LGBTQ+ and Religious Leaders Read Mean Comments To Each Other

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What happens when strangers read internet comments about their identity and religious beliefs to each other? SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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25-Sen, 2018



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Fikrlar 1 349
Lauren 2 kun oldin
the asian girl is rlly pretty
TheGreyJedi492 3 kun oldin
The religious comments in the comments section is why you'll never catch me coming anywhere near organized religion......not even with a 10 ft pole
TheGreyJedi492 3 kun oldin
Is it just me, or did the religious leaders seem very...Vanilla? I don't think any of them had any issues with LGBT people....now, if you had a hard core Evangelical vs a Transgender person, THAT would be interesting to see!
Histerix 4 kun oldin
Christians and homophobes are not the same thing.
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 2 kun oldin
Well, Paul clearly had some opinions...
Adam Kassam
Adam Kassam 5 kun oldin
That trans girl is actually kinda hot
Daniela 6 kun oldin
What is the ginger girl’s name? 🤔
As a religious person I didn’t really take offense to this lol it was funny
WilltheNeo 7 kun oldin
A little unrelated but how come every trans woman i've seen looks like a valley girl?
Hikazaya Nikushi
Hikazaya Nikushi 8 kun oldin
When you’re gay and Christian... yeett
Aaron 9 kun oldin
Oh my goodness that comment section read was rough But on another note everyone is great when they aren’t ignorant towards anyone.
Julian -_-
Julian -_- 10 kun oldin
Lgbt, no plus
*eolhc* *eolhc*
*eolhc* *eolhc* 10 kun oldin
0:11 Gosh, she's gorgeous 😍
狼ウサギ 11 kun oldin
If you are happy and not harming others, then what's the issue? If people are gay, lesbian, trans, etc, its okay! That means they are them and they are happy and aren't harming you in anyway shape or form. Same goes for religion, if it makes them happier and find a path towards happiness or striving in life, then thats all that matters.
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 5 kun oldin
Because 'thoughtcrime', I guess. Something Christian religion weigh in on before.
Carly Baxa
Carly Baxa 11 kun oldin
‘I love a good tip’ i’m crying 😂😭
Jerry The Homophobic Mouse [T H O T slayer]
Transgender isn’t a gender
joe bufallo
joe bufallo 13 kun oldin
My first sexual experience was reading a marvel comic : Dr Doom enslaved the fantastic four and made them do his evil bidding. I was eight years old.
Jillian V
Jillian V 13 kun oldin
The trans girl is so beautiful 💘
Xiao Xiao
Xiao Xiao 15 kun oldin
Is it me or did the outfits give away wgo was LGBT+ or the religious ones Bcs the religious ones looked like they were the CEO's of a company
Bat and Orange
Bat and Orange 15 kun oldin
“I love a good tip” IM WHEEZING
Sophia Barenholtz
Sophia Barenholtz 15 kun oldin
I don’t get why a Jew was there the Jewish people have nothing against trans people my synagogue hung up the transgender flag in the lobby and it’s still there
Sippingsome_nctea _
Sippingsome_nctea _ 16 kun oldin
im lgbt and religious so i dont know how to feel-
Christopher Churcher
I actually agree with half of the anti-religious comments xD
Katherine Young
Katherine Young 11 kun oldin
+Christopher Churcher👍👍👍❤❤❤
Christopher Churcher
+Katherine Young Thanks, Katherine! :-)
Katherine Young
Katherine Young 13 kun oldin
+Christopher Churcher fair enough
Christopher Churcher
+Katherine Young Nah I just hate most religion. People are allowed to like whatever they want, and as a gay person I'm pretty terrified of religious doctrine.🤷
Katherine Young
Katherine Young 13 kun oldin
Good to know you're allowed to hate people and get likes. 👍👍
awkward potato
awkward potato 16 kun oldin
the way that jewish guy looked at that girl omllllll 2:33
Meluchiis Bernabe
Meluchiis Bernabe 16 kun oldin
The trans girl is so pretty!!! 💞💜
Sarah Choi
Sarah Choi 17 kun oldin
Should I be upset that that trans woman is prettier than me?
Random Account
Random Account 17 kun oldin
"I love a good tip" Hjskska Ah I see what you did there
Casey Heart
Casey Heart 17 kun oldin
Why can’t we all just get along? 🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
faxxx 18 kun oldin
As a bi male who studies the Bible which isn't a Christian book I just want to point out that the Bible is actually pretty accurate when it comes to historical events and prophecies being fulfilled to the detail and even with things going on everywhere it tells a lot of truth ppl just think of it as bad because they think white man wrote it but they only translated black men's work. The book was made within hundreds to thousands of years apart yet come together perfectly, there are many other books that were removed for propaganda and control purposes and they might tell something they don't want us to know. People have translated it wrong to fit agendas but God doesn't hate gay people, there is a story about to gay man who gets married in the Bible, being with a man isn't a sin it actually referred to pedophilia and parents wouldn't want their kids to be mentored by grown adults in church if it said that so they changed it to bash homosexual relationships between two adult males.
*alittlelost* 18 kun oldin
the asian woman is very pretty, i was shocked at the voice lmao
Regina Sikes
Regina Sikes 20 kun oldin
2:23 im ded
Anna Eccles
Anna Eccles 20 kun oldin
The girl at 0:12 is incredibly attractive 😱❤️
IsaDiamandis 22 kun oldin
does anyone know anything about the lesbian by chance, she's seriously so pretty 😍😍
IsaDiamandis 22 kun oldin
+TheDon _ yeah she is superb
TheDon _
TheDon _ 22 kun oldin
Also I love marina as well.i know your a fan of her because of your name
TheDon _
TheDon _ 22 kun oldin
The red haired one right? Cuz she's fine af
Gabriela Kondratyuk
Gabriela Kondratyuk 25 kun oldin
Lia 26 kun oldin
I’m Christian and I support LGTBQ 🤷‍♀️
Jazz G
Jazz G 26 kun oldin
But lgbtq people can also be religions. That and it’s cool with the pope so quit whining American evangelicals! In my country we are very liberal and the lgbtq is an important part in religion so it is so weird to me that it is different in the US!
Ima Potato
Ima Potato 27 kun oldin
Here’s what i don’t get... Why do people take this much time to say something hurtful, when u can be kind and spread love. Can’t we all just be accepting and love one another? Is that too much to ask for?
Anthony Pappas
Anthony Pappas 15 kun oldin
That's the way it should be, but there are always bad apples unfortunately.
Lyla Gallagher
Lyla Gallagher 29 kun oldin
0:12 the girlllllll her name or ig account plzzzzzzzzz thxxx
Charis Sotireli
3:07 *looks at camera* do I... do I make a sex joke? *thinks about it* lol probably not
Precious Mwanza
🤣😂😂 "I love a good tip" yaaaas honey!!
Aaron Green
Aaron Green Oy oldin
Would have never guessed that Asian chick was trans
Jjibarra23 Ibarra
I’m here for those lgbt girls haha
soobin’s angel
I’m bisexual and an atheist but religion is beautiful. You do you and I’ll do me :) Just because I don’t believe in something doesn’t mean I think it’s bad- it can bring people together!
Really wonder why so many asian americans are christians.
Zachary Alexander
The Jewish Rabbi looks reformed and very very AMAZING
BlazeIt 4Jesus
I'm happy they included Christians cause we can be just as much as victims of harassment like other social groups.
sachiiku audios
like if youre bi and religious
sachiiku audios
*likes my own comment*
dot Oy oldin
"It was a really big boat" I love you
Phoenix Blaze
Phoenix Blaze Oy oldin
2:22 😂😂😂😂😂
Nord Man
Nord Man Oy oldin
2:20 I bet when the great flood happened there weren’t that many species, but over time different adaptations and animals migrating created different species
Ben K
Ben K Oy oldin
The homophobic ones were tame. I’ve legit had conversations with people who say to my face they believe I should be executed.
HappyBaker 10 kun oldin
Alex M
Alex M Oy oldin
Yay im imaginary i dont have to go to school. I always wanted an excuse
Alex M
Alex M Oy oldin
Im also christian
Alex M
Alex M Oy oldin
Anyone else FTM? I am but havent started transitioning
Dimitri Doroshko
Damn, that trans girl-boy is so hot.
Badr eddin
Badr eddin Oy oldin
*Video finish* Me: am gonna puke now
Shuralee Lamb
Shuralee Lamb Oy oldin
pannnnnnnnn!!!111 yayyyyyyy
You know that they never Put Catholic on these types of videos... Does that mean we are the most Accepting and Not Holy but we let people live their lives not being like "My Religion wont let me be gay or I cant eat this or Oh i cant have a single beer every once on a while..." Not to be hating on others religions but...
Winter Hippo
Winter Hippo 2 oy oldin
I h8 gays.
audette 19
audette 19 2 oy oldin
The lady with dark hair is gorgeous.
jasmine burke
jasmine burke 2 oy oldin
*i love a good tip*
Dragonis Dragor
Dragonis Dragor 2 oy oldin
im not religious in the slightest but i have deep respect for people who are no matter what religion. whether someone is LGBT+ or not means nothing to me people are people no matter what there preferences are everyone is equal in my eyes. love to all keep your beliefs and faith strong and true no matter who you are
But not every LGBTQ+ is non-Christian and not every Religious Leader hates the LGBTQ+ Community
leHungry 2 oy oldin
Why are so many Asians Christians/religions?
skeet yeet sophia
the trans girl was lowkey gorgeous
tasteoflife 2 oy oldin
what's the name of the red headd
Jadyn Glunt
Jadyn Glunt 2 oy oldin
I actually thought that was a girl
Jaylah Neal
Jaylah Neal 2 oy oldin
i dont have a problem with lg but i have a problem with kids being around em' i play roblox (add meh @Tanisthe) but i see kids talm bout i like girls and guys or girls on guys
Typical Jay
Typical Jay 2 oy oldin
THIS VIDEO IS RACIST. IT HAS NO BLACKS OR HINDUS. plus u forgot my ate comment
WANH33DA 2 oy oldin
@ of the lesbian redhead? strictly for geography research
natureboy 3 oy oldin
I got shocked when I heard the Asian lady speak
Care Cup
Care Cup 3 oy oldin
That lesbian is so hot. What a shame she doesn't like penis.
heydiddlediddle 3 oy oldin
"It was a really big boat." LMAO 😂😂😂
ugly poop doodle bob
the trans girl was so cute
Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower 3 oy oldin
These videos are awesome. It was really a big boat has to be the best comment on this one. C'mn Jubilee time for new videos. I love how everyone is able to laugh at the stupidity of the comments.
Austin Rich
Austin Rich 3 oy oldin
yo that trans got me off guard lol i promise im not gay
Jan Wright
Jan Wright 3 oy oldin
Hahaha, the only thing an LGBTQ+ "leader" is doing is "leading" others to hell with them they are declaring God's loving words of warning against the practice of same-gender sex as hate and that is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit of God Mark 3;28-30, Isiaha 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that is what the LGBTQ+PEPDOPHILE gang is doing, anybody that listens to any one of those depraved mind reprobates and agrees with them is on the path to hell with them Rom 1;32. My advice to you that sits in that vile temple called a Church where homosexuality is preached as being love sent for God is to get up and get out as fast as you can and never set foot in there again that is not a house of God but a temple of Lucifer set there to trick you The LGBTQ+PEDOPHILE depraved mind reprobate leader does not praise God they protest his law against same-gender with song and words laced with hatred of God's law under the guise of love. Read this verse maybe you might understand 2 Tim 3;4 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to tell them what their itching ears WANT'S TO HEAR... The word of God is declared evil because it condemns same-gender sex, homosexuality is love and good despite what God's law against it, Lucifer is written all over the LGBTQ+PEDOPHILE gang's temples of lies.
Samuel Cass
Samuel Cass 3 oy oldin
Why was this even made?
101blu101 3 oy oldin
I love a good tip, lol same
Jeojanga la kuanlin
as u can see a lot of the christians are asian...:^///
Not Your Baby
Not Your Baby 3 oy oldin
Where do they even want to know from that (every) lesbian uses dildos and stuff? Because I am a lesbian and I don't want/ need a dildo... And in general: Why the heck are people worrying about the sex life of others? They never heard of (romantic) feelings, did they?
//SuperAsh4U// 3 oy oldin
Let's not forget you can believe in God and still be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I am living proof.
hailey aguillen
hailey aguillen 3 oy oldin
Atheists religious lgbt, idc, you are human, and you are amazing
trilingualkid 3 oy oldin
religions are the devil of this world...
Christina Clancy
Christina Clancy 3 oy oldin
Lol the guy at the end “I love s good tip”😂😂😂
Justin A.
Justin A. 3 oy oldin
Aight let me tell yall american jackasses that being gay or trans is fuckn againt gods will u dumb fucks i get disgusted from gays and trans btw im australian if ur gay here or trans youll get bullied
RoastToast Reviews
"You're like really religious, okay"
Supery Zezo
Supery Zezo 3 oy oldin
Honey beans Blog
Honey beans Blog 3 oy oldin
“I love a good tip” I know right I love getting 2.00 or a dollar.
FACHAN 3 oy oldin
0:47 whaaaat theeee fraaaaank lol 😂 Woman or maaan ??
Auggie S
Auggie S 3 oy oldin
*it was a really big boat*
Princess Triyonna
I'm a bisexual christian✨👽
Dennis Grammenos
Dennis Grammenos 3 oy oldin
In an interview: Journalist : how do you view lesbian relationships? Guy : Full HD Journalist : ...
HappyBaker 10 kun oldin
this is literally my country. very homophobic, but somehow lesbian porn is the most viewed
UNmasked [YT]
UNmasked [YT] 3 oy oldin
*When you’re LGBT+ and Christian* wElP
Majd HeyZ
Majd HeyZ 3 oy oldin
humans should learn how to love no matter gender religion or ethnicity, just love each other please :/
jacob outlaw
jacob outlaw 3 oy oldin
Oooh 1:41 so hard and true
PiePie 3 oy oldin
I like how a few people are lighthearted about it *How did they fit millions of animals in one boat?* “It was a really big boat”
Chicago bears Fan
That red head is actually pretty hot
Kamilia Warda
Kamilia Warda 3 oy oldin
2:20 XD lol , fun fact , there is a Muslim story I don't remember about what it is or what its call in English so I'm just gonna call it using my language Nabi, which ride a big ship with animal, and the ship sinks...I think? Its really been like 4 years since I heard the story . its not weird I swear .I just told you what I remember in a picture . that must be a big ships XD
Jan Wright
Jan Wright 3 oy oldin
You, foolish people, have declared God's loving word's of warning against sin particularly same-gender sex as hateful and that is plain out Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit of God Mark 3;28-30 clearly says those who do that have no chance for redemption, Go to Hell Go directly to Hell...Your denial of the existence of God won't save you from his judgment against you it will be the cause the prophecy of God against the sinful desires of the world will be fulfilled same-gender sex LGBTO+P is just of the sinful desires of the world. One sinner to another.
Eric Cholico
Eric Cholico 3 oy oldin
I personally identify with both sides here, and it pains me to see people hating on each other. We're all God's children and all people deserve respect.
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