Liberals And Conservatives Fight Labels And Stereotypes

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Liberals and Conservatives came together to work through differences of opinion and see if they can find middle ground by discussing Trump, voting, and partisanship. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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15-Okt, 2017



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Jubilee 5 oy oldin
Want to be in the next season of Middle Ground? We're always checking out submissions to our casting form! Submit yourself here: bit.ly/MIDDLEGROUND
Davida Ward
Davida Ward 2 kun oldin
Black Conservatives vs Black Liberals
Rori Coin
Rori Coin 3 kun oldin
Jubilee you should do, do all teens think the same. And ask political questions.
Life Is Great
Life Is Great 2 oy oldin
Try black people vs white people : the race parity could be highlighted through that
AJ Monroe
AJ Monroe 2 oy oldin
Believers of White Privilege vs Non- Believers
The Truth hurts
The Truth hurts 8 soat oldin
The Truth hurts
The Truth hurts 8 soat oldin
Boi Chuah Sang
Boi Chuah Sang 22 soat oldin
I'm an asian and that asian guy represents me 100%
Casey Heart
Casey Heart Kun oldin
By definition, liberals have the belief that the government should be involved in what people do, and conservatives believe the opposite. I believe in most ideas that are made out to be liberal,(I do agree with some beliefs made out to be conservative) but overall I consider myself neutral.
Morgan Collins
Morgan Collins Kun oldin
5:30 I mk a conservative, nobody I know has said or believed that..
Nathan L
Nathan L Kun oldin
1:37 someone please make this shot into a meme
Teresa Davis
Teresa Davis Kun oldin
When the question do you think he's doing the best he can and NO one ran to their seat I was like "ooooooo ouch!" Haha
Markús Böðvarsson
Dbeast388 Kun oldin
Make a part 2
Kaden Carlson
Kaden Carlson 2 kun oldin
Of course the gay is a liberal
The English Gentleman
7:20 ok now this is epic
The English Gentleman
Well we can all agree anti-vaxers are retarded. Now where's my medal?
The Konduit
The Konduit 2 kun oldin
Moderate squad where you at
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 kun oldin
You should do 3 black/minority group conservatives with 3 white liberals.
Everything cool
Everything cool 2 kun oldin
1:00 🏳️‍🌈 🚫
Nasef Jillson
Nasef Jillson 2 kun oldin
3:44 it's been 2 years and it still isn't even close to coming "yet"
Holden Leathers
Holden Leathers 2 kun oldin
The old guy is like every father figure in every movie ever combined into one being.
Holden Leathers
Holden Leathers 2 kun oldin
As a liberal, it's nice to have the chance to hear the other side without them yelling at and insulting me.
Holden Leathers
Holden Leathers 2 kun oldin
Every Trump supporter: 3:45 (This is meant as nothing but a political joke. Spare me your whining).
Yeet 67
Yeet 67 3 kun oldin
Yeet 67
Yeet 67 3 kun oldin
These aren’t conservatives lmao they’re just more right than the left
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 3 kun oldin
I’m just your local centrist passing by
Brandon Gibson
Brandon Gibson 3 kun oldin
This didn't age well...
dat boi
dat boi 3 kun oldin
That one guy looks like he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose
EABA EndAllBeAll
EABA EndAllBeAll 3 kun oldin
No! illegals do not have a right to complain, as a matter of fact they have no rights. Because they are not citizens.
Ango H-K
Ango H-K 3 kun oldin
I like this. This really helps people have thoughtful discussions on politics, as well as bringing people together, which is a rarity in political discussions.
King 3 kun oldin
How are liberal ideals more humanistic. They literally deny natural laws and human nature.
Cooper Bashaw
Cooper Bashaw 3 kun oldin
Funny how she said I’m a liberal because I believe in equal rights for all humans xd
xTINYtOOthPICKx 3 kun oldin
Did he really just say that liberal beliefs are less restrictive?
manumons100 3 kun oldin
xTINYtOOthPICKx I think both sides restrict someone to a degree.
Andrew Velazquez
Andrew Velazquez 4 kun oldin
*Tucker Carlson has joined to chat*
Matthew Dykes
Matthew Dykes 4 kun oldin
They should be in different rooms so they don't go agree just because of others agreeing
L0wen 4 kun oldin
Lady in the pink calls the conservative guy a white supremacist, and you could tell how much he wanted to say by her definition she's associating with Stalin and Kim Jong Un lmfao.
M Att
M Att 4 kun oldin
The old guy sounds like Creed from the office 😂
JS. 4 kun oldin
Jubilee is liberal
Kayla Riley
Kayla Riley 4 kun oldin
If you can't vote then why not take action so you CAN vote. My ex's mother and grandmother made it possible for them to become a citizen and vote. As well as my friends mother and my grandfather. I think the fear of it being a hard and long process makes people discouraged and not want to vote. If I decided I wanted to live in another country long term (like rest of my life) I would most definitely become a citizen so I could be part of that country's decision making.
Ben is Gay
Ben is Gay 4 kun oldin
Anti-confederate flag versus pro confederate flag would be a good one
Zekor 4 kun oldin
Out of the first 4 introductions only 2 made sense.
thhxxxx 4 kun oldin
"I am proud to be an American". And they all sat down. Made me cringe.
Taylor Marché
Taylor Marché 4 kun oldin
Where my Conservatives at? 🇺🇸
Mark Fennell
Mark Fennell 4 kun oldin
Liberals are misinformed. Then they spread lies. Covington boys classic example
manumons100 3 kun oldin
Mark Fennell lol tell that to the conservatives who don’t believe in climate change.
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd 4 kun oldin
Lady in the pink can go kick rocks
Anamitra Dey
Anamitra Dey 4 kun oldin
I think healthcare is a right
-Satellite- 4 kun oldin
I'm annoyed that you all missed the chance to put the conservatives on the right and the liberals on the left.
Riddle Man
Riddle Man 4 kun oldin
This always terribly represents the right and conservatives.. the average high schooler thats into politics knows more then these people
killer snowman
killer snowman 5 kun oldin
Man didn't know that gun control was less restrictive than cutting down on murdering babies
minervaeiou 5 kun oldin
The lady in pink doesn't even know how to choose a proper bra.
Owen Burns
Owen Burns 5 kun oldin
7:18 my favorite 4th of july song
kellen 5 kun oldin
The guy who voted trump was the one most well-informed and rational.
Bear Jew
Bear Jew 5 kun oldin
Mad respect to both sides here, all proud to be American!!🇺🇸🇺🇸
Telefono 5 kun oldin
That woman in the pink my goodness.
Dapper Carson
Dapper Carson 5 kun oldin
it's funny how liberals are "left" and republicans are "right" but the sides are switched..
Night Rider
Night Rider 5 kun oldin
Why are people relegated to two labels? People are a lot more complicated than that
Blurredborderlines 3 kun oldin
Because they're the two major ruling parties.
Nichole Jones
Nichole Jones 5 kun oldin
You outta your mind if you think people can’t complain if they don’t vote or for any other reason. This is the USA where people have the right to complain about whatever they want. Don’t EVER think that you have the power to limit ANYONE’S free speech like that , because as sure as the First Amendment protects your right to say that nonsense it also protects their right to complain about whatever they want regardless of your personal feelings about it 👌
Elias Jackson
Elias Jackson 5 kun oldin
Does she realize Alex Jones said sandy hook was real when asked if she is misinformed
Bus Jackson
Bus Jackson 5 kun oldin
So glad you did this one!
Ned Darden
Ned Darden 5 kun oldin
I feel like it's some sort of social thing to say "I'm a liberal or, I'm a democrat"
Branden Newman
Branden Newman 5 kun oldin
Is that a male or female with the diamond earings?????
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 6 kun oldin
I don't really care for conservatives because it's like after he got elected, the damn Republican party has been hypocrites and kissing his ass, letting him get away things that normally if Obama or Bill Clinton or any other Liberal/Democrat president would have done, hell would of been raised like the tweeting and how his words have caused violence to other people aka the MAGA bomber from either 2018 or 2019 when it happened (Look it up on google as the man guilty of it, sent bombs to democratic officials Trump's bashed on Twitter) or how he keeps bashing John Mccain about the Obama care repeal and replace and the man dead and gone and at least Mccain has served this country by being in the military while Trump ain't been in it at all or more!!!
SCP-96 6 kun oldin
Durr alex jones is republican so everyone republican is like him durr
Zachary Alexander
Zachary Alexander 6 kun oldin
Not voting is a vote in and by itself.
Pierce Pickrell
Pierce Pickrell 6 kun oldin
Infowars is a libertarian show lol, this chick is spread with misinformation
Morgan  Colbaugh
Morgan Colbaugh 6 kun oldin
I can't help but think about the question, "Are you PROUD to be an American?". I capitalized "proud" because I feel that word should, in that sentence should be highlighted. At this point, NO I'm not PROUD to be an American. As I've aged and learned the truth about our ancestors and those that continue to follow their paths, there is no pride to gain from that. But I will say that I'm very GRATEFUL to have not grown up in a place of poverty and war(to my knowledge). No such thing should exist. Ego will be the fate of our future unfortunately, just as it has been in the past .
Levis. H
Levis. H 4 kun oldin
and what exactly is this "truth" about your American ancestors? I'm really curious to know.
Cyan is not Blue
Cyan is not Blue 6 kun oldin
I’m a moderate independent
Hi,ImRachel 6 kun oldin
“I call myself a conservative because I voted for Donald Trump” sweet heart don’t just vote for the person vote for what you believe in
Royale With Cheese
Royale With Cheese 7 kun oldin
5:27 and you have AOC and CNN, need I say more?
John Mayhem
John Mayhem 7 kun oldin
When the woman at the end was like I'm glad you guys didn't attack me, the whole time she was attacking them for their beliefs. Smh
Baby Antelope
Baby Antelope 8 kun oldin
I think one shouldn’t have the right to complain about a country if they have “lived here since they were 6 or 7” & still haven’t taken the initiative to become a citizen. I don’t agree with a person who goes somewhere illegally then expects to have a say on the structure of the government without attempting to have the right to.
Oompa Loompa Larry and Jimmy gingivitis Johnson
As a representation of liberals we stand with the old man not the girl in the pink
Avery Sucharski
Avery Sucharski 8 kun oldin
“You have the white supremacists like we’re christian” WHAT! So she is in a nut shell saying that anyone who is christian is a white supremacist.
isabella_elizabeth 8 kun oldin
I find it funny that the liberals stood on the right and the conservatives stood on the left😂
Eggaudo 8 kun oldin
1) To be fair, many people don't find a purpose to voting simply because they live in states that in no way are going to vote for what the person wants. For example, california shows no sign of ever becoming a red state, so why bother even voting for a president if you don't want the democratic pick 2) I do truly believe many on the left are misinformed when it comes to the most important subject for the US which is economics. You can ask one what consequences raising minimum wage has on the economy and they would believe there are none. You can ask what consequences taxation has on the economy and they would believe there is none. That is the biggest issue they have with their party. They don't understand how the free market works and so, they try to have the government control it. 3) I do believe Trump is doing the best job he can. He has shown dedication to carrying out his promises throughout his entire presidency and just because he is unable to get results due to the left literally turning down anything he has to offer whether it is good or bad doesn't mean he isn't trying. If anything, it means he is trying even harder
Vive.Vive 8 kun oldin
I agree with #1 I have to disagree with number 2 because we been in the same economical position for decades and nothing is really moving us for. Liberals are more progressive with the times and also understand money better than most. The minimum wage could be increased without the cost of living going. There's multiple solutions being stagnate isn't one.
Hickam Engraving
Hickam Engraving 9 kun oldin
The conservative guy in navy shirt is a great listener and a good panelist. Even though I'm liberal, I would love to talk to him and get a different point of view.
Kiwi Blair
Kiwi Blair 9 kun oldin
i love how all the libtards in the comments apologize for someone when nobody but that person and apologize for the self
manumons100 3 kun oldin
Kiwi Blair says the 12 year old lol
Kiwi Blair
Kiwi Blair 9 kun oldin
that one dudes voice was so annoying i wanted to strangle him
Tik Tok
Tik Tok 7 kun oldin
Kiwi Blair which one
Kiwi Blair
Kiwi Blair 9 kun oldin
liberals and retards are the same
nerf 93
nerf 93 10 kun oldin
the woman in pink is retarded
Corynne  Evans
Corynne Evans 11 kun oldin
I am not proud to be an American.
Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies 11 kun oldin
What sad people...modern American politics everybody, shallow and bleak these people have no sense of direction it’s all a game to them you can see it they clearly can’t grasp the affects of what they believe
Clariphi 12 kun oldin
Jokerman _158
Jokerman _158 12 kun oldin
0:42 You should be. In American politics, nobody wins.
Vleltor 12 kun oldin
Do you drink soy milk? *All liberals sit in the chairs*
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 12 kun oldin
This one was horrible . Get some diff people debates were weak. Get a real trump supporter on here vs a real Hillary supporter
dddduuuuuhhhhhhhh 12 kun oldin
Liberal policies are less restrictive, unless it comes to the first and second amendment
Jack R Cotter
Jack R Cotter 13 kun oldin
I view the idea of being a Liberal the same way I view the Idea of Communism great idea horrible practice.
Mynj Domantay
Mynj Domantay 13 kun oldin
Alright now let Owen Shroyer in.
Georges Blondeau-Andrews
I think liberals are way more misinformed, a lot don’t know what actual racism is or being homophobic to the wage gap etc.
Callie Jayne
Callie Jayne 16 kun oldin
“i identify as a liberal” says every liberal ever 😂
Joseph Kulcsar
Joseph Kulcsar 17 kun oldin
Honestly though I wanted to watch the video to see what people said but the lady in pink was so odd and unfair and it was crazy. Also, today I think trump is doing good because he’s meeting world leaders to create strong relations and is dealing with illegal immigration which is something Obama(he did good btw just saying for this) did not address illegal immigration and it was a big problem
Calder Johnson
Calder Johnson 17 kun oldin
Of course the liberal would say “I identify as a liberal”.
Naomi 17 kun oldin
what you believe... chu bileev... *Jubilee*
WARLORD op 17 kun oldin
Conservative win as per usual.
Red Pilled Goy
Red Pilled Goy 18 kun oldin
"I'm a Conservative because I voted for Donald Trump" Wrong... I'm a conservative and Trump is a moderate.
Football buddy
Football buddy 18 kun oldin
Liberals and leftists have nothing to do with eachother! These liberals arent liberals they are typical leftists!
Anthony Gallardo
Anthony Gallardo 18 kun oldin
I’m a Democrat but not a “liberal” not all democrats gay , why do conservatives assume that ? They need to stop putting gay people to represent us. I’m for equal rights but get it straight ! It doesn’t mean we have very different people like gay .
Sh s
Sh s 19 kun oldin
The voting question. Electoral college though. Does it matter if you vote for presidential election?
Toni-mae Adams
Toni-mae Adams 19 kun oldin
please do this with teens! would be very interesting :)
Isaac Magar
Isaac Magar 19 kun oldin
It's amazing how civil disagreeing people can be when they act like adults instead of bashing the other party. Well done on both sides.
Silver Mist
Silver Mist 19 kun oldin
I wish i wasn't an american citizen.....i can't wait till day i no longer am an revoke my citizenship for another. I don't want any part of this broken shambles of a country. Sorry not sorry...
Ian Williams
Ian Williams 20 kun oldin
When the lady said Info Wars and then immediately followed with the Sandy Hook line, I knew she was retarded... watch the Joe Rogan podcast episode with Alex Jones, it explains everything better than I could here. Sandy Hook happened, and Alex Jones knows Sandy Hook happened.
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