Lil Wayne's Son And Lauren London Speaks At Nipsey Hussle Memorial | USA TODAY

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Rapper Lil Wayne‘s son Cameron Carter says he dreamed of Nipsey Hussle in heaven. Carter is the first son of Lauren London, Hussle's girlfriend.
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Lil Wayne's Son And Lauren London Speaks At Nipsey Hussle Memorial | USA TODAY




11-Apr, 2019



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lady love
lady love Kun oldin
Aww Nip came to show him some love I believe this because when my grandmother passed my aunt came in my dream to comfort me! This little guy is amazing at a young age and you can see there was definitely love between him and Nip. Rest Easy 👑🙏🙏🙏😪
K1NG ROWLAND Kun oldin
This kid is gonna grow up to do great things. Just imagine having Wayne as your father and Nipsey as your stepfather. I hope he can follow in their footsteps.
Flawless4Him 4Ever
Flawless4Him 4Ever 2 kun oldin
Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle 2 kun oldin
Jacqueline Perry
Jacqueline Perry 3 kun oldin
Him saying nip called him killer was taken wrong way. black men in the hood often great each other with saying what up killer it’s just language only black folks from the hood understand.some folks took this as something bad him saying this but it wasn’t bad just street language.
Devin Dotson Boxing
Ina Sayid Abdule
Ina Sayid Abdule 5 kun oldin
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 6 kun oldin
She’s just going to date another rapper
Sha'iere Smirnoff
Sha'iere Smirnoff 6 kun oldin
Lil Wayne face
DJ Roberts
DJ Roberts 6 kun oldin
That kid shouldn't be calling his mom man and the man who participated in raising him by his first name.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 6 kun oldin
Nipsey was a cuck, she let lil Wayne tap that ass. Once a beta, always a beta
The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man 6 kun oldin
Look like lil wayne Carter LP photo..
Jerardo -
Jerardo - 6 kun oldin
These people need Jesus Christ don’t follow many that dude burning in Hell Fire if he anit have Jesus Christ and wasn’t living for him lusting,profanity,sex,money why you think all these rappers like Kodak Ti lil Wayne poped up you think he was nipesy glorified Jesus he Worshipped the Devil
Princetin Jimenez
Princetin Jimenez 6 kun oldin
dude this made me cry and laugh at the same time
Johann Allen
Johann Allen 6 kun oldin
He’s such a lil man! Lauren should be so proud, omg, what an amazing kid! And oh yeah, how handsome is he tho!!!! RIHNipsey🙏🏾😇❤️
snake zardog
snake zardog 6 kun oldin
MAGA 2020
Killa Django
Killa Django 6 kun oldin
Sht made me cry😭💯💯💯❣ rest n peace bro! U left an energy thatll live forever! 🙏🏽 #ripnipsey
John Luke
John Luke 7 kun oldin
I hope everyone that disliked this video dies slowly!!
TiaCurtia D
TiaCurtia D 7 kun oldin
Ashley D
Ashley D 7 kun oldin
My prayer for everyone around the world is that we chase this feeling of hope, love and community that Ermias left behind. We need each other and are more connected than we know.
Lat Rh
Lat Rh 7 kun oldin
That beautiful child wow he’s the glue that will hold his mother together
SQUAD 7 kun oldin
Leekeisha *Keishalee* Smith
The 500 people who dislike this video are haters for real...
Trey Lopez
Trey Lopez 8 kun oldin
I cried so much I could not stop
Deezo la'blair
Deezo la'blair 8 kun oldin
Lil Wayne's son sounds like a daughter
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz 8 kun oldin
I never knew wanye even had a son but he looks highly intelligent & a handsome young man..
Koldraiyne DownSkayle
He got 3 of em. At least. It's just everyone is familiar with the daughter.
Charles James
Charles James 8 kun oldin
No one spoke of the dream he had y’all idiots.
Anthony Ozanic
Anthony Ozanic 8 kun oldin
This kid is more talented of a public speaker than half of the people out here trying 👏👏
Viktoria Famulson
Viktoria Famulson 8 kun oldin
Cried my face of God bless this family 🙏😭😭❤❤❤
Killa Django
Killa Django 6 kun oldin
Me too😢💯
bozzwick 8 kun oldin
... I don’t believe you...
Coffee with Kandice and Mark
Adorable child and tribute. I am surprised he called his step father by his first name. But if the parents approved, so be it.
howdyhowdyhow 8 kun oldin
The little kid’s nickname is “Killer”... WTF is wrong with these people?
California Bear
California Bear 9 kun oldin
He looks like he could be Eritrean too
VTony Vicente
VTony Vicente 9 kun oldin
Weird because I could have sworn Waynes son had a name
David Trent
David Trent 9 kun oldin
That was stupid
Ethan Sparks
Ethan Sparks 9 kun oldin
The next gekyume
Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker 9 kun oldin
Why did you have to title it this way? Sheesh man.
sean montague
sean montague 9 kun oldin
These children are so smart. Lil killa is dope. My heart goes out to his family and to anyone who’s ever lost a loved one to gun violence.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 9 kun oldin
God love him what a beautiful child ❤️
M 9 kun oldin
i dont care
chen Magen
chen Magen 9 kun oldin
Vincent V.I.P
Vincent V.I.P 9 kun oldin
jenniefromtheblock XD
Wym lil Wayne's son? Aint that nipsey son?
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. 7 kun oldin
Lauren had this kid in the video by Wayne first about a decade ago, then she had a baby with Nip after
cmonBruh 8 kun oldin
No thats waynes n laurens kid
-SUPER THUGG 9 kun oldin
Lauren London been ran through
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. 7 kun oldin
not really
Cc Matos
Cc Matos 9 kun oldin
Shit hurt B
Martha Skeen
Martha Skeen 9 kun oldin
skeleton 9 kun oldin
Shit got me teary eyed
porkchopz_world 9 kun oldin
Baby Wayne
Elena 9 kun oldin
They gotta kid??
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. 7 kun oldin
yeah, it wasn't public tho when she had him, it never made it out there
meetme4tlake 9 kun oldin
He’s so handsome . I see Wayne
Mae West
Mae West 9 kun oldin
That's wasn't Nipsey's son. His daughter should have got the opportunity to speak first; even if she would've rejected. If it was lil Wayne dead would they had of let her speak?
Mae West
Mae West 7 kun oldin
+Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. They were not married. They had just gotten back together after a break up. He never married, let alone proposed to her. So stop making excuses. Nipsey wouldn't have wanted ANY child having the mic before his daughter.
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. 7 kun oldin
Nipsey was married to Lauren, and partially raised the boy. Lil Wayne is in his life, but the kid lived with Lauren and Nipsey
piss off
piss off 9 kun oldin
F****** stupid f****** stupid ass s*** America gets caught in.
2pAc man
2pAc man 9 kun oldin
R.i.p Nipsey hussel beautiful african american damn.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 9 kun oldin
R.I.P Nipsey Hussle TERRANCE OUT
Yung Life Za'
Yung Life Za' 9 kun oldin
Marion Carroll
Marion Carroll 9 kun oldin
That lil boy smile just like Lil Wayne!
darrellwood79 9 kun oldin
It takes a real man to love and provide for a child that's not biologically his.....to accept as there own...Much love nip your in a better place you'll be missed by your family god bless your soul my brother
Stephanie Diaz
Stephanie Diaz 9 kun oldin
Bruno Williams
Bruno Williams 9 kun oldin
I. Have a...... Mom. What was it again???? I have a dream. I have to pee. What mom? “Its I had a dream. Mess it up again and your going back to your homeless father!!!”
Ja Lase
Ja Lase 9 kun oldin
This hurts my soul bro but so true man. This intelligent young man said it best. Respect.
SubToMeIfYouSupportAfricanAmericans _
Lil Wayne told him to say that probably.
Terrance Washington
Shawty gone be a star
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans 9 kun oldin
Don’t forget Lil Wayne used to clap Laura London cheeks 🤫🤐🤷🏾‍♂️
Jaquira Church
Jaquira Church 9 kun oldin
Man the impact NIP had on him.. so handsome and smart ❤️
Quentin Torbert
Quentin Torbert 9 kun oldin
Mrs Guy
Mrs Guy 9 kun oldin
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin 9 kun oldin
Trey Thomas
Trey Thomas 9 kun oldin
Respect ✊🏾
Mark Cleveland
Mark Cleveland 9 kun oldin
everybody wants heaven but don't know God and his Son Jesus who are you fooling the eternity of hell is real don't lie to yourself or let the devil or his servants lie to you if your not born again that's your place of unrest..
Shun Freeman
Shun Freeman 9 kun oldin
Damn I felt that
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez 9 kun oldin
His story and Lauren’s story about him sleeping fits so much with Anthony Hamilton’s “pass me over” the song he sang as tribute at the memorial
A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
Wait wayne has a son? Wow what a disgrace, i feel so bad for the kid this is truly sickening lil wayne should get arrested shot down
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. 7 kun oldin
first of all, Wayne got 4 kids 3 sons, and 1 daughter He takes care of all his kids He's in their lives He is known to be a great father and has a great relationship with all his kid's mothers. and all the mothers of Wayne's kids get along. And why did you slander Wayne as if he's some bad person
Rup Tratin
Rup Tratin 9 kun oldin
So this dude was raising another rapper's son?
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. 7 kun oldin
Wayne's son lived with Lauren and Nip, while Lil Wayne still is in his life
Life Sentence
Life Sentence 9 kun oldin
‼️☁️Tupac without the Bullet Proof Vest ☁️‼️ ‼️☁️BIGGY GOING BACK TO CALI☁️‼️ ‼️☁️NIPSEY WITHOUT SECURITY☁️‼️
ccardoso1010 9 kun oldin
A young guy with strong words
Casey5693 9 kun oldin
What a well-spoken little man! Keep going, kid! You got a great future coming. I know you'll make Nipsey proud.
Kyaira Pettway
Kyaira Pettway 9 kun oldin
Lil Wayne son is so cute rip nips eyes hustle
Making Contact
Making Contact 9 kun oldin
Nipsey Hussle‘s gravesite uzvid.com/video/video-3hVfKdGDms8.html
Joel Rosario
Joel Rosario 9 kun oldin
This speech had a compelling intro, foreshadowing, a resolution, and even a call to action. It was brief, impactful, beautiful, and eloquently delivered for a kid. The Kids smart.
cooldaze 9 kun oldin
ow my heart...
BirdieRedd BirdieRedd
I was bawling watching this 😭 and still get teary eyed! That man was a good man idc what nobody says. Which I haven’t heard one negative thing about him. God rest his soul and pray continued prayers for his entire family and friends. #Respect 🤞🏽
Killa Django
Killa Django 6 kun oldin
Me too😢💯... sad man
Tony Carpenter
Tony Carpenter 9 kun oldin
Heaven really? Did he except Jesus?
wendy o
wendy o 10 kun oldin
Didn’t even know who nipsey was b4 yesterday
Brody Johnson
Brody Johnson 10 kun oldin
On the count of 3, 321
Fuq u Plz
Fuq u Plz 10 kun oldin
I didn’t know Nipsey Hussle’s name until he died
PiscottyCaribou Sumattarou
Lil Wayne son has a lot good in him. Let's see where this goes.
Sí Mon
Sí Mon 10 kun oldin
Teaching kids there’s a heaven smh
B Hawthorne
B Hawthorne 10 kun oldin
Out of the mouths of babes
William Parks
William Parks 10 kun oldin
One less shit in the world. What a better world it would be if there were no shit rappers
Obama Gaming
Obama Gaming 10 kun oldin
Can I get 100 subscribers
bubble gum
bubble gum 10 kun oldin
aw wayne son look just like him ❤️ rip nipsey and lots of love for the family
letoya lopez
letoya lopez 10 kun oldin
I wish he just continue talking, he will be a great speaker....
always working
always working 10 kun oldin
Lil Wayne is proud of his son
Steve Riley
Steve Riley 10 kun oldin
child exploitation
Landon Roy
Landon Roy 10 kun oldin
I hope every dirty n!gger at this retards funeral gets shot, that’s al black people do is shoot each other
derrickPS4 10 kun oldin
wow nipsey came to visit him in his dream
jpalm32 10 kun oldin
Can I puke now
2Coop 4U
2Coop 4U 10 kun oldin
That little boy has everything
Sander Cohen
Sander Cohen 10 kun oldin
I don’t know that foo (nutty professor)
ADMIRAL BIRD CRAP 10 kun oldin
He's working his way up to shining shoes?
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