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9-Yan, 2019



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Sofia Sainty
Sofia Sainty 7 kun oldin
Who thinks they should do prank wars girlfriend and boyfriend edition
ox hanna xo
ox hanna xo 20 kun oldin
11:00 is cutest thing 😭💖
Beth Laird
Beth Laird 22 kun oldin
Go to the doctor and get a test for Coeliac disease I had all the symptoms you had got the test and it changed my life
Megan Robinson
Megan Robinson 29 kun oldin
12:40 you can see joe put his arm around di ❤️❤️ cute as ever!!!
Kiersten Boals
Kiersten Boals 29 kun oldin
Aww Joanne is so cute!
Jlittlelife Oy oldin
Changing lights at the end of the vlog, was the highlight for me, i am easily amused
emma x
emma x Oy oldin
well we can debunk this now!
Marie Cassidy
Marie Cassidy Oy oldin
15:41 the joe in the background… made me laugh my head off
Ellie n Aidan
Ellie n Aidan Oy oldin
I saw the tour in the O2
Ruby Hope Whiting
Wait there in a relationship since when
SandraOlufsen Oy oldin
You two 🙈😆
Alyssa Storer
Alyssa Storer Oy oldin
My mum is gluten free. She had a blood test from her doctors
the Quayle
the Quayle Oy oldin
Your local doctors XD
Elliephant Oy oldin
Why did she laugh when she said bird bird box...🤦🏻‍♀️don't like her sorry joe
Gheed Al Nassan
Dianne is so funny i can't
Can you ask your sister zoe to hugg meee
Sophia Driver-Dickerson
"Don't put yourself down like that" AWHH! 💕
Just Have Fun
Just Have Fun Oy oldin
Can dianne do an asmr please
meera nair
meera nair Oy oldin
Lol go to 9:44
Ki Oy oldin
12:41 look how joe put his hand on dianne back
Roksana Ochedalska
Are they dating or not??🤔🤔🙄🙄
Grace Cockayne
Omg love you both but in London were the queen lives not true my dad stared at him and made him smurk lol
Bec Sullivan
Bec Sullivan Oy oldin
I’m coeliac and I know the struggle so much for finding food that DOESNT CONTAIN GLUTEN. It’s insane and so upsetting 😂😂 fingers crossed it’s not gluten you’re allergic to!
Ms. Alex
Ms. Alex Oy oldin
DAIRY. So many people are not able to process dairy.
Oceane Bilong
Oceane Bilong Oy oldin
Of all the 4.3K+ comments, does anybody think that dianne should dye Joe's hair very very *VERY* light pink, almost blonde So kinda like the seeming colour in the thumbnail
Sister Shannon
I wish u would get married it would be AMAZING
Bee B
Bee B Oy oldin
I went through the exact same thing as you are going through Joe when I was 16. I became gluten and dairy free completely changed my body. I got a blood test and was neither celiac nor dairy intolerant but every time I consume something with dairy or gluten I am laid up in bed for 2 weeks not being able to consume water or any food. I highly recommend foods that are pure so when you look on the ingredients it’s actual foods rather than blah blah blah additive, blah blah blah acid
Caitlin Arden
Caitlin Arden Oy oldin
If you're testing to see if you're coeliac or gluten intolerant you need a blood test that will confirm if you're positive or negative
Ama_. B
Ama_. B Oy oldin
R they dating?
алия галимова
Божечки, я их очень сильно люблю ♡♡♡
Dom Easton
Dom Easton Oy oldin
Nightingale Allergy & Nutrition Clinic - most amazing place in Marlyebone can tell u any allergy u have. Dr Choi...
Kat _X
Kat _X Oy oldin
I’m gluten free and I eat grassroots bakery bread and it is AMAZING ❤️❤️
Yes Nibba
Yes Nibba Oy oldin
are they definitely dating ??
Miss Ann Thrope
Jeedy B
Jeedy B Oy oldin
U have appendicitis
Maddie Edwards
Oli lost his head by looking at the palace
Jessica Mitton
Anyone here on the 23rd 💗😂
faye mcarthur
faye mcarthur Oy oldin
Try cutting out bread as well. I'm gluten intolerant and you can find out from a blood test .
Louisa Oy oldin
joe ik this is super late buuuuut i have celiac and that’s a gluten disease (not the same as intolerance but yea) and it does get easier :) and yes gf lasagna does taste like glue blood test was for me and then an endoscopy but not too sure what it’d be for intolerance good luck
Emily Gill
Emily Gill Oy oldin
lala3s3 Oy oldin
See your physician. They can run an allergy panel. Unless you have celiac disease theres no need to cut out gluten and your doctor can test for celiac. Alot of the common intolerance as you get older could be dairy or lactose, fat in certain foods your Gallbladder might not filter correctly. Also certain carbohydrates/sugars.
Joseph Levyy
Joseph Levyy Oy oldin
SMELLY CAT!!! I love friends 😂
James White
James White Oy oldin
How he got with her I will never know. Can't dance for shit and she apparently left her partner for him? Thought you are supposed to upgrade not downgrade
Lucythe Dancer
I’m gluten free and they found out by me having a blood test also love you joe
Claire Shannon
Hi Joe. The York test full scan is great. They send you the kit, you prick your finger and send it back. I had the same feelings you described and it was down to intolerances 😑
Tonisha Forster
it could be a lactose intolerant, i became intolerant to lactose 2 years ago. only knew as i was getting really bad cramps after drinking milk as it has a high percentage of lactose in it, but mostly everything else which contains smaller amounts in it im fine with.
showmoke Oy oldin
So........ is Joe a Coeliac or isn't he? He was going for tests. so I was wondering if he's been diagnosed positive or negative yet for an intolerance to gluten?
Lucy S
Lucy S Oy oldin
S6D VIBES Oy oldin
Joes changed so much since I last watched him! Wow.
Ellie Horsfall
So are they dating plz reply
Ellie Horsfall
Miss Ann Thrope ohhh thankyou🤣🤣
Miss Ann Thrope
+Ellie Horsfall 😂😂 yes they are dating, they just joke about sleeping in separate beds 😂
Ellie Horsfall
showmoke ohh Thankyou appreciate it
showmoke Oy oldin
+Ellie Horsfall - No, but he's given strong indications on here that they're not intimate at the moment and he's given clues in other vlogs of his to that effect (talked about sleeping in separate beds, not seen kissing on camera etc.)
Ellie Horsfall
showmoke ah okay, have they made it official
Joanne Sugwell
Joanne Sugwell 2 oy oldin
Dianne seemed very upset when she said ' who would want to marry me ' she seemed really sad throughout the whole conversation 10:22 Just me?? Ok
Mia Rigden
Mia Rigden 2 oy oldin
How did she get in she must have a key. 🤩😍
Random Person
Random Person Oy oldin
they are living together. of course she has a key
Sade S
Sade S 2 oy oldin
I'm allergic to dairy, gluten, eggs and more so try cutting out gluten and then try dairy products as well cuz intolerances to those ingredients are becoming more and more common :)
LeaLikesIcecream 2 oy oldin
could be histamin = alcohol and a lot of fruit etc
Salena Xx
Salena Xx 2 oy oldin
Skskksks "no dont put yourself down like that" 😢😢😢
Bela Fernandez
Bela Fernandez 2 oy oldin
you should have color changing lights on your stairs
Hannah McEleney
Hannah McEleney 2 oy oldin
I know so many people who’ve gone to a kinesiologist and it really worked for every single one of them and it’s quick because they don’t have to send anything away for testing and I just think it would be perfect for you.
Saffron Bailey
Saffron Bailey 2 oy oldin
Awww dianne wants to marry her BF Joe ❤️❤️
Keri McFarlane
Keri McFarlane 2 oy oldin
You could have gallstones. I had the feeling of trapped wind for a year before realising I had gallstones.
molly armstrong
molly armstrong 2 oy oldin
Aw I love ü guys! Ur so cute together ❤️
That Smoothie
That Smoothie 2 oy oldin
Are they together? Srry if not lol i just havent been keeping up
Miss Ann Thrope
Miss Ann Thrope 2 oy oldin
Yes they are 👍
Hazel Collins
Hazel Collins 2 oy oldin
I’ve had a twitchy finger!!! Lasted for ages haha thought I was dying 🤣
Isobel Brittain
Isobel Brittain 2 oy oldin
17:54 joe has been in his house 3years and it isn’t finished I’ve been in my house since I was born and it still isn’t finished 😂
Erika Guillem
Erika Guillem 2 oy oldin
Come to gibraltar plssssss
Kriya B
Kriya B 2 oy oldin
Joe, go to the doctors and get a blood test!😂
Nitr0 T0x
Nitr0 T0x 2 oy oldin
Hi joe I have coeliac disease which means I can’t eat gluten and gluten-free food can be really nice and also being gluten-free can be more heated than eating regular food
Kaz Read
Kaz Read 2 oy oldin
Go to the doctor as they need to get a blood test done for gluten. I had one luckily came back ok. It ends up I have IBS and have to stop eating onions etc.. I now follow a low fodmap diet and things have improved so much. Good Luck on finding out... X
ScarlettVlogsAndGames 007
It is annoying I am gluten free it's hard. But then I havnt known any better I have had it all my life..
Eddie Michael
Eddie Michael 2 oy oldin
It’s very clear that the tabloid press are always trying to start rumours but at least that you two seem happy together :)
Trinity Alexus
Trinity Alexus 2 oy oldin
Awww 11:00 when she says “who would wanna marry me?” And he says “don’t put yourself down like that...” 🥰🥰🥰
Emma Conwell
Emma Conwell 2 oy oldin
I have an MS.c in food science and nutrition. allergic - vomiting, rash, throat swelling... not allergic but not good i.e. intolerant - farts. i'd recommend trying the elimination process rather than going to a dietitian because it's the same info. look it up online and save yourself some time and money.
Hannah Lawrence
Hannah Lawrence 2 oy oldin
I feel so bad for joe and Dianne their 2 people in a relationship and people always take it to far they are people the can be a couple if they want it does not mean their getting married
Macey Tarena
Macey Tarena 2 oy oldin
They are actually a really cute couple.
Ahsfreakshowlove 2 oy oldin
Why does the media have to ruin everything? Can’t anyone have a peaceful, private life??
J 2 oy oldin
She lowkey looked hurt when joe kept saying they arent engaged
Kitty Leon
Kitty Leon 2 oy oldin
Go to the doctors they’ll do a free allergy test, we have the nhs for that
Andrés Muñoz
Andrés Muñoz 2 oy oldin
wow she doesn’t sound Aussie at all
Poppy K
Poppy K 2 oy oldin
Lol my sister is gluten free 😂😂
MakeupFreak 11
MakeupFreak 11 2 oy oldin
You can do a hair test where you send in a piece of your hair and they give you a list of allergies! I had it done at my local health shop it was rly helpful
rose1234567878 2 oy oldin
how da fuk does someone look SOOOO good with red hair
Rachel Thorpe
Rachel Thorpe 2 oy oldin
If you think you are intolerant of gluten it is advised not to cut it out until you have had your tests .
madi 826
madi 826 2 oy oldin
oh ma gawd! I'm from Aus and couldn't rlly tell that she was Australian, her accent has gone so much :( !!!!!!
Didyousayoutube 2 oy oldin
It's all about you, Dianne.❤️
Didyousayoutube 2 oy oldin
It's all about you, Dianne.❤️
Didyousayoutube 2 oy oldin
It's all about you, Dianne.❤️
Blaine Brant
Blaine Brant 2 oy oldin
There are actually at least 10 different types of tests just for gluten. You can be celiac, have an allergy or intolerance as well as many other things but the best test is actually just to stop eating it for about a month and see how you feel. You may also be dairy free or allergic to really anything else. Speaking of being allergic to alcohol most alcohol is actually made from fermented wheat and grain so watch out for that.
Sam Hewitt
Sam Hewitt 2 oy oldin
I wish the best for you both!
amelia blackledge
when Dianne said “cause who’d want to marry me” or whatever a joe told her not to put herself down like being propa serious my heart melted 😍🥰
neelaarul 2 oy oldin
btw your fingers start to twitch when you are stressed or have anxiety coz i had the same problem for a week during my gcse mocks and afterwards it went away
Scarlett Moore
Scarlett Moore 2 oy oldin
Where is Dianne from. Because I can’t actually tell??
Lucy Dixon
Lucy Dixon 2 oy oldin
Take a blood test and get them to check u for celiac disease cause ur symptoms sound like that or maby lactose intolerant or both?
Chloee Rose
Chloee Rose 2 oy oldin
Do they date though?
Beatrice Harvey
Beatrice Harvey 2 oy oldin
Omg love you guys you should get married your the best
Will Black
Will Black 2 oy oldin
i’ve been gluten free since i was 3. you have to get used to it. it gets better once you are used to it. foods that have gluten/wheat are replaced with corn, quinoa, or rice. things like sweets don’t taste the same until you get used to it. just some advice
Mollie5Anne M
Mollie5Anne M 2 oy oldin
Joe should’ve said it’s 999 instead of 000 because that’s the Australian version
Nero predictions
Nero predictions 2 oy oldin
Are they together
Miss Ann Thrope
Miss Ann Thrope 2 oy oldin
Mouse Girl 07
Mouse Girl 07 2 oy oldin
Do another q&a but with Dianne
Mouse Girl 07
Mouse Girl 07 2 oy oldin
Do another q&a but with dianne
Gr8 Life
Gr8 Life 2 oy oldin
I've have a blood test cuz I wanted to know what I'm allergic to cuz I keep having allergic reactions
Jamie Lovick
Jamie Lovick 2 oy oldin
Jamie Lovick
Jamie Lovick 2 oy oldin
Who is the strongest?
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