today's sports!
Elbert Santos
Elbert Santos 10 soat oldin
Thank u Steven A
Elbert Santos
Elbert Santos 10 soat oldin
Lebron really.. ur funny man
Jamar Henry
Jamar Henry 20 soat oldin
Jordan was so dominant because Len Bias left us before he could play an NBA, he would've definitely been his rival
Michael Arvin
Michael Arvin Kun oldin
For pure basketball player - all around package - Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest.
Michael Arvin
Michael Arvin Kun oldin
Pippen, Rodman, Michael Cooper, Jordan. 1980s Eastern Conference. LeBron would run out of tissue crying so much. Those men back in the day didn't flop either.
The "U" In Super
We have nothing to talk about... What if we shit on Lebron some more !
W.I. Zolman
W.I. Zolman 2 kun oldin
Lebron is so lucky he never had to face Bill Russell. Lebron is a whiner, Russell was a mature man. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Russell would have gotten into his head and drove him nuts. uzvid.com/video/video-hfB3TG-65vQ.html
Thizlamic 2 kun oldin
Lebron wouldn't have gotten past the Knicks. ewing, Oakley, and Mason would have put the Hammer DOWN.
3aryk 2 kun oldin
Michael Jeffery Jordan 6x NBA Champion 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 6x Finals MVP 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 5x League MVP 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 10x scoring leader🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀 4x led the NBA in steals🏀🏀🏀🏀 1985 Rookie of the year 🏆 1988 Defensive player of the year 🏆(200+ blocks & 200+ steals in the 87/88 season) 10x All-Defensive team selection 63 points in a playoff game vs.the 1986 Boston Celtics 🍀 (Single game Record) 2x Olympic🥇🥇(Team 🇺🇸) 1982 NCAA championship with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels 2x NCAA basketball player of the year ⛹️ 2x ACC Player of the year ⛹️ 2x All-ACC 2x Concensus All-America 1st Ballot HOF 🏀 Number one all time among NBA SG in career blocks and career steals And he did it, in a big man era, without a dominant big man/ or a dominant center on his championship teams This is what makes him the greatest player in NBA history No disrespect to those who came before him, but Jordan’s the goat 🐐🏀
Ali Sakhi
Ali Sakhi 2 kun oldin
Who cares
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett 3 kun oldin
and MJ would not have been as good against Boston Warriors 76ers Rockets Bucks etc.
Parker Braun
Parker Braun 3 kun oldin
Kurt Lima
Kurt Lima 3 kun oldin
How did the "SELF PROCLAIMED" GOAT won his NBA finals? coz' from what i remember against the spurs, bosh took the offensive rebound and passes to allen who eventualy made the three point shot to make it to the OT. imagine what would happen if bosh did not get that offensive rebound. and remember against the Warriors? the "GOAT" told Spoestra that Irving should take the last shot. what??? Goat cant handle the pressure??? 😂 and luckily Irving shot went in and the goat took the credit for that. so? is that how the "GOAT" win championsip? 😂 arent you ashamed calling yourself the GREATEST OF ALL TIME? JORDAN took the last shot and luckily it went in too. BUT HE IS MADE FOR THAT. MJ is consistent until the game ends. until the season ends! and you lebron? from what i see? you are just a show off!!! just celebrate that you got your 3 rings, maybe that would be your last. so please! dont compare MJ to this clown.
Bin Abdullah
Bin Abdullah 3 kun oldin
Too far, curry is better than LeGM
jeff25677 3 kun oldin
LeBron would still be the same with/without MJ in this era. There are countless players with better defensive than MJ and LBJ, and both of these man have still managed to score regardless. In a 1-on-1.... i would take Lebron on my side. Hes taller, stronger and has a really good FG%. MJ would come close for sure, However he would have to play more crafty like in his 30s cause some fadeaways and not good % shots. MJ is always going to be the GOAT! LeBron is forever going to be remembered as the KING!
jeff25677 3 kun oldin
P.S. 2nd Greatest player doesn't make sense when they use it for LBJ. If you go by stats alone Lebron has beaten most NBA records including all of MJs, also his all time scoring record of 4th place. MJ does have 6 rings, however, that is more of a team accomplishment than a individual one. Opinions are best for the views tho so i understand
Zeafer Jones
Zeafer Jones 3 kun oldin
I think one of the reasons people are having a hard time understanding what Stephen A is saying is because Kobe and Jordan are similar but there was one big difference between them. Kobe wanted to be one of the best but he didn't take it personally if there was a guy that was better or more hyped then he was. Jordan took it personal if there was another guy that was on his level and he would target the dude until he was proven the best. Kobe never really went at Iverson the same way Jordan went at guys with similar stats.
Jamar Hebron
Jamar Hebron 4 kun oldin
You have to put the eras in perspective. If Lebron played back then he would’ve played like back then. No flopping, more aggressive. More killer. He would’ve used his strength more. He would’ve been tougher. I feel he would’ve been better then he is now
China Jones
China Jones 4 kun oldin
And kobe would have?
Scott G
Scott G 4 kun oldin
Lol Kobe took the lakers to the playoffs with a way wore squad then lebron has this year... bullshit lebron can do more with less
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
Jordan wasn’t just going to beat LeBron, he would rip his heart and soul and he would strip the motivation and everything out of LeBron. Every year he would beat him and torture him in the ECF saying: “What did I tell you? You’re not beating me.” Over and over and over again until MJ leaves the league and LeBron is too old to carry a team to the finals.
MARIO RIVERA JR 4 kun oldin
Say that James played in the late 80s and 90s and JAMES still came a star..it's not only MJ and the bulls he gots to worry about..he got to go against Boston..and he will see how bad boy pistons play..and Knicks he will beat pacers and magic..but for a few year James won't even make it pass the first round..but if he make it to the eastern conference finals against the bulls I believe James won't even a win..cus Mike will go at him..
MARIO RIVERA JR 4 kun oldin
See the difference between today's game..and the 80s and 90s game..it's so different when James was in the east and made to 8 straight finals..who on the east can beat him..raptors was number 1 but still can't beat James..hawks,pacers..we're weak against LeBron the only team from the east that gave him a little challenge was the bulls..now back to the 80s and 90s..MJ had to go against Boston..pacers..magic..and bad boys pistons that will hammer u once u touch the ball and don't forget about the Knicks that always gave the bulls a fight..see in to days game u can't touch if u do a hard foul it's flagrant foul..and play cry about it 2..u can all day long,in the 80s and 90s they will hit u hard,threw u to the ground...and say this is a men's game..
naile zoupani
naile zoupani 4 kun oldin
No one will ever be greater than Michael Jordan. 6 for 6. No one will ever beat this..
Jose Escobar
Jose Escobar 4 kun oldin
Different era's different times...Lebron is great...but a whiny little bitch....MJ was just great!
Mart Delgado
Mart Delgado 4 kun oldin
i like stephen a but it wont happen ... there will be no lebron if theres no michael jordan.. since lebron is chasing the ghost (Goat)
Martian74 5 kun oldin
I. Don’t agree with this, with the rules from the 80’s Lebron could have been more physical against the opponents.
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
Michael Jordan would have not been that great if he didn't play with Phil Jackson, the greatest coach in Nba history as well as Horace Grant, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr. These are some of the greatest players to play the game. People don't understand the type of system that MJ had. He had it really easy.
Antonio Kim
Antonio Kim 5 kun oldin
Joy Joy Joy look at how LeBron on playing against tough defenses today. Tough fouls are also considered as tough defenses and he can’t handle those tough fouls. He would’ve got knocked down, bruised, bloodied if he played in Jordan’s era. LeBron has a bigger frame than Jordan and that means it’s easier for players to play him harder and bang him easier than Jordan who’s more of a finesse player. That also means if Jordan had LeBron’s physics he wouldn’t been the same Jordan that we know today because of the amount of physical contact he would had on his body. That’s why LeBron wouldn’t been the same if he had played in Jordan’s era.
Antonio Kim
Antonio Kim 3 kun oldin
played0ut with all that and Jordan led almost every year in scoring. ESPN started this debate makes me sick
played0ut 4 kun oldin
lol MJ constantly got clobbered (flagrants in these days) when he drove to the rim. He didn't gaf and kept going. In a league where the paint was packed iwth bigs waiting to swat you. Where the pistons would give a 2nd foul purposely after the 1st foul took MJ out of the air (didn't count as 2nd foul). As kobe/tony allen/others have said, MJ was absolutely relentless. MJ started bulking in 89 to deal with the physicality better.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName 5 kun oldin
lebron is not even in the same breath as jordan....NO ONE IS.....
Elwood Riley
Elwood Riley 5 kun oldin
Stephen A Smith what Fuck you been drinking before you came to work LeBron James is not better then Clyde Drexler
Howard Leake
Howard Leake 5 kun oldin
Same with the Sonics...
Howard Leake
Howard Leake 5 kun oldin
If lebron played on that Utah squad..... they would’ve whooped Jordan’s ass.....
Howard Leake
Howard Leake 5 kun oldin
There were a lot of teams that would’ve beat the bulls if lebron was on their team. You mfs on crack.... from the 90s.... nino Brown, CMB, new jack crack
Geno Bourn
Geno Bourn 5 kun oldin
100 percent agree!
Walter Head
Walter Head 6 kun oldin
Yall keep talking bout is he better than mj he not even better than kobe
John Mcgee
John Mcgee 6 kun oldin
Max kellerman jordsn had a 36 inch vertical. It’s recorded you dumb fuck.
Tyson Lee
Tyson Lee 6 kun oldin
Jordan would just trash talk Lebron and make her cry
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Oh please Jordan was untouchable and had enforcers under the rim to do his dirty work. Smith is just a loudmouthed fool. Guess he relates well to an audience of sports fans. Would love to play chess against any of these "genius" types.
Ray Gordon Teaches Chess
Please kill Brick off GH.
Stephen Dees
Stephen Dees 6 kun oldin
LeBron in the same era would've exposed Jordan.
AJ Allen
AJ Allen 6 kun oldin
Kinda like how Lebron got exposed in the 2011 Finals by Jason Terry??? Stop pretending you know what you're talking about.
Rampo'o Rampo'o
Rampo'o Rampo'o 6 kun oldin
Stephen Dees lol
Alvaro Diaz
Alvaro Diaz 7 kun oldin
Kobe is better than Lebron Lebron is playing in an easy era where nobody is great like Kobe and Mj that’s why this is like a mature basketball
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse 7 kun oldin
The NBA forgot how to play defense a long time ago and now it's getting ridiculous. Someone needs to posterize Harden quickly with a swat, send the ball to Mars. Then stare him down like MJ. Do this before he grows in strength.
Geoff Lester Chua
Geoff Lester Chua 7 kun oldin
Lebron's era is SOFT... Put him on MJ or Kobe's prime era... I bet you James would be missing games...
Philip Chen
Philip Chen 8 kun oldin
The Bulls were still a decent team when MJ left. By contrast the Heat/Cavs went from finalists/champions every year to some of the worst teams in the league when Lebron left. And if not for the injury this year Lebron would have taken the Lakers pretty far. MJ never had this kind of impact on a team with his presence/absence.
Philip Chen
Philip Chen 6 kun oldin
+AJ Allen Bosh, Allen and Love are mediocre superstars (but superstars nonetheless) and lbj did indeed win with them Bosh twice and thanks to Allen's 3. Wade is top superstar but was injured in 2014 but on previous occasions with the exception of 2011 lbj all won. Kyrie was still a rising star when lbj first came back to the Cavs. You can't deny the fact that lbj's teammates and teams were nowhere near the competency of the Bulls, and hence the greater achievement of lbj. As I said mj has had a far better career than lbj but that doesn't mean he's a better player. Bulls were still strong without mj but the Cavs went from consecutive finalists/champions to the worst team in the league without lbj - this point totally destroys all and any of your argument. MJ would be forgotten when my generation takes the reins.
Philip Chen
Philip Chen 6 kun oldin
+AJ Allen yeah Lebron messed up against the Mavericks but still the 2011 Mavs were the 28th strongest team ever better than anything mj played against except perhaps the Jazz. MJ would have been totally destroyed by Notwizki.
AJ Allen
AJ Allen 6 kun oldin
+Philip Chen so Lebron didn't have D-Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Kevin Love, Kyrie, etc....all future HOF's???? Just stop Philip, your comments make zero sense.
AJ Allen
AJ Allen 6 kun oldin
Philip Chen: see 2011 NBA Finals...conversation over. Period.
Philip Chen
Philip Chen 6 kun oldin
+Anthony Name one year where the Bulls were the underdogs in the finals. Lebron was almost always on the underdog team and he made the TEAM win hence he's a better player. MJ may have had a better personal career but lbj is a better player by far it's not even close.
OMD OldManDuece
OMD OldManDuece 8 kun oldin
Put Jordan and the Bulls to the side...Lebron Cleveland wouldnt have gotten past Detroit...BadBoys Bird...Celtics Barkley...76ers People need to stop talking out of their ass and realize.. no one knows how good or bad Lebron would have been playing against physical basketball teams This ERA even with great players...take nights off...love each other on and off the court..this is powder puff basketball now Anyone after Kobe isnt in the same breath of 80s and 90s basketball...PERIOD!!!
OMD OldManDuece
OMD OldManDuece 6 kun oldin
I can't believe I forgot the Knicks...Starks/Ewing
Steve Thomsen
Steve Thomsen 8 kun oldin
OMD OldManDuece Preach...
MICAHISGOD 8 kun oldin
I told you sports commentators (Specifically Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless) before the 2018-2019 NBA Season began that the Lakers would not make the playoffs. They all called me a hater but the truth is "I see Lebron for what he truly is... a 'Hype Machine'". -Micahisgod
MICAHISGOD 8 kun oldin
If Lebron would had played against the Bad Boys of Detroit he would had quit the NBA the following week. -Micahisgod
Pretty Lady8
Pretty Lady8 7 kun oldin
lebron would have chicken out as well...and blaming everyone but himself...superstars wont blame his teamates...well except this so called lebron i quess
Bacon Sandwich
Bacon Sandwich 9 kun oldin
Kobe is still better than Lebron. Lebron isnt the King
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse 7 kun oldin
+Bacon Sandwich Jordan was the best athlete iv'e ever seen, in any sport. Some of those strongmen competitions are tough but he was the best competitor. Or, he dominated more in his trade. He invented clutch, even Larry was jealous. Even his shoes were bigger than basketball at one time, I had several pairs of his shoes over the years.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse 7 kun oldin
+Bacon Sandwich Oh ok thought you were saying thats #1 and #2 I'm llike where's the MJ in this sandwich at ?. Where's the beef ?.
Bacon Sandwich
Bacon Sandwich 7 kun oldin
Trojan Horse I grew up watching Jordan play. Lebron shouldnt even be mentioned with Jordan. That why I didnt bring it up 😉
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse 8 kun oldin
Bet you wish you could remember Jordan, nope.
A Zelenovic
A Zelenovic 10 kun oldin
Ok Max so why didn't he do it this year?
Harvey Espiritu
Harvey Espiritu 10 kun oldin
Tottaly agree. Jordan would never allaow james to be in his way. Period. End of story
Teenage bodybuilder
Teenage bodybuilder 10 kun oldin
Jordan never had to guard someone like LeBron or similar enough to make a comparison but LeBron played Kobe so LeBron was even with Kobe meaning LeBron is equal to mj
Gary T
Gary T 11 kun oldin
Have not been following much NBA in recent years, but if LeBron self inflicts this kind of debate then he deserves to be criticised. But if it is all just the sports analysts keep bringing up who is better, is not really fair to LeBron (or MJ for that matter) as they never had a chance to play each other. I am sure if you grew up watching MJ, your opinion is biased and vice versa.
Miami u u miami
Miami u u miami 12 kun oldin
I didnt know his vertical was 48
Boyle Franks
Boyle Franks 12 kun oldin
Max is not necessarily correct- James does not necessarily play longer than Jordan because the other roadblocks are the rules and the physical game of Jordan's era. James would be sustaining similar wear and tear, and abuse. Imagine James going up against those great and violent Detroit teams of the '80s. Pippen and Jordan barely made it out of those playoff games without career-ending injuries as the Pistons were indeed trying to end careers. Jordan's toughness, nastiness and locker room score settling are legendary. The same cannot be said about James.
Jonjo Jr
Jonjo Jr 12 kun oldin
4:55 Are you sure? I think without taking anything away from any of the greats in the 90s, I believe Jordan and the Bulls elevated the entire league to compete against the Bulls. Ask Gary Payton who used to have nightmares when he knew he was facing Jordan and helped him prepare even harder for the match.
Jonjo Jr
Jonjo Jr 12 kun oldin
Jordan was the reaper of backetball souls.
Bruce Rivers
Bruce Rivers 12 kun oldin
Jason Terry and JJ Barea shut down LeBron in the Finals just imagine what MJ would do to him.
Bruce Rivers
Bruce Rivers 12 kun oldin
Don't forget AI was able to win one game against that lakers superteazm with Shaq/Kobe.
Rowell Mason
Rowell Mason 12 kun oldin
They created special rules for Jordan
GaudyCouturist !
GaudyCouturist ! 12 kun oldin
Jordan killed them all ... NBA today is soft as ....... u know what!
Tevin Morrison
Tevin Morrison 13 kun oldin
If anybody think that bron wouldn’t flourish against those plumbers that Jordan played against or Jordan is delusional. I’m talking about prime bron...c’mon man
Hog 13 kun oldin
leborn is the best mike 2nd period.
Anthony 7 kun oldin
Hog lmao no
Anthony Wea
Anthony Wea 14 kun oldin
What if LA doesn't land a big free agent this summer and don't make the playoffs next year also?
Nolan Randolph
Nolan Randolph 11 kun oldin
Then it's time for James to hit the road. Only problem is he's damaged goods and they're probably not going to get what they paid for him at this point. If they can't land a big free agent, it's a good sign nobody wants to play with this cry baby anymore.
רון אליאס
רון אליאס 14 kun oldin
All of you forget what was the way that play in the era of Jordan...if Leron would play against the bad boys..he wouldn't come to play tham in the next year..believe me.. he's such a crying baby... Not to mention other guys like the mailman Chrls and all.. We are now in the era of the sissys...
Dee Loc
Dee Loc 14 kun oldin
bron said he has a playoff mode LMAOOOOOO
Donshay Carolina
Donshay Carolina 14 kun oldin
Sauce Dog
Sauce Dog 14 kun oldin
Stephen A. Speaks Truth
The Lckr
The Lckr 15 kun oldin
Nonsense !
Jeffboxworthy 15 kun oldin
Kobe won 2 extra rings in the “Lebron Era”
Robert Sperlazzo
Robert Sperlazzo 15 kun oldin
Bidwellz9 15 kun oldin
lebron isnt built for the pressure MJ put on players, the amount of trash MJ talked and belittling he did to opponents.......lebron would be in a fetal position in the locker room saying keep that man away from me
wassup 15 kun oldin
Lebron gets assist from just swinging the ball to the left or right, always has known spot up three point shooters in his team, scores a lot from outlet passes and breakaways, cutting to the basket. The new generation needs to look at classic games of Michael Jordan even Kobe to actually see the creativity and skill they used on the court. It just looked nice, their style. Keep in mind Jordan was 6’6 200 Kobe was 6’6 205-210,, Lebron like 6’9 280. If Lebron was 6’6 200 he wouldn’t even be in the starting lineup. That would take away his best move,,,, bull dozing his way to the basket.
wassup 15 kun oldin
Lebron is all marketing , I believe the nba is using him as a stepping stone to move away from the legend of Michael Jordan . How can the nba move on and make more money and get ratings, if everyone keeps saying basketball was better when Jordan was playing. Lebron is being hyped so the nba can move pass Jordan and focus on the new talent.
wassup 15 kun oldin
Well the big difference between the nba in the 80s, 90s, early 2000s compared to now, is back then they actually ran an offense had a strategy. Now teams run up and down the court with no half court setting, one pass then shoot, more threes are shot nowadays compared to back then. Lebron dribbles the ball down passes once , his teammate hits a 30 footer with a defender in his face and Lebron gets the assist. Back then the ball moved around in a half court setting, they moved the defense around and tried to get the ball back into their go to players hands , if not other players had to make a play. In lebrons teams, it seems like they are set up for him and only him to make a play. Different era now , but maybe that’s why he is 3-6 in the finals , stats aren’t everything, if Lebron leads the team in pts, rebs, and assist, that just means no one else is given the opportunity to produce.
Powers Ryan
Powers Ryan 15 kun oldin
And Michel won’t be as good too
Cordell Nash
Cordell Nash 16 kun oldin
Number 2 and 3 had to team up to beat lebron that why he is the 🐐 player never team up to beat Jordan
Bill Kittleman
Bill Kittleman 16 kun oldin
If that's true Max, then why oh why did he have to go join other superstars in order to win titles??
TAFARI MAKANON 16 kun oldin
TAFARI MAKANON 16 kun oldin
This Era is deadly kd curry klay green DC iggy Livingston..Duncan Parker..Manu..there is no one
Carl Crave
Carl Crave 16 kun oldin
if lebron played on mj’s era, he would be similarly like charles barkley
BingCherry11 16 kun oldin
To me MJ would have out played Lebron but it would be the bad boy Pistons who would have inflicted more pain and suffering on Lebron (just like they did to MJ) with their "butcher basketball" style of play. MJ will beat you fairly without butchering you. The Pistons would butcher people during every game... win or lose.
Aaron beall
Aaron beall 16 kun oldin
Speculation, speculation and more speculation. Too tired of these old heads reliving their glory days.
hyutyub 17 kun oldin
LBJ will not be able to score against Dennis Rodman. His post moves will be weak against Olajuwon. His IQ will be bad compared to Larry. So LBJ will be ordinary.
SnowDog0 17 kun oldin
Jordan would make Lebron cry if they played in the same era. Plus Jordan sneakers are way better😂
JumpPlaysGTA 17 kun oldin
Lebron is from a different generation 1990s = different mentality
Jacob Ørnstedt
Jacob Ørnstedt 17 kun oldin
LeBron is not done yet is he. MJ mother fuckers lovers
Ryan Derke
Ryan Derke 17 kun oldin
Hate to bring up Kobe, but this right here is a great example. LeBron doesn’t have that mentality. He might bully most of everyone in today’s league, perhaps he would bully most in the past (given he was raised during that time where he wouldn’t have been as soft) but he just doesn’t have that mentality to play against Jordan, shoot he didn’t even have it against 1 on 1 plays against Kobe. He shot poorly on plays guarded by Kobe, and with Jordan being a slightly better defender than Kobe was, if Jordan was in his prime and can play 40+ min without getting exhausted, he may eat that man alive. LeBron wouldn’t get shut down in terms of getting locked up on defense, he would get locked down from a mental standpoint where he might just get in that “I don’t want to compete” stage. He’s done that in the past on multiple occasions. That’s where Kobe shines. He don’t matter if your Michael Jordan, or Kwame Brown, if he has the ball in his hands, he believes his virtually unstoppable. Practically is, only Kobe can stop Kobe. MJ wouldn’t get to Kobe mentally, he may get physical with him, but you know, as well as MJ knows, he’s going to be in attack mode from tip off to the final buzzer, whether he’s down 30 or up by 30. Now, Kobe will never be the GOAT. I see GOAT and best player as two different things. GOAT is all things considered (Stats, accomplishments, rewards, skill and etc) that alone belongs to Jordan. As far as the “best” individual player, that’s where I think Kobe earned that title.
rishi mohan
rishi mohan 17 kun oldin
Stephen A Shmuck talkin like he knows time travel. 2 gr8 players. Good to debate, but he talks with 100% know all. GTFO
glendale73 17 kun oldin
Only 2-3 players per team in MJ's era could play in today's NBA. The rest won't make the cut. Some of them wouldn't even be athletic or talented enough to make it into the G-League. This is what Stephen A is missing. The competition. The players nowadays are way better than they were 25 years ago. I grew up admiring MJ but there's no denying the amount of talent and athleticism had grown significantly better over the course of three decades. To prove my point even further...time travel Lavine and Gordon into the Nique vs Jordan dunk contest and people wouldn't even mention MJ's or Nique's names the next day.
andrea jones
andrea jones 17 kun oldin
KD wanna be traded to the Patriots🤣🤣🤣
Carlos Bravo
Carlos Bravo 17 kun oldin
geminiwilliams037 17 kun oldin
Different times & conditions unfortunately! Jordan played in an era where they had henchmen hunting & bounty's on his head every season against New York, Detroit's bad boys,Utah jazz,Boston Celtics goon squad darn near trying to break Jordan's legs every year! Nowadays how many teams are actually defense driven exactly 0 now it's all about offenses that's the difference folks! Jordan's an assassin, Kobe's an assassin but LeBron is like a Hitman who uses tactics & planning to get the same results and in that lies the difference point blank!!
John T
John T 17 kun oldin
Koon Jay
Koon Jay 18 kun oldin
Jerome Freeman
Jerome Freeman 18 kun oldin
So Phil Jackson had nothing to do with all those Bulls championships. You telling me a Lebron James with Phil Jackson would not have produced championships for the bulls in the 90's?
The Fire Nation Music
Jordan has always been an assassin Phil had nothing to do with that Mj and Phil helped each other... Jordan was a killer LeBron is about stats people that think he’s better than Jordan believe this because of stats in a very noticeable weaker league, Look what’s happening now that’s he’s in the West where’s that LeBron makes his teammates better and will take the to the finals it don’t even look like they will make the playoffs and the West isn’t even as dominant anymore with the trades that went down.
Young KGJr
Young KGJr 19 kun oldin
Jordan would have not been Jordan against LB. I mean the guy had the greatest block in history with both hands on both sides of mid backboard and his head could literally be in the hoop and that was on one of the biggest in game dunker at the time (Andre Iggi) in a GM7 finals match in the clutchest moment ever lol, Gtfoh Jordan would have been shut down by Bron and you know how it goes with defenders like Kawai guarding him whom is better than Jordan at D. Jordan was ass played in a ass league boa stfu
Adidas Man44
Adidas Man44 19 kun oldin
No debate..Jordan is a winner!!! LeBron is about stats!!!
TheVJProduction 19 kun oldin
We all dam well know that if lebron played in Jordan's era, he would have tucked his tail behind and join the bulls after getting beat by jordan.
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