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“Always keep your heels, head and standards high.” Models Alecia Morais, Azza Slimene, Demy de Vries and Loane Normand demonstrate a number of Coco Chanel’s key life codes at the Ritz, Paris.
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Life Codes by Coco Chanel




1-Iyn, 2018

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Ludovica Pelizzari
Ludovica Pelizzari 4 kun oldin
Always remember that Gabrielle Chanel was born in a very poor family, and she never forgot that. She was the best minimalist's icon: quality, not quantity. In every aspect of your life.
Anastasija Andrejeva
what a video! I enjoy it every time I'm watching. this video is kind of my daily routine: a day without this one is just simply waste of time!
LittleBee Oy oldin
Ugh this just boosts my confidence levels to 110
Rainbow 2 oy oldin
I love this so much!
Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow 2 oy oldin
Keep your head, heels and standards high YAAAAAS
Arrow Marie
Arrow Marie 2 oy oldin
You can’t not like coco. And that’s just that
Dilara Yilmaz
Dilara Yilmaz 2 oy oldin
i watch this every day
Feel the beat
Feel the beat 3 oy oldin
Jaime Bell
Jaime Bell 3 oy oldin
i learned more from this than i do in an hour and a half class and this video is 1:49 long
Isabelle Bushell
Isabelle Bushell 3 oy oldin
this deserves more recognition
Marina Popovich
Marina Popovich 3 oy oldin
I want to live by this code , je t'adore coco !
Амелия Аделия
С утречка алкоголь в ванной читая книгу мелким шрифтом... Не хотела бы такой жизни себе.
sadan 3 oy oldin
" *If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack. Men hate women who weep.* "
Joshua Crescendo
Joshua Crescendo 3 oy oldin
People might say this only applies to women when in fact it’s applicable to everybody
Miriam De Salas
Miriam De Salas 3 oy oldin
Cant stop watching it
F.B.I dido
F.B.I dido 3 oy oldin
Sooo 1:be rich 2:be rich 3:be rich Are you kidding me riaaaa
вy૨ѳท 3 oy oldin
She was very smart and classy. Anyways you forgot one of hers life codes, which was one of her favorite. *fake and waful french accent* "If the enemies invade your country, sleep with them"
Rida 4 oy oldin
Couldnt understand a word
Satan’s Wife
Satan’s Wife 4 oy oldin
I swear those tips just helped me!!
My ways to Nirvana
who is the narrator?
AnaïsDAP 4 oy oldin
This english is...🤮
Maram Ben Mohamed
Idk why but this women's voice sounds like donatella versace's voice
Lea Wenzel
Lea Wenzel 4 oy oldin
Love it !
Jessica Laffin
Jessica Laffin 4 oy oldin
Y'know you can always try even if you don't have the money.
The jez
The jez 4 oy oldin
*Must be nice*
A F Blink
A F Blink 4 oy oldin
C'est quoi cet accent français horrible
strangerpainter 4 oy oldin
High heels destroys or feet so no thanks. And i dont have any enemies...
Chanel Vibes
Chanel Vibes 4 oy oldin
If money can’t buy happiness then I don’t know
Viktoria Avid
Viktoria Avid 4 oy oldin
Переведите на русский, пожалуйста!!!
soukaina raybi
soukaina raybi 4 oy oldin
too much glam❤
ketchups pizza
ketchups pizza 4 oy oldin
was this narrated by edna mode
amal khateeb
amal khateeb 4 oy oldin
this woman is who you meet if you take a one way to Paris and live with the first people who accept you
Deborah Mai
Deborah Mai 4 oy oldin
Gosh I love this too much
Camila Jiana Peran
When I grow up I wanna be a fashion designer Coco Chanel is my inspiration I LOVE HER WORK!❤️❤️❤️
Mike Someone
Mike Someone 5 oy oldin
*Cries in broke*
shae mae
shae mae 5 oy oldin
some people in the comments dont get what she’s saying 😏 its not superficial.
Emi G
Emi G 5 oy oldin
who was doing that french accent in the voiceover, it sounds so overdone and cringey lol
Thanh Thảo Trần Ngọc
Add more lipstic and a duckkk (attack)
nadine salameh
nadine salameh 5 oy oldin
Her accent reminds me of the pink panther inspector clouseau 😂😂😂😂😂
drippingpeaches 5 oy oldin
i love this
Harsh Travels
Harsh Travels 5 oy oldin
be smart, get rich, enjoy life, but meditate and help others too
Lovely Brokenness
Dream life♥️
Zayn Stan
Zayn Stan 5 oy oldin
0:36 wow he’s hot
Anpayto 5 oy oldin
love it
O kadar Boş ki
O kadar Boş ki 5 oy oldin
Didn’t understand a word, someone put subtitles please
queen Queen
queen Queen 5 oy oldin
This accent is horrible
Kiss Kiss - Daily Video
Kiss Kiss - Daily Video
Amazing .....
Devanshi Joshi
Devanshi Joshi 6 oy oldin
i got a major crush on the waiter who was he ? but nah i love him like the he spoke you'r champagne madom💋😍😍😍