Liberals And Conservatives Fight Labels And Stereotypes

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Liberals and Conservatives came together to work through differences of opinion and see if they can find middle ground by discussing Trump, voting, and partisanship. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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15-Okt, 2017

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Want to be in the next season of Middle Ground? We're always checking out submissions to our casting form! Submit yourself here: bit.ly/MIDDLEGROUND
Life Is Great
Life Is Great 16 kun oldin
Try black people vs white people : the race parity could be highlighted through that
AJ Monroe
AJ Monroe 18 kun oldin
Believers of White Privilege vs Non- Believers
You guys should have: 2 Right Wing Conservatives: 1 Trump supporter and 1 non-Trump supporter 2 Centrist Liberals/Independents: 1 Centre-Right Classical Liberal and 1 Centre-Left Social Liberal 2 Left Wing Democrats: 1 Hillary supporter and 1 Bernie supporter
PrinceKing Scholar
Do yall have Democrats vs Republicans
ZionYGO 18 soat oldin
I heard that voting for yourself equates to not participating in the voting process by left and right supporters... They say to participate but when you do, they get pissy.
Vault Dweller
Vault Dweller 22 soat oldin
Antonio Iniguez
Antonio Iniguez Kun oldin
i wanted ben shapiro to be here lol
gillian owens
gillian owens Kun oldin
Donald trump
Emily Slaton
Emily Slaton 2 kun oldin
I’m liberal but that blonde lady bothered me
Tristen 2 kun oldin
Aligning yourself with a side and letting become you is just a toxic thing
PJ Garcia
PJ Garcia 2 kun oldin
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson 3 kun oldin
I don't get why people keep talking about Republicanism in the chat. This is about Conservative and Liberals. These are ideologies, not parties.
Gregory Maddux
Gregory Maddux 4 kun oldin
What was the point of this?
Calis Fox
Calis Fox 5 kun oldin
why no women conservatives??
Justin 5 kun oldin
please do an extreme right v extreme left. Thats gonna be good TV.
Samantha Avery
Samantha Avery 5 kun oldin
I don't see the reason for national pride. When they were talking about why they were proud to be American, they were listing off benefits of being American, but those benefits, as they don't really stem from any of their actions are nothing to be proud of, just things to be appreciated. Maybe it's just a linguistics problem and this is what everyone means when they say they're proud to be from a certain country. I also think an element of it might be that humans just naturally love to rally around things they feel part of. That's why most people cheer for their local sports team, even if they don't really care about sports. Whatever it is, I'm not a fan of the idea of being proud of being from a certain country because every country has its own wolves and sheep, and to say you're proud of one makes it seem like that country is somehow superior or on a moral high ground compared to others. This is where we get things like American Exceptionalism that can be destructive.
NatTheKiwi 5 kun oldin
The way the pink lady painted conservatives as InfoWars supporters was gross. That’s no better than Trump making blanket statements and she obviously doesn’t like the things he says. As a liberal I apologize for her blanket statements and hope both sides can look past the crazy extremeists.
xrom5150 6 kun oldin
That lady's ego was through the motherfucking roof and she didn't have much to back it up with. The older dude seemed really smart though
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown 6 kun oldin
These people rant too much.
Sr Il Yvesini
Sr Il Yvesini 6 kun oldin
An Asian Conservative... wow, congratulations...
1231莫须有 6 kun oldin
The first statement is alr cancerous. When did conservaties deprive ppl of rights? Why does these liberals always assume moral highground?
JamesHLanier 5 kun oldin
Because they have the moral high ground.
Chevyblock 550
Chevyblock 550 7 kun oldin
The blonde guy with the beard seems to be very smart and intuitive.
MayhemIncorporated 7 kun oldin
The conservatives were more soft spoken than I had anticipated. 🤔
JAMiE DC 8 kun oldin
Conservatives have InfoWars? Liberals have CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Huffington Post and basically any trendy artist lol
Gabby J
Gabby J 8 kun oldin
Can someone please explain to me how conservatism isn’t hateful
Gabby J
Gabby J 8 kun oldin
Can someone please explain to me how conservatism isn’t hateful
shawn mendrek
shawn mendrek 8 kun oldin
That asian man with the glasses, he clearly is rational. I always go back and forth between liking trump and then not liking him. But honestly this man said how I truly feel.
Quinn R.
Quinn R. 8 kun oldin
The Liberals in this are super far left extremists and the conservatives are honestly middle-left
Quinn R.
Quinn R. 8 kun oldin
The reason that "people affected by trump can't vote" is because they are in the United States ILLEGALLY and if they showed up to the voting registration office they would be deported. People who are in America illegally are messing up the system because it makes it harder for people to immigrate legally.
Egg Salad
Egg Salad 8 kun oldin
"when did it become OK for Donald Trump to be the lowest common denominator" When the only other options are Bernie or Hillary
AgreeableWaif2 9 kun oldin
They chose bad conservatives imo
amelia's life
amelia's life 9 kun oldin
It surprised me that they used liberal and conservative seeing as they are Canadian government party’s
GracefulNiko 9 kun oldin
As a liberal, i apologize for the lady. I actually agree with the conservatives in some parts. This is how are parties should behave. I like this, just exclude that girl. NO, not because she’s a woman. My lord.
Chris Tauer
Chris Tauer 10 kun oldin
So here mom was a feminist, well you knew what was going to happen (triggered)
silvershadow 10 kun oldin
lady in the pink was a classic liberal. i tend to be more in the middle republican/democrat, if you were curious
Exceptional Dude
Exceptional Dude 10 kun oldin
The older man is a liberal I respect and wouldn’t mind having a civil conversation/debate with. The major problem is radicals on both ends of the spectrum who are so dogmatic in their beliefs that they are unwilling to negotiate or reason with...
Mattlirious The Slayer
Someone please shoot her
Preston Melkerson
Preston Melkerson 10 kun oldin
Liberals are fuckin idiots, it’s almost impressive
JustinRChoi 10 kun oldin
BOY! simply because you're in the opposite party, does not mean you are misinformed or don't know better. It's your beliefs, opinions, attitude and the party's overall effectiveness that matters.
JamesHLanier 8 kun oldin
Yeah, you could be entirely informed and simply be a monster who wants to hurt people. There's always that.
JustinRChoi 10 kun oldin
When it comes to people shouldn't or should have the right to complain if they didn't vote, in my opinion. I believe everyone who didn't have the eligibility and ability to vote should have the right to complain about the vote in hand and those who did have the ability and eligibility to vote but did not shouldn't have the right to complain about the vote in hand.
Top Arriveria
Top Arriveria 11 kun oldin
Republicans are hateful old baby boomers born in the best economic codition and they ruined it. Now they are continuing to ruin it because they believe random blogs on facebook and create false outrage
Cody Greene
Cody Greene 11 kun oldin
It would be cool if they get independent people and then have two sides: conservative and liberal. They will yell out a question and tell which side says shah and then the independent people will go that side and explain why they chose that side. It'll get them to start thinking.
aeronelise 11 kun oldin
“You might love your child, but not be happy with how they are acting right now.” PERFECT WAY TO EXPLAIN IT
Dari Cream
Dari Cream 12 kun oldin
I didn’t like how the lady was talking over people and interrupting them. She should have waited til they finished their thought.
Maddie_Plays 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one who kind of agrees with both parties and disagree
Brian Desantiago
Brian Desantiago 12 kun oldin
At the end of the day the elites and the central banks win they have divided people so much when all we have to do is stand up millions strong together and they’ll know we have woken up .. politics only give the idea that we have a free will .. we don’t people we don’t...
Nolan Solano
Nolan Solano 12 kun oldin
I don’t even know what liberals and conservatives are I just watch these bc it’s 1 am😂💀
Joseph seed
Joseph seed 12 kun oldin
Of course there's a gay liberal
Taxation Is Theft
Taxation Is Theft 13 kun oldin
What about the Libertarians?
Jen F
Jen F 13 kun oldin
Climate change deniers Vs Scientists
Becchi 13 kun oldin
I keep having to go back and replay the q's 'cause I keep missing them for reading the comments. I tjink the guy1st and 3rd conservative guys make valid points as well as the oldee gentalman.
Dr Fash
Dr Fash 13 kun oldin
Do National socialists and communists
JamesHLanier 8 kun oldin
Then blow up the room.
Parker Dodson
Parker Dodson 13 kun oldin
Khaki pants kid seems smart.
Congi 13 kun oldin
Guilherme Freitas
Guilherme Freitas 13 kun oldin
americans use the term "liberal" in a very wrong way, those guys are progressives
Guilherme Freitas
Guilherme Freitas 13 kun oldin
but i guess that's different in america
Isabel Coca
Isabel Coca 13 kun oldin
I think people are entitled to their opinion, and nobodies opinion is wrong but just different and that’s ok! I think some opinions are harder to understand but it’s never wrong
JamesHLanier 8 kun oldin
No, there are opinions that are wrong to have.
john duran
john duran 14 kun oldin
I feel like the lady in the pink, has white guilt
john duran
john duran 14 kun oldin
The older guy is what liberalism was
john duran
john duran 14 kun oldin
I support Gay marriage, And 1st and 2nd amendment, and I don’t believe in hate speech what am I?
vietnameeseguy 14 kun oldin
The people they use in these interviews suck.
Tara Flint
Tara Flint 15 kun oldin
Doesn't every one belive in everyone being equal
skillett gil
skillett gil 15 kun oldin
Jubilee make a part two and put me in it. Please!!!!!
Hydrolord 15 kun oldin
To people saying that the liberal woman was "stereotyping," if the far right is that much worse than the far left (which it is), then what does that say about the center right? The center right still gets things wrong more often than the left. Just compare Republican and Democratic politicians on Politifact.
Nana yaw otchere adjei
Donald Trump is the best president ever!
savinin 16 kun oldin
The problem with conservatives is not that they are conservative. Its that they vote republican. Republicans haven't been conservative in decades.
General Mandible
General Mandible 17 kun oldin
That lady in the pink acts like more than 2 people actually take alex jones seriously
David Velevski
David Velevski 17 kun oldin
Even though i probably disagree with the old guy on alot of things he was the most based.
M J 17 kun oldin
I don't think us not being in WW3 is an affirmation that Trump is doing the best job he can. Tensions with states like Iran and North Korea have cooled in spite of Trump, not because of him. And he will no doubt leave our alliances so weakened by the end of his term that such a war may be much more likely in the future, long after he's left the Oval Office.
bree jones
bree jones 17 kun oldin
I'm a black conservative and I don't agree with white supremacists...like where did that broad generalization for conservatives come from lady?
Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Dude in the glasses lost the conversation as soon as he did not refute the snuck-in premise of conservatives being largely associated with infowars.
Jeff C
Jeff C 18 kun oldin
I am a liberal, but I do think Trump is doing the best job that he can. I just think he is not capable of doing a good job. (ahem, six bankruptcies)
John Johnson
John Johnson 18 kun oldin
This hoe said populate instead of popularize
Welshie Ranger
Welshie Ranger 18 kun oldin
damn, what they really should have done for something like this is nationalists and liberals, would be nice to hear some of my fellow politically aligned debate with liberals but meh
Noneya Buisness
Noneya Buisness 18 kun oldin
Ok but like for the voting one, it’s made hard for certain people to vote. Such as republicans marginalizing certain minorities, putting voting stations far away from certain ethnic enclaves. All the recent voter suppression we have seen. Some people make it hard for ppl to vote. It’s not always their choice. And the fact that the voting day is not a national holiday and then during the week is screwed up
Joseph Gallagher
Joseph Gallagher 18 kun oldin
Just simply when the polls are open/closed affects people's ability to vote. It's on Tuesday. Most people are at work and need to take time off or do it in their lunch breaks. Most other countries do it on weekends.
Dr Ummaman
Dr Ummaman 19 kun oldin
This is an interesting concept, but with such a small sample size of people who we have no real clue of what their true intentions might be this makes for mediocre shock reality tv at best.
Dr Ummaman
Dr Ummaman 19 kun oldin
This is trying to be must see tv as opposed to seeking the truth and possible solution to a culture crisis that we face today in our society.
Mcfly 19 kun oldin
"You guys have infowars" Yup and you guys have vox, the verge, cnn, msnbc, do I need to go on lmao
Mcfly 16 kun oldin
kathy kelly literally
kathy kelly
kathy kelly 17 kun oldin
Rachel Maddow's whole show is dedicated to the Russian conspiracy
AJ Rolli
AJ Rolli 19 kun oldin
So none of them were even kind of smart? Oh...okay.
red hood
red hood 20 kun oldin
Kinda unfair they didn't have any Trump voters :/
Filipino Conservatarian
Well no wonder @3:11, At least most of us Asians heard our voice what we disagree and agree on President Trump. (Go check the video of CNNs interview of Spokesman to the Philippine President Harry Roque by Christiana Amanpour) Greetings from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Taylor Rae
Taylor Rae 20 kun oldin
This was really really a great conversation to watch. As a liberal from a rural county in a purple state, I think it’s so important to have these conversations more. Not all conservatives are white nationalist and not all liberals are far leftists. It’s not black and white, right and wrong.
JamesHLanier 17 kun oldin
"not all liberals are far leftists" Liberals are hardly leftists at all.
library of dragons
library of dragons 21 kun oldin
Actual white supremicists CAN NOT call themselves Christian. They just can't.
John Connor
John Connor 21 kun oldin
Liberal, Conservative, the only thing that matters. IS HOW WE TREAT EACH OTHER..
Jasmine Lopez
Jasmine Lopez 21 kun oldin
I can tell the Asian guy is misinformed for the conservative side , and the white girl is misinformed on the liberal side both should have not been invited
Brianna M.
Brianna M. 22 kun oldin
i don’t have any true bias, though im a little leaned towards liberal, but gosh i wish the best for the lady in pink and i hope she learns more about both sides.
Ashely Diaz
Ashely Diaz 23 kun oldin
7:31-7:37 definitely how I feel about American right now.
why yes
why yes 24 kun oldin
conservatives don’t care about your feelings
JamesHLanier 22 kun oldin
Or facts. They only care about their feelings.
Chicago Bricks
Chicago Bricks 24 kun oldin
There are extremes in each party. Look at conservatives, Alex Jones and the white supremes and then on Liberals they have Commies and socialists....
pie 24 kun oldin
Soyboy dummy
Andres Sycamore
Andres Sycamore 24 kun oldin
Why are they on the wrong sides
naymyo zaw
naymyo zaw 24 kun oldin
He could be doing better, but he is failing or not doing as well in other areas of his job besides policy which is is doing great.
NS odin
NS odin 24 kun oldin
Left wing = LGBTQ+ paedophiles child abusers and rapists Right wing = intelligence family and a happy life ☺
JamesHLanier 24 kun oldin
"paedophiles child abusers and rapists" Haha what?
Steven Foster
Steven Foster 24 kun oldin
The woman pointed out info wars and other shows on fox news who regularly spew out misinformation and straight up conspiracy theories, and while I've never associated all conservatives with that extreme line of thinking, I've never heard that side say that the show should be taken off the air, it doesn't represent them, or that they distance themselves from that type of misinformation in any way. To me, silence is compliance.
SakuraBlossoms1111 24 kun oldin
I’m most bothered by her fashion choice tbh🧐
Roger Regor
Roger Regor 25 kun oldin
JDela10 25 kun oldin
Of course people who don't vote have a right to complain about things. At the most basic level they are citizens too and when others are making decisions that affect them they have every right to object regardless of whether they cast a vote or not. It becomes more obvious when you realize most people pay taxes that pay for public service and public servants in the first place. Even those who don't still have a right to complain. What if you are a young kid, too young to vote but you feel your local education system is stifling you. Can't you complain too? Of course you can! A public servant is not your public servant only if you vote for them. There's a lot of reasons people choose not to vote that are not lazyness.
Rosegold Silver
Rosegold Silver 25 kun oldin
One thing I learned recently when trying to discuss with someone with whom I have a disagreement is to avoid using first person and second person language. The lady kept saying “You...I...” She poured all the stereotypes she knew about conservatism and republicans on those who identified with conservatism. She also kept interrupting, which was rather rude. I was especially happy when one of the men on the conservative side spoke in the third person. He mentioned the emotions that tend to come out with discussions like these. It is much easier to invoke those discussions when one speaks in first person, because it seems as though one is attacking whoever is on the receiving end of the statement(s).
Andrew Porter
Andrew Porter 26 kun oldin
In reference to the lady in pink, believing in equal rights for all people does not make you liberal as she said. Many conservatives, like myself, believe that all people should be/are equal. People are clouded by stereotypes which is a major fault in political debates and beliefs.
UCpanda •-•
UCpanda •-• 26 kun oldin
I don’t exactly know what to identify as (liberal or conservative) because I can see good points on both sides but it was great to see all of their ideologies, although some of them expressed their views in irritating ways and just didn’t seem to have great arguments ;-;
Richard Granholm
Richard Granholm 26 kun oldin
I’m gay and I voted for Trump and will vote for him in 2020
Betty Loser
Betty Loser 26 kun oldin
Conservatives believe in equal rights and everyone should have a change to get a job. Liberals believe everyone should get equal pay.
JerryisAFK 26 kun oldin
6:15 Is this *womansplaining?*
The boss 12
The boss 12 26 kun oldin
Idk what anyone says Donald Trump is a good ass president he’s been fixing all of Obama’s failures and jobs are coming back and gas down the street is now $1.99