Lecrae x Zaytoven - Get Back Right

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1-Iyn, 2018

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Fortniteplayz BOI
Fortniteplayz BOI 2 soat oldin
Nice song but can you make a lyric vid? And of coarse zaytoven and Lecrae are just Awesome!!
Lil Trail
Lil Trail Kun oldin
I had to get back right🙏🏾🙏🏾😇
Reggie Chestnut
Reggie Chestnut Kun oldin
Dont put AMEN for this devilish shitttt i dont like yalllll Rttttt god dont care bout your carrr or none of that material stuff he got some godly ways but overall naww😇😇😇😇
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks 2 kun oldin
Search dr Souc!
TheBalancedscales 2 kun oldin
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rico Thomas
Rico Thomas 3 kun oldin
Good job. I was once like all of Lacraes critics untilGod put me in the hood to be a witness. I ran a bible study basketball fellowship in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city. I did that for 7years. Some like Lacrae,some liked This'le,some like T Haddy and others. They really related to the ones that didn't say Jesus or God a whole lot in their music. To them it was positive music that they could listen to and because it was played at a bible study they really knew it was Christian. We're all in this together and one thing God told me was to reach the lost. They sold drugs,robbed people,you name it. Well after being with those young people for seven years I have a beautiful relationshipwith them. It was about 30 kids ranging from 13 to 20. I still keep in touch and a lot of them have been to my church. Some have gotten married and are doing well. They are still fighting this sinful flesh but at least they can call me and we can pray together because they know what's going on and who is trying to devour them.The most important thing is that they now no Jesus died for them and He loves them no matter what. I pray that I see them in the kingdom.
Keshia Smith
Keshia Smith 3 kun oldin
Omg yessss
Jerrico Mallard
Jerrico Mallard 3 kun oldin
Beats recycle...
ChildofG-d904 3 kun oldin
Try not to cry.. piff.me/fefcd5e
Sarah Domingos
Sarah Domingos 3 kun oldin
muito bom!
Loda 3 kun oldin
Destiny Baron
Destiny Baron 4 kun oldin
Waiting for Lecrae and NF to team up! But this album is FIRRRE!
Anneleen 4 kun oldin
the world must hear you! the beat is great. I can listen to it for hours. real fire
Mari Love
Mari Love 5 kun oldin
get Back right
Mark Pospisil
Mark Pospisil 5 kun oldin
Been listening to Lecrae since the old days, really looking forward to his trap phase coming to an end
Xavier Wake
Xavier Wake 5 kun oldin
My grades drop, mom,"get back right"
Daniel tha god
Daniel tha god 6 kun oldin
Yo 1m views Lecrae god is good
Jason Kane
Jason Kane 6 kun oldin
Ashley Nicole 220
Ashley Nicole 220 7 kun oldin
I love it
Neptune npr
Neptune npr 7 kun oldin
This song right here!!!! Bruh!!!!
Samuel Mulenga
Samuel Mulenga 7 kun oldin
When you gat real power....#Lecrae please you drive me crazyyy in the Lord!!! Just villaging my head.
Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson 8 kun oldin
Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson 8 kun oldin
Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson 8 kun oldin
Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson 8 kun oldin
Caleb Vaughn
Caleb Vaughn 8 kun oldin
oooooooooooooo Lecrae, keep it going mane
Jeremiah Simmons
Jeremiah Simmons 8 kun oldin
Love3eeeeeeeeeeeee lecrae
Mrs.CHERISHS1 n 9 kun oldin
Sometimes we fall off, even backslide. Hey! Just 🙏🏽pray, ask for forgiveness and strive to “Get back” 😇
Daggerpaw1 10 kun oldin
Christian 21 savage
Kennadie Barbour
Kennadie Barbour 10 kun oldin
I’m just now listening to this 😱😱
ChildofG-d904 10 kun oldin
JewPac mixtape piff.me/f8b4b90
Adeliz Feliciano
Adeliz Feliciano 10 kun oldin
“You and your squad vs me and my God.” 🙏🏽🙌🏽💪🏽
Youtube Positive Vibes
Mrs. Young
Mrs. Young 11 kun oldin
Malik Jones
Malik Jones 13 kun oldin
Whoa!!! This song now blew up!
Harrison Kilpatrick
Harrison Kilpatrick 13 kun oldin
New release 🔥💯🥇👌🏾🙏
Zion Stephens
Zion Stephens 13 kun oldin
Sounds kinda like Motorsport by Migos Song is straight fire though 🙌🏽🔥
Adalto Silva e Silva
mike jones
mike jones 15 kun oldin
My new favorite song it's fire 🔥🔥
God over anything
God over anything 16 kun oldin
best album ever made. he is goat
Senzen Senz
Senzen Senz 16 kun oldin
Love it. 😘😎
Cherish McBride
Cherish McBride 16 kun oldin
Lecrae you always make my day
Josue Quevedo
Josue Quevedo 16 kun oldin
iam IREE
iam IREE 16 kun oldin
I love this song!!!!!!! LIT 🔥🔥🔥
Billy Petteway
Billy Petteway 17 kun oldin
Thank you Jesus and GOD for some rap I can listen to
Chris Tyson
Chris Tyson 17 kun oldin
Mucho fuego 🔥🔥🔥
alex nelson
alex nelson 18 kun oldin
Lecrae be spitting dat fire😂💯🔥🔥
Victory Outreach Santa Maria
Love you Brother ~ Victory Out Reach International Santa Maria CA!
Resurrection of The Church
ohhhhh Lecrea is back and way better than ever
Alfreda Richardson
Alfreda Richardson 19 kun oldin
Kebron Alexander
Kebron Alexander 22 kun oldin
This is the best rap ever!😎🙅
Qmed Joe
Qmed Joe 23 kun oldin
Can someone please tell me what a trap is. 😂
Qmed Joe
Qmed Joe 21 kun oldin
Malik Jones amen! 🙌🏼
Malik Jones
Malik Jones 21 kun oldin
Qmed Joe Trap is a type of beat or it can mean a lifestyle. Lecrae tryna bring the gospel to the trap.
comedy club
comedy club 23 kun oldin
When NAS reposts your album cover on Instagram and gives props then you know you got a hot album... HIP HOP IS ALIVE!?
Kendall Jones
Kendall Jones 23 kun oldin
HaitianAsh 23 kun oldin
1V ON THE TRACK 24 kun oldin
"Wait a minute, New Beginnings, I was down, now Im winning, I know who did it and I wont forget it, You know Im still about the family business"
1V ON THE TRACK 24 kun oldin
Too much heat!!!
Mystic Mac
Mystic Mac 24 kun oldin
I’m sorry, but Lecrae seems to be surrounding himself with more and more godless people. I used to think he was making ground with these unbelievers but he seems to be becoming absorbed into the culture. His music is topping the charts in an industry filled with evil music. I’ve listened to the first 4 songs in this album now and have not heard anything really substantial involving Jesus. I just hope my man isn’t giving into the flesh. 🙏🏻✝️
Malik Jones
Malik Jones 21 kun oldin
Mystic Mac Did Jesus surround himself with sinners? Association doesn't conformation. His mission is to reach the world through secular artist's fan base. That's called brilliance.
aryyahu 24 kun oldin
man, the religion of lacrae's is full of paganism. "let the trap say.........amen? what? do we know who or what amen is in reference to? it is egyptian pagan deity, amen ra of egyptian mythology. exodus 23:13 warns about speaking the names of other mighty ones. "god" "lord" and "jesus" are all pagan. Theres only ONE mighty one and Creator and His name is YAHUAH. Theres only Messiah and His name is YAHUSHA. Christianity and the powers that be, be hiding these two names. One day the whole entire world will know the truth. The pagan ones of christianity will be expiring soon. Very soon. Believe that!
aryyahu 21 kun oldin
+Malik Jones, When it comes to these things im thinking you like blue pills. This is a long long response. Im going to tell you what ive told many christians when i broke out the truth about the paganism associated to christianity and your idol "jesus" who you worship. Just like the other christians who gave me no response, ill say the same for you. Ive done my independent research on christianity for the past 8-9 years. +Malik Jones you must not know who runs and controls the music industry. Hashatan or commonly called satan runs it by many ways and methods. A lot of these artists are under MK Monarch mind control. Hollywood and the entertainment industries are basically run by satanists. They would never allow the truth to be told from these so called musicians. Looking at your responses like "does it really matter if his name is translated. God knows we are talking about him" First off that response paints the picture that the Most High whose name isnt "god" but YAHUAH, doesnt care who we call him. What kind of Creator is it that doesnt care about His name or how we call Him? Thats some screwed up ideas there. Can the same be said about your name that you dont care what we call you? If i called you by something other than your name, over and over and over again i think you would be annoyed and pissed off. If there something that satan doesnt want us to know its the true name of the Father and Son cos in those name there is POWER. Now onto the name "jesus" who you and millions upon millions pray to every day. i want you to look at four links. What you will see is databases concerning the slave trade and the ships involved as it relates to Deuteronomy 28:68. These four links have one thing in common. Each SLAVE ship mentioned in these links, had a name, the same name you believe is the name of the Messiah, "jesus" Jesus of Lubeck (1568), Jesus Maria y José (1656), Buen Jesus (1596), and Buen Jesus (1599). slavevoyages.org/voyage/98851/variables www.slavevoyages.org/voyage/29525/variables slavevoyages.org/voyage/29125/variables slavevoyages.org/voyage/29132/variables Do you honestly think the Most High would his name be this, when it is associated to slavery concerning His people, the hebrews, NOT the christians. A name associated to slavery doesnt save, nor heal and save people. To think that is to be double minded. Scripture says to be double minded means you are UNSTABLE. The name "jesus" fails the name standards of John 5:43 and Hebrews 13:8. Why? Cos in accordance to John 5:43 the Messiah whose name is YAHUSHA, not "jesus" doesnt contain the Father's name. YOU keep calling the Father "god" but which one are you talkin about? Wheres "god" in the so said name of "jesus". I do not see it. The messiah would never speak something just to say something. He did warn that many would come in their own name. "jesus" didnt come in the Father's name but his own. Hebrews 13:8 says the Messiah is the same yesterday today and forever. What does that mean? It means that who he is in name and identity will never change. But we see so many changes done to this name. From the likes of said iesus, iesous, hesus krishna, yeshua to "jesus" which all do not contain the Father's name in that of YAH. Is this the will of the Father, to have his son be called so many names. The truth is that it is annoying and disrespectful. Regarding hesus krishna, this was the name before it was changed into "jesus christ". The first council of Nicea in 321ad voted on the name hesus krishna to be their so called god which came as a result of votes. Hesus and Krishna were separate but came together as Rome's new so called god. The truth is that hesus was worshipped by the druids while krishna was worshipped by the hindus. Also the esus that is in j....ESUS was a pagan deity worshipped in celtic mythology. We see the influence of ancient pagan religions on the name "jesus" Regarding the said name of iesous which we have been told "jesus" came from has the influence of greek mythology in it. The ieso and the sous. The ieso that is in IESOus is a FEMALE greek pagan goddess of healing aka witchcraft while sous is a derivative of greek zeus. When you tell a spanish person to pronounce the name of "jesus" you will hear the name zeus spoken as they say "hey zeus". Its the same zeus that was involved in the event known as the abomination of desolation in 168bce who committed this act, a man known as King Antiochus the IV, who sacrificed a pig on the altar filling it with pigs blood, an animal that christians proudly love to eat. The sus that is in jeSUS in latin means pig, the same animal involved in the abomination of desolation. Regarding the word amen, it is a pagan deity of egyptian mythology. In Exodus 23:13 warns not to mention any names of pagan deities. Lecrae is doing such. Lastly, you mentioned that "god" knows your heart. Yes he does, Jeremiah 17:9 says the heart is deceitfully wicked above all, who can know it. Do you really know your heart and the heart of the Father concerning His and the Son's name. If you think it doesnt matter, cos you think you have a good heart, then you really do not know the Father, whose name is YAHUAH. If he doesnt care about these things, then what on earth does He care about?
Malik Jones
Malik Jones 21 kun oldin
aryyahu Do u really think Lecrae was referencing a pagan god? U trippin. I guess the disciples did too since they wrote 'amen'. Not because of what we think they may have meant, but let's assume it's the pagan god because they said it. Really that's not reasonable at all. And Jesus is the Messiah. Does it really matter if his name is translated. God knows we are talking about him. God bless.
Drizzy Got Sole
Drizzy Got Sole 24 kun oldin
Instant stank face when that beat dropped 🔥
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff 24 kun oldin
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff 24 kun oldin
This song is sick
Tiffanie Marsh
Tiffanie Marsh 24 kun oldin
"No tents you could see who was in it" Lol...yeah
Aylin Bernal
Aylin Bernal 25 kun oldin
To be HONEST this song sounds like .......................GUCCI GANG $$$$$$$$$ LIKE AND COMMENT IF YOU AGREE
Ali Emmanuel
Ali Emmanuel 25 kun oldin
Imma be honest , this project isn't outstanding next level or anything else on that level , nor is it terrible , its just " meh " , if you like this well more power to you but as for me and my house this is just an average project , nothing world changing , nothing groundbreaking just and average project that fits the sonic mold of today , 2018 has been (another) disappointing year for CHH where a great majority of the artists are just christian carbon copies of their secular mainstream counterparts , only two albums got my attention and they were JHP's " Crescendo " and Timothy Brindle's " The Unfolding" . I pray CHH gets back to being revolutionary or else we might be stuck with this style for a LONG time .
Benny Rotich
Benny Rotich 25 kun oldin
"You and your squad verse me and my GOD look man u ain't finna win that" how lit is that😰😱😘👌💯🔥
Margo Jordan
Margo Jordan 25 kun oldin
I like all songs
Shaq Reed
Shaq Reed 26 kun oldin
He's gradually going more more secular, this song is literally walking the line between Christian and secular ... that being said I still like the song.
A Ray
A Ray 26 kun oldin
Is this Christian just tell me plz
Gray Keyz
Gray Keyz 26 kun oldin
snelltv 27 kun oldin
Man he was different at one point now he sound like the rest. This has nothing to do with gospel!
Eduardo Henrique
Eduardo Henrique 27 kun oldin
Eduardo Henrique
Eduardo Henrique 27 kun oldin
Arlisshsr 27 kun oldin
Real recognizes real...yall dont see it...figures...
BlueNovaPlayZ 27 kun oldin
Im using this song to dance at my church we got a youth week this year Im ready!
Precision Shots
Precision Shots 27 kun oldin
Conquer the righteous poet
Subscribe to my channel and listen to my full album on UZvid, my worse eneME. Conquer the righteous poet
Jessica Franck
Jessica Franck 28 kun oldin
@Lecrae etc...... I try to get into your music 🎶 ......y` all needs help, I do not get moved at all yet. I prefer, NF feat. Flame. When I feel like the Holy Spirit is in ur tunes, and I'm moved. Then I will comment again. No, worries, just a fan! J€$$-
Rigel Mitchell
Rigel Mitchell 28 kun oldin
Nice if I could only hit that like button twice
Renee Shannon
Renee Shannon 28 kun oldin
Love it!!
Black Tiger
Black Tiger 28 kun oldin
Jesus is good.
ikenna ezeibe
ikenna ezeibe 28 kun oldin
someone wrote "been listening since he stop being too preachy". This is for me a tragedy. I'd been listening since Jesus music. I'm ashamed. Many will proclaim their undying love but a faithful man who can find. When Lec wasn't popular, he represented the cross in pop culture. Now he's pop and represents the world to the church. You have my prayers bro. You know not what you're doing with the influence God gave you. And I'm sad today cos I truly love you. I told young Nigerians about your ministry, now I wish I never did. May the Lord have mercy. Let the trap say...amen.
King Kendrick Goat
King Kendrick Goat 6 kun oldin
ikenna ezeibe so your saying based on that one comment someone made which is their choice you now assume Lecrae is a sinner and going to burn in hell.Good thing your not God.God knows Lecraes heart not you you obviously don't listen to him enough to know he still preaches through his songs but instead blinded by looking for all his mistakes and everything he does wrong.God grace is bigger than we can imagine so why can't you be like him since your a so called Christian.
Master of Shot
Master of Shot 28 kun oldin
Master of Shot
Master of Shot 28 kun oldin
JNT-EIR SHALOM7 28 kun oldin
What happened to singing about JESUS...darn Lecrae, bak to th world. Suppose to Win the world with Salvation. People Stop making the Church/Gospel music big $$$ business. REACH SOULS...IT'S ABOUT WINNING SOULS! That's why they keep playing 1/2 way Gospel in th clubs...Let Us Pray!
Millie Jaramillo22
Millie Jaramillo22 28 kun oldin
Can someone make a lyric video plz?
William bolar
William bolar 28 kun oldin
Motivation for me gotta get back right 💯✊🌎📣
theFIRST king
theFIRST king 28 kun oldin
Why does lacrae have to GET BACK RIGHT when he is all ready right.😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Nekiwa Smith
Nekiwa Smith 28 kun oldin
Good song
Joseph Kangandjera
Joseph Kangandjera 29 kun oldin
we working on get back right
THE AMAZING 29 kun oldin
I love this I a HUGE FAN
Juan Camilo Gutierrez P.
Uuuuuu... Uuuuu..🔥
Olga Clawson
Olga Clawson 29 kun oldin
epidemicfire07 29 kun oldin
This song makes me happy
Candie Caine
Candie Caine 29 kun oldin
My favorite rapper and favorite beat maker on the same track?!?!?!?!🙋🏾‍♀️😩
xxkillerwrxx lecrae
xxkillerwrxx lecrae 29 kun oldin
Nice rap👏
Avision Technology
Two thumbs up on this comment below, thank you, thank you! Eric Andrade Really? Yet another disappointment! You put “Amen” and Zaytoven on the cover to lure both Christian and non Christian?! Classy, real classy! And no sooner than a week from Zaytovens release of yet another album full of atrocities. All true believers who follow biblically sound theology and doctrine are aware of this lukewarm perverse theology that Lecrae is trying to push of embracing the world for the sake of reaching it and are calling it out when they see it. I will continue to pray for Lecrae and Zaytoven and the rest of the world, that they turn to Christ, to Yashua and read scripture and get biblically sound accountability, so that they can rightly divide the Word of Truth and know that preaching the gospel with a heart of love for the lost and letting the Holy Spirit bring the change in hearts is all you need to reach the world!!! Not coming up with man made cleaver ways thinking you can have extra biblical ideas for preaching the gospel!!! God doesn’t need you to throw your own twist on things, he just needs you to follow the instructions he set before you in scripture!!!
Rob Fit
Rob Fit Oy oldin
Eh not feeling it
M0rales L1ly
M0rales L1ly Oy oldin
Can't wait to see him again in Fresno in Oct 😍😍😍
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