Leonardo DiCaprio winning Best Actor

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Julianne Moore presenting Leonardo DiCaprio with the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "The Revenant" at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.




23-Mar, 2016



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Kundan Dhayade
Kundan Dhayade 30 daqiqa oldin
Artist acting is butyfull art form leonardo Dicaprio is a great actor ❤️🙏🚩👏☺️
Axel Cruz
Axel Cruz 37 daqiqa oldin
1:17 q humillación
Shammeeir d
Shammeeir d 3 soat oldin
Can I get a like in my first video?
saddan hossen
saddan hossen 4 soat oldin
Hackers Method
Hackers Method 5 soat oldin
Oscar is lucky that he got Leonardo DiCaprio
Dn D
Dn D 7 soat oldin
gender what surgery? i chuckled
Know iT MMA
Know iT MMA 11 soat oldin
Leo: "Climate change is real. It is happening right now..." Audience: *applause* 👏👏👏👏👏 "woooowww"
Alfonso C Espinoza
Alfonso C Espinoza 13 soat oldin
Awesome person and friend...👍🏽
Tirumala Venkatesh Akula
If Leo hadn't got the oscar , I would have lost faith in these awards
Megan Schoen
Megan Schoen 18 soat oldin
For how much hard work he has done and how many movies he has worked hard for how come just now he gets it when he should of got it from numerous of movies best actor
Sam flies the helicopter
Leo deserved an Oscar for every movie he's ever done
DaT WaY Kun oldin
Should win it Every year just for being Alive.
Gaji Junayet Rasel
Lionardo is a brand!
Sumya Noboni
Sumya Noboni Kun oldin
Best ever
Revan Targaryen
Revan Targaryen Kun oldin
Michael Fassbender was robbed!
Ashish yadav
Ashish yadav Kun oldin
2:05 WTF
John Stalvern
John Stalvern Kun oldin
Luxury and spa... Watch BEN 10 leonardo capri
John Stalvern
John Stalvern Kun oldin
ARYAN Kun oldin
This guy loves planet Earth❤
Nino MK
Nino MK Kun oldin
We all know that if they wouldn't give him the oscar that day, the people would have gone 100% postal and start destroying every single shit on the streets and BOOM Global Disaster. FACTS.
keshav kashyap
keshav kashyap Kun oldin
Trump 2020
Loris Panchieri
Loris Panchieri Kun oldin
non capisco che problemi hanno quelli che odiano di caprio e che mettono dislike... #curatevi ma da qualcuno davvero bravo!!! w il cinema , w leo!!!
Hibu Joni
Hibu Joni Kun oldin
Y 3.7k dislike man? I want to ask them personally..
Lucas Nascimento
A historical day
Mathan John
Mathan John Kun oldin
How many in 2019?
red antchannel
red antchannel Kun oldin
just congrat
Brynn - IKR
Brynn - IKR Kun oldin
killuminati 2 kun oldin
Hey who was vice president Joe Biden with in the end
Ven The Guy
Ven The Guy 2 kun oldin
Who else loves Leo?
Natia Schnee
Natia Schnee 2 kun oldin
This man should live FOREVER 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫
chattycathydoll 2 kun oldin
How to win an Oscar. Get mauled by a bear. Be left for dead. Trek through frozen inhospitable land. Oh and wear a corpse as a disguise. Easy.
Lohit Bisen
Lohit Bisen 2 kun oldin
When you co-nominee are also happy for you.
malicious patrick
malicious patrick 2 kun oldin
I think eddie redmayne is more deserve that oscar , and leo is suppose to get that oscar not in his performance in the revenant , but i'm still happy that leo is winning.
ASH ley
ASH ley 2 kun oldin
Why he doesn't get for inception?
Jishobi Karimbayil
Jishobi Karimbayil 2 kun oldin
DiCaprio love you
Aaryan Rajesh
Aaryan Rajesh 2 kun oldin
One of the best Oscar speeches i have ever heard
Naveen Natarajan
Naveen Natarajan 2 kun oldin
Who's here after the release of Once upon a time in Hollywood teaser trailer ?
AK Beast
AK Beast 2 kun oldin
leo is the best actor we have
mnbnbmlkjlvcx 2 kun oldin
Damn it Karl
rudrangsh gupta
rudrangsh gupta 2 kun oldin
This man manages to make everything great
Erick Biersack
Erick Biersack 2 kun oldin
2:04 watch out! You have a strange animal on you're head!.
kumar Janmejay
kumar Janmejay 2 kun oldin
So many time one of the best exhortation after winning a Oscar award felicitate all his teammates and with all as regardfully keep on mind of all our future and atmosphere & about climate changing of Earth. The best Enlightenment... Love u De Caprio n One more Oscar is coming- Once upon a Time in Hollywood
Hi Fi Football
Hi Fi Football 2 kun oldin
Oscar is bullshit
MEER MUNTAZIR 2 kun oldin
Waiting for JOHHNY depp
Nunya Bizwacks
Nunya Bizwacks 2 kun oldin
Leo the god damn GOAT
shaya mapuia
shaya mapuia 2 kun oldin
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 kun oldin
“Climate change is real.” *drives to airport in 15 mpg Limo* *flies in private jet* *drives home in Ferrari*
Neel Verma
Neel Verma Kun oldin
That's now what this is about lmao
HungryForApples Kun oldin
You don't see the forest for the trees.
Sanju kathir
Sanju kathir 3 kun oldin
Any one here after ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD ? Hit like
Sra1 Kumar
Sra1 Kumar 3 kun oldin
I knew Leo got an Oscar on 23/03/2016. But after 3 years, this video still gives me goosebumps!
Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take tonight for granted
Rishang Prashnani
Rishang Prashnani 3 kun oldin
this video lead to the death of dicaprio oscar memes #RIP and today the teaser for once upon a time in hollywood released
toxic 3 kun oldin
there are many amazing actors out there but Leo is definetly the g.o.a.t. 💜
zayn arif
zayn arif 3 kun oldin
Who came here after once upon a time in Hollywood teaser
Rishikesh Pawar
Rishikesh Pawar Kun oldin
Sumya Noboni
Sumya Noboni Kun oldin
Jeeva Ullatil
Jeeva Ullatil 3 kun oldin
Yup... Thinking he'll bag another one Oscar for it too ♥️
Abenthung Patton
Abenthung Patton 3 kun oldin
Titanic he should have won it..
Павел Выедорожин
2 года, какого хуя это у меня в рекомендациях? P.s. ДиКаприо красавчик
Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia 3 kun oldin
About fucking time huh *slams oscar on the ground*
Manolo Xablau
Manolo Xablau 3 kun oldin
The best actor with Johnny Depp, the two best
Hannah M
Hannah M 3 kun oldin
The audiences reaction is so sweet. They all knew he deserved an Oscar a longgg time ago ❤️
Hasan Al Mamun
Hasan Al Mamun 3 kun oldin
Luca Saraceni
Luca Saraceni 4 kun oldin
Only me stopped the video at Tom hardy wife's boobs?
Mėł 4 kun oldin
I love him so freaking much it’s unexplainable
Vincent Fiore
Vincent Fiore 4 kun oldin
The fact that Leo dedicated half of his speech to expose and teach the world about climate change shows how classy of a man he is he needs to be president
John Pew
John Pew 4 kun oldin
Well while y’all fight for Climate change I’m gonna put my boots and hard hat on and keep drilling this earth until their is nothing left! #OilField
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Young Forever!!!!!
God naman
God naman 4 kun oldin
God naman
God naman 4 kun oldin
Haha Opfer xD
Fanny GOT7
Fanny GOT7 4 kun oldin
I love him so much 😍 He is such a wonderful human being 💕
Grace Nunes
Grace Nunes 5 kun oldin
Miss bear
Narusorn Chamakarn
Narusorn Chamakarn 5 kun oldin
I love Leo but that year Fassbender should won that. Compare those two, Leo not deserve from Revenant but others movie.
Akshita Jena
Akshita Jena 5 kun oldin
Who saw Kate? She was immensely happy... 🤗
Amar Unhsiv
Amar Unhsiv 5 kun oldin
Yeah she's so adorable 🙆
Arjunlal T.S
Arjunlal T.S 5 kun oldin
True he waited along time for this. True he might have craved for it. But on the most auspicious day in the life of any actor. He took time to speak about something larger than himself and everyone of us. For that he deserve an applause.
Baba Shriwas
Baba Shriwas 5 kun oldin
That was a year in which all my favorite celebrity achieved something so much big☺☺
AbsolutelySid 01
AbsolutelySid 01 5 kun oldin
Jack and roce be my favorite.
anil jhaa
anil jhaa 5 kun oldin
he is awesome in the world
TheSDogood 5 kun oldin
Leonardo, finally justice had made !!
One Ten
One Ten 5 kun oldin
That s ma boy right there 👍
Tevez El Ultimo 10
Tevez El Ultimo 10 6 kun oldin
dicaprio tiene su oscar, ahora falta que messi gane algo con su pais :v
Nitin Stark
Nitin Stark 6 kun oldin
Matt was also very good.
Alex F
Alex F 6 kun oldin
Climate change is real, what else do you people need to understand that we are putting our home in danger, Leonaro Dicaprio used his big Oscar moment for this, THE HUMANS NEED TO WAKE UP!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Kun oldin
Alex F Recycling gives you a false sense of feeling helpful. Unless you literally live off the land in a hut, with no electricity or anything, you are contributing.
Alex F
Alex F 2 kun oldin
Dude, If you don’t know, don’t comment anything, in my house i recycle everything, in my neighborhood I sometimes go out and pick up trash that people throw and put them into trash bags, I have donated for animals in danger so many times, so is that enough for you?? Or should I keep going?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 kun oldin
Does that include you? Bc you typed that comment from a device more than likely powered by natural gas or coal, and if not, your alternative energy source was manufactured using non-renewables. What’s my point? Everyone wants the world to change, but no one wants to change themselves.
Сандугаш Рустем
White Walker
White Walker 6 kun oldin
Save my territory.
Kobir Hossain
Kobir Hossain 6 kun oldin
Kate winslet show leonardo DiCaprio, she was so excited and emotional.
Federciuc Andrei
Federciuc Andrei 6 kun oldin
In my opinion...Leonardo is in top 3 the best actors of all times! I can't say the best because I did not watch a lot of awesome actors...I only watched movies from our days...not old!
Oscar waited so long for him.
Marinou M
Marinou M 6 kun oldin
I LOVE toi Leonardo DiCaprio ❤❤
Anja Emele
Anja Emele 6 kun oldin
Anja Emele
Anja Emele 6 kun oldin
hanuka 6 kun oldin
nice girl at 2:30, and i can't remember who is that (
Matt and Myah
Matt and Myah 6 kun oldin
I just came here to recognize jack from the titanic...
Maddy E
Maddy E 6 kun oldin
Should’ve first one an award for “what’s eating Gilbert Grape”
Deep 7 kun oldin
The gentlemen's show
Singer Sunny Singh
Singer Sunny Singh 7 kun oldin
he deserve Oscar + noble prize
Singer Sunny Singh
Singer Sunny Singh 7 kun oldin
all Oscars winning movies are boring
xx xx
xx xx 7 kun oldin
I had great respect for leonardo. Wow.
Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan 7 kun oldin
*gets in private jet and flies away from speech*
Riya Rajiv
Riya Rajiv 7 kun oldin
Who is that woman in 4:09? I’ve been wondering that since he won his Oscar. She also kinda looks like Meghan Markle!
LukeLewiTV 8 kun oldin
I don’t even know what Leo’s personality is like because he plays so many characters so well
Luciana Lopes
Luciana Lopes 8 kun oldin
Leo DiCaprio! I love you 😍👏🏻👏🏻
Geenz L
Geenz L 8 kun oldin
How was this his first Oscar? He’s the best actor EVER
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