Lemon Blueberry Scones - You Suck at Cooking (episode 78)

You Suck At Cooking
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I accidentally cut out the SALT clip. Add a dash of salt to those dry ingredients.
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How to make these scones:
2 cups of all purpose flour
3 tablespoons of sugar (if you want them sweeter add more...amazing how that works)
1 tablespoon of baking powder
A PINCH OF SALT! I accidentally cut it out of the video DAMMIT.
1 gallon of baking soda to keep you cool
Wangjangle those ingredients together
Chop up most of a stick of butter into little bits
Mix them in and go chunk hunting
Add in 1.5 cups of blueberries and some exterior lemon skin scrapings (I like a tablespoon ish)
Make a little volcano cavity chamber impression
Pour in one cup of cream...if you want your scones to be more cakey use half a cup of cream and 2 eggs. They'll also be more yellow.
Barely mix the dough, don't overwerk it
Put the dough on a floured surface and form it into some kind of rectangular shape
Cut it in half. Then in half. Then in half. Then in half.
Separate the pieces on a parchment papered pan. They are going to expand, just like the universe. Checkmate atheists.
Bake them for around 20-24 minutes on 4 hundo.
They're so good when they're still warm omg, with even more butter on them, OMFG SERIOUSLY.
Also I want to try to Scottish British UK scones with clotted cream. Because even though the term "clotted cream" is the most unappetizing two words ever written, it looks incredible.
Or use one of these which is where I started:

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11-Iyl, 2018

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You Suck At Cooking
I accidentally left out the salt clip. Put half a teaspoon of salt in the dry ingredients, please. Or 2/4 coffee spoon.
Samtsa Oy oldin
hanna o’bannon
hanna o’bannon 3 oy oldin
will 4/8 of a coffee spoon work?
Gucci Memes
Gucci Memes 3 oy oldin
Well there’s no such thing as pepper pepper pepper in pastries😂
Derv 3 oy oldin
Soul Reaper ofc it can
tap123 SFM
tap123 SFM 3 oy oldin
Ysac r u a satanist
guardian entertainment 2
Isosceles all the way dude
Mr. Random
Mr. Random Kun oldin
Wait you know how like he talks to food right? Well to a food brain. They probably would be screaming trying not to die, without us knowing
diego guevara
diego guevara 2 kun oldin
Is it 400f° or c°
SomeAmazingPenguin 3 kun oldin
1 scone = 1 pint of buCKfAsT
Honeygachaeditz X
Honeygachaeditz X 5 kun oldin
I live in the uk so we fight a lot (apparently) but I am from Essex (near London) so I say scone but when I moved up north everyone pronounces it scon
Ray Timpson
Ray Timpson 8 kun oldin
"Only 8 schekles short to buy them boobies." - Mr. Boobybuyer
RottenBoy 2533
RottenBoy 2533 8 kun oldin
I screamed on that rolling scones lol
Weather Report
Weather Report 8 kun oldin
The Rolling Scones haha
Pen_On Paper_Inkspill
Ok, you lost me at the first breath you took in this video.
Connor Cunningham
Connor Cunningham 10 kun oldin
Is it just me or does anyone else from Scotland live in a small village called Scone (“scoon”)? Google earth it
g williams
g williams 11 kun oldin
Molly A. Block
Molly A. Block 12 kun oldin
You are so awesome!!
FRfalcone 12 kun oldin
3:17 can confirm, am Scottish
Tarzaan 13 kun oldin
Scarne asada
Brandon Soya
Brandon Soya 13 kun oldin
Don’t you mean SCO-lean triangle
INTPTT 13 kun oldin
Oh, that's what lemon zest is. Thank you!
Hannah Mutant Spider 11
I'm from the UK and its pronounced sc-on. And.... they r like rocks but they taste good
I Do stuff
I Do stuff 16 kun oldin
Americans call them biscuits
ChiefTJ ACE 16 kun oldin
I pronounce it as scone, not scone.
DannyBoy! '
DannyBoy! ' 17 kun oldin
It is a scone. Pronounced SKOWNE. I am from england and you will not argue with me.
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 17 kun oldin
Anybody else think the ice cream scone sort of looks like The Cheat?
Neffex for life
Neffex for life 18 kun oldin
you all think he is being funny but you all are incorrect.
ignited the deer
ignited the deer 19 kun oldin
Fun fact in Ireland we only eat bread potatoes and beer
Aaron Cutting
Aaron Cutting 21 kun oldin
So what's the exchange rate between American and Sottish scones? I would say about 3 to 1 based on size and quality, but I'm biased.
Maddie Cling
Maddie Cling 21 kun oldin
You’re one of the only reasons I go on the internet now
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd 21 kun oldin
Americans don't make scones, we make biscuits.
j b
j b 22 kun oldin
It’s scone not *scone*
SomeoneKul 22 kun oldin
I'm from canada, and my mom and dad are british and scottish respectively. should I join the battle?
Linka Swain
Linka Swain 22 kun oldin
I love you!!🤣😆😂
danie pomphrey
danie pomphrey 22 kun oldin
How did I only just find this channel. 😂
iammelonlemon 22 kun oldin
SasDaGreat 23 kun oldin
For some reason, Wet and Hot sounds like a Stand name.
Mariam Naraghi
Mariam Naraghi 23 kun oldin
I’m never watching another channel
dds zero
dds zero 23 kun oldin
*imagine when gordon ramsay reacts to this video*
Sir Shotty
Sir Shotty 23 kun oldin
Not all pastries are illegal in Ireland, have you had potato rolls?
Bread NoLastName
Bread NoLastName 24 kun oldin
I watched one video and now I've lost track of how long I've been procrastinating.
Youtuþe 24 kun oldin
Your hands are so VEINY
Crushed by an ambulance
you're like the bob ross of cooking
IAMthemailman08 24 kun oldin
I've-cream scone
Vanessa und Max Hartmann
scoissant for the french inside us all
Metal Creed
Metal Creed 25 kun oldin
2:22 that moments where he breaks character is my favorite XD always cracks me up
You silly Nugget
You silly Nugget 25 kun oldin
A croiscone
Musica Mca
Musica Mca 25 kun oldin
Your fun facts are the best😂😂
Alia Ris
Alia Ris 25 kun oldin
Always thought it was _sko-hnn_
Breanna Craig
Breanna Craig 25 kun oldin
rock croissant snack clumps
NoNam e
NoNam e 26 kun oldin
I want someone that talks to me the way YSAC says scalene triangle.
TheSilver Sickle
TheSilver Sickle 26 kun oldin
Day 292: they've gotten the upper hand, we sconers are slowly dying. Please send he-
Ian Adelman
Ian Adelman 26 kun oldin
A cool trick is to use a cheese grater for the butter, it works really well and fast
Bite Sized Creations
How much water do you put?
Czekoloko Sweet
Czekoloko Sweet 27 kun oldin
is that u are rubbing my skunkoonk
spaceflight channel
spaceflight channel 27 kun oldin
*you sick fuck* it's pronounced scone not scon
spaceflight channel
spaceflight channel 21 kun oldin
+Movie Nerd American nerd
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd 21 kun oldin
It's pronounced "biscuit".
Farhah Nabilah
Farhah Nabilah 28 kun oldin
Isn't it 'scalene' triangles? 4:14
Kaylen Hill
Kaylen Hill 29 kun oldin
I am wasting my time on the internet, and I love it
charizzz 29 kun oldin
I just found this channel and it's fucking amazing
Your Dad
Your Dad Oy oldin
I thought you were gonna say that the rocks are African scones
10 Hawell
10 Hawell Oy oldin
4:55 - This is a map of Greater Hungary.
Aye It's me
Aye It's me Oy oldin
Right as he mentioned skittles I started laughing since I was eating skittles
James Rowley
James Rowley Oy oldin
@ You Suck At Cooking , you know it's actually called the UJ triangle
obi juan kenobi
Can I actually eat this if I make it
Andrlyn Elperal19
When your rewatching his old videos an notice you missed one so its like he uploaded again already
Logan Fairbairn
If you are from the internet, 'scone' is pronounced 'gif'.
Dr. Apple
Dr. Apple Oy oldin
Watch these videos with captions on. You won't regret it.
Red X Gaming
Red X Gaming Oy oldin
Am i stupid 4 actually following this guys recipes bec there not bad...(some of them)
Deanna k
Deanna k Oy oldin
I say scoon from now on. I am anarchy.
Slushie Oy oldin
My dad has been in prison for 4 years because he smuggled a croissant back to Ireland from France please bring him back he's an innocent man
Bloobatoons D
Bloobatoons D Oy oldin
Baking cement
Hey Guys, Vsauce, Micheal Here
What about Pemblockto?
amber wells
amber wells Oy oldin
i wouldnt know what to do without ysac in my life...i would probably die of starvation
Rhiannon Oy oldin
5:30 wow I love the rolling scones
jest6r Oy oldin
*its sc-on*
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Oy oldin
I beg to differrrr. I don't feel like I'm wasting my life watching this type of content! Subscribed!!
Andrej stepy
Andrej stepy Oy oldin
this guys is just a less educational cook then HTB
Andrej stepy
Andrej stepy Oy oldin
buuut ... i dont hate it
skin splitting surf rider
I wanna try these
Holly Anne Pattie
*I'm eating a scone while I watch this*
please make some form of dumplings or pork buns
Chuckles7000 Oy oldin
Honestly I don’t know if I should actually try some of his recipes or are they pure jokes
What is a 360° Inverted Pinapple Cake/Pie, and do you know how to act like you do?
Immortal Addicts
Humor in this is beautiful
Exeledus Prince
Do you write a script or is this all off the cuff? You are pretty damn hilarious.
Obsession Tale
ah, the scalene triangle.
The Hunting Cat
when you live in the uk
Panda Gigante
Panda Gigante Oy oldin
You've earned yourself a sub from commentary alone 😂😂😂😂😂😂.... This is the kind of cooking instructions I can follow!
Jamie Scheuermann
cjhdoc Oy oldin
Why my dough is bit watery ?! It was very sticky.. now it is in the oven anyway i will see :)
Emmett Battle
Emmett Battle Oy oldin
id imagine a lemon sugar glaze would go good on these
nvmitsmarcel Oy oldin
mmmm baking cement.
Lior Cohen Z
Lior Cohen Z Oy oldin
17 Israeli shekels = 4.675629 U.S. dollars
aleks iliev
aleks iliev Oy oldin
This chanel is like how to basic but better XD How have i lived without watching it
Joachim Macdonald
Scones with jam and cream is the best food ever created
NOPE Oy oldin
Im Scottish and i can confirm we use scones as a currency
Yoshi Commits Tax Fruad
Did you know Coisont’s didn’t come from France, they came from Austria
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Oy oldin
I’m new Justin y. Tell me who you watch
That's LMFB
That's LMFB Oy oldin
But I'm watching my phone while baking.....so...
Lava Cookie
Lava Cookie Oy oldin
That was beautiful. I think I cried.
Seb Oy oldin
You're brilliant
Doubtr Oy oldin
Why do i love this so much
Techy Oy oldin
I dont have Blue Berries, are these Red Berries wich i found in the Wild and have Halucinetic Effects when eaten i mass okay too? (They are also Poisonous but i am immune to that after i invested some time in the ... oh great ... "Human Class Genetic Natural Mutative Modification Skill Root Network Tree Thingy" (Thats the Official Name))
DundeeDriver Oy oldin
Never call a Scottish thing "British" unless you're actually being paid by the UK government to do it. Leaving money on the table otherwise. (c.f. "British Haggis")
von junzt
von junzt Oy oldin
LOL at the garbage can bit...