Leonardo DiCaprio winning Best Actor

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Julianne Moore presenting Leonardo DiCaprio with the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "The Revenant" at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.




23-Mar, 2016

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Zaky Athallah
Zaky Athallah 9 daqiqa oldin
The fact that a rapper Eminem won an oscar 13 years before this man finally did 😂😂
TheRedman790 Soat oldin
I still think he was on cocaine here. Look at how his mouth is all slanted to his left. Maybe did one to many numbies.
Carl Lazarraga
Carl Lazarraga 2 soat oldin
Gender "confirmation" surgery lol shut the fuck up
Олесь Околита
Олесь Околита
best moment ever!
Олесь Околита
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Lindsay Polfliet
Lindsay Polfliet 14 soat oldin
One of the biggest mistakes that Hollywood could make to fight that man is only one oscar against it is one of the best actors in history
name game
name game 14 soat oldin
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez 16 soat oldin
Fucking g
Alibek Kulma
Alibek Kulma 17 soat oldin
I like how Tom Hardy was a bit surprised when Leo mentioned him
Gaurav Tambe
Gaurav Tambe 20 soat oldin
Oscar for his Speech
Jasa Doncheva
Jasa Doncheva 22 soat oldin
Schao MICH NICHT an!Schau Leonardo
jawad ahmadi
jawad ahmadi 22 soat oldin
"The Wolf of Wall Streat" by this formidable person changed my life. I am a millionaire!
smoking gemy
smoking gemy 23 soat oldin
فتاه الدنمارك اتظلم
El Guapo Ben
El Guapo Ben Kun oldin
"Gender confirmation surgery" rofl
El Guapo Ben
El Guapo Ben 8 soat oldin
​+Zelda Rios Not at all, thanks for asking. Good bye :D
Zelda Rios
Zelda Rios 14 soat oldin
Something wrong?
João Vitor
João Vitor Kun oldin
Brasil ???
Amigo Mofos
Amigo Mofos Kun oldin
He winged procrastinating. Must have been angry on himself for that.
movie news
movie news Kun oldin
movie news
movie news Kun oldin
suivez notre chaîne pour vous rapprocher de l'actualité au domaine de cinéma
Abigail Space
Abigail Space Kun oldin
He could've made this speech about him, since he hasn't won an Oscar before. But he didn't. He thanked everyone who helped him win the award AND brought awareness to global warming and how we need to step up and help the environment. I swear I've never heard of a more humble man.
shyguy Kun oldin
Didn't know the danish girl was played by a male
Rose Young
Rose Young Kun oldin
I like how he talks about climate change ❤️ 🌏
Meri Maiya
Meri Maiya Kun oldin
"Let us not take this planet for granted.I do not take tonight for granted." One Oscar for this line too.
Padavala Sunny
Padavala Sunny Kun oldin
His speech was just incredible ..... HIS LAST SENTENCES OF HIM NOT TAKING ANYTHING FOR GRANTED was giving me goosebumps......Love u leo
tanvi mane
tanvi mane Kun oldin
excellent speech !!
Merchant Ivory
Merchant Ivory Kun oldin
Everyone saying Leo deserved Oscars before this...ummm i know no one seems to care but this guy ate a real bison liver and threw it up as the shot ending while freezing in the snow and cold water with out a wet-suit underneath his costume. What in the hell did he do before this that was some how more extreme and realistic than that?
valdis Gabranovs
Respect brother Leo!!!!
tonights big loser
Llego a 1000 ? ahre ASMR
Mi amooooor te amo sos tan bello. Mi actor favorito desde que tengo razon. Lo amo desde que vi la playa y titanic
Skyjuice70 2 kun oldin
Far Far overdue ! Job well done Leo
Jay 510
Jay 510 2 kun oldin
Even the other 4 wanted him to win lol
Sandra Jiménez
Sandra Jiménez 2 kun oldin
In México, we say "le hizo justicia la revolución" !!
Biplab Khadka
Biplab Khadka 2 kun oldin
Dammm she is hot
Crystal games and more
Nahh Leonardo: *EVERYTHING*
Legendary stuff
Legendary stuff 2 kun oldin
The Legend 2k19 🔥🔥🔥
Nishtha Tripathi
Nishtha Tripathi 2 kun oldin
He is soo charming
jay bel
jay bel 2 kun oldin
Oscar do not deserve leo simple as that
Zakaria Zak
Zakaria Zak 2 kun oldin
He should get an oscar just for being i mean he's what u call down to earth kinda human being much respect to him🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👑💯
Noor noor
Noor noor 2 kun oldin
I swear if he didn’t when the Oscar , I would’ve thought there was a conspiracy against him , because it doesn’t make any sense!!
Cloudy Parkk
Cloudy Parkk 2 kun oldin
Well that’s one heck of a speech
dont care dont bother
he deserve it ..
李奥纳多 3 kun oldin
Prem creations
Prem creations 3 kun oldin
This man is more than diamond.greatest of greatest.all time my favourite
Phương Nam
Phương Nam 3 kun oldin
Kari Gjigant
Kari Gjigant 3 kun oldin
His mom is so proud.
Jay Yu
Jay Yu 3 kun oldin
What a beautiful voice :)
JAVIXcr 3 kun oldin
We know when an actor deserves a Oscar when they dont let him talk with cheers
Amazingshawn 3 kun oldin
The greatest ever of course is LEO
Robin Schneider
Robin Schneider 3 kun oldin
He should have earned that oscar like 1000 times before 😂 his first should have been best actor for his „Jim Carrol - In the streets of new york“ 1995, aswell as „Catch me if you can“ and „the wolf of wallstreet“.
Edward Kinsey
Edward Kinsey 3 kun oldin
Films Leo should have got other oscars are. Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, Wolf Of Wall Street, Gangs Of New York, Inception, Blood Diamond, The Aviator,What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and J. Edgar
Maric Dee
Maric Dee 3 kun oldin
The wait was over! He robbed from other six nominations!
Maximilian B.
Maximilian B. 3 kun oldin
hes the best actor alive!
music and music
music and music 3 kun oldin
The best ❤👑
Mohammad Haiqal
Mohammad Haiqal 3 kun oldin
I was smiling throughout the video until I see the goddamn the weeknd
Testube Entertainment
I'll win this award one day...
Ackerman 3 kun oldin
His mother is so beautiful😍
Anil Ksh
Anil Ksh 3 kun oldin
Abdel rani
Abdel rani 3 kun oldin
george jung
george jung 3 kun oldin
Joe Biden what a piece a... I’ll just leave at that
george jung
george jung 3 kun oldin
A Mexican had to come to help you win an Oscar Leo
TEMIRLV N 3 kun oldin
14 Jan.2019
Fifa King
Fifa King 4 kun oldin
Should be Matt Damon winning the award
Droopy Ey3
Droopy Ey3 4 kun oldin
So good in the The Aviator. Should have gotten an Oscar.
Elijah Velarde
Elijah Velarde 4 kun oldin
Oscar doesn’t deserve a Leo
king Shann
king Shann 4 kun oldin
titanic got in ice.. so revenant in snow... so cool 🌨️❄️
Yanko Ivanov
Yanko Ivanov 4 kun oldin
He had to win a few more down the years
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali 4 kun oldin
When I saw Leonardo Dicaprio's performance in 'What's eating Gilberts mind', i was in awe; he really is good. He always was.
Shreya R
Shreya R 4 kun oldin
Who else watching this extraordinary speech with me in 2019???? Lovely Kissy to my lovely Leo😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Salvador Arreola Rodriguez
+Zahra Aitali omg! 2 minutes? xD
Zahra Aitali
Zahra Aitali Kun oldin
Akshar Solanki
Akshar Solanki 4 kun oldin
Finally, Oscar deserves Leonardo DiCaprio. 2019 :)
Мадара ПВ
Мадара ПВ 4 kun oldin
2:07 - Tom Hardy :D
Pablo Adrian Martorello
Uno de los grandes momentos en la historia de los Oscar, grande Leo! Inolvidable discurso!
zak souifi
zak souifi 4 kun oldin
Dicaprio What an Amazing Actor and Person you are
Sora Utuda
Sora Utuda 4 kun oldin
never forget the day when leonardo no oscaro memes died...
Derangedxzombie 4 kun oldin
It'd been an injustice if he hadn't won, such a gritty and authentic film that you won't see much of nowadays. And fair play using his speech to highlight global warming.
mrgoo 4 kun oldin
Making a movie won’t really help stop climate change Sorry Leo
Mohammed Hamdy
Mohammed Hamdy 4 kun oldin
Shutter Island and Inception ,The legand Leo deserved every year Oscar
Mohamed Mostafa
Mohamed Mostafa 4 kun oldin
3:54 ❤❤❤❤
Nikola Lenda
Nikola Lenda 4 kun oldin
Maritza Piccarillo
Maritza Piccarillo 5 kun oldin
He should gotten on for Basketball Diaries !!!!
banatskibata 5 kun oldin
he deserved oscar for Edit What's Eating Gilbert Grape 1993-he was brilliant
Jake Van Putten
Jake Van Putten 5 kun oldin
Climate change isnt real.
Lily Mai
Lily Mai 5 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Naree Boonsaenpaen
Naree Boonsaenpaen 5 kun oldin
I think he deserves an Oscar long time ago from all of his Amazing role but that’s my opinion
sharran vishvanath
sharran vishvanath 5 kun oldin
1:32 when you don't win the fucking Oscar, but have to clap for the jerk who won it
sharran vishvanath
sharran vishvanath 5 kun oldin
Who else feels sad for Heisenberg?
Kaye Lee
Kaye Lee 5 kun oldin
Good job Jack
Trap Gandhi
Trap Gandhi 5 kun oldin
2:32 those knockers next to Tom tho
Erika Prieto
Erika Prieto 5 kun oldin
Anastacia Ignatenko
I'm so happy for him! And he is right about global warming. Please people, lets stop it together! Go Vegan !
Elif Ayan
Elif Ayan 5 kun oldin
my life is complete now
CR 7
CR 7 5 kun oldin
I hope Jonny depp win an Oscar too 💕💕
Zeyzey 5 kun oldin
I looove Leo, he’s such a amazing human being inside and outside. I also loved how Eddie reacted when Leo was announced and Kate Winslet’s face showing her admiration and love for Leo
Erfan Vlogs
Erfan Vlogs 5 kun oldin
*let's not take the world as granted, I do not take tonight as granted thank you all.... Leonardo di caprio*
Cleo *
Cleo * 5 kun oldin
Ghost 5 kun oldin
That speech deserved an oscar on it own!
Altaf Hussain
Altaf Hussain 5 kun oldin
Tough nomination but I am Soo happy leo won this award after 23 year he was first time nominated for movie what's eating Gilbert grape in 1993 and leo acting is traffic but he didn't win and after 23 year he won first Oscar award and gain 6th nomination my hero
Tris Bùi
Tris Bùi 5 kun oldin
1:50 I start to love that actress in the green dress
Andrea Salvia
Andrea Salvia 5 kun oldin
dom 888
dom 888 5 kun oldin
Leonardo DiCaprio, my fav actor he should get more oscars...
Antonio Ramon
Antonio Ramon 5 kun oldin
Ruined the speech at the end...
Leo's Bad Luck
3 yil oldin