Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

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Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

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8-Avg, 2018

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Jarett Jamaal
Jarett Jamaal Soat oldin
Solid Stay
Solid Stay 3 soat oldin
Correction Tupac had the stsr ring first way back do ur homework
Joesiyah Lewis
Joesiyah Lewis 3 soat oldin
He sober AF no hiccups...I salute boii
Blazey 4 soat oldin
Burger Bob
Burger Bob 4 soat oldin
One of your so called friends prob snatched those rings
conch 5 soat oldin
this guy been on for less than a year and has a collection alrdy
seeeLAH1 6 soat oldin
2pac had star ring way before future y.thug
Tavias Whitaker
Tavias Whitaker 6 soat oldin
2pac Was the first with the star ring
Shark Tale 2: Mall Cop
Wow I can’t believe someone who’s only a baby have so much riches 🙏😤
Jae KiDd
Jae KiDd 8 soat oldin
Lil baby that dude look at him trying to tell you fake gs & wannabe ballers to not try to keep up cuz you'll go broke or lose 💰 keep buying that fake shine & floss on IG
Damian9303 8 soat oldin
More like Big Baby
561neko 8 soat oldin
diamonds dont hold value.
TheBrokeChigga 8 soat oldin
Britten C.
Britten C. 9 soat oldin
peep the diamond missing at 4:41
Bret Young
Bret Young 15 soat oldin
Its jewelry not Jew'ry. Trying to figure out why you need all of this Hammer wanna be. Hey in 10 years let me know how your career is going when your living in your car in your mom's backyard.
Bret Young
Bret Young 15 soat oldin
Talk to M C Hammer. You'll be broke in 5 years and nobody will remember you.
Subaru Tech 107
Subaru Tech 107 20 soat oldin
The liberals say blacks are opressed, this doesn't look like oppressed to me.
Osama Bin Diesel
Osama Bin Diesel 20 soat oldin
Don't girls collect jewelry?
Elijah Ashman
Elijah Ashman 20 soat oldin
wow son i just realized he signed to quality control thru management not artist deal.
Lil Jr
Lil Jr 21 soat oldin
Stupid tupac had the star ring first 😂👆💯
1000 Subscribers With No Videos
I got the walmart version of Lil Baby's AP Watch
OC Da Youngin
OC Da Youngin 23 soat oldin
You aint lose em you got finessed homie, watch them dudes around you things dont just disappear...
marco laguerre
marco laguerre Kun oldin
its adonis stevenson not floyd mayweather 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣
JB UNKNOWN Kun oldin
Sabian Cruz
Sabian Cruz Kun oldin
You didn't lose those rings you said you lost there's a thief in your circle
Yung axel
Yung axel Kun oldin
i got on two watches and i'm still coming late
Gaji Gaji
Gaji Gaji Kun oldin
Tupac baby lame wanna be all
AJ User Shehulklea
Boi said "jewelry" more than the amount of dollars his jewelry is worth 😂 I'm weak
People making a living finding rappers rings 😂
Logan Neadeau
Logan Neadeau Kun oldin
Do 6ix9ine jewelry
Otto Nielsen
Otto Nielsen Kun oldin
0:30 thats not floyd mayweather you retards, thats adonis stevenson lmao
Travis Green
Travis Green Kun oldin
FlemLo raps outro lol
angela osorio osorio
Do lil pamp
Dfnologer212 541
*Brand new whip got no keys*
Rkade Pleyer
Rkade Pleyer Kun oldin
He called it a pendant.... Lmao
jay 3k
jay 3k Kun oldin
What's insane about my jewelry collection is it consists of two earrings
Austin Robbins
Austin Robbins Kun oldin
You sir need to learn how to pronounce words correctly
Fuck Google
Fuck Google Kun oldin
Little baby growing up
trageopar Kun oldin
Who the F is “ lil baby” and why should we give any f”@&$ about his jewelry? GQ is trash.....
Hanna Khalaf
Hanna Khalaf Kun oldin
Jalen Ramsay showing his collection?!!
RARE DEMON Kun oldin
I can't wear jewelry det shi uncomfortable
MB808AllDay 2 kun oldin
Flop in 5 months
Rich Dead
Rich Dead 2 kun oldin
Get 6ix9ine or smokepurpp
Deante Myers
Deante Myers 2 kun oldin
ewop b,😎😎💍💍❤💯
Deante Myers
Deante Myers 2 kun oldin
ilu h💯📷📷📷😗😙😚😘😍
Some One
Some One 2 kun oldin
Drug money?
Blazing Angel
Blazing Angel 2 kun oldin
Fake diamonds
Wak3Up_MrFresh Goggles
:31 that is superman
Truly Makel
Truly Makel 2 kun oldin
Pac did it first. These new niggas still playin catch up. Don't forget. I fw Baby tho
Donn Tmv
Donn Tmv 2 kun oldin
Tupac had the star ring first get it right
KEN VIBIN TV 2 kun oldin
They got KTO outro
indoraptorjk l
indoraptorjk l 2 kun oldin
Fake all I got to say bicth
Junior Kun oldin
indoraptorjk you tripping
McAdam20 2 kun oldin
"Jewery" Lol
Mary Allen
Mary Allen 2 kun oldin
Tupac had star ring wanna be real
SWAY 2 kun oldin
if i'm a rapper, my jewelry going to be properties that's​ going to make a youngin guap
hamza khan
hamza khan 2 kun oldin
Do a NAV on the rocks
Anthony Townsend
Anthony Townsend 2 kun oldin
Tupac had the star ring first please give my big brotha his props!
Boosted Brian
Boosted Brian 2 kun oldin
john doe
john doe 2 kun oldin
H said maybe cause he know it ain’t the correct price cut that in half and that’s what he paid notice when he talks about his past he don’t say maybe cause he’s speaking the truth but it’s maybe 55 to 60 thousand 5 thousand is a big difference so more then likely it was 20 thousand d
Mathew McDonald
Mathew McDonald 2 kun oldin
Who is this guy
Deja Johnson
Deja Johnson 2 kun oldin
He working out just carrying them weights around.
Grind Time Entertainment
I haven't watched yet. However if theres no chain with his face & a baby body, the industry has failed all mainkind.
Grind Time Entertainment
I haven't watched yet. However if theres no chain with his face & a baby body, the industry has failed all mainkind.
Ricky Cardo
Ricky Cardo 2 kun oldin
Bruh need a haircut lol
Calvin Hiltebeitel
Calvin Hiltebeitel 2 kun oldin
Kadir Tarhanacioglu
You don't need a expensive jewelry any more This price is so reosanable . sampurchase.com/collections/jewelry/products/sampurchase-azora-gold-color-clear-austria-crystals-drop-earrings-and-pendant-necklace-jewelry-sets-tg0007
Diego Sepulveda
Diego Sepulveda 2 kun oldin
When you guys gonna get gucci on it
Double RR
Double RR 2 kun oldin
Humble guy
Johny Blaze
Johny Blaze 2 kun oldin
2pac had the star ring first
Shaffi Mohamed
Shaffi Mohamed 2 kun oldin
Do boosie badazz
wayofkobeee 2 kun oldin
This dude has an entire family’s salary on his wrist
The Octorium
The Octorium 2 kun oldin
“I took the lil baby and ran wid it” lmao
Frances Venezia
Frances Venezia 2 kun oldin
Can't take it w you
Rv Jr.
Rv Jr. 2 kun oldin
The closed caption said "jury" instead of "jewelry" Wouldn't that be a bit confusing?
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 2 kun oldin
You should try to get youngboy never broke again to show you his jewelry
intelligence wisdom
He should invest in some assets rather than expenses...
Iverson Davis
Iverson Davis 2 kun oldin
needa get chief keef on here
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson 2 kun oldin
it must be cold in that room......
Daniel Frank
Daniel Frank 2 kun oldin
So superficial
EyesSewnShut420 666
How come no one hates these rich people?
Austin Kelly
Austin Kelly 3 kun oldin
Lil baby... couldn’t think of a better name?
whooked 3 kun oldin
even tho he spent over time still looks stupid
Simon Says
Simon Says 3 kun oldin
I set the correct time and date on my watches.
Simon Says
Simon Says 3 kun oldin
Shout to LiL Baby, but 2Pac had the first star ring in rap.
ANCUTTER 3 kun oldin
Losing rings, nah you got robbed. Prob by his own crew.
Nate Erre
Nate Erre 3 kun oldin
He fits the name lmao
Slutty Raver Costumes
How do we know it's real? No offense.
Enigma McC
Enigma McC 3 kun oldin
I wouldn’t be caught dead dressed like such a clown
Edgy Mouse
Edgy Mouse 3 kun oldin
All I heard is half a million dollars, then I heard the migos talking, weird.
Morgan Brooks
Morgan Brooks 3 kun oldin
What about the emoji chain that’s the best one?!
AkHockey 49
AkHockey 49 3 kun oldin
Dubz 3 kun oldin
whats that beat in the start? 0:17 And also at 1:27
Life_of_antonioh 3 kun oldin
All I need is a diamond Cuban link a iced out pinky ring and a bust down patek & I'm Gucci Life_of_antonioh on ig
Juan Cena
Juan Cena 3 kun oldin
These rapper names 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Max Point
Max Point 3 kun oldin
Have seen this kind of Jewelry @ creativeglobes.wordpress.com/jewelry/
Max Point
Max Point 3 kun oldin
I also suggest creativeglobes.wordpress.com/jewelry/
Hamze Ased
Hamze Ased 3 kun oldin
I want subs
I want subs 3 kun oldin
This dude about get robbed like 6six9nine
It's 6ix9ine not 6six9nine.
DJ Blaze
DJ Blaze 3 kun oldin
Issa Lotta Jewry
Cris Davis
Cris Davis 3 kun oldin
Real men don’t wear jewelry!