Lifetime iPhone user switches to Google Pixel 3... My thoughts

Luke Miani
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Google sent me the new Pixel 3, so I switched from my iPhone Xs Max for a week. In this video I'll be going over my thoughts after a week on Android on the new Pixel! It was an interesting time, and while I should be clear this video is not pretending to be an objective or comprehensive review, I hope you find my thoughts and experiences helpful!
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22-Okt, 2018

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Luke Miani
Luke Miani 2 oy oldin
I want to add some observations about Privacy because I find it very interesting! In the video I noted how I got notifications about 'Superstore', and how I saw the news article about 'Veep' hours after watching an episode. What is very interesting is when I watched both shows it was in Chrome on Windows. I watched an entire season of 'Wrecked' This summer on Safari inmacOS Mojave and I never saw a peep about it on the Pixel. This is hardly conclusive evidence, but it's certainly very interesting from an observational standpoint.
John Le
John Le 2 kun oldin
mate how the hell is the XR is comparable to the Google pixel? The XR is not the same thing and first and foremost it is not the top lineup.
Adrian Brophy
Adrian Brophy 4 kun oldin
Michele Hogan interesting perspective. It shows that design is much more than specs.
Michele Hogan
Michele Hogan 4 kun oldin
+Adrian Brophy I've used only Apple since 2006, but was recently given a free Android tablet by my phone provider. It cracks me up that I still keep expecting everything I do on my tablet to show up seamlessly on my phone and computer -- and, of course, it doesn't! As an Apple user, it's hard to realize how much goes on behind the scenes with Apple products -- until that support isn't there.
SÇØRPIØN 5 kun oldin
Luke Miani it’s not weird anymore privacy isn’t possible even if you don’t have a android. In school they are inventing/working on a app for teachers/principals that they can just scan your face and tells you all your information.
Nerissa antiola
Nerissa antiola 9 kun oldin
Apple is the only company that doesn't collect data from their users.
Jeremy Cownover
Jeremy Cownover Soat oldin
your white lamp in the background, I have the same one as well
DrMichael 1519
DrMichael 1519 23 soat oldin
Google is just carrying over the data that apple collected!!!
Ben Van Til
Ben Van Til Kun oldin
As an Android user, I totally respect and like this video. People having opinions on different kinds of phones are totally okay, I just hate when they're really annoying about it and act obnoxious like Tailosive. Great video!
Aryan Maheshwari
How you brushed aside the comparison when it came to cameras xD Google wins this bro, everyone knows it. Great vid.
Stefan Marbury
Stefan Marbury Kun oldin
You gave permission way before using a Pixel.
John Le
John Le 2 kun oldin
dude what the heck are you talking about? Apple has privacy infringements, actually heaps and u can message from the computer and that data was probably compiled from your Mac because that you are using the google chrome app.
TheOrange 2 kun oldin
This man didn't read the terms of service
Doug Weeks
Doug Weeks 4 kun oldin
Be aware if you break the screen on pixel 3 is $270 to repair - making phone very expensive to repair which is part of ownership.
Alexander Falkenberg
You gave Google permission to track you the first time you logged in and accepted their terms and conditions
curiocritters 5 kun oldin
A moment of silence for the 1.3K butthurt Apple fans. Thanks for cementing the idea that you fine folk don't understand the concept of other opinions. More power to you mate! Great content. Cheers.
Eric Trantham
Eric Trantham 5 kun oldin
The Rants about iMessage and Pages just goes to the point I hate about Apple. They want to be so exclusive they make it hard to leave their ecosystem. They could make it easier for iMessage to communicate with Android phones but they won't. Same goes for they Apple Watch, they could make a app for Android but they won't.
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 5 kun oldin
Ooh Google paid you
Charleone 6 kun oldin
Hahaha you look like a younger Dr Jason the chiropractor
Always Getting Wrecked
This is a cool video but why are u gay?
Grant King
Grant King 6 kun oldin
Honestly I just assume every company who has even a little bit of money and interest has every ounce of my data. I don't know why you would ever think that your iPhone doesn't do the same thing just because they don't target you with ads or notifications themselves.
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson 7 kun oldin
You actually kinda look like Richard from Silicon Valley.
Kristian Rodriguez
Kristian Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
Had the pixel 2 and change to the note 9 and it was worst mistake ever. The note 9 is good phone but is nothing compare to the pixel camera, only thing I like about the note is s pen, battery life, and edge but other then that is not that great in my opinion. So Im just going wait for the next pixel phone or iphone.
Memeo 9 kun oldin
mud mud mud OOOOOOOH
Major Spawnkill
Major Spawnkill 9 kun oldin
Google paid ad
Ducky ZoZo
Ducky ZoZo 9 kun oldin
Literally right before you said it I went "this guy kinda looks like Jonah from superstore" 😂
Shofiul Azam
Shofiul Azam 9 kun oldin
You find it creepy, others find it convinient'
Ymi_Yugy 10 kun oldin
I recently bought the entry level iPad and got to try iOS for the first time after years of android. I really like the Fell of animations even if I think they should be a bit faster. My biggest issue though is the App Store. It is really expensive. It is really hard to find good free apps for simple tasks and there paid apps are really expansive. It even seems common that apps that are free on android aren’t on iOS.
Joal Blo
Joal Blo 11 kun oldin
I don't understand the point of this review. A iPhone user's personal experience? Maybe this video is for other iPhone users. You could have probably kept this to yourself.
Nate West
Nate West 12 kun oldin
When you signed the EULA you technically gave them permission
Amari Harris
Amari Harris 13 kun oldin
was i the only one who saw tinger at 10:49?
Zara 13 kun oldin
This is such a stupid video. Wasn’t useful at all for someone thinking about switching. You barely talked about anything you liked on the pixel. You also didn’t address things properly.
Sigor 13 kun oldin
So are you switching to iOS after this video? I liked that most Android phones come with a fast charger, I think you should have mentioned that.
Matthew Davisson
Matthew Davisson 13 kun oldin
Crapple fanboys are disliking without even caring about the facts.
MD Mobin
MD Mobin 14 kun oldin
I don't have enough time to watch full video.Can anybody please tell me that can Google Pixel provide the same security system like Iphone.I'll wait.
Conall Dayton
Conall Dayton 15 kun oldin
Lol And you think apple doesn't doesn't track everything you do? Google just happens to tell you they do and then use it to help you, convenience. It may not ask permission to track, but you can go deny those permissions
Derwisky Lerwisky
Derwisky Lerwisky 15 kun oldin
Well the goggle pixel are taking over the world
Rishik Mourya
Rishik Mourya 15 kun oldin
I think iPhone xr > pixel 3
Rishik Mourya
Rishik Mourya 14 kun oldin
+Conall Dayton , obviously u r kinda true
Conall Dayton
Conall Dayton 14 kun oldin
+Rishik Mourya only by a little, and is the trade off to IOS, An utterly terrible display, and worse camera worth $50? Edit- not bashing IOS it's a great OS I'm generalizing that you have to buy a bunch of things to get the most out of it that Google just gives you in the box
Rishik Mourya
Rishik Mourya 15 kun oldin
+Conall Dayton bro I am saying this because xr has such an awesome a12 bionic chip and iOS, I am an android guy so I like pixel 3, but if u ask me honestly then I'd say xr is a clear winner, but I hate that it lacks headphone jack and I miss pixel beautiful camera. And also xr is cheaper than pixel 3.
Conall Dayton
Conall Dayton 15 kun oldin
Please tell me your joking or that you miss clicked on that less than symbol. Because clearly XR<Pixel 3
Danielle Book
Danielle Book 16 kun oldin
Thank you for this video! I’ve always had iPhone and I’m planning to switch to a Pixel 3 tomorrow. I would have liked to see more of what you were explaining about the pixel in the video rather then mainly focusing on how the iPhone handles the issue.
Faisu Khan
Faisu Khan 16 kun oldin
*The phone is an overall good phone it looks>>>**ur2.pl/1254** and feels great in your hand exceptional performance had to restart twice in one week but other then that all the other features are pretty superior compared to competing devices*
Raphael Ferreira
Raphael Ferreira 16 kun oldin
Yeah, I usually do like your videos. This one was too much of a “review of both phones” as opposed to a “contrast of iPhone and Pixel”. It’s a no no for me. But hey, thanks for trying and putting it out there. Peace, Raphael.
Steve Lo
Steve Lo 16 kun oldin
Can definitely skip some of the mumbling...
Charlie Dev
Charlie Dev 17 kun oldin
Never ever understood this Android vs iOS battle. I've used both for years. I prefer iOS for switching between devices easily, while being completely lazy and having to do nothing to make it happen. Android does have a lot more customisation but i'm getting to old to care about that now. Both are good and serve the purpose they were built for well. No need to get upset about it.
ani mac
ani mac 18 kun oldin
I've never used an iPhone before 🤷
Martyna Mroz
Martyna Mroz 19 kun oldin
3:28 You can disable the notch on the xl and it will look just like the pixel 3
Mark Carruthers
Mark Carruthers 19 kun oldin
What phone is your SIM card in today?
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT 20 kun oldin
Lol if the FBI is watching me I dont give a fuck
Jay P
Jay P 20 kun oldin
For texting, just get Pulse. It's probably the most iMessage-like app for android. You can download the app on your computer and text from there just like iMessage.
Anant Vaishnav
Anant Vaishnav 20 kun oldin
just when you said that you like notch, thats was it for me..lol..
Kanisk Devershi
Kanisk Devershi 20 kun oldin
Hey any giveaways
Ifrah Sheesfarooqui
Ifrah Sheesfarooqui 21 kun oldin
I have a question- I also switched from iPhone to pixel and had the same issue with not receiving all my texts on the pixel rather kept getting as imessage on my laptop, how did you resolve it. Did you turn off iMessage from your laptop as well? Thanks
Leonardo Nunes
Leonardo Nunes 21 kun oldin
look the tinder notify 10:50
Dennis Melendez
Dennis Melendez 21 kun oldin
Son, Google datamines. This is not news. You have Google on your iPhone as well, by using Google as a primary search engine on safari. You use Google through UZvid. Google is everywhere. Truth is, datamining is something you should be aware of, but don't be scared of it. Because it is up to the individual to remove themselves from the effect of datamining. Be aware of it and don't be so easily influenced.
N Diaz
N Diaz 21 kun oldin
How do you not talk about Google Assistant v Siri in the review?? Wtf. Also the data tracking thing as everyone has said apple has your data and just doesn't use it Google puts it to good use
tarun sriram
tarun sriram 22 kun oldin
They do
Quad Feed1197
Quad Feed1197 22 kun oldin
The pixel is so stabilize
thomas m
thomas m 23 kun oldin
Pixel camera is better iphone video recording is better
Scott Sparling
Scott Sparling 24 kun oldin
This is the least fan-boy video I've seen when it comes to Apple vs Google. Congrats. The one issue I sort of don't get is when you say oled is 'of course' better than lcd. I can't disagree more. I just got my pixel 2xl and recently bought an lgv30 (both AMOLED), and I swear the displays on my htc m7,my htc 10, and my essential phone, are far crisper than AMOLED displays, even though the pixel AMOLED is 538 ppi, the 460-something lcd display on my htc10 is far crisper. I just don't understand everyone's love affair with AMOLED. I know it's a more flexible platform, but just in terms of display crispness, I'll take a good lcd over AMOLED any day.
Conall Dayton
Conall Dayton 15 kun oldin
I think you may just not be able to tell. Once you're over 400ppi there's really not much difference
Marisol Unknown
Marisol Unknown 25 kun oldin
Can you download tik tok?
Leonardo Salazar
Leonardo Salazar 25 kun oldin
I switched from iPhone to Google Pixel after 5 years. Let me just say! I love everything about the Google Pixel and the Android Auto is so much better than iPhone Car Play. Google Assistant is so smart and I am bilingual so the ability to talk to Google Assistant in two languages is the coolest thing ever! I've also purchased Google Home Mini, Chromecast, Pixel Stand and Google Home Hub. All are awesome!
Mike Lag
Mike Lag 26 kun oldin
If you want privacy go with the blackberry key2!!
ToyotaCharlie 26 kun oldin
i really dont get americans with their imessage craze....
Clint Estep
Clint Estep 26 kun oldin
"mud! Ewww..." - betamale
Craig Urban
Craig Urban 26 kun oldin
I don't know why I watched this all the way through.
Joseph Hurtsellers
Joseph Hurtsellers 26 kun oldin
Of course if you are invested in the Apple ecosystem Apple is going to be better. Apple made the foolish mistake of being an ATT exclusive on launch, so I started with Android and Google otherwise I'd be using Apple today. The lack of privacy stuff is a benefit to me; every time the Google cloud gets information it only serves me by giving me more relevant information; I totally have never understand the paranoia - most people's lives are not that interesting. Everything you said about the Apple ecosystem applies 100%to Android and Google chrome. No reason for anyone to switch if they are heavily invested in one system or the other.
Joseph Hurtsellers
Joseph Hurtsellers 26 kun oldin
Oh... And thank you for the video!
Rick's Channel
Rick's Channel 27 kun oldin
You don't think iPhone and apple are constantly tracking everything you do...??
ReManic's Doodle Dump
lol my samsung does this to.
Emmanuel Reyes
Emmanuel Reyes 27 kun oldin
When you signed up into your Google pixel 3, did you read the Agreement? If you didn't and you just clocked accept you gave Google permission to track you. Don't complain now.
Luke Miani
Luke Miani 27 kun oldin
That’s my entire point though. That’s a scummy tactic. You should opt in to tracking not opt out.
Mindaugas Bertys
Mindaugas Bertys 27 kun oldin
You have to be seriously insane to compare XR to Pixel 3. You don't compare Pixel 3 to iPhone X(something) because iPhones are much more expensive? Let me ingest some truth into you - price is also one of the things people look at when buying phones.
46d3r4h!\/!4n 27 kun oldin
when you walked by elevation burger. that's a feature called "nearby"
Christopher Elliott
Christopher Elliott 28 kun oldin
Just keep in mind, privacy settings can be easy checked and turned off via your account online. Other than that, it was a good video!
dizzle 29 kun oldin
A very clueless review. No idea about the privacy and permissions. Wow this lacked so much info. Lol
Jit Kapur
Jit Kapur 29 kun oldin
Thanks Luke, very well presented video. Could you do more on Night Sight as this is the killer feature of this device...
MadmanMalcolm 29 kun oldin
I was on board with this until you got to the privacy bit, and it became apparent you've no idea how the internet works. You're surprised that Google knew you liked a show that you googled on Google using Chrome...jesus murphy. For what it's worth, you're obviously not capable enough to use a smartphone (full stop), but it's also fairly ignorant to run into things that make you go "huh?" or "how come I can't do this thing I could do on iPhone?", and not look to see if perhaps you're missing something, and not Android.
Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter Oy oldin
iphone users are brainwashed like wtf all the things wrong with a apple device and you stay for blue bubbles
Petris Torres
Petris Torres Oy oldin
i phones suck
Kris Rollins
Kris Rollins Oy oldin
Swype. Don't type. It's so much easier!
Mahdi Gabriel Rouani
Hey man, nice video. You're wrong for what you prefer.
Ziphur Oy oldin
You look like a starbucks barista
Mélissa Boswell
Android compressed images because iMessage is done on wifi whereas Google and other Android phones use your cell service.
Mélissa Boswell
Also the notes work really well with Google Keep as well.
Mélissa Boswell
Also it's from wifi. But you can send Messages from online as well.
Bailey Birt
Bailey Birt Oy oldin
Thank you for this video! I’ve also been using Apple for about 8 years but have been considering getting the pixel.
Phaedra Oy oldin
You think AI is creepy? Eh. Your perspective sounds a little tinfoil hat-ish, but it's somewhat valid. Somewhat only because Apple collects just as much data but doesn't tell you. At least Google tries to relate it back to the consumer. Nice video.
Mun Chee Hong
Mun Chee Hong Oy oldin
What about WhatsApp messages? Does it get pulled over easily? One of the main problems with migrating between platforms is WhatsApp. The messages get sync to different cloud services up there - iCloud & Google Drive. It makes things so difficult without buying expensive s/w for making the transfers.
brodie quinlan
There is an "iMessage" like system on android now, RCS. Of course, apple and google will never make these services cross platform, so it depends what your friends use. You can log in and message from browser too tho.
Leslie Chisholm
I used the iOS platform for a long time, then I switched to Android and stayed there for a few years and now I am back to iphone. I had the note. 9 and there was a lot of things that bothered me that I won’t get into but I sold it and got the iPhone X S Max. I do miss some features of the note I have to say, but overall I am very very happy with apple. I hate that there is no headphone jack, totally hate that, but I have heard android are following and will soon all eliminate the headphone jack. So I have to accept it I guess. The performance and camera of the iphone is pretty perfect smooth, but I still do like Android. I would like to have both phones and just switch sims when I get restless for the other one, lol. But I can’t do that practically. I think both are decent phones and both have their pros and cons, it is a matter of personal preference as you said in this video. Thank you for posting and sharing your opinions. It is good to see what others appreciate and don’t appreciate from both sides. Merry Christmas!
Dark io
Dark io Oy oldin
Why do people hate notches on androids but LOVE notches on iphones 😵😵
Luke Miani
Luke Miani Oy oldin
I personally don't care either way, but the Pixel 3 has a particularly tall notch compared to iPhones, and some people take issue with the way Android handles them. I have the regular Pixel 3 so I can't comment on the claims, but that seems to be a common thread from what I've seen
A bit biased but ok
Dan Andreșan
Dan Andreșan Oy oldin
Talking about how privacy is important for you and then having Facebook notifications on the lock screen... Somehow it does not match
Patrick Gagnon
Use Google keyboard and you can do the thing you're complaining about by using the space bar to navigate through text.
᚛᚛᚛ Mr. Vyper ᚜᚜᚜
Sure, it sucked and sent out all your iPhone data right to Google server and Cambridge Analytica.
H2fitness Oy oldin
checkout my review on my brand new google pixel 3XL!! uzvid.com/video/video-7mvTKlMizqM.html
Bucky Bucky
Bucky Bucky Oy oldin
I hate videos like this there are always lies about Android for instance the privacy. Android and Apple both track you, it's just that Apple doesn't tell you and will lie at least Android tracks you for good reasons to help find what you're interested in and will make suggestions.
jaee hovaa
jaee hovaa Oy oldin
In terms of google pop ups and tracking I just don’t use google now , as google assistant is not something I need and I get no such notifications nor do I leave my location on , I also don’t use Siri or Alexa or anything else because I’m not lazy to type nor em I going to let companies collect my info willingly lol
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
The privacy thing is true but once you realize it's useful you get over it but for this reason I made my email nsabeenwatching@gmail.com 😂😂😂
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
How long did you use it before the review?
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
The Apple logo should've been the finger print sensor from the jump and I don't even use apple that would've been so organic
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
The 1st 8 seconds in I'm like damn he did himself a injustice lol
Snakey Mations
Imma get a pixel 3 lite I'm like 2 two years Gotta earn 300 to 400 dollars and put it in my piggie bank
Oasis. Oy oldin
I Highly recommend this phone!
Gustavo Avila
Gustavo Avila Oy oldin
You went walking in the woods and you dont want to step on mud?......
Johan Marais
Johan Marais Oy oldin
I like that it knows everything about me. I love that it knows that I like Volbeat and that it let's me know if a new album dropped. I appreciate it that it knows where I am at and then let's me know about a good burger joint near me close to lunch time. How it knows that I'm almost done with work and gives me a traffic and eta report to home. It blows my mind mind how people don't like it. I always think 2 things when I hear about people that don't like it. 1. They have something to hide. 2. They can't wait to get home and put on that tinfoil hat.
mooring&co Oy oldin
Great video! About the way Google handles privacy settings it shouldn't...read this www.forbrukerradet.no/side/facebook-and-google-manipulate-users-into-sharing-personal-data/
Nick Toth
Nick Toth Oy oldin
"I dOnT LiKe hOw GoOgLe HaS aLl My InFoRmAtIoN" He says on his UZvid account
Nick Toth
Nick Toth Oy oldin
The amount of misinformation spread in this... Jeez
John Le
John Le 2 kun oldin
totally agree dude.
Wellington Duran
That's silly, you're complaining because Android-Google suggest all of your interest on point and notified you when the episodes of your favorite show came out, which you currently watch. LOL Apple and Google both know what you're doing all the time, Google just happens to be more obvious and practical about it.