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9-Yan, 2019

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molly armstrong
molly armstrong Soat oldin
Aw I love ü guys! Ur so cute together ❤️
That Smoothie
That Smoothie 2 soat oldin
Are they together? Srry if not lol i just havent been keeping up
Hazel Collins
Hazel Collins 2 soat oldin
I’ve had a twitchy finger!!! Lasted for ages haha thought I was dying 🤣
Isobel Brittain
Isobel Brittain 4 soat oldin
17:54 joe has been in his house 3years and it isn’t finished I’ve been in my house since I was born and it still isn’t finished 😂
Erika Guillem
Erika Guillem 5 soat oldin
Come to gibraltar plssssss
Kriya B
Kriya B 9 soat oldin
Joe, go to the doctors and get a blood test!😂
Nitr0 T0x
Nitr0 T0x 11 soat oldin
Hi joe I have coeliac disease which means I can’t eat gluten and gluten-free food can be really nice and also being gluten-free can be more heated than eating regular food
Kaz Read
Kaz Read 13 soat oldin
Go to the doctor as they need to get a blood test done for gluten. I had one luckily came back ok. It ends up I have IBS and have to stop eating onions etc.. I now follow a low fodmap diet and things have improved so much. Good Luck on finding out... X
ScarlettVlogsAndGames 007
It is annoying I am gluten free it's hard. But then I havnt known any better I have had it all my life..
Eddie Michael
Eddie Michael 15 soat oldin
It’s very clear that the tabloid press are always trying to start rumours but at least that you two seem happy together :)
Trinity Alexus
Trinity Alexus 17 soat oldin
Awww 11:00 when she says “who would wanna marry me?” And he says “don’t put yourself down like that...” 🥰🥰🥰
Emma Conwell
Emma Conwell Kun oldin
I have an MS.c in food science and nutrition. allergic - vomiting, rash, throat swelling... not allergic but not good i.e. intolerant - farts. i'd recommend trying the elimination process rather than going to a dietitian because it's the same info. look it up online and save yourself some time and money.
Hannah Lawrence
Hannah Lawrence Kun oldin
I feel so bad for joe and Dianne their 2 people in a relationship and people always take it to far they are people the can be a couple if they want it does not mean their getting married
Macey Tarena
Macey Tarena Kun oldin
They are actually a really cute couple.
Why does the media have to ruin everything? Can’t anyone have a peaceful, private life??
J Kun oldin
She lowkey looked hurt when joe kept saying they arent engaged
Alicia Douglas
Alicia Douglas Kun oldin
Is it only me that thought 'Ollie' was an actual person standing there and didn't realise it was a card board cut out till 15 mins into the video...
Kitty Leon
Kitty Leon Kun oldin
Go to the doctors they’ll do a free allergy test, we have the nhs for that
Andrés Muñoz
Andrés Muñoz Kun oldin
wow she doesn’t sound Aussie at all
Poppy K
Poppy K Kun oldin
Lol my sister is gluten free 😂😂
MakeupFreak 11
MakeupFreak 11 Kun oldin
You can do a hair test where you send in a piece of your hair and they give you a list of allergies! I had it done at my local health shop it was rly helpful
rose1234567878 Kun oldin
how da fuk does someone look SOOOO good with red hair
Rachel Thorpe
Rachel Thorpe Kun oldin
If you think you are intolerant of gluten it is advised not to cut it out until you have had your tests .
madi 826
madi 826 Kun oldin
oh ma gawd! I'm from Aus and couldn't rlly tell that she was Australian, her accent has gone so much :( !!!!!!
Didyousayoutube Kun oldin
It's all about you, Dianne.❤️
Didyousayoutube Kun oldin
It's all about you, Dianne.❤️
Didyousayoutube Kun oldin
It's all about you, Dianne.❤️
Blaine Brant
Blaine Brant Kun oldin
There are actually at least 10 different types of tests just for gluten. You can be celiac, have an allergy or intolerance as well as many other things but the best test is actually just to stop eating it for about a month and see how you feel. You may also be dairy free or allergic to really anything else. Speaking of being allergic to alcohol most alcohol is actually made from fermented wheat and grain so watch out for that.
Sam Hewitt
Sam Hewitt 2 kun oldin
I wish the best for you both!
amelia blackledge
amelia blackledge 2 kun oldin
when Dianne said “cause who’d want to marry me” or whatever a joe told her not to put herself down like being propa serious my heart melted 😍🥰
neelaarul 2 kun oldin
btw your fingers start to twitch when you are stressed or have anxiety coz i had the same problem for a week during my gcse mocks and afterwards it went away
Scarlett Moore
Scarlett Moore 2 kun oldin
Where is Dianne from. Because I can’t actually tell??
Lucy Dixon
Lucy Dixon 2 kun oldin
Take a blood test and get them to check u for celiac disease cause ur symptoms sound like that or maby lactose intolerant or both?
Chloee Rose
Chloee Rose 2 kun oldin
Do they date though?
Beatrice Harvey
Beatrice Harvey 2 kun oldin
Omg love you guys you should get married your the best
Will Black
Will Black 2 kun oldin
i’ve been gluten free since i was 3. you have to get used to it. it gets better once you are used to it. foods that have gluten/wheat are replaced with corn, quinoa, or rice. things like sweets don’t taste the same until you get used to it. just some advice
GoldenGirl Plays
GoldenGirl Plays 2 kun oldin
Joe should’ve said it’s 999 instead of 000 because that’s the Australian version
Nero predictions
Nero predictions 3 kun oldin
Are they together
Miss Ann Thrope
Miss Ann Thrope 2 kun oldin
Mouse Girl 07
Mouse Girl 07 3 kun oldin
Do another q&a but with Dianne
Mouse Girl 07
Mouse Girl 07 3 kun oldin
Do another q&a but with dianne
Gr8 Life
Gr8 Life 3 kun oldin
I've have a blood test cuz I wanted to know what I'm allergic to cuz I keep having allergic reactions
Jamie Lovick
Jamie Lovick 3 kun oldin
Jamie Lovick
Jamie Lovick 3 kun oldin
Maya Akbar-Phillips
Diane’s face when he says we’re not engaged 😂😭
Emmerlie Louisa
Emmerlie Louisa 3 kun oldin
"who would want to marry me" "don't put yourself down like that" *aw omg legit the cutest thing ever what can i have a boyfriend who talks to me like that thanks x*
Evie Brown
Evie Brown 3 kun oldin
My sister is a ceoliac so she can’t eat gluten at all, out parents made gluten free lasganga the other day and it was disgusting so I feel ur pain 😂
MADISON BRIGGS 3 kun oldin
“Don’t put yourself down like that.” Who else died from that
Sophie none of your business
welcome to the gluten free club
Shalana's World
Shalana's World 3 kun oldin
Moving to Shepton!! 😂 Good ol’ Shit n smell it.
Millie Jenkinson
Millie Jenkinson 3 kun oldin
The NHS is pritty lit
Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G
Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G 3 kun oldin
Joe, what happened to video games and chilling with the guys?? I really miss it.
Jessica Hommes
Jessica Hommes 3 kun oldin
A gluten allgery is called celiacs disease. It means that you cannot touch, eat, or come into contact with gluten foods or glue itself. I have 2 sisters that share the same disease. 😢
saima arshad
saima arshad 3 kun oldin
Norma Rivas
Norma Rivas 3 kun oldin
I just love these two so much ❤
McKenzie Sells
McKenzie Sells 4 kun oldin
Joe you could be lactose-intolerant! When I was younger I could eat cheese and ice cream no problem but when I was about 14 it started giving me the same pains and feeling your having.
Millie Turton
Millie Turton 4 kun oldin
to find out if you are ceoliac, you need to get blood tests and then they will see from there if you need an endoscopy which will tell you if you are gluten intolerant!!
Jenna brown
Jenna brown 4 kun oldin
OMG move to Shepton Mallet I live near there and I might see you and I'd love that is love you guys
Ellie’s Life
Ellie’s Life 4 kun oldin
Pissing on a stick 😂 he ain’t gonna be pregnant 😂❤️ love joe and dianne tho❤️
Chloe Forth
Chloe Forth 4 kun oldin
You should get a blood test coz they can find out what is disagreeing with ya Joe. I think blood tests are a lot more reliable then pissing on a stick but people have different preferences! I just think that will be the best thing for you x
Doesjka Nederhof
Doesjka Nederhof 4 kun oldin
Why dont you just go to the docter for your allergy?
I’m sure my name is Poppy
My cute cousins get to see you so I’m going to draw you a little picture c:
Alice P
Alice P 4 kun oldin
Is dianne fully Australian cos she barely sounds it x
Becksey 4 kun oldin
Have you tried the FODMAP diet? (:
james 4 kun oldin
Please do Joe and Dianne gta v! Like so they can see.
reaction man
reaction man 4 kun oldin
Are you bf and gf
Myhotpoptarts 4 kun oldin
I didn't know they were 'official' lol so I definitely didn't listen to the rumors.
Maddie Eidmans
Maddie Eidmans 4 kun oldin
I love Shepton Mallet 😂
J Roff
J Roff 4 kun oldin
That painting is awesome!
Catherine Chaplin
Catherine Chaplin 5 kun oldin
I don’t understand why people assume this kind of stuff, if they don’t tell us it’s there choice
MuzzyB Games
MuzzyB Games 5 kun oldin
Joe has lost his youtube touch but he traded it in for the power of touching dianne
Libby Harris
Libby Harris 4 kun oldin
On her vagina
Caoimhe Duggan
Caoimhe Duggan 5 kun oldin
Best to get proper allergen tested by GP/ Specialist. No need to cut out Gluten if you're not coeliac. If you are developing intolerance to gluten you shouldn't cut it out before testing as it may give you a false negative result.
Devin Casson
Devin Casson 5 kun oldin
There's a private clinic in Edinburgh that diagnosed my sister with a gluten intolerance. You could try that if it gets any worse
Just Beth Jayne
Just Beth Jayne 5 kun oldin
I went to the doctors the other week with similar symptoms to you and he sent me for a blood test to test for Coeliac Disease and lots of different intolerances! Hope his helps 😊
Phoebe Nurden
Phoebe Nurden 5 kun oldin
My name is phoebe
Baked Potato
Baked Potato 5 kun oldin
How the media always ruins people’s relationships
Stephanie Fensom
Stephanie Fensom 5 kun oldin
joe and dian you are the best dancer i voted for you 5 times sorry if i spelt dian name wrong
Jenesis Navarro
Jenesis Navarro 5 kun oldin
“I’m vertically challenged” is going to be my response to EVERYTHING.
Olivia Watt
Olivia Watt 5 kun oldin
When joe said that he need to pee on the stick that means you’re pregnant or not. Does joe know about that ???
Rachel 5 kun oldin
Olivia Watt it can test for different things haha as well as pregnancy 😂😂
Sammy 5 kun oldin
I’ve actually got a twitch in my hand had it for ages. Boring I am.
Madhumitha JR
Madhumitha JR 5 kun oldin
As much as it's obvious that Joe and Dianne like each other a lot, it's also sort of evident Joe is a bit thick. No hate, I love Joe and have been watching him for years to know this, the reason that Zoe keeps saying he didn't have a girlfriend. I know he wanted to address the rumours but I think saying that they weren't true would have been more than enough. He need not have added that they've only known each other for four months. Dianne looked very upset about it, not because she wants to be engaged but because the guy she's dating is basically pissing on the idea of them being engaged, as someone else rightly mentioned in the comments. And when Dianne says she wants a picnic on the stairs, you sit on the step next to hers, Joe, not on the topmost step all by yourself, you've got a partner now. Also when Dianne said she was getting titanic vibes he said he did not, it might be true but that just seemed rude. When she held out her hand for him to hold, he didn't notice. She had to withdraw it and hold it out a second time and ASK him to hold it. Everytime Dianne mentions the reason Joe is doing something is because "now he's got a girlfriend", he denies it saying, "no it's because...blah blah". Like yes Joe we get it you don't want to talk about your relationship a lot but that doesn't mean you dismiss your girlfriend like that. These are very tiny things but they're only starting out and hence don't have an extremely strong relationship yet, of course we do not know anything, but even tiny things like these could destroy potential relationships because these are the things that hurt your girl, Joe, don't let her go.
Primrose Laurie
Primrose Laurie 5 kun oldin
try cutting out lactose that is what worked for me cause originally humans werent meant to have dairy cause its made for animals but i miss milk :(
Read Books and Escape
Love you together, so sweet when you said “don’t put yourself down like that”
Lauren England
Lauren England 5 kun oldin
For gluten you will need a test for coeliac. Blood test then an endoscopy. You will need to be eating gluten for a few months before tests though otherwise you will get a false negative. If not that try a FODMAP diet to check for allergies. Go to a GP they will sort you out
Arina's World
Arina's World 5 kun oldin
Can I just point out how cute 2:41 is?
Sophie Belcher
Sophie Belcher 5 kun oldin
I found out that I was intolerant to 10 different foods from the homeopath I couldn’t recommend it enough it’s changed my life
keeley denning
keeley denning 5 kun oldin
Shepton Mallet?! I live like 5 minutes from there!!
louise cochrane
louise cochrane 5 kun oldin
She is a woman, he is a little boy.
Random Person
Random Person 5 kun oldin
If they are happy let them be. And they are only 2 years apart.
hmscornet 5 kun oldin
Joe you poof
EV Parsons
EV Parsons 6 kun oldin
Dianne and Joe are such a cute couple xx luv ur vids joe
Casey Causley
Casey Causley 6 kun oldin
I love that Dianne was like "I'm a little offended by that" because honestly I would be too 😂 I love her no nonsense attitude.
Cole sprouse is daddy
I’m a coeliac (gluten and wheat free) I got blood tests done and then got an endoscopy, it’s fucking shite being gluten free
My name is Diana !!!!
When are you going to post on ThatcherJoe?
Nina's Reality
Nina's Reality 6 kun oldin
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shirosh809 6 kun oldin
I don't drink alcohol at all[hate bitter things] and i have the same symptoms and stomach pain as you do for the past two months! i need to do these tests and try to cut out completely dairy and gluten and find out if it's the cause of the problem!
Freya Cummings
Freya Cummings 6 kun oldin
MY brother is gluten free and it isn't easy
Elan Cheesman
Elan Cheesman 6 kun oldin
12:40 joes rubbing Diannes back
Charlotte Worrall
Charlotte Worrall 6 kun oldin
A blood test at the doctors can tell if you are gluten intolerant. Ya know, the place you usually go if there is something wrong with you.
Lucy Smullen
Lucy Smullen 6 kun oldin
12:40 when joe rubs Dianne back🥰🥰❤️
Antonia Sheldrake
Antonia Sheldrake 6 kun oldin
As a coeliac, you really need to go to the Drs and get a blood test to get this checked and do all the cutting out under the advice of a Doctor. Cutting stuff out willy nilly can leave you with loads of deficiencies when done long term. Look after yourself!
Simon Leeming
Simon Leeming 6 kun oldin
Cant wait to see you guys on tour!!!!! xx