Lifetime iPhone user switches to Google Pixel 3... My thoughts

Luke Miani
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Google sent me the new Pixel 3, so I switched from my iPhone Xs Max for a week. In this video I'll be going over my thoughts after a week on Android on the new Pixel! It was an interesting time, and while I should be clear this video is not pretending to be an objective or comprehensive review, I hope you find my thoughts and experiences helpful!
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22-Okt, 2018



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Luke Miani
Luke Miani 5 oy oldin
I want to add some observations about Privacy because I find it very interesting! In the video I noted how I got notifications about 'Superstore', and how I saw the news article about 'Veep' hours after watching an episode. What is very interesting is when I watched both shows it was in Chrome on Windows. I watched an entire season of 'Wrecked' This summer on Safari inmacOS Mojave and I never saw a peep about it on the Pixel. This is hardly conclusive evidence, but it's certainly very interesting from an observational standpoint.
xlikwidxx Oy oldin
so interesting
Mc 2 oy oldin
If you worry about your privacy, then leave Internet
John Le
John Le 2 oy oldin
mate how the hell is the XR is comparable to the Google pixel? The XR is not the same thing and first and foremost it is not the top lineup.
Adrian Brophy
Adrian Brophy 2 oy oldin
Michele Hogan interesting perspective. It shows that design is much more than specs.
Michele Hogan
Michele Hogan 2 oy oldin
+Adrian Brophy I've used only Apple since 2006, but was recently given a free Android tablet by my phone provider. It cracks me up that I still keep expecting everything I do on my tablet to show up seamlessly on my phone and computer -- and, of course, it doesn't! As an Apple user, it's hard to realize how much goes on behind the scenes with Apple products -- until that support isn't there.
yozgatlicaner 7 soat oldin
Nobody mentions about how good pixel 3 reception is.Signal is way stronger than other phones i personally never lost reception with this phone even when you are in tunnel or subway.
Hi-Fi Insider
Hi-Fi Insider 2 kun oldin
I turn OFF history on Google settings but that’s only a tiny bit of their tracking.
raceface_m 4 kun oldin
Those who worry about the Apple “ecosystem” can create one through google.
LORD ROY 8 kun oldin
Idk why all lifetime iphone users migrate to android, is like a tribe who just founded a wheel
Sophie Francis
Sophie Francis 8 kun oldin
I've never used or owned an apple device
Game Chat UK
Game Chat UK 10 kun oldin
I have the XS Max just now and thinking about moving over to the Pixel 3 XL, would you recommend it?
Craig Hutchinson
Craig Hutchinson 11 kun oldin
This was not a good comparison of these phones at all. All you did was stress how biased you are and your personal preference
Luke Miani
Luke Miani 11 kun oldin
"lifetime iPhone user"
ClassiqBeauty 12 kun oldin
Literally the only thing that stopped me from making the switch is the privacy thing. I have the same exact issue with Apple, but I think whenever I’m using a google platform it’s just much more.
Tony Bardazon
Tony Bardazon 13 kun oldin
You can do that in android messages it's the same as imessage. You can also use it from the computer.
atta boy
atta boy 14 kun oldin
"And now we'll step over this gigantic tree"
devaj gupta
devaj gupta 15 kun oldin
Dude i dont think google sent to you
Xavier Brenneman
Xavier Brenneman 15 kun oldin
Why are you talking lol
Xavier Brenneman
Xavier Brenneman 15 kun oldin
That's not a good example of an android phone
ORBZ23 18 kun oldin
You really think your privacy is safe with apple? Don’t be a fool it’s all government owned.
Cedric Townsend
Cedric Townsend 18 kun oldin
What's the music playing in the background
Noah Konevitch
Noah Konevitch 19 kun oldin
Why am I watching this, I own a pixel 3.
billy fatbowe
billy fatbowe 20 kun oldin
Nicole Mehelich
Nicole Mehelich 20 kun oldin
you can change settings so that google doesn't track your location or activity
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 20 kun oldin
Same, I'm a lifetime iPhone user recently started rocking a Galaxy j7 star. It's on the cheap side but damn the Samsung OS is so much more fluid and deeply accessible. Lots of small details add up to a better over all experience.
C.C O 21 kun oldin
Switching is a whole different thing.. Don't say things based on switching.. You don't expect two different softwares to work properly.. Same thing with iOS and windows
The AgentZero
The AgentZero 21 kun oldin
so you're a spoiled pos eh omegalulz
Luke Miani
Luke Miani 21 kun oldin
How so?
Gregory Cooke
Gregory Cooke 21 kun oldin
Cool video. Which of the current apple laptops do you think is the best right now? Would you wait for a new release or buy now?
Cryptfire 21 kun oldin
Features like what the back of the phone looks like have no impact on real life issues. You should focus your review on things like how well the software and hardware work together, or how easy it is to contact their support team.
Vishal Venkat
Vishal Venkat 21 kun oldin
Scared to compare the iPhone XS with the Pixel 3 is see. Your fragile ego is going to be shattered when you reach the inevitable conclusion that the Pixel 3 is objectively better. Snowflake.
Admire Adwell
Admire Adwell 22 kun oldin
haha mum come see a fanboy
Hunter Cupples
Hunter Cupples 22 kun oldin
This is exactly why I would hate to switch from Android to Samsung! It would be a huge pain to get used to.
Robert Craciun
Robert Craciun 22 kun oldin
I like it gave you a notification reminder about the show you watch. I forget that shit all the time. That’s actually sweet but that’s a feature you’ll like a lot better when u get a bit older and forget shit all the time. I watch movies on my iPhone so you should go to websites like putlocker etc. on both and see which ones better.
Jeffrey Prokopowicz
Jeffrey Prokopowicz 23 kun oldin
How come people complain about the notch when the developer option removes the notch?
Nikos Makris
Nikos Makris 27 kun oldin
10 years Iphone user here. I bought a Pixel 3XL. It sucked the data of my Iphone in less than 1 minute. G Assist can understand my Greek accent wile I'm eating , (siri was not existant). TBH I dont get the fuss re the Pixel 3 camera . Then again im a 40yo buisness man , I need SEARCH / GMAIL / GMAPS / conveneince / not a toy. I strongly recomend it and i think the big brake will be pixel 4 like iphone 4 . PS Apple nust invent something new or update the Macs to come back. Cell phones are all equal
mat2hwong 29 kun oldin
This didn't seem like a "switch" to me.
Tomáš Pavlík
Tomáš Pavlík 29 kun oldin
Jesus fuck gtfo with iMessage already. Everyone just use WhasApp/ Telegram / Facebook these days.
Milana Campbell
Milana Campbell 29 kun oldin
luke, what are you shooting your cell phone reviews on and when you were in the forest, what were those videos shot on? big rig film cameras or pixel 3?
Cyber Gypsy
Cyber Gypsy Oy oldin
Most likely, you looked up something to do with Superstore. A lot. And you're creeped out that Google uses your location? Um, every phone company does, buddy. You also state that you look something up on your computer on GOOGLE chrome and it shows up on your GOOGLE pixel 3 and man I wonder why
Deril Roy
Deril Roy Oy oldin
Did they provide software update for microphone bug during voice call???
Shawn Jonap
Shawn Jonap Oy oldin
I feel bad for you. Apple is shit friend
Mark Gibbons
Mark Gibbons Oy oldin
I like that you were clear about the biases and such, and also adding in the price difference when comparing to your own normal device. It would've been nice if you spent a little more time going into detail on what you liked MORE on the Android though, just like you did the fingerprint scanner.
Timothy Vreeland
You only know about big screen phones... But you've always been an iPhone user... iPhone have only had big screens for a couple years..
Tim Zurowski
Tim Zurowski Oy oldin
Forget about the tracking you are a DEER magnet and you were like right next to them...
lyles music
lyles music Oy oldin
Switch to the one plus 6t
lyles music
lyles music Oy oldin
The 6t is better
Diogo Carvalho
6:50 Androids especially the Pixel have Google messages and that feature is available
Eathan Kempf
Eathan Kempf Oy oldin
hope you hit 100,000 subscribers
Nekonathansenpai 1707
RC Turtle
RC Turtle Oy oldin
The thing with the infromation is that apple is tracking that aswell but they are just not telling it to you. Which I would rather know that they are tracking it than not know. But its in your opinion.
Flame Oy oldin
and btw people say i look like will from inbetweeners
Flame Oy oldin
if someone just gives me a pixel 3 xl i would take away everything of of my iphone 5 and put it on that and use the pixel 3 xl all the time
Luke atkinson
Luke atkinson Oy oldin
Android TOP TIP. Swipe your keyboard to scroll through your text what you have typed.
Ahmet Sabanci
Ahmet Sabanci Oy oldin
Your bluetooth is on and you are suprised you get notifications about a restaurant as you pass by it? its called location targeting. You have your phone next to you when you watch content online or on tv...its called a listening software which picks up on whats playing in the background and targets ads based on this data.
raw data
raw data Oy oldin
I think Google artificial intelligence is the future. When we get access to AI call screening in Canada I will seriously consider this phone. I already use Google Home Max at home. I'm too boring of a person to worry about my privacy.
Michael Secret
Pages comment: I actually imported a non-Google Docs file from my Drive recently when printing a manuscript at Staples, and it offered to convert the file to Docs specific! Can't remember if it was a Word of Pages file, but I think Google is on their way to making their services easier to use cross-platform.
Michael Secret
"I was really hoping the Apple logo on the back would be the fingerprint sensor" Thank you!! That would have fixed all of Apple's headache in 2017 with Face ID!
SpazNation Inc.
I’ve been using iOS all my life as well! I’m switching to the pixel 3 as soon as I afford it :)
Andrey Dimitrov
No you don't look like Jonah you are just the apple skinny version of Parker from Vehicle Vergins
Liam Kennedy
Liam Kennedy Oy oldin
im like one of the only people who dont care about my data being used but either way things such as the reviews and news coming up i love its so helpful most of the time
Romeo Barcena
Romeo Barcena Oy oldin
If apple continue to do what its doing, it will dig deep into its own grave
Vampire YTD
Vampire YTD Oy oldin
2915 mAh battery costs 850 euro?!!! im done..... going to buy a huawei honor play half of the price.
Dave Hatfield
Dave Hatfield Oy oldin
I do see the Jonah resemblance as well. Just got my new Pixel 3, and have been enjoying it. But even going from my Samsung Android to the Pixel, I'm noticing some things I miss from the Galaxy.
Glenn Hancock
Glenn Hancock Oy oldin
As much as I dislike Apple, Google and Android are far worse. 1) Google supports their phones for only 3 years compared with apples 6. 2) Android phones only receive 3 years of OS updates and even then only if you run Googles. Samsung and the rest never update their devices and if they do it is 6 months or more later before they get around to it. iphone gets updates immediately. 3) Apps that run, don't crash and do exactly what I need done don't exit on Android and if they did they'd most likely be full of bugs. 4) Games my son plays on his iOS devices just don't exist on Android. 5) There are so many options and tweaks you can do on Android that it is tiring to do even the simple things. Nothing is consistent ANYWHERE! 6) The app store on Android is so full of junk apps that you have no hope of finding the good ones. Again, I hate Apple and wish I could move to something else but Google is far worse at pretty much everything from privacy to support and it blows my mind how many people there are that hate Apple so much that they make themselves deal with Android. I do know pretty much everyone to a T though that uses an Android usually has one because they don't want to spend the money on an iPhone. At least within my circle.
ivan torres
ivan torres Oy oldin
FYI, you can go to messages.android.com to send/receive SMS/MMS messages from your computer.
Zach Leming
Zach Leming Oy oldin
You have the same eyes as Jonah they are very defining
Jeff Wissing
Jeff Wissing Oy oldin
I'm making the switch from Apple iPhoine 8 to Google Pixel 3 XL! Android ALL THE WAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!
Krattle Rattle
It’s because you login to the same email on your pc as you do on the android.
Justin Wright
Justin Wright Oy oldin
Just because Apple isn't blatantly alerting you that they're tracking your stuff doesn't mean they aren't. You're trust in their "privacy" of your life is amusing. And frankly a little saddening. Imagine what they know about you and AREN'T telling you. Probably worry about that instead if just the thought of Google concerns you.
Una persona en siete mil millones
You actually can give permissions. You just have to access your Google account in settings in the section of privacy and there you can choose what you want Google to know.
Marc Langlois
Marc Langlois Oy oldin
I enjoyed this video, good observations. The only thing I don't like about the iphones is having to use itunes. It's way more complicated than it has to be, whereas with android you can just drag & drop your music/videos to and from your phone. Other than that I rather enjoy iphones. I'm currently using a pixel 2.
mills Oy oldin
You can go to location and disable it on your Google account it has the same thing on iPhone just hidden in settings
Megan P
Megan P Oy oldin
Great video. I put garlic in my spaghetti and I wasn’t able to taste it, but now I do. I just chewed on a tiny piece of garlic, yum.
Megan P
Megan P Oy oldin
Luke Miani 😂😂
Luke Miani
Luke Miani Oy oldin
This one time I put garlic in my pasta but it was too much and it was not yum
ItsMoi Moí
ItsMoi Moí Oy oldin
I wonder how he feels after this whole Apple FaceTime bug. There goes the whole privacy talk...
Luke Miani
Luke Miani Oy oldin
There’s a difference between a bug and intentional tracking. The FaceTime thing is bad but at least it wasn’t on purpose unlike Android phones that record and save your conversations
Tanner   Dns
Tanner Dns Oy oldin
Lol was this the first time you ever went outside?
X X Oy oldin
You can turn off and delete this tracking info in google account settings. If you could not it would be violation of GDPR. But these settings are well hidden and you need to click like 10x times to get there. But it is doable.
X X Oy oldin
​+Luke Miani I agree. But you could mention that there is a posibility to disable and delete tracking records. It would be valuable information for many people.
Luke Miani
Luke Miani Oy oldin
my point from the video was that we as consumers should opt IN to such tracking and data collection, not have to dig through settings to remove it. Most people would have no idea that they are being tracked
Malyna Senger
Malyna Senger Oy oldin
Luke, Luke, Luke, we gotta talk bro.... you need an intervention! A cuticle intervention. I prescribe a manicure, STAT! Also, awesome review video.
DeadMemeMatt Oy oldin
Should I get the pixel 3 for my new upgrade. I’ve always liked google and it’s 20 dollars a month but there’s lots of mixed opinions on UZvid. What do I do?
Hafiza Musammad
I've had the google Pixel 3 XL for 3 days and I am struggling with the switch :(
Derek Ward
Derek Ward Oy oldin
You can turn off the tracking
Miss Charlie Bates
How is the pixels screen in direct sunlight? Hard to see?
T- Do0d0O
T- Do0d0O Oy oldin
i stay loyal with apple
Glenn McEnroe
Glenn McEnroe Oy oldin
Nice comparison because I am thinking of replacing my iphone 6 with a new phone. I was attracted to the Pixel 3 because what has been said about its camera being the best phone camera, and I like its smaller size. I like the iphone xr but need to compare the screen with the xs to see how much worse it might be. I also like how easy it is apparently to transfer data from iphone to pixel 3. Still searching for the right choice for me.
Daniel Cortes
Daniel Cortes Oy oldin
My man, you look like Jonah from superstore 😳
Natalie Mechalko
Lol the tinder notification
Kushagra Gupta
You look a lot like Sam Smith.
Dageto542 2 oy oldin
Great vídeo, found it really useful
Brendan Mahar
Brendan Mahar 2 oy oldin
I think we can all agree that I will take android or OS over windows any day. Computer, phone, tablet, etc.
Basit Aliyan
Basit Aliyan 2 oy oldin
tH0u cAn SeNsd mEsAgeS fR0m mAc Well you can also send from PC using Google's messenging app. Oh yeah yeah
Robert Hemsley
Robert Hemsley 2 oy oldin
Nice video. Really want to flick the spec of fluff on your eyebrow though
iskijay 2 oy oldin
This was a super useful video for me... it speaks to my situation... And I really like that you didn’t focus on the camera and video aspects.... there are dedicated videos for that. I appreciated your opinions and experience. Thank you!!
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams 2 oy oldin
Which phone takes a faster shot. I’ve been waiting for a phone that can take a fast picture like of a dog running or a baby running and not have to pick a long time to focus. I want to phone that has a camera that can just snap a picture in the moment.
Ignas Kirkila
Ignas Kirkila 2 oy oldin
You mentioned that you can send messages from your Macbook with the iPhone. The pixel and any other android can do the same things except from any computer or anything that has an internet connection. its called android message i believe.
michael roberts
michael roberts 2 oy oldin
12:20 "Am I being charged?" nah, I don't think the deer want any money from you.
Brian Clark
Brian Clark 2 oy oldin
Anybody who say ew mud needs to stick to iPhone lol
Logan Polley
Logan Polley 2 oy oldin
Only thing is it as good as the I phone 10s and is cheaper
Jada Orth
Jada Orth 2 oy oldin
There is a way to turn off ad monitoring, but as a young person it helps me see new things in subjects that I'm interested in which I think is really cool! And tbh in direct comparison the notch is equally as big as the iPhone one, they just operate differently. Personally I don't really mind the notch because I like better battery life. But that's just my opinion.
Bob Ranch
Bob Ranch 2 oy oldin
You look like the guy from Gilmore Girls and the more recent Guardians of the Galaxy. What happened to your iPhone 5? I too started with an black iPhone 5($0 sign up 3 yr contract) in Apr.2013 Wait thats a lie, I had a Windows Touch Diamond($0 sign up 3 yr contract) in early 2010, but sold it once I gotten an iPod touch that xmas and used an old Motorola Kzar because it cut my cell plan in half and now which leads to the iPhone in 2013, because i couldn't pass up a $41/mth for 15gb 100 min plan, which I am still on today.
TZVIRAL 2 oy oldin
9:35 It happened to me too several times. It's like somebody is tracking your movements, annoying!
Jose Arambula
Jose Arambula 2 oy oldin
And why i don’t see a macbook or imac behind you?
Jeremy Cownover
Jeremy Cownover 2 oy oldin
your white lamp in the background, I have the same one as well
DrMichael 1519
DrMichael 1519 2 oy oldin
Google is just carrying over the data that apple collected!!!
Ben Van Til
Ben Van Til 2 oy oldin
As an Android user, I totally respect and like this video. People having opinions on different kinds of phones are totally okay, I just hate when they're really annoying about it and act obnoxious like Tailosive. Great video!
Aryan Maheshwari
Aryan Maheshwari 2 oy oldin
How you brushed aside the comparison when it came to cameras xD Google wins this bro, everyone knows it. Great vid.
Stefan Marbury
Stefan Marbury 2 oy oldin
You gave permission way before using a Pixel.
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